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Richplanet 2015 Tour

Richard D Hall is a solo maverick in the truth movement. He is fiercely independent and the only events he ever organizes are his own. I've been to his live shows before, for example see: (See links column for Richard's website). I'd heard some reports from others who'd attended his shows in the previous few days, but I knew that his format could change at the last minute. His work is based around current affairs so you never know what you're going to get untill you're literally sitting in front of him. The 2015 Richplanet Tour is subtitled "as NOT seen on TV" which is appropriate because Richard has had no end of trouble from the television network related to his programme; they forbid him from broadcasting all his best material and a few months ago they banned him because of his episode with Nick Kollerstrom about the Woolwich incident, see: Showcase TV are not as "controversial" as they profess. It costs Richard £600 to buy the airtime and he wonders "Is it worth it?" The good news is that all his shows are available, completely uncensored, on his website viewer, see link above. Ustane and I were familiar with the venue, as we trudged up towards it we recalled the 2013 AMMACH conference which was held there, see: Also some years earlier we had seen the late Lloyd Pye give a lecture there. The Belgrave Rooms are the city's Masonic centre and are covered with the Brotherhood's occult symbolism, see: However they have the cheapest function suite to hire in Nottingham, which makes it quite understandable that Richard and other would choose to book it. I was keen to pick up Richard's latest DVD releases from his stall; two full-length films. I was delighted to meet up with lots of my old friends; some I knew would be there, with others it was a nice surprise. Some of them had never met Ustane and it was nice to introduce them to her; the social side of these events is equally important as the lecture content itself.
Richard D Hall bounded onto the stage in his trademark dark brown suit to thunderous applause from the audience, some of whom were standing at the sides beside the packed seats. The first part of his talk was entitled: Subversion in the UK, although strictly speaking a large part of this subversion relates to an incident that did not happen in the UK, but in Portugal. It was the subject of one of Richard's new films, the second part of his expose of the Madeleine McCann case, called Buried by Mainstream Media, the True Story of Madeleine McCann- The Phantoms. The film opens with the same music that the first one does. I can't recall who Richard gets to compose his theme tunes, he did tell me once, but they're excellent at their job. Ustane and I find the score very poignant and we've started calling it "Madeleine's Requiem". Madeleine McCann was three years old in May 2007, the time she allegedly disappeared from a holiday villa at an Algarve resort in Portugal. According to her parents they left her sleeping in a bedroom with her brother and sister while they went to a restaurant for a meal just a short walk away. They nipped back to the villa regularly to check on the children and on one of these checks they found that somebody had broken in and abducted Madeleine. There was a huge international media storm and campaigns to "find Maddy now!" which raised millions of pounds. This second part of Richard's investigation provides lots of new information and maybe even some answers. The only evidence of any abduction of Madeleine comes from a few eyewitness accounts which are very dubious in themselves. One of the McCann's friends, Jane Tanner, says that she saw a man carrying a young child in his arms, yet the forensic artist's depictions of the man, whom Richard calls "Tannerman", are very vague; they even look a bit like Richard D Hall himself! What's more Ms Tanner never mentioned him at the time. Strange how one would fail to tell the police about a man seen carrying a child away from the apartment after knowing there's been an abduction of a child there. Three other suspects were seen in the area. In one case a man reported to the police that one of them had attempted to abduct his daughter, yet for some reason he only came forward after Madeleine's "abduction" had been publicized. The footprints of conspiracy lead on to where the body of Brenda Leyland was found in a hotel near Leicester, see: Richard managed to track down a former employee of the McCanns who says that nothing in Jane Tanner's story makes sense. It makes even less sense when Ms Tanner added more and more details to Tannerman's description, some of them, at least, clearly imaginary. The second supposed suspect Richard christened "Sagresman" because he was said to have been seen on the beach near the village of Sagres on Cape St Vincent, about sixteen miles from Praia da Luz where the McCanns and their friends were staying. It's chilly and windy there in April and few people would have been on the beach, yet a father claims that a man tried to kidnap his daughter there in late April, the 27th or 29th (which!?). Yet for some reason this man didn't report it to the police until after Madeleine's disappearance; he also sent the authorities on a wild goose chase across Europe to question a polish holidaymaker and his wife. The father gave his name as Nuno Lourenco and Richard suspects his story is a fantasy invented to support the idea that there was a dangerous paedophile at large in the area who was intent on abducting a young girl; this would make him an accomplice of the McCanns and their friends. Another phantom suspect, "Smithman", crops up from a report in Ireland by the Smith family from Drogehda. They claim to have seen a man walking down to the beach just after Madeleine's disappearance; he was carrying a young girl in his arms and he closely resembled Tannerman. However similar criticisms can be made of their statements that were made of Jane Tanner's. The Smiths didn't report their sighting for thirteen days, even though Madeleine's disappearance had been on the headlines across the world since then. The confusion and incompetence the Portuguese investigation suffered seems to have been the product of a spanner in the works thrown by the English translator Robert Murat; was he a mole working as part of the conspiracy too? He was eventually set up as another suspect, one more red herring to thwart police progress. Despite the disintegration of the Smithman farce, the story was promoted by Scotland Yard and even thrown together into a superficially plausible "new lead" that was included in a special report on Crimewatch UK. The McCann team also propped up Smithman in their personal publications, and it's covered by Kate McCann, Madeleine's mother, in her book. The plot