Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Biometrics in Schools

Have any of your children come home from school and told you that the teachers are trying to take their fingerprints? The chances are that if they are then this is the first you'll hear about it! Schools are creating a biometric database of all British schoolchildren. Why? Well it's probably because the govt want to create a similar database for adults, but the current adult population are against it. Heard of the Nation Identity Card scheme? That's it! They're even calling it "Blair's (or Brown's now) Poll Tax". So the logic is: "If we can't get this generation we'll get the next one. We'll brainwash the kids into thinking fingerprinting and biomentric identification is normal and everyday".

The New World Order want a database of every human being in the world for "The Beast". Once that database is complete the state will have total control. you won't be able to unlock your front door without permission from the Beast, or rather whoever programs it. Check out this excellent website for further information: