Thursday 24 July 2008

The Grimleys

When I was a child I remember the man who lived next door very well. His name was Bob. About ten years ago he developed oral cancer which spread to his jaw bone. He had an operation that resulted in him losing half his jaw and having it replaced by a metal prosthesis which caused constant pain and badly impaired his speech. His doctors gave him just a short time to live. But in the face of this news, for the first time in his life at the age of about 60, he started writing fiction. He poured out page after page of comedy play. Some of his plays were produced by a local drama group and were given ace reviews. Bob himself was interviewed on TV and he was smiling and spoke eloquently, ignoring his own speech impediment. One of the things he said I will never forget: “No matter how bad something is, if you can learn to laugh at it you can take away its sting.” Bob died in 2000.

While Bob was busy writing his plays Jed Mercurio had just seen his situation comedy series The Grimleys first broadcast: . The Grimleys is one the finest comedy series I’ve ever seen. The reason I love it is because, like Bob’s plays, it makes a joke out of the injustices of life, particularly in terms of human relationships. The show has been criticized for its stereotyped characters, but I see them more as perceptive caricatures and this adds to the show’s style. The Grimleys has given me the inspiring and uplifting effect Bob sought after in his literature; it has also given me Earth-shaking flights of insight into how the mass human culture is controlled by the Conformist Regime, those implementing the New World Order, and helped me deal with an issue over which I used to have devastating personal hang-ups.

The series is set in Black Country in the 1970’s and has a retro and nostalgic theme. The Grimleys are a family of five and one of the sons, Gordon, is the central character. Gordon is a schoolboy in his mid teens and the underlying story arc of the whole series is his deep unrequited love for his English teacher Miss Geraldine Titley. Matters are complicated by the fact that Geraldine lives in the house opposite the Grimleys’ and that her own father Reg Titley, is a friend of the family and the series hints that he is having a clandestine affair with Gordon’s mother Jan. Gordon’s family is staunchly working-class and his father expects him to leave school as soon as he is old enough and join him at the Longbridge British Leyland car factory. (Ironically Gordon’s father, hilariously played by Nigel Planer, is a lazy couch potato who has never put in a single hour at his job. He went off sick with a bad back on his first day and went out on strike the day he was better and has been so ever since. During the entire series he is never once featured anywhere other than his armchair!) However Gordon is highly intellectual and studious and if he were at an American high school he’d be no doubt labeled a “nerd”. He has ambitions to read English at university. He is also physically feeble and mild-mannered, inevitably making him a target for the school bullies. The worst of these bullies is one of the staff! The sports teacher Mr. Doug “Dynamo” Digby; he is played by the sketch and stand-up comic Brian Conley in one of the greatest sitcom performances I’ve ever seen. Digby is a sadistic and hounding PE instructor who tortures and humiliates his charges like a drill-sergeant. He despises students like Gordon who are academically-inclined, physically unfit and unsuited to playing sport. The driving force behind the plot is that Digby is also Gordon’s love-rival because he is dating Geraldine! Unlike Gordon, who reveres and adores Geraldine, Digby feels nothing for her and just regards her as his “bird”, a masculine accessory, like his car or sports trophies. He also liaises with other women behind her back, like one of the other sports teachers, Miss Thing. Gordon and Digby box their way through a whole array of situations, Gordon tries desperately to court Geraldine and Digby, although he never fears Gordon as a serious rival, tries to maintain his own precarious grip over her affections. Of course Gordon never wins Geraldine’s heart. Geraldine never loses her devotion to Digby. The viewer is never led to consider any other outcome because in every episode-plot fate itself turns on Gordon and works against him. For example in one episode, Geraldine is seriously injured after being hit by a car and rendered comatose. Digby immediately forgets about her and simply goes public with Miss Thing. Gordon on the other hand begins a bedside vigil at the hospital, waiting for Geraldine to recover. He writes love poems in get-well cards which he places beside her, talks to her, buys her flowers, holds her hand etc. Geraldine remains in her coma for many weeks, but Gordon refuses to abandon her. Then, on the one brief occasion when he nips out of the hospital to visit a shop across the road, Digby is dumped by Miss Thing and decides to visit Geraldine and, yes you guessed it, Geraldine wakes up to see Digby at her bedside! Digby immediately purloins Gordon’s devotion and claims to have been there the whole time that she was unconscious, the cards and flowers were from him and that he wrote the poetry. Geraldine believes him without a second thought and Gordon returns to her bedside to find them in an embrace.

What is so apt about The Grimleys is that life really is like that! The characters are very like many real people that I know; probably HPANWO-readers will too. Women are generally most attracted to men who treat them with inconsideration and contempt, whereas “nice guys” are virtually untouchable. If you’re a man who respects and is kind to women then you really do take an oath of celibacy! This is a social element that has become more and more extreme in recent years. I know many other men who are sensitive and caring guys but have engineered Digby-like personas because it’s the only way they can be “in the game”. For several years I was tempted to do the same. I’ve never been a Gordon Grimley, but I’ve always been a sincere and simple kind of person if I’m on a date with a lady I will treat her as a lady. I’ve never two-timed a girl, been violent to her, stolen her money or any of the other things some men do. And I could see that the men who do those things were far more popular with women than I or any other nice guys were. It drove me into a frenzy of bitter rage; I was positively eating myself alive from the inside through resentment at the appalling unfairness of modern romancing. I was truly miserable and very irritable. I would completely lose my temper whenever a woman bleated about how badly her boyfriend was treating her. I used to yell: “You chose him! You could have had Mr. Nice Guy if you’d wanted, but you chose him; Mr. Dangerous, Mr. Thrilling, Mr. Exciting! Don’t you dare whinge to me when he treats you mean ‘cos that we blokes have to do to keep you keen! You’ve got what you paid for and it does what it says on the can!” I was inventing a new image for myself; I was determined to become “lean, mean and mainstream”. I falsely-justified it to myself by seeing it as a choice that womankind themselves had made; they’d voted with their feet and that we blokes were merely responding to market forces. But I never went down that road. I began to see the situation in a new light, and one of the most enlightening insights I had was watching The Grimleys.

