Wednesday 29 April 2009

Emergency Swine Flu Meeting with Ian Crane

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I’ve been feeling pretty poorly the last couple of days. I threw up on Monday night and had to call into work sick. I went back to bed feverish and dizzy. When I phoned in I got the distinct impression from my colleague that I should see my GP and that it would be wise not to return to work until the symptoms had completely eased “what with everything that’s going on at the moment.” he said. I knew what he meant and, don’t worry my dear HPANWO-readers; I don’t have Swine Flu, but if you see me start snorting and rolling in the mud, call an ambulance! Then I got an email from Ian Crane (See background articles and links column. Also take a look at his blog: ) announcing an emergency meeting in London on the Swine Flu scare and decided to crawl out of my sick-bed and attend. Despite my reassurances, I decided not to talk openly about the fact I was feeling ill because, as you’ve probably seen in the news, the world appears to be gripped with hysteria over this so-called “epidemic”. Take this story as an example: . I was therefore pleasantly surprised that nobody I saw on the busy London streets or Underground trains was wearing these protective facemasks, even though newspapers were replete with headlines like: FIRST BRITISH SWINE FLU CASE CONFIRMED and SWINE FLU- PROBABLY ALREADY IN LONDON. Londoners seem to be pretty fearless actually. Their road-crossing habits would make the Green Cross Man’s hair turn grey and I’ve seen them perched right on the edge of Tube platforms reading newspapers while train sidewalls zoom past an inch from their knuckles. Maybe it’s because of how they endured the Blitz (See this article: )

The meeting was held at the George Tavern, an ancient pub in Shoreditch; and I learned that one of the Jack the Ripper murders had taken place nearby. I wonder: It’s possible the victim had drunk in this pub and may even have met her killer there! It was a lovely pub with a great atmosphere; traditional East End with a piano in the corner and really old furniture. The toilets were covered in graffiti and there was stuffing coming out of the settees! That’s how a real pub should be! I hate these squeaky clean, Corporate theme bars with uniformed staff, polished timber and brass pipes everywhere! Ian turned up soon after I did and we had a quick drink before the event began. We were led through a small door marked “PRIVATE” up a winding wooden staircase to an attic room. I can well imagine the Kray Twins having secret meetings in a place like this! The hosts were the local Women’s Institute and as I tried to enter the room the woman on the door said: “Oh, I don’t think we can have chaps in here.” I explained that I’d been invited by Ian and she let me through. We made a good-natured joke about me putting on a dress and a wig, but she said to me quietly: “I think the WI leadership would frown on us for having men in this meeting tonight.” I told her about how when women first joined the Portering crew at my hospital I stood up for them when some other people didn’t want them there. If the WI leadership wouldn’t be impressed by this then I’m clearly far more anti-Chauvinistic than they are! As I said in my article on the Oxford Snob Walls ( ) you can’t fight injustice by trying to cancel it out with another “opposite” injustice; all you get is twice the injustice! The Women’s Institute have a reputation for being one of the most challenging audiences in the world and one of the most delightful news stories for me was when they booed Tony Blair off the stage when he addressed them a couple of years ago! I knew Ian was up to that challenge, but it in the end they turned out to be very sympathetic and I realized that he really struck a chord with them. This gig had been already booked, but Ian had managed to get it moved forward due to the urgency of the current situation. The following is based on notes I took down during the lecture. Sorry, Ian, if I’ve made any errors:

Ian opened his lecture by holding up a newspaper and showing how two stories are dominating the news at the present time. One is the aforementioned Swine Flu and the other is the trial of the two men accused of the brutal murder of Gabriel Ferez and Laurent Bonomo at their home in London last year ( ) By the end of the talk Ian would reveal a connection between the two events. Contrary to current belief, Swine Flu is not a new disease, in fact it was isolated nearly 90 years ago. In 1976 there was another outbreak and a similar public reaction. Ian showed us an American TV advert from that time which was clearly designed to breed fear and insecurity in the viewer so that they will be willing to accept the medical treatment offered as the solution. The advert can be seen here on YouTube: . The resulting outbreak was nowhere near as serious as the theme of the advert suggests; in fact more people died of side effects from the vaccine than of the disease… but it was covered up. Two men involved in the Pharmaceutical firm that manufactured the vaccine and covered up its subsequent debacle had names that are infamous today: Donald Rumsfeld and Zbigniew Brzezinski. In fact Donald Rumsfeld pops up all the time whenever you research the subjects Ian talks about; he’s the ultimate bad penny! The company making Tamiflu is called Roche and its stock prices rose sharply on Monday with the announcement of a Swine Flu epidemic, but those stocks have been steadily rising over the past five years, repeatedly boosted by SARS and then Avian Flu; no doubt after Swine Flu another convenient plague will follow in a couple of years that will give Roche, Gilead and companies like it even more profits. Disease is big business and many senior politicians have their fingers in the pie so don’t believe them when they express their concern for our well-being during epidemics.