is thickened even more when, unbelievably, a fourth phantom is revealed; he came forward to the police after over three years had passed and claims to be Tannerman. He was a local father carrying his daughter home from a creche. The Scotland Yard Crimewatch photographs of "Crecheman" blur his face so he's not been revealed in his full identity. Luckily Wendy Murphy, a legal expert on crimes against children, has spoken publicly about her doubt. Another is the famous TV crime reporter Shaw Taylor (sadly he's just died). I thought this odd at the time; why was Madeleine McCann's case getting so much publicity when, sadly, children disappearing like this is not unusual; in fact similar events happen literally every day. Richard thinks Madeleine died in the apartment and her parents and their friends disposed of the body, and they are covering up her death. The evidence comes from searches of the scene by sniffer dogs which picked up the smell of blood and dead bodies there. Also the McCanns' stories are full of contradictions and very imprecise information. The McCanns' "charity" is connected to some extremely untrustworthy people including high diplomatic officials, media spin doctors from Tony Blair's government, fifth column psychological mind-controllers and also supposed private investigators with links to fraud, espionage and organized crime. Even the Pope offered his moral support. The question is, did the parents murder Madeleine or did she die of natural causes? If it's the latter then why didn't they just say so? They were on holiday with a group of about seven friends, with children of their own, "the Tapas Seven" as they've been christened, and it looks as though they're involved too. Did one of the friends kill Madeleine? If so why are the parents collaborating with them? If the parents are the culprits then why are these friends collaborating with the McCanns? The entire group of people surrounding the McCanns even tried to frame somebody for kidnapping Madeleine; it's totally "Bob Lazar" as Richard himself would say. Why has Madeleine McCann's supposed kidnapping been made such a cause celebre involving such high profile people, front-page headlines and official institutions? There are no certain answers yet. Richard speculates that it might have something to do with organized child abuse and MI5 involvement in it, like at Kincora Boys Home. Possibly, we know MI5 were involved in that, see: The DVD of this film can be purchased here:
Richard D Hall's second new production is called An Independent Investigation into the Cumbria Shootings- Patsy Driver; it is a new viewpoint on one of the worst firearms offences in British history. The official story goes that Derrick Bird, a mild-mannered taxi driver from Rowrah, Cumbria who had been behaving perfectly normally up to that point, suddenly got up one morning in June 2010 and went on a killing spree; he shot dead twelve people and injured eleven others before driving to an isolated rural lane and turning his gun on himself. However, as is often the case, the truth behind the news is more complicated, and it's deliberately hidden by the authorities. It does seem as if Derrick Bird did carry out some of the attacks, but the evidence for the party line, that he was the only killer, simply isn't there. Like Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan and Mark Chapman, he is a "patsy", somebody manipulated into taking the blame for the secret crimes of others. In fact I think the Derrick Bird incident has remarkable similarities to the Port Arthur shooting in which a young man called Martin Bryant supposedly gunned down people at a tourist cafe in Australia; but the evidence doesn't match, see: In the case of Chapman, who allegedly shot John Lennon, and Sirhan, who is supposed to have killed Robert Kennedy, the patsies were in a trance state and probably under mind control, see: The same possibility emerges in the Derrick Bird case, although Channel 4's documentary on the subject was a typical pathetic primetime whitewash. As far as the witnesses to the shootings go, not all of them saw the gunman and of those only a few got a good look at his face. The witness who got the best look at him describes him as somebody who is totally different to Bird in appearance. As with 9/11 and 7/7, the CCTV evidence which has been released to the public, is scant, ambiguous and, so it seems, specifically selected to conceal and mislead. Richard's research is thorough and systematic; he retraces the route supposedly taken by Bird that day and interviews some of the witnesses himself. The region is a close-knit community and many of the residents knew Bird personally; they all say that he was not somebody they would ever suspect of being a mass murderer. There are also discrepancies in their testimonies. The gunman... or gunmen's taxies were Citroen Picassoes, but in some cases it's reported as greyish blue, on other cases maroon. In Whitehaven the killer shot out his left quarterlight, yet in other places the witnesses say that all the car's glass was intact. Some of the CCTV shows a vehicle with a taxi sign on the roof, in others this is absent. Some of the people involved with the victims are very reluctant to speak to the media, and one of them called the police when Richard approached them. The people who live in the inland areas in the later part of Bird's supposed rampage are the most cagey of all and Richard says: "It's like drawing teeth to get them to make a statement after Seascale!". I had a similar reception in Nottingham when making inquiries about Helen Duncan, see: Neil Sanders is featured in the film in a few scenes describing how "Manchurian candidates" can be programmed using the methods developed many years ago during the CIA's MK Ultra project (see here for more information on Neil's work: Was Derrick Bird one of these hypnotized assassins? Were other operatives driving different cars used to carry out some of the other killings? Was bird murdered? He might have been shot by somebody else, like Oswald was by Jack Ruby, or programmed to shoot himself. Either way the end result was that there were no suspects to try for murder and the legalities of the case were dealt with by a coroner's inquest. These are much easier to rig than criminal trials. If the official story is true and Derrick Bird was the proverbial "lone nut" then why would he do it? The papers have tabled a whole array of motives, that he was angry over financial issues, even though he had £22,000 in the bank. He also supposedly had woman trouble and issues at work. Also apparently the taxman was after him, even though he was not eligible to pay tax. His first alleged victim was his own twin brother, although there's little evidence to link Bird with the killing; the same goes for his solicitor Kevin