Wednesday 25 November 2009

The Alternative View 3- Part 4

(This is the final part of my review of AV3.) Sunday Morning We had to make some tough decisions on Sunday morning. Alongside the main speakers there are a number of smaller workshops which run in parallel, so unfortunately it’s not possible to attend everything. Andy Thomas was the first speaker of the morning and although I wanted to see his speech there was an Orgonite workshop on at the same time. I’d seen Andy before at AV2, see links above, and so Ustane and I both opted to go to the workshop. The man taking the event was Matt whom I knew well because he’d been doing conference stalls for a while now and he sold me my first ever Orgonite piece last year, see: . Here’s Matt’s website: . Having my Orgonite has really made a big difference to my life. I feel fitter and healthier, people say I look younger and I have more stamina. Colds last about half the time they used to and I sleep better. Here’s an article with a bit more background to the subject: . The workshop was fascinating and because there were only about a dozen people there we all managed to participate. After that I had another difficult choice because John Harris was supposed to be up and yet Karen Sawyer of The Dot Connector magazine ( was doing a workshop. Karen also designed my wonderful “True World Order” T-shirt that I often wear to events, see: . I badly wanted to see John Harris because I was very impressed with his lecture at the British Constitutional Conference back in June. He talks about the Freeman-on-the-Land movement which is very interesting; see: . However I wanted to go to Karen’s workshop too. Then the news came through that John had cancelled; problem solved! As we entered the room Karen immediately rearranged the chairs. They had been in rows facing the front but Karen wanted them in a circle which is a more natural shape, less hierarchical and Conformist. She then began by talking about her new book The Dangerous Man ( It's a collection of interviews she’s done with many freethinkers, conspiracy researchers and esoteric philosophers; see the list on the linked page. These are the people she terms “Dangerous Men”. She asked us: “Are you a Dangerous Man?” The term “Dangerous Man” is a quote from several people to refer to anyone who lives a life of independent thought and action, who analyses instead of just blindly believing and dislikes following trends and conventions. The name is merely a metaphorical quotation and a Dangerous Man can be either male or female. It was a great workshop and we were really enjoying it, but regrettably some latecomers burst in through the door halfway through and began to monopolize the conversation a bit. After lunch the agenda returned to normal and we went back to the main conference hall for the next speaker. Anthony J Hilder New World Order for Beginners Anthony J Hilder is one of the most experienced veterans of conspiracy investigations that there are. He was exposing the New World Order before Alex Jones was born and some of his first speeches were published on vinyl disks. He became well known in the 60’s, just after the two Kennedy’s and King assassinations, when he was a film studio manager. He went on to found the Free World Alliance and published a book: The Free World Manifesto. I first met Anthony as he was arriving at the hotel reception and got to talk with him face-to-face which was a true honour because he is a real pioneer of this mission to which I‘ve dedicated my own life, just like he did many years ago. Anthony is making a new movie called The EU- Hitler’s Dream Come True, and to my amazement he took out a film camera and did an interview with me. Wait and see if it appears on the film! He asked me about my feeling on the Lisbon Treaty and Tony Blair and several other things. He’s also done an interview for Edge Media TV which I’ll have to see. Anthony J Hilder entered the stage from the back in a dramatic way, warning us in an angry voice about the New World Order. “The World is full of zombies, dead from the neck up!” he proclaimed. “We have to do something spectacular to stop this!” He then went on to talk about the Illuminati’s eye in the pyramid symbol on the back on the dollar bill. “Communism is not something created by the masses to overthrow the bankers; it’s the other way round!” he yelled. This was something I found out myself and I recalled my misspent teenage years as a Marxist with some embarrassment. He then went on to talk about President Obama. He uses the word “Obamanization” to describe what Alex Jones spoke of in his film The Obama Deception. Anthony loves verbal games and inventing new words. He talks about the “smell of the New World Odour”. He also coined many of the expressions that are today established parlance among conspiracy researchers like “Sheeple” and “Banksters”. His newly-released film about the Federal Reserve Deception is called Frankenfed. “There’s a new Battle of Britain!” Anthony went on. “We must be willing to dismiss politicians who betray us!