Tuesday 14 October 2014

Probe- Autumn 2014

(Some of the names have been changed)
In his book Monster of the Mere the cryptozoologist Jonathan Downes calls Blackpool "the biggest shithole in the world!" and goes on to describe his dislike of the town in lurid detail. I think that's going too far, but Blackpool certainly is the Babylon of the North. I've stayed there twice, once when I was an active young trade unionist at my hospital; I went with a lobby group to the Labour Party conference in 199-something. I also spent a weekend there in 1992 with a woman I should never have gone near, except she ended up being the mother of my daughter so it's a good job I did. In more recent years I've returned there many times, but I've come to know it well as a place to pass through rather than to visit. I'd finished last month's copy of Nexus by the time the coach arrived in Blackpool, so I left it on my seat in case anybody else wanted to read it and learn something. I walked out of the coach station, at the foot of the Tower, and southwards along the Victorian promenade, looking at the shop fronts and wondering if the local people's staple diet is candyfloss and hotdogs. Once past the Pleasure Beach with its huge overhanging rollercoaster, the streets evened out and the prom gave way to a path that runs along Blackpool's new sea wall which looks like the side of a nuclear bunker. It might be needed soon; the tide was in and the rough green autumnal waves were already pounding against its concrete bulk. The southern extremity of Blackpool is a tram stop with the intriguing name of Starr Gate; it's rather apt considering the esoteric nature of my business in the area. After that there's nothing in sight except the beach curving away along the coast of the Fylde Peninsula and the precarious looking dunes covered in rough grass. When walking to Lytham St Annes the town always emerges with a degree of theatrics. It's within walking distance from Blackpool (for a hospital porter at least), but it's another world away and the contrast is so striking. I plodded steadily down the white sandy beach. It was windy with heavy clouds, although none of the forecasted rain had yet hit. There were many people flying kites and others walking their dogs. The sky was deep blue and chemtrail-free. Then the end of a pier poked into view around the bend and slowly but surely more of it came into view. It was an old pier with 19th century decorations and no fairground rides or casinos. Then I saw the houses of North Promenade, a long row of dusky roofs and brick walls of a dark rose colour that I've never seen anywhere else. Closer to the pier were large multi-storey blocks, some very modern, hotels and the Lifeboat Memorial. Lytham St Annes is a unified conurbation of Lytham, Ansdell, Fairhaven and St Annes-on-the-sea, but it is St Annes I've come to know so well; I've calculated that in the last decade I've spent the equivalent of almost two months in the town. Music drifted through my head, strains of a George Formby ukulele thrash blended with a mellow number by The KLF. My mobile phone rang and it was my good friend Colin Woolford announcing that he'd just arrived. It was time to head for the Salters Wharf pub for some drinks and a meal, the first of my various Probe traditions. As I entered the pub it started raining and a thick rainbow arched over the town, framed by mountainous, elegant clouds.

The Probe International Conference is the first one I went to and definitely my favourite, see: http://www.ukprobe.com/. I didn't think I'd be able to go this year because of a lack of money. Then I had an email from a man who likes HPANWO asking me if I was planning on going. When I replied in the negative he immediately offered to pay for me to go. I must admit I felt embarrassed, but it was a say-yes-or-no situation and I said "yes". I'm very grateful and hope this report lives up to the expectations of my benefactor. For this reason I felt very fortunate indeed as I met up with some of my Probe-buddies. As is the case with most of my interactions with others, it's not all love and light. There are people I've met at Probe who have been very antagonistic towards me. Mack, one of the people in the pub on Friday night, is not one of those; in fact he's a good friend and I'm very fond of him. Nevertheless he is a very volatile individual and he bubbles over occasionally for no apparent reason. On one instance he very vehemently chided me over what he considered my terminology when I was talking about one of my favourite subjects- free energy, the way we can extract useable power from nothing. "It's not from nothing! It's from the zero point field!" he opined loudly. "And the zero point field is not nothing!... And it's not free!" I calmly but firmly stood my ground and stated that I knew what the zero point field is, but I disagreed. "Nobody will take you seriously and you'll sound like your talking bullshit!" he persisted. I replied, truthfully, that I'm not really interested in what other people think of me. Mack shook his head "I won't budge on this!" "I'm not asking you to budge" I responded. "I simply disagree with what you're saying." I also found it odd that Mack felt this issue was so important; I regarded it as trivial and inconsequential. When I was a hospital porter I was trained in conflict management, how to calm down a patient who becomes aggressive. However in my experience the skills I learned were more necessary for dealing with other members of the hospital's staff. I also developed a few tactics of my own, for example see: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/physical-dignity-statements.html. I wasn't bothered by Mack's tirade and I felt no resentment towards him for it; I know him well enough not to take his behaviour too seriously. In fact I've learnt that resentment I feel towards negative action comes from my own sense of hurt; when that hurt doesn't happen then I have no reason to resent. Mack and I continued to get along fine for the remainder of the conference. It has come to my attention that some people regard me as a bit of a pushover. These are people who don't know me and make that judgement from some superficial aspect of my demeanour that I'm not aware of. It is sad that in the community that calls itself "alternative" this controlled response has not yet been unlearned by so many people; the currents of psychological manipulation run deep indeed, see here for more details: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/eastenders-murder.html. Like I say, it's a shame, but if that's the way things are then it must be dealt with. If anybody who has misjudged me thus, intends to act on their perceived advantage over me, then I hope they will consider my above words due warning.
