Tuesday 24 November 2009

Alternative View 3- Part 3

Dr Mae Wan Ho
Organic Medicine- Shifting the Paradigm
Several times during the weekend, Ustane and I remarked to each other that the conference was developing a kind of narrative arc. Each speaker seemed to carry on from the one before them and also lay the ground for who was to come after. Dr Mae Wan Ho built on the theme that Trevor Gunn started and also was a good introduction to Leonid Sharashkin.
Mae is a very experienced biochemist from Hong Kong. Contrary to how Skeppers like to portray anti-GMO and natural health activists, she is highly qualified and a distinguished academic and has been for over 40 years. She began her lecture by announcing that the campaign against GM foods has won a major victory against Monsanto (See my review of the AV2 conference for background into this cut-throat company: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2009/06/alternative-view-ii-part-1.html) Its high-lysine GMO maize has been withdrawn. It’s been done quietly, I suspect to allow the company to save face. The same happened with the soft drink “Sunny D” a few years ago when they removed Aspartame from the drink’s ingredients. There is no HPANWO article, but I mentioned it on a forum at the time. (The natural health movement has won another major victory at about the same time as the conference was being held; Scott Tips, whose speech I review in the last AV report, has blocked a Codex Alimentarius proposal; here‘s a radio show about it: http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2009/11nov/RIR-091113.php) For once the food standards agencies were doing their job; they asked for safety trial data and Monsanto couldn’t provide it.
Mae began by debunking what she believes is a dogma of genetics. The accepted idea that organisms emerge when DNA produces RNA that leads to proteins is not that simple. When you insert synthetic DNA into a genome it’s pretty much hit-and-miss. In one organism it can be harmless and yet in another it is deadly. It can do nothing at all, or it can produce cancer-causing substances, new viruses or violent allergic reactions. Synthetic DNA can mutate over many generations and also recombine “horizontally”, ie infect non-GM organisms that come into contact with it like some kind of plague… including humans who eat GM food. Genetics is far more complex than we think. It even seems that DNA has a memory; I’m reminded of Narby’s Cosmic Serpent. I remember how at the start of the Genome Project scientists were saying that they’d be able to build a human piece by piece at then end of it; well the Project has been completed, why can’t they? Mae believes that Monsanto’s GM maize, that has just been banned, has side-effects that include Alzheimer’s and Kidney problems. A German farmer fed this maize to his cattle once and every one of them died! Cows in India (a sacred animal in that country, so ask yourself what else is going on!) died after eating GM cotton stems. The debilitations caused by GM food can also be transmitted hereditarily; and Mae sites the same rat experiment as Susan Bardosz did at AV2, see link above. Monsanto are committing crimes against humanity. They want to destroy real science as we know it, and this reminded me of Arpad Pusztai’s lament about the end of the age of “Gentleman scientists”.
Mae then went on to state how she wished to teach Monsanto a lesson in genetics, to show them the “error of their ways”. Here I think Mae has not understood what is really going on. Monsanto and other organizations are not introducing GMO’s “by mistake”; they’re not being incompetent or lax etc. They’re doing it on purpose! She says: “When they pour ‘tolerated releases’ of GMO down the drain it’s as if they want to create a bio weapon”; well that’s because they do, Mae! It’s an malicious and deliberate act of eco-vandalism. Their motive? Well Ian R Crane’s lecture will give us a clue later in the AV3 narrative arc.
Mae, like Trevor, believes that we need a new kind of medicine. Genes are part of a “Molecular Dance of Life” or “Quantum Jazz” that has evolved over millions of years. (Mae has a way with words that was matched only by Anthony Hilder!) Alien material injected into the genes throws the dancers out of rhythm. This is why she says we have to ban GMO’s now and keep them out of the environment.
Mae then went onto discuss the Age of the Enlightenment in a way few people do, from outside; as a historical phenomenon itself rather than as the ultimate cognitive peak from which all others can be assessed. Descartes and Newton etc did humanity a great service by freeing us from superstitious religion, but it was lapped up so eagerly that we became gorged on it. This problem is put very well by the philosopher Brian Goodwin: “Not only the world was reduced to mechanism, we were reduced to mechanism too. The enlightenment caused a split between what was physical and therefore seen as real, and the non-physical: the immeasurable, the intangible; this was seen as unreal, epiphenomenal. The thing is that we live our lives primarily in that unreal world; the things that we value most are our feelings our consciousness our relationships with others. To have those denied is to enter into a serious pathology, and it needs to be healed. I don’t want to discard reductionism, I don’t want us to lose anything of value; all I want is to expand Western culture in a way that allows it to heal these pathologies generated by its own limitations.” I think Mae’s ideas may well be exactly what Goodwin has in mind. She wishes us to see the world holistically rather than something to be autopsied and each module studied separately. This is where I think she acts as an introduction to the next speaker. She begins to discuss her “Dream Farm”, a farm which is totally eco-friendly. It is carbon-neutral (not that carbon emissions are a concern of mine) and recycles all its waste including human toilet matter; something which is already being done in her native China. Why do we regularly flush such a wonderful natural fertilizer down the toilet every day, as Deek Jackson said in one of his FKN NEWZ shows: “We push a button and the shit disappears”. Unfortunately Mae didn’t have time to completely describe the Dream Farm, but it is something I’ll look up online for sure. I was particularly impressed when she said that these farms would best be run by Workers’ Cooperatives, companies in which everyone who works there is also an equal shareholder. This is something I’ve written about a lot myself before; see: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2007/09/workers-cooperatives.html . The dream farm can be vegetarian and vegan as well as one with livestock. It’s a big subject, but I think it deserves a lot of airtime because it could solve the poverty and overpopulation problems in the post-Illuminati world.

