Saturday 29 September 2007

Glastonbury Movie by Darren

Here's a snippet of Darren Pollard's work. I'm posting it here because it features an interview with yours truly. Not that my ego is involved... well not too much! The information is the most important thing here.

Thursday 27 September 2007

Miles Cooper- Agent Provocateur

Miles Cooper is the first person who's resorted to terrorism over the issue civil liberties. He's actually done the authorities a favour because he's given them a chance to label any civil rights activist a terrorist, including me. It makes me wonder if the authorities set up the whole thing and he's just one of these agents provocateur, a bit like these thugs who cause riots at anti-globalization rallies.

Government Response on School Fingerprinting

Downing Street has responded to the petition on school fingerprinting. I've been interviewed by Sue Reid of the Daily Mail on this matter and I'll post a link if the article gets online.

Saturday 22 September 2007

A Copy of my JRHPC Letter

This is a copy of the letter I dispatched to all porters at the hospital interested in joining the provisional company I set up. For a background to this, see my post on Workers' Cooperatives:

Ben Emlyn-Jones
Level 1 Porter
Level 1 Main Hospital
John Radcliffe Hospital


Dear Brother or Sister Porter,

I’m writing to you because you’ve expressed to me a desire to know more about the JRHPC- the John Radcliffe Hospital Porters’ Company (We can think of a better name later!) I’ve decided to set up the JRHPC because of the possibility in the future that the Trust management might try to sell our service out to a private contractor. Anyone who was portering at the JR during the Mediclean era will probably agree that that would be a tragedy, both for ourselves and the patients. We simply cannot let this happen. This is not on the cards at the present time because of our current employment with the NHS-Carillion Partnership; we talking long-term possibilities here, but I think it’s wise to prepare now, so that we can act quickly if the danger arises.

The JRHPC is a provisional organization, not a trading business, but if it needs to become a trading business it can do so immediately as long as all the organization and planning work is done. We need to think and talk to each other about what the JRHPC will be like. We need to make a business plan, sort out any administration structures and find out what our rights and obligations would be as an independent healthcare provider to the modern NHS. We need to find and enroll people with the knowledge to help us. Maybe in a while we should hold a meeting, but in the meantime we can talk to each other informally face-to-face. You can also email each other or use the forum on my website (see the links column on the left). There are many obstacles to overcome and no guarantees of success, but hopefully it will never be necessary to even face those obstacles.

One of the first and biggest choices we’ll need to make is whether we want to be part of the JRHPC as an employee or a shareholder. It’s too soon to say which will make us better off financially, but there’s no doubt that the more of us are shareholders, the more democratic and self-empowered the business will be. If we all end up as equal shareholders then it will become a workers’ cooperative. This would be the ideal situation in my opinion because I’ve researched workers’ cooperatives (see my website) and can understand how much better they are than conventional businesses where there are only a handful of shareholders and everyone else just takes a wage without owning a stake in the company, being just a cog in the machine. People in worker’s cooperatives are healthier, happier and more productive and efficient. For them work is a creative experience, not just a necessary chore that must be done to survive. If we end up winning the contract and make a success of it then the idea might catch on in other hospitals and even beyond! What we’re doing here may one day change the world!

As I said above, there’s no rush to do this. We can take our time and get it right. The JRHPC is a provisional organization for a hypothetical situation and nobody will have to fork out a penny at the present time. But everyone is welcome to join and if anyone who doesn’t receive this letter wants to, let me know. The JRHPC membership is not just aimed at porters, but also the civilians in the office, on dispatch, reception or the Help Desk. They are part of the team too.

The first step is simply to start thinking about it, talking about it and building a model in your minds. Remember, nobody knows how to do our job better than ourselves. We can achieve this. Whether we will is not known, but if we don’t try then the outcome is certain.

Porters forever!