I began to ask myself: why are humans like this? Why have we become so shallow and petty? Why do we have such little respect for each other, or ourselves? We perpetrate viscous and selfish acts without a qualm, and sometimes without any identifiable motive. We tolerate such degrading ordeals at the hands of others, not only tolerate them but even become morbidly addicted to them! It seems so blatantly obvious now, when I look back, but it took a long time for it to dawn on me: Society has not naturally evolved like this; it has been deliberately engineered to be like this! I began to research the people and organizations who try to mould the human mind, people like Edward L Bernays. He was the nephew of Sigmund Freud, the famous psychoanalyst, and at the start of the 20th Century he discovered how advertising and portraying something to the public in the right way could completely change the way we perceive it, and therefore the way we act towards it. Organizations like the Tavistock Institute were born out of his discoveries (Background: and ). And I see Bernays’ footprints today in the modern media. Eastenders is one of Britain’s most popular soap operas of all time ( ). I used to watch it regularly, but gave it up; however I still tune in occasionally because I’ve been studying a sinister trend in the storyline: A recurring plot that keeps coming back again and again and again, sometimes running concurrently in file with more then one character group. First I should explain how some of the characters are used to promote particular mindsets, lifestyles and attitudes; they are what I call “CMI’s” (Conformist Male Ideals). The CMI is almost always one of the “Alpha Males”, a powerful and masterful character. He is materially rich and usually runs his own business. He is manipulative, ruthless and unfeeling. He is very attractive to women, even if he is not conventionally handsome, but cares little for them. He abuses them and cheats on them and the viewer knows he can do so with impunity because his women will always come running back. Female viewers are often very attracted to him and send his actor lots of fan mail. Famous examples of CMI’s are Den Watts ( ), Phil Mitchell ( ), Steve Owen ( ) and Andy Hunter. ( ) Some CMI’s are so grossly overplayed that they cease to be characters at all and become concepts, like Dennis Rickman: ( ) Alternatively there are certain characters who are presented in the story as figures of contempt; the message is: “Don’t be like him! If you think you’re in any way becoming like him, then change!” This kind of character I call the “CAP” (Conformist Asexual Punchbag). CAP is a very gentle and inoffensive man. He is capable of enormous affection and kindness. He aids and assists those in need, shows respect for everyone around him, and is as a result usually single! He’s invariably materially poor and lowly; sometimes he's a bit eccentric. People often take advantage of him, sponging off him and using him as a stooge or the butt of jokes and pranks. Prime and typical CAP's are Mark Fowler ( ), Robby Jackson ( ), Gus Smith ( ), Minty ( ), and, many years ago, Lofty Holloway ( ). The sinister recurring plot runs thus: A CAP is in love with one of the female characters, but she’s not interested in him. Sometimes she just likes him as a friend. This same female however is either dating or smitten by a CMI; what follows is a tragic and very one-sided love-triangle with an inevitable conclusion: The female’s affections cannot be wrenched away from CMI and CAP gets his heart broken. A good example of these plot structures are Mark Fowler-Lisa-Phil Mitchell; Minty-Andy-Sam; Gus-Sonia-Jamie (although Jamie is not a pure CMI) and Lofty-Michelle-Den; there are many other examples. The message is loud and clear: If you want to be attractive, powerful and successful, be a CMI. Don’t be a CAP or you’ll be a forgotten and trampled-upon nobody.

“It’s all just a story! It’s got no bearing on real life!” you might say. You’d be wrong. These kinds of soap operas are watched by more people than any other programme; M.K.Enders gets up to 12 million viewers every week! People talk about them, think about them and write about them on the internet. They often site examples in the plots which relate to situations that are going on in their own lives. BernaysEnders is incredibly influential, and it is intended to be. I’d bet my bottom dollar that the Tavistock Institute is involved in its production! It doesn't say so in its own site ( ) but that means nothing! Read the links I posted above to my articles on Reality TV and you’ll see how much in the media, TV especially, is designed to tell us how to think, feel and therefore behave. It’s intended to demoralize us, to breed despondency and to filter humanity into two false-Darwinian channels: Green Channel: Those who surrender to the Conformist clone CMI template. Red Channel: Those who don’t. These people are browbeaten and harangued, soap opera CAP's are paraded in front of them as a threat, until they either rethink and conform or socially die. It’s happening! I can see it every day! The free and easy days of the 60’s are gone and we have regressed back to the age of repression and social violence. But it’s a new form of repression, the new social elite are no longer those from the upper classes, but those who follow the social engineering of the New World Order. Another part of that engineering are “Lad mags”. This is a new phenomenon that has only appeared in the last ten or twenty years. Big glossy magazines with titles like FHM, Loaded and Nuts. They are frightening to read because within their pages you’ll find that the Conformist Regime’s agenda is even more obvious than it is in the soaps: “If you want to be a real man then get a six-pack stomach, drive a big fast car and only fancy the girls we tell you to fancy!” There are articles teaching men how to seduce women of different kinds through lies and masquerades; as well as articles entitled like: If Any of Our Readers are Nice Guys, We Can Cure You! The boundaries of acceptable behavior have become so chokingly narrow that even wearing the wrong type of watch or a mobile phone of a slightly old design can be enough to get a man spurned by society. I was given some intimidating looks in the pub the other day because I carry my money in a plastic bank bag! Is that really the level we’ve descended to? Would the flower-power generation be dismayed if they could see into the future to our age? Is it too late; is there nothing we can do about it? The answers to those questions are respectively: Yes, yes and no. We can do a lot about it. We can stop conforming and be individuals, even if we are shunned and rejected by our peers. We’re only being rejected from the Ickian prison. Those who reject you are prisoners themselves; they may want to be as free as you, but aren’t willing to face the consequences. Set an example! Show them that the consequences are not as bad as they thought. If we’re holding ourselves in prison then we can let ourselves go! It’s that simple. Cruelty is not natural human behavior; it’s an aberration. It’s not what we are, it’s a role we’ve been chivvied and chased into playing. Let’s choose a different one!

So where does The Grimleys come into all this? You may well have noticed that the sinister plot I refer to in Eastenders, matches the central one of The Grimleys. And that is why I like it! It makes the terrifying and oppressive propaganda of TavistockEnders into a joke; it’s a satire! Bob was so right. Look at something horrible, see if there’s anything funny in it, laugh at it and its horror drains away. The Grimleys is the perfect antidote to Manchurian-CandidateEnders and I recommend it to every HPANWO-reader. The problem is that it’s not easy to get hold of. Just a few years after I watched it I went to the shop to try and buy a recording, but no shops have it. I found it on Amazon eventually; just the first and second series (The third series isn’t as good anyway). They were on a pair of old and crackly VHS tapes that cost me £18 each! This is odd! The Grimleys was a very successful series; it was a prime time comedy-drama with lots of famous actors in the cast that achieved very high viewing figures. By now I’d have thought you could pick up a DVD box set of every episode plus bonus footage, out-takes and interviews with the director etc… Could it be that whoever is behind the propaganda in Eastenders has understood how defusing the satire in The Grimleys is? And have they subsequently taken steps to ensure it never gets released to those who might benefit from it?

Tuesday 22 July 2008

Skeptics in the Pub (21/7/08)

Last night, I went to the London Skeptics in the Pub event. Here’s their site: . They hold a free lecture and meet-up every month in the Penderel’s Oak pub on High Holborn London, near Covent Garden. Why did I go there? Well, we’ll come to that later on. I didn’t tell anyone of my plans because I wanted to go in disguise. I know it says “non-Skeptics welcome”, but I wanted them to open up to me and let me understand their thoughts and feelings, and I thought they’re more likely to do that if they think I’m one of them. So I dressed differently from how I normally do and gave myself a false name and background. As it happened such a move was unnecessary because I never had any conversations all night. However, if I pay a visit there again I will not be able to infiltrate undercover because right now an enraged former member of the HPANWO Forum, and most other forums I’ve been on, will be frantically contacting SITP’s organizers to warn them that they had a mole in their midst! Yes, by the time you read this I will have been outed as an illicit “Woo”!

