Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Obscurati Chronicles- Part 5

I recently listened to a brilliant interview with Graham Hanccock on Red Ice in which he explains why he's now writing allegorical fiction instead of scientific books; see: . His words echo my thoughts precisely! Graham has joined a noble tradition that includes such greats as George Orwell, CS Lewis and even Plato: that of the allegorical fictional writer. "Calm down, boys! It's only a story." I laughed out loud when you said these words! It's true, the Skeptics are totally disarmed by allegorical fiction; this is the weakness of obsessive left-brain-only ultra-rationalism. It can only comtemplate the "really-real" and is stumped by the "not really real but still real". It's an amazing feeling of liberation to know that you can write whatever you like with none of the inhibitions Graham describes in the interview.

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Zanthodon said...

Great work Ben.

I used to love your stuff on the DI forum but don't go there as often anymore as sadly it's being attacked by trolls on mass trying to bully everyone off the forum.

The allegorical fiction route is the way to go i believe as altrenative researchers most frequently come under fire from Sceptics as they are 'presenting unproven evidence', the allegorical fiction thing disarms that argument immediately.
great stuff.

Zanthodon said...

Allegorical fiction is the way to go, disarms the skeptics straight away.

Good luck with your writing Ben, used to follow you alot on the DI forum, sadly the place is now getting a bit ruined by trolls.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Zonthodon. Thanks for the support, mate. It's much appreciated. I'm going on the David Icke Forum. I'm still very keen on David and his work, but the forum has gone downhill in the way you say. the wildcat bannings a couple of months ago really worries me. Some of those members have not been allowed back in and David has not intervened. What's going on?

Ethan said...

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