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Bathing into History- Part 2

The Transition… and its Miscreants
By Peter Taylor
See here for my report on Peter Taylor’s AV4 speech:
“The introduction and the first speaker took you up.” began Peter Taylor. “Now I’ve got to bring you down to Earth.” I remembered Peter Taylor from AV4 and he also turned up at the Glastonbury Symposium. He’s a calm-speaking learned-sounding man with a small bald head and goatee; imagine an English Confucius. He relayed the rather gloomy situation in the Earth’s environment today: The floods in Pakistan have been in the news (No doubt those two men on the train think they’re as good thing!) Cattle in Russia are starving and dying of cold, the devastation caused by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico gets worse with every alternative news story that comes out; things look pretty bad. Peter might come across as a bit of a pessimist and one level he did sound like one, but really he’s very positive in his own way and believes we do have the capability and opportunity to make things better. He embraces both Western science and mysticism in his outlook of the world and sees no contradition between them. He was a post-graduate student at Oxford doing a PHD, but he dropped out after a life-changing experience in 1970. He went to Africa and spent some time with indigenous people; he saw how their way of life was being destroyed by the encroachment of modern civilization. The issues they discussed back then 40 years ago are pretty much the same as those discussed today: Climate Change, Peak Oil, loss of biodiversity, soil erosion and bankrupt governments. Back then there were 3 billion people in the world; today this figure has more than doubled and this concerns Peter greatly. I have different views on that as I’ll explain below. As a young man Peter had no spiritual feelings at all, but today he describes himself as a Bird Shaman. His solution to the biodiversity problems comes partly from ecology, introducing wolves and wild boars back into Britain to assist the food chain; but also this has a spiritual dimension to it and the presence of these animals are important for Shamanic reasons. He understands that without growing spiritually we can never have a safe and happy world. Peter wrote his second book Chill to peals of derision by his ecological colleagues and ignorant silence from the scientific community. Peter has found that many scientists secretly agree with him, but don’t speak out for various reasons. In some cases it’s simple lack of nerve, the dread of exclusion, loss of career and ridicule. However there are some who see the MMCC (Man-Made Climate Change) theory as a kind of Platonic Noble Myth. They think that MMCC might well be a load of bollocks, but it’s worth keeping on telling the lie because it focuses people’s attention on all environmental dangers when they otherwise wouldn’t care. Peter thinks that this line of reasoning is a mistake and I agree. For example this so called “Noble Myth” has caused the Green Movement to advocate nuclear power, see: , the most environmentally-destructive fuel source imaginable. But they think that radiation and Chernobyl-style accidents are necessary to protect the world from the perceived threat of Carbon™ emissions. The two things every civilization needs are food and fuel and the lack of these are the central problem from which all others derive, says Peter. The world’s population is growing and the economy supporting them is increasingly unstable. Countries that were formerly primitive and developing are becoming westernized. Many people in the Third World now have mobile phones and computers. More and more people want the Western lifestyle, but this is not possible, says Peter. The current situation is that there are forces in the wealthy West deliberately maintaining the status quo and holding back Third World countries from modernizing too much. This has of course resulted in much suffering and millions of deaths; and sadly, as Ustane and I found out on the train, members of the public will sometimes support this as a perceived necessity for survival, the survival of humanity and the Earth. The prospect of “another China” by 2050 stalks the world striking fear into experts and laymen alike. Peter says that all accepted alternatives, such as wind, solar and wave power will not work, and he’s right. The MMCC establishment is a trick played on the people by those in charge of preserving this state of affairs. Pressure groups like Greenpeace and the Transition Town movement are controlled by the UN. This is an interesting radio show: because it features, supporting Ian R Crane, Peter debating with Rob Hopkins, the leader of the Transition Towns. As you can hear in this show, Ian denies that Peak Oil is a genuine crisis. There is plenty of oil left, but they’re not extracting it. Also Ian thinks that oil is not a fossil fuel at all and can replenish itself. As for food: Peter says we’re just 3 years from a global food shortage crisis as farmland and soil breaks down and livestock die off in the increasingly bad winters that grip the world. Hundreds of millions of people won’t have