Ian then went on to talk about Codex Alimentarius. Codex Alimentarius laws are a deeply sinister expression of the agenda to conquer the body of every human being, from birth… nay conception, to death. The laws are a two-pronged assault. On the one hand they reduce the quality of food by imposing GMO crops and livestock creating what Ian calls “cardboard food”. This is what is often forgotten about the GMO threat: it’s not so much what they put in it; it’s what they take out. GM food is stripped of many of the essential vitamins, minerals, the subtle and fragile nutrients we need to stay healthy. So we get sick more often and the other prong of the assault is the end to natural medicine so Big Pharma has a monopoly on treating us. The length of a person’s lifespan will probably increase and this will be used falsely as an indicator that people are healthier, but it’s a fallacy. People live longer because we are embalmed alive by medical drugs! In the past people may have died at 60, but those in 60 years we were active and healthy, only deteriorating with age in the last couple of years. Interestingly Paul Bremner, the American governor of Iraq, passed a law just before he left office which demanded that all Iraqi farmers use patented GMO seeds and that they buy these seeds exclusively from Monsanto. This is a company that is playing a crucial role in the Codex Alimentarius agenda; what’s more it bought out Searle, Donald Rumsfeld’s old firm; that name again! Ian hopes, as I do, that the farmers will rebel and break this law. If they don’t then they’ll not only be poisoning their land with GMO but ruining their businesses by being forced to buy new seeds every year or be prosecuted for breaching Monsanto’s patent. One of the most poignant parts of Ian’s address was when he spoke of Mark Plotkin and his book and film The Shaman’s Apprentice. Plotkin is a man who worked as a scout for a pharmaceutical firm, but before, when he was a student, he went into the Amazon jungle to investigate herbal ingredients that could be made into modern medical drugs. He came across an unknown tribe of people, very like the ones I report on here: . They are an indigenous culture that had had no contact with the outside world. The people didn’t wear clothes and lived off the natural world of the forest, eating only what they hunt and gather. They very rarely got sick, but when they did they visited the local medicine man who fixed them up with a natural herbal tonic. When they’d got used to the author’s unusual appearance: white skin, clothing, technology etc, they were perfectly happy to provide him with specimens of their medicinal herbs, an act both parties would bitterly regret. The author sold his research to a Pharmaceutical firm and returned to the tribe a few years later to find that in the meantime they’d had more contact with the outside world, from missionaries. Not only Christian priests, but the missionaries of that other Great God of the Western world: Consumerism. The people who used to walk happily around naked now wore Levi jeans and Hawaiian shirts. For spiritual guidance they never went to the Shamans anymore, but to their missionary’s chapel. If they got ill they only visited the village’s modern medical centre. The author was shown a shelf of conventional drugs based on the same ingredients he’d discovered, but they’d been processed by his employer! The pure, natural medicine had been cut with chemicals, watered down and redosed. The tribe members were even denied the choice of using the original natural form of the drug because the pharmaceutical company had patented it. Any Indians who tried could be sued for Copyright infringement! Even though it was the Indians who had originally discovered the herb and had been using it for thousands of years!

