Thursday, 20 September 2007

What is Hypernihilism?

Hypernihilism is a term suggested to me by Kahdoosch on the DarkConspiracy forum, substituted from a term I invented: HyperDarwinism. Many people have asked me to define it so I will as best as I can:

Hypernihilism is my term for a philosophy I’ve identified in the heart of the Conformist Regime’s social model; the one they’re trying to impose on us day-by-day. It is most certainly not a philosophy I agree with. It is an offshoot of the school of Nihilism. Nihilists include Nietzsche as well as modern political philosophers like John Nash and Leo Strauss, whose own programme was an attempt to counter Nihilism’s effects. Nihilism states that the universe is essentially without meaning or purpose and that all moral truths and values are pointless and even imposing. Here’s a good example of what I mean: You’re a very big strong man, and you see an attractive woman with a bulging handbag crossing the street ahead. She is small and defenseless and there’s nobody around to come to her aid. What would you do? If you believe in purposive and moral universal truth, like respect for people and concern for their feelings, then you’d quickly sacrifice the opportunity for sexual gratification and material gain by not raping her and stealing her handbag. However if you’re a staunch Nihilist then there’s no argument that can challenge you if you decide to go ahead and do so. Nobody can stop you, she can’t hurt you back; you will gain a great deal by going ahead so why not do it?

Hypernihilism is like Nihilism in that it agrees that the universe is meaningless and pointless but it differs from Nihilism in that it has a strict set of moral values. Its belief is that success in the meaningless universe is dependant on a moral code that is the inversion of the conventional one. In my example of the lady with the handbag for instance: a Nihilist would be under no moral obligation to attack her because, although there’s nothing wrong with attacking her, there’s nothing wrong with choosing not to attack her. A hypernihilist, on the other hand, would be morally obliged to rape, rob and even murder her because to fail to do so would be an ethical deficit! Hypernihilism states that to fail to exploit and opportunity for gain is a sin. The highest hypernihilist saint would be one with the most extremely selfish and ruthless thoughts, behavior and standards possible. The stronger you are and the more defenseless your victim, the greater the virtue of violating them. The more compassion and concern you show for others, the greater your weakness and the deadlier your sin.

Hope that clarifies things for you all.