I couldn't stay at the Monarch Hotel on Friday night because it was fully booked, so I had to bed down in the Travelodge on Clifton Drive. In the morning I headed for the venue at the YMCA on St Albans Road happily anticipating a sweet reunion with my Probe-buddies. It was as wonderful as always to see them all again; but sadly there were some notable absences. Dennis and Marian couldn't make it this year, and I badly missed Dennis' business-like discussions of orb photos and Marian's warm and affectionate hugs and kisses. Their stall with its alien T-shirts and sculptures is a landmark of the conference. Fred and Val, Dex Dobie, Dave Morgan and Noel couldn't get there either. However the biggest hole has definitely been made by the passing away of Jean Wright, Sam's wife and fellow organizer of the conference. She was a great lady, totally dedicated and as genuine as they come. Wherever she is now I wish her well. As always conferences cover many topics, but these tend to interact with current affairs. The situation with the Ebola outbreak and war with the Islamic State were the main focus of conversation, so when the dapper and distinguished figure of Dave Starbuck (http://www.revelationaudiovisual.com/) took to the stage it was quite refreshing. The subject of his lecture was numerology, the use of mathematics for divination. Unfortunately his microphone was not very good and he illustrated his talk with a paper flip chart that only the front row could see, but he was as knowledgeable and enthralling as always. He not only claims to have predicted an earthquake in California, but also that what day of the month we are born effects our personality. He links this to astrology too, that different numbers relate to the various planets. He has made the life of Adolf Hitler a test study and he says that things that fit in with his system are not a coincidence. Astrology and numerology are not my best subjects, but I have a healthy respect for them and take them very seriously. Dave is a very experienced lecturer, as opposed to the next speaker, Tracy Ashfield, who was making her conference debut. Her voice was quavering and she was close to tears as she explained that she's waited thirty years to tell her story. For her entire life, for as long as she can remember, she has been abducted by various strange creatures to which she has given her own names: "Mothman", "Egyptian man", "Greek people", "monks", "shadow people", "a dark smoky figure". Experiences like this have happened to generations of her family going back to her grandparents at least. She has been taken to spacecraft where she has seen a man lying on a table whom she suspects was the famous American experiencer Travis Walton. These events frighten and disturb her a lot and they seem to peak every ten years of her life. She explained how the creatures she has to deal with operate "pods" in which pieces of human bodies float in water. These are somehow connected with reincarnation and life-after-death. Tracy has been in touch with Rosemary Ellen Guiley, the brilliant researcher and prolific author who spoke at the recent Leeds Exopolitics Expo which I hosted, and she believes that these beings are what Muslims call the Djinn. Tracy is up against a lot of opposition. Her doctor thinks she's psychotic and her husband doesn't believe her. I was extremely impressed with Tracy's bravery and can only imagine what she's having to endure. I feel the deepest respect to her and hope she manages alright. Tracy Ashfield's information was considerably built upon by the next speaker, Miles Johnston (http://www.thebasesproject.org/), an old friend and colleague who is doing a lot of dedicated and expert work into these subjects. Miles is a radio and TV broadcast engineer as well as a UFOlogist and has put his skills to good use for his work in the Bases Project for over twenty years. Bases had its first major conference a couple of months ago which I was happy to attend, see: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/the-bases-project-conference-2014.html. Miles current labours began when he met Barry King, a man who claims to have been a security guard at a secret military underground base beneath the village of Peasemore in Berkshire. In this base, Nazi scientists were developing artificial alien-like creatures and many other nefarious activities including mind control and biological warfare. Many people have approached him with stories of their own experiences, including extraterrestrial and military abduction, implants, super-soldiering, interdimensional portals and much more. He has also worked on the disturbing subject of the elite plans to change the nature of life on Earth through transhumanism and pseudolife. A story was going round just before the conference that Miles had been cloned. I regarded this as somewhat tongue-in-cheek and we made many jokes about it early in the conference; therefore I never expected at all what happened next.