I detest prejudice of any sort, so therefore I feel uncomfortable and slightly guilty when I find that one of the few I hold is confirmed by experience. I had an image in my head of what a typical Skepmeister was like and 95% of the SITP attendees fulfilled that image exactly. They were very middle class and academic-looking. The young ones were like the students I meet in Oxford and the old ones were well-dressed, but slightly scruffy as intellectuals tend to be; overgrown grey hair and beards, old-fashioned spectacles. The women were mostly slim and wool-clad without make-up, and either with unusual and ostentatious jewelry or none at all. They spoke quietly amongst themselves in hushed and sophisticated tones; those on their own sat and read books rather than stare into space in contemplation like most pub-drinkers do. My foresight helped me to blend in though because I correctly anticipated their appearance code. I discarded my track suit bottoms and dressed in a smart pair of black terylenes with brogues in place of my usual trainers and a cotton shirt where a T-shirt usually suffices. I kept my baseball cap because I had to stop my head getting sunburned on the journey, but I took it off and put it in my bag before entering the pub. When people were in earshot I imitated a “posh” accent when ordering drinks from the bar. My thumbed copy of The God Delusion tucked under my arm completed my masquerade.

The atmosphere was totally different to any of the various pro-paranormal conferences I’ve been to. I was expecting people to come up, introduce themselves and begin a conversation which is what usually happens at Probe and the Now That’s Weird Conference; but not here. There was no overt hostility, but people kept themselves to themselves, locked into their own social groups; talking to strangers seemed to be taboo, hence I was left alone. The function bar in the cellar was completely packed out and it was standing-room only. I did a double-take when I noticed that the man who came and stood beside me was someone I immediately recognized; Professor Chris French! (Background: and ) This was someone I’ve written about many times in less than flattering terms! He looked at me briefly and smiled in greeting. I wonder; were his ears burning!? He was selling copies of Skeptic magazine ( ) with discount subscriptions. At first I had no intention of buying one, but then I saw on the cover that they had an article entitled Cognitive Neuroscience and the Dying Brain. I presumed it was about Near-Death Experiences which I’m very interested in (background: ). I don’t agree with the Skeptics’ view of NDE’s which is that they are merely hallucinations, but I’m keen to read anything on the subject; unfortunately French was sold out by the time I got to him. He offered me a one-year subscription with a free sample copy, but I declined.

The speaker was a man called Terry Sanderson of the National Secular Society ( ), an organization whose aim is to keep organized religion out of politics and prevent its values being imposed on those who don’t believe in it. In a way I was disappointed that he was speaking because my full SITP experience would have been enhanced if I had been face-to-face with one of these idiotic left-brain Robinson Crusoe’s like Richard Dawkins, or the type who try to persuade you that crop circles are all made by blokes with planks or that highly-trained fighter pilots can’t tell the difference between a genuine UFO and a lighthouse (Background: , and ). It’s a shame I didn’t go there a few months ago when Chris French-MBA Gold was speaking himself! But I rather liked Sanderson and admired his mission. I’m actually a secularist myself. Sanderson is very keen to point out that there is a big difference between secularism and atheism. Secularists are not all atheists and secularists are not anti-religion, they just want to counter enforced religion and defend the rights of those who don’t believe in God, a perfectly just cause. He said in as many words that he is opposed to an enforced atheist state, which is a relief to hear after reading some of the Stalinist rantings by JREF forum members! He began his speech by quoting from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s statistics on the growth of the various religions. Sanderson asks why there are no figures from Carnegie for what he believes is the fastest growing group of all: secularists and agnostics. He reckons that there are a billion in the world today, a huge growth from just 3.2 million in 1900. The majority of those billion are in the Western World because of our comparatively lavish lifestyle. Religion flourishes mostly in the Third World because life is so much harder and that religion provides comfort; this was his address’ only indulgence with MBA. The reason the USA is so devoutly Christian is because, despite its image as the ultimate Western developed country, it shares a lot of features of the Third World: no state-funded healthcare, inadequate social security schemes and extreme poverty; also the social humiliation of those who fail to achieve the “American Dream”. Historically, the region of North America that became the USA also has a cultural Christian tradition dating back to the first Virginian colonists; they were Puritan exiles from England. Most Britons are what he terms “the Indifferents”, those for whom religion hardly ever enters their thoughts. They are not necessarily positively atheistic, but they are neither positive believers; most are agnostic. In the last census 75% described themselves as Christians, a statistic the Church has jumped upon, but Sanderson thinks that most of those people just said that they were Christian to make a statement that they were not Muslim! Sanderson riles at how the current government are promoting faith-based schools and giving a lot of power to community religious foundations. One “interfaith unity” scheme has been given a grant of £7.5 million of taxpayers' money. Sanderson claims that any interfaith organizations are a waste of time and money because religions are inherently self-contained, insular and intolerant of other religions; this is the cause of most of the world’s wars. This is where I considerably differ from him. I doubt if he has studied religion in any depth, and this was confirmed when he echoed Dawkins’ blinkered and dull-witted stance: “Theology is all bollocks because it the study of nothing. It’s meaningless and futile.” It’s a shame that he should take such a view because the other things he said rather resonated with me.

At the end of a long Q-and-A session there was a raffle and somebody won a “Skepti-chicks” calendar! It was a pin-up calendar like many others except that the women in it were famous female Skeptics photographed in alluring poses holding science books and scientific instruments (I noticed that it was small enough to hold in one hand!). Eager to uphold their liberal, egalitarian image, there was also a “Skepti-dudes” one for the ladies. I left the event at 9.30PM, to catch the coach back home to Oxford. By “coincidence” on the way back to the coach station on the Tube train I ended up sitting next to a lady who had a copy of The God Delusion. She told me she had just bought it. “Snap!” I said and showed her my copy. “Have you just bought that too?” she asked. “No I’ve read it.” I replied. She asked “What’s it like?” I obviously didn’t have time to quote my entire review ( ) as it was just a one-stop journey from Green Park to Victoria, but I gave her an honest prĂ©cis: “It’ll make you think about things. I don’t agree with all of it, in fact some of it is total rubbish, but I’d certainly recommend reading it.”