… We’ve got to stop it! AV3 will stop it! We have to stop it! We must prepare to win or prepare to die. We will win this war of the world!” He then suggested that we should exhume Ted Heath’s bones and flush them down the toilet. That would be good, a kind of “anti-Funeral”! Anthony said that God spoke to him in Las Vegas and told him to come to England. He’s going up to lecture at the Probe venue in St Annes and is then off to a Mosque in Birmingham because he has the sense not to be taken in by this anti-Islam divide-and-rule scam that so many others have fallen for, many who should know better. “I’m not kidding! I’m as serious as a heart attack! We’ve got a nation to wake up from their slumber!” I’d say “a world”. He then went on to talk about 9/11 and how it was so obviously an inside job. Anthony spoke passionately and poetically. He didn’t really give most of us any new information, hence the title of his lecture, but he presented it in a way to motivate and inspire us. It worked I think. He was a necessary counterpoint to the information-heavy atmosphere we’d had so far. Terry Boardman The New World Order and the Esoteric Dimension of the 21st Century Here I review Terry’s speech at the AV2 conference: There are two views of the New World Order, Terry said. The first is fairly leftist and secular and involves political intrigue and secret deals etc; it’s personified by Alex Jones. The second involves UFO’s, bloodlines, the supernatural, Reptilians, David Icke stuff. I don’t think we can divide views of the New World Order that neatly; I think that they’re both right. Terry wonders if there’s a deeper meaning, and this feeling has been influenced by his life spent in England and also Japan, and as he said in his last speech, he thinks Rudolf Steiner has been unjustly left out of the equation, and even history in general. Steiner had some fascinating ideas about the relationship between human thought, science and spirituality, as well as unorthodox ideas about Christianity. He still has a legacy though, especially in education. There are Waldorf schools all over the world and I went to visit one in Scotland in 2005 while staying at the Findhorn Community. Steiner’s view was that there are 9 levels of consciousness in the human soul. Our current level is 4, but we are on the brink of moving up to 5. The purpose of the Illuminati is to prevent us from making that transition and to keep us on Level 4. Level 4 is the epoch of the intellectual. At this point Terry began reminding me of Ken Wilber and his “Spectrum of Consciousness” ( This ties in with what I’ve thought myself about how the Illuminati seem terrified of us gaining spiritual knowledge and like us being cold and calculating social-Darwinists. The underlying philosophy of all of what David Icke calls “opposames”, fascism, communism, capitalism, nationalism: is materialism. This was the Enlightenment paradigm that I spoke of in my review of Mae Wan Ho’s lecture. The absence of a God, past lives, an afterlife, anything that was not pure mechanism. Steiner, you might say, was one of the first Conspiracy Theorists, although I doubt if he and Nesta Webster would have got on! Steiner understood how World War I was being engineered by agents working together through both “sides”. Millions were dying and yet it carried on going for 5 years until that same Elite decided to end it. The Illuminati have a strategy that Terry has noticed: They seem to try to block all emerging levels and then when they fail, embrace and pervert that level to block advancement to the level above it. For instance the current Level 4 paradigm really began with the Anceint Greeks, but at the time the Illuminati tried to prevent us reaching it; they wanted to keep us in the Level 3 epoch that was incumbent when they first took power during the Sumerian Empire. Terry thinks, ringing bells if you heard Leonid Sharashkin, that Russia is the source of the Level 5 emergence and the Slavic Epoch will explode with great force; and maybe this is why the global community is turning its attention to Russia once again, trying to make it a “nation of concern”. Is this why, 2 decades after the fall of the Soviets, we’re suddenly seeing bombers over the North Sea and radioactive poison in London restaurants? The goal is to keep us locked into the Anglo-American dog-eat-dog mentality. According to Terry the Bolshevik Revolution was a failed attempt to introduce this new Russian Epoch. If I understand Terry correctly, I have trouble with that idea; it would mean that Karl Marx would have to be working against the Illuminati, when all the information I've some across says the opposite! One of the most interesting aspects to this transformation in level we’re experiencing is Steiner’s theory that when the changeover happens we’ll get… “visitors”. The first visitors will be evil creatures called “Ahrimanics” and these will then be followed by “Christ” beings. Maybe it was the era he lived in, but Steiner uses a lot of Christian terminology where I think it is not really appropriate by modern standards. The Christ-beings do not mean the Second Coming any more than the Ahrimanics are the Antichrist. Steiner’s idea of “visitors” reminds me of Geoff Stray’s book Beyond 2012 which I read a few months ago. . Stray says that the Maya believed that the end of each age was accompanied by a particular kind of upheaval: fire, wind, Tsunami etc; but at the end of our current epoch, the 