I began to feel drowsy, not because Miles was boring, in fact he was very riveting; it was just that I'd eaten a large pie at dinner and the room was warm with a smothering atmosphere. As I felt my eyelids droop I noticed that there were suddenly two people on stage. One was Miles himself, dressed in a grey jacket and standing at the podium delivering his lecture, the second was a man wearing a white T-shirt standing a few yards to his right downstage, just before the front row of the audience. This man had his arms akimbo and was staring hard at me. The really weird thing was, he looked just like Miles. It was Miles double. I blinked and the apparition vanished, but it returned a few minutes later when I felt my mind drift into half-sleep again. After this second appearance of Miles' double I was alarmed enough to remain fully awake for the rest of his speech and never saw the double again. This is not the first time I've seen unusual but very tangible visions while in the state between waking and sleeping. A few years ago I saw a phantasm of my girlfriend's dead father on a train, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2008/10/real-ghost-train.html. If this weird aetheric duplicate of Miles wasn't just my mind playing tricks then what could it be? Has this talk about Miles being cloned been more than just idle ribbing? If this was a clone then it wasn't a one in the conventional biological sense. Real clones are physical and can't appear and disappear. Was it therefore Miles' doppelganger? Unlikely because Miles did not see it himself. I've had an encounter with my own doppelganger and not only could I see it, but I may have been the only one able to, see: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/doppelganger.html. Things like this happen at Probe all the time; at the March 2011 event a "ghost" was captured on film by speaker Sweeps Fox, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1p0KMH563I. Several people have since come forward to claim that this is actually just an audience member, and have even nominated whom it might be, but I'm not so sure. The entity is sitting in front of a loudspeaker placed on a sack truck and it appears to be translucent. This is another reason why I'm reasonably confident that my own sighting of Miles' "clone" is significant too. As it turned out, this was not the only intrusion of the supernatural into this October 2014 conference.

Kieran Lee Perrin (http://chroniclesofamindcontroltarget.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/operation-you-lot-tree_13.html) is a very new face on the scene who debuted at Miles Johnston's Bases conference a couple of months ago, see link above. He was once a successful businessman living a conventional life running a recruitment consultancy firm, until he discovered that he is a "targeted individual"; this is somebody who has been selected by the authorities for harmful and non-consensual medical and psychological treatment. In Kieran's case this involved implants being placed in his body, "wetware" as he calls it. Sadly some of his family and friends are involved in this; this is known as "gangstalking" which is a multi-pronged attack involving the spreading of false rumours, following people around, nuisance phone calls etc. He has also heard sounds in his head due to V2K- voice-to-skull technology; this is a system militarized from research into experimental hearing aids for the deaf. It involves sounds being projected at a person, usually loud and annoying noise, or abrasive and insulting voices, which are heard through direct electronic stimulation of the aural nervous system. The TI can do nothing to stop themselves hearing these sounds because they bypass the ears entirely and enter the brain direct. You might think that Kieran is simply paranoid and fantasizing what's happening to him, but you'd be wrong. He has hard evidence in the form of MRI scans of his head which show foreign objects placed in his brain and at the back of his mouth. His dentist referred Kieran to radiology when he discovered these objects while removing Kieran's wisdom teeth. The ones at the back of his mouth and curved and mobile. Sickeningly, their function seems to be inflicting pain; they are instruments of torture. Kieran also has wires that run through his entire body. I've spoken about implants before, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/dr-roger-leir-dies.html. Although there is an extraterrestrial factor to consider, there's no doubt that the state and corporate forces are involved too, perhaps solely in some cases. After he'd spoken there were some people outside who had come to meet him from ICAACT, see: http://www.icaact.org/. One of them was Lenny whom I've met several times. As we greeted each other he glared at me with his thousand yard stare and gave me his regulation rant about how UFO's are "a load of old crap!" and that we all need to "wake up!" to "the real story!" I've spoken about Lenny previous reports, but I won't post a link; HPANWO-readers can use the search box if they like. This is because I think I was too hard on him in the past; he has suffered enormously and deserves a little slack. However he is as doctrinaire and intimidating as ever, although he and I can get along OK. He still refuses to enter the conference hall or buy a ticket because he believes that the Probe management would not tolerate his