Thursday, 1 October 2009

Rockall- Chapter 10. The Final Chapter

The last chapter of Rockall, Chapter 10- The Foreman, is now up on Ben's Bookcase (Unfortunately, because I adapted it from a draft I entered months ago, it doesn't appear at the top of the blog. Sorry!):

This means that the entire Rockall novel is now avaiable to read, completely free, for all HPANWO readers. Hope you like it!

Now at last I can write some new material! I've got more planned I assure you. Anything I write from now on will go straight onto Ben's Bookcase. I'm not going to attempt to get my writing published as books; the urgent situation the world is in makes the conventional method too slow. Any information we have needs to be available immediately, even if it just fictional allegory.


Alex Robinson said...

Hi Ben
I totally agree on the need to get things out asap these days.
I apologise I have not read your novel due to never seeming to have enough time, but I just wanted to say that I salute your creativity AND your willingness to create without expectation of reward. I do wish there was more like you in the world!
Very best to you & Louisa

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks very much for those kind words, Alex. I know what you mean about never having enough time! I've just got back from the latest Probe Conference and I have to do a report now. But I've uploaded some vids. See HPANWO TV.