Tuesday 14 February 2012

"It's the JOOOOOZZZ!"

When I first became conspiratorially-aware a number of years ago now the question passed through my head that probably passes through everybody’s when faced with the revelations which such awareness brings: If there’s a conspiracy, who’s behind it? If you go online or read a few books you’ll find any number of accusations and nominees queuing up to answer your question: Americans, Muslims, the British, aliens, undersea monsters, big business, the Devil; there’s even a very long and detailed speech by Michael Shrimpton of the Marlborough Group claiming that it’s Germany, another name to add to that long, long list! See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ai5XSVZ5Adg Finger-pointing of this kind is a very serious matter; firstly because any errors can lead to terrible injustice; and the labelling with congenital liability of entire creeds and nations of people as accountable for the actions of their rulers or authorities comes with devastating consequences for them. History has shown that this can lead to horrific suffering and even mass-murder, and often as a result of allegations far less heinous than being behind the New World Order. The particular theory I’m going to address in this article is one of the most widespread in the conspiratorial community: that the New World Order global super-conspiracy, and all the systemic auxiliary conspiracies that come with it, is organized and implemented by Jews. This is a question that is one of the most politically incorrect it’s possible to mention and just to ask it, regardless of your answer, can lead to charges of antiSemitism, see: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2010/07/how-anti-semitic-are-you.html . However on HPANWO we do not back down to such hysterical nonsense and if there’s a suggestion that the culprits of the New World Order are the Jews then we’re going to address it, after all if it’s true then what good can we gain by denying it? Don’t the people of the world have a right to know?

The Jewish Theory is the term I will use for convenience; I mean it to relate to all the various super-conspiracy notions involving Jews as the main perpetrators. It is one commonly held both within the conspiratorial community and beyond it into the realms of the extremities of conventional politics and religious philosophy, like radical Islam and the Far Right. It is based out of analysis into almost all areas of human activity, from religion, politics, human races, and especially economic. Jews, as a distinct racial group as well as being a religion and culture, are said to be behind the various oppressive machinations of the world’s financial system that is currently afflicting most countries in the world, especially Greece at the time of writing, and has done so throughout history. These ideas have a long history that date back to the Gospels and the story of Jesus’ attack on the money-lenders in the Temple of Jerusalem; it’s the only scene in the Bible in which Jesus exhibits physical violence and so has become one of the most renowned. Jews are often called “Christ-killers” because they were the ones who had Jesus executed. A motive for this is often hard to pin down, but it ranges from revenge from those aforementioned Jewish money-lenders; to the Jews as a people killing Christ simply because they work for the Devil! These ideas are said to be promoted in Mel Gibson’s 2004 film The Passion of the Christ. The theories linking Jews to economic oppression are numerous, and they have spread out from the Biblical precedent of the Temple scene; they claim that all Jews are rich, tight-fisted and greedy. They bamboozle the common people out of their wealth through their financial expertise and their control of the banks, and they plan to economically enslave the entire human race, with themselves as masters of the world. There is said to be evidence supporting this from the lips of world Judaism itself: even the most fundamental Jewish text, the Talmud, outlines the concept of Jewish supremacism and their contempt for the rest of humanity whom they regard as mere goyim, “cattle”. Not only that, but anybody who defends the Talmudic influence by saying: “It’s only a very old book! How many Christians follow every word of the Bible?” will be immediately shown a more contemporary document: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, a do-it-yourself guide to taking over the planet; this is apparently proof that the Jews of the world still scheme and plot the downfall of mankind into the modern era. Many well-respected figures in the early 20th Century spoke out against the Jewish peril and tried to alert the ignorant masses to the perceived Nemesis which faced them. Among them was Henry Ford, pioneer of the personal motor car that is such a major part of today’s world; and Charles Lindbergh, the great businessman and aviator who first flew an aircraft across the Atlantic Ocean from the United States to France. For people with these viewpoints Adolf Hitler was effectively a civil rights advocate and freedom-fighter! His emergence onto the world stage was like the coming of the Messiah. After his defeat in the Second World War it is said that the victorious Jews decided to psychologically traumatize the world with a new ruse: the Holocaust. They pretended that millions of their people had been viscously exterminated by the Nazis. The shame of this crime gave them the ability to moral blackmail their victims as well as steal their money and seize their lands. By putting their own people into management of the mainstream media and ensuring Jewish nepotism in show-business they found that they could also control the minds of the populace to ensure they never rebelled against God’s Chosen. Through their engineering of the revolutions in America, France and Russia the Jews made sure their kind of people stayed in control of the world.

