Thursday 6 March 2008

Large Hadron Collider

We are a species obsessed with our own extinction and spend so much time and energy devising more and more elaborate and outrageous scenarioes of our own demise... but what if one day we're right!? That Atlas part of the LHC in the picture does look a bit like a "James Bond villain's lair"! And in those films the villain is usually working on some insane scheme to destroy the world! Is life about to imitate art?
The Large Hadron Collider is the biggest scientific instrument ever built. It is buried deep below the open countryside of Switzerland, not far from Geneva at the CERN laboratory. It consists of a circular tunnel with a circumference of over 16 miles. The tunnel houses a tube surrounded by powerful magnets. Inside the tube are two streams of subatomic particles that are accelerated to huge speeds in opposite directions. Then, when they are traveling at almost the speed of light, the two streams are collided together inside a detector. The collision releases vast amounts of energy, matter and esoteric subatomic particles, exposed in ways they otherwise could never be; it's like a cosmological post-mortem. The LHC is supposed to be the last word in this kind of particle detection. At the energy levels generated by the collision, it will recrerate the very moments succeeding the Big Bang and the most fundamental elements of matter will be reveled, including an elusive particle called the Higgs Boson. This is the working component of the Higgs Field, a hypothetical metaforce predicted to exist by the Standard Model of particle physics. It is, as Dr Brian Cox observes in the vid below, “the glue that holds matter together”. No wonder it’s sometimes referred to as “the God Particle”. Other particle accelerators have searched in vain for this shy and retiring feature of the universe, but have failed. However the LHC may succeed where others haven’t because it has enough power to overcome the blockage of the particle’s own mass and internal forces. If it’s out there then the LHC will find it. This vid will give you some background to the LHC:
Some voices have been raised concerning the safety of the proposed experiments though. The collider has the power to release other things, not just the Higgs Boson. Predicted products will include objects called “strangelets” or “quark stars”; these are atoms that contain a different number of “strange quarks” to most others. Quarks are thought to be the fundamental building blocks of the hadrons, the component particles of an atomic nucleus, and there are six kinds or “flavours” of quark: Up, Down, Top, Bottom, Charm and Strange. The worry comes from some physicists who say that when strangelets come into contact with normal atoms they convert them into fellow strangelets, starting a chain reaction with no definite end. What could happen then is not known, but a suggested worst case scenario is that the entire Earth ends up being transformed into a ball of strange matter! Another potentially hazardous object that could be produced is a mini-black hole. As Cox says in the vid, these mini-black holes are theorized as being short-lived objects that collapse quickly and die to something called “Hawking’s Radiation” after the famous wheelchair-bound scientist who suggested it. But it is only a suggestion; there is no proof that Hawking’s Radiation exists. The scenarios the MBH-warning physicists envisage are even more apocalyptic than the strangelet-watchers: The Earth being engulfed by a congregation of mini-black holes in the core of the planet. Here’s a site dedicated to the LHC’s risk evaluation: They’ve even written a song! Among other more bizarre scenarios are ideas that the LHC might make time travel possible by opening a time portal. They claim radio messages and even pictures from the future could be transmitted into it allowing us to communicate with our descendants. Others claim that the LHC might expose all quantum uncertainties to observation making them all certainties, causing all quantum waves to collapse into particles and therefore annihilating the universe! The risks might be small, but the consequences of anything going wrong are so terrible that I wonder if it's worth it, just satisfy our curiosity. If these scientists want to see a Higgs Boson then why don't they just drop some acid? Then one will appear before them illuminated, surrounded by light and introduce itself!

Right now, I'm not losing any sleep over the supposed dangers of the LHC. People said the same thing when the RHIC (Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider) opened in America and so far we're still here. The universe and matter must be tougher than that. They’d have to be for the universe to have lasted as long as it has and grown to such complexity. The equilibrium of mass and energy must be very stable. The universe is subjected to high-energy cosmic rays, gamma-ray bursts, black holes, supernovae etc all the time; and that's just the things we can measure! If these things can't destabilize it then I fail to see what, no offence to its builders, a glorified hula-hoop could do! Then again, I could be wrong. If I am then all we can do is pray for a miracle. I'm intensely repelled from the idea that we've got to wait to be saved by divine intervention, the Messiah, or god-like aliens coming down from the sky etc. I've always believed that we humans are masters of our own destiny and therefore our own saviours. On the other hand, if we're heading for destruction and we can't stop it and some friendly passing hyperdimensional being offers to lend a hand then I'll happily swallow my pride and accept! The Disclosure Project witnesses have confirmed that there are numerous times when UFO's have interfered with nuclear weapons tests and missile launches; let’s hope they're on standby to provide their services again!

