Monday, 13 September 2010

Bathing into History- Part 4

Sunday Service- From Science to Shamanism
By Nick Clements (Under construction at time of writing)
Nick Clements, aka- Grey Wolf, is a man who dances as he walks. He made his entrance down the aisle and danced onto the stage in an amazingly colourful shirt, and he talked to us in a poetic style. He’s former stand-up comedian who now engages in community art. He talks passionately about the subject and I expect he would share my feelings about the Headington Subway, see: . We knew a little bit about him because he handed out a flyer with a brief overview of his speech before he began. He became a student of men’s spirituality. We currently hear a lot about spirituality connected to the “Divine Feminine” and “Goddess”, and so we should, but masculinity and males have a role too to make the balance. He has invented a new word. “Indigenosity” that as soon as I’ve typed it has immediately made my Word spellchecker go red! But I think his point is that we are all indigenous people, whether we know it or not. I’ve seen TV shows about how the DNA retrieved from ancient graves in Europe dated to Megalithic era, 4 to 5000 BC, is related to that of modern Europeans, showing that we have that ancestral link with the distant past. What has happened to us is that the knowledge, wisdom and sense of beauty that people had in the past has been suppressed. Like Peter Taylor, Nick has travelled to Kenya and worked with the Shamans there. He was amazed to find that they can remember the names of every generation of their family for centuries. Can you name all your great-grandparents? I can’t! What Nick said reminded me of a scene in the paranormal and conspiracy fiction TV show, The X-Files. I’m not an avid fan of the series (which will scupper those who try to marginalize me!), but this one scene stood out in my head and I’ve never forgotten it. I’m afraid I can’t remember the title of the episode, but the scene is near the beginning. There’s this railway carriage, just a bare goods van, and it’s filled with Grey aliens. Then a trapdoor opens in the roof and a group of humans throw in some incendiary bombs which explode and set the carriage on fire. The poor aliens run around crying out in panic and agony as they burn to death. During this dramatic and disturbing scene there is a voiceover by a Native American man who later turns out to be one of the story’s characters and he says something along the lines of: “The White Man has no memory because he has become dependent on history for the picture of his past. But history lies. The Red Man has learned to trust his memory and not history because his memory always tells him the truth.” It’s a very powerful scene and a very interesting illustration to this event. Nick echoed Peter Taylor again when he started talking about the links between science and Shamanism, for instance he is very interested in the 13 dimensions of String Theory, or its new protege, M-theory. Nick is not anti-science, nor is he pro-Shamanism; he believes in the value of both, but also sees that both have “shadows”, meaning a dark side to their spiritual and philosophical dimensions. The shadow of science is well-understood, but Shamanism has its dark side too. Nick wants to integrate the best of both worlds in a new holistic ideal. He described his encounter with a teacher called Malcolm and it reminded me a bit of the film Dead Poets Society. It’s important that we don’t get judgmental about other people and he quoted the well-known Red Indian proverb, “Never judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his moccasins”. At this point I remembered all my difficulties with my former landlady that I describe above. Nick’s speech has actually helped me to rise above that experience and see it in a new light; I'm trying hard not to pass judgement on her. As a result I feel less afraid and stronger when I think about it. Nick has lived in South Wales where he has witnessed a society ravaged by unemployment, poverty and crime. The collapse of the coal industry, which was once the biggest in the world, has devastated the region and left a whole generation of people feeling humiliated and rejected. He sees young men drunk on the streets every evening, reeling down the road looking for a fight; for no reason other than some indefinable subconscious rage. The “respectable” people in the street turn away or strike back at them with equal violence. However Nick decided to try a different solution: He invited the American Indian Medicine Man, Black Elk, to come and visit South Wales and hold seminars with these young hooligans. The effect was amazing. They transformed from disillusioned and vengeful cynics into creative individual free spirits who write poetry and will even weep when talking about the beauty of daffodils (and not from their Welsh patriotic connotations). Nick was definitely the most unusual speaker of the conference, which is quite an achievement if you think about it! His style was very idiosyncratic and involved a lot of audience participation. For instance he got us all to write or draw something on a piece of paper and put it into a hat. Then we all had to pick one out. I can’t remember exactly what the aim of the exercise was. But intriguingly enough, against huge odds, I got my own one back.