Stephen Greer Article

The Stephen Greer article in Nexus, the one I mentioned last month, is now available online. Here it is as promised:

Bin Laden the "Synthespian"

Digital images of cinema characters that are becoming so lifelike as computer technology develops that they’re becoming hard to distinguish from real people. These ultra-lifelike CGI images are called “synthespians”. They’ve already been used as stunt doubles in many films. They’ve played Hobbits hanging from rocks over undergrounds chasms in Lord of the Rings. They’ve played legions of soldiers in Hamlet and stood in for Sylvester Stallone when he rides a motorbike across the sky in Judge Dredd. A talking cat in Stuart Little and a man being eaten by a dinosaur in Jurassic Park. One of the best examples is in Forrest Gump where Tom Hank’s character is seen shaking hands and talking to President Kennedy. This was done in the early 90’s; technology today is way ahead of even that! When Oliver Reed suddenly died during the filming of Gladiator, the producers filmed the rest of his scenes with a digital reproduction of Oliver Reed’s character adapted from screen tests and previous shots. There was one part where he had a thick beard which they pasted onto a later shot in another location giving it different lighting effects and even digitally shaving his beard off!

A time could even come when real actors could be out of a job! Synthespians don’t need paying, they don’t need to eat or sleep and you can make them do whatever you like in a single take. They don't develop drug addictions and embarrass people with sex scandals. They can also do things real actors can’t; they can fly in the air, sink into the ground, change shape and star in many of the dangerous scenes that would put a real stuntman in danger. Check out this example of a Polish synthespian:

Bearing in mind all this, why are we so quick to believe that this is real?:

We don’t even need to speculate about hidden technology from secret govt laboratories! We see the means to fake it every time we go to the flicks!

Friday 21 September 2007

That's just the way things are."

Really the solid-sphere-fixed-size model of the Earth has more to do with the "it just is" factor than reasoning. We "know" that the Earth is a solid sphere of fixed volume because that's what our teachers told us at school. We have little or no means to test this theory personally seeing as NASA and the scientific and astronomical authorities control all the data from space, the USGS and similar organizations control all the geological data. The polar regions are uninhabited and have a very hostile climate; together with the tight military control it's impossible to know if there are holes at the poles or not. Through this process theory magically becomes fact.

It reminds me of the scene in the movie "Babe" where the little pig asks his sheep dog step-mother, Fly "Why aren't pigs allowed in the house, Mum?" and Fly replies: "That's just the way things are." Of course when Fly was a puppy she asked her own mother the same question and got the same answer. Analyse what that means: Values and paradigms are upheld groundlessly from generation to generation because they go unquestioned. Children are discouraged from challenging them and when they grow up they reprimand their own kids for challenging them. So let's do away with these imprisoning phrases: "It just is" and "that's just the way things are." Let's pretend we're all children and all accepted values are open to scrutiny. How many of them exist for a good reason and how many are there just out of habit and dogma?

The SSFS model of the Earth is just one example. If you can think of any more post them as a comment. I can name one already: "Being a hospital porter is not as good as being a nurse or doctor".

Expanding Earth

There was an article in Nexus about this and it's a very persuasive theory. Here's some vids about it:

What neither the vids or the Nexus article answers is the obvious question: How does the Earth expand? If the Earth is expanding like an inflating balloon then is there some giant out in space blowing molten rock into the Earth's interior (or it's shell if you subscribe to the Hollow Earth model)? How the hell does it happen? This guy is basically asking the same question I am. The Earth has to be filling up with rock, literally like an inflating balloon fills up with air. There's no known way this could happen. If Neal Adams is right then there is some completely unknown esoteric process involved here. Unlike the narrator, this factor is not enough for me to reject the expanding Earth model; it's one of the luxuries of not being a scientist!

The author of the Nexus article addresses the question of changes in gravity. The evidence is in the dinosaur fossils. He says that the bodies of dinosaurs would not support their weight in today's Earth gravity and are built for much weaker gravity. He suggests this as an alternative explanation to the theory that the biggest dinosaurs like Brotosaurus and Diplodocus spent most of their time wading in deep water because their legs were too weak to support the weight of their bodies on land for long periods. As for the changes in gravity being detectable: I hear that there are gravitational anomalies on the Earth. There's a "hot spot" of high gravity over South America and I've heard of places in Cornwall where a freewheeling bike will roll uphill! Gravity may not be a smooth and constant flow like light from a bulb. It could be more like a fluctuating, oscillating field; as the Earth's electromagnetic field is. In this case it's impossible to measure any net increase in the Earth's gravity over the short period of time we've been able to.