So, what was I doing at a Skeptics event when I’m a believer in many paranormal phenomena and conspiracy theories? To be honest I’m not entirely sure of my own motives. I’m guess I’m just curious about Skeptics; I’d like to know what motivates them, what goes through their heads. This is probably because over the last few years I’ve been the target of an organized and persistent smear campaign along with a torrent of abuse and slander from one or two members of the Skeptic Movement. In the same way that a victim of knife-crime wishes to have a meeting with convicted stabbers, I’d like to learn more about Skeppers and what motivates them. What forces are at work in their psyches that can drive them to such verbal and social violence? Will I go to the SITP next month? Apparently there’s a surprise guest! Hmm, I wonder who it could be!

Sunday 20 July 2008

Hard Work by Polly Toynbee

I was given a copy of this book by a retired doctor I met on July the 6th. I was attending a party hosted by the Lord Mayor of Oxford to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the National Health Service; I was representing the porters for our hospital's principle trade union UNISON. The doctor had been a young GP in 1948 and was one of the first British physicians to sign her practice over to the NHS.

The 2003 book by Polly Toynbee chronicles her experiences as she does some of the worst paid jobs in Britain. The author is a veteran liberal journalist who has been raising awareness of social injustice for almost 40 years. I’ve had my differences with her; for instance she is very opposed to 9/11 conspiracy theorists, but I’m full of admiration for her for researching this subject and writing this book.

There is serious poverty in Britain today; and for a change it’s not because of unemployment. Fewer people are out of work than during the Thatcher years of the 80’s, and most of the poor are not unemployed, but working. A whole sector of super-low paid jobs have emerged under the Blair regime. Most of these jobs are in the public services, as the government’s obsessive drive towards privatization of the state infrastructure continues unchecked. This has resulted in the emergence of an underclass of employed poor numbering over 3 million. The majority are women and a large proportion are foreign workers; simply grateful to be in this country after having escaped even worse poverty in their homelands they are ripe picking for slave-labour by public service contractors. The poverty today is less in-your-face than it used to be. Poor people don’t wear cloth caps and flannel and more; because of low-cost fake designer clothes, poor people dress the same way as the rich. I found this book very poignant and the author is clearly enraged over the issue, quite rightly. She spent a few months with an employment agency going from one low-paid job to another: care home worker, shop assistant, school dinner lady, bakery worker and... hospital porter.

Obviously her experience with hospital portering interested me the most. As a young journalist in 1970 she worked as a porter at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London. Then the crew was made up mostly of people from India, Pakistan and the Caribbean, today they are mostly from Africa, the Arab world, the Philippines and Eastern Europe. Why? For the same reason: They are cheap, willing and easy to exploit. The hospital has changed since the author’s last portering tour; the greasy red-bricked Victorian buildings have been knocked down and replaced by a steel and glass PFI corporate fortress; like the new development at my own hospital, the John Radcliffe. She does an outstanding job of researching the life of a porter there. The observations she makes are very perceptive and really strike a chord with me. There’s the frustration of working in a depleted department of a depleted NHS: unsanitary surroundings, inadequate equipment, training and tools to do your job. She understands that portering has the potential to be a truly enjoyable and satisfying occupation for all involved. She enjoyed her contact with the patients and the camaraderie with the other porters. She realized how important the role is and says: “The porters seemed like the life-blood of the place or perhaps like the engine oil that greases the system.” We have a position and duty that can help patients at their hardest times: “Trundling along, waiting for lifts patients like to chat and tell their operation stories, worrying about what happens next, confiding about their families or the doctors and nurses they liked and feared.”

She also became aware of the social violence we have to experience from the Conformist Regime through the absurd and inhuman Con-ventional status hierarchy: “We knew the snappy receptionists in some clinics, the downright rude nurses in some wards, the very friendly ones elsewhere, the places where nurses would let you stop for a quick coffee, other kitchens where you would be chased away. An arrogant male staff nurse was the worse: ‘You, porter person, come here!’ he snapped with deep disdain. It was ever thus, the notch above in the hierarchy is always the class in any workplace that gives you a hard time; the Kulaks, the foreman. This was hospital life from the underside; where passing doctors belonged to another universe, even the young medial students (they never held the door open for a porter with a patient, letting it swing without acknowledgement). The nurses straddled the two worlds, snooty ones placing themselves beyond communication with porters and cleaners, the nice ones helpful and welcoming. You could bet that those who were nice to porters were nice to patients too. One thing became clear: people are recognized more by their status than their face. I was now a porter first, myself second. Passing by in the corridors and wards, I saw several consultants I had interviewed in the past; one of whom I knew quite well. But porters are part of the invisible below-stairs world, the great unnoticed. None of them ever recognized me”.

She sees that the pay structure is “Byzantine”. The contractor itself employs so many agency workers that the staff are all paid differently for doing the same job. The fact that the ancillary staff at the hospital were contracted out gave her a feeling of being divorced from the health service family (as I do too). And the agency staff were “twice removed”. Agency staff also have no contractual rights to the job they do; they can be hired and fired at will, which explains why they’re so beloved by the PFI cowboys. They also don’t have rights to things like negotiated pay deals, most are not unionized; they are the corporatocracy’s wet dream. Things have improved slightly since Toynbee wrote the book. At my own hospital the existing crew, including myself, were transferred over on the ROE scheme- Retention of Employment- which allowed us to stay in NHS employment and merely be seconded to the contracting private company. But because of the turbo-charged turnover of the casualized portering service, we pre-contract staff are already in a small minority, working alongside mostly Ugandan, Polish and Filipino agency slaves.

Toynbee feels very strongly that the situation could be improved through proper funding and long-term investment in the cheap-and-nastyfied public sector, and I don’t deny that she’s right; it would be a vast improvement. But in reality the problem runs far deeper than she realizes, and its solutions therefore have to be more drastic. Whether the NHS is a properly-funded and state-run or sold off to tin-pot contractors, it is still a marketplace for the Illuminati-controlled pharmaceutical corporations known collectively as “Big Pharma”. Big Pharma has an agenda to conquer the physical body of every man, woman and child on Earth and possess their flesh, bone, blood and lives. The emerging spectre of Codex Alimentarius could one day make Toynbee’s noble and heartfelt crusade and irrelevant detail (background: and ). I have mentioned several times on HPANWO that remarkable and highly-successful medical treatments have been surpressed because of the industry’s need for there to be sick people to sell their drugs to, without actually making them better and therefore drying up the market. For instance: . The solution, in my view, is to take back our world from the alien Illuminati. This will mean a form of healthcare that has never been seen before in this world: A health service run by workers cooperatives and administered by local community businesses and governments. A healthcare system where all the medical genius of the medicine men of indigenous tribes, along with the innovative and maverick modern doctors who have been punished brutally for disobedience to the current regime, is brought together in a new kind of medicine: the medicine of “wellness”. The success of this service will not be measured by profit margins and government treatment targets, but by how few people are actually ill. A child-like logic that is absent in our modern/primitive world.