Leonid Sharashkin
The Return of Anastasia- The Ringing Cedars’ Silent Revolution

The 9-book series entitled The Ringing Cedars of Russia are a literary phenomenon which has taken the world by storm. They have been published and marketed in ways which breaks every rule in the business; they were not advertised, more than one book was published per year, and yet it has worked. They’ve sold over 10 million copies and have been translated into 20 languages. People are reporting that these books have changed their lives in every way. One Australian reader loved the first book, Anastasia, so much that he told Nexus magazine that “they make every other book I’ve ever read look like a waste of paper”.
Leonid was first given a copy of Anastasia by his mum as a present. It wasn’t available in regular bookshops and could only be bought online or from one warehouse where people were buying them in boxloads to give them out as presents to their family and friends. It was several years until Leonid got round to reading it (I know the feeling!) The author’s name was Vladimir Megre, and in Russian the main character of the popular Georges Simonon detective stories, Maigret, is basically-pronounced and spelt the same. The cover has a picture of a blonde girl on it called Anastasia, hence the title. This is a very common girl’s name in Russia. Then Leonid’s wife gave him a copy of the same book! So he thought he’s better start reading. By that time Vladimir Megre had written two more books and so Leonid got them too. I myself first got Anastasia after reading about it in Nexus magazine (see links column) and I’ve read them all except the last one. The story begins in 1994. Vladimir Megre was a successful businessman, a rouble millionaire living an enviable lifestyle with luxury, status and respect; a role-model for the post-Soviet Russian man. Then one day he hired a ship and went on a cruise down the River Ob, one of the world’s longest rivers that runs though the heart of the Siberian forest, known as the Taiga. The purpose of the cruise was to see if he could trade in cedar nut oil with the local people. There he met a remarkable old man who told him about how the cedar trees make a ringing sound when they reach a certain age; when they do that they must be felled. If they are then their wood contains special properties that cannot be found in a tree felled before or after its ringing period. While he was in port at the Siberian village where he landed he held a party on board his ship and a young woman was one of the people who came along, although at the time he didn’t know who she was or the importance she would play in his life. The following year Megre returned to the village and was met on the jetty by a young woman with blonde hair who wanted to show him something. She led him into the woods where she took off her overcoat, boots and shawl and walked clean and free in a short white dress; her name was Anastasia and she was the granddaughter of the man he'd met the previous year. He spent just a few days with her at her home deep in the forest, but it was a a few days that turned his life upside down. He left the Taiga and went back to his home in Novosibirsk and decided he would write a book about his experiences with Anastasia. He jacked in his business, laid off all his staff and sold his house. He rented an office with a computer, a desk and a mattress on the floor for him to sleep on and he lived there instead. The books are impossible to describe, but they’re basically Anastasia’s philosophy and observations on life which are clearly part of a lost stream of indigenous wisdom that is almost unheard of today, thanks to the genocidal actions of the Illuminati through its subsidiaries: the Inquisition, the Conquistadors etc. She speaks of farming, child-rearing, parenthood, education, sexuality and much more. The centrepiece of her ideas is that of the “Kin’s Domain”, Russia has a great tradition in smallholder organic agriculture and gardening and there’s an ancient law that says every Russian citizen is entitled to their Dacha, one hectare of land in the countryside, a kind of free allotment. Most people use their Dacha to build a second home on, usually to rent out, but Dachas have saved lives. Russia has been through several periods of famine, even recently in the immediate post-Soviet chaos of the early 1990’s, and people have often survived by moving onto their Dacha and growing their own food. There is a “Dachnik Day”, the 23rd of July.
