Monday 15 June 2009

Alternative View II- Part 4

Dr Len Horowitz-
The Love Code and

When Len came back onto stage on Saturday evening he completely changed his style and began explaining the other great expedition of his life, which is similar what David Icke calls “The really important stuff”. We humans have generally a bad diet and should all take detox and also “deacidification” to balance the PH value of our bodies. We are generally too acidic and don’t eat enough alkaline foods. We need Element 48 which Len calls “The Creator’s Element”. We can also use hands-on healing, a remedy I’ve used myself with great success, see here: Len also recommends the technology devised by Dr Royal Raymond Rife ( Despite his earlier warning Len asks whether viruses really are a problem for what he calls "the Creator". David Adair is a child prodigy who claims to have worked on salvaged alien craft at Area 51 (See here: and he says that a giant solar flare is going to hit the Earth in 2012, and this could be true because the sun is behaving very out-of-character at the moment; see Andy Thomas’ speech. This is apparently natural and it’s the way the sun plans to kill off the bioterrorists’ viruses that Len discussed on Friday. Could the sun be a kind of giant Rife Machine? To avoid harmful effects ourselves, all the species of life on Earth will have to meet the sun halfway by raising our own consciousness. It will be a wonderful moment when this happens because it will allow us to achieve communion with “the Creator”; this word I interpret as what we think of as “God”. Service to humanity is what gives Len meaning to his life. A Near-Death Experience is such a life-changing moment in one’s existence. It makes us understand Universal Love and this is the knowledge that makes any kind of suffering for anyone in the world intolerable. Len very much admires Leonardo DaVinci and one of his books is called Love- the Real DaVinci Code. DaVinci was the world’s greatest polymath; he understood sacred geometry. This geometry can be found in architecture, like the Great Pyramids and the Mediaeval cathedrals, and also in music. This could be why music sounds so much better when performed in an old cathedral; the sacred geometry in the architecture produces wonderful acoustics. When I was a kid and I learned maths at school I couldn’t possibly imagine how it could ever be anything sacred or spiritual; I thought it as one of the most materialistic subjects on my curriculum! Only when my education truly began, after I’d left school, did I learn some of the maths they don’t teach you in the state school system; and I realized how wrong I was. Human evolution has raised itself so much in the last few years, even in the last two months, that Len thinks that the Illuminati are idiots if they think they’re going to get away with their dastardly plan. I doubt that. The Loomies may be twisted, mentally-decomposed psychopaths, but they are not idiots. This, in my view, makes it all the more likely that, if push comes to shove, they will pull a Gotterdammerung manoeuvre; see here:, and we need to be on our guard for that. Len then gives us a run-down of the various numbers in musical sacred geometry, on the Hertz scale: 396, 417, 528, 639, 741 and 852. In music, notes of this frequency are sacred tones. The numbers put on a graph forms esoteric circle that is encoded into Leonardo’s famous drawing, The Vitruvian Man; a highly captivating work of art which, as is well-known, shows how the human body contains a squared circle. However Len believes it contains even more encoded information. He says that the picture is actually of two people, and the person standing behind the man is a woman; she symbolizes the human spirit breaking out of the prison or box and the man in front represents that trapped spirit before liberation. There are angels’ wings on the figure and this is like a figure 8 and the spot in the centre where the lines cross represents love, and this is the meaning behind the title The Real DaVinci Code. Then Len came to the most intriguing of his ideas, the notion of artificially created language. This is something I’m very interested in. I have researched “Newspeak”-type trends in modern English and how all language is being synthetically doctored. In fact I was almost dismissed from the Hospital Portering Service three years ago because I refused to allow my job title to be changed from the natural, indigenous word that I’ve carried so proudly for so long: “Theatre Porter” to the shallow, cosmetic, gimmicky and politically-correct artificial term: “Operating Department Orderly- ODO”, but that’s long story which needs its own article. I didn’t quite grasp all that Len said, but I think he was referring to the way Latin words were added to the original Anglo-Saxon derived language of England through Norman, the ancient French dialect of William the Conqueror’s regime. English was actually banned as an official language for a number of centuries and Henry II was the first king we had who was able to speak it. This is why, to this day, legal and governmental terms tend to be French-sounding, like “jury”, “court”, “minister”, “Parliament” etc. I can see the political and social aspect to all this, however Len also has discovered a numerological side to it. Ellis Taylor (See links column) would