There has been a deliberate, coordinated conspiracy for hundreds or possibly thousands of years to destroy ancient knowledge, especially the Spiritual kind. It takes its form in the burning of the Library of Alexandria in the 2nd Century, the destruction of the Native American sacred texts, including the attempted destruction of the Popol Vuh, in the 16th Century by the Spanish Conquistadors, and recently in the looting of the museums of Baghdad after the 2003 invasion. A recent ruling in the United States has ordered the burning of all school textbooks published before 1985, the reason?... Well they say it’s because the glue in the binding is toxic! Sounds like a convenient use of the Nanny-State to me and Ian agrees. The real reason could be because they contain uncensored information from a time before education was so tightly controlled. I’ve been reading some books by Lyall Watson, a brilliant thinker who published an amazing series of books in the early 70’s on the Supernatural and esoteric science. If you can get hold of copies they’re well worth a read! (He died last year. Here’s an obituary: ). There’s a book available which Ian recommends called Seeds of Destruction by William Engdahl ( ). It outlines the danger of this drive by the Illuminati, or whatever you want to call them, and I quote, to “Control the food and you control the people”. In India at the moment there’s a concerted agenda to wipe out that country’s ancient, indigenous farming culture and replace it with Corporate big-business collective factory farming, all run by Monsanto-produced seeds of course. In fact farmers in India are becoming depressed and their suicide rate has shot up, much like what happened to independent British farmers in the Foot-and-Mouth epidemic of 2000. I’m reminded of the plight of the Dongria Kondhs in India right now. (See: ).

Ian then discussed the history of this Medical Mafia. He reports how the board members of the Nazi-based IG Farben were tried and convicted at Nuremburg but as soon as they were released they were given seats on the boards of big American Pharmaceutical corporations. What the mainstream calls “Globalization” is an essential part of this. Corporations are becoming what the sci-fi author Kim Stanley Robinson calls “Meta-Nationals”, the true superpowers of the world, with political governments as their chattels. The current nation states are all being absorbed into superstates like the EU which are unelected. The European Parliament is a music-hall farce! MEP’s are like trade union shop-stewards and have none of the legislative powers that national Parliamentary representative have… used to have I should say. In a word the UK no longer exists. National heads of government in European countries have less power than a state governor in the USA. The other superstates like NAFTA and APEC are not far behind. So don’t bother writing to your MP any more! The first official EU President, unelected of course, will be… and everybody in the room guessed this… Tony Blair. This is why he’s converted to Roman Catholicism Plans to bring in the EU can be found in official documents dating back to 1971, but the Elite have used what David Icke calls the “Stepping Stones Approach” so nobody realized it was happening. Interestingly that was the year we had our currency decimalized. I’ve realized this was to make it more similar to continental currencies, in both practical and cultural terms. Civil liberties are in a worse state than some former refugees from the Soviet Union say they were under Stalin

The ultimate goal of this agenda, covering every facet of human society, is the New World Order; the very thing I’ve dedicated my life to stopping. This would eventually take the form of a single, unelected world government, a single economy, a single religion: theirs; whatever that is, but I doubt if it will involve Love Thy Neighbour. A mysterious stone monument, by an anonymous artist, was erected in Georgia USA in 1982 called The Georgia Guidestones. On it was laid out the basic charter for the New world Order in 12 modern languages and 12 classical ones. Population reduction seems to be one of their primary tenets. They want there to be no more than a billion to half a billion people on the planet. How they plan to achieve that is not stated, but one can guess that it cannot be done by merely asking people to have less children. They want to kill people; it’s obvious. A scientist called Dr Eric Pianka was applauded for suggesting this in an unminuted speech he gave at the University of Texas. Pianka thought airborne diseases could be the answer. Prince Philip too has said that he’d like to be reincarnated as a fatal virus so that he could reduce the world’s population. It seems that control of food and medicine would be the main way they hope to do this, hence Codex Alimentarius. In the USA, and probably in most other Western countries, more people die from the side-effects of properly-prescribed medication than anything else; over 100,000 people a year! This is more than road traffic accidents, more than gun crime, more than war. Actually a lot of well-meaning people speak of reducing the world’s population without being tempted to such extreme measures; but I question whether the world is really overpopulated at all. See this article: . Maybe it’s our lifestyle we need to concentrate on, rather than our numbers, if we want to create a sustainable relationship with our home planet.