presence there, but it's probably more the other way round. There are several delegates who share his view that UFO's are a non-issue and belief in them is not a condition of entry. If he did attend the conference he'd be very welcome and most people would listen to him attentively. It has to be said that Lenny appears to know next to nothing about UFO's and his opposition to the topic is purely instinctive and ideological. It's a pity because he has a completely distorted view of a group of people who could otherwise be his allies; perhaps because he's a TI himself he doesn't have the luxury of time to develop an analytical perspective. The fact is that he's completely right about everything he talks about in his newsletters, of which he gave me a copy, and completely wrong about so many of the people who want to help him and others; and put a stop to the evil conspiracy that has ruined so many lives, including his own. The last speaker of the day was that regular personality David Boyle (http://exhibitionoftheuniverse.com/), and I'm pleased to report that his Exhibition of the Universe will be reopening very soon. He is the only man in Blackpool Jonathan Downes admired. The last time he was on stage at Probe he was designing a machine to extract energy from moonlight. It was just as well he was on last because, like Richard Hoagland, once he's on stage you can't get rid of him. He is a small, round and quite elderly man, but is enthusiasm and energy are boundless. He talked about what he sees as the answer to life's great questions: Who are we? What's the meaning of life? What's the purpose of the universe? He compared atoms to pixels- as above so below, as the saying goes. He's a student of the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life, crop circles, reincarnation, the 19.47 factor, the Flower of Life and how it relates to the Pyramids of Egypt. He also brought up numerology like Dave Starbuck did; he says the infamous number 666 relates to humans because we have 216 bones, which collapses to 6, as does the number of subatomic particles in carbon and water atoms. I always enjoy David Boyle's talks very much, even though I can only usually grasp about half of what he says. He has the knowledge and charm of a kind of Goro Adachi meets Roy Kinnear.
After Saturday's proceedings were over at about six PM I went to check in at the Monarch Hotel. As soon as I entered the room which Steve and Lesley had designated for me I realized something amazing. Although I'd stayed at the Monarch five or six times I was usually in a different room, but I had been placed in this room before, once. It was the room I had had in October 2006 when I attended my very first Probe conference; I recognized the large window and the view over the street. I remember being very agitated at the time. I sat on the bed and called my daughter urgently. I can't remember what the problem was. I went back out to meet up with Miles, Colin and Kieran Lee Perrin and we went for a meal at a very nice curry house just off the High Street. There we got talking to a young woman named Jenny who was also at the conference; it was her first time and she is quite new to Probe-esque subjects. I've been most careful of all not to mention Jenny's real name because she is a media personality, in the world of TV news. I know only too well how getting involved with the conspiratorial/paranormal/UFO world can be a very bad career move, as it were. Unfortunately it is quite likely that Jenny will be affected professionally by her private interests; nevertheless if she can protect herself she should. There is no valour in being a false martyr. She is acutely aware of the price she might have to pay for her awakening to the arcane and has bravely persisted nonetheless. One of the subjects that we talked about was something Gary Heseltine brought up at the UFO Truth Magazine Conference, the advanced age of the delegation. Gary sees this as the aging of the UFOlogical community, but is aging the correct word? Perhaps simply old is more appropriate. It's true that the average age of a Probe delegate is probably around the late 50's early 60's mark, and there is a large contingent in their 70's and even older. We had a lady of over a hundred attending her first one a few years ago. However at the BUFORA conference, see: http://hpanwo.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/bufora-conference-2012.html, I saw a photograph taken in the auditorium of a UFO meeting held in 1962 and the same observation could be made; so why are there any UFOlogists even alive today? It could simply be instead that subjects like UFO's, false flag terrorism, the paranormal etc, are ones that need the contemplation of a mature mind. Most of the major spokesmen within our community, like David Icke, Ian R Crane etc, only became aware of this milieu after a fair bit of conventional life experience. Ian talks eloquently about his "mid-life crisis" and how false that very word is. My own conspiratorial awareness only emerged in me after a long process of inner reflection, sometimes it was also traumatic. All such dismal thoughts were dispelled from my mind though when we went to the Langdale Hotel, the official conference hub, and watched a brilliant cabaret act, the same couple who were there last year. Apparently there is a video of me dancing out there somewhere; I suspect it will be used to blackmail me.

