Thursday 30 October 2008

Ian Crane- The War on Terra

Ian Crane regularly speaks at the Glastonbury Symposium and has traditionally filmed his lectures and turned them into movies. There are two other previous ones you can buy available on Ian’s website (See links column), the 9/11-77 Connection and Fool Me Once. He has also produced several other DVD’s of his lectures on specialist subjects: the Peak Oil myth and the threat of Codex Alimentarius. His latest movie, of his 2008 Glastonbury Symposium lecture, is entitled The War on Terra, a pun because “Terra” means “Earth” in Latin. So the War on Terror could be interpreted as a war against the Earth, which it is. This is Ian’s most technically sophisticated film yet. It opens and closes with animated shorts that will (apologies for using the cliché) shock and awe you! I keep a mental note of images in my head that are on standby for me to recall in the event I’m ever tempted to give in and Con-form and those in Ian’s intro shorts are among them, like a little baby branded with corporate logoes on his skin or burning oil fires morphing into pictures of screaming children. Ian also illustrates his lecture with captions, posters and artwork, including the outstanding satirical tableaux by David Dees (

Ian spent much of his adult life in the oil industry and worked at the oil field services corporation Schlumberger. His waking–up process began in the aftermath of Operation Desert Storm in 1991. He discovered that the arson attack on the oil wells in Kuwait was not perpetrated by Saddam’s retreating army, as we’ve always been told, but by US Special Forces. This was later confirmed when he visited a retired Special Forces trooper in the United States. He speaks little about his subsequent spiritual emergence, and he is not alone there; this process is often a very private and intimate one, but in the last few years he has become a front-line conspiracy researcher and is working hard, producing media and speaking in public. He’s addressed three conferences that I’ve attended (see: and

The New World Order Agenda is often seen as a secret conspiracy, but in fact not all of it is. A lot of it is available in plain sight for anyone with the will to look for it. Getting the will: that’s the problem. The Elite use distraction more often than suppression; it’s far more effective! It can be seen in the Report from Iron Mountain which can be read by anyone at the Library of Congress where it talks about deliberately engineering problems to keep control of society. Iron Mountain's attitude to war is echoed in more recent publications like the Project for the New American Century’s infamous Rebuilding America’s Defences handbook. A second interesting book is The Grand Chessboard by Zbigniew Brzezinski, an extreme right-wing political analyst who supports the use of military might to asset American global control; for “America” read “World Elite”, “Illuminati” or any other term you choose. The book Superclass by David Rothkopf is worth a read, but it only scratches the surface of who these people really are. They are occultists, black magicians who believe they are descendants of the Annunaki and the lost tribes of Israel from the Bible. They believe it is their destiny to rule the world! Brzezinski has not retired and is still on the scene. Today he is acting as the National Security Adviser to… wait for it…Barack Obama! So much for the Man of Change! But it’s not just war, not by any means. The Elite also plan to control us using medicine. The Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the most cut-throat institutions in existence and kills more people than war, or gun crime, or road accidents or anything! The new Codex Alimentarius laws are a deeply sinister expression of the agenda to conquer the body of every human being, from birth… nay conception, to death. The laws are a two-pronged assault. On the one hand they reduce the quality of food by imposing GMO crops and livestock creating what Ian calls “cardboard food”. This is what is often forgotten about the GMO threat: it’s not just what they put in it; it’s what they take out. GM food is stripped of many of the essential vitamins, minerals, the subtle and fragile nutrients we need to stay healthy. So we get sick more often and the other prong of the assault is the end to natural medicine so Big Pharma has a monopoly on treating us. This agenda has many “experts” who support it, or unknowingly support its agenda, and are therefore put on a pedestal by the media to lay the ground like Ben Goldacre (See: The length of a person’s lifespan will probably increase and this will be used falsely as an indicator that people are healthier, but it’s a fallacy. People live longer because we are embalmed alive by medical drugs! In the past people may have died at 60, but those in 60 years we were active and healthy, only deteriorating with age in the last couple of years.

