Monday 28 December 2009

The Dangerous Man by Karen Sawyer

I’ve discovered a new loaded word: “The Dangerous Man”; I’ve written before about loaded words, euphemisms and dysphemisms (EG: the use of terms like “fanatical conspiracy theorists”, see: but this is a new one. It comes from several quotes:
“The most dangerous man in the world is a contemplative who is guided by nobody. He obeys the attractions of an inner voice and does not listen to other men. He identifies the will of God with his own heart.” Thomas Merton- the writer and Trappist Monk
“The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself… almost inevitably, he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable.” HL Mencken- journalist, essayist and satirist.
So hopefully this already gives you an impression of what a Dangerous Man is and the phenomenon is explored in more detail in the forthcoming book of that title by Karen Sawyer. Scroll down on this page: . Karen is a lady I first met because she designed the “True World Order” T-shirt that you’ll often see me wearing. I review her workshop at the Alternative View 3 Conference here: . Karen has written a book before called Soul Companions: . Here’s a video of a gathering of people inspired by her book:, . Karen once explained to me the differences and similarities between her two books. Soul Companions is a story about contact with the Spiritual realms whereas The Dangerous Man is about contemporary politics and conspiracy theories. She sees these two subjects as being two aspects of a whole, and I’ve often thought this myself. If someone asks me: “Which of these are you into?” I’d answer: “both”. I’ve actually come to realize that an understanding of both aspects is vital because one compliments the other. I’ve known many people who embrace just one of these two aspects and exclude the other and as a result become highly deluded and confused individuals. To immerse yourself into spirituality and rejecting politics and conspiracy theories can lead to a person becoming ungrounded and detached, incapable of rational analysis or action. But conversely to focus solely on conspiracy theories without the essential ingredient of spirituality can induce a feeling of despair, rage and paranoia. One person like this I know has become a Nazi and performs speeches in front of a portrait of Adolf Hitler! So Karen’s two books are actually telling the same basic story from two separate angles; the ultimate conspiracy theory is the spiritual one and the best way to see political, scientific and economic conspiracy theories is through their spiritual nature (I‘ll be writing more on this in the near future).

“If ignorance is truly bliss then why aren’t more people happy?” This question is typical of the book’s light-hearted and perceptive wit. This should raise a few chuckles, not because the book is intended to be taken frivolously, but just to remind us not to take situations too seriously because then we might miss out on properly understanding them. Karen describes her own path to revelation and the realization that the world is not what it originally seemed to be, and I know how that feels. It begins with an intuitive unease, a “splinter in the mind” as Morpheus says, and then the Red Pill goes down and there’s no going back. The book is dedicated to the memory of the actor Patrick McGoohan who starred in the 1960’s TV show The Prisoner; christened “Number 6” when he was committed to a prison camp he uttered the classic line: “I am not a number! I am a free man!” McGoohan became very open to the idea of conspiracy theories before his death last January.

Being a Dangerous Man is to resist the monster of hate and listen to the heart and live in love. And it’s true. Hatred, fear, guilt, greed; this is the way by which human minds are isolated, tortured and brainwashed, and sucked dry of their natural love and understanding to turn them into an autoimmune reaction of hate, fear, envy and resentment of every other human. It has made us define material success, money, power, status, property, as The… One… Goal… of life and all else as secondary and ephemeral. This is something many of the books contributors have become aware of and have repulsed. But the book gives us a word of warning; being a Dangerous Man is not easy and staying as one requires constant effort and concentration because the Illuminati will constantly try to rein you in. It is very seductive and devious. If you’re not careful it can even subvert you who oppose it into fighting with it! To be a Dangerous Man you have to learn to spot the crafty strategies of the Conformist Regime and expose them for what they are. The Dangerous Man also has to comes to terms with the fact that the Illuminati only exists because of us. It's here because we have given it fertile ground to grow, so the Dangerous Man never plays on their victimhood. To get rid of the Illuminati we have to change ourselves so that we cease to feed it. Becoming a Dangerous Man is an awesome responsibility because the insight it brings gives knowledge, and knowledge can only be had if it is swapped for the luxury of ignorance. Action then becomes a duty and the wellbeing of the whole world, and indeed the universe, become indivisible from their personal wellbeing.

The main text of the book is split into 6 sections that each deal with a different aspect of Dangerous Manhood, from mental, scientific and historical to corporate and political theories. Each contributor is both a Dangerous Man in their own personal speciality and has an awareness that their own field of expertise is related to all the others. The term itself is merely a metaphor from the quotations above and a "Dangerous Man" can be either male or female. As you look through the list of names you’ll see that the author has accomplished a feat unmatched by any researcher I’ve heard of since Paola Harris: to interview almost every famous name in the business. Some of the people are ones I’ve heard of and already admire, others are less well-known and can serve as an introduction to their work. It’s a stunning collection of authorship, a true compendium of mavericks.

The first section is called The Dangerous Mind and opens with the Ace of the Pack for anyone in authority who fears change and mass global freedom, David Icke; and the author has managed to compile a frank and lengthy chapter from her conversation with this legend among Dangerous Men who has helped to wake up so many in the last 20 years, including myself. She also consults with 5 other people, four of whose works I have not studied in detail, but Steve Taylor’s idea that history’s theme of progression is a delusion, especially regarding ancient history, and that in reality it has been a regression, interests me enormously. The fifth interviewee is Ellis Taylor whom I know very well and have reviewed his work several times on HPANWO. . This first chapter encompasses many themes but is centred around the notion of thought, mind and the relearning of spirituality. The general problem, from which all others come, has been the destruction of spiritual knowledge by the Illuminati, or whatever other name you choose to call those in power, and that this knowledge is returning. As the Mogul Emperor of India Akhbar the Great said: “The door whose key has been lost may again be opened”. It’s good that this section is at the start of the book because it is from control of the mind that control of all else follows; although it may have been even better placed at the end, but that‘s just my view.

The second section is called Dangerous Creations and is about humanity’s artistic instinct, something that has accompanied us throughout our evolution, as newly-discovered, older and older cave paintings prove. Yet during the historical period this instinct has been steadily dulled by repeated attacks by the media and education. Today art is seen as an irrelevance, “airy-fairy stuff” to titillate people when the "really important" activities of work, money-counting and fighting wars etc are done. With the exception of rich, effeminate and eccentric Frenchmen in stupid clothes, the Conformist Regime makes it unacceptable for anyone to engage seriously in art, but as Mr Keating, Robin Williams’ character in the film Dead Poets Society, says: this is what life is really for and all other practical activities merely allow us to live so that we can participate in it. The author opens this and all the other sections with a short piece about her own life; and the first contributor is one of my favourite artists, Neil Hague (see links column). Even those familiar with the various more well-known contributors should not skip their chapters because these are very recent interviews which may contain information you’ve not heard before. Two other familiar names are the Palmgren brothers, Henrik and Fredrik. I know their voices better than their writings because I’m a big fan of their radio show, Red Ice Creations Radio (See links column), which has featured the author as a guest. However, they are far more than just radio hosts. They make films, compose music and write articles, all of which can be found on the website. Like my friend “Gus”, Henrik and Fredrik have been treated very nastily by “Carl” (See: It’s made all the worse because Henrik and Fredrik have a reputation for being very respectful and positive and they gave "Carl" many excellent interviews on their show; in fact they are very accommodating to a very wide variety of guests. These are two guys who deserve better. The other contributors to the section do too; and, like the Palmgrens, have been opposed. The controversies between artists that are now well-known parts of history, in the times of the Impressionists etc, are still going on today. It seems to me that the conflict is generated by the old and conventional giving way to new ideas and those who like the new ideas fall out with those who want to hang on to then old. There's much more to it than that, but I'll come to that later. For now let's see how the same process goes on in science.

The philosophy of science is a real passionate interest of mine. I’ve reviewed Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion (See: and attended several Skeptic meetings as part of my research. The process is one where pioneers rise up, are hounded and are hated by those who support the existing paradigm. Wilhelm Reich is a prime example (See: And it’s not long before this man’s name comes up in the third contributor section on Dangerous Science. It’s worth bearing in mind that when a mainstream, distinguished scientist tells you something is so, that this person’s viewpoint has been dragged through a mire of broken careers, suicides and deaths from depression and stress-related conditions, to appear on our TV screens, classroom blackboards and bookshop shelves orated by a groomed, smiling “useful idiot”. The good news is that alternatives to the mainstream are becoming very popular these days and admirable individuals like Rupert Sheldrake, Erich von Daniken and Gregg Braden are almost becoming a mainstream of their own. I personally believe that many of these new arenascientific ideas are far more than merely a new paradigm experiencing opposition from the inertia of the old; they are inherently destructive to Illuminati rule. It’s as if they have synchronistically emerged into the human mind and culture at the exact time in history that they are most needed. They’re a symptom, as well as a cause, of a far deeper and more widespread change in the collective consciousness. This feeling comes out very strongly in this section; it’s as if the contributors, although not completely agreeing with each other, all have been influenced by an undercurrent of new energy, one that has never been seen on our planet in history.