It all sounds very neat and simple, doesn’t it? We have a problem, the cause of the problem has been identified and therefore the solution is obvious; but is that how the world really works? I have no doubt that the world is being conspired against completely and on every level, but is it because of the Jews? Can that possibly be the basic solution? To answer this we need to understand who the Jews are and where they come from. Judaism as a faith and culture is very old, by far the oldest major international religion in existence. It dates back to the beginning of history; as the Bible states, it emerged among the Bronze Age tribes in what is now the Holy Land. The early Jews were cruelly enslaved and persecuted by the first historical civilizations of Egypt, Persia and Iraq, but according to the Bible they won their freedom, and a new and exclusive homeland with the help of God’s direct intervention, see: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2011/12/ark-of-covenant.html . This immediately raises a question regarding the theory I outlined above: Civilization is far older than we’ve been led to believe by conventional academia; the Earth is littered by artefacts and highly sophisticated stone constructions that are far older than academia says human societies with the ability to erect them have existed, see Graham Hancock’s website on the Links column. However history begins with the rising of two civilizations in the late 4th Millennium BC: Egypt and Sumer. This is a big subject that needs to be explored fully in its own article; but suffice to say for the purposes of this discussion I suspect that these two civilizations, especially the Sumerian one, were secretly sponsored by the covert organization that I call the Illuminati. The Illuminati itself has its origins in prehistory in one of the societies that left behind the ancient monuments that conventional scholars deny even exist. This immediately makes it clear that the Illuminati cannot be Jews; this is because the Illuminati is far older than Judaism and that Judaism arose outside the Illuminati’s original sphere of influence. Judaism was from the outset very much a pre-Illuminati culture that was one among many. Not only that, but the early Illuminati-sponsored societies fiercely oppressed and imprisoned the Jews. The objective of the Israelite prophets also doesn’t match the theory that Jews are behind the New World Order: the goal of Moses and his successors has always been the establishment of a homeland for their people in the country currently occupied by the modern state of Israel (Israel in reality has nothing to do with Jews, but I’ll come to that in a moment); this is the original and basic definition of the term Zionism. It was never and has never been the ambition of the Jewish people to take over the world, nor impinge their will on any non-Jewish person other than those who threaten the safety of the “Promised Land” and its citizens. Critics of this defence and proponents of the Jewish Theory point to the racist propaganda in the Talmud; they say that the Talmud promotes viewing gentiles as donkeys, prohibits sex and marriage between Jews and gentiles, and that it’s right by God to abuse gentiles etc. This has been challenged as a misunderstanding or deliberate distortion of the Talmud, see: http://talmud.faithweb.com/ . The supposedly offending passages are dialogues discussing various ideas in an academic hearing and the conclusion of that hearing is that these bigoted notions are not true. Jewish lore contains a lot of egalitarian wisdom about how all humans are descendents of Adam and are children of God; the Talmud contains strict rules of good conduct in its dealings with gentiles. This has allowed Jewish communities to flourish in many areas of the world and, contrary to popular belief, they have had many successful and peaceful political relationships with the gentile populations they share their lands with. A classic example is Palestine. After the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of Islam the Sephardic Jews continued to live in the Holy Land for over 1500 years and got on perfectly well with their Muslim neighbours. So when a bomb goes off on a bus in Jerusalem or the Israeli air force bombs a housing estate on the West Bank, it is not the modern manifestation of some kind of ancient struggle; it is a conflict that did not exist before 1947. Don’t believe the hype!