5th Sun, in 2012, the changeover would be heralded by the arrival of beings from another world called “Tzitzimitls”. The book contains an original Mayan illustration of a Tzitzimitl and they don’t look friendly; in fact they resemble a monster from Doctor Who. Steiner also says that the “Antichrist” will incarnate on the Earth; now I don’t know whether he means it in the literal Biblical sense or whether he is using inapropriate Christian allegory again. The Universe has been going through a Dark Age between 3102BC and 1899AD; an age of no spirituality. This kind of makes sense because at the time this age began it was also the start of the current Mayan 13 Baktun long-count cycle. It was about then that the Illuminati had just risen to power for the first time, in Sumer. It’s when history as we know it began. They were present in Atlantis, but were just a powerless underground movement there; with Sumer they could begin their “Great Work of the Ages”, the New World Order. In 1900 spiritual eyes began to open a bit, but there’ll be a period of fear and uncertainty before we attain the 5th Level. Terry then goes into the history of the Anthroposophical Movement. It emerged from the Theosophists at the turn of the 20th Century. The split was born out of an argument between Steiner and the Theosophist leader Annie Besant; it was all about Krishnamurti, but I didn’t quite understand that part. However I’ve often thought as Terry does when he says we should have serious doubts over a lot of New Age spirituality. A lot of it is no better than Roman Catholicism, Anglicanism or any other brand of official religion. Kevin Annett, whom I mention above, puts it very well when he outlines his theory that the Roman Empire eventually accepted and then embraced Christianity after 300 years of trying to stamp it out. He believes before accepting it, they warped it into a corrupted form (I’ll be writing a full article on this subject soon). I think the same happened in the New Age. We see it in various eco-faiths, the worship of Extraterrestrials like the Raelians and Aetherius Society. I remember how uncomfortable I felt when I went to the Brahma Kumaris Global Retreat Centre ( which is based at Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire, not far from where I live. I couldn’t fathom the source of my unease, but later on I did. The BK’s are affiliated to all kinds of international think-tanks and the United Nations, bodies like the sinister Lucis Trust. Despite the fact that they don’t charge for their retreats their premises is in the old Harcourt Mansion and it is always spotless with a well-kept garden; where is the money coming from for that? Rudolf Steiner thought it perverse that Western nations had no spirituality and had to borrow from India and the Far East. The fact is that Europe, Australia and the Americas did have an indigenous spirituality but that Western civilization exterminated it! Steiner believed that the Western world should look within itself and revive its own spirituality rather than replying on half-understood ideas from its conquered subject-cultures. Terry then went on to show us some paintings like The Wounded Cavalier by William Shakespeare Burton, but I didn’t understand properly when he was saying. I think that if I buy just one DVD of the conference speeches it will have to be Terry’s because his information is so interesting, yet it’s the hardest to grasp and I’ll need to hear it more than once. Leonid Sharashkin Recreating a Garden Planet and Putting an End to Environmental Destruction This was the second address by Leonid Sharashkin and here he moves on from his experience with the Ringing Cedars to talk about his ideas on how we can change the world into something better. Leonid began by working for the World Wide Fund for Nature, but realized soon afterwards that it is dodgy; seeing as a big game hunter like Prince Philip runs it that’s no surprise! But for Leonid the tipping point was when he saw a WWF official hurl a cigarette end out of a car window. He realized that we have to save the planet ourselves. No organization is going to lead us. The last few years has seen the worst environmental destruction ever and so something is missing from the current environmental protection measures. That’s got to be an understatement! I’m actually beginning to wonder if the Illuminati are deliberately destroying the Earth’s environment, either as some despicable part of the New World Order or as a Gotterdammerung manoeuvre. Leonid thinks that there’s a “Karma of Nature”, that whatever we do will come back to us. Chlorophyll is green because green light is the most harmful wavelength for plants, so they reflect it. But green eases depression and improves the mental health of animals, including humans. It’s the same with food. We wouldn’t eat shit; it would poison us, but for plants it’s the greatest gourmet! So there’s a cycle: plants eat shit and produce fruit which we eat; then we eat the fruit, turn it into shit and give it back to the plants. It’s very logical really. With that in mind our environmental protection measures shouldn’t be too invasive. When we fell trees we should only take the weaker ones and we should let forest fires run their course. A fire