The fourth section in the book is called Dangerous Environment and begins with Ian R Crane a great researcher and good friend who really makes me feel encouraged and optimistic. I attend every one of his events I can and recommend them. His chapter in the book is a good introduction to his environmental ideas. He has warned and campaigned against GMO foods and investigates deep geopolitics. (He was also once chairman of UK 9/11 Truth which, based on the experience of my own involvement with that group, must have made him something of a pariah!) We’re going through a contradictory and confusing period regarding the environment. A public increase in awareness and concern for the environment has led to a political movement of deformed principles and its own unique stupidity and authoritarianism. I’ve often asked myself why, with all the crap we pour into the environment, the Green movement is currently obsessed with the one harmless thing we do emit: carbon dioxide gas, or as it has been (it’s no exaggeration to use this word) rebranded, “Carbon”. The way conservationists who disagree that climate change is caused by man-made greenhouse gas are treated is not dissimilar to how Wilhelm Reich and others were treated; see the previous section. Even formerly famous and respected experts like Dr David Bellamy have been targeted for diverting from the party line (See: We have forests being devastated, topsoil eroded and the oceans being used as the world’s biggest dustbin and all the environmentalists can think about is CO2! Some of these fools are even supporting nuclear power, the most environmentally destructive energy source there is! It’s unbelievable! (See: . There’s more; issues that the mainstream Greens will not even contemplate, things like Chemtrails and exopolitics. The Dangerous Man would not be a truly alternative book if it did not do so, but it does. The author includes a very interesting chapter on weather manipulation and HAARP by Jerry E Smith, a man I’ve seen live (See: In the future our relationship with the environment will not only have to go into the realms of better science; we will have to go back to our Shamanic past and replant the severed roots to our indigenous origins, before the Illuminati, before history as we knew it began, when the Earth and ourselves were a single organism. What hurts one hurts the other; it all links to spirituality.

If you take the word “history” you can split it up into two separate words: “hi” and “story”. “Hi” is an alternative way to spell “high”, as in terms like “hi-fi”. Another word for “high” is “tall”; and so “history” becomes… “tall story”! In the 5th section, Dangerous History, the author relates an experience from her own school days that absolutely links to my own: the boredom of history lessons. The Bash Street Kids graphic stories in the Beano comic were full of jokes about how dull and tedious history lessons were, and for years I thought this was because history itself was a boring subject. This was one of the biggest errors I ever made. History is fascinating, but, like science, is ruled by dogma; and like in science, ideas are emerging that are more than merely alternative, they fundamentally alter our perception of ourselves into a form that makes it impossible for the Illuminati to continue to control us. Firstly the “tall story” is written and/or approved by our Illuminati-occupied governments and rulers. It tells the story for political purposes, depicting the human past as our lords and masters would like us to see it. This is not alternative, it is universally acknowledged; so then why do Skeppers continually insist that we believe in verbatim official history? Why, for instance, when an ancient monument that really should not be there is there do they just shrug their shoulders. At the time Egypt built the Pyramids they had yet to invent the lever, the pulley or the wheel. They supposedly built these incredible monuments with stone and bronze tools, no iron at all, and dragged the blocks by hand on wooden rollers. The author gives the example of the Knowth site in Ireland where huge megaliths were placed a particular place, and the official explanation is that it was done by “coincidence”, that universal cop-out beloved by every true Skepmeister! This section contains contributions from many people I have studied and admire. Some I’ve met and seen live like Michael Tsarion and Ralph Ellis (See: Another man, Kevin Annett (See: forced the entire nation of Canada, and the modern Americas in general, from Alaska to Chile, to face up to their darkest shadow. Michael Cremo’s book Forbidden Archaeology, is a whopping doorstep of a volume which takes the issue of suppression much further back in time from history into palaeontology and natural history. How much do we really understand about our past, not only as a civilization, but as our very evolution as a species? How much have we been permitted to know?