The answer to all the above is often the publication only about a century ago of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. As with the Talmudic commentary, this does make sense on the surface. The text is very straightforward and unequivocal, containing sentences like: “The political has nothing in common with the moral. The ruler who is governed by the moral is not a skilled politician... ... The Goyim are bemused with alcoholic liquors; their youth has grown stupid on classicism and from early immorality, into which it has been inducted by our special agents - by tutors, lackeys, governesses in the houses of the wealthy, by clerks and others, by our women in the places of dissipation frequented by... ... Ever since that time we have been leading the peoples from one disenchantment to another, so that in the end they should turn also from us in favour of that King-Despot of the blood of the Jews, whom we are preparing for the world. The King of the Jews will be the real Pope of the Universe...” The problem is that this entire document is a forgery. It may well have been based on a real political textbook because it resembles so many more recent ones like Silent Weapons for a Quiet War, but the Jewish angle has been fraudulently transcribed into it by its publisher; that’s a proven fact and I describe that in more detail in this article: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2008/02/protocols-of-zion.html . The film The Passion of the Christ has caused a massive controversy and in some cases the demonization of its director Mel Gibson. However once one digs beneath the fanatical veneer one sees a different story. Gibson has his defenders, among them Whoopi Goldberg, see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ccAPIEfAIU . As she says, would a black woman like her really be friends with Mel Gibson if he were a racist? Would she invite him to her home as a guest and allow him in the same room as her children? The Passion of the Christ is no more antiSemitic than the story it follows very faithfully, one of the oldest and most famous stories in the world. If Gibson’s film of it is to be banned as antiSemitic then we’d also have to ban the Gospels. The Passion of the Christ differs from other interpretations of Jesus’ last days only by its realism in its use of reconstructed Latin, Aramaic and Hebrew dialogue; and the very brutal scourging scene which has been described as one of the most violent and disturbing ever released in the cinema. It’s also interesting to note that the Gospels themselves are not as antiSemitic as they’ve usually been interpreted. For instance, from a theological point of view, the despising and rejecting by the Jews of Jesus was foretold and preordained by the prophets. This means that the Jews were effectively just following a script. Even the much-maligned Judas Iscariot; imagine how pissed off God would have been if Judas had refused to betray Christ! He’d have been in worse trouble than he ended up in anyway! He can’t win! This was a point not lost to my Catholic mother who caused a bit of a stir one Easter by making a Simnal cake with thirteen apostles on it. She felt sorry for Judas for the reasons I’ve just mentioned and wanted to redeem him. The way Jesus was executed was by crucifixion, a punishment that led to the crucifix being adopted as the symbol of the entire Church (a rather gruesome and morbid motif, I used to think as a child). This was a uniquely Roman form of punishment and it was used throughout their empire; if you ever saw the film Spartacus you’ll see the hero and his comrades being dispatched in the same way. This indicates that the death sentence on Jesus was a strictly Roman affair for an act of treason against the Roman state, not the Pharisees’ dominion. It’s unlikely that the Romans would release a convicted traitor just because of the Passover. A Jewish execution would have involved stoning, as we saw in earlier part of the Gospels where Jesus defends an adulteress with the classic line: “Who among you is without sin? Let him cast the first stone!”