Commons. All in all the official story of Derrick Bird makes no more sense than the official story of Madeleine McCann. If something else was going on, and that multiple killers were used along with the mind controlled Bird, then why? If we assume that the government or elite were behind this incident then there is definitely a cast iron motive to kill one of the individuals on Bird's inventory of death: the second victim, Bird's solicitor, Kevin Commons. This is because Commons was attempting to prosecute United Utilities, the company running the local waterworks. The allegation was that the company had mismanaged the nearby reservoirs causing them to overflow into adjoining rivers. This had resulted in massive floods which caused millions of pounds worth of damage and caused many people to lose their homes. A policeman was drowned in the torrent bravely keeping people away from a bridge just before it was destroyed by the deluge. Mr Commons was leading a class action lawsuit against the company; powerful people were in danger of losing millions and even ending up in jail for criminal negligence. Interestingly, two senior executives of the water company resigned around the time of the Derrick Bird shooting and Commons' replacement solicitor was investigated for fraud, perhaps on trumped-up charges. The other eleven victims might have been an attempt to camouflage their real objective by burying it under a pile of shock and horror. The media seemed to react very quickly, suspiciously so. The BBC presented their regional news programme from Whitehaven; which means they must have been planning to do so before the shootings even took place; how is that possible? An Independent Investigation into the Cumbria Shootings- Patsy Driver can be purchased here: The fifth anniversary of the incident is coming up in a couple of months so this film is an opportunity to cut across the propaganda.
Richard has been approached several times by mainstream media and in the London lecture last year (see link above) he explains how he was asked by Plum Pictures to take part in The Great UFO Conspiracy while they were in preproduction. He wisely told them where to go, as did I; the end result has completely vindicated us, see: However the word has not got round yet because a lady called Jenny Kleeman asked him to take part in a "documentary" she is making about alternative views on the fate of Madeleine McCann... you can guess what Richard said. Then lo and behold, she turns up at the event! Actually she just hung around outside hoping to get a vox populi on Richard's talk (if you ask me I think she fancies him!). Richard talked more about the media, highlighting something I've noticed myself, but not given much thought to. Because newspaper sales are dropping, newspaper stands are found in places they would not have been a few years ago, like supermarkets and department stores. Also more free papers are coming out, most notably Metro, a paper that people can just pick up and read from free racks on busses and trains etc; it makes all its income from its ad pages. Another trick the media use is to create false role-models and Richard asked his viewers to vote on who they thought was the biggest of these. I voted for Russell Brand; I said: "Russell Brand, a man who is being very highly promoted in the mainstream for his supposed anti-establishment views.  Brand used to be a friend of David Icke and knows about the idea that 9/11 was an inside job, but will not say so publicly. David told him: 'Walk the talk or walk away!' and they haven't spoken since. Brand is being led along by his giant ego and his puppet masters feed it to make him do whatever they want him to." Brand is bringing out a film very soon about bankers, but will it be anything other than controlled opposition? Doubt it, but we'll find out; I'll review it. However, Brand was beaten into second place by the man anybody who knows me will have thought I was going to vote for, that smiling Simeon of the small screen, Prof. Brian Cox. I've written about Cox an awful lot, maybe too much, but I stand by what I've been saying; His Royal Coxness is playing a very important and unique role in media mind control and disinformation, see: Other nominated media reaction agents include Stephen Fry; he presents a comedy quiz show called QI and it has a very Skeptic-based theme. He recently appeared on Irish TV presenting some rather theologically weak arguments for atheism; and his co-host on QI is none other than Dan Schreiber, presenter of The Great UFO Travesty, see: Jeremy Clarkson was also nominated by a few of the voters. Clarkson has been in trouble many times at the BBC, for instance he once described a very dark place as: "dark as Lenny Henry in a cave!" Lenny Henry being a well-known black comedian. That metaphor is completely benign as far as I can see yet there was uproar; black celebrities came on TV to say how disgusted they were and "race relations" groups lambasted him. Clarkson doesn't care and I respect him for that. Interestingly it's in the news at the moment that Clarkson has been sacked from his job at the BBC; therefore somebody with the initials "JC" is being crucified at Easter... you have to credit the Loomies for their sense of humour! I got into a heated argument with somebody over Clarkson because this person I know thinks that anybody who so much as mentions Clarkson has fallen for a simple distraction psy-op; I disagree. I think there is an agenda over Clarkson; but it's not distraction, it's cultural Marxism. Jeremy Clarkson has failed to abide by the political correctness rules of society and therefore he has been pilloried as a warning to the rest of us. Appropriately, Richard then went on to discuss the work of Yuri Besmenov, a former KGB agent and defector from the Soviet Union during the Cold War. He has revealed the psychological warfare tactics used by communist agents who infiltrate and corrupt an enemy state in order to make it become communist itself. What he reveals is deeply chilling because it's exactly what I see in the world today being carried out by cultural Marxist fifth column organizations like Common Purpose, the Fabian Society and the Frankfurt School. These methods include sewing discord and confusion, breaking up relationships and families, and destroying a sense of cultural identity. Things such as feminism, so called "anti-racism" and the abuse of white, straight males are a part of that, see: and: A lot of people make the mistake of seeing Marxism as an anti-authoritarian idea, a quest for freedom; this is how it presents itself. It's an easy trap to fall into, especially if you're young and naive. I myself was seduced by it for a short period in my late teens when I became an active trade unionist; luckily it was a phase I quickly got over.