The final contributor section of The Dangerous Man is called The Dangerous Corporation and there’s a bit of "Dangerous Synchronicity" here because as I write these words it is the day after Boxing Day 2009 and I’ve just been watching a TV news story about the traditional Boxing Day sales in high street stores. The reports includes a film of the London branch of Selfridges opening their doors at 7 am and a huge crowd of people surging in through them, desperate to buy the latest cheap and meaningless trinkets and gadgets, teabag-squeezers and electric toilet roll-holders for bargain prices. It scared me! These people were running! They were virtually drooling! They looked like animals at feeding-time. Is this what we have descended to? Performing pets in the corporate globalised circus? Will we stand on our hind legs and beg for every titbit they drop from their banquet table? Like history and science, the modern economy is built upon a mountain of corpses; the bodies of those who have opposed it or refused to collude with it. The author opens the section with an interview with John Perkins, a remarkable man. Once again I take my hat off to Karen for obtaining testimonies from so many amazing people. Perkins was once what he calls an “economic hit-man”. He was employed by transnational corporations to infiltrate and subvert emerging independent Third World economies. He reveals that the globalist agenda, which I believe is just one part of the Illuminati agenda, uses the same techniques as espionage: bribery, molly-coddling with luxuries, blackmail, seduction by trained women etc. John Harris and Mary Croft reveal how the legal system has become a system of human deceit and control, and how we can use an alternative legal system of our own to free ourselves from it. I’ve seen John Harris live at the British Constitutional Conference and I’m very interested in his work; I first got into this subject when I started reading the books by "Ghis" a few years ago. Money is not bad. It was around long before the Illuminati came to power and has existed in one form or another since the Neolithic Age; and it is useful because it overcomes the limitations of barter. EG: If I were a pig farmer and you ran a barley field I could swap one of my pigs for a hundredweight of your barley, but you wouldn't be able to pay me until the harvest. Therefore you could give me a token to close the deal and remind me to collect; this is essentially what money is, a scale for measuring economic value. There's nothing dehumanizing about that, in fact it's very expedient. Money has only become dehumanizing since historical times when it's used as a weapon of power by the “Banksters”. The Banksters want more from us, planning to create a cashless society where we will be prohibited from even carrying money personally and will have to surrender to the whims of a Big Brother computer system. The solution is to be legally and economically free. Burn your passport and birth certificate. Start your own free local economies. It’s been done before and it works.

The author ends the book with her own afterword where she sums up the underlying message of all the contributors (She also mentions the poxy, stinking mental-inbreeding of the TV soap opera TavistockEnders… pardon me, Eastenders, which her mother has admirably just broken her addiction from (See: They don’t all agree; they don’t all tell the same story. If you take every word they say literally then you’ll get confused. None of them are correct on everything, but that doesn’t matter. The books gives us the ability to meta-analyse reality, to find our own answers. She warns us against self-deception and making excuses; a true Dangerous Man is introspective enough to spot them in his or her own mind. I try to be positive when I review something, finding as much of the good in it as I can, but I make an effort to be honest too. If I didn’t like The Dangerous Man I would say so. But I really do like it. It is both an encyclopaedia of alternative free-thought which an old hand like me can learn from; and it’s also an introduction to the subject for someone who’s just beginning their waking-up process when they world can look strange and hostile and paranoia can set in, dragging our anchors away from our life’s mission. Karen writes with optimism and humour, as do many of the book’s other 31 contributors. I feel hope in its pages in a world where hope seems to be absent, and the bravado of the Illuminati’s endgame is painting over every place where hope pops up. The book will be launched on February the 20th at the ARC Convention, which I wish I could attend See: . It can be preordered now to through that link. I must go and reserve my copy.

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Ellis said...

Another savvy review Ben, well done.
The Dangerous Man is a remarkable book. I too love Karen's opti-mystic, humorous approach to some of these somewhat dark subjects...and that's the way best to tackle the Darkness from my experience.

Thought I'd mention that many of 'the Dangerous Men' will be speaking at Karen's ARC Convention.

Good on ya mate.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Ellis, glad you like the review. Yes, it is a book well worth adding to your list. It would make an ideal present for somebody, a friend or family member, new to these ideas. My brother might like a copy and his birthday's coming soon.

Thanks for the information on the ARC Convention. Everybody, see the link in the article and it will take you to where you can book tickets for the ARC Convention at Bath, England, in Febuary. A few of the Dangerous Men from the book will be speaking; Neil Kramer is going to be there too. There are limited places so book now!

Sadly for me, I won't be able to attend myself. :-(

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Anon, could you please stop leaving adverts for Chinese porn on HPANWO. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Ben, great work dude! Keep on doing what your doing! Your a bright star!!!



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