After a hearty Sunday morning breakfast I strode up the broad quiet streets of St Annes to the YMCA for what was to become one of the most remarkable days the Probe conferences have ever seen. It began with Steve Mera (http://www.phenomenamagazine.co.uk/#/steve-meras-books/4576857088), whom regular HPANWO-readers will recall from the UFO Truth event. Steve has joined forces with Don Philips to produce a new TV series which will hopefully be a unique and original scientific investigation into the paranormal, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/don-philips-and-steve-mera-hangout.html. His lecture focused on the UFO presence before the 1940's. This is because Skeptics often claim that there was no UFO presence previous to that era. This is completely false. There are very convincing photographs, eyewitness reports and documentary evidence which shows that UFO's date back long before then; in fact phenomena like them are found throughout history. Before there was photography flying saucers appeared in paintings like the Nuremburg Woodcut of 1561 and even in Egyptian tomb carvings. Interestingly somebody has apparently "confessed" to faking a famous UFO photograph from Belgium in the early 1990's. This says an awful lot about Skeptic logic; when a person claims to have spotted a UFO the Skeptics will demand evidence like a starving man grasping for food, yet the moment some nobody across the street sticks his hand in the air and says: "It's OK, I faked it." the Skeptics will respond: "Right, that's it then, case closed" without a second thought. And as Pia Knudsen points out, the moment anybody cries "fake" UFOlogists will drop a case like a hot potato and run away. However a confession is a claim too and fake confessions do happen, like the time a Bigfoot witness said that he'd produced a fraudulent film of the creature, yet later his tale turned out to be incredulous, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lDF-NAOraQ. What happened next was almost a poetic illustration of Steve's lecture. Between the speakers there was a fifteen minute break; I left the auditorium and headed for the entrance to grab some fresh air. As I stepped outside I saw everybody clustered round staring at upwards and pointing; some people had cameras out and were holding them up. Somebody quickly explained that an unidentified flying object had appeared. I stared into the sky, but it took me a minute or two to find it because it was so small. Eventually my eyes located a tiny speck of silver in the clear blue sky. It was completely stationary; I heard later that someone had reported a UFO at 8 o'clock in the morning. I made my own recording of the incident on my mobile phone, but the quality is so poor that it's useless. Most of the others, with phones a bit newer than mine, managed to zoom in on the object and these photographs were displayed on the auditorium screen during the afternoon break. Unfortunately, apart from the magnification, the quality of most of them was not much better than mine; they showed just a pixelated blob. However one photo was taken by a man with a proper camera and telephoto lens and the object appears to be silvery grey or light green in colour and shaped like a cone with a flat top. Somebody with binoculars described it as "diamond-shaped" and that it was "unmoving". Below is a snapshot of my notebook page where I wrote down the details at the time:
As you can see I recorded it as: Silver metallic grey. Very small, distant. Elevation about 40 degrees. Apparent size- less than 10% of the moon. 12th October 2014. 11 AM. East to northeast. Lytham St Annes, Lancashire UK. The drawing is based on the telephoto picture taken of it. We continued to watch the UFO for about twenty minutes; at one point a jet aircraft passed in front of it, indicating that it was at a very high altitude; this gave it a minimum range and size too. It got smaller and smaller as time went on, as if it were drifting away without changing its bearing by much; therefore we can estimate that it was moving very slowly towards the east or northeast. If there were any other witnesses to the sighting then they have either not contacted the media or the media have not covered it because I can find no stories online. It was a tantalizing and frustrating encounter. It can't be ruled out that the object was just a balloon of some kind; conversely its shape and other features mean that it was not obviously so and that it might have been a genuine ET. If so then it's a pity it never came any closer. It felt like we were being teased. The main