For Anastasia the Kin’s Domain is far more than just a garden; it’s a sacred living temple where man and nature can become one and coexist in the “Space of Love”. You really have to read the books to know what I’m talking about, but beware! You might end up like Leonid and his family! Leonid showed a picture of himself and his wife when they were at a school of economics; they’re dressed in suits with neat hair and a Conformist mien. Then there’s another photo of them standing outside their farmhouse on their Kin’s Domain looking like hippies from the 1960’s! They set up their Dacha east of Moscow and today they live a life that was inspired in every way by The Ringing Cedars books. They have a daughter called Lada, which you might think is the name of a substandard make of car, but it was originally a Russian pagan goddess. Leonid started asking why the world has not heard of Russia’s indigenous spiritual tradition, as Edgar Cayce said: “From Russia comes hope.” Leonid by that time had become an English translator and wanted badly to translate the books into English. The original translation was done by a well-meaning but incompetent woman who had learned just basic English at school and used a pharsebook, not good enough. In fact Russian-English translations are usually bad and you’d only appreciate this if you spoke both languages and compared, say, the English edition of War and Peace with its original text by Leo Tolstoy. Leonid wrote to Megre asking if he could translate the book into English saying that he wanted to put the emotional spirit into the book that is so often lacking in other translations. He sold his precious collection of Russian woodcarvings to provide funds and got together with another Russian translator in Canada called John Wordsworth and the English Ringing Cedars books soon appeared and this was when I read them. Like Mae, Leonid doesn’t talk of conspiracies, but he still echoes much of my own thought on how the authorities keep control of the masses. Leonid quotes Albert Schweitzer: “Self-sufficiency and a direct human-nature relationship is the ultimate freedom”. And conversely breaking that relationship is the key to human control. We see that today in the way we depend on shops and the money system to obtain everything we need and the confiscation of land is the first thing any tyrannical invader does. We see all that going on today in this country. Who actually owns land in Britain apart from the government, corporations or the Church? Very few people indeed, there has never been the equivalent of a Dacha Law in Britain, even in an age when the population density would have made it possible. Transnational collectives are buying up farms, rural communities are breaking down and people are being cajoled into getting 9-to-5 jobs in the cities. I remember as a child watching a comedy show called The Good Life (http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/goodlife/index.shtml) which is all about a young couple, played by Richard Briers and Felicity Kendal, who decide to opt out of the system and become self-sufficient, feeding themselves from a farm they set up in their back garden. I might watch this series again for the ideas presented about off-grid life, but unfortunately, although I remember laughing like a drain when I saw it as a little child, I don’t find it very funny now.
Religion is another method the Elite have used to control us. They use the fear of death as a weapon against us, promising people a ticket to Heaven and escape from Hell and Damnation so long as you serve the church and revere the priest, even to the point where you let him abuse your children. The church in Russia behaved exactly as it did in other parts of the world, building churches of pagan sacred sites and exterminating Shamans. The survivors fled into the Taiga and Leonid believes that Anastasia is a descendent of these refugees. Anastasia calls her own culture “Vedruss” and her mission is to bring back the lost knowledge of her people to the modern world. Her ideas are catching on, and not just in Russia. Americans are digging up their lawns and planting their Kin’s Domains. And even people who don’t have gardens are doing it. One man lives in a small flat in Brooklyn, New York and his lounge is like a jungle there are so many plants in it! You don’t have to go completely native and give up everything in your existing lives; there are people who adopt Anastasia’s ideas in lesser degrees.
I enjoyed the books a lot, although I wouldn’t speak as enthusiastically about them as some of the other exuberant reviewers have. They’ve not changed my life to the extent they have Leonid’s and many other people’s. I also doubt if Megre is portraying Anastasia as she literally is. In the books she resembles a nymph, prancing around naked while squirrels and sparrows carry food to put in her mouth. She sleeps in a cave next to a huge she-bear which helps her look after her 2 year-old child! This seems rather unlikely. Also Anastasia has never met with any representative of the media, there are no known photographs of her and nobody other than Megre claims to have seen her. But I dismiss those who claim Megre is simply making her up. Why would he? To make money? Hardly! He was already a rouble millionaire and by writing the books he ended up virtually penniless; it was the ultimate riches-to-rags story. I think Anastasia is real and Megre is relating her words accurately, but she probably lives in some remote Siberian village, eating off her Dacha. Megre’s embellishment of the story may seem a bit corny, but it has the added effect of preserving Anastasia’s anonymity which could be one of the reasons he did it. But the important thing is that the books deliver very progressive ideas that inspire and motivate lots of people and the world needs that.

