Sunday 26 September 2010

My Interview with Smaller Fish Films

Smaller Fish films have released a great new documentary called The Tyrant Within about the dangers of microchip implants, psychotronics and Transhumanism, concerning how this technology could be abused by Orwellian authorities. It contains an interview with me in Part 2 at 10.43. The presenter says that I am an Atheist, a term I do not use to describe myself, but I can understand how what I said could be interpreted that way. They actually shot over 30 minutes of film with me and whittled away nearly all of it; editing must be a tough job! It's well worth watching, and even if I'd ended up on the cutting room floor I'd still say that.

Here it is:

The Tyrant Within: Part 1

The Tyrant Within: Part 2

The Tyrant Within: Part 3

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Tuesday 14 September 2010

Bathing into History- Part 5

Postscript 1- The Roman Baths
Here’s the official site of the Roman Baths in Bath:
The Roman Baths are the very thing after which the city is named and its principle tourist attraction, but we never intended to visit them until the very end of our trip. Ustane and I had left the hotel and were actually on the station waiting for a train when the strange magnetic attraction that would lead us to them began. I’ve spoken several times before about “Post-Probe Blues”, and actually I always feel a little melancholy as a conference draws to a close. The intensity of the experience dissipates very quickly and my imminent return to the so-called “real” world looms ahead like a dark stormcloud; it can feel very intimidating and gloomy after the ambiance and delights of the conferences, and the intimacy and companionship of their delegates. Ustane was very down too, although she was a bit hard to fathom that day, remaining very quiet and unresponsive. Possibly she was hit by the same dejection that I was. I was actually talking to the woman behind the counter of the station shop when I happened to glance at the map printed on the counter and asked her where the Roman ruins were. “Here.” She pointed to a spot in the heart of the city. It was when we realized that we’d have to wait almost a whole hour for our train that we made the decision to return into the city and visit the site; Ustane wanted to buy a present for her daughter too. I think we both subconsciously longed to do something that would prolong our holiday and delay the inevitable return to our normal lives. The Roman Baths are not visible from the street and couldn’t be seen until we were almost upon them. The site was not properly excavated until the 1950’s and that work is still ongoing today with new digs stretching under the modern buildings nearby. Hot springs are common in some countries, like Iceland, but there are only a few locations in Britain where geothermally-heated water reaches the surface and Bath is the most productive. Bathing was an important part of Roman culture and the remains of their huge pubic baths, the size of modern swimming pools, can be found all over their former empire. Even the forts of Hadrian’s Wall have a bath, which is amazing when you consider that this was the edge of a war-zone for several centuries. Even when dodging the arrows and swords of the Picts the Legionaries still took time-out for a dip. The difference is that most of the baths were warmed by fires in a central heating system called a “hypercaust”, but the one at Bath is geothermal. This is why it was considered holy by them and the central spring, the only part that survived intact, was never bathed in and has a pedestal in it for a statue of Minerva, the Roman Goddess of water. However the Romans weren’t the first people to sanctify the spring. The exhibition shows how the pre-Roman Celts also venerated it as a place of their Goddess Sulis. This is why the Romans merged the two deities together; it was also no doubt a scam to win heart-and-minds in the chaos of the period after the invasion and conquest. The site displays a stylish blend of Celtic and Roman art, especially the “Gorgon head” that was placed on the temple facade. There is an important difference between the pre-Roman and Roman forms in which this veneration was practiced. The Romans were the first people to actually put buildings on the site. Before they arrived in the area, the spring was a natural pool of water which was drained by a stream which led to the River Avon. The pool would have been surrounded by trees and not altered from its natural state except maybe just by putting a wooden alter where supplicants could place gifts to the Goddess: ornaments, weapons, jewelry, food and drink. The placing of artificial structures to alter the natural pond has always aroused nods of admiration and approval from modern Western historians; it’s a sign of the Roman’s ingenuity and superiority over their primitive, savage and barbarous subjects. But should we really see it that way? The way the Celts worshiped their Goddess in natural surroundings is, for me, a sign of wisdom and understanding. In my view, the need to ruin it by cutting down the trees, lining the banks with stone and raising closed artificial structures over the top of it is savage and barbarous. I’ve recently become very interested in the Roman Conquest and how it relates to the rest of my research. The way it is more often presented to us is as something glorious and liberating, a damn good move! I’m a huge fan of the Carry On films, but the way the pre-Roman Britons are portrayed as cavemen in Carry on Cleo is symptomatic of this attitude. This fawning Romanophillia reaches its perigee with the documentary What the Romans Did for Us, see: (The opening scene is from the Baths). But there is another side to the story that paints a very different picture, one that is explored by authors of historical fiction more than historians, like Manda Scott in her brilliant Boudica quartet: . This portrays the Romans, more accurately I’d say, as brutal fascists and destroyers with an atrophied spirit. Yes, one can’t deny that they were very very clever people, but their cleverness exceled in the world of science, engineering, architecture, materialistic riches and military power. I’m interested that the British Celtic people, who lived in Britain for about a thousand years before the Roman Conquest and whose modern descendents are the Scots, Irish and Welsh (like me), always built more natural-looking round or oval houses that were usually purely functional. The Romans were the first to put up very synthetic-looking square buildings with corners and straight walls; their buildings also were clearly more than functional, they were built to impress: for the sake of prestige and aggrandizement. The Romans effectively invented British architecture. There’s a scene in one of the Boudica books where a character feels bemused at the Roman obsession with straight lines and angles. Celtic art is famous for having no straight lines. It’s worth bearing in mind, the next time you see Adam Hart-Davis enthusing over our new straight roads, vineyards and central heating, the price we had to pay for these material luxuries: It was effectively cultural genocide; the disarming of our warriors, the burning of our forests, the seizure of our land, the felling of our sacred groves and the outlawing of our indigenous Druid-based Shamanic spirituality. Do you think that was a good deal?... Me neither. And at the end of the day, like most other historical events, the Illuminati were behind it because the Roman Empire was owned and occupied by their agents. I actually shot a short HPANWO TV movie at the Baths, see: . One of the most remarkable things I discovered was, when I looked at the geological exhibition at the Baths museum, that there are not just one but three spots in the area where the heated water upwells from the depths of our Mother Earth; the site of the Roman Baths is the main one but there are two others and one of them emerges right next to the Chapel Arts Centre, the venue of the ARC Convention. You can’t see it today, it just flows straight into the modern drainage system; but its spirit will remain and I’m sure Sulis was watching over us all weekend.

Postscript 2- Skeptics in the Pub
Ustane and I spent several hours at the Baths and then drank our glass of foul-tasting spa water and headed for the station and our journey home. The Baths had done us good and we were both in higher spirits. We parted company at Didcot. After a tender farewell Ustane caught the train for Nottingham while stayed on board. I was heading on to London and Skeptics in the Pub. See here for reports on my previous visits to SiTP: and: . The event has moved to a new pub called The Monarch Bar in Camden Town, but its format is the same. I was pleased to meet up with my favorite Skeppy Jack-of-Kent there (See links column). The guest that day was a Skeptress called Tracy King who is a film producer. Her current project is a film based on a 9-minute beat-poem by Tim Minchin called Storm, see: . Tim Minchin is a famous Australian comedian, pianist and Skeptic. The poem is about an argument he had at a dinner party with a non-Skeptic girl and I must admit it is witty and amusing, although I don’t share all Minchin’s sentiments about it. It’s on YouTube here: . Tracy the Skeptress (or is the correct term “Skeptrix”?) wants to make an animated movie to accompany the poem. She described how the project is being put together and introduced the various artists involved. She showed a few trial clips and animator’s sketches on the screen, and in doing so revealed something important about the way the Skeptic Movement has developed during the time I’ve been studying it. One of the clips the Skeptress displayed was the part at 4.49 in the vid where Tim lays into psychics. It was only a penciled storyboard sketch, but I could see that they intend to portray a psychic with Devil’s horns. The Skeptic Movement is definitely becoming more militant and doctrinaire. I don’t object to Skeptical people organizing themselves and getting together like we “Woo’s” do, in fact I’m attending TAM London, a Skeptics’ conference next month, see: . I’m very anti-censorship; I even supported Simon Singh in his libel case against chiropractors. As Voltaire said, we will never be free until we are willing to fight for the rights to Free Speech of those we disagree with. The concern I have is that with increasing politicization can come the inevitable pathologies that afflicts politics. (The non-Skeptical world is not immune from this, it’s got to be said). One of those that I saw that night at the London SiTP is polarization, that Skeptics are increasingly believing that they are engaged in a battle of Good against Evil… Pure Good vs Pure Evil. History has shown us many times where this leads. The warning signs can also be found in the closing statement of James Randi’s address to the World Skeptics’ Convention: It begins at about 1.25.00: “You can walk the path of real science, or it’s back to the caves!” This is the same kind of simplistic binary logic that George W Bush used when he infamously told the world: “You’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists”. What Randi is saying, and some factions of the Skeptic world are endorsing, is that if a person buys a 50p crystal or watches one episode of Most Haunted on TV, then they are science-haters who think Richard Dawkins should be guillotined, all universities should teach only Creationism and everybody should go live in treehouses and die at 35. This kind of distortion worries me greatly... Still it was a good evening. I wonder if "Storm" will ever come forward. She might write her own poem about her barney with Tim!
The man walked up the dark street, plodding wearily. An owl hooted in a nearby tree and the ducks on the river murmured quietly in their sleep. He switched on his mobile phone and a text appeared. He pressed the “open” button before the alert tone could disturb the slumbering houses. “IM HOME. THANX 4 A GR8 WEEKEND. NITE NITE X” The man sighed with relief knowing that the woman was safe in her bed. He responded with a similar message of electronic tenderness and then turned up his driveway to his front door. He had to put down his rucksack to fish the keys out of his pocket; they had sunk to the depths from lack of use. The door creaked. “Anybody awake?” he called.
“Who’s that?” came a sleep-ridden voice from upstairs.
“Me!... I guess you’re awake then.”
“I am now!... Night night.”
“Night.” The man went into the kitchen and the cats came up and greeted him with friendly whines. The man opened his rucksack and started unpacking. A brochure for the ARC Convention fell into his hands as he removed his washbag. On the back cover was a close-up photo of the face of a cheerful, smiling woman. He stared at the photo and said fervently: “You did a good job. Thanks, Karen; thanks for everything.