Richard talked some more about the media and about how minor issues are blown out of all proportion to cover bigger issues; the MP expenses scandal and phone hacking inquest are examples. The real stories lie underneath. I myself have always said: when a story like that breaks out on page 1, look and see what's on page 15! According to Richard, the globalists probably have their eyes fixed on Malaysia right now. This is because it's predominantly Muslim, it has natural resources and it has recently held a war crimes tribunal against Tony Blair and George W Bush; it also doesn't currently owe any money to the World Bank and has not sold off its gold at discount prices like most other countries. Could this be why Malaysian Airlines have had such bad luck lately, losing two aircraft in the space of a few months? Richard has calculated the odds of that happening by chance and they're staggeringly small. However Skeptics will still say this is "just a coincidence!" And this brings us on to the coincidence fallacy. Nothing physically possible is so unlikely that you can say: "This can NEVER happen!" therefore a Skeptic can use a coincidence call to debunk almost anything. There needs to be a discussion about what "level of likelihood" would become the universally agreed cut-off point between what is to be considered random and what is to be considered intentional, a statistical ceiling. This so far has never been done and therefore coincidence has become something of a trump card for Skeptics, an unfalsifiable wreaking ball that they can drive into any debate, see here for more details: Richard paused the footage of the Malaysian trial of Blair and Bush and pointed dramatically at the screen where Alfred Webre can be seen on the presiding panel. Actually this is not a scoop by Richard; Alfred has said several times himself how he took part in that war crimes tribunal.
However this was a good segueway into the subject of controlled opposition in the Truth movement. I think it's fair to say that Richard regards much of the rest of the Conspirasphere with suspicion and disdain. Sometimes he is unfair, as I said in my review of the London event, see above. This may be one of the reasons he has remained such a lone wolf. He has never openly made unfounded accusations, but he has implied many times that certain individuals within the UFO/conspiracy/paranormal community are compromised. He is no doubt correct in some cases, but I caution him against being overzealous. I've explained in a recent HPANWO TV production how excessive and hasty shill-shaming can do far more harm than good, see: One of the few people Richard does trust and works closely with is Andrew Johnson who has also suggested several people as possible candidates for cointelpro. A lot of Andrew's frustration comes from a very legitimate and justified gripe: why has the 9/11 Truth movement been so reluctant to accept the definitive research of Dr Judy Wood? In his book Andrew relates how 9/11 Truthers, who themselves have been misrepresented and ridiculed by believers in the official nineteen hijackers story, go on themselves to misrepresent and ridicule Dr Judy Wood and her discoveries when they really should know better, see: I myself have fallen into conflict over this, see: Andrew is correct when he says that the "thermitically correct" brigade is a controlled response to 9/11, but I suspect that most of the antagonists he describes in his book are not knowing agents who are purposively corrupting the 9/11 Truth Movement; they have merely come down with a failure of nerve. They are frightened to step outside the norms created by the masters of deception who are running the show. A good example of this is the aforementioned Alfred Webre. Webre was interviewing Leuren Moret one day when he interrupted her and told her not to mention Dr Judy Wood; why? The answer might lie in my own experience with the "stop Kevin Annett!" cult; see the link above to my film The Shill Squad. Did Alfred join those people because he was rationally and politely persuaded? I doubt it; based on their usual conduct I suspect he was bullied and browbeaten into accepting their dogma. If so then this would mean he is not very resilient when targeted by "truth mobs" and there have been some really nasty examples of those truth mobs tying to chivvy and chase people away from Dr Judy Wood. There are other kinds of norms in 9/11 Truth. In the UK the "official" 9/11 Truth Movement is very sensitive about its image; it is affiliated to the Stop the War Coalition... although I suspect that this affiliation is one-way and the StWC doesn't reciprocate. However UK 9/11 Truth portrays itself as very middle class and centre left. It eschews anything it considers too "far out" for their shop window, which is why Dr Judy Wood is so unwelcome. Whenever they even bring up the subject of Dr Judy Wood, or "Judy Wood" as they insist on calling her, their line tends to be more: "but what will people think of us!?" instead of: "She's wrong because..." UKT-9/11 wants to be seen as distinctly separate from the rest of the Conspirasphere, which is why I didn't fit in there. I really must one day write a piece on my own experience of my involvement with them, but my general unspoken feelings were well worded by Joshua Blakeney, a British researcher based in Canada: "Do these people really think that if they just spend enough time wearing suits and voting for the Green Party then eventually The Guardian will agree to investigate 9/11 Truth!?"
At the moment Richard awaits his challenge to engage our Fearless Leader David Cameron is a live public debate... which would be hell of a lot more exciting than the election debates that are on TV at the moment. However his eyes have also turned skywards as questions are coming in about Mars. At the moment there are several spacecraft on Mars, including mobile rovers; however Richard is wondering if these missions are faked and the images we see of the Red Planet are just pictures of remote locations on Earth; this is similar to the notion that the moon landings were faked, see: It's perfectly possible, after all if NASA can fake men on the moon, robots on Mars shouldn't be a problem; they don't even have to worry about private individuals with telescopes any more. Why would NASA fake data from Mars? Perhaps because they're trying to cover up evidence of life there. Richard is also changing his strategy to one much more proactive than reactive and he wants to set up his own free energy research project, see: There are a few existing ones of these like Dr Steven Greer's, but this is not to be trusted, see: Michael Tellinger has just emailed his list with an announcement of a free energy discovery; hope it's the real thing, but either way the more people who research this subject the better.