is actually quite good for a forest; it clears away the undergrowth and produces fertilizer. The trees’ bark gets scorched but most trees survive a fire. In fact if a forest doesn’t burn down every few hundred years it can choke to death on its own excess. Leonid says that since he moved into his Kin’s Domain he finds he is sleeping whenever it’s dark. So in summer when the nights are shorter he only sleeps 5 hours and in winter when the nights are long he sleeps 12 or 13 hours. It’s as if his sleep-pattern has retuned itself to the cycles of the sun; something most people are totally out of synch with. He also doesn’t decorate dead trees at Christmas. He has a Christmas tree in a pot which he keeps outdoors and brings indoors only at Christmas to decorate; after Christmas he puts it back outdoors, alive and well. When the tree has grown too big to bring indoors he plants it in the garden and selects a smaller sapling for the pot. Leonid asks some very relevant questions about how human emotions are symbolized. For instance falling in love is represented as an arrow piercing a heart; this is what is often put on Valentine Cards. Also we give our sweetheart cut flowers to say we love them. It’s as if we equate falling in love with death and bloodshed. Trees are killed today by injecting them with poisons and they can take a month of more to die. I think that this is deliberate; torturing trees fills the Earth’s energy field with the vibes of agony (I find it hard to think about this). Leonid think bees are disappearing because we keep moving them when it is in their nature to stay in one place. I personally think GM crops, Chemtrails and pesticides have more of a contribution to that, but maybe Leonid is right and that bees dislike being moved around. The same goes for food like bananas; they should not be eaten outside their natural habitat. We will therefore be healthiest if we eat food grown on our Kin’s Domains and eat honey produced in hives kept there. He suggests that we should not make gardening tools out of metal, but wood. A wooden spade, hoe or fork won’t last as long as a metal one, but it is better for the ground. Leonid also suggests ways of solving disputes with neighbours. If you’re being attacked by someone you don’t like, imagine an exaggerated scenario of the dispute; when it reaches such extremes that it makes you laugh then a solution will come to you. This is something I myself have been working on in the last year or so; I’ve developed the “Dignity Statement” as a strategy to disarm people who intimidate me, or ease the irritation when a personality clashes with mine. See my review of the last Probe Conference where I describe my dispute with “Carl” and how I dealt with it. Leonid ended his speech by playing a Russian folk song and he displayed English subtitles for the lyrics on the screen. If you get the Ringing Cedars books I hope you enjoy them. I must say I don't like the new cover design much. The exquisite paintings, by somebody called Alexander Razboinikov, have been replaced by rather insipid and conformist photos and copperplate writing graphic design, akin to magazines. Cynthia McKinney 9/11-Donald Rumsfeld-Palestine This second part of Cynthia’s address was introduced by her friend and speaker from AV2 David Halpin. I was very moved and impressed by David’s contribution to the last conference and he was in good form this time as he laid the way for Cynthia. He explained how there was a place in Bristol called Blackboy Hill which got its name from the slave trade of which Bristol played a pivotal role; I was disquieted to find out that it was close to where we were staying. He said that to him it sounded like O’Brien’s speech in 1984 where he describes the future as a “boot stamping on a face”. Israel promises a “new Holocaust”; what a terrible memorial that country is to the people who died in the Nazi Holocaust! Cynthia then came onto stage amidst a round of applause and stated that she herself was descended from slaves, like most black Americans are. I didn’t think she got the name “McKinney” from whichever part of Africa her ancestors hail. American Slaves had no surnames and so after the abolition they often just adopted the names of their last owner. This is why Malcolm X changed his name. He was originally Malcolm Little, but he didn’t want to carry the epithet of a man who made his family chattels. Cynthia was inspired by the song Leonid played and quickly composed her own lyrics to go along with it. “My word is truth. My joy is peace. My faith is the dignity of humanity and my strength is love and justice.” I wanted to hug her when she said she’s suing Tony Blair and George W Bush through the Malaysia Tribunal. In May next year the court has agree to bring a private prosecution against Bush and Blair for war crimes; roll on May! Another court in Spain is doing something similar. In Canada an Indian called Splitting-the-Sky got arrested while trying to sue George W Bush. Cynthia then describes her own experience of the attack on ship Dignity which I describe in my review of David Halpin’s speech in my AV2 report. Cynthia couldn’t swim and David saved her life. Cynthia must have been deeply shocked by her experience, but she didn't let that put