Monday, 10 September 2007

Another Brilliant Poem

This was posted by SeanX on the David Icke forum (See links). He didn't say who the author was, or if he wrote it. I love it! It sums up the entire Materialistic Paradigm:

All their lives nothing but Darkness. And shadows.

Then they hear other blind people talking about wonderful mountains, boundless blue skies, sparkling rivers, majestic cities..... And they laugh to themselves and think: 'What sad, misguided blind people. We must stop all this. They are only deluding themselves - and soon other blind people will start believing this escapist fantasy.''Listen people: face facts. We are blind. There is nothing but darkness and these shadows. You've experienced this all your life - so, let's be rational just please let's accept it and stop this dreaming. There are NO mountains, NO blue skies, NO sparkling rivers and definitely NO majestic cities.....All the above is a fantasy. Let’s forget it!

The next day, a famous physician arrives who has found a cure for their blindness. And no-one is the slightest bit interested.

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