Richard received a well-earned cheer at the end of his lecture. At the time of writing his tour is still underway so do go and see him if you can: Although we have definite differences of opinion, Richard is somebody I really respect and we need more like him if we're going to see the end of this New World Order... and we are. It was getting late by the end of the event and Ustane and I had to catch a bus so we couldn't stay around to talk to Richard, Andrew or any of our other friends who had travelled there. As we left the Belgrave Rooms we saw Jenny Kleeman interviewing a member of the audience. We walked quickly on by.
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Hilary said...

Lots of interesting things going on Ben, thanks for the write up, especially on 9/11 & RDH. I didn't know D. Icke said that to R. Brand. I really wish Ickey would walk the talk himself though and promote Dr Wood's stuff, although I know he does sell her book. He could make a big impact, but maybe that's just could be very dangerous for him.
Of course it's easy for internet truthers like myself to judge, but I cannot help making this important observation.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

You're welcome, Hilary. glad you like it, thanks :-) Unfortunately David's not that clued up on 9/11. He promoted AET9/11 and Niels Harrit etc. This was not through malice or agenda, just ignorance.

Neil Austin said...

A comprehensive reportage of a memorable evening, Ben!
I discovered a coincidence today Ben (or is it a coincidence? :-))
It seems that Jenny Kleeman has something in common with someone else who was mentioned many times on Wednesday night. Have a look at the client list of this agency...

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Bloody hell, Neil. the Coxxxer himself! Is that a coincidence??? His wife is there too, Gia Milinovich. She's a feminist and a member of the Lifeboat Foundation that looks very Agenda 21.

Neil Austin said...

:-) Yes Ben! I also see Dr. Christian Jessen who you would have had dealings with had you taken up the kind offer of appearing on Weighing Up The Enemy
Also there is Prof. Jeff Forshaw who has co-authored two 'gate-keeping' books with Cox, and Dr. Lucie Green who plays a major role in 'Stargazing Live', which Cox presents.
Not being a sceptic or skeptic I am not qualified to judge whether any of the above is a coincidence and it is purely my intuition that tells me that these people may have possibly met each other and/or interacted with each other on some level on at least one occasion. Possibly.

Anonymous said...

Hold on - Ben..what about the rumours Richard Hall is an ex-copper????

Holding a meeting in a masonic hall???

Ben - the clues are there...!

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

The jungle of disinformation and limited hangouts is not easy to surf through, Anon ;-)

Neil Austin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Neil Austin said...

Please anon, let's stick to verifiable evidence, not rumours. Richard D Hall doesn't present us with rumours. Andrew Johnson doesn't present us with speculation unless he tells us that it is just that. Ben doesn't dabble in rumour.
I heard a rumour that 'anon' is not your real name...:-)
I am aware of many of the professional projects that Richard has been involved with as an electrical engineer, after qualification...not sure that that would have left much time for a career in the police force. But that's just speculation on my part.

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece thanks Ben! I went to Richard's Brighton event. Perfect, packed: just an amazing night. His attention to detail in phenomenal. I then spent yesterday watching his two DVDs...I'll donate them to a charity shop in the hope that someone will pick up the DVDs and become a new 'question everything' person! To the person above...Richard openly says that his brother is a copper. And the fact that his Brighton show was in a music venue doesn't mean he is a rockstar!

Jayfromlondonuk said...

If you haven't already donated those dvds I would love to have them. could pop them in a small envelope. ..any postage I would gladly reimburse you...please let me know.

Jayfromlondonuk said...

If you haven't already donated those dvds I would love to have them. could pop them in a small envelope. ..any postage I would gladly reimburse you...please let me know.

Unknown said...

Great to see you again Ben and to meet Neil Austin, Neil Sanders and Andrew Johnson in person too oh and not forgetting Moggy, Catherine and Jo from Truth Juice Hull. What an evening !!!! Great write-up thanks mate and see you at Holmfirth if not before. Oh by the way we are having a trip to the coast for Sarah Goodley's Beltane meet up (may-day weekend) and managed to persuade Steve Johnson to come too if you fancy coming along and we could collect you from the train or coach station if you need it. see

Laurence said...

Good piece. I would disagree with Richard's evaluation of the Smith family sighting, though. Smith went to the Garda (Irish police) on his return from holidaying in Praia da Luz. He did this in response to a TV news report showing Gerry McCann walking down the aircraft steps holding an infant. He was so shocked at the similarity to his sighting in PdL that he made a statement at the Garda station. This is not something that is done lightly in Ireland, believe me...

Anonymous said...

I have seen a couple of RDH shows...2013 was when he was at his best..since then he has become far too suspicious (or jealous??)of anyone who dares to challenge his 'research'. Could be asperger's I guess. I met a friend of his at the Brum show in 2013...she was a beautiful intelligent bird who I met again a few months ago. I asked her about RDH and she said he had ceased contact because he thought she was plant, journalist or on the make...she was none of those things just someone with a healthy interest in all things conspiracy...and a few great stories to tell. RDH is one of many now; Ian R Crane is a more intelligent convincing researcher.

