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Alternative View II- Part 2

Tony Gosling-
The New World Order… Thanks to a Compliant Media.

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"Don’t worry, Tony,” said Franky as she introduced the next speaker. “We’ll make sure you get your full hour on stage.” I’m sure this eased his mind because Tony Gosling has often suffered at the hands of unscrupulous conference hosts who order him off that stage before he’s had his allotted time to finish his lectures. I’m glad the AVII management didn’t sanction such despicable behavior! Tony Gosling is a former BBC journalist who worked for a charity radio station in London and then moved to BBC Solent and BBC Wiltshire Sound. He has since then become involved in exposing media propaganda and educating other journalists on how to oppose it. He’s also become involved in campaigns against land-privatization, rather like the “Diggers” of the civil war. He also runs the Nineeleven forum: http://www.911forum.org.uk/board/index.php (You can find me there as “Hagbard Celine”, although I rarely have time to participate these days). He first became suspicious that all was not as it should have been when he was broadcasting a programme about the Gulf War one day in 1990 and no listeners called during the programme’s phone-in session. When he asked why his director replied: “We haven’t told them what to think yet.” A very revealing phrase indeed which effectively summarizes the public’s relationship to the media. Tony quotes a famous gangster called Charlie Richardson: “The government are worse crooks than I was!” And it’s true. We really are living in the world of 1984, CCTV cameras, National ID Cards. Tony describes one of the most shocking examples of this. It is what I consider the biggest unreported bombshell in history, Operation Gladio, and the fact that it is largely unreported justifies Tony’s concern in 1990 about the public being told what to think. There was a 3-part TV series about it which is extremely hard to get hold of nowadays. Sometimes it is up on Google Video and similar sites, but it’s not usually there for long so watch it while you can!: http://video.google.co.uk/videosearch?q=operation+gladio&emb=0&aq=f . Operation Gladio is about a plot by the CIA and other Western intelligence services to train far right groups as “stay-behind armies”, a provisional guerrilla force that would carry out terrorist acts in the event of a Soviet occupation of Western Europe. However its operations were not confined to the theoretical. Gladio-trained terrorists were responsible for many genuine atrocities, ones that were wrongly blamed on Communist plotters like the Red Brigade and the Red Army Faction, including a series of particularly brutal robberies on supermarkets in Belgium and the world’s worst terrorist attack before 9/11, the Bologna Station bomb. It effectively proves that false-flag terrorism is real! This kind of murderous duplicity was not confined to the Continent. In Northern Ireland the security forces collaborated with Loyalist paramilitary groups to assassinate IRA members. As soon as I heard this I remembered reading a book called The Nemesis File. (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Nemesis-File-Story-Execution-Squad/dp/185782167X) It was published in the 90’s and I was lucky enough to get hold of a copy before it was withdrawn, although at the time I interpreted it as just a real-life war story and hadn’t “woken up” to its true implications.. It was written by Paul Bruce and is his expose of his life as part of an SAS assassination squad in Northern Ireland. In the book he even reveals the location of the shallow graves where he and his colleagues buried their victims and challenges the police to dig them up and charge him with murder! Tony is a Christian and sees all of this as a fulfillment of Biblical prophesies like the Book of Daniel. The media is not totally controlled in his view. There are separate factions and only some of them want to introduce propaganda; others oppose it and want to bring back honest reporting. For instance a BBC Director-General, Alasdair Milne, was sacked by the government in the 80’s for the TV documentary Maggie’s Militants, exposing the far right infiltration tendency in the Conservative Party known as “The Movement”. It