The End

(Ustane has produced her own report of the ARC Convention. Here it is:

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Monday 13 September 2010

Bathing into History- Part 4

Sunday Service- From Science to Shamanism
By Nick Clements (Under construction at time of writing)
Nick Clements, aka- Grey Wolf, is a man who dances as he walks. He made his entrance down the aisle and danced onto the stage in an amazingly colourful shirt, and he talked to us in a poetic style. He’s former stand-up comedian who now engages in community art. He talks passionately about the subject and I expect he would share my feelings about the Headington Subway, see: . We knew a little bit about him because he handed out a flyer with a brief overview of his speech before he began. He became a student of men’s spirituality. We currently hear a lot about spirituality connected to the “Divine Feminine” and “Goddess”, and so we should, but masculinity and males have a role too to make the balance. He has invented a new word. “Indigenosity” that as soon as I’ve typed it has immediately made my Word spellchecker go red! But I think his point is that we are all indigenous people, whether we know it or not. I’ve seen TV shows about how the DNA retrieved from ancient graves in Europe dated to Megalithic era, 4 to 5000 BC, is related to that of modern Europeans, showing that we have that ancestral link with the distant past. What has happened to us is that the knowledge, wisdom and sense of beauty that people had in the past has been suppressed. Like Peter Taylor, Nick has travelled to Kenya and worked with the Shamans there. He was amazed to find that they can remember the names of every generation of their family for centuries. Can you name all your great-grandparents? I can’t! What Nick said reminded me of a scene in the paranormal and conspiracy fiction TV show, The X-Files. I’m not an avid fan of the series (which will scupper those who try to marginalize me!), but this one scene stood out in my head and I’ve never forgotten it. I’m afraid I can’t remember the title of the episode, but the scene is near the beginning. There’s this railway carriage, just a bare goods van, and it’s filled with Grey aliens. Then a trapdoor opens in the roof and a group of humans throw in some incendiary bombs which explode and set the carriage on fire. The poor aliens run around crying out in panic and agony as they burn to death. During this dramatic and disturbing scene there is a voiceover by a Native American man who later turns out to be one of the story’s characters and he says something along the lines of: “The White Man has no memory because he has become dependent on history for the picture of his past. But history lies. The Red Man has learned to trust his memory and not history because his memory always tells him the truth.” It’s a very powerful scene and a very interesting illustration to this event. Nick echoed Peter Taylor again when he started talking about the links between science and Shamanism, for instance he is very interested in the 13 dimensions of String Theory, or its new protege, M-theory. Nick is not anti-science, nor is he pro-Shamanism; he believes in the value of both, but also sees that both have “shadows”, meaning a dark side to their spiritual and philosophical dimensions. The shadow of science is well-understood, but Shamanism has its dark side too. Nick wants to integrate the best of both worlds in a new holistic ideal. He described his encounter with a teacher called Malcolm and it reminded me a bit of the film Dead Poets Society. It’s important that we don’t get judgmental about other people and he quoted the well-known Red Indian proverb, “Never judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his moccasins”. At this point I remembered all my difficulties with my former landlady that I describe above. Nick’s speech has actually helped me to rise above that experience and see it in a new light; I'm trying hard not to pass judgement on her. As a result I feel less afraid and stronger when I think about it. Nick has lived in South Wales where he has witnessed a society ravaged by unemployment, poverty and crime. The collapse of the coal industry, which was once the biggest in the world, has devastated the region and left a whole generation of people feeling humiliated and rejected. He sees young men drunk on the streets every evening, reeling down the road looking for a fight; for no reason other than some indefinable subconscious rage. The “respectable” people in the street turn away or strike back at them with equal violence. However Nick decided to try a different solution: He invited the American Indian Medicine Man, Black Elk, to come and visit South Wales and hold seminars with these young hooligans. The effect was amazing. They transformed from disillusioned and vengeful cynics into creative individual free spirits who write poetry and will even weep when talking about the beauty of daffodils (and not from their Welsh patriotic connotations). Nick was definitely the most unusual speaker of the conference, which is quite an achievement if you think about it! His style was very idiosyncratic and involved a lot of audience participation. For instance he got us all to write or draw something on a piece of paper and put it into a hat. Then we all had to pick one out. I can’t remember exactly what the aim of the exercise was. But intriguingly enough, against huge odds, I got my own one back.
At lunch we were supposed to have a Bath mystery tour and lecture by Daniel Tatman, but unfortunately he couldn’t make it. His partner is pregnant so he’s about to become a father! I remember how that feels! I wish them both all the best. Here’s Daniel’s website: and here’s a radio interview with him: . I bought a copy of Karen's latest book, The Dangerous Man and she signed it. Here's where I did a pre-publication review: .