Anonymous said...

Rdh has to be on his guard. ..he gets so close to the truth that the powers that be want him to shut up

Anonymous said...

Just one point, the first I came to which I know for a fact to be totally false about the McCann case - OF COURSE Jane Tanner reported her sighting of a man carrying a child at the time!! This can be easily verified by consulting the police files. She reported it as soon as the police arrived.
Is that really the standard of research in this marathon film?? I won't be wasting any time on it if so.

Anonymous said...

Laurence: please actually read the evidence.
Mr Smith made two separate statements to the Guardai, separated by about 4 months. In the first he and his entire family were sure the man was NOT a tourist, but also that they would be unlikely to recognise him again. After a summer of relentless media attention, including the attempted framing of the parents, he (and he alone - the rest of his family did not concur) concluded this had probably been Gerry McCann. Absolutely worthless evidence as his recollection had clearly been tainted by '100%' DNA matches that never existed. It's a scandal alright, but not quite the way you think.

Anonymous said...

RDH is a complete shill...he hijacks other poeple ideas...he has no real knowledge when actually asked to expand...I am surprised a lot of you are impressed...there are far more sensible researchers/truthers out there...he runs at the first hint of being challenged. He hasn't uncovered ANYTHING new in ANY of his shows/films. If you research his subjects properly you will see his 'information' is available on websites and newspapers previously. Ian R Crane, Andy Thomas etc are far more reliable sources.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick comment to the 'RDH has to be on his guard' 9th May: I agree that people within this community have to be careful but equally being too cautious makes them miss the possibilities of other opinions / stories and more importantly the truth. I too have met that friend of RDH and I can confirm that she is genuine and just hugely interested in this subject: an interest borne apparently from the death of her brother. She may ask questions and make notes at seminars but that is because she is genuinely interested, dilligent and careful to be well-informed, nothing sinister. Also, she attends these events alone and being an attractive female does invite unwelcome attention from the mainly male audience. I guess she thinks holding a notebook and writing gives her some protection in some way. My wife and I have spoken at length with her at various times and both agree she is just a lovely lady. I like RDH but he does seem to be getting a little big for his boots, straying off subjects he is comfortable with and re-inventing himself as some sort of investigative reporter, which he isn't and never will be. I personally don't think he is even on the radar of any Government department. Sorry, Richard you are not that important. Somebody like Icke isn't even an issue any more. Happy hunting everyone for the one thing that appears to elude us all and that is the truth.

Laurence said...

Anon 17 May: My understanding was that the second official statement by Smith was a reaction to seeing McCann walk down the aircraft landing steps following McCann's return to England. Of course, it is a given that (a) Smith could be completely wrong and/or a charlatan and (b) I am overestimating the abilities of the Garda Síochána.

Other posters: Whatever you may think of RD Hall, you should give the man credit for his knowledge on electronics/computers. As a result, he knows his stuff when it comes to anything based around secret technology/ufology and indeed has much to say on the monetary system. Where he lets himself down, IMO, is with the Muslim-related terrorism stuff and with the Neil Sanders business, which he looks terribly uncomfortable with on camera (and quite rightly so).

Anonymous said...

Further to RDH and his supposed knowledge of electronics and computers. I understand he did a degree in electrical engineering and worked for a while in that field. He is certainly no expert. He has previously tried to become an actor, a footballer amongst other things. He got interested in all of this 'conspiracy stuff' in about 2008, as have lots of others with far superior knowledge without the fame hungry/attention seeking aspects. I think RDH plays to the camera and he doesn't have time for real experts as he knows that he would be uncovered for what he really is. Gary Hessletine is a true expert and believer. Richard Hall is neither.

Laurence said...

Anon 25 May 1842: I simply don't catch your drift regarding the accusations of attention seeking. If anything, RD is selling himself short. As far as I can tell, Hall is conducting his investigations at cost - a far cry from the remunerated tailor's dummies on mainstream. As for the rest, Richard has featured Heseltine, Andrew Johnson, Wilson and Blackett et al. on multiple occasions, all of whom could be considered experts in their fields. Finally, I shall refer you to a Richplanet show where he takes you through a reconstruction of greater than unity energy device, which requires very sound knowledge of circuits/programming. Which leaves me with no more to say, other than believe none of what you hear, half of what you see, and less than half of what you read on comments sections of websites run by hospital porters. I'm Laurence...good evening.

Anonymous said...