If you work in any field of healthcare you can start building this new health service yourself. You can do it now, no matter your role. See here for background: and . Also if you work in one of the so-called “menial and lowly” healthcare professions then quit walking round with your head down and your shoulders slumped! Hold you head high and let your arms swing! Give Con-ventional status the finger and say: “Hospital Porters (or cleaners, caterers, HCA’s etc) Pride and Dignity!” (Background: )

Polly Toynbee doesn’t have her own website, but here’s her Wikipedia page: . You can buy Hard Work here:

Saturday 19 July 2008

The Oxford Henge

(Background: )

This afternoon I took a walk down to St John’s College to try to have a look at this archeological dig myself. I walked round the exquisite garden in St John’s College, but found out that the artifact was discovered, as they so often are, on a nearby building site. It is at a development on Blackhall Road, about a hundred yards from the old St John’s campus. If this “henge” is really 150 metres across then it is one of the biggest in the country. This must mean that the land where Oxford now stands was once a major ceremonial centre. The bodies found in March may have been either ritual sacrifices or people buried there because of the energy fields of the local ley-line network.

I approached the location of the dig only to find that is was fenced off. However I took some photos from as close as I could. As you can see, it’s visible both from the Blackhall Road side and through a small gap between two buildings on the St Giles side.

Archaeological finds in Oxford have a habit of being hushed up. A few years ago the pedestrian zone of Cornmarket Street was redeveloped, but one day I went up there to find that the ordinary builders’ fences had been replaced with opaque chipboard screens. Also several “bulldogs”, the University police, were guarding the entrance. I found out later from the Oxford Mail and the Thisisoxfordshire website that the builders had accidentally exposed a previously undiscovered underground chamber just a couple of feet below street level and the University had moved in to investigate. The investigation team were a bit cagey about what they found, but they did mention “human remains”. This was the last we heard about the matter. A few months later I used the search function and the archive list of to try and find the story again… but it wasn’t there!

There have been other incidents. The Jolly Farmers is one of Oxford oldest pubs and the barman in it told me that there were several underground passageways and catacombs beneath it and the surrounding streets with access tunnels leading to the pub’s cellar, but that it was all a big secret. I tried to continue the conversation, but he was reluctant to give me details.

Therefore I’m very glad I managed to get these photos; just in case they become the only record of what lies at the site.

(I also include a picture of the beautiful garden in the main St Johns campus for your enjoyment)

Wednesday 16 July 2008

US Congress Whistleblower

This speech was apparently read out in the American Hall of Congress in Washington by the Representative John A Haller of Pennsylvania’s 12th District. I think Izzy's captions cover quite well what lies behind the various "classifieds". Was Haller trying to "blow the whistle"? Maybe he heard about this from some bigwigs at a dinner party and decided that the people have a right to know. If so, good on him!

I've been thinking for a long time that, seeing as people are waking up to false flag terrorist attacks of the conventional kind, bombs and plane crashes etc, the Illuminati might pull off a super-massive false flag operation that will be so explosive, unexpected and shocking that even those who questioned the previous ones will still react: The most likely scenario would be faking an invasion of Earth by a hostile Extraterrestrial civilization. Is it a coincidence that movie producers like 20th Century Fox, owned by the world's greatest propaganda-artist Rupert Murdoch, have been coming out with more and more fictional settings that involve such an event? Independence Day is a perfect example. It's an appallingly bad film, but it's worth watching if you're interested in this subject. We're being prepared by the media; put in the right mindset to accept the scenario and behave appropriately to what its designers want us to.

Faking an alien invasion is perfectly possible. It can be done using the "Project Blue Beam" that Izzy mentions. Here is a selection of other vids about it for you to study: . This scenario could also be realized by employing real alien actors. The Illuminati are in contact with aliens, indeed it's possible that some of the Loomies are aliens! It would be a simple matter to get them to fly their motherships through the air above our cities. Imagine what we'd think! We wouldn't think at all! We'd react, begging our government to help us. And then the governments would do what they love doing best: stepping up to the breach as our perceived saviours! They'd tell us that the only way to repel the alien threat would be for the whole world to come together as one, under a single unelected government, military, bank and religion; in other words: The New World Order!

This is why it's so important to get the word out about this. If we see those motherships flying through our skies we need to pause and question before we react. Izzy's right, we must not be scared. The source of all the Illuminati's power is scaring us, or rather persuading us to scare ourselves. We have nothing to fear in reality because of the spiritual truth of existance: that we are all one and masters of our own destiny. This is why they try desperately to keep that knowledge from us. Also, if we stop ourselves from being afraid then the false flag operation will fail because our reaction to the scenario is the key goal of the mission. So, spread the word!
(I've heard from someone that this is a hoax. I'll keep you updated on that.)

Saturday 5 July 2008

Say NO! to the NWO!

Here’s one of several vids taken yesterday at the International Anti-New World Order Protest (thanks to Izzy for putting it up). As you can see; I bullhorned Parliament!:

“Bullhorning” is going to place which is a centre of authority and government, like the White House or Houses of Parliament, and lecturing or accusing loudly through a megaphone. It’s most famously used by Alex Jones; he travels all over the world bullhorning state governors, presidents and prime ministers. I never thought I’d do it myself; I didn’t think it was my style, but once I started I did a pretty good job and rather enjoyed it! It was a satisfying release of emotion! ("Bullhorn" is what Americans call a megaphone. As you can see from the vid, Izzy had to do a bit of subtitling for our American friends!) The other man speaking is Bryan, and the two of us were an effective double-act, a “good cop-bad cop” team! Several other speakers did a bit of bullhorning too and they were good as well. Eventually the megaphone broke down, through overuse and we had to resort to a spare one!

It all happened when I went along to the July the 4th Anti-New World Order protest yesterday. This was an international event; Americans assembled in Washington, and in Berlin the crowds gathered at the Brandenburger Tor. This was the first ever event of its kind. The multiple peace marchers, environmental marchers and anti-globalization marchers do a good job addressing different secondary effects of the New World Order agenda, but they fail to understand and protest against the cause of all those problems: The Illuminati agenda for the fascist one-world government. It was a wonderful day. We ruffled a few feathers and rattled a few cages! Many people stopped and watched us and we got a very good response from passing motorists. As you can see in this vid: some of the protesters even managed to give the policemen guarding the Palace of Westminster’s gate something to think about. Did we even convert them? It was very hot in Parliament Square and I got a bit sunburned. My painful back and hip was hurting where I injured them in Glastonbury, and I used a pair of crutches to walk to the venue. But I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. Everyone who attended these events should feel very proud of themselves. I hope the Illuminati lost a few hours sleep last night! If I were them I would!

This is the kind of thing we need to do more often. Hopefully it will be the first of many international acts of awareness into the emergence of the Big Brother State. I met many people I’ve never seen before, including another member of the David Icke forum. Many of the protesters wore themed T-shirts, including myself. They also brought along banners and, as you can see in the pictures, that intricate montage by a man called Barry who also wore an incredible T-shirt of his own design. I hope I see these people again soon; I hope we get the chance to do another street-demo like this again soon.