Dogged Days- The Strange Life and Times of a Child from Eternity
By Ellis Taylor
(See links column for Ellis’ website plus:
Anyone who’s read HPANWO for a while will be familiar with Ellis Taylor and his ideas. He has an extensive website, a YouTube channel (See: ) and he writes long articles about a wide variety of subjects from numerology, symbolism and occult to ghosts, ley-lines and alien contact. He has also written a number of books too, all of which can be found on his website. He invites us all to analyze our own lives in the same way he has his own. His lecture suffered from a few technical problems to begin with, as always seems to happen at these events, no matter how much you rehearse and try everything out beforehand. “We are not alone” was the theme of his first slideshow. It might sound like a cliché, but it’s an important statement to make… because we’re not. But how many people realize that, even if they say those words and profess the belief. We live our day-today lives and I’m no exception. I can go through a whole day without once thinking about ET’s. But this really is vitally important to understand and explore. The music he used to accompany the slideshow was, aptly, the song by Michael Jackson, You’re Not Alone. This was Ellis’ tribute to Jacko, whose 52nd birthday it would have been that day. For me it was the St Kilda connection as I say above, so it seems it was a poignant date in more than one way. Ellis believes Michael Jackson was connected to the “Megaspell” and speaks about it in his Tears and Tears video, see the YouTube link above. At numerous occasions throughout his whole life from the age of just 2, Ellis has had encounters with consciousnesses not of this planet or physical realm. He has had a lot of classic symptoms like missing time. Twice now he has had this experience while travelling between Oxford and the Andrews’ home in northern Lincolnshire. During one journey he stopped at a service station on the way which was deserted and there were some bizarre developments that he explains in his books. I’ve travelled myself down that same road with Ellis (See: and we tried to look for this mysterious service station, but it was not to be seen even though we narrowed the location down to just a few miles. The question that naturally arises is: Why? In society’s conventional view of reality a thing is either there or not; and if it’s there it’s there all the time, isn’t it? But I don’t think the world really is like that. I’ve become a big fan of Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials books which many people might find very eye-opening and informative on this subject, see: . Part of the attraction is that they’re set in Oxford, but not just the one I know; the Oxford in a parallel universe too. The structure of the universe is not linear or solid, but it’s more like what Charles Fort called “the thin sheet known as reality”. Ellis may have moved off the usual frequency that is the dominant one of this 3-dimensional plain. It’s not all fun-and-games for him by any means. In fact he had to tell us about the symbolism in drawings by murdered children. It’s a nasty fact, which we have to face, that these most awful of crimes go on under our noses day-in and day-out. If an ordinary man, operating from his own volition, rapes and murders a single child then his actions are reported in every newspaper in the land; but if he becomes a senior member of society, a judge, Chief Constable, or school headmaster, is initiated into a black magic ring, and then rapes and murders 30 children you won’t hear a peep about them anywhere in the media. Many of the individuals pilloried in the tabloids and locked in jail are scapegoats for far bigger fish, and until those bigger fish are fried the children will carry on suffering. Ellis remembers seeing a strange face that kept peeping round his door at night. He wasn’t sure what it was until he went to the seaside and watched a Punch-and-Judy show; the being looked just like Mr. Punch. He also had an encounter with a strange helicopter on a field in Oxford flown by two men in pilots’ uniforms. It’s a well-known fact that sometimes we see ordinary aerial objects like aeroplanes, balloons, kites and planets etc and mistake them for UFO’s, but few people realize that the opposite is also true: non-ordinary aircraft and their occupants can look very normal and everyday; what’s more both Ellis and another friend of mine in Oxford have experienced this, see: Naturally Ellis’ disappearances worried his parents when he was a child. He once vanished on board a ship while travelling between his two homes in England and Australia; and there are not many places one can disappear to on a ship. This happened as the ship was near the city of Aden in Yemen. This city has a reputation for high strangeness and there are reports that the area is surrounded by various navies as they explore a “portal” there. On one of the days Ellis had missing time on his way to the Andrews’ home he had an encounter with a strange being that looked like a huge dog; Neil Hague’s cover illustration of his latest book Dogged Days (see above) has a depiction of that encounter. What’s more another guest at the house, a reporter from a UFO magazine, also had strange experiences. Another classic symptom of contact is unusual marks on the body, and Ellis has had those too. What’s more he’s managed to photograph some of them and showed them to us. He’s also had a missing time incident while on the way to the Probe conference, the one where Dean Warwick died, see: . Ellis was one of the last people to speak to Dean before his more-than-suspicious death and Dean told him that he was about to be targeted for what he was about to reveal. Sadly he never got to tell Ellis all he knew; it must have been important for them to silence him like they did, knowing how much publicity it would generate. Dean strangely enough worked on the Blue Streak missile testing ground in Australia; and there’s a paranormal connection there, see: . The details of what’s going on in this world are not always actibly concealed behind our backs; sometimes they’re hidden in plain sight. This is because those behind these secrets know that secrets can’t be kept in the same way you might keep it secret from your flatmate that a bill arrived in the post. These “people” are not human, they don’t have human minds and don’t think like we do. For reasons that have never been agreed upon, they love displaying their wares openly, but in ways that very few people consciously notice. For instance take a look at this advert for Barclaycard: ; I didn’t spot the anomaly until Ellis pointed it out; see if you can before reading on!... In the library scene, look at the “man” in the foreground on the left in the shot between 0.54 and 0.55. That’s not a human face! It makes my skin crawl to watch it. It makes it creepier that it occurs at the same moment the musical score is suddenly distorted. This is a subliminal that will register in the subconscious mind whether we identify it or not, especially if we don’t consciously identify it. Barclaycard, like most financial institutions, is a subsidiary of the House of Rothschild, one of the top Illuminati bloodlines. Ellis has seen people shape-shifting personally. He names Bill Ryan and David Wilcock, and that will come as something as a shock to many of you; it does to me. I admire both those men and respect their work. I wouldn’t advise you to dismiss everything they’ve said as a result of Ellis’ revelation, but it pays to be on our guard. It may not be all fun-and-games, but Ellis made it clear it’s not all doom-and-gloom either! He related some very positive experiences he’d had related to crop circles, including the famous Julia Set at Stonehenge. He met a female security guard at the monument called Julia whom he couldn’t locate later, another dimensional shift? He described the “Aubrey holes” at Stonehenge, the oldest part of the site dating back to 8000 BC; they were discovered beneath the visitor’s car park. Julia loved those holes; they keep the security staff warm because of the energy coming off them. In the most moving part of his speech, Ellis described how one day, his mediumistic ability allowed him also to pass a message from his departed niece to her father, his brother. As Ellis says on the blurb of his latest book, there is little money involved in what he does, and certainly no glory. But despite all the hardships and tribulations, he feels himself privileged to have been able to glimpse beyond the veil.
Panel Discussion
Like many conferences, this one ended with a panel discussion where delegates got to pitch questions to the speakers who were all lined up on stage. The questions were written on pieces of paper and picked out of a box. As I said above, my question to Peter Taylor was asked. Unfortunately two faces were missing from the panel, Danial Tatman and Nick Clements. Daniel, as I’ve said, has his pregnant girlfriend to look after and Nick obviously had some important Shamanic business to attend to. But an additional person was added to make up the numbers; Geoff Stray, whom I’ve written about before: . Another question asked was: “Where are the women?” All the speakers were male, and in many situations where this happens somebody usually asks why there are no women. This question is usually delivered without qualification or explaining what the point is, as it was in this situation. At many organizations with a left-wing bias, like my Union, there are rules “discriminating positively” in favour of women, without the proponents of this policy realizing what a contradiction-in-terms that is, or the dangers of it. In other words, if you discriminate positively in favour of one group you automatically discriminate against another. We see this now in South Africa where white people are being refused jobs because there are rules in companies to take on a quorum of black employees; unemployment among whites is rising sharply. Also groups of black militias are now targeting white people in terrorist attacks, “Kill the Boer!” is now a catchphrase in South Africa. If you question this kind of thing the answer you’ll probably get is this: “Well, remember that woman/black people/Asians/Muslims/single-parents/fill-this-gap-with-your-own-formerly-oppressed-minority/ had to put up with this kind of discrimination for hundreds of years!” I always respond to that by asking the questioner to wonder why this in not an even greater reason to end discrimination now and not perpetuate it. You can’t fight injustice by trying to cancel it out with another injustice; all you get is a double-dose of injustice. People who uphold “positive discrimination” need to ask themselves a searching question: Is it really freedom, justice and equal opportunities they want… or revenge? In the case of the old male chauvinist regime that is revenge on half the entire human race, most of whom are innocent as individuals. The Illuminati love it when we play these juvenile tit-for-tat games because it creates an infinite loop of animosity that can go on indefinitely as Side A oppresses Side B, Side B fight back and then oppress Side A, then Side A fights back and oppresses Side B again… and on and on and on forever. Karen stood up to explain that she actually asked many female speakers to attend and they couldn’t make it. She believes wholeheartedly that we all have male and female aspects to our personality whatever the gender of our physical bodies and these need to be in balance; you can’t have one without the other. I admire her a lot for resisting the pressure, one put on us all, to be politically correct (and this goes for the title of her book too, see below). There are many excellent women involved in these subjects: Renee Henry, who wrote a huge and informative volume on the Global Government Conspiracy called Theatre Earth, see: . There’s Alexandra Bruce too, a very intelligent lady. Alex Christopher, who threw the first brick over the secrets of Denver Airport. UFO research is covered by many powerful and intelligent women, in fact the Rendlesham Forest Incident was exposed largely due to the work of four female researchers, Jenny Randles, Dot Street, Georgina Bruni and Brenda Butler, see: . Animal mutilations would still be largely unexplored if it hadn’t been for Linda Moulton-Howe’s work over four decades. And people ask: “Where are the women?”!?
The 2010 ARC Convention ended at around 5 pm, but some conferences have two endings. When the official agenda ends at whatever time on the last day the delegates either scatter to the four winds and go home or remain at the venue and surrounding area to socialize. This usually depends on the number of people who have cars because those who don’t, like me and Ustane, sometimes have to stay on an extra night. Another factor is the kind of friendships formed and how much people have to talk about. All the best conferences have a postscript, and this was happily one of those. We stood outside the Chapel Arts Centre talking in groups while Karen and the crew packed their kit away. After a while we all moved off, but the conversations and interactions continued in the local pubs and restaurants until late at night. Ustane and I had a great time talking with two very interesting guys Geoff Stray, who was on the panel, and a man called Bruce who runs the 2012 Rising website, see: . This was particularly good for Ustane because the 2012 phenomenon is a passionate interest of hers and she spoke very enthusiastically to Geoff and Bruce. The subjects we covered were too munerous to list, but they included Burkas, lobotomies and yeast; that's quite a selection! We walked around Bath and eventually ended up at a lovely Thai restaurant where we had a nice meal. As luck would have it the restaurant was just a few yards from our hotel and we arrived back to see Karen and a few others sitting on the terrace outside like locked-out drunks. It was sad to say good bye when we all went to bed and we embraced each other affectionately. Ustane and I went off to sleep and I reflected on what a great conference it had been. It was wonderful and I’d love to go to the next one in February; it’s always a little dismal when a conference comes to an end. However our lament was slightly premature. I described above how some conferences have a “postscript”, well this one had a much bigger one than most! It came about by two events that I’ll describe in the next segment.

