Friday, 21 September 2007

Expanding Earth

There was an article in Nexus about this and it's a very persuasive theory. Here's some vids about it:

What neither the vids or the Nexus article answers is the obvious question: How does the Earth expand? If the Earth is expanding like an inflating balloon then is there some giant out in space blowing molten rock into the Earth's interior (or it's shell if you subscribe to the Hollow Earth model)? How the hell does it happen? This guy is basically asking the same question I am. The Earth has to be filling up with rock, literally like an inflating balloon fills up with air. There's no known way this could happen. If Neal Adams is right then there is some completely unknown esoteric process involved here. Unlike the narrator, this factor is not enough for me to reject the expanding Earth model; it's one of the luxuries of not being a scientist!

The author of the Nexus article addresses the question of changes in gravity. The evidence is in the dinosaur fossils. He says that the bodies of dinosaurs would not support their weight in today's Earth gravity and are built for much weaker gravity. He suggests this as an alternative explanation to the theory that the biggest dinosaurs like Brotosaurus and Diplodocus spent most of their time wading in deep water because their legs were too weak to support the weight of their bodies on land for long periods. As for the changes in gravity being detectable: I hear that there are gravitational anomalies on the Earth. There's a "hot spot" of high gravity over South America and I've heard of places in Cornwall where a freewheeling bike will roll uphill! Gravity may not be a smooth and constant flow like light from a bulb. It could be more like a fluctuating, oscillating field; as the Earth's electromagnetic field is. In this case it's impossible to measure any net increase in the Earth's gravity over the short period of time we've been able to.

There's a lot about the Earth and universe and reality that is known secretly and supressed. but sometimes supression is uneccesary because of what I call the Conformist Regime; or simply human nature. The narrator puts it very well in the vid: Accepting the expanding Earth model means rejecting a whole range of scientific discoveries and breakthroughs, from all disciplines of science. Not only geology; but biology, physics, cosmology, seismology and others. It basically means tearing up every book ever written on those subjects for several centuries and going back to square one. The scientific establishment doesn't like this. In a way it's understandable and we're all afflicted by this kind of stupidity sometimes. Nobody likes to see their life's work nullified, but unfortunately that is what being a scientist sometimes involves. More often than not though, those scientists refuse to reject their disproved conclusions and instead the world has to wait for new theories to come into fashion. Fred Hoyle is a good example. He was the Cambridge professor and Astronomer Royal, leader of a school of cosmology called "Steady State" which was a rival theory of the beginning of the universe to the current dominent one: Big Bang. When the mathematical model for Big Bang solidified, he still clung on to the Steady State theory. Amazingly he still refused to admit he was wrong after Wilson and Pensias discovered the microwave background. He died in 2001, still convinced that Steady State was true. Sometimes old ideas that have been debunked for years get rejuvinated, so maybe if he'd lived long enough he might see Big Bang proved wrong!


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