I wonder how the protest went in Washington and Berlin. Hopefully there’ll be some vids of them up soon too. I’ll post them in the comments box as they appear.

(Addendum 6/9/08: There has since been a second protest. See:

Tuesday 1 July 2008

Jack of the Antarctic

In 2006 I met an extraordinary man. It was a few months earlier that Nexus magazine had completed a series of three fascinating articles entitled Britain Secret War in Antarctica. I was eagerly discussing them on my various forums when I was contacted through them by a man who desperately wanted to meet me without saying why. Intrigued I agreed and we met up. He then told me that it was not he himself who wanted to meet me, but somebody else that he knew, someone who was not able to contact me directly! I asked why and the man said it was because his contact needed total anonymity… for his safety’s sake. He warned me “Never discuss anything about this on the phone or online!” I felt nervous; I read about clandestine meetings and secret messages all the time, but this was the first time I was actually involved in one. A terrible sense of responsibility filled me; not to mention concern that I was getting in out of my depth. The likes of Dave Starbuck get involved in secret meetings etc, but not me! I was scared to log onto forums or my email in case I accidentally let out any information. But then again, I didn’t know very much and a lot was withheld from me throughout the whole affair, this was obviously for my protection as well as that of others. If I were ever interrogated about this business I wouldn’t be able to tell them much more than I’m revealing now. I agreed and the meeting was set up at Oxford by the “middle man” who’d initially spoken to me. I went to our rendezvous, a small suburban pub and waited.

To understand what happened next it is important to acquaint yourself with Antarctica and some of its short but complex history, both official and unofficial. The Earth’s south polar continent is a huge wilderness of freezing icecap and ice-covered sea the size of Europe and the United States combined. Until the late 19th Century it was virtually unknown; even the sea ice that surrounds the continent in a belt 100’s of miles thick was only spotted by Captain Cook in 1774 and the first landing didn’t take place until 1895. In the succeeding two decades much of the continental interior was explored by people like Roald Amundsen, the first man to reach the South Pole, Ernest Shackleton, who became obsessed with Antarctica, and the ill-fated Captain Robert Scott, one of many explorers who made Antarctica his grave. In the early 20th Century many nations set up bases there, carrying out small-scale exploration of the various places around the continent. It is in the 1930’s, after the rise of the Nazis, that official and unofficial history significantly diverges. The German Antarctic Expedition of 1938-39 was sent supposedly to set up a whaling station on the eastern coast in an area called New Swabia (On the map, it's around the area of Queen Maud Land). On landing the region was swiftly claimed for Hitler’s Nazi Third Reich. World War II broke out and Germany and the Allies were at loggerheads for control of the seas. As the war drew to a close and defeat loomed, Hitler and the other leaders of the Third Reich, knowing that they were war criminals, must surely have looked into finding a bolt-hole. Official history states that Hitler shot himself in his bunker just before the Soviet troops arrived and his lieutenants and secretaries burned his body; but in actual fact the evidence for this is very thin and contradictory, however that’s a long story that deserves its own article. Did Hitler escape; and if so, where to? Escape was perfectly possible. The SS had many captured Allied aircraft in a hanger at their airbase very close to Berlin; they could have therefore flown Hitler in disguise over the Allied lines to a friendly harbour. Then arrange for a submarine to meet them there and get Hitler out. History says that this would be useless because the Allies had won the Battle of the Atlantic by then and that no U-boat could operate there without being sunk. But again, this is incorrect. It is true that no U-boat could carry out offensive operations in the Atlantic any more because the ships were too well defended, but that doesn’t mean that a submarine trying to get somewhere secretly couldn’t. In truth it could, easily. Locating and sinking a sub which attacks you is one thing, trying to find a sub that doesn’t want to be found is another matter entirely. It’s pretty much impossible in fact. It’s like trying to hunt a particular rabbit by walking along the country lanes of England with a shotgun; what’s more this is an intelligent rabbit that can hear you coming from a great distance and get into its burrow long before you get close enough to be a threat. Germany also had the new Type XXI submarine with a snort mast like a modern sub, so it wouldn’t even need to surface to recharge its battery and air supply, and it seems reasonable that this is the vessel Hitler would have chosen to make his escape. But where could the world’s most wanted man hide? All the Reich’s territories were being invaded and liberated. Where in the world did the Nazis have an outpost that was so remote, so isolated, in such an inaccessible place, that nobody would be able to reach it for many years? One place: New Swabia. Information that has come to light from many sources, including my own contact, reveals that the Nazis had a large military infrastructure in their Antarctic enclave including a harbour, an air base and an underground port for submarines. Some witnesses even claim that the Nazis were constructing their “New Berlin” in Antarctica where they planned to recover their strength and launch a new war in later years. In their hideaway the Nazis would be able to continue their research into esoteric vehicle propulsion and energy sources, as well as black magic and occult powers.

The war ended (officially) in 1945, but then less than a year later, a massive fleet of 13 ships (at least!) and 4700 sailors, soldiers and government scientists set sail for Antarctica; this was many times the number of people who had ever visited Antarctica before and the mission, called "Operation Highjump", cost billions of dollars. The US government produced a documentary about it that was shown in cinemas all over the world called The Secret Land. Here’s a Google Video copy, unfortunately poor quality: The four men (and less than totally proficient actors!) in the two opening office scenes are the Secretary of Defence Admiral James Forrestal, Admiral Chester Nimitz, Chief of Naval Operations during WWII, the famous polar explorer Admiral Richard Byrd and Admiral Richard Cruzan who commanded one of the secondary Highjump fleets. Two of those four men, Forrestal and Byrd, were struck down by mental illness and suspicious premature death after the campaign was over; what are the odds of that? When you watch this film be aware that you are watching an official United States government production, made on commission by a selected cast and crew with an approved script and production design. This was what the government wishes the public to think happened during Operation Highjump. They are portraying the project the way they want it to be perceived. Did anyone ask some of what I think are of relevant questions? Why was a massive naval taskforce needed simply to set up a base and go prospecting for mineral deposits? Why couldn’t a small-scale exploration, of the kind that had been perfectly effective before, manage that? What good would minerals be because mining them and transporting them out in such a hostile environment would be totally uneconomic? If there are no dangerous bacteria and viruses in Antarctica then why did the huskies need inoculating? Why go all the way to Antarctica for training, because if they wanted to train their forces in polar warfare then there are much closer and more accessible places to do it, even within the borders of the United States like Alaska? What really happened to Admiral Byrd during that incident when his plane went missing for three hours? (As self-respecting HPANWO-readers, I’m sure you’ve all worked it out that the scene where Byrd and the other crew are trying to save the plane by jettisoning all non-essential equipment was not genuine live film of the incident, but a reconstruction shot afterwards in studio conditions for the movie.)