her off her sailing for Gaza again aboard another ship; I can only guess how difficult this must have been for her! This ship, a chartered ferry bigger and sturdier than the Dignity, also had a symbolic name: The Spirit of Humanity. This time it was not sunk, but was boarded by Israeli marines who arrested Cynthia and everybody else on board. She was jailed for 7 days and this must have also been terrifying for her; because of the stories I’ve heard, and so she must have, from Israeli prisons, especially about what they do to female prisoners. Cynthia understands that, as Martin Luther King said, human rights are not divisible. A threat to human rights anywhere is a threat to them everywhere. She is not fighting for Palestinian people, she is fighting for people. As I said above, Cynthia’s mission is global. She works in her own country as well as South Africa and anywhere else where injustice and suffering occurs. After the speakers finished Edge Media TV did an interview with Cynthia in another room and Ustane and I were part of the studio audience. Ian R Crane The Green Agenda and Population Reduction See links column, previous conference reports and also: As before the conference closed with a speech by Mr AV Himself, Ian R Crane. He began by crediting all his fellow organizers and assistants which this time included his son who served behind the stalls. “Dr Hemp” was also part of the conference staff. Like before at AV2, Ian spoke about the mysterious Georgia Guidestones, a declaration in stone that appeared in Georgia USA in 1982 and are attributed to somebody called “RC Christian”, whoever that is. Some claim “RC” means “Rosicrucian”. They resemble a European megalithic site and perhaps they‘re meant to. On it was laid out the basic charter for the New World Order in 12 modern languages and 12 classical ones. Population reduction seems to be one of their primary tenets. They want there to be no more than a billion to half a billion people on the planet. How they plan to achieve that is not stated, but one can guess that it cannot be done by merely asking people to have less children. They want to kill people; it’s obvious. I was shocked to learn from Ustane that they seem to have become a haven for some New Age types. There have been many meditation retreats there even two weddings! This harks back to Terry’s views on the perversion of the New Age. I actually question whether the world is overpopulated at all; maybe it just seems that way because we’re such bad residents! The bioeconomic capacity of the planet is a very contested issue. There’s one thing for certain though: whatever the carrying capacity of the Earth is, it goes up manyfold when we start treating the environment respectfully. So perhaps we need to concentrate on our lifestyle instead of our numbers, see: . Ian has identified one of the ways the media operates. They seems to “test the waters” every so often with “feeler-stories” to see how the public react. If we don’t react then they do something else more extreme, but on the same theme, assuming they can get away with it because we didn‘t react to the feeler. One of these is the environmental agenda, which has become a double-edged sword. As previous speakers have said, a change in our relationship to the environment is essential for the future, but the Illuminati have got inside the organizations involved and perverted them; standard tactics for them in all areas of life. The Report From Iron Mountain which Ian describes in the AV2 report shows how the Elite were planning in the early 60’s to use fear of man-made environmental destruction as a Problem-Reaction-Solution ploy. Ian, like Greg Nikolettos, is concerned how the definition of humanity is changing and I myself have noticed the Orwellian language change at my hospital which Ian mentioned, and it’s everywhere else: “Personnel" is now “Human Resources”. I’ve actually been in serious trouble at work for refusing to use these new terms. I insisted on using the old natural word: “Theatre Porter“ when our job title had been officially changed to “Operating Department Orderly- ODO“. It surprised me how apoplecticly angry management got with me when I made a stand over this issue. They happily tolerate poor standards of work from some of the staff when I‘ve always worked to very high standards, but threatened to sack me on the spot because I said I wouldn’t use some plastic, gimmicky Orwellian euphemism! This Newspeak is really getting inside our heads! Ian has spoken before about the Carbon Con, and more and more scientists are coming out and admitting that man-made climate change is crap; however one scientist has been quoted as saying that it’s still worth promoting as a kind of Platonic “noble myth”. The idea is that man-made climate change may be untrue but it makes us aware of the plight of the Earth so it’s still good that people believe in it. The Carbon Conmen are getting desperate now and Al Gore uses CGI images of glaciers melting or illegally copies scenes from feature films. Green views are legally the same as religions now and employees can complain if an employer forces them to do something environmentally unfriendly. The Times is urging us all to become vegetarians because meat is damaging