Greg Nikolettos
The Human Microchipping Agenda- Hypnotized into the Mainframe by the Science of Gradualism
Greg Nikolettos hails from Australia’s huge Greek community and at first glance looks rather like the comedian David Baddiel. He uses satire to present his ideas and when this advert came out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDhDrFrs7as , he produced his own parody in response: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQ5h73CFGJw . I’ve written a lot about human microchipping and its dangers like here: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2008/09/michael-dimercurio-and-kevin-warwick.html and: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2008/06/ai-and-new-human.html . The government are currently using fear to promote the chip, explaining how it can make it easier for doctors to treat you if you’re in hospital. Some people have also been chipped to protect them from terrorists, God knows how they think that works! But it’s an example of the tactics governments use in their relationship to the people. They also use positive images too, showing how convenient it is to be chipped, with images of healthy young party-goers skipping the queues in nightclubs and children playing happily in a park, safe from getting lost because of their chip. The chippers also use the gradualism that Greg talks about by targeting certain groups for chipping; and presenting each targeting campaign both as independent from all the others and in the public interest. In Britain they’re talking about microchipping soldiers so that they can be traced if they get lost behind enemy lines. Probationers might also be chipped to keep an eye on where they are, and the news has recently been flooded with stories of crimes committed by prisoners while on probation to get the public behind the scheme. I suspect that the current media obsession with asylum-seekers is going to be used in the same way. The thing is, if we keep supporting chipping schemes for various groups of people of which we are not a part, a time is going to come when so many of these “other people” are chipped that the chippers will throw their hands in the air and say: “Oh well, we might as well just do everybody else now”… and that is the whole idea! Anybody who says: “Damn immigrants/homeless people/criminals/unemployed/hooligans etc! They deserve it! And it’s only them; it doesn’t effect us.” are forging their own shackles, and everybody else’s. As Pastor Neimoller said: “First the came for the Jews…”
To understand this subject it’s important to realize how advanced modern electronics is. IBM is the central player in this game and they have virtually back-engineered the human brain. In fact synchronistically I saw the cover of Focus magazine (I used to subscribe; forgive me, I'm not proud of it!), this one: http://www.bbcfocusmagazine.com/issue/ithink , all about the subject. Yes, we could soon have a computer that can match the human brain, being conscious, able to think independently and effectively be alive! It’s been long predicted by sci-fi, and now AI is here. There are some people who say that once a computer has been created that can reproduce the capabilities of the human brain then the very definition of what it means to be human will change. A human body and brain will simply be another computer. IBM actually have plans to “mesh” a human brain to a neural net, an artificial brain, like the “carbon computers” in Michael DiMercurio’s books, see the link above. Internet sites like Facebook and Twitter are a stage towards that, but this doesn’t put Greg off having his own FB group, which I’ve joined. As I related above, Ustane and I had a conversation with a taxi driver on this very subject just before leaving for the conference; that IP addresses will be issued to people, computer users rather than the computers themselves. Forget wi-fi, the computer/human brain will become wireless and our thoughts will be just software!