The answer to the last question could come from a man called Captain Wilhelm Shoush who is a naval officer and researcher into the Hollow Earth, the theory that the Earth is not solid, but hollow and contains more land inside it; here’s some background: . He published on the internet what he claims is a copy of Byrd’s log that was sent to him. Here are some highlights from it:

1000 Hours- We are crossing over the small mountain range and still proceeding northward as best as can be ascertained. Beyond the mountain range is what appears to be a valley with a small river or stream running through the center portion. There should be no green valley below! Something is definitely wrong and abnormal here! We should be over Ice and Snow! To the portside are great forests growing on the mountain slopes. Our navigation Instruments are still spinning, the gyroscope is oscillating back and forth!...
1005 Hours- I alter altitude to 1400 feet and execute a sharp left turn to better examine the valley below. It is green with either moss or a type of tight knit grass. The Light here seems different. I cannot see the Sun anymore. We make another left turn and we spot what seems to be a large animal of some kind below us. It appears to be an elephant! NO!!! It looks more like a mammoth! This is incredible! Yet, there it is! Decrease altitude to 1000 feet and take binoculars to better examine the animal. It is confirmed - it is definitely a mammoth-like animal! Report this to base camp…
1030 Hours- Encountering more rolling green hills now. The external temperature indicator reads 74 degrees Fahrenheit!...
1130 Hours …My GOD!!! Off our port and starboard wings are strange types of aircraft. They are closing rapidly alongside! They are disc-shaped and have a radiant quality to them. They are close enough now to see the markings on them. It is a type of Swastika!!!...
1135 Hours- Our radio crackles and a voice comes through in English with what perhaps is a slight Nordic or Germanic accent! The message is: 'Welcome, Admiral, to our domain. We shall land you in exactly seven minutes! Relax, Admiral, you are in good hands.' I note the engines of our plane have stopped running! The aircraft is under some strange control and is now turning itself. The controls are useless… We begin the landing process now…
1145 Hours- I am making a hasty last entry in the flight log. Several men are approaching on foot toward our aircraft. They are tall with blond hair. In the distance is a large shimmering city pulsating with rainbow hues of color. I do not know what is going to happen now, but I see no signs of weapons on those approaching. I hear now a voice ordering me by name to open the cargo door. I comply…
The log continues, relating that Byrd was escorted by UFO-like craft called “Flying wheels” to a beautiful city where he was told by a wise and enigmatic individual that he had accidentally flown through the polar orifice into the Inner Earth. He was told that the Lords of the Inner Earth wanted him to deliver a message to the leaders of the Surface World: that nuclear power and weapons were dangerous and must never be used under any circumstances. Whether Byrd delivered his message or not is unknown, but it is odd that Byrd was sectioned in a psychiatric hospital soon after Operation Highjump where he spent most of his remaining life. In 1949, Admiral Forrestal was also declared insane and supposedly committed suicide by jumping out of an upstairs window of a psychiatric ward. Even if there is such a thing as coincidence, could this really be one?
I think Operation Highjump’s true mission was very different from what official history tells us it was. I think the taskforce was sent in, together with secret missions from Britain and possibly other former Allied nations for another reason altogether and the official story was smokescreen. Their primary goal was to take out the Nazis in New Swabia and arrest or kill Hitler. Depending on whether Byrd’s supposed secret log is true, or true to whatever significant degree, Highjump could also be a push to reach the city mentioned in the log and conquer or destroy it… Unless Byrd’s secret log was disinformation of some kind, to shadow another secret operation that was really going on; and maybe it was not American.
The British part of this secret southern war has also been documented in the Nexus article that set me off on this journey (It can be read online here: ). According to the author, James Roberts, Britain’s own contribution to bring down the Nazi regime in Antarctica is overlooked even by clandestine histories. But Britain was militarily active in Antarctica throughout WWII, before the US and Russians. They were motivated not only to destroy the enemy and end the war, but to gain some Nazi high technology that had been so far denied them because the Americans and Soviets had so far captured all the Nazi scientists. The article relates the testimony of a former SAS special forces operative who was redeployed from the post-war troubles in Palestine to the Falkland Islands to undergo training for a secret mission for which he is not pre-briefed. He was flown with a small unit of other commandoes into New Swabia and found the Nazi base. Nearly everyone there had been killed by “polar men”. These seem to be Bigfoot-like creatures which the survivors said are products of a Nazi genetic experiment, although my own contact says otherwise; he claims that they are an indigenous natural species. The commandoes travel down a long tunnel and find a huge artificial cavern which served as a city and base, as well as a U-boat port. They planned to demolish the installation with explosives, but the attack goes wrong and they have to fight their way out. Only three of the ten men survive and they are warned never to talk about what happened. This means that they will receive neither recognition for their endeavours nor any memorial for those that never made it home. The soldier reports that after the war the RAF continued to fly over New Swabia for many years, supposedly to find a place for new British bases, but “one can’t help but wonder”. Does this mean that the Nazi presence in Antarctica remained for many years after the war officially ended? According to my own contact, it most certainly did! The article also mentions the odd behavior of the Nazi submarine fleet in the final months of the war and just afterwards. Boats were captured or surrendered in unusual locations carrying unusual cargoes, and sometimes their crews had unusual tales to tell. One boat was caught near Singapore trying to transit the Straits of Malacca. It was loaded up with a cargo of mercury. One wonders what the mercury was for until you read the strange stories that the Nazis had built a mercury-powered aircraft! Also, how much did Rudolf Hess know about Antarctica? Hess surrendered himself to the British in 1941 after flying solo to the coast of Scotland demanding a parley with his friend the Duke of Hamilton; the two men had been exchanging letters for some time and Hess wanted to meet him face-to-face. His demand was rejected and Hess was imprisoned for the rest of his life. He died in 1987. During his long incarceration he was debriefed and interrogated thoroughly by British Intelligence and the minutes of that interrogation are all still Top Secret and are likely to remain so indefinitely. What did he tell people about New Swabia? What secrets did the Nazis who committed suicide (or escaped!) take with them to their graves? Other Nazis too were captured and had their brains picked. It’s very unlikely that Britain didn’t learn an awful lot about the Nazi presence in Antarctica, probably in time to use the intelligence in their secret Antarctic campaign. Admiral Karl Donitz might be the key figure because he was both commander-in-chief of the submarine fleet and Hitler’s successor to the remainder of the Third Reich, giving him complete authority; the perfect combination to realize the escape plan. After his trial at Nuremburg, Donitz got off surprisingly lightly: a mere ten years in jail! The official story is that Nimitz stood up for him because the Americans borrowed his “Wolfpack” submarine tactics to defeat Japan in the Pacific, but this doesn’t make sense; Donitz didn’t give the US Navy the plans of his own free will! There had to be more. Did Donitz do a deal with his prosecutors? Information in exchange for leniency? After the war the intrigue continued right up until 1961 when the Antarctic Treaty was signed; this turned the continent into the word’s largest nature reserve and an enormous no-man’s land. Before then there are stories of further skirmishes between the rival Cold War powers on the continent. Hideous rumours are circulating about nuclear weapons testing there and even deadly biological agents. But did it even still go on in the post-treaty years? The article shows a picture of something nicknamed “Black Ray” because of its appearance, a black line across the sky? I hoped my contact would be able to enlighten me on these questions, and on some of them he did.

