Saturday, 21 January 2012

Rockall on Amazon Kindle

My novel Rockall is now available on Amazon Kindle, see: The ISBN is 978-0-9542229-2-5 and this will shortly be listed on Nielsen-Bookdata.

Rockall is my second novel that was published as a book by The Aldyth Press in 2004. My first novel Evan’s Land came out from the same publisher in 2002; for a couple of years, sales of these books provided for me the equivalent of a reasonable part-time income. Both books are now out of print, but Evan’s Land is currently available as a free audio book, see: I consider Rockall a vastly superior novel in every way, but the most important way I think is that by the time I wrote it I had become conspiratorially-aware and the book has powerful conspiracy and paranormal themes. It’s about a group of people who set out to explore an unknown island and everything that happens to them; the blurb goes:
Rockall- the last undiscovered place on Earth!
Since the dawn of time the island of Rockall has defied the ambitions of the human race. It's small, remote, constantly ravaged by Atlantic gales and encircled by 700-foot cliffs. Inaccessible and so forgotten by history... UNTIL NOW! Four intrepid friends set out on a mission to finally land on Rockall and survey it. But Rockall refuses to give up her secrets without a fight! And when that fight is finally lost every human eye turns towards Rockall with gapes of astonishment. This tiny, insignificant island has held a secret that could change the future of mankind... or destroy it.

This is the third edition of the novel, newly edited and updated from the two previous editions. I know that no author is ever completely satisfied with anything they write, but I’m tempted to think this edition is as good as the book will ever be!

I personally don’t have an Amazon Kindle and never read ebooks at all if I can help it. The reason for this is simply that because of the threat of the New World Order and its desire to censor information, relying on an electronic database for literature is putting all our eggs in a very shaky basket and then handing it over to the lion to take care of in his den. On my Kindle account there’s a single-button option that I’m given to delete Rockall, and if I press it the entire book just disappears! If I can do that so can the Government! Ian R Crane mentions in one of his lectures that Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four one day just vanished off his Kindle reader. He also pointed out something else interesting and sinister: what does the word “kindle” mean?: Firewood! Could this be a reference to the burning of books? But of course with Kindle there’s no need for any bonfires in the streets fuelled by flaming copies of Einstein’s Relativity; you just press a button and the offending material just evaporates into the electronic ether forever. If you are at all concerned by freedom-of-information then you have to understand that good old-fashioned paper book publishing is essential. Once a book has been published and has sold a certain number of copies over a wide enough area it becomes virtually indestructible. No matter how hard a censor tries he can never be sure that he’s located and destroyed every single copy of the banned title, and so far he has never succeeded. In fact in oppressive regimes like Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union this became very apparent when those tyrannies fell. People came out all over the place proudly holding the formerly outlawed books saying: “Oh yeah, I had a copy in my attic all along.” However I know not everybody shares my concern; or many of you may agree with me, but have a Kindle anyway just for convenience. In which case I will provide what the customer demands.

Since I was discharged from the Hospital Portering Service, see: , many of you have suggested that I set up a donations fund, like plenty of other anti-New World Order researchers and activists have done. Some of you thought I should do that even before my suspension and dismissal. I might well take those people’s advice, no longer out of choice but necessity; I hope this won’t be unavoidable, but I must be realistic and consider the possibility that I might have to rely on that as my sole income. On the other hand, if possible, I’d like to give donors something in return for their generosity, and this is why if any HPANWO-readers want to help me out financially then please buy a copy of Rockall on Amazon Kindle. In this way you don’t only assist me in my continuing mission, as well as keeping a roof over my head, but you will be able to read what I hope you will enjoy as a great example of quality conspiracy fiction. This novel contains many of the themes that I write about on HPANWO in the non-fiction world, so if you enjoy my articles and HPANWO TV films, then I can almost guarantee that Rockall will work for you too. Write us a review as well if you can. Thank you.

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