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Wednesday 8 September 2010

Bathing into History- Part 3

(In loving memory of Jerry E. Smith)

Wilhelm Reich and UFO’s
By Kenn Thomas
I first met Kenn Thomas in 2008 where he appeared at the Beyond Knowledge Conference in Liverpool, see: . My first encounter with him this time was outside the venue. I saw a bearded man walking towards me who looked a bit familiar, but what drew my eye was his Robert Anton Wilson T-shirt. It said on it: “If you can read this, then you are the Pope”, one of the classic “Discordian” quotes. I warmed to him immediately; any RAW fan is a friend of mine! Kenn runs the Steamshovel Press website and is famous for inventing the term “parapolitics” as an alternative to the pejorative “Conspiracy Theory”. I personally think the better way to deal with dysphemistic language is to use and reuse it in a positive context until it is stripped of its negative power. We see this in America where black people have started referring to themselves as “niggers” and homosexuals now call themselves “queer”. It really bursts the bubble of anyone who subsequently tries to use those words as insults! Kenn began his speech by paying homage to Jerry E Smith. Jerry had been at the Liverpool event with Kenn and had given a great speech about weather warfare. I only recently found out that Jerry died in March, see: . Oddly enough his friend and colleague Jim Keith died in 1999 in similar circumstances; and although Kenn doesn’t commit himself to the possibility of foul play he doesn’t dismiss it either. Jerry’s death came just one month before the BP Disaster and this does sound very convenient because he would have had a lot to say about that. Kenn showed a filmed lecture by Jerry on the auditorium screen. If I remember correctly Jerry’s views on Chemtrails vacillated somewhat. He said at Liverpool that Chemtrails were just planes' jet condensation, but in the interview he talks about plans to sprinkle fragments of silver into the upper atmosphere to reflect the sun’s rays as a supposed anti-global warming project. Such a thing could be kept secret from the public and coopt the pilots and other people involved. They could be told that it’s a secret plan to stop global warming that the decadent public would never allow through Parliament; but at the same time, seeing as man-made global warming is a load of crap, the real purpose for the Chemtrails could be very different and the pilots would not be briefed into their real purpose, a secret within a secret. Jerry reckoned that the project had been abandoned for legal problems, but when has concern for the law ever stopped them before!? Jerry described other proposals considered to fight this non-existent threat, some bordering on science-fiction. Mirrors and lenses in space and nuclear-powered ships sailing back and forth spewing up clouds of evaporated seawater. Jerry said that the New World Order is composed of two Elitist groups that are apparently in opposition but cooperate at a higher level. He calls them the “Banksters” and the “Watermelons”. The Banksters are the ones we’re most familiar with, right-wing financial power-brokers who entrap Third World countries in debt, organize wars in the Middle East and raise our taxes whenever it rains twice in the same month. But only a minority of Conspiracy researchers consider the other faction, the Watermelons. Jerry calls them that because they’re green on the outside and red on the inside. On the surface they tend to lead the environmentalist movement and in private they are left-wing extremists, usually Marxists. What makes them so dangerous is that their threat is more subtle and harder to spot. What’s more some anti-authoritarian activists will even see them as allies! They are considered by some to be the solution to the NWO, while they are actually one of its causes. No anti-establishment movement would ever affiliate themselves with the Banksters, but sadly many do with the Watermelons. Watermelons oppose the actions of the Banksters vehemently and profess hatred for them, yet at the same time they calculate ways of sterilizing and culling the population, financially crippling people with “Green Tax” and even imprisoning them in “Eco-Camps”; they sound very similar to those two men on the train actually. Their message is spelt out on the mysterious Georgia Guidestones, see: and see Pentti Linkola too: . They and the Banksters despise and vilify each other. They fight bitter and venomous political, and even literal, wars against each other; and yet these are two oxen that pull the cart of the New World Order. One could not function without the other. At the heart of the Watermelons are a super-elite who are not even green or red, they are black! These are the Satanic Illuminati. So we really should change the name of the Watermelons to “M&M’s” because they are green outside, and then have a red layer, but they have an invisible black core. But, guess what? The same Illuminati who are the heart of the Watermelons also run the Banksters! With that in our minds, Jerry then asked us to think about the Earthquake experiment in Nevada just before World War II which could have made the A-bomb obsolete. This was matched by another experiment in New Zealand called “Project Seal” which tried to produce an artificial Tsunami to be used as a weapon of war, see: . This was tested in 1946 and the American OSS, forerunner of the CIA, stole it. Was the 2006 Tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of people a part of this project, continued for 60 years in secret and then tested? The loss of life would please the Watermelons no end and guarantee their cooperation for that reason alone. Then Kenn ended the film and started speaking himself. He describes the mysterious link between Wilhelm Reich and the US Government. I’ve written about Reich before, see: . Wilhelm Reich was an innovative and revolutionary scientist who’s genius was cut short in 1957 by the powers-that-be in finance, medicine and energy production. He was born in 1897 on a Ukrainian farm and became one of the first psychoanalysts, studying with the famous pioneer Sigmund Freud, but unlike Freud he believed that sexual energy was a real energy, not just a metaphor for a psycho-biological drive. He named this energy “Orgone” and soon set up experiments to isolate it. He invented instruments that could detect it and used to observe volunteer couples having sex in his laboratory, an action that was predictably misinterpreted by the sleazy media and was used by his enemies to smear him in later life. His ideas caused him, like Carl Jung, to leave Freud’s inner circle and venture out on his own. In 1942 he built a huge laboratory complex in Maine called Orgonon; today it houses the Wilhelm Reich Museum and is open to the public. There he continued his work for a number of years, building motors that ran on Orgone and developing successful medical treatments. He also became curious on how Orgone affected the weather and built a machine called a "Cloudbuster" that could make it rain or indeed stop it if you liked. In 1953 there was a terrible heatwave and drought in the eastern United States and Reich became a household name among farmers as he traveled up and down the country creating rainstorms, apparently out of thin air with his Cloudbusters. Unfortunately this brought Reich to the attention of the authorities; these are people who have a vested interest in humanity being hungry, poor, sick, bored, demoralized and in want. He was attacked by many so-called “respectable” scientists and eventually criminally charged. A court ordered that his papers be burned and his machines smashed. Reich himself was imprisoned on a trumped-up state border violation technicality. His health had suffered as a result of the stress he’d been subjected to and this last insult was too much for him. He died on November the third 1957. Kenn has found out that the US Government actually took an interest in Reich’s work before his downfall. There was a strange event in February 1954 when President Eisenhower disappeared for a few hours. UFOlogists have sometimes claimed that he was taken to Wright Patterson Airbase to see the Roswell wreckage, but maybe there’s another possibility that is also connected to UFO’s, it’s just as interesting and equally secret. Eisenhower went to Orgonon to see Reich. Towards