Work is also being done to change the Earth’s environment (see: Many deny that Chemtrails exist, saying that they are merely the condensation produced by aircraft engines. But this cannot be so because ordinary jet aircraft only produce a short trail which quickly evaporates, like your own breath does in cold air. Chemtrails can be hundreds of miles long and dozens wide; they can cover the sky in a blanket of scum, and all this is just water vapour from a pair of ordinary jet engines? No way! A friend of Ian’s actually petitioned his MP, Sir Anthony Steen, but Steen balked. He’d been warned off. By whom, eh? Surveillance technology is another problem and I’m particularly concerned about this, seeing as my daughter’s school tried to take her fingerprints! I’ve written on this subject a lot. It’s getting to the point where Google Earth has become Google Street ( We can spy on each other! Does anyone seriously believe that the authorities would not!? The most sinister next stage appears to be DNA engineering which seems to be at the level of Doctor Moreau! MP’s passed a law allowing human-animal hybrid embryoes in the UK. Ian wonders of part of the agenda for the invasion of Iraq was related to this. Since 2003, much of Iraq’s unique and ancient historical treasures have simply vanished. Just after the fall of Baghdad, people who we’re told were “art thieves” broke into the big museums and ransacked them, stealing priceless and irreplaceable antiquities. Apparently the US government is sponsoring massive “archeological expeditions” involving Special Forces to find more of them. Maybe this is because the Elite want to back-engineer the legendary genetic engineering techniques of the Annunaki spoken of in the Sumerian myths. It's analogous to the exploits of Otto Rahn and other explorers employed by the Nazis in southern France to locate the Holy Grail.

Another part of the agenda is the current financial crisis with its bailouts, credit crunches and rising fuel prices which is manipulated. Think how much profit the corporations have; enough to bail themselves out surely! Also Ian reckons Peak Oil and man-made Global Warming are both lies. I agree with him totally on the second point; the climate is not being destroyed by our carbon emissions and it’s ironic that with all the crap we pour out onto the Earth the environmental movement is obsessed with the only harmless thing we do emit: carbon dioxide! Much as I admire Robert Newman’s History of Oil show (see: it’s clear that the most well-meaning people in the world have been led down this blind alley. It’s a blind alley that is being used to impose even more laws, tax and regulations to aid the New World Order. I’ve not made my mind up on Peak Oil yet. Here’s a debate between Ian and a spokesman for the Transition Towns movement, Rob Hopkins, about the subject: . A fake alien invasion is another last card the Elite might play to bring in the New World Order and Ian has spoken about this before. It’s interesting to watch the film Independence Day. It’s an appallingly bad movie, but worth seeing nonetheless because it appears to be indoctrinating us to fear anything “out there”, especially extraterrestrial civilizations. In the media, the cute little beings like ET and the aliens from Close Encounters are out of the window now! Ian thinks the most likely time and place for this false flag alien attack to kick off will be the opening ceremony of the London Olympics in 2012. Was this scene from the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984 a dry-run?:

Humanity is Under Attack! We are surrounded and being shot at from all sides; no stone is left unturned by the Elite in their purge of our freedoms. Ian said: “there is a bucket of sand outside the door you can bury your heads in if this information is too much for you!” but we can’t really afford to do that. We need to become aware and do something to stop this. And there’s a lot we can do! We can educate ourselves, spread the word to others. We can eat natural organic food and so encourage farmers and retailers that providing it is good business. We can avoid using Big Pharma’s so-called medication and use natural remedies instead. We can use water filters and drink unfluoridated water. It doesn’t have to be like this. We can create a “holarchy”, a society with peace, freedom and prosperity for all. Ian is convinced that humanity is naturally a loving, compassionate and mutually-supportive species. The evil we do today is an aberration, one deliberately engineered by inhuman forces. Many societies in the past have been holarchies and so also can future ones be. Ian is a magnificent speaker. His optimism is infectious and uplifting. He really makes me feel joyful and hopeful, even more so than David Icke, and listening to him really makes me believe we can get out of this mess.


Unknown said...

The War on Terra is a catch phrase that refers to the environmental protection policies of the United States and other countries, mainly in relation to global warming. The War on Terra as a means by which Bush supposedly intended to destroy Mother Nature.