There's a lot about the Earth and universe and reality that is known secretly and supressed. but sometimes supression is uneccesary because of what I call the Conformist Regime; or simply human nature. The narrator puts it very well in the vid: Accepting the expanding Earth model means rejecting a whole range of scientific discoveries and breakthroughs, from all disciplines of science. Not only geology; but biology, physics, cosmology, seismology and others. It basically means tearing up every book ever written on those subjects for several centuries and going back to square one. The scientific establishment doesn't like this. In a way it's understandable and we're all afflicted by this kind of stupidity sometimes. Nobody likes to see their life's work nullified, but unfortunately that is what being a scientist sometimes involves. More often than not though, those scientists refuse to reject their disproved conclusions and instead the world has to wait for new theories to come into fashion. Fred Hoyle is a good example. He was the Cambridge professor and Astronomer Royal, leader of a school of cosmology called "Steady State" which was a rival theory of the beginning of the universe to the current dominent one: Big Bang. When the mathematical model for Big Bang solidified, he still clung on to the Steady State theory. Amazingly he still refused to admit he was wrong after Wilson and Pensias discovered the microwave background. He died in 2001, still convinced that Steady State was true. Sometimes old ideas that have been debunked for years get rejuvinated, so maybe if he'd lived long enough he might see Big Bang proved wrong!

Thursday 20 September 2007

I've just come back from a lovely camping trip with members of the David Icke Forum where I've climbed Glastonbury Tor, bathed in the Silver Spring and helped someone make a movie! It only rained on the Sunday and my tent didn't leak. I've got some photoes, but for some reason they won't upload.

What is Hypernihilism?

Hypernihilism is a term suggested to me by Kahdoosch on the DarkConspiracy forum, substituted from a term I invented: HyperDarwinism. Many people have asked me to define it so I will as best as I can:

Hypernihilism is my term for a philosophy I’ve identified in the heart of the Conformist Regime’s social model; the one they’re trying to impose on us day-by-day. It is most certainly not a philosophy I agree with. It is an offshoot of the school of Nihilism. Nihilists include Nietzsche as well as modern political philosophers like John Nash and Leo Strauss, whose own programme was an attempt to counter Nihilism’s effects. Nihilism states that the universe is essentially without meaning or purpose and that all moral truths and values are pointless and even imposing. Here’s a good example of what I mean: You’re a very big strong man, and you see an attractive woman with a bulging handbag crossing the street ahead. She is small and defenseless and there’s nobody around to come to her aid. What would you do? If you believe in purposive and moral universal truth, like respect for people and concern for their feelings, then you’d quickly sacrifice the opportunity for sexual gratification and material gain by not raping her and stealing her handbag. However if you’re a staunch Nihilist then there’s no argument that can challenge you if you decide to go ahead and do so. Nobody can stop you, she can’t hurt you back; you will gain a great deal by going ahead so why not do it?

Hypernihilism is like Nihilism in that it agrees that the universe is meaningless and pointless but it differs from Nihilism in that it has a strict set of moral values. Its belief is that success in the meaningless universe is dependant on a moral code that is the inversion of the conventional one. In my example of the lady with the handbag for instance: a Nihilist would be under no moral obligation to attack her because, although there’s nothing wrong with attacking her, there’s nothing wrong with choosing not to attack her. A hypernihilist, on the other hand, would be morally obliged to rape, rob and even murder her because to fail to do so would be an ethical deficit! Hypernihilism states that to fail to exploit and opportunity for gain is a sin. The highest hypernihilist saint would be one with the most extremely selfish and ruthless thoughts, behavior and standards possible. The stronger you are and the more defenseless your victim, the greater the virtue of violating them. The more compassion and concern you show for others, the greater your weakness and the deadlier your sin.

Hope that clarifies things for you all.

Tuesday 11 September 2007

Rockall is now Online

I've decided to put my second novel Rockall online for free. It's about a group of people who go and live on an unknown island and discover some pretty reamrkable things about themselves, the island and the world in general. Its theme is relevent to this blog because it's about the New World Order. One of the colonists even turns out to be the son of an Illuminatus!

This is slightly different from the original published edition because I've revised it separately, but the basic story is the same as the 2004 book:

Monday 10 September 2007

Another Brilliant Poem

This was posted by SeanX on the David Icke forum (See links). He didn't say who the author was, or if he wrote it. I love it! It sums up the entire Materialistic Paradigm:

All their lives nothing but Darkness. And shadows.