On the 9th of February 1933 the following appeared in a newspaper called Jewish World (Thanks to *Kia* on the HPANWO Forum for digging this one up, although I can’t locate a source; as far as I can see there’s never been a newspaper of that name. EDIT: It might be this one. See: http://jewishworldnews.org/): “The great ideal of Judaism is that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teachings, and that a universal brotherhood of nations- a greater Judaism in fact. All the separate races and religions shall disappear.” Unfortunately in all cultures, races and religions there are ignorant and bigoted people. You could take that sentence and replace the word “Judaism” with white, black, Christian, American, almost anything you can imagine and it could match what some idiotic person has said at some time; and this needs to be challenged and resisted. But we must not fool ourselves by thinking this is the problem, that this is the basis for the New World Order. We’ve already established that Jews were not part of the original Illuminati foothold on planet Earth, they developed independently and were sworn enemies of those Illuminati-occupied states. Then, goes the theory: if they are behind the New World Order then they must have somehow infiltrated those states and taken them over. But does this then mean that there was no New World Order originally planned by the Illuminati before the Jews got involved? You see that the idea just doesn’t logically add up. Is there any other evidence from history that Jews were a malign and corrosive influence on society? According to some historians the evidence lies in the fact that Jews were banished from so many kingdoms during the Middle Ages. However these kingdoms were ruled by kings and queens that were definitely part of the Illuminati network; their lineage and involvement with the Occult can be traced right back to the Illuminati beachhead states of Sumer and Egypt so if Jews were somehow involved with their conspiracy you’d have thought the European Crowns would have welcomed them in with open arms; “OK, Ishmael, come on in and have a cigar. You take care of the money and I’ll deal with the wars!” There is a theory that there is some kind of secret conflict between different “sides” within the Illuminati; this is a possibility, but I can’t see how it can be the “Jewish Illuminati” versus the “non-Jewish Illuminati” to any great extent. How could such a fundamental conflict not have brought down the entire New World Order thousands of years ago? If I’m wrong and this conflict is real then how does it do us any good to take sides in it ourselves? Are the non-Jewish Illuminati somehow our allies?