the end of his life and career Reich became interested in UFO’s and thought that there might be a connection between them and Orgone energy. He had several close encounters when the Cloudbusters were running and even today Cloudbuster-operators relate how the devices attract UFO’s. Reich discovered that there are two kind of Orgone, the positive Orgone that he’d already discovered and Deadly Orgone Radiation, or DOR, that can make people sick and even kill them. This is why using a Cloudbuster or Accumulator box is risky and should not be undertaken unless you’re fully qualified to use them. Reich once trained the Cloudbuster on a UFO and believes he damaged it as a result. This might be why the American Government was so keen to pick his brains; they’ve always been all over anything that can be used as a weapon like a rash! Reich also visited Roswell and commented on the 1947 incident and so it is wrong for the Skeptics to call it a virtual non-event before Stanton Friedman found Jesse Marcel. The Cutler-Twining Memo of July 1954 refers to a meeting at which UFO’s were discussed; this was just six months after the strange lacuna in Eisenhower’s schedule. Perhaps Reich’s downfall was caused by his refusal to cooperate with the Government in their hopes for a weapon development. It would fit with his personality because Reich was a former Communist and remained something of an anarchist all his life; he would probably not have wanted his research to be used for military purposes. Kenn thinks Eisenhower’s famous “Military Industrial Complex” speech might have been inspired by the Reich affair. Kenn then went on to talk about another mysterious connection, that between the Kennedy Assassination and the Maury Island UFO sighting. Maury Island is an island in the picturesque backdrop of Puget Sound in Washington State in the far northwest of the United States. Yet in June 1947 a boat sailing near the island was attacked by UFO’s. They dropped what seem to have been red hot pieces of metal onto the vessel, killing a dog and injuring one of the crew. Later on the skipper, Harold Dahl, was approached by one of the Men-in-Black, one of the earliest ever reported encounters with them, who warned him not to talk about what had happened to him. Dahl refused and related the incident to a friend of his, Fred Crisman. If you think that name sounds familiar you’re right because Crisman was one of the “tramps” detained at Dealey Plaza after JFK was shot (Here are the UFO Hunters investigating the Maury Island encounter: ). There are so many theories as to who killed Kennedy and why, that it’s easier to ask: who didn’t kill Kennedy? It was either the Mafia or the anti-Castro Cubans or Lyndon Johnson or the CIA or the Ulster Loyalists or J Edgar Hoover or Boeing because he cancelled their fighter contract or… anyone. Many individuals and organizations had cause to want JFK dead. Kenn explores a complex link between the events of Maury Island and that murder in Dallas 16 years later. I didn’t follow all of it unfortunately. Kenn reeled off a whole series of names and places. Obviously he is inviting us to make note of what he said and to look for the details ourselves; something which I have not yet done, but when I have I’ll let you know. Here’s an article by Kenn about Crisman and Maury Island: . Kenn is a very feet-on-the-ground kind of researcher who has a very scientific attitude to Conspiracy research, but there’s no way he’d wear a RAW T-shirt unless he was also interested in the more esoteric and spiritual side of the discipline. His tribute to Jerry E Smith was very touching. I was very sorry to learn of his death and I’d like to add my own appreciation for Jerry and the contribution he made to our future world of truth and human freedom.
“Where shall we eat?” asked the woman. She and the man saw a KFC on a street near the venue. The Stepford Wives behind the counter were engrossed in handing out GMO-burgers and Aspartame-laced soft-drinks to the customers. Prozac hooks dug into the corners of their mouths tugging them upwards into a smile: “Enjoy your meal, please call again.” They said as their dilated pupils stared into space. The man shook his head. “Nah, let’s give that one a miss.” They dined at the Lamb and Lion and then had a drink at the hotel bar. The sun was low in the sky and the shadow cast by the edge of the valley was lying like a puddle over the city. They returned to the venue, but then hesitated at the door in confusion. “Is this the same place?” asked the man? The auditorium was transformed. The lights were dimmed and the rows of chairs had been replaced by circular tables with candles on; and where the bookstall had been there stood a traditional-looking pub bar, complete with an archetypal buxom barmaid. Other people were gathered round the tables, some were familiar as conference delegates, other not. The woman took a seat while the man ordered some drinks. When he joined her at the table she elbowed him playfully in the ribs. “You weren’t half staring at the lady behind the bar.”
The man blushed. “Was I? I hope she didn’t notice… It was instinctive; she’s got a cleavage like the Avon Gorge!” Both of them burst out laughing and toasted each other.
The music started soon after and Karen Sawyer sang herself along with an acoustic guitar solo and then came a funk band called Dirty Dog. The man and woman felt their spirits rise. The rhythm and harmony of the band rippled through the air, walls and floor in a way recorded music just can’t, no matter how high the quality of the player. Before long most of the people were on their feet dancing. The man was like a dervish when he danced, absorbing and flowing with the music. This was the modern day equivalent of the Shamanic trance dance, he thought. He was infected with it, the drowsiness of the afternoon fell from his shoulders like a hot, heavy cloak. On the way back to the hotel he sang Welsh hymns at the top of his voice and both he and the woman slept a lot better that night.
The man was woken by the morning sun and the cry of seagulls echoing around the sandstone canyons of Bath. He stretched and yawned, and rolled out of bed to go to the toilet. On the way back he grabbed the TV remote and casually flicked on the news. Something on the screen made him stop and stare: an image of craggy hills, ruined stone houses, steep heathery slopes and blue sea. “My God!” he gasped.
“What is it?” groaned the woman, just emerging from sleep.
“What’s the date today?” demanded the man.
“How should I know?”
He ran over to his trousers, folded on a chair, and fished out his diary from the pocket. “It’s the 29th! It’s the Sunday the 29th of August!... How could I have forgotten?”
The woman sat up and stared at him quizzically. “Forgotten what?”
“It’s the 29th of August 2010… it happened 80 years ago today!”
“What happened 80 years ago today?”
“The evacuation of St Kilda!” Thoughts and feelings were flooding into him. Research he did years ago, the fascination and heartache he’d felt when he studied.
“What’s St Kilda?”
“A remote island off the west coast of Scotland. It was inhabited by a unique culture of people dating back hundreds of years; there are even archaeological sites of human habitation 5000 years old! But the youth were lured away by the ‘bright lights of civilization’ leaving the old folk behind them; the aging population couldn’t fend for themselves and they asked the mainland authorities to evacuate them.” The man was struck by triste as he spoke; he almost felt tearful. “They agreed and the evacuation took place on August the 29th 1930.” He looked at the TV. “It seems that BBC Breakfast are marking the anniversary.”
“Who lives there now?”
“Nobody. There’s a Government signals station there and Scottish National Trust scientists and volunteers, but no permanent residents… You remember in Chapter 1 of Rockall when they land on St Kilda?”
“I’ve not read Rockall yet?” she turned over in bed and buried her head in her pillow.
“Haven’t you?” asked the man, slightly miffed.
“Not yet. I’ve got too many other books to read.”
The man shrugged. “Fair point I suppose… It feels somehow appropriate that the ARC Convention should happen on the 80th anniversary of the St Kilda evacuation.”
They got dressed and went to breakfast, then prepared for day 2 of the ARC Convention.
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Sunday 5 September 2010

