Friday 6 November 2009


HPANWO has been around for over 2 years now. Since I launched it in August 2007 it has expanded into 4 blogs, a forum and a YouTube channel. I have written 369 articles, produced 19 HPANWO TV films, many of them multi-vid and one feature-length. I’ve also published 17 pieces of literature including a new edition of my second novel, Rockall. As HPANWO delves further into its third year I decided it is time to add some kind of index, making it easier for readers to find articles that interest them. This index will appear in the Mission Statement and I’ll sticky it on the HPANWO Forum too.

The categories do not indicate a pure and exclusive relevance and some articles will be in more than one category because they contain more than one theme. The conference reports will probably cover most or all the categories (This index is not finished yet. I‘ll be adding more from HPANWO Voice plus any new entries on any of the blogs):

Illuminati- Secret SocietiesThe Illuminati Speaks- William and Kate
Who is Hagbard Celine

Aliens- UFO’sUFO Disclosure- This Year?
The Fourth Kind- Film Review
Alien /Abduction Similarities
The Day After Roswell by Col. Philip J Corso
Janet Plane on M/S Flight Simulator
My UFO Sighting 28/12/08
Skeptics in the Pub 8/12/08
Rendlesham Forest Incident
British UFO Files Released
Gary McKinnon
Old UFO Photoes
Roswells Galore!
UFO Caught on TV News
The Vrillon Broadcast
UFO Handbook for Firemen
Are Crop Circles Being Erased?
Proof of an Alien on Mars?
UFO’s in Iraq
David Adair- Area 51 Scientist
The Russian Roswell
Billion Dollar Secret
Stephen Hawking- Alien Fears
Roswell- No Aliens, Just Sound Waves
My Trip to a Haunted House
Alien Found on a Mexican Farm
Alien Found on a Mexican Farm
Alien Spotted by a Policeman Near Silbury Hill
Richard Hoagland Speaks in Britain
In the Burning Darkness:
Martyrs’ Memorial, Oxford
Skeptics in the Pub 21/7/08
The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
A Stroke of Genius
The Search for Happiness- a Waste of Time?
Bhutan- The Happiest Country in the World?
Merry Christmas!
Chief Seattle’s Letter
“That’s Just the Way Things Are”
What is Hypernihilism?
The Enemies of Reason
Richard Dawkins Speaks at TED
The Exit of Dennis Potter
Does God Exist?

Civil Rights, Mind Control and Big Brother
Ban the Burqa?
Big Brother is PAYING You!
“Coins Are Dropped”
Michael DiMercurio and Kevin Warwick
Total Isolation
AI and the New Human
UNISON Article
New GCHQ Building
New Child Database
Papieren Bitte! (Snaps fingers)
Digital TV
WANTED: Big Brother Snoopers
What if the Skeptics Had their Way?

Alternative Science and HistoryBoudica and the Perrennial Holocaust
Atlantis Found?
Boudica and the Perennial Holocaust
2012- Rumours of our Deaths have been greatly Exaggerated
Giant Breach in the Earth’s Magnetic Field
The Oxford Henge
Tunguska Event- 100 Years Ago Today
Large Hadron Collider
Mars Meteor
The Legacy of Wilhelm Reich
The REAL Erkdwala
Expanding Earth
Life Extension
Stargate China
The BEZERK! Thread
How Antisemitic Are YOU?
The British National Party
"Stop Immigration! World Government Now!"
Muslim Clerics- Are They Shills?
Muslim Clerics- Are They Shills?
Unrepentant- Kevin Annett and Canada’s Genocide
Stop Immigration-World Government NOW!
Chemtrails- The Tables Turned
Codex Starts to Bite
South African GM Crop Failures
No EU Referendum
The Lincoln Assassination
The Night of Broken Glass 2008
Who Really Runs the World
Benazir Bhutto Killed
BNP and David Irving at the Oxford Union
Was the Titanic Scuttled?
Chemtrails and Tomorrow’s World
Miles Cooper- Agent Provocateur
Bin Laden the “Synthespian”
The Lucifer Project
Dean Warwick
What Next for Nick Pope?
Was the Titanic Scuttled?

Ghosts the Paranormal and SpiritualismRiver Ghost
The Sun Demonizes Salvia
The Cottingley Fairies
Chemtrails vs Sylphs
Eyes of the Centaur
The Psychic Hamster
Mysterious Footprints in Oxford
The Solway Firth Spaceman
Imaginary Friends
Chris French- MBA Gold
Dr Gibson’s Casebook
Ghosts at Bygone Times
Are Crop Circles Being Erased
Chilean Mall Ghost
Hospital Ghosts
The Other Side of James Randi
Skeptics in the Pub 14/11/11
The Skeptocrats Attack!
The Skeptic Renaissance
Bust Spooky College!
The Worst TV Documentary Ever!
REAL Zombies!