effect on the conference was that it delayed the start of the next speaker's session by about half an hour. As it happened this was as apt as the previous one, for it was Brenda Butler (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJzWgFMB5TI). I met Brenda a few weeks ago in Rendlesham Forest, see: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/rendlesham-forest-2014.html. She is one of the principle investigators into the Rendlesham Forest Incident which is a highly significant UFO event that took place in Suffolk in 1980. She has been a UFOlogist since 1965 and talked about many other strange events that took place in that area, not just the famous landings during Christmas 1980. She says that the local British witnesses have been overlooked and that the "yanks" have been the only ones to have their testimony publicized; Brenda wishes to give their side of the story a hearing. The year before, 1979, there was major activity occurring in the area all year, animals disappearing from farms, UFO witnesses going missing or dying, and the landing of a craft north of RAF Woodbridge a long way from the 1980 events; this has become known as "Area 1". Also a fishing boat offshore struck a USO- Unidentified Submerged Object. Brenda still regularly visits Rendlesham Forest along with my friend and fellow researcher Derek Savory and they have recorded some bizarre images on film- a jeep driving through a portal-like structure, swirls of light and orbs, and a dragon. She has had encounters with ghostly monks and many other things, even the spirit of her departed dog. She has discovered tunnels leading to an underground facility in the area, maybe the same one the UFO witness Larry Warren was taken to. One thing Brenda makes very clear is that the 1980 incident was not unique and was in fact just one of many strange phenomena that regularly occur in that region.
After Brenda had finished a lady called Jane Fraser came onto the stage and sung some songs, including a lovely tribute to Jean Wright called Autumn Leaves. Then it was time for the return of the TV historian Mark Olly (http://hpanwo.blogspot.co.uk/2009/04/probe-conference-march-2009.html), this time dressed in normal clothes. He sent me full circle by telling us that Robin Hood is real. I remember first hearing about the story of Robin Hood as a child in first school and being captivated by it; I also watched the various films that have been made over many years. I assumed Robin Hood was a real person until quite recently, when I began visiting Nottingham regularly, that I was told that he was no more real than Santa Claus, just a character from a mediaeval folk tale. The popular image of Robin Hood- dressed in green with tight trousers and a feather in his cap, is straight out of Hollywood and based on the character as portrayed by the actors Errol Flynn and Douglas Fairbanks. However, Mark has tracked down a real man behind the legend, not in Nottingham but in Yorkshire, and has even narrowed his grave down to a handful of places in Wakefield. There's even a connection between Robin Hood and the Knights Templar; so much for stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Mark's next mission is too solve an even older historical mystery- what happened to the 9th Legion of the Roman army, which vanished without a trace in Caledonia, modern Scotland, almost two thousand years ago. I look forward to hearing what he discovers.
I was delighted to meet up again with Ellis Taylor (See links column and numerous HPANWO posts). This time he did a speech about the harrowing subject of occult elements in the most terrible crimes, especially the kidnap and murder of children. As Dave Starbuck described, certain numbers keep recurring in the reports of these crimes and also certain symbols, words and phrases. There are the names of saints in the names of the victims' schools and significant pagan holidays around the dates of the crimes. Also emblems like bells, swans and geese which are all powerful on a magickal level. He's also discovered that the location of these atrocities form a hexagram on the map of England. I was not surprised to learn that in the exact centre of this symbol stand the town on Milton Keynes, a giant occult temple; see here for more detail: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/secrets-of-milton-keynes.html. I know my new friend Jenny was very upset by this information, being a newcomer to this area of knowledge. However Ellis is doing the right thing talking about it; I'd be more disturbed if everybody was silent and complicit on the matter.
