Friday, 4 June 2010

The Obscurati Chronicles- Part 7

Part 7 of The Obscurati Chronicles is now up on Bens Bookcase:

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Anonymous said...

You've chosen very adequate picture to ilustrate this part, Ben. Most of the people around globe is unfortunately very dependant on cash and "things", "valuables" etc. And for Western societies, it is a must and powerful symbol. My wife told me once about some people in India (titled as "chosen") who do not own anything during their lives, fed and dressed by visiting them local people. Something like this in let's say Oxford or Notthingam would be unbelievable. This part shows very realistic Charlie's struggle with The System (which I despise at times myself, seeing how merciless is) - poor guy didn't predict, that "The Key" directives will be so hard to practice in real world :((( I'm yet "hooked up" and waiting for more :) cheers from Jacob ;)

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Bro Po. Glad you're enjoying the story. Of course this is just a first draft and I don't know yet if this part of the story will end up in the finished novel. But I now have a basic outline of where the narraqtive is going. Stay tuned for further develoments! :-)



Jeffrey said...

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