enough food to eat and somebody has to take on the gruesome of job of deciding who lives or dies. The primary derivative force that comes from the fuel and food factor is economics and Peter has a lot to say on how the economy is suffering a similar degeneration as the environment. Western bankers are currently investing in places like Brazil, Russia, India and China rather than Western nations. I’m not sure if I understood Peter properly, but isn’t that a contradiction to what he said earlier about the West keeping Third World development in check? Peter proposes a series of reforms which he calls “Controlled Recession”, some of which make sense: semi-deindustrialization. A rationing of modern luxury products and a change in agriculture to smallholder organic farming; but all this would be centrally controlled by mere governmental reform. Peter is missing a big piece of the jigsaw here! As I said above, Peter may give out all these pessimistic visions, but he feels hopeful. In the last part of his speech he described his spiritual practice and discoveries. This is based around the Tantra and the flow of Kundalini energy up the chakra system from the base to the crown. Chakras are points of energy along the central line of the body running from the crotch to the top of the head. We’re conditioned by society to not let our Kundalini rise any higher than the bottom few chakras where it then dissipates out and is lost. The most common way this happens is through sex. However the Tantra and similar practices shows us how to get this energy to rise higher up, right through the chakra system where it charges and refreshes the whole human being in all its facets. People who can make the most of their Kundalini this way can wake up in the morning and write the world’s best poetry, design a new jet engine and sing Handel’s Messiah in perfect harmony before lunch! But if we had that kind of potential, that power, that creative energy, how would the Illuminati keep control of us? Well, they wouldn’t be able to, and they know this; therefore they do everything they can to suppress Kundalini. The principle strategy they use is to dumb down our sexuality. I’ve been studying the publications that come under the heading of “Lad Mags”. These are magazines with titles like Front, Loaded, Zoo, Nuts etc. there are literally hundreds of different ones. They contain a mixture of shallow-minded articles and vast amounts of sexual images of women who only have extremely conventional good-looks, therefore branding women with "imperfections" as unattractive by omission. The magazines actually promote a superficial, mindless and materialistic lifestyle in general. The basic message is: "If you want to be a REAL man then be as ruthless, acquisitive, materialistic and insincere as possible; treat everybody else as rivals and only fancy the girls that WE tell you to fancy!" It's extremely destructive to the male psyche and culture. I’m going to write a full article on this, and I’m convinced that Lad Mags are a psyop. They are actually conditioning men to think, feel and behave in a certain way. They encourage us men to see women as virtually subhuman to be treated as objects, or even enemies, to be conquered and deceived with trickery. They portray respect and a desire to relate honestly to women as a fatal weakness. However "cads" are put on a pedestal as heroes and role-models. The ultimate upshot of this and other gelding techniques is that people are rendered semi-impotent. We are not having proper sex, the kind that would liberate our Kundalini. Our physical as well as our mental health deteriorates when our energy is not flowing properly. Maybe this is the condition Michael Dunning was afflicted with (See above) We need to learn how to take our sexuality back. To do this we must come to grips with something that has become a bit of a cliché lately, the Divine Feminine; but it’s real and true. Our energy is imbalanced over to the male side and needs to be corrected. Improvements in our outer world will progress from that. Peter is correct there, but his overall philosophy lacks understanding. At the end of the conference there was a Q and A session with the speakers on the panel. Delegates submitted questions by writing them on a piece of paper. I wrote a question for Peter and it was read out. I asked him if he’d taken the imminent declassification of Free Energy, Terra Preta, ORMUS and economic reforms modeled on EF Schumacher’s work, into account when he calculated the bio-economic capacity of the Earth. (See my film Freikraft: and the “Post-Illuminati World” section of the HPANWO Index: for background articles that give details of all these things). Peter replied that he didn’t believe there was such a thing as a working Free Energy machine. Here I think he is incorrect, as you’ll see from watching my film and reading my articles on the subject. In fact Peter has changed a lot since I heard him at AV4. He’s edging close to the borders of the Survivalist mentality, see: and: . However I think he has the wisdom of his Shamanic and spiritual research to balance his thoughts and actions so I’m not worried that he’s about to turn into a Pentti Linkola!