Time was getting on and we were running very late, thanks to the UFO sighting, so the last speaker of the Autumn 2014 Probe International Conference was rushed on without a break in between. He was Kevin Rowan-Drewitt (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npZVrJu7GFk). He is a student of ancient mysteries and spoke about the enthralling topic of the ancient stone circles of the British Isles. I was shocked to learn that only a third of them survive, the rest having been demolished in the millennia since they were built. Long Meg and her Daughters in Cumbria is the site he concentrated on the most, talking about the enigmatic spiral patterns carved on it. This motif can be found all over Britain and beyond in places as far away as Brittany in France and Baffin Island off the coast of Canada. Contrary to popular belief, the stone circles of Britain are nothing to do with the Druids. The Druids only came to Britain with the Celts in the first millennium BC; these stone circles are far older, dating back to the Bronze Age and Neolithic. Kevin has discovered that the construction of many stone circles contains sacred geometry, and this can be found in more recent pagan art, like the lid of the Chalice Well at Glastonbury.   
See here for my HPANWO TV reportage on last year's Probe Conference: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/return-to-probe.html.

What goes up must come down, and the higher you fly the further you have to fall. It is the moment I dread at every Probe conference. When the last speaker has finished and Sam has closed the conference, it ends with a massive jolt. The YMCA staff walk in and begin packing up the chairs. The stall vendors carry their boxes out to their cars, the decorations and posters are put away and within minutes it's all over and I'm left staring at a room that is suddenly just a basketball/five-a-side court. The delegates and speakers hang around in little circles saying goodbye, but this doesn't take long either; one more handshake, a hug and kiss, tender words of parting. Few Probists stay behind when the conference is over. Most of them live somewhere in the North Country and they have their own transport. The carpark echoes with the roar of engines as they all head for the hills. Then there's that subdued triste silence that falls over the venue and the street outside. I don't have transport and so always have to stay overnight before making my way home on Monday morning; luckily there's never been a time when I'm literally the only one. This conference a lot of people were there to meet up in the evening, Miles, Colin, Kieran and our new friend Jenny. We went back to the curry house and they all chipped in to buy me a meal for my birthday. Then we went for a few more drinks before returning to our hotels. In the morning on the way down to breakfast I knocked on the door of Miles' room to say goodbye, but he didn't answer; I heard the sound inside of the shower running. Lesley served me up one more full English then it was time to plod along the wide streets and right angle junctions of St Annes one last time. I often feel lousy after the end of a good conference, but it's always far worse with Probe; I've even coined the term post-Probe blues. It only lasts for a day or two but it can be surprisingly potent. In fact when I was hosting the Leeds Exopolitics event two weeks before I said to the audience at the end: "You might feel a bit down after this. It's because it's such an intense experience being at a conference. You now have to go back into the so called 'real' world where everything you've allowed to flow freely for the last three days has to be dammed up again. All the people presently surrounding you who accept you as you are, will suddenly be hundreds of miles away." I then went on to advise them on a few tips to keep their spirits up: "Don't just dive back in head-first. Be kind to yourself. Read one of the UFO books you've bought off the stall or watch one of the UFO DVD's, just to keep yourself in the mindset you've been enjoying. Network with others on the phone or social media. You're not alone, even if it feels like it for a while." That advice was as much for myself as for the Exopol delegates. 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I decided to see if I could get to the prom and hail a taxi. It took about four minutes just to put my shoes and socks back onto my wet, numb feet, but once I'd managed it I saw one at a rank. On the way to the coach station I asked the female driver if she had heard of David Boyle and she hadn't. I tipped her two pounds and advised her to check out his new exhibition when it opens in a few weeks. The coach lumbered away from Blackpool onto the main road to Preston, past the ugly and dangerous-looking experimental fracking sites. On the M6 motorway there were a surprisingly large number of military vehicles travelling in both directions, including several convoys of a dozen cars each and lorries carrying God-knows-what. I couldn't help wondering, had the UFO sighting of the day before led to a crash-retrieval? Unlikely. I got home and went through my phone messages, organizing my work for the following day. I was feeling a bit better by then, after all Probe is different from most other conferences. It's on twice a year, not once. Only six months till the next one... and counting.


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great write up Ben , although I do have to say the thought of 2 miles johnsons does make me shudder somewhat ;)

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Paul. And you're right, the world is hardly big enough for ONE of him!

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Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Anon. Me too :-)

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