At lunch we were supposed to have a Bath mystery tour and lecture by Daniel Tatman, but unfortunately he couldn’t make it. His partner is pregnant so he’s about to become a father! I remember how that feels! I wish them both all the best. Here’s Daniel’s website: and here’s a radio interview with him: . I bought a copy of Karen's latest book, The Dangerous Man and she signed it. Here's where I did a pre-publication review: .

Dogged Days- The Strange Life and Times of a Child from Eternity
By Ellis Taylor
(See links column for Ellis’ website plus:
Anyone who’s read HPANWO for a while will be familiar with Ellis Taylor and his ideas. He has an extensive website, a YouTube channel (See: ) and he writes long articles about a wide variety of subjects from numerology, symbolism and occult to ghosts, ley-lines and alien contact. He has also written a number of books too, all of which can be found on his website. He invites us all to analyze our own lives in the same way he has his own. His lecture suffered from a few technical problems to begin with, as always seems to happen at these events, no matter how much you rehearse and try everything out beforehand. “We are not alone” was the theme of his first slideshow. It might sound like a cliché, but it’s an important statement to make… because we’re not. But how many people realize that, even if they say those words and profess the belief. We live our day-today lives and I’m no exception. I can go through a whole day without once thinking about ET’s. But this really is vitally important to understand and explore. The music he used to accompany the slideshow was, aptly, the song by Michael Jackson, You’re Not Alone. This was Ellis’ tribute to Jacko, whose 52nd birthday it would have been that day. For me it was the St Kilda connection as I say above, so it seems it was a poignant date in more than one way. Ellis believes Michael Jackson was connected to the “Megaspell” and speaks about it in his Tears and Tears video, see the YouTube link above. At numerous occasions throughout his whole life from the age of just 2, Ellis has had encounters with consciousnesses not of this planet or physical realm. He has had a lot of classic symptoms like missing time. Twice now he has had this experience while travelling between Oxford and the Andrews’ home in northern Lincolnshire. During one journey he stopped at a service station on the way which was deserted and there were some bizarre developments that he explains in his books. I’ve travelled myself down that same road with Ellis (See: and we tried to look for this mysterious service station, but it was not to be seen even though we narrowed the location down to just a few miles. The question that naturally arises is: Why? In society’s conventional view of reality a thing is either there or not; and if it’s there it’s there all the time, isn’t it? But I don’t think the world really is like that. I’ve become a big fan of Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials books which many people might find very eye-opening and informative on this subject, see: . Part of the attraction is that they’re set in Oxford, but not just the one I know; the Oxford in a parallel universe too. The structure of the universe is not linear or solid, but it’s more like what Charles Fort called “the thin sheet known as reality”. Ellis may have moved off the usual frequency that is the dominant one of this 3-dimensional plain. It’s not all fun-and-games for him by any means. In fact he had to tell us about the symbolism in drawings by murdered children. It’s a nasty fact, which we have to face, that these most awful of crimes go on under our noses day-in and day-out. If an ordinary man, operating from his own volition, rapes and murders a single child then his actions are reported in every newspaper in the land; but if he becomes a senior member of society, a judge, Chief Constable, or school headmaster, is initiated into a black magic ring, and then rapes and murders 30 children you won’t hear a peep about them anywhere in the media. Many of the individuals pilloried in the tabloids and locked in jail are scapegoats for far bigger fish, and until those bigger fish are fried the children will carry on suffering. Ellis remembers seeing a strange face that kept peeping round his door at night. He wasn’t sure what it was until he went to the seaside and watched a Punch-and-Judy show; the being looked just like Mr. Punch. He also had an encounter with a strange helicopter on a