turns out that Rupert Murdoch and the Rothschild family petitioned the BBC Board of Governors to sack Milne. There are also other anti-establishment mainstream programmes; far too many simply to write off as disinformation or controlled opposition, in my view. So I can see where Tony’s coming from here. There are also very progressive films and TV dramas like V for Vendetta and The Last Enemy. So the Edward L Bernayses and Jane Tranters of this world don’t have a monopoly of power which is encouraging. Today the media is controlled by a frighteningly few people, less than 10% the number a few short years ago; but luckily help is at hand with journalists’ resource organization like Tony’s own and also SpinWatch: http://www.spinwatch.org.uk/ . Tony also recommends the work of Nick Davies. Here's Ms Marmitelover's review of a lecture he did http://travelswithmyteenager.blogspot.com/2009/02/skeptics-in-pub-nick-davies.html ; Also see here: http://www.viddler.com/explore/frontlineclub/videos/187/ . Tony has researched the Round Table Network in detail, particularly the most elite chapter of all, the Bilderberg Group; see this background article: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.com/2009/04/g20-summit.html . The Bilderberg Group has been dragged out of the black world and is almost becoming mainstream now thanks to reporters like Tony; and others like Alex Jones, Jim Tucker etc. The Guardian newspaper even did a report on the most recent meeting in Athens. The group was started by a former Nazi, Prince Bernhard, who was the husband of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands. Bernhard is a very shady character. He was educated at the same Nazi school as Prince Philip and was chairman of the airline KLM, some of whose aircraft I watched land at Heathrow Airport during my stay there. At the end of World War II he used his influence on the board to smuggle Nazis out of Germany on KLM planes so they could escape being tried at Nuremburg. Tony has proof that the European Union was planned at the end of WWII and that Bernhard was a part of that. We today have the “War on Terror” and a whole list of assassinations and media mind-control attacks to perpetuate it. The 7/7 attacks which are as dodgy as 9/11 and then some! Also at least two suspicious deaths, Dr David Kelly and the anti-war minister Robin Cook. There’s a sinister “old boy network” in power at the moment whose members always seen to pop up when you research the higher echelons of virtually any institution, not just the media, but industry, finance, NGO “think tanks”. The network tries to keep itself secret; but occasionally its attempts to be furtive can be spotted. There’s a photo of Oxford’s elite Bullingdon Club (“Princess” David Cameron was a member) with a group photo in which some of the subjects have been edited out. We can see this because their faces have been airbrushed but their bodies accidentally left behind. Tony thinks that the missing person is Mark Thatcher, son of Margaret, who has been linked to oil company-sponsored subversive revolutionary movements in Third World countries. Tony brings back more Biblical correlation at the end of his talk. The far left and far right in politics, the SS and the newspaper Class War, both use the Skull-and-Bones symbols on them. Also the horses of the Apocalypse represent real future events with the pale horse being Swine Flu, tying in with Len Horowitz’ lecture. Tony is very interested in Russia and suspects that the current Russian government is not cooperating with the New World Order game. This reminds me of something Dave Starbuck (see links column) when he described Vladimir Putin as a “White Knight”, a political leader who rebels against the Globalist elite. I doubt that, but still it’s interesting how Russia has become more threatening and assertive in recent years, without any apparent psychological media ploy attached to it; at least not in the same way as they were used during the Soviet era, nor as the Muslim countries are today. Tony is more than just a nuts-and-bolts analyst; he also recommends fictional books and films for their esoteric symbolism. Like me he’s a big fan of Lord of the Rings and realizes that it’s a story full of ancient wisdom; JR Tolkien was very influenced by ancient Anglo-Saxon pagan beliefs and mythologies