be interested in this too. The values of Latinized English are the same as those of inverted Hebrew, written backwards in other words. Maybe this was why Leonardo wrote in mirror-writing. This made me wonder, because there’s a form of dyslexia in which suffers write in mirror-writing; my brother had it as a child. Of course modern, materialistic Western society sees it as a leaning difficulty, but maybe we shouldn’t. (The same goes for many other so called “disorders” as well. See here: It’s been in the news that water has started flowing from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and Len considers this very significant. Water is an important part of Len’s research; see the link to the Live H2O concert at the top of this article segment. I wonder if Len is familiar with the works of Viktor Schauberger ( and Masaru Emoto ( I think that all three of them seem to be on the same track. The frequency 528 Hz repairs DNA and different sacred tones brought together create a harmony in the same way that clocks do if you put them close together. Women’s periods also synchronize among women who live in close proximity. He then struck a 528 tuning fork, held it up to the microphone and encouraged us to hum the same note so we could hear what it sounded like. This reminds me very much of what David Icke talks about when he describes the quickening cycles of the Universe in his From Prison to Paradise live show in Vancouver, Canada ( Instead of striking a tuning fork David spun a plate on stage. Len then digs up another childhood memory of mine and makes me look at it in a new light when he discusses the film Yellow Submarine. It’s an animated musical by the Beatles, based on their 1966 single of the same title (I’m off to Amazon to order the DVD now!). I was very young when I saw it as a little kid and liked it, but never really understood it. Len has made me recall it in a new light and I look forward to seeing it again in the knowledge of this new information. The story is about a place called Pepperland which is guarded by Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. It’s a happy land full of colour and music. But one day beings called the “Blue Meanies” invade Pepperland, drain the colour out of everything and lock all the music up in a sealed-off soundproof bubble. Just before his capture the King of Pepperland sends a soldier called Fred to get help in a yellow submarine. Interestingly Hagbard Celine, the hero of my favourite novel The Illuminatus! Trilogy, is the captain of a yellow submarine too (See here: Fred travels to Liverpool and recruits Ringo, John, Paul and George to help him. He takes the 5 of them back to Pepperland in the submarine and they restore music and colour to the country. The best part is that after forcibly driving the Blue Meanies into submission the victorious Pepperlanders stop fighting them and offer them friendship instead, which they accept and this makes a truly happy ending. For Len this story is far more than just a modern urban fairytale; it's a parable of the human condition (in the same way that I see The Village as such: We live in a real Pepperland under occupation by the equivalent of real Blue Meanies and we need to free it, and ourselves. Some of the Blue Meanies are clearly the Rockefeller family for it was they who manipulated music, changing the standard tuning frequency from 528 to the unnatural 440 Hz. None other than the Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebells was employed to persuade musicians to make this change; interestingly the company formed by them became Pfizer, a brand name that I see all the time at my hospital on tools and equipment. This is the allegory of Yellow Submarine and the freeing of Pepperland is like the restoration of the natural frequencies that allow the Creator into our world.
* * *

After Len’s speech Ustane and I went shopping. The conference was bedecked with a huge marketplace of stalls selling everything from crystals to water filters. After my own experiences with Orgonite, Ustane was determined to get a piece for herself (See here: and: and: Happily we bumped into the couple who were at the Now That’s Weird Conference from whom I bought mine. I bought a copy of Jeff Stray’s book Beyond 2012: (; see the HPANWO TV films where I describe it. We then had dinner with the speakers and I got to talk to Dr David Bellamy, whose speech I’ll hopefully add to my report in a few days time. It was great to meet him; I loved his wildlife programmes when I was a kid; David Attenborough is rather staid beside Bellamy; in fact nearly everyone is! In those days I never thought the day would come when I’d be at a conspiracy conference with him. Ustane and I then used our gold ticket privileges to go and drink cocktails with the speakers. Unfortunately the cocktails were too expensive for us, but we had a nice glass of juice instead. We met Brian Gerrish and he’s a lovely bloke. He explained a bit about how neurolinguistic programming works; a subject he would elaborate on in his speech the following morning. He was concerned at being given the “hangover slot”, first session in the morning when nobody has woken up yet, a reminder of the conference’s boot-camp schedule. As it happened he needn’t have worried.

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