Then they hear other blind people talking about wonderful mountains, boundless blue skies, sparkling rivers, majestic cities..... And they laugh to themselves and think: 'What sad, misguided blind people. We must stop all this. They are only deluding themselves - and soon other blind people will start believing this escapist fantasy.''Listen people: face facts. We are blind. There is nothing but darkness and these shadows. You've experienced this all your life - so, let's be rational just please let's accept it and stop this dreaming. There are NO mountains, NO blue skies, NO sparkling rivers and definitely NO majestic cities.....All the above is a fantasy. Let’s forget it!

The next day, a famous physician arrives who has found a cure for their blindness. And no-one is the slightest bit interested.

Saturday 8 September 2007

Native American Poem

One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, "My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, resentment inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego. The other is good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith."

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf wins?"

He replied: "The One we feed!"

I don't know the author of this poem. it was posted on DarkConspiracy by MarcoW. He says it's not his own work. If anyone can tell me the name of the author I'd be grateful.

Thursday 6 September 2007

Workers Cooperatives

A workers cooperative is a company where everyone who works there is an equal shareholder. You have to stop and think for a moment what that means!

Setting up a workers cooperative might seem a difficult task if you're unskilled and already working for a big employer, but it doesn't mean you can't do it. Firstly: there's no such thing as "unskilled"; this is simply a conformist label. Everyone is an expert at whatever they do even if they've not earned formal qualifications to do it. You also don't have to take a jump into the dark. In the unstable economy we live in, opportunities can come along easily. Get together with your colleagues and form a provisional workers' cooperative while you're still in your current job then if your employer suffers bankruptcy or shutdown you can buy some of its assets with your redundancy payout and continue on your own, bringing your workers’ cooperative to life. Nobody is more qualified to do the job you're doing so you have all the expertise and training you need! For instance if you work at Tesco's and head office decide to close your store; normally they'd lay you all off and sell the site to a developer. Instead, you get together and buy the store and start it off again as your own business. If you work in public services, like me, you could get a provisional coop ready in case the government put your service out to tender for private contractors, which they're doing a lot these days.

As a coop member you'll have a share in the company's profits rather than a salary. This might sound less secure, but on the plus side you're master of your own destiny because you don't just "work here" and "do you job", you have a say in the running of the place. You'll elect a board and management or supervisor’s positions. You can get your share paid to you in weekly or monthly installments like a wage and because there's no fat cat at the top taking it all you'll be a lot better off! If you get elected to management or work extra long hours you'll deserve a bit extra so some of the capital can be kept aside for bonuses; this will replace the manager's salary and overtime you get from regular hierarchical corporations.

Keeping some of the capital aside sounds a bit ominous, but it isn't because at the end of the financial year, any money left over in the bonus pool can be given out to the members as a capital dividend. In the future there may even be a ritual public holiday on the 31st of March: "Capital Dividend Day"!

The current economic system mean work for most people is drudgery. It's boring, unfulfilling and humiliating. The world economy is going to fall and many businesses will go bust. We can do one of two things: Sit around waiting for it go bust and fall into the gutter with it or take control of the global economy ourselves. Together with our own local currencies (More on that later) there's no reason why economic collapse should be feared; it should even be welcomed! It's only a problem when we're attached to its apron-strings.

Monday 3 September 2007

Papiere bitte! (Snaps fingers)

Why is it that so often these days we're asked to provide identification? Every time you see a solicitor, sign on at a new GP or dentists, apply for a job, all the time! A few years ago, the only time you'd need to show your passport was at customs when travelling abroad. I've not done that since 2001, but in the intervening years I've had to show my passport on at least 4 occasions! It's expired now and I've not renewed it so I guess I'm an unperson! Read 1984 and you'll see that an "unperson" is anyone who is not listed on the official Big Brother database; in the world of 1984 that person doesn't exist. In a few years you'll be able to murder me and will not face criminal charges, just like in the old days when you could lawfully kill anyone who'd been excommunicated by the Pope.

A friend of mine who's a 74 year old lady is moving house and the estate agent wants to see her passport or birth certificate and she's got neither! I've advised her to see her solicitor.

It's getting like those old war movies. You know the sort: the hero is standing on a crowded bus in Nazi Germany pretending to be German and the police stop the bus and get on board asking every passenger for their identity card "Papiere bitte!" This must be paving the way for the NID card scheme, just like school fingerprinting. They want to get people accustomed to the practices of continual identity checks before the full-scale system is introduced, so that by the time it is, it will seem ordinary and everyday