Dr Susan Bardocz-
Don’t Put it in if You Don’t Know How to Take it Out!

Susan Bardocz got a standing ovation as she walked out onto the stage. Shed literally just disembarked from a plane from Hungary and rushed over from Terminal 2. She’d left the sickbed of her husband and research partner, Arpad Pusztai, to come to the conference and deliver her address; not just her own either, but her husband’s too, for Arpad Pusztai was also booked as a speaker before he was cut down by a stroke a couple of months ago. Soon after her speech Susan returned to the airport to catch a plane back to Hungary to return to the hospital where Arpad is being cared for. As I said above, it was provident that Ian booked a venue near an airport otherwise Susan might not haven been able to attend. I’m sure I join all HPANWO-readers in wishing Arpad a swift and complete recovery. The natural history of humanity dates back for about 100,000 generations and for nearly all that time our lifestyle was the same; we were hunter gathers and nomads. Then in the last 500 generations, just 5% of the time since our species evolved, we invented agriculture and settled down into large permanent settlements that resemble modern towns. Then just ten generations ago we had the Industrial Revolution where we built the first big cities. We became environmentally aware just 2 generations ago and learned to manipulate DNA less than one generation ago, well within the lifetime of all human adults today! How things have changed! What’s more future generations are already alive! Well, in a way they are. All females, even baby girls, have all their ova already developed in their ovaries. So this effectively means that any change to the genome of any species occurs with a one or two generation delay. This means the forces that caused genome changes the 1950’s are only just manifesting now. Therefore any changes to the human genome that happen today may not be visible until late in the 21st century. Today 80% of people live in huge mega-cities whose populations exceed those of entire nations just a few generations earlier. We eat mostly factory-farmed food, something unique to the last century of human history. Before the Industrial Age we tended to grow our own food within our own communities and ate very little that hadn’t been produced more than a few miles away. Also before the 1920’s food was grown using mostly the same natural agricultural methods farmers had been using for the last 10,000 years since the invention of farming. Since the introduction of factory farming after the Great War the quality of food has plummeted, new foods such as white flour, margarine and white sugar were introduced which are rich in energy, an advantage to those Elitists who promote slave–labour, but low in essential nutrients that we need to stay alive and well. This caused an explosions of health problems that used to give us very little trouble before; like tooth decay, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. This process was reversed in the early 1940’s, why? Because of a brief return to organic home agriculture in the “Dig for Victory” campaign. People began eating naturally-grown produce from their gardens again and doctors and dentists were almost made redundant! But at the end of the war things returned to normal, we went back to our factory-farmed diet and the waiting rooms filled up again. Susan has concluded that most illness is caused by malnutrition. Malnutrition is a word we associate mostly with emaciated black children in Darfur with flies around their eyes and distended bellies; we never think of ourselves as malnourished, but we should. We eat a greater quantity of calories than in the past, but man does not live on calories alone, far from it. Susan showed two photos, both of people living in Sheffield; but one was taken in 1887 and the other in 2007 and you can see the difference. In the 1887 one the people are all slim, but in the 2007 one they are all seriously obese. Foods from industrial farms make up the staple of the “Western diet” and they are primarily meat and dairy produce from animals that are treated with extreme cruelty, medicated and fed an unnatural diet. This is supplemented with processed grain with the kernel removed; some of it is inedible and poisonous like soya. All of it is loaded with unuatural sugars and fats like white sugar and hydrogenated vegetable oil. It's usually very low in fibre, vitamins and minerals and that is the problem. The lack of protective nutrients; and this deficiency fools the body into thinking its not eating enough so we continue to feel hungry and eat more and more. 30% of Western adults are now dangerously overweight. Susan provided a list of statistics of the nutrients in factory farmed foods compared to organic foods and it makes sobering reading; on average more than 50% of nutrients are gone from our diet, and in the case of milk it’s 95%. This is due to Pasteurization, boiling milk before it is served to kill all the bacteria in it; unfortunately this destroys all the essential nutrients as well. Most food and drink is laced with flavourings, preservatives, pesticides and weed-killer. The average person now has 27 different chemicals in them. In 1996 Genetically-Modified Organisms were first introduced as crops that are naturally pest-resistant; but unfortunately that means we absorb whatever makes them pest-resistant into our bodies when we eat them. There’s a big push to introduce more and more GMO’s into farming and this is where Monsanto and Codex Alimentarius comes in and Scott Tips spoke of that in his address which I’ll review in the next part of my AVII report; also check out the linked articles about Ian Crane's research. This is a grim situation, but luckily it has a simple solution: eat as much organic food as you can. Maybe it’s not so simple when you consider how our right to eat organic food is under attack; again I’ll talk about this in Scott Tips’ lecture review. In experiments, organically fed animals are far healthier and live longer. These experiments and what they mean brings us on to Arpad Pusztai’s work.

Here’s Part 1 of my AVII report: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2009/06/alternative-view-ii-part-1.html

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