So why don’t people notice this happening? It’s got a lot to do with education and the media. The Elite sometimes suppress information, but it’s far more effective for them to leave the information in plain view, but distract the populace’s attention with mind-numbing TV shows and irrelevant celebrity gossip. As regular HPANWO-readers will know, this is a pet subject of mine and I’ve written about it a lot. See here: And: ) Education too is moving away from analytical thought to a process where you learn simply to repeat facts. My own daughter’s school report now just reads like an accountant’s audit where they list the various teaching targets she’s been categorized under. The youth seem to be in the focus of everything that this agenda does. Soap operas and Reality TV shows are geared towards a young audience and mind-altering drugs like Ritalin and Junior Prozac are an attempt to shut down their brains before they’ve even developed. Prozac is so commonly-prescribed that it’s even been found in the groundwater that we drink! Ritalin has been linked to teenage suicides and these terrible high-school shootings in the United States, Finland and elsewhere. It saddens me to see so many people drinking Red Bull a noxious concoction of chemicals like Aspartame and high-dose caffeine. Teenagers are still often sold this foul stuff and I’ve seen them drinking it; and people wonder why cases of diabetes are on the increase? The esoteric philosopher Rudolf Steiner predicted in 1918 that a day would come when the powerful people of this world would use substances put into vaccinations to shut down any kind of Spiritual emergence in the masses, for it is this that the Illuminati fear more than anything else, and it’s the secret they most vigourously keep. Credo Mutwa talks about this too. In his long interview with David Icke he relates how South African children who were given the BCG vaccination were robbed of the ability to see otherworldly beings. I think this is the same thing as Western children being stripped of their imaginary friends; see this article: It would be called "beneficial" and a "cure" in Western society, but in Mutwa's world the people understood what was really going on. They went to great lengths to "protect their children's spiritual eyes": Burning the kids' arms with hot maize grain to make a fake BCG mark. Credo also mentions that Zulu children were given a pink sugary sweet called "Bonsela" that they became addicted to; and it had the same effect. Maybe Bonsela contained chemical additives that resemble Aspartame. Ian actually comes out with something that I’d not seriously considered before: Was Jade Goody’s death faked? (See: ) Her affliction by cervical cancer has been used to promote the HPV vaccine to young girls. My daughter has been offered it at school, but you can guess what I said to that!

The good news is that people are leaning towards a more natural lifestyle. Organic food sales are at an all time high and interest in alternative complimentary medicine has never been greater. The media has responded with a backlash, biased reporting and the championing of people like Dr Ben Goldacre (See: And: ) And now we come full circle. Ian shows how Donald Rumsfeld has been involved in the New World Order agenda again and again in several different capacities. As already related, he began with the 1976 Swine Flu scare, the introduction with Searle, against medical advice, of Aspartame in 1982, Searle’s sale to Monsanto, his signature of the PNAC document (See the link to my review of Ian’s War on Terra DVD). He inadvertently lost US$ 2,3 trillion off the Pentagon budget (and they say the government could never fund secret Deep Black Projects! Did he have a hole in his pocket or what!?), he lied about what happened to him on 9/11, he was involved in the attempted cover-up of the Abu Graib torture scandal; and now finally he’s sitting on the board of Gilead, the producers of Tamiflu, just waiting for the panic-stricken people of the world to throw money at him to protect us. Here’s where the Ferez and Bonomo murders come in: The mainstream media mentions that they were both biochemistry students without giving any more details, but what one London reporter has found out is that they were investigating the real causes of Avian Flu and whether the vaccine itself was responsible. And they were viciously slaughtered; coincidence? Yeah, right!

As always, Ian’s basic message is optimistic. We are not helpless; this is not a done deal. We can free ourselves of the New World Order and what’s more we are going to! As I said the audience was generally very sympathetic. Only one person spoke up in the Q&A session seriously doubting Ian’s ideas and many members of the audience were genuinely inspired. One woman told of her own experiences of rejecting mainstream medicine in favour of alternatives and having good results with it. There’s a lot we can do. We can educate ourselves, spread the word to others. We can eat natural organic food and so encourage farmers and retailers that providing it is good business. We can avoid using Big Pharma’s so-called medication and use natural remedies instead. We can use water filters and drink unfluoridated water. Ian says that he might have caused a false-flag terrorist attack on Chicago to be aborted after telling so many people that he suspected it was about to happen. As such if it had happened then it would have been a dead giveaway, even to EastEnders fans!

After the event one of the audience kindly gave Ian and me a lift to the local Tube station and I got home at 1AM. I still feel a bit off colour and I’m off sick again from work. I suppose that’s justifiable in a way because I’m constantly in contact with sick, vulnerable people. On the other hand we must be careful not to let this fear of Swine Flu go to our heads. This was the central message I picked up from Ian’s lecture. These scams and agendas only work because we fall for the psychological manipulation that paves the way for them. When we get wise to that manipulation the agenda will become unworkable. It’s as simple as that.