I'm Charlotte...hello. Laurence I have to take issue - of course Hall has the experts on his 'show' - he has to be seen in the company of these people to be taken seriously. I have attended a couple of his tours and the AV (twice) amongst a number of other peoples talks or lectures as Hall pretentiously refers to them, so I feel able to comment. I agree with the previous commenter that Andy Thomas and Ian Crane stick out as genuine researchers. Hall did not. I agree that he has some knowledge - the unity energy device explantion showing this (yes, I did see the show). I cannot warm to him at all. He definitely has tunnel vision, a dangerous curse of an investigator. I agree with somebody elses comment that this is perhaps Asperger's or Autistic tendencies coming to the fore. He coveres subjects now that he doesn't know about and should stick to what he started out with in the beginning if he wants to contiune being a serious researcher. Unlike some, Hall included, I make my own mind up but I retain an open mind. Incidentally, what somebody does for a living should have no bearing on their ability to make comments. Hospital Porters are a dedicated crew I am sure and I do seem to remember that Mr Hall had quite a fascination for them when doing his programme when it was actually interesting, informative and without him trying to be something he is not.Let us not forget he has not been a victim or had first hand experience of any ufo's and he did strat out trying to be an actor, which to me says it all really. I don't want to berate the man, he is trying to earn a buck but let us not fall in to thinking that he is some sort of conspiracy guru because he is not. Perhaps when he has published many books, toured the world and perhaps experienced a few things himself I might then take notice again. He is no Timothy Good or David Icke that is for sure.

Laurence said...

Charlotte 28 May 1532: Firstly, we are on the same page on some of the points you raise. For example, I completely agree that RD should stick to ufology, primarily and any subject matter close to ufology (secret space programmes, top-secret US craft and the like). This is where he is strongest and can bring his electronics/magnetism/power-generation knowledge to bear. Ufology also happens to be by far the most interesting to most viewers. In addition, I note the dearth in recent times of the 'starship' which is a big loss IMO, instead relying on face-to-face interviews in various locations. (BTW, the interviews with Andrew Johnson in that latter's study remind me of visiting my pals houses after school to see their Commodore 64, Amiga or Atari ST.)

Now that we are agreed on that point, I would take issue with amateur diagnosis, particularly in the area of psychology. This is a general comment that I would recommend to anyone, not just you. I personally find Hall to be good on camera and am not surprised to learn of his interest in a stage career, although being unaware of this interest previously. Having had a dozen jobs myself, I wouldn't hold a bit of career-jumping against him.

Finally, I did not mean any disrespect to hospital porters. God knows, I've been ferried around by them often enough to appreciate them :)

Anonymous said...'s Charlotte...Thank you for your feedback...constructive criticism is always welcome ...comments regarding the backdrop of AJ's boxroom/study are hilarious and spot on. I don't mind a bit of career jumping either BUT when you profess an interest in something so specific as conspiracy/ufology I would imagine (like myself) that the interest has been there from a young age/and / or perhaps from an experience etc. Hall just seems to have jumped on a bandwagon in his 40's (nothing wrong with the age btw, I am nearly there!) but he doesn't actually have a huge knowledge of the subjects he discusses at all...and it all seems a little contrived. As someone previously commented he could be a 'shill'?? Perhaps I think my knowledge is more superior !! Anyway..we now agree that we think hospital porters deserve every penny they get. It's a good start !

Jayfromlondonuk said...

He could indeed be a 'shill'...but I think not..he done an excellent job exposing the human mutilation cover well as the animal mutilation. .he got thrown off the telly for exposing the maddie scandal...would a 'shill'do this???

Jayfromlondonuk said...

Weather he is or he isn't. .he still brings good knowledge and facts to our attention. .the only thing that bothers me is when he bad mouthed miles johnston

Anonymous said...

What about when he bad-mouthed the couple who wrote the book The Madness Shared By Two - which is actually a HUGE conspiracy and a great story. Mr Hall deemed it tosh for some reason (jealousy??) and ridiculed David McCann to the point that he ended up having to issue a grovelling apology - quite rightly so. I completely went of Richard Hall then and there, I even gave away tickets for his tour as I thought that he definitely lacked credibility. He made a mockery of a very serious subject and I have to admit grave misgivings about him at that point. He could of course be a 'shill', just as David Icke could be a well. It is intriguing how he was recently known to be asking for public perceptions as to whom in the public eye could be 'plants' and mentioned Prof. Brian Cox as one possible candidate (jealousy again??) Who knows. Shills uncover certain things and gain further information by doing so. He didn't exactly get thrown off the tv; he was suspended for a while and then got another shot but on a weaker time slot and weaker subjects. Do not forget that Mr Hall PAYS for the slot. He isn't some tv star that is head-hunted. You or I could make a film and PAY for a satellite tv station to air it. He doesn't even have a forum (not for at least 3 years) as he doesn't like the comments. Well, Mr H if you can't stand the heat...blah blah. I have simply lost the faith with him. There are far more credible and well-informed dedicated researchers out there. Bennett & Percy (Dark Moon) for two and I agree about Ian R Crane being very good but for me Andy Thomas and Jesse Ventura (I know I know!) stand out.

Laurence said...

The level of criticism of Richard D on this forum is striking. Particularly so when one considers that RD is essentially trying to throw light, in a very honest manner IMO, on unpopular subjects.

It appears that the critics fall into two categories, namely (1) contributors like Charlotte with a strong background in ufology and other areas who appear to have good reason to see RD as a Johnny-come-lately amateur, albeit in certain areas and (2) anonymous critics who suspect RD of being in on the conspiracy. I believe we can safely dismiss the second category as a hazard of the job. RD, however, could (should) reasonably silence the first category of critics by sticking to what he knows best: technical analysis of UFO's/secret space programmes/top-secret US craft, hosted from the 'starship'.

By meddling in (a) Islamic terrorism in the US and Europe, (b) the McCann case, and (c) what can only be described as Neil Sanders-related investigations, it appears that RD has opened an unholy can of worms.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Laurence...the voice of reason... from Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

RDH is just a phoney

Anonymous said...