Bathing into History- Part 2

The Transition… and its Miscreants
By Peter Taylor
See here for my report on Peter Taylor’s AV4 speech:
“The introduction and the first speaker took you up.” began Peter Taylor. “Now I’ve got to bring you down to Earth.” I remembered Peter Taylor from AV4 and he also turned up at the Glastonbury Symposium. He’s a calm-speaking learned-sounding man with a small bald head and goatee; imagine an English Confucius. He relayed the rather gloomy situation in the Earth’s environment today: The floods in Pakistan have been in the news (No doubt those two men on the train think they’re as good thing!) Cattle in Russia are starving and dying of cold, the devastation caused by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico gets worse with every alternative news story that comes out; things look pretty bad. Peter might come across as a bit of a pessimist and one level he did sound like one, but really he’s very positive in his own way and believes we do have the capability and opportunity to make things better. He embraces both Western science and mysticism in his outlook of the world and sees no contradition between them. He was a post-graduate student at Oxford doing a PHD, but he dropped out after a life-changing experience in 1970. He went to Africa and spent some time with indigenous people; he saw how their way of life was being destroyed by the encroachment of modern civilization. The issues they discussed back then 40 years ago are pretty much the same as those discussed today: Climate Change, Peak Oil, loss of biodiversity, soil erosion and bankrupt governments. Back then there were 3 billion people in the world; today this figure has more than doubled and this concerns Peter greatly. I have different views on that as I’ll explain below. As a young man Peter had no spiritual feelings at all, but today he describes himself as a Bird Shaman. His solution to the biodiversity problems comes partly from ecology, introducing wolves and wild boars back into Britain to assist the food chain; but also this has a spiritual dimension to it and the presence of these animals are important for Shamanic reasons. He understands that without growing spiritually we can never have a safe and happy world. Peter wrote his second book Chill to peals of derision by his ecological colleagues and ignorant silence from the scientific community. Peter has found that many scientists secretly agree with him, but don’t speak out for various reasons. In some cases it’s simple lack of nerve, the dread of exclusion, loss of career and ridicule. However there are some who see the MMCC (Man-Made Climate Change) theory as a kind of Platonic Noble Myth. They think that MMCC might well be a load of bollocks, but it’s worth keeping on telling the lie because it focuses people’s attention on all environmental dangers when they otherwise wouldn’t care. Peter thinks that this line of reasoning is a mistake and I agree. For example this so called “Noble Myth” has caused the Green Movement to advocate nuclear power, see: , the most environmentally-destructive fuel source imaginable. But they think that radiation and Chernobyl-style accidents are necessary to protect the world from the perceived threat of Carbon™ emissions. The two things every civilization needs are food and fuel and the lack of these are the central problem from which all others derive, says Peter. The world’s population is growing and the economy supporting them is increasingly unstable. Countries that were formerly primitive and developing are becoming westernized. Many people in the Third World now have mobile phones and computers. More and more people want the Western lifestyle, but this is not possible, says Peter. The current situation is that there are forces in the wealthy West deliberately maintaining the status quo and holding back Third World countries from modernizing too much. This has of course resulted in much suffering and millions of deaths; and sadly, as Ustane and I found out on the train, members of the public will sometimes support this as a perceived necessity for survival, the survival of humanity and the Earth. The prospect of “another China” by 2050 stalks the world striking fear into experts and laymen alike. Peter says that all accepted alternatives, such as wind, solar and wave power will not work, and he’s right. The MMCC establishment is a trick played on the people by those in charge of preserving this state of affairs. Pressure groups like Greenpeace and the Transition Town movement are controlled by the UN. This is an interesting radio show: because it features, supporting Ian R Crane, Peter debating with Rob Hopkins, the leader of the Transition Towns. As you can hear in this show, Ian denies that Peak Oil is a genuine crisis. There is plenty of oil left, but they’re not extracting it. Also Ian thinks that oil is not a fossil fuel at all and can replenish itself. As for food: Peter says we’re just 3 years from a global food shortage crisis as farmland and soil breaks down and livestock die off in the increasingly bad winters that grip the world. Hundreds of millions of people won’t have enough food to eat and somebody has to take on the gruesome of job of deciding who lives or dies. The primary derivative force that comes from the fuel and food factor is economics and Peter has a lot to say on how the economy is suffering a similar degeneration as the environment. Western bankers are currently investing in places like Brazil, Russia, India and China rather than Western nations. I’m not sure if I understood Peter properly, but isn’t that a contradiction to what he said earlier about the West keeping Third World development in check? Peter proposes a series of reforms which he calls “Controlled Recession”, some of which make sense: semi-deindustrialization. A rationing of modern luxury products and a change in agriculture to smallholder organic farming; but all this would be centrally controlled by mere governmental reform. Peter is missing a big piece of the jigsaw here! As I said above, Peter may give out all these pessimistic visions, but he feels hopeful. In the last part of his speech he described his spiritual practice and discoveries. This is based around the Tantra and the flow of Kundalini energy up the chakra system from the base to the crown. Chakras are points of energy along the central line of the body running from the crotch to the top of the head. We’re conditioned by society to not let our Kundalini rise any higher than the bottom few chakras where it then dissipates out and is lost. The most common way this happens is through sex. However the Tantra and similar practices shows us how to get this energy to rise higher up, right through the chakra system where it charges and refreshes the whole human being in all its facets. People who can make the most of their Kundalini this way can wake up in the morning and write the world’s best poetry, design a new jet engine and sing Handel’s Messiah in perfect harmony before lunch! But if we had that kind of potential, that power, that creative energy, how would the Illuminati keep control of us? Well, they wouldn’t be able to, and they know this; therefore they do everything they can to suppress Kundalini. The principle strategy they use is to dumb down our sexuality. I’ve been studying the publications that come under the heading of “Lad Mags”. These are magazines with titles like Front, Loaded, Zoo, Nuts etc. there are literally hundreds of different ones. They contain a mixture of shallow-minded articles and vast amounts of sexual images of women who only have extremely conventional good-looks, therefore branding women with "imperfections" as unattractive by omission. The magazines actually promote a superficial, mindless and materialistic lifestyle in general. The basic message is: "If you want to be a REAL man then be as ruthless, acquisitive, materialistic and insincere as possible; treat everybody else as rivals and only fancy the girls that WE tell you to fancy!" It's extremely destructive to the male psyche and culture. I’m going to write a full article on this, and I’m convinced that Lad Mags are a psyop. They are actually conditioning men to think, feel and behave in a certain way. They encourage us men to see women as virtually subhuman to be treated as objects, or even enemies, to be conquered and deceived with trickery. They portray respect and a desire to relate honestly to women as a fatal weakness. However "cads" are put on a pedestal as heroes and role-models. The ultimate upshot of this and other gelding techniques is that people are rendered semi-impotent. We are not having proper sex, the kind that would liberate our Kundalini. Our physical as well as our mental health deteriorates when our energy is not flowing properly. Maybe this is the condition Michael Dunning was afflicted with (See above) We need to learn how to take our sexuality back. To do this we must come to grips with something that has become a bit of a cliché lately, the Divine Feminine; but it’s real and true. Our energy is imbalanced over to the male side and needs to be corrected. Improvements in our outer world will progress from that. Peter is correct there, but his overall philosophy lacks understanding. At the end of the conference there was a Q and A session with the speakers on the panel. Delegates submitted questions by writing them on a piece of paper. I wrote a question for Peter and it was read out. I asked him if he’d taken the imminent declassification of Free Energy, Terra Preta, ORMUS and economic reforms modeled on EF Schumacher’s work, into account when he calculated the bio-economic capacity of the Earth. (See my film Freikraft: and the “Post-Illuminati World” section of the HPANWO Index: for background articles that give details of all these things). Peter replied that he didn’t believe there was such a thing as a working Free Energy machine. Here I think he is incorrect, as you’ll see from watching my film and reading my articles on the subject. In fact Peter has changed a lot since I heard him at AV4. He’s edging close to the borders of the Survivalist mentality, see: and: . However I think he has the wisdom of his Shamanic and spiritual research to balance his thoughts and actions so I’m not worried that he’s about to turn into a Pentti Linkola!

Human Devolution
By Michael Cremo
As I said above, I first met Michael Cremo at breakfast where I spoke to him about one of his earlier books which I’ve read, Forbidden Archaeology, one that he co-wrote with Richard Thompson, see: . This is a massive doorstep of a book, containing almost a thousand tightly-printed pages. In fact Michael has nicknamed it Forbidding Archaeology with some justification! The book consists of detailed reports into archaeological cases that contradict the conventional view of the development of the human race. These cases are when human remains and man-made artifacts have been found in places where it’s clear they existed millions of years before they should have. Even if you’re familiar with people like Graham Hancock, Erich von Daniken or Robert Bauval etc, Forbidden Archaeology will make your jaw drop. It contains reports of human remains being found in the same strata as dinosaur bones! But it gets even more extreme than that; he describes artificial objects like gold chains being found in lumps of coal and a strange metal sphere several billion years old, at a time when there were supposed to be no life forms on Earth except aquatic microbes. It is definitely artificial because it has a distinct and exact series of notched grooves around its equator so that it resembles a cricket ball. There are also human footprints hundreds of millions of years old, which alone would be anomalous enough even if these feet were not wearing shoes! The flat soles and even stitching around the edge where they’re sewn onto the uppers is visible. So why don’t we hear about these discoveries in science books and journals? Michael says this is berceuse of what he calls a “knowledge filter”. The conventional view of the past is protected from analysis and criticism by this. It takes several forms: the ridicule and ruining of archeologists who speak out about these discoveries; the theft and destruction of data, like fossils going missing or holes at digs being filled in. One such object is “the Smiling Face of Walton-on-the-Naze”. This is a sea shell clearly showing a simple carving of a smiling face on it. Skeptics says that it's nothing but Cloud-Teddy Syndrome, a natural condition of the mind that makes us see recognizable patterns in random images. But if that were the case then why did this supposedly meaningless piece of evidence vanish without trace? Was somebody afraid that the etchings on the shell would be analyzed and found to be deliberately carved? Michael himself has not been immune from this knowledge filter; he has been smeared, accused and called every name under the sun except the Anti-Christ Chicken-Fucker. Here’s an example: ; but like every determined truth-seeker, he’s withstood the barrage and come through to a world where he is liked and respected by an increasingly large and powerful community of alternative thinkers. I recommend his book. Luckily, for the less-ambitious reader, Forbidden Archaeology has been condensed into a more digestible volume of FA’s highlights called The Hidden History of the Human Race, see: . Today Michael is talking more and more about his spiritual research which previously remained in the sidelines while he concentrated on archeology. He has written a new book called Human Devolution. “Devolution” is a strange word; in politics it refers to the break-up of a centralized nation state into smaller, independent territories, but Michael uses it as a metaphor for how evolution doesn’t always run in a path from simplicity to greater complexity, but also in the opposite direction. Sometimes complex biological structures can “devolve” into something simpler; against the “entropy of life”? His route to this conclusion was partly down to his spiritual research. He was born in 1948 and grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii. Here he came into contact with the Kahuna (“Wise Men”) Shamans who worship volcanoes. Within them lives the god Pele, and this legend sent Michael forth on his spiritual evolution. I’ve heard several reports of the Kahunas being able to perform impossible deeds like walking on the crusts of lava flows such as in Michael Talbot’s The Holographic Universe. He quickly became fascinated by volcanoes and started reading Norse mythology. When he grew up he spent a long time in Iceland while serving in the US Navy and went on expeditions to explore the volcanic regions of the “Land of Fire and Ice.” Getting close to volcanoes can be very dangerous and at one point Michael was nearly killed, but he believes Pele saved him. After Iceland he went on to India to study in that spiritual treasure-house of the world. This is where he found inspiration for his future work on archeology because he became enthralled by the Puranas, the famous Hindu creation myth. He intuitively sensed the truth in its pages and felt that it made more sense to him than Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, so beloved of Richard Dawkins (See: This stated that life is essentially born out of highly complex processes in inorganic matter. Living creatures are no more than very sophisticated machines that change over time by adapting to their environment and producing young that survive best. Michael dislikes this model because it rejected the existence of soul or spirit. He sees our reliance on materialistic explanations for everything as a terrible mistake. I don’t agree that it’s a mistake; I see it as a deliberate lie! See my conversation with my friends on Friday night above. I don’t reject Darwin in the same way Michael does, but I concur with him that we shouldn’t discard the spiritual dimension to the universe when coming up with explanatory models; in fact we are starved of it and we need to embrace it. Michael decided to delve into the world of archaeology to try and find evidence to support his feelings about the Puranas and FA was the result. Michael says that we need a new kind of science, that involves spirituality; a modern Skeptic would call that oxymoronic, but as Adrian Gilbert said at AV4 (see: the materialistic paradigm is not something as fundamental and inherent to science as we’re led to believe. It’s more like a fad or trend that happens to be in vogue; as I said, I think this is intentional and part of a sociopolitical strategy. Michael sites examples of paranormal phenomena like ghosts, psychic powers, Spiritualism, telepathy, remote viewing and psychokinesis; and he shows how serious scientific research has been done on them by proper scientists like the Curies, Oliver Lodge, William Crooks and even the lapsed Carl Sagan! The serious scientific nature of psychical research has been scandalously misrepresented by the Skeptic Movement and I’ll come to this subject again in detail later in the report. It was good to meet Michael and see his live talk. He’s a gently-spoken man with a deep and highly-experienced background in spiritual research. His new book is definitely on my reading list; let’s hope I get round to actually reading it!