field in Oxford flown by two men in pilots’ uniforms. It’s a well-known fact that sometimes we see ordinary aerial objects like aeroplanes, balloons, kites and planets etc and mistake them for UFO’s, but few people realize that the opposite is also true: non-ordinary aircraft and their occupants can look very normal and everyday; what’s more both Ellis and another friend of mine in Oxford have experienced this, see: Naturally Ellis’ disappearances worried his parents when he was a child. He once vanished on board a ship while travelling between his two homes in England and Australia; and there are not many places one can disappear to on a ship. This happened as the ship was near the city of Aden in Yemen. This city has a reputation for high strangeness and there are reports that the area is surrounded by various navies as they explore a “portal” there. On one of the days Ellis had missing time on his way to the Andrews’ home he had an encounter with a strange being that looked like a huge dog; Neil Hague’s cover illustration of his latest book Dogged Days (see above) has a depiction of that encounter. What’s more another guest at the house, a reporter from a UFO magazine, also had strange experiences. Another classic symptom of contact is unusual marks on the body, and Ellis has had those too. What’s more he’s managed to photograph some of them and showed them to us. He’s also had a missing time incident while on the way to the Probe conference, the one where Dean Warwick died, see: . Ellis was one of the last people to speak to Dean before his more-than-suspicious death and Dean told him that he was about to be targeted for what he was about to reveal. Sadly he never got to tell Ellis all he knew; it must have been important for them to silence him like they did, knowing how much publicity it would generate. Dean strangely enough worked on the Blue Streak missile testing ground in Australia; and there’s a paranormal connection there, see: . The details of what’s going on in this world are not always actibly concealed behind our backs; sometimes they’re hidden in plain sight. This is because those behind these secrets know that secrets can’t be kept in the same way you might keep it secret from your flatmate that a bill arrived in the post. These “people” are not human, they don’t have human minds and don’t think like we do. For reasons that have never been agreed upon, they love displaying their wares openly, but in ways that very few people consciously notice. For instance take a look at this advert for Barclaycard: ; I didn’t spot the anomaly until Ellis pointed it out; see if you can before reading on!... In the library scene, look at the “man” in the foreground on the left in the shot between 0.54 and 0.55. That’s not a human face! It makes my skin crawl to watch it. It makes it creepier that it occurs at the same moment the musical score is suddenly distorted. This is a subliminal that will register in the subconscious mind whether we identify it or not, especially if we don’t consciously identify it. Barclaycard, like most financial institutions, is a subsidiary of the House of Rothschild, one of the top Illuminati bloodlines. Ellis has seen people shape-shifting personally. He names Bill Ryan and David Wilcock, and that will come as something as a shock to many of you; it does to me. I admire both those men and respect their work. I wouldn’t advise you to dismiss everything they’ve said as a result of Ellis’ revelation, but it pays to be on our guard. It may not be all fun-and-games, but Ellis made it clear it’s not all doom-and-gloom either! He related some very positive experiences he’d had related to crop circles, including the famous Julia Set at Stonehenge. He met a female security guard at the monument called Julia whom he couldn’t locate later, another dimensional shift? He described the “Aubrey holes” at Stonehenge, the oldest part of the site dating back to 8000 BC; they were discovered beneath the visitor’s car park. Julia loved those holes; they keep the security staff warm because of the energy coming off them. In the most moving part of his speech, Ellis described how one day, his mediumistic ability allowed him also to pass a message from his departed niece to her father, his brother. As Ellis says on the blurb of his latest book, there is little money involved in what he does, and certainly no glory. But despite all the hardships and tribulations, he feels himself privileged to have been able to glimpse beyond the veil.