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Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hesslei, language is a great source of hidden and secret meaning. Often people's true intentions can be concealled, intentionally or just subconsciously, behind the kind of language they use. Have you heard of reverse speech?

Metaphysically Speaking said...

That's great information, thanks. Remember also when they used the term 'Shock and Awe' when they bombed Iraq, which is a pun on the earth goddess Shekinah, pronounced shock n awe!!! And the acronym MOAB, an ancient people - for Mother Of All Bombs.

Warmest Regards

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Diana. I remember Ellis Taylor talking about "Shekinah", and he's man who's studied the hidden meanings behind surface language very closely. It's an amazing verbal equivalent of the secret handshake! When they use words like "shock and awe" it's almost like their winking slyly at the other members of their occult fraternities.

The archeological expeditions in Iraq that Ian mentions remind me of those of Otto Rahn and other explorers employed by the Nazi's in southern France to find the Holy Grail.

The Final Alternative said...

Exactly Ben, "Shock and Awe" is a good example of "Ritual Mockery" (Alex Jones).

We need to raise our awareness, self-awareness and consciousness!

If you want to have deeper insight on the WAR on TERRA allow me to share what seems the most balanced and informed perspectives I have been able to find over the years relating to this information.

The war on Terra has far more basis in reality than anybody here has offered, there is real trouble brewing in this world and it's directly the result of hostile "aliens" known as Draeco/Reptillians which do have technology to shapeshift and appear to look human(greys for the most part relate to them), but others as well, and they are ultimately behind the the Nazi mind set, which involves DNA manipulation, occult and direct forms of Mind Control technologies. The DNA aspect seems to be a factor "silent invasion" and people need to be very aware of themselves that they don't succumb. Both Jews and Arian humans (and everyone in between)are victims because of this nightmare in the past and present.

There are also "good guys" who are aiding us so one could argue there is a war indeed on Terra.

Underground Bases, Missing Children and Extra-Terrestrials
What You Need to Know for Your Future

By James Casbolt, former MI6 agent – July 4, 2006
"Many reliable psychics and mystics firmly subscribe to the idea of a special gene, or personalized 'time capsule', programmed with the knowledge of the 'old ones' who came from the Sirius system centuries ago; this gene has been passed down from generation to generation to the present day. From this Sirian genetic strain a new school of magic has emerged."
- Murray Hope, Practical Egyptian Magic

"The human tendency to avoid facing unpleasant facts may allow parasitic entities to "farm us." (p177 Krill Papers)

THE SUPPRESSED HISTORY OF PLANET EARTH (from Perspectives Magazine, March/April 1996)
Condensed from Robert Morning Sky's "Terra Papers: The Hidden History of Planet Earth"
Part 3:

The reptilian Ari-An race has made several attempts to overthrow the present power on Earth. In the early 20th century, the world-wide Aryan movement nearly succeeded in conquering the entire "docile" world. If, as the author suggests, they are continuing in their efforts, new movements in the supremacy groups will appear. Reptiles will appear in all aspects of the media as friendly or heroic beings, fighting on man's behalf. Reptilian superheroes will become children's role models.

Religious uprisings have been staged throughout Earth's history by the Sirians. The Inquisition, the Papal Wars, the numerous "Messiahs" and the "Miracle Sightings" were engineered by them to bring mankind back into their influence. If they, too, are trying to take over the Earth as the author suggests, then a return to fundamentalism will also occur, as will the increasing appearance of angels and miraculous occurrences.

Patterns show on-going efforts to direct the people of Planet Earth and also predict upcoming events: Mankind will soon be surrounded with images of asteroids and falling fiery comets. Black pigs will be seen everywhere as will angelic figures and miracles. Dinosaurs will become children's heroes and violence will be the foundation of their play. New airborne diseases, immune to existing treatments, will surface. NASA will be rendered weak and impotent, if not terminated.

A galactic war of conquest rages over our heads. Earth -- and Man -- are the prize.
Robert Morningsky was right on.

michaelangelo said...

Are you no longer on David Icke's forum?

Mike AKA Michaelangelo.

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