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Friday 3 September 2010

Bathing into History- Part 1

The train was crowded, not to the cattle-truck extent where the passengers stand tensely in the aisles gripping onto the luggage racks; everyone had a seat, but they were all hip to hip and shoulder to shoulder. Not everyone could choose their travel partners and many passengers were sitting beside people they’d rather not. A young man and woman caught each other’s gaze every few minutes. They were sitting on aisle seats a few rows apart and the woman was at a table nook beside a group of shirtsleeved businessmen. The man and woman would rather be sitting together sharing the journey, each absorbing warmth and comfort from the other’s presence; but a regular glance and an exchanged smile between them sufficed to remind them that the other was in their thoughts. Both were reading books that introduced them to the subject matter of the event they were traveling to attend. The train rolled smoothly along the shiny track; the green, pregnant hills of the West Country paraded past the thick, oblong windows. With a snap the whole vista vanished as the train dove into the Lovcraftian underworld of the Box Tunnel. The windows became mirrors, the sound of the train’s passage shifted to a muffled and raucous note. The people on board felt pressure pockets come and go on their eardrums and the man yawned to prevent the uncomfortable sensation. The seconds counted down, a minute, two then three. A chill descended on the compartment as people looked out at the meta-hell beyond the safety of the carriage sidewalls. The people on board intellectually knew that this was only a railway tunnel, an artificial structure with a beginning and end, but when the sunlight burst in again expressions of primeval relief washed over everybody’s faces. The journey continued, interspersed with station stops and the train’s personnel changed watch like birds on a wire. Eventually a double seat became free.
“Ben!” the word was hissed and almost inaudible. The man looked up from his book on Russian UFO sightings and sees the woman point with her eyes to the double seat. Quick as a whip they were both in it, but the woman didn’t look happy. She was flushed and her mouth looked tight at the corners, an expression of displeasure that the man had learned to recognize immediately. “What’s wrong, Darlin'?” he asked.
“Those men at the table; I had to get away from them! I’d have gone and stood in the vestibule soon if this seat hadn’t become free.”
“What did they say to you?”
“Nothing; it was what they were saying to each other. They kept their voices low, but I could still hear them. They said it was good to wind people up if they’re not able to defend themselves. One of them said that he enjoys picking on this other man he knows; he reckons that it’s ‘healthy’. Then they both went on to talk about the overpopulation of the Earth. They said: ‘There are too many people for the world to cope with; we’ll run out of food and space. India and Africa are especially bad. India has one-sixth of the world’s people. In Africa they’re breeding like flies and half the population is under 20. There’s no way we can solve this problem just by asking them nicely to have less children. Some people are going to have to die. We’ll need a powerful state to intervene, enforce controlled reproduction and kill off the surplus population.’”
“Hmm” said the man grimly, recalling an article he recently wrote. “They sound just like Soren Renner.”
The man peeked between the seat backs and was able to see the two businessmen in question. They looked very ordinary, of average age, height and build, dressed in smart but casual clothes. They didn’t come across as extremists; they could be anybody, strawmen for the globe. Like many things which happened to them, this moment felt significant; it was one that the man and woman would recall many times during the following days.
A tawny glow appeared on the horizon and a huge river valley opened out ahead of the train as it slowed down to approach a station. The green wooded hillsides were speckled with buildings all made of the same material; yellowy-brown Cotswold sandstone that seemed to glow with its own inner light. Even the terraces in a council estate by the railway line were made of this stone, matching the long Victorian rows and crescents that overlooked the glen. “I’ve been through Bath quite a few times.” said the man, “Changing trains and stuff, but this is the first time I’ve actually been here since I was a kid.”
“I remember coming here as a kid too.” said the woman. “I saw the old Roman baths.”
“It’ll be interesting to meet Daniel Tatman; he’s studied this city very deeply.”
“It’s got a lovely energy to it. Look at the sky above it; it’s so blue. Not a Chemtrail in sight.”
“Graham Hancock lives here; do you think he might turn up at the conference?”
They got off the train and walked along the city streets. The woman seemed to instinctively know where she was going and led the way through a pedestrian shopping district that was uncluttered and spotlessly clean. The soapy, shining masonry loomed overhead and deckchairs were set out in a sunny area of the central plaza. “Is this place a secret anti-NWO stronghold?” joked the man.
The woman didn’t answer and just pointed. There ahead of them was a sweet little civic garden and an old building set back from the street and yet standing out because it was made of granite instead of the usual Bath rock. A sign above the door said Chapel Arts Centre, the venue of the conference they were attending. “How did you know?” asked the man. “I haven’t even looked at my map yet?”
“I just knew.” She grinned.
The man returned her smile and shrugged. They both approached the venue and looked through the doors into the deserted wooden interior. “Nice place.” said the man. “It’s not a Conformistory.”
“Here.” said the woman, plucking his arm and pointing. “Isn’t that Ellis?”
And so it began.
Actually I shouldn’t have been surprised by Ustane’s ability to intuit her way to the conference venue. Despite her common lament that she is not psychic and has never seen a ghost or UFO, she has a very highly-developed sixth sense and this is not the first time she’s subconsciously worked something out in her right brain. We had a peek through the locked doors and then turned round to find our friends Ellis Taylor (See links column) Angela and Sara standing there, so we arrived at the right time as well as the right place. The interaction and comradeship with the other delegates is probably the thing I most like about the conference circuit; in fact it’s more important to me than hearing the speakers. I was happy to begin that early, on the Friday night rather than in the morning at the start of the event. I also met a few people who I’ve so far only known online. We went to a coffee shop and had a talk. One phrase mentioned, I can’t remember by whom, stuck in my mind as much as those two men on the train and helped provide an analysis foundation for the ARC Convention and every other conference I’ve been to in this season: The mainstream science, cultural, economic and religious media talk about conclusions and how everything is thought of because it makes the most sense; but, reading between the lines, all the various facets of the worldview that is accepted by the mainstream and becomes part of the conventional paradigm is always the most gloomy, meaningless and unempowering; hence the issue of coincidence that arose at the Weird Conference. See: . The notion that we are the helpless playthings of random chance suits the Elite perfectly, and that is just the start. As Andy Thomas said at AV4, “Everything in this world is purposefully designed to break our spirit.” Our challenge is not to let it.
What’s interestingly related is that I’m going through a difficult situation right now in that I’ve just moved house and my former landlady is trying to sue me. Moving house is stressful enough anyway without that! When I moved out she claimed that I’d done damage to the house amounting to £9000. This is patent nonsense. There was damage beyond natural wear-and-tear yes, but we’re only talking about a repainting and recarpeting job. I’ve been back to the house since and seen a big skip outside with the cupboard doors and bedroom wardrobe in it. Workmen are going in and out, so I’m getting suspicious that the landlady is actually plotting to do the house up and get me to foot the bill. I’ve been to see a solicitor and he’s told me not to worry; I’m obliged to compensate her for the damage done not fund any new developments she chooses to make to the property. However the fact that she’s even trying to rip me off upsets me. When we first moved out she came up to me and made me feel really guilty; she said: “You’ve ruined the house and left me penniless! I can’t afford to repair it! I’m still paying the mortgage on a house I can’t sell!” I took pity on her and felt ashamed and offered to settle out of court. It was then that she gave me an estimated quote of £9000 and I smelt a rat. That was a month ago and I’ve only heard from her once since, asking me where to send the bill; so she’s obviously not in that much of a hurry! And, as I said, she is currently doing extensive work to the house. In a sense what she is doing to me is a sign of the times. We have this recession to cope with, the bail-out and cuts in wages and benefits; all of these things were engineered by the “banksters” and were avoidable. I think we’re going to see a sharp rise in the rates of financial crime, civil claims and fraud. We’re actually encouraged to turn on each other in panic, like shipwrecked sailors fighting for a place in the last lifeboat. This is what the perpetrators of this economic terrorism want: fear, disharmony, disunity, the discarding of ethics and a descent into internecine deceit. In a way I feel sorry for the landlady. She’s reacting through fear; a few years ago she would probably not have stooped to what she has done to me, but today she does because she’s scared.
Ustane and I were booked into the main conference hotel, a big four-floor Victorian building very close to the venue and the station. In the entire weekend, except for our trip to the Roman Baths (See postscript to come), we never had to walk more than about 200 yards; very different to the taxis we had to catch every day the previous weekend in Warminster. As it strangely always seems when we stay at hotel, we were on the top floor in an en-suite room with a lovely view over the Bath valley. After a meal and a pint at the Lamb and Lion pub, a hostelry just outside the venue that would become our temporary local, we collapsed into bed and looked forward to a sleep-laden night, but it was not to be. For some reason it took us hours to drop off to sleep and when we did I was hit by something that I haven’t had for months, sleep paralysis. It can be harmless and even interesting from a parapsychological perspective, see: , but at other times it’s frightening. On this occasion I felt a malevolent presence around me and saw objects moving out of the corner of my eye. I was very relieved when I broke out of the paralysis and woke up. As soon as I did so I looked over at Ustane and heard her crying in her sleep. “No!... No!” she moaned. Then she woke up too and we both realized that we were having a nightmare at the same time. We went down to breakfast feeling unrefreshed and worried that we might fall asleep in the conference and embarrass the speakers; this actually happened a week earlier at Weird! The hotel served breakfast as a buffet and it was lovely; an eat-as-much-as-you-like affair. We sat down by an American man who turned out to be Michael Cremo (see below) and we had a nice chat. This was a far more easy-going conference than many of the others I’ve been to and the division between speaker and delegate was less rigid.
The ARC Convention began at 9AM, but was delayed a while by technical problems. However the difficulties and inconvenience of the delay felt to us more like fun and games. In another conference we would probably be seething and stomping nervously, wondering when the strictly-fixed agenda was going to start again, but at this one the stoppage was just another event of proceedings to enjoy and make jokes and songs about. This occurance really signified the unusual atmosphere at the ARC Convention: informality, lax and dreamy, no frills, unsophisticated and yet profound; an atmosphere that was very similar to the individual personality of the organizer of the event, Karen Sawyer. I’ve known Karen for a couple of years, talking to her at conferences and other occasions, and she used to edit The Dot-Connector, a magazine I read (See: She designed my “True World Order” T-shirt which you’ll often see me wearing on HPANWO TV. I know she was a musician too, usually going under the sobriquet “Impish”, but I’d never heard her music before, let alone seen her sing live. She opened the conference with a personal anecdote, something she did several times over the weekend. This one was her affinity for the Sheela-na-Gig, a series of mysterious statues that are carved on very old churches in Ireland and some parts of Britain and other countries. These figures are abstract grotesques, a bit like gargoyles, and depict a woman sitting down and displaying her exaggerated vagina. Nobody knows what they mean, but many see them as a leftover from a Celtic fertility belief. Sadly many of the Sheelas were destroyed by the Puritans, but a few have survived in areas that escaped the full force of that regime. Then Karen did something extraordinary that electrified me and flipped my mind very heavily onto a new track. With the photo of a Sheela still on the projector screen she sat down and sang a song, one that she’d composed specially for the conference. I say song, but it had no lyrics as such, just a series of 5 or 6 notes. She had a reverb box on her lap to record her voice which she then replayed back at the same time as singing another line with slightly different notes. Then she replayed both lines together while singing a third line and so on until a chorus of 7 or 8 different lines was accompanying her in a magnificent canon round. The harmony was complex and deep and with the Sheela still looming over us it filled me with a sudden awareness of the nature of my life and the world we live in, the conspiracy and spirituality. The song struck me with very stark sensations and images of both the pain and heartache, the longing and crying; but also the hope, the joy, the truth and the freedom and glory that is just around the corner. I’ll never forget it. I'm glad to say it's now available to watch on YouTube: After that it was time for the first speaker.