I agree that he is a shill...not respected amongst the hardcore truthers.

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Anonymous said...

i am interested to read some comments that question RDH. Me and my girlfriend really look forward to new rdh videos on the web site (we have no tv). BUT the standard of richard's work is plummeting at times. I would also support the assertion that RDH rejects all criticism and often just differences of opinion. He then just cuts people out!

I wrote to him wrt judy wood. I was not dismissing her work out of hand, far from it, but i did notice some very strange inconsistencies in her presentations. At first he replied with explanations giving a positive view of her. But when i pressed the points that i had actually drawn attention to ..... he cut me off and doesnt respond at all on any subject, even if i am supporting his work or trying to give him good contacts for further research. I had written to him previously on the physics of ufo's and he was interested then. (i am trained in physics to a first class honours degree level, although some years back)

eg Judy Wood in one of his videos criticises stephen jones in a press conference where jones raises his arm to signal cold fusion doesnt exist. By doing so jones uses peer pressure in a public situation to influence the panel and the viewers. I agree with this analysis. BUT judy wood then immediately does something very similar on RDH in the same interview and raises her hand with a copy of her book and says "This is all the evidence you need" . She then even rejects a new inquiry into 9/11 because all the evidence is in her book. This is obviously complete and utter nonsense! How can she reject a new inquiry into 9/11 on that basis? Well she can and does, but it has nothing to do with opening new scientific research and reexamining the evidence through a proper scientific investigation. It is all about closure and promoting her case and her book. But RDH despite his tag line on every show, follows her like a puppy. He repeatedly recreates the very same action that she showed him in that video ....... often on his tours he will interrupt a point and pop behind a screen, raise up a copy of her book in his hand, and say "this is all the evidence you need".

That isnt scientific. That isnt open minded. That is not independent thinking..... he just repeats the same action and words that she showed him and peculiarly she taught him that action while lambasting stephen jones for using the same technique! To make it even more strange we can see this double standard actually recorded on a RDH interview with Judy Wood ....... and then we can see its success on RDH even in his recent tours. Very odd behaviour in fully recorded public view.

Another strange inconsistency with RDH is his analysis that MP.s are either dumb, conformist, distracted or corrupt ..... yet he encourages us to write to our MP's? How can the democratic system be portrayed as a corporate puppet mask (which i agree with) but at the same time we shouldn't lose faith in writing to our MP's? Why does he keep on encouraging his viewers to do this?

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

No Name - you are so right ! RDH does cut people off. A good friend of mine from Gloucestershire met him a couple of times (I think they were dating a little bit) - she had the audacity to challenge him on a couple of things - he clearly prefers his women submissive - and he turned really nasty with her and never contacted her again. She is a lovely, genuine and informed person but he just dismissed anything she asked. He does act biased where Judy Wood is concerned and Andrew Johnson, though to be fair Johnson does have some valid points. RDH has lost all credibility and thinks he is some sort of conspiracy Messiah. He isn't. There are plenty of better informed and more personable pleasant characters out there.

Unknown said...

lol how nothing in these pityful comments adress content. Maybe some more apes care to comment on their ''investigation and analysis''of physical appearence, competences in communication and holding up a book.


Anonymous said...

Regan Teresa...lots of us have commented on the content of RDH's is called debate and yes, his personality etc does come into it as it is part of him and his delivery/investigation/interviewing technique...incidentally perhaps instead of spending time sticking up for RDH perhaps you could address your competency regarding grammer and spelling??

Anonymous said...

hi anonymous :)

yes. I still read watch and listen to rdh, but when he behaves in these ways it seriously undermines his credibility. I can understand that he has to be on his guard and we all get a bit precious about our viewpoints but i sometimes wince at his behaviour. For example wrt the cumbrian shootings. He was very heavy handed at times and was it really a surprise that as he reached the geographical end of the killings that people had clammed up? It looked to me like his reputation had preceded him and he had upset people. Like he actually cast doubt on whether a couple of guys had actually been shot! One of them even gave him an interview. But it was mickey mouse 'forensics' to say the least. i would have been furious if that had happened to me.

such a shame that ego and the need to make a living can make people take shortcuts.

Anonymous said...

His ego has been the main reason he has lost ALL credibility and also the fact that he is tackling subjects he has no clue about....I would say go back to the day job but I don't think he ever had a proper one apart from DESPERATELY wanting to be an actor....says it all really doesn't it.

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Anonymous said...

Hall is a does he fund his 'research'.....somebody is paying the bills...but I suggest they ask for a refund as he is absolutely dire and has nothing new to offer.

Anonymous said...

He had a lush girlfriend at Birmingham who I met about 2.5 years ago,she had a french name but was a Brit and really knew her stuff. She probably moved on as he is pretty thick.

Anonymous said...

I spoke to her too,Charlotte or something like that. She was really interesting about souls/afterlife. Her brother had died or something. Yeah, she was VERY fit. Richard Hall is ridiculous now. Just bangs on about animal mutilations and nothing else. He is out of his depth.

Anonymous said...

Hi...I think I might be 'Charlotte' (!!)Richard has some strange views nowadays which is a shame as he started out with some great ideas and a good format. He has quite a following which is good for him but I feel that he isn't uncovering anything new any more. I wish him well....and thanks anonymous for saying I am fit !

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