The whole school of thought that human beings will one day be replaced with, and indeed become, intelligent machines is known collectively as “Transhumanism”. It is a part scientific-part religious notion of a technological utopia. Some visions have a Gotterdammerung streak, the destruction of the world in a “Grey Goo” Armageddon. A mind held in a biological brain is just a fragile stepping-stone to a eugenics apogee that makes the Nazis look like fluffy bunnies. The media, as usual, has caught on with films like The Matrix, Stepford Wives and Demolition Man.
Greg compares chipping to branding. Branding has always had connotations of tyranny. Slaves were branded, concentration camp prisoners etc. Like Nathan Sarea at Probe (see: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2009/04/probe-conference-march-2009.html) Greg supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which includes the right to privacy; chipping totally contravenes that. All tyrannical regimes have created databases for their citizens, even in the era before electronics; like the Nazis: “Pappieren bitte!” (snaps fingers). But the massive advancement of electronics in recent years makes the situation far more dangerous because the potential for the abuse of this technology is enormous. Greg rejects the idea that there are chips in vaccines, but I disagree. Secret technology is always decades ahead of publicly-available technology so what Focus is saying might be done in the next ten years has in fact already been done 20 or 30 years ago in the secret underground bases. Greg thinks that “useful idiots” like the Jacobs family are how the government are going to get the chips into people. The Jacobs’ have been in TV adverts etc to make chips look “cool”. Recently an MP announced proudly that he was the first politician ever to get chipped. I doubt that! But he is definitely the first who has announced it on a public stand.
Imagine a world where as you enter a restaurant a scanner picks up your chip and identifies you, then scales under the floor weigh you and if you’re above the obesity threshold the price of chips automatically goes up. You mistakenly throw a Starbucks coffee cup into a landfill bin instead of a recycling box and the chip in the cup and the one in your body trigger a relay that instantly deducts a fine from your bank account. You walk into a life insurance company’s office and a reader on the door checks your medical records before you reach the waiting room.
Can this be true? How close are we to it if it is? The answer is yes and very. This is the Illuminati’s dream: total mental slavery; the New World Order will be electronic. Things like mind-reading PET scanners are already developed and some are being trialled at airports to pick out anyone who might be thinking about planting a bomb. But as always it’s not over yet. At the moment we still have our free will. We can stop this agenda, but to do so we have to refuse to cooperate, not only refuse to be chipped, but refuse to go onto any databases of any kind because these non-chip databases will be adapted into the chip ones. We must say no to the National Identity Card, biometric passports and driving licenses. We must refuse to allow our children to be fingerprinted and police or medical staff to store our DNA. We must decline shop loyalty cards and travel saver-cards (see: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2009/06/big-brother-is-paying-you.html). It might cost us a few more pence, but what price is our freedom. If we assert our free will then the Transhumanist nightmare will be derailed.

Saturday Evening
We had a lovely evening watching Gareth Icke and Deek Jackson. I caught up with “Dr Hemp” and “Half Moon” from the David Icke Forum. But we were so tired we had to head off back to the flat by midnight.


Dennis/87 said...

Always good to hear your reports. The Russian nature essay is excellent. Dennis

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Dennis. glad you like my contribution to the Blogosphere. Part 4 should be up soon.


Alex Robinson said...

The view was good from here - thanks Ben :)
It's funny isn't it that people speaking just basic common sense should now need platforms & books to say them from - if the world wasn't mad we'd just speak them out over dinner, mind you if the world wasn't mad there'd be no need to speak them at all, we'd just live them!

I hope all is well with you & Louisa

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