the world due to the methane hydrate produced by farting livestock; as if nothing ever farted before animals were husbandized!? It must have been such a relief after holding it on for so long! There are people being coerced into aiding the depopulation agenda who are well-meaning, but have been indoctrinated by this nonsense. They truly believe that we have to commit a genocide the like of which has never been seen before or the Earth will die. These are the people working for the Swine Flu vaccination agenda, see: and: . Compulsory vaccination is coming and the ground is being laid by demonizing people like us, who refuse the vaccine, in the media, calling us “extremists”. Baroness Warwick said that some people like the elderly and infirm “have a duty to die” so that the state doesn‘t have to care for them. What are we talking about here? Eugenics! The wiping out of “useless eaters”. David Halpin was right, the intolerable is now tolerable, and it’s only taken a few pages of media bollocks to make it so! Ian also warns us not to fall for the scam of swapping jewellery for cash. There’s been an explosion of pawn brokers appearing online, on TV adverts and all over the place; one set up a stall in a pub near Ustane’s home. But gold is the one thing that contains real value while cash is just bits of paper which measure value, and that value can fall dramatically. So if you’re lucky enough to own expensive jewellery, hang on to it! Ian then described his views on the Quest for the New Jerusalem and this is linked to the ethnic cleansing campaign we see in Gaza that Cynthia talked about. I’ve since watched that Dispatches programme David mentioned and I heartily recommend it. It proves that Zionist activists are infiltrating Parliament, wining and dining MP’s, flying them first class to Israel and corrupting them, as politicians do... and are. Ian calls them the “Enlilian Mafia”, referring to the Sumerian god Enlil. They are Mossad, Friends of Israel and the CIA. As you’ll see in the TV programme Zionists always acuse anyone who criticizes them of being “antee-suh-mittick”, when in fact it is the Zionists themselves who are the biggest antisemites! In Britain we have Common Purpose and the drive to absorb the nation into the EU. The media is actually sometimes sympathetic and publishes anti-EU stories. Even a Page 3 Girl called Becky has spoken out! But these stories seem to always emerge on barren ground, when the media is obsessed with some other triviality. (While we’re on the subject I see Jordan is back “In The Jungle”. Who are they going to fix her up with this time?) In Ireland the Lisbon Treaty “Yes” vote was really a foregone conclusion, in fact you’ll recall that I was at Probe when it happened and noticed how there was a 24 hour gap between the closing of the polls and the count, plenty of time to switch a few boxes! Also the media was very pro-Yes. Sinn Fein, the only party against the Lisbon treaty, was given far less air time than the others. There are silver linings though. For instance Blair is no longer in the running for EU President. The Illuminati need 3 things from us: apathy, abdication and wilful ignorance. If we don’t deliver then they’re scuppered. Ian has often said that maybe they’re doing us a favour because the blame lies with us in the end. The Illuminati are only in power because we let them get into power, so it’s a mirror held up to us! It’s for us to change ourselves. If we went out tomorrow and shot every one of the Illuminati it might be very satisfying, (I confess I would enjoy it) but how long would it be before we found another Illuminati to replace them? We need to change, us, ourselves, and symbolically this is what the name of the Irish Pro-No party Sinn Fein means. We have to change ourselves if we’re going to be truly free. It was a wonderful conference! Thanks, Ian, the speakers and everyone else! Sunday Night-Monday Morning Ustane and I were very tired at the end of the conference. It was all the information we’d had to take in and digest; it’s a process that has not finished yet. It was sad to say goodbye to everyone and I must apologize to Dave because he wanted a last drink with me after I’d done so and I had to turn him down. See you at the next conference Dave! Ustane and I returned to Oxford where we parted company and I waved her off on her train to Nottingham. Many people have asked us how we cope living apart as we do. I only see her a for a couple of days, three times a month. But I find that being apart makes the time we’re together all the more precious and we appreciate it a lot more. And after all we’re better off than some; how about sailors and their wives, or astronauts? We’ll hopefully both be going to the AV4 conference back at Heathrow Airport in June; but I’m waiting to see if it overlaps with Probe. Hopefully it won’t because I want very badly to go to both.               (Go back to Part 3: (Latest HPANWO Voice story: And:


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For an exposé of the Brahma Kumaris and their channeled entity which they believe is the god of all religions ... and yet has possessed their mediums to destroy all other religions ... is here:

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