In today’s world we see a planet on which Jews have supposedly been given a part of it as a homeland by the international community: Israel. This aberrant fiefdom has developed into one of the most brutal and corrupt regimes in the modern world; it carries out atrocities with impunity against its neighbouring lands and people, and suppresses them within its own borders. It exploits the tragedy of those who suffered under the Nazis to generate sympathy and guilt among other nations. What a terrible memorial Israel is to all the many Jews who died at the hands of others throughout history! See: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.com/2011/01/holocaust-memorial-day_26.html Israel has multiple foreign support organizations in the powerful Western countries like AIPAC and the British Israeli lobby, see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0E70BwA7xgU Any Jew who criticizes Israel is lambasted under the absurd label of being a “self-hater”. Any gentile who criticizes Israel, like me, courts accusations of antiSemitism, despite the fact that this whole article is intended to be a long and detailed defence of Jews! Jews financial and banking activities are said to be behind the revolutions in America, France and Russia; the most common accusation is that Communism is a Jewish front because Karl Marx was a Jew and the Russian Revolution was funded by Jews. Actually Marx is credited with inventing Communism; but he was inspired by many pervious thinkers like John Ruskin who was an English gentile. What’s more, although Western involvement in the Bolshevik Revolution was real and deeply suspicious there’s no reason to think that there was something directly related to Judaism about it. There’s no doubt that the banking system is clearly a terrible burden on this world and one of the central tools of Illuminati power, but not all bankers are Jewish by any means. It’s true that a disproportionate number of them are Jewish, but sheer weight of numbers does not always count as evidence of control. Jewish culture has always traditionally been very fiscally sound. All nations have their particular areas of expertise; the Germans are good at science, the British are great seafarers, the Spanish are great fashion designers, the French are great cooks and Jews are very sensible with money. This means that Jews may have naturally gravitated towards banking for very innocent reasons long before the modern banking system arrived. In the same way that the French are not in control of Monsanto and the GMO food agenda just because they’re good cooks, the Jews are not the instigators of the money conspiracy just because they happen to be good bankers. If you look into the history of the banking system it lies primarily with the Black Nobility in Italy and the Knights Templar, much more Catholic than the Jewish. There’s nothing inherently evil about banking and money, indeed money has existed since pre-Illuminati Neolithic times; it’s the manipulation of money as a tool of control that is the problem. What’s more I do wonder about the ulterior motives of Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh for their antiSemitic remarks; could it be envy and insecurity as a result of business rivalry? Lindbergh was not a man of good mental health anyway. He had five children all of whom died in infancy; the first was kidnapped and murdered amidst much publicity. I don’t think this could possibly have washed over him without leaving a few marks. Another claim is that Jews control the media. In fact the BNP leader Nick Griffin once wrote a book in which he made a big deal out of the fact that 11% of the BBC’s employees were Jewish, that’s double the number you’d expect based on the national British ratio of Jews to everybody else in the country, roughly 5%. But as with the banks, Jews have a long traditional cultural association with show-business that dates back to the ages of the Diaspora before their emancipation in Europe when the Theatre and other performing arts were the only places they could use their talents to earn a living. Many Jews have honoured this tradition by becoming film directors, producers and script-writers, and why on Earth shouldn’t they? Somebody on the David Icke Forum a few days ago issued me a challenge: “Name me ten Hollywood producers who are not Jewish”; I couldn’t. But my reply to him was: “So what?” Does the asymmetrical presence of Jews in Hollywood mean Jews run Hollywood for the purposes of the conspiracy according to the Jewish Theory? I’d say “no”. If you look at what Hollywood is and what it produces you’ll see a huge variety of different themes and subjects. There are many instances where people have analyzed Hollywood films for all kinds of propaganda, like Robbie Graham and his Silver Screen Saucers blog: http://silverscreensaucers.blogspot.com/ (Also see my HPANWO TV reportage on the 2011 Leeds Exopolitics Conference: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2011/08/exopolitics-leeds-2011.html). I myself have written about famous films and the encoded messages within them. However when it comes to Hollywood we find that there is no single direction of persuasion at all. Hollywood proudly releases as many very progressive and anti-establishment films as it does pro-authority ones. Even individual directors like Stephen Spielberg, who is a Jew, has made many films on the subject of UFO’s and aliens which project very diverging Exopolitical ideologies. One of his early ones from 1977, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, was a very nonConformist and anti-establishment film yet he also remade War of the Worlds in 2005, a very depressing and pessimistic prediction of mankind’s interaction with ET’s. This wouldn’t make sense if Spielberg was somehow an agent of a Jewish cabal controlling Hollywood. What muddies the waters of this theory even more is that some of the most hyped films in the recent history of cinema have been a series of extremely reactionary and monolithic pro-establishment movies made by Roland Emmerich; examples are Independence Day, Godzilla and 2012. In my view these films count as the most overrated ever, but the relevant point here is that Emmerich comes from an upper class German gentile background. Another interesting film maker is Ridley Scott; his films are of infinitely better quality than Emmerich’s, but they also contain powerful militaristic and authoritarian conceptions. Scott is a British gentile too. Interestingly he’s also produced promotional videos by Common Purpose, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.com/2009/11/ridley-scott-makes-common-purpose.html . So how does this relate to the concept of Jewish control? I don't think it does.

One of the most bizarre claims made by Jewish Theorists is that Jews control pornography. This begs the question why pornography has anything to do with the New World Order, especially when they’re also reputed to be the engineers of Feminism. I personally regard pornography as pretty harmless; contrary to popular belief 99% plus is completely legal and features only consenting adults. What I find far more sinister are what have become known as “Lad Mags”, ones with titles like Front, Loaded, Nuts and Zoo etc. Porn merely panders to our natural biological instincts whereas Lad Mags try to change the way men think, but that’s a story for another article. There are several radio shows discussing pornography as it relates to Jews; it’s a favourite topic of discussion on the Far Rightist podcast Goyfire, see: http://www.goyfire.com/ The hosts change from episode to episode but the shows almost always include a very angry little man called Alex Linder who vocally and furiously explains what he thinks is going on. It’s a supposed plan to exterminate the white European race, “europids” as he calls us, by a process of “miscegenation”; this is a form of genocide carried out by forcing or manipulating a people to interbreed with another race until the original race no longer contains any members with a pure genome. And who does Linder think is behind this plot? You guessed it! Jews in control of the porn industry are promoting interracial sex and therefore the production of half-cast children in order to eliminate all white people. There is indeed a category of pornography called “interracial” which portrays black and white people having sex together. However Linder doesn’t explain why this is just one of many categories of pornography that cater to every individual porn-viewer’s tastes; interracial sex is not promoted above all the others. Strangely enough Alex Linder seems to object to interracial porn more vociferously when it involves black men with white women. He is curiously not so narked when it’s vice versa; white men with black women trouble his mind much less, and this could reveal something very interesting about his personal psychology. He rants on about “cuckold interracial”, this is a porn film in which a black man makes love to a white woman, usually she’s a pretty blonde with blue eyes, in front of her jealous white husband. I can’t help wondering if Alex Linder is actually just expressing his own personal insecurities through false political activism. Maybe he just can’t stand the thought of white women preferring black men to him. A lot of women find black men attractive, not only because they tend to be very “well-blessed”, but because black people in general are mesomorphic; this means they have naturally better muscle-tone than whites, giving them a more appealing physique. There’s another interesting website run by a British man who is anonymous, but goes by the Internet soubriquet of “Guessedworker”, see: http://majorityrights.com/ He has a terrible bee in his bonnet about the singer Seal’s marriage to the German supermodel Heidi Klum, obviously because she fits into the Nazi Aryan stereotype and that Seal is a good-looking black man, who no doubt has the physical characteristics to give her a good time in bed. Perhaps “Guessedworker” is worried that he doesn’t. Interracial sex is not something that bothers me at all, and indeed there are plenty of black women I find very sexually desirable so I’d be a hypocrite if I did; does this really spell the death-knell for white people? It strikes me that if somebody was serious about wanting to exterminate the white race, then miscegenation seems a poor way to go about it. Firstly, in humans, this would take many completely cooperative generations, and then only if the ratio of blacks with whites in society was far greater. Anything remotely short of 50%, about 10% in the case of Europe, would result in black people being miscegenated themselves, as has actually happened many times in the past. If you go to Lisbon in Portugal today you’ll see very few black people, and they’re all recent immigrants, but there was a time when there were a large number of black servants and freed slaves in Lisbon. Where did they go? Nowhere, they were miscegenated into the population and their descendents are the white people of Lisbon today. Race-mixing is not like mixing paint; you don’t end up with everybody “grey”, half-cast to different degrees. It’s more like picking black and white balls out of a bag. Genes can be recessive and active, as Gregor Mendel discovered, and which they are will depend on how they’re sorted. So a black and white person might have a baby that is half-cast, but that child will not produce “quarter cast” offspring; their subsequent children will be either black or white and with succeeding generations the minority genes become more recessive until they cease to have an effect. Also if Jews are really doing this then why? What is their motive for using black people as a weapon against whites? How will this aid their New World Order? Is the presence of white people in the world inimical to the New World Order? If so why? And wouldn’t this also mean the Jews will be exterminating themselves? How racially different are Jews to the rest of us anyway? Although the DNA of Jews does contain particular signatures and are from “haplogroups” that display their origins among the Ashkenazi of central and Eastern Europe, their physical characteristics look fairly indistinguishable from anybody else. There are certain traits that have become known as “Jewish looks” like the big nose, pasty skin, dark hair and eyes, but many gentiles have this physiognomy too. For instance, although Jewish actors like Sacha Baron Cohen and Daniel Radcliffe do have these kinds of looks, so do the gentile actors Liam Neeson and Aidan Turner. So I suspect we’re dealing here with a mixture of a misunderstanding of genetics and Alex Linder’s and Guessedworker’s feelings of sexual inadequacy.

Aidan Turner and Liam Neeson, they look Jewish but are not.