The Ancient Yew Tree.
By Michael Dunning
I’ve never thought or known much about Yew trees. Of course I love trees and know that they are sacred to Shamanistic cultures, but I’d never really read up on them in any detail. The first speaker, Michael Dunning, has and he has made one tree, the Yew, a passion of his life and I learned a vast amount of new information from him. He lives in the United States, but hails from Scotland. His journey began as a teenager when he went to art college in Edinburgh. He got involved in a tree-planting programme in his free time and ended up in a horrid little dump on the far northeastern Scottish coast called Thurso. He planted tree saplings, but only of very fast-growing conifers that were felled very young for the paper mills; he subsequently realized that the official tree-planting projects are a scam and permanent natural hardwood forests are never cultivated. Thurso is also very close to the Dounreay nuclear power station and military test facility which was notorious in the 1980’s for its poor safety record; today it’s happily decommissioned. Places near nuclear power stations tend to have a very dank and oppressive energy and before long Michael became deeply depressed and his physical health suffered too. He was living in a caravan at the time which he shared with a man called Ewan and one night he woke up paralyzed and unable to breathe. He tried to call to Ewan for help but couldn’t. Eventually he managed to crawl out of bed and over to the front door to try and get fresh air. Ewan luckily woke up and called an ambulance, but before he regained consciousness Michael had a Near-Death Experience which gave him spiritual insights. He had to leave the tree-planting programme and go back to Edinburgh. His health continued to deteriorate and the doctors were baffled because they could find nothing particularly wrong with him. One day he was in a pub and a man asked him if he’d ever visited a Yew tree for healing. Michael hadn’t and decided to give it a try. He went to a famous 2000 year old Yew in East Lothian and walked right into the middle of it. Yews are truly remarkable life forms, unique and like no other. They’re said to live 2 to 4000 years, but in fact they could easily get much older. Michael reckons some are an incredible 10 to 12,000 years old. They’re like living Avebury’s! They’re effectively immortal because they possess the unique ability to reproduce by letting their own branches grow into the ground and then transforming into roots and so they turn themselves into a new tree. Their wood is of exceptional quality and their sap has healing properties. Also the bark excretes a psychedelic chemical that can give you altered states of consciousness if you spend a lot of time close to it; it’s a red substance, hence the “bleeding Yews” of north Wales. The Yew is also an important symbol in folklore and mythology, especially the Norse. Gods and Goddesses have been born from the Yews and the hollow trunk of old Yews is traditionally used as a birthing chamber by the ancient Pagan Norse. Place names like York, Yeovil, Iona and Yewhurst have their origins in the name of this amazing tree. It often appears on coats of arms too, depicted with its roots spreading out as far as its branches; it’s the tree that grows both upwards and downwards. There used to be huge Yew forests all over Europe, but sadly most of them are gone and the remaining solitary Yews are usually pruned and chained; sometimes their naturally hollowed-out trunk is filled with concrete to support them! As they need extra support. The Yew was also plundered for its wood. During the last few centuries the “need” for war has taken its toll on the trees as they were felled, pillaged and mutilated for timber to make ships, carts and bows and arrows; to this day they are not protected by law. One Yew tree I saw in London on a guided tour was still alive, but its boughs were scarred and lacerated. The guide explained that wood had been cut out of it to make some of the longbows to fight the French at the battle of Agincourt back in 1415. The high quality of the wood in the bows contributed to give the English the upper hand over the French and England won the battle. Soon after the King gave a command that all Yew trees were to be appropriated by the Crown for the war effort. How did the Yews survive? Michael believes that they are protected by Shamanic powers. Also they are extremely hardy with the amazing ability to clone themselves from their own branches. The development of Yews and their extraordinary powers might help scientists invent new medicines and stem cell growth methods. The human embryo actually grows in a similarr way to the Yew seed, making Yew, this plant, strangely human-like. So what is the future for the Yew tree? I hope some kind of law is passed to protect them in the same way swans are. After all a former king appropriated the Yews for the Crown to harvest them; but can the same be done today to save them? There are different threats to the Yew from Genetic modification, as with most plants in the world. There is a new species of GM Yew, infertile and patented by Monsanto no doubt. This could harm the gene-pool of existing natural Yews. I’ve a feeling that at a higher level the destruction of Yews is not just about war and greed; the Illuminati know that they contain ancient knowledge and healing and want them out of the way, away from us. I’m glad to say that I don’t think they will succeed! In fact Michael says there is a newly-planted forest of Yews at a secret location in Hampshire that will produce a new generation of trees for the future world to enjoy. I found Michael’s talk fascinating and almost everything he said was information I’d never heard before. He taught me a thing or two I can tell you!

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