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kerstin said...

Thanks for the report Ben. I'm sorry I missed it.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Sorry you couldn't get there, ML. It was a very good night. I'll let you know when Ian is next in the area.

Alex Robinson said...

Excellent write up - thanks for dragging yourself along & turning 'pig's ear' panic into a 'silk purse' sense - if that makes sense :)

Get well very soon

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, WW. I thought I heard myself crackle when the sun shone on me. Help! :-)

Chris Moffett said...

Great write up. I was in the front row next to the guy who questioned Ian's point of view - wonder if he'll go away and do his own research?!
Will be checking out your blog regularly now that i know it exists!!

Keep up the good work.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Chris.

Thanks very much for your interest; watch this space! Glad you like my report.

Ian is very pleased with that meeting. He had to travel a long way to deliver his lecture and he went down a treat.

The sole nay-sayer did seem to change his tune afterwards; it seemed to me anyway. Hopefully he'll check deeper into the subject, as you say.

All the best,


Loren Coleman said...

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Natural Remedies said...

Thanks Loren, for sharing links. Its really nice.

Sumana Gouba said...

H1N1 (referred to as “swine flu” early on) is a new influenza virus causing illness in people. Symptoms of swine flu are similar to those caused by other influenza viruses. Health authorities across the globe are taking steps to try to stem the spread of swine flu after outbreaks in Mexico and the United States. The World Health Organization has called it a "public health emergency of international concern."

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Sumana, As I relate in the article, the steps the WHO take to stem the "expedemic" could be far worse than the disase itself.

Mark - in Kidderminster. said...

Thanks for the link Ben. This is a mighty blog piece.

The story of the murders of those French students will rumble and rumble. One day it may just blow wide open. Thought I'd heard that they were working on cross-species transmissions of even weirder viruses than the birdy flu. They probably succeeded then, hence their subsequent demise.

One thing you mentioned struck a big chord with me, with respect to population reduction... "a lot of well-meaning people speak of reducing the world’s population"...

I was a member of Amnesty International for a few years. Wrote cards to political prisoners, sent money, even had their candle and my membership number as a little tattoo. Nearly the full nine yards! Then, in their March magazine, I saw an advert for a website advocating the reduction of the world's population.

Wasn't sure why Amnesty felt the need to take advertising cash off such an organisation. In fact, I felt rather queasy about it. Didn't sit right with what Amnesty was meant to be, for me. Wrote to the top person about it, and got no response - perhaps predictably. So I quit Amnesty. Doubt they're overcome with grief at that, but if that's the way they want to go...

No doubt their advertiser's nebulous ideals of foreign countries adopting one-child policies will come with a big bright green bow on it. "We're doing our bit for the planet by removing human life... as long as it's not our human life" etc.

Great work here, Ben. Glad it was such a rewarding evening. The WI are fine, fine people.


Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks for your comments, Mark. Would you like to join the HPANWO Forum? It will make discussion of the subjects of the blog far easier

Amnesty International, like the Green Party is run mostly by well-meaning people, but the philosophy of the Illuminati-occupied think-tanks like the Club of Rome holds a lot of sway there; see the Georgia Guidestones too. I went to a Green Party stall and they were harping on about Global Warming. They gave me a strange look when I said that it was not caused by carbon emissions. (See David Bellamy’s segment of the AVII review which should be up in a few days.) “Population control” sounds less intimidating than “population reduction”, but they’re both buzz-words for the same thing. The genuine people, “useful idiots” to quote Julia Middleton, who call for it never consider how the population can be reduced to the extent they consider necessary nor who will be made to go and who will be allowed to stay. And it means they never have to address the root cause of the problem, that humanity has been deliberately driven to create such a pathological way of life and that if we remove the cause of that pathology then we will create a better place to live; and how many of us happen to be here need not be an issue. This planet could support ten times the current human population if that population’s lifestyle was natural and harmonious. You’re right, it’s probably for the best that you quit Amnesty.

Mark - in Kidderminster said...

In response to your invitation: I might!

Thanks very much for the replies. Will check in again soon... moving house this week.

Peace to all.

Mark - in Kidderminster.

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