Panel Discussion
Like many conferences, this one ended with a panel discussion where delegates got to pitch questions to the speakers who were all lined up on stage. The questions were written on pieces of paper and picked out of a box. As I said above, my question to Peter Taylor was asked. Unfortunately two faces were missing from the panel, Danial Tatman and Nick Clements. Daniel, as I’ve said, has his pregnant girlfriend to look after and Nick obviously had some important Shamanic business to attend to. But an additional person was added to make up the numbers; Geoff Stray, whom I’ve written about before: . Another question asked was: “Where are the women?” All the speakers were male, and in many situations where this happens somebody usually asks why there are no women. This question is usually delivered without qualification or explaining what the point is, as it was in this situation. At many organizations with a left-wing bias, like my Union, there are rules “discriminating positively” in favour of women, without the proponents of this policy realizing what a contradiction-in-terms that is, or the dangers of it. In other words, if you discriminate positively in favour of one group you automatically discriminate against another. We see this now in South Africa where white people are being refused jobs because there are rules in companies to take on a quorum of black employees; unemployment among whites is rising sharply. Also groups of black militias are now targeting white people in terrorist attacks, “Kill the Boer!” is now a catchphrase in South Africa. If you question this kind of thing the answer you’ll probably get is this: “Well, remember that woman/black people/Asians/Muslims/single-parents/fill-this-gap-with-your-own-formerly-oppressed-minority/ had to put up with this kind of discrimination for hundreds of years!” I always respond to that by asking the questioner to wonder why this in not an even greater reason to end discrimination now and not perpetuate it. You can’t fight injustice by trying to cancel it out with another injustice; all you get is a double-dose of injustice. People who uphold “positive discrimination” need to ask themselves a searching question: Is it really freedom, justice and equal opportunities they want… or revenge? In the case of the old male chauvinist regime that is revenge on half the entire human race, most of whom are innocent as individuals. The Illuminati love it when we play these juvenile tit-for-tat games because it creates an infinite loop of animosity that can go on indefinitely as Side A oppresses Side B, Side B fight back and then oppress Side A, then Side A fights back and oppresses Side B again… and on and on and on forever. Karen stood up to explain that she actually asked many female speakers to attend and they couldn’t make it. She believes wholeheartedly that we all have male and female aspects to our personality whatever the gender of our physical bodies and these need to be in balance; you can’t have one without the other. I admire her a lot for resisting the pressure, one put on us all, to be politically correct (and this goes for the title of her book too, see below). There are many excellent women involved in these subjects: Renee Henry, who wrote a huge and informative volume on the Global Government Conspiracy called Theatre Earth, see: . There’s Alexandra Bruce too, a very intelligent lady. Alex Christopher, who threw the first brick over the secrets of Denver Airport. UFO research is covered by many powerful and intelligent women, in fact the Rendlesham Forest Incident was exposed largely due to the work of four female researchers, Jenny Randles, Dot Street, Georgina Bruni and Brenda Butler, see: . Animal mutilations would still be largely unexplored if it hadn’t been for Linda Moulton-Howe’s work over four decades. And people ask: “Where are the women?”!?
The 2010 ARC Convention ended at around 5 pm, but some conferences have two endings. When the official agenda ends at whatever time on the last day the delegates either scatter to the four winds and go home or remain at the venue and surrounding area to socialize. This usually depends on the number of people who have cars because those who don’t, like me and Ustane, sometimes have to stay on an extra night. Another factor is the kind of friendships formed and how much people have to talk about. All the best conferences have a postscript, and this was happily one of those. We stood outside the Chapel Arts Centre talking in groups while Karen and the crew packed their kit away. After a while we all moved off, but the conversations and interactions continued in the local pubs and restaurants until late at night. Ustane and I had a great time talking with two very interesting guys Geoff Stray, who was on the panel, and a man called Bruce who runs the 2012 Rising website, see: . This was particularly good for Ustane because the 2012 phenomenon is a passionate interest of hers and she spoke very enthusiastically to Geoff and Bruce. The subjects we covered were too munerous to list, but they included Burkas, lobotomies and yeast; that's quite a selection! We walked around Bath and eventually ended up at a lovely Thai restaurant where we had a nice meal. As luck would have it the restaurant was just a few yards from our hotel and we arrived back to see Karen and a few others sitting on the terrace outside like locked-out drunks. It was sad to say good bye when we all went to bed and we embraced each other affectionately. Ustane and I went off to sleep and I reflected on what a great conference it had been. It was wonderful and I’d love to go to the next one in February; it’s always a little dismal when a conference comes to an end. However our lament was slightly premature. I described above how some conferences have a “postscript”, well this one had a much bigger one than most! It came about by two events that I’ll describe in the next segment.

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