There’s more: The LHC might have some other comparatively harmless, but still very significant effects. I disliked the movie Stargate very much, but the concept behind the story is an interesting one. Could the LHC be someone's secret attempt to build a stargate? Or could it become one accidentally? If so then it will be interesting to travel to other dimensions, although I doubt if I'll be able to buy a ticket! There's a worrying side though: When it comes to cutting holes in spacetime it may be useful because we can get out... but what out there can get in!? In the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman some scientists in another universe invent something called a "subtle knife" that can cut holes in spacetime and allow you to walk from one dimension to another, but in doing this they unwittingly let in these etheric beasts called "Spectres" which attack them and drain their energy killing them. Within 300 years all their cities are deserted and most people are dead. I hope life won't imitate art in this case!
Interestingly a friend of mine, the researcher Brian Allen, says that one of these rips in spacetime has already been opened at Roslyn Chapel. He's had first-hand experience of the strange properties of this enigmatic building. See here:

The current increase in UFO activity is built upon the existing increase that began in the 1940's, which is when the concept of UFO's first entered the mass public consciousness. This coincided with the detonation of the world's first three nuclear weapons in 1945, at Trinity, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It could be that nuclear explosions rip holes in spacetime too. (Alien contactees often report that aliens are very concerned by our use of nuclear weapons and say that nuclear explosions damage the fabric of space and time. Contrary to the testimony of Skeptics, UFO's are not a product of the post sci-fi movie 1940’s and deluded X-Files fans. People have been reporting UFO’s for as long as they could do so without being burned at the stake for witchcraft. Alien abductions are equally perennial. People have been experiencing them throughout human history; and they are the sources of myths about trolls and goblins kidnapping people.) Could the LHC do something similar, or even worse? As Prof. Lisa Randall says in the vid, we are leaping into the dark somewhat. We might well open the doors to other dimensions. For a background to parallel worlds see this vid; it features an interview with Lisa Randall and the ingenius Michio Kaku, whose book Hyperspace is one of my favorites:
The most sinister aspect to the LHC though has to be a worry that first came to my attention when I listened to a Coast-to-Coast show with Jeff Rense, the details of which I can’t quite recall. Jeff said words to the effect of: “If the Illuminati know that they’ve lost, that their domination is over and the New World Order can’t be achieved, then they’re the kind of people who would destroy the Earth before letting free people have it”. I can see where Jeff is coming from; in fact I've named this mindset "Gotterdammerung". I’ve observed this kind of dog-in-the-manger attitude at all levels of human conflict. They would certainly do it! Even if it meant their own destruction! Ideally they’d like the world to live on under their jackboot, but if they couldn’t have that then they would destroy the Earth out of spite. They would rather we all went down together than allow the world to live on in freedom. The Illuminati is notoriously self-glorifying and arrogant and failure is something they've never before had to consider; they see the NWO as their birthright and inevitable destiny. But the way the world is going today, some elements of the Loomies must be beginning to understand that their game is reaching its end. Human consciousness is getting wise to them and starting to fight back. Could the LHC have been developed out of a part of their reaction to this? (One part? Are there other parts?) A part that they have created secretly, allowing the innocent scientists like Cox and Randall to build unknowingly, unaware that they have really been coopted into creating a Doomsday Device? If they have then I can only once again pray for a miracle, and appeal for aid from the many friendly intelligences out there that have the power to stop this. If any of them are reading this, then please help us out!
Here's a Coast-to-Coast radio interview with Walter L. Wagner, the leader of the anti-LHC movement:


Alex Robinson said...

I have a tremendous sense of trust in the goodness & power of those who work day by day, ceaselessly, and without any attempt for personal gain. The energy behind this drive for life & truth may be invisble but it's so potent.

'She'll be right.'

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I think we'll be OK. I'm not really scared about this. I don't think so much of the power of freedom and consciousness would be going on if it was destined all to be just snuffed out. I think if it came to push the button, even the Loomies themselves might find they can't go through with it. said...

I've Got Einstein on my Mind
by Jim Purdy

Listen to me one and all, Oh dear,
For bad news I bring, The End is Near.

In the UK, the Daily Mail tried to clue us in,
That those mad scientists are going to do us in.

Yes indeed, they have published a news article
Warning us of a runaway sub-atomic particle.

The Large Hadron Collider is to blame,
And our universe will soon end in flame.

Oh man, the fireworks will be spectacular,
It'll be so big, I won't need my binocular.

As the end nears, some may grieve and mourn,
But I'll enjoy the show, just eating my popcorn.

Someday I'll entertain grandkids with the story I'll tell,
Oh. Wait. I guess I won't have any grandkids, oh well.

In college, we laughed at those physics dorks,
Always talking about their tachyons and quarks.

Yes, soon the world will be gone, we'll be no more,
Thanks to guys named Fermi, Heisenberg and Bohr.

So, as I await the end of all mankind,
I've got Albert Einstein on my mind.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Great poem Jim! lol

The Official Moaning Old Git! said...

This of course is not the first particle accelerator of its kind in the world, and has actually been running in test mode for some time, and we're still here.

The problem is, when it reaches top speed that's when these dangers may occur and I personally think it will open inter-dimensional doorways and God knows WHAT that might let in!

Ross Hemsworth

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

That's it, Ross. It makes me think of the movie "The Mist". In fact it could get worse than that! As Uncle Andrew said when discussing other dimensions in "The Chronicles of Narnia" by CS Lewis: "You could meet anything! Absolutely anything!"

The Official Moaning Old Git! said...

Funnily enough we watched "The Mist" the other day! Quite frightening how people react to this stuff!


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