Conference and Event Reports
TAM London
Probe Autumn 2010
Bathing into History
Breaking the Serpent’s Spell- Matthew Delooze Live in Brighton
Probe- Autumn 2008
Say No to the NWO!
Now That’s Weird Conference 2008
David Icke Live!
Beyond Knowledge Conference 2008
Probe- Spring 2008
Probe- Autumn 2007
UK Probe Conference March 2011
My Interview on Awakened People Radio
My interview of the Richplanet Starship
Probe Conference October 2011
Nick Pope- His Next Step
Exopolitics Leeds 2011

Humour and SatireI now KNOW who the Illuminati Are!
Help me, Ben Goldacre!
The HPANWO Guide to Being an “I’ve Been There!” Poser
AAAHH! There’s a Reptilian Under My Bed!
David Icke has Been to Visit my House!
Professor Chris French- MBA Gold
Deathbed MBA's
Knobs for Cox!

SymbolismSexual Subliminal in a Station Poster
Symbolism in Notts
Doctor Who- Revealing Dialogue
Symbolism in Burger King and Starbucks
The Brixton Pyramid
The Village
New £20 Note
Illuminati Symbolism in Temple Cowley Oxford

"Billions Will Die... We Will Win!"
Simon Mann vs Mark Thatcher
Armed Forces Day
North Korea Tests Nuke
The Overpopulation Myth
"It's the JOOOOOZZZ!"
The New Iron Cutrain
Kony 2012 and Ugandan Oil

The Post-Illuminati World
Credit Crunch? What Credit Crunch?
Terra Preta
The Welsh Pound
Basic Income
Workers Cooperatives
The Military- Do We Need it?

9119/11 Truth Poem
Greeks Bear Gifts, Not NORAD
Payne Stewart
The Rick Riscorla Story
Screw Screw Loose Change
BHA Conspiracy Theory Conference

Secrets in SpaceNASA Bombs the Moon!
“I Went to The Goddamn Moon!”
Skeptics in the Pub 18/8/08
Arthur C Clarke 1917-2008
The Moon
The Face on Mars
Richard Hoagland Speaks in Britain

The Media and Psyops
Are Peter and Jordan Still Together?
The Economy’s Fawkt- It’s YOUR Fault!
Have Jordan and Peter Split?
Snob Walls
The New Doctor
The Hanged Hangman
Barack Obama- The Saviour?
Is Paul McCartney Dead?
Oxford Hospital Terrorist Drill
Spooks- Code 9
The Grimleys
The Plankers
Prince Harry in Afghanistan
Harvey Stickers
Horizon Doomsday-Mongering
A Convenient Lie
Reality TV
Chocolate Euroes
Fake Blue Peter Phone-In
AHHH! Save Us From These Evil Detainees!
The Sun Demonizes Salvia
Compulsory MMR Jabs Possible
Hospital Porters in the Media
“We’re Porters Through and Through
Hard Work by Polly Toynbee
Happy St Theo’s Day!
JRHPC Letter
“Don’t Tell ‘em We’re Porters!”
Hospital Porters’ Anthem
Bad For Your Health- a Poem
What is a Hospital Porter (First ever article)
Memoirs of a Survivor by Doris Lessing
The Dangerous Man by Karen Sawyer
Dogged Days by Ellis Taylor
The Mist
Ian Crane- The War on Terra
The Psychic Mafia by M Lamar Keene
David Shayler Interview
“It’s a Tough Game, Son” by David Icke
His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman
The Golden Compass
One Small Step? By Gerhard Wisniewski
In These Signs Conquer by Ellis Taylor
KLF Videos Online
David Icke on Radio 2
Blakes 7
Glastonbury Movie by Darren Pollard
Brilliant Poems
Paranormality by Richard Wiseman
A Heroine for the Internet Age
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Literature and FictionEvan's Land Audio Book
The Obscurati Chronicles

Earth Field
Show Some Respect!
Our Lusitania
Rockall on Amazon Kindle

Is it Cool to be Anti-Icke?
How AntiSemitic Are You?
Happy Birthday HPANWO!
HPANWO TV Winter Wonderland Interlude
Debating with a Skepster
David Shayler- The Messiah?
Valentines Day
Immigration and Saving Petrol
Tavistock Founder Dies
America’s Most Hated
True World Order T-Shirts
Charlie Chaplin Breaks His Silence
My Dream 20/8/07
Let’s Cut to the Chase. Here’s the Crazy Stuff
The Purpose of This Blog
Jesus Christians Disclaimer


Alex Robinson said...

Fantastic work you have done Ben! I really admire your energy & devotion - am very glad to have virtually met you :)

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Alex. The feeling's mutual. Hopefully we'll meet for real one day.

Steve Trueblue said...

Can't find anything on this index page about Victor Zammits 2 recent podcasts. Am I looking in the wrong place? The Zammits very much deserve to be here.

Steve Trueblue said...

I would like to be able to search on Zammit's podcast 107 (that's part 2) and come up with a working link leading to an mp3 player.

Is that possible?
Is there an index page for podcasts ?
Novice I am.
Steve in Sydney