The idea that Jews were behind 9/11 is based on two reports: firstly that the Jews working at the World Trade Centre were phoned up by Mossad and warned to stay off work on September the 11th 2001. In actual fact over 300 Jews died in the attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon, including 5 Israelis. If Mossad had really been behind 9/11 then they’d not have left such a red flag in the record by rescuing the common Jews from disaster. No, they’d have left them to die, sacrificed for political goals as they have been so many times in the past. An even bigger giveaway was the “dancing Israelis”, see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRfhUezbKLw I can understand that the most ruthless Zionists would celebrate 9/11, knowing that the US would now be galvanized into supporting a more aggressive anti-Islamic policy in the Middle East that would benefit Israel, but I’d have thought that if these men were Mossad agents who were actively involved in the plot to carry out 9/11 they would keep a slightly lower profile. As I explain in my article linked above, How AntiSemitic are YOU?, this is a very difficult topic to ever explore in a rational and equitable way. Any mention of it can cause explosions of hysteria. Criticism of the Israeli tyranny is equated as hatred of Jews; opponents of babies being circumcised are labelled as racists against Jewish rites, although there are distinct secular and healthcare motives for opposing infant circumcision.

It’s indisputable that the agenda for the New World Order exists; most of what I upload to HPANWO is about exposing that fact; but in our desperate search for answers we must not be lazy, nor let our anger run away with us, nor be too eager to accept the easiest and quickest answers we find. The real perpetrators of the Global Conspiracy want nothing more than for people who are becoming aware of their existence to get sidetracked down a blind alley. I'm certain that the New World Order is not in any way shape or form the work of Jews. When we yell: “It’s the Jews!” we not only condemn millions of completely innocent people to what is effectively Original Sin. We’ll be in a position where we can demand anything from them and do anything to them. What depravity is there that we will not stoop to and not be able to justify? It’s vital that we therefore hold onto our rationality, our understanding and our temperance at all times during the turbulent years to come. The I-Ching, the ancient Chinese book of divination, has a hexagram entitled Revolution. It says that in a revolution two mistakes must be avoided at all costs: Firstly, it is important not to move with excessive haste, in thought or deed, nor be excessively harsh. Secondly any revolution must be based on a higher and inner truth. Any revolution not founded on a divine purpose will come to grief.

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Anonymous said...

Hello comrade,

I was quite surprised to see such a post on your blog. It is rather refreshing from someone so interested in 'conspiracy theory'. As you are aware many of these 'theories' do in the end come down to "It's the JOOOOOZZZ!" Slightly less subtle people opt for 'finance' or 'international banking'. The classic slander was of course that of Hitler and his ilk who regarded Communism or 'Bolshevism' as the work of 'International Jewry'.

That nicely brings me to the reason for this comment! I have been enjoying many of your videos and now your blog however disagreeing with a lot of it. What strikes me is that you come across as a really intelligent guy something which most 'conspiracy theorists' I've come across definitely are not! It has to be expected however that you are anti-Marxist. Naturally because Marxism is a method of understanding society and relations therein and 'conspiracy theory' is in total contrast to this although on the surface it appear to be doing that very same thing. For Marxism we live in a class society under certain relations of production and ownership. For 'conspiracy' there are evil individuals up to no good, making the world a bad place, broadly speaking.

However, as you are genuinely interested in research and locating the historical and social origins of our current society I aim to change your view of Marxism and what it really means. I will provide links to two talks on religion by different organisations which take a broadly Marxist perspective and as a special bonus a link from a communist organisation which agrees with you and your comrades that yes the ruling class do act in harmful ways against us, conspire and are Machiavellian! I think there will be plenty you can agree with, maybe to your surprise.

Karl Kautsky and the Socialist Critique of Religion

Jesus: Son of god or revolutionary resistance fighter?

Beyond Machiavelli: the conspiratorial nature of the capitalist class

(The ICC have actually written a lot about the Machiavellian nature of the bourgeoisie but I have offered a relatively short piece as an introduction to their perspective. You might like to search their website for other articles)

Fraternally, Richard

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I'll not use a lot of words in distinguishing a cultural or racial conspiracy, from that of one for power through greed... but it seems odd the name Rothschilds is not mentioned in your rambling historical tirades...?!!