Human Devolution
By Michael Cremo
As I said above, I first met Michael Cremo at breakfast where I spoke to him about one of his earlier books which I’ve read, Forbidden Archaeology, one that he co-wrote with Richard Thompson, see: . This is a massive doorstep of a book, containing almost a thousand tightly-printed pages. In fact Michael has nicknamed it Forbidding Archaeology with some justification! The book consists of detailed reports into archaeological cases that contradict the conventional view of the development of the human race. These cases are when human remains and man-made artifacts have been found in places where it’s clear they existed millions of years before they should have. Even if you’re familiar with people like Graham Hancock, Erich von Daniken or Robert Bauval etc, Forbidden Archaeology will make your jaw drop. It contains reports of human remains being found in the same strata as dinosaur bones! But it gets even more extreme than that; he describes artificial objects like gold chains being found in lumps of coal and a strange metal sphere several billion years old, at a time when there were supposed to be no life forms on Earth except aquatic microbes. It is definitely artificial because it has a distinct and exact series of notched grooves around its equator so that it resembles a cricket ball. There are also human footprints hundreds of millions of years old, which alone would be anomalous enough even if these feet were not wearing shoes! The flat soles and even stitching around the edge where they’re sewn onto the uppers is visible. So why don’t we hear about these discoveries in science books and journals? Michael says this is berceuse of what he calls a “knowledge filter”. The conventional view of the past is protected from analysis and criticism by this. It takes several forms: the ridicule and ruining of archeologists who speak out about these discoveries; the theft and destruction of data, like fossils going missing or holes at digs being filled in. One such object is “the Smiling Face of Walton-on-the-Naze”. This is a sea shell clearly showing a simple carving of a smiling face on it. Skeptics says that it's nothing but Cloud-Teddy Syndrome, a natural condition of the mind that makes us see recognizable patterns in random images. But if that were the case then why did this supposedly meaningless piece of evidence vanish without trace? Was somebody afraid that the etchings on the shell would be analyzed and found to be deliberately carved? Michael himself has not been immune from this knowledge filter; he has been smeared, accused and called every name under the sun except the Anti-Christ Chicken-Fucker. Here’s an example: ; but like every determined truth-seeker, he’s withstood the barrage and come through to a world where he is liked and respected by an increasingly large and powerful community of alternative thinkers. I recommend his book. Luckily, for the less-ambitious reader, Forbidden Archaeology has been condensed into a more digestible volume of FA’s highlights called The Hidden History of the Human Race, see: . Today Michael is talking more and more about his spiritual research which previously remained in the sidelines while he concentrated on archeology. He has written a new book called Human Devolution. “Devolution” is a strange word; in politics it refers to the break-up of a centralized nation state into smaller, independent territories, but Michael uses it as a metaphor for how evolution doesn’t always run in a path from simplicity to greater complexity, but also in the opposite direction. Sometimes complex biological structures can “devolve” into something simpler; against the “entropy of life”? His route to this conclusion was partly down to his spiritual research. He was born in 1948 and grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii. Here he came into contact with the Kahuna (“Wise Men”) Shamans who worship volcanoes. Within them lives the god Pele, and this legend sent Michael forth on his spiritual evolution. I’ve heard several reports of the Kahunas being able to perform impossible deeds like walking on the crusts of lava flows such as in Michael Talbot’s The Holographic Universe. He quickly became fascinated by volcanoes and started reading Norse mythology. When he grew up he spent a long time in Iceland while serving in the US Navy and went on expeditions to explore the volcanic regions of the “Land of Fire and Ice.” Getting close to volcanoes can be very dangerous and at one point Michael was nearly killed, but he believes Pele saved him. After Iceland he went on to India to study in that spiritual treasure-house of the world. This is where he found inspiration for his future work on archeology because he became enthralled by the Puranas, the famous Hindu creation myth. He intuitively sensed the truth in its pages and felt that it made more sense to him than Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, so beloved of Richard Dawkins (See: This stated that life is essentially born out of highly complex processes in inorganic matter. Living creatures are no more than very sophisticated machines that change over time by adapting to their environment and producing young that survive best. Michael dislikes this model because it rejected the existence of soul or spirit. He sees our reliance on materialistic explanations for everything as a terrible mistake. I don’t agree that it’s a mistake; I see it as a deliberate lie! See my conversation with my friends on Friday night above. I don’t reject Darwin in the same way Michael does, but I concur with him that we shouldn’t discard the spiritual dimension to the universe when coming up with explanatory models; in fact we are starved of it and we need to embrace it. Michael decided to delve into the world of archaeology to try and find evidence to support his feelings about the Puranas and FA was the result. Michael says that we need a new kind of science, that involves spirituality; a modern Skeptic would call that oxymoronic, but as Adrian Gilbert said at AV4 (see: the materialistic paradigm is not something as fundamental and inherent to science as we’re led to believe. It’s more like a fad or trend that happens to be in vogue; as I said, I think this is intentional and part of a sociopolitical strategy. Michael sites examples of paranormal phenomena like ghosts, psychic powers, Spiritualism, telepathy, remote viewing and psychokinesis; and he shows how serious scientific research has been done on them by proper scientists like the Curies, Oliver Lodge, William Crooks and even the lapsed Carl Sagan! The serious scientific nature of psychical research has been scandalously misrepresented by the Skeptic Movement and I’ll come to this subject again in detail later in the report. It was good to meet Michael and see his live talk. He’s a gently-spoken man with a deep and highly-experienced background in spiritual research. His new book is definitely on my reading list; let’s hope I get round to actually reading it!

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Lemsip said...

I used to be involved in the Transition Movement where I lived and soon got bored. It was in the process of being set up and it was taking a long time with lots of meetings to learn about peak oil and climate change before there were public meetings with speakers. I wasn't even on the committee so I could imagine they would meet a lot just to get one thing done. Now there are side projects and it's now official after launch after launch. The Transition Movement tends to attract professional people who don't know how to do anything practical and prefer to endlessly discuss things and then promote them. It's quicker to get on and learn a new skill by yourself then wait for the local Transition Hub to organise a course.

Also there is only one model that is imposed on cities, towns and villages and in different countries. One size does not fit all.

Most of them are unaware of the secret agenda behind the Transition Movement and are not into depopulation yet there are links to Agenda 21.

There's the Transition Movement on one extreme focusing on the collective and not the individual and the Survivalist Movement on the other extreme with every man and his family for himself.

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You cannot kill my Family, and individuals in our organization? they prefer not to discuss or promote black secrets the public is unaware of.

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