Friday, 24 August 2007

The War on Democracy

I’ve always admired John Pilger. I respect his mission and consider myself a part of it. I’ve found his films quite upsetting; the odds we were up against seemed overwhelming. But this one is different. Yes it’s harrowing indeed, especially the descriptions of brutality in South America (This film should be compulsory viewing for those considering a career in the military, intelligence or diplomatic services), but it’s also optimistic and inspiring. You get the feeling that the corner has been turned. Things are getting better.

It’s interesting how the coup in Venezuela was triggered by a false flag operation, just like 9/11. I bet the CIA organized that shooting! Thank God for once this deception didn’t succeed! There’s an important lesson here for all of us: don’t believe the hype! Stand up for your rights! Don’t forget that it’s the populus who hold the REAL power. In the second part of the programme, about Guatemala and Chile, the CIA agent effectively admits they use false flag terrorism! “A few harmless bombings” was the euphemism. The brief interviews with the CIA agents say it all in a few words. What a stark confession! Some were openly unapologetic for it and denied the consequences of their actions as vehemently as any Auschwitz capo. It’s interesting how Margaret Thatcher supported Pinochet when he came to the UK for exile too. The painting by the Juan Delphin is one of the most incredible works of art I’ve ever seen. It’s an amazing blend of indigenous Shamanic art and political street mural. It reminds me of Neil Hague (see links).


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