He turned up exactly on time, 7PM. He told me to call him “Jack”, but that this was not his real name; he wouldn’t give me any personal details about himself. He had a younger woman with him, in her forties or fifties. This might have been a daughter, friend or young partner; I don’t know because he never introduced us. She left the pub soon after they arrived and I never saw her again until she came back just when Jack was ready to leave at 10PM. Jack looks about the right age to have been a young man in the 1940’s. He said he joined an infantry regiment and took part in the invasion of Europe in 1945 and served in Germany after the end of the war. He had always been non-commissioned, (And, in a pang of prejudice, I thought he didn’t seem “posh” enough to have been an officer) but he wouldn’t tell me the name of his outfit or what ranks he had been. He was dressed smartly and was totally “with it”. He was amiable and outgoing as well, but he seemed to be a bit over exuberant, as if he were covering up a feeling of being nervous and insecure. Well, I guess that’s understandable considering what he was doing. He told me bluntly that he was breaking the Official Secrets Act and could spend the rest of his life in jail, at best, if I blew his cover. He also said that he’d received a death threat soon after returning to England from Antarctica. Many other veterans of the Antarctic War have had the same treatment. He’s got children and grandchildren and he’s worried about their safety too. But he said that he desperately needed to tell someone what he knew. He said that he’d lived with this secret for so long that he sometimes questioned whether it had all been a dream. “The world we live in is just a cover-story for so much more! I can’t go on with my life unless I hear myself say these things to somebody who will listen and take them seriously.” I think he was doing it for his own personal peace of mind rather than to get the truth out to the public. Having said all this Jack then changed tack a bit and started talking about completely unrelated things. He drank a couple of pints of bitter and chattered about sport, the weather and other small-talk. In the end I had to prompt him to get back on the subject of our meeting. As if I’d opened floodgates, loads of stuff poured out of him until I was a bit in information overload. Unfortunately he forbade me from taking notes. Sometimes I would ask him a question and he would answer in great detail, but at other times he just smiled and rolled his eyes and didn’t say anything. He did this a couple of times instead of saying “Sorry, I don’t want to talk about that”, a gesture I learned to recognize. I also asked him about Admiral Byrd and what really happened to him. Jack just answered: “He was less crazy than the doctors who committed him.” and that was the end of that subject. He also told me about Antarctica, that he’d taken part in operations to round up renegade Nazis in “places you won’t find on the map”. I asked him what he meant and he said “There’s places in the world that ‘The Man’ doesn’t want us to know about.” Jack also told me about other things besides what took place in Antarctica. He said there was more secret military action in Europe after WWII officially ended. He took part in raids against Nazi safe-houses in Germany where many men were killed and wounded. All this was unreported by the press and he was ordered never to talk about it. After their defeat the staunchest Nazis formed paramilitary guerilla outfits led by several former SS officers and they spread fear and chaos throughout Germany in the immediate post-war period.

He described how his unit had assaulted a secret German base on the coast of New Swabia. He states very clearly that this was the season after Operation Highjump, in other words the end of 1947 and early 1948. There were several German centres there, including an enormous civilian installation under construction that was virtually a city; a lot of its architecture was based on pure Nazi symbolism. It was the Holy City Hitler had always wanted to build as the capital of the New Germany. The Nazis had plans to regroup and renew their strength in Antarctica before launching another war a few years after their defeat in Europe. Hitler was in Antarctica at that time, but Jack doesn’t know if he was captured, killed or what became of him. He said that most of these places are still standing and a few are in use by the modern military. He told me that he’d heard how a few years ago some Antarctic explorers had come across a piece of land covered in burned out and abandoned 1940’s tanks, which made him feel very vindicated because it was a confirmation of his own memories. A huge taskforce made up of joint British and American armoured cavalry divisions had assaulted several German strongholds in Antarctica and the resulting tank battle had been as big as the ones in Europe two years before. The explorers concerned had been arrested by the US military and ordered not to tell anyone of what they’d found. He said “If you know where to look you can find the U-boat base we took. It’s a massive complex, completely underground. It’s got a full-size enclosed harbour that you can only access from underwater. It’s entered through an artificial cavern 50 feet below the sea. It’s a half mile wide and 200 feet from top to bottom. The U-boats we found there were not only the standard ones that used to sink ships in the Atlantic, there were lots of the new Type XXI’s and a secret nuclear-powered one too. If Gerry had developed them a couple of years earlier the Battle of the Atlantic would have been lost in days; and with it the whole war!” He estimates that at least 1700 British troops were killed in the Antarctic campaign he knows about and there may have been more he never did. “This wasn’t like other wars. This was a war that never officially took place. We weren’t allowed to even mention it to the other men who served there when we got back to England. The newspapers ignored it, if they even found out. We didn’t know how many casualties another unit had suffered. If you asked them they’d pretend they didn’t know what you were on about. I think some of them didn’t even have to pretend; they actually ended up believing that it had never happened.” From what Jack said, it sounds to me that the various operations in Antarctica were very compartmentalized and that two battles could take place with none of the combatants of one knowing about the other. This was confirmed by him during our second meeting.

I saw Jack again a few weeks ago. I was once more contacted by the middle man and I met Jack again; this time at a different Oxford pub, but it was once again a small place in a residential area; a pub I don’t normally visit and so was unlikely to meet anyone I knew. It was nice to see him again and he’s looking healthy. The same lady accompanied him and left us to speak. He told me that he understood if I had a hard time processing his information and didn’t mind if I didn’t believe his every word. He also gave me permission to write about what he said on HPANWO. I had listed a few questions that have arisen since his last interview. Someone on the DarkConspiracy forum (the only place Jack initially permitted me to publish his testimony) asked me how a tank battle could take place in Antarctica. The WWII tanks were not designed for such cold conditions and their diesel fuel would freeze; indeed this happened even in Europe during the Russian campaign. Jack replied that the vehicles were all adapted. The vehicles his own units used were specialized polar transports. The costs of building vehicles and adapting an entire tank division must have been astronomical! I also did something I neglected doing at our first meeting: I asked him what he knew about the special forces operation recounted in the Nexus article. He said he knew nothing about it and this was often the case in the compartmentalized war that was fought in Antarctica. (For a while I actually began to wonder if Jack was the same person as James Roberts’ contact, but I doubt this, seeing as Roberts has confirmed that his own contact had passed away at the time he wrote the article). But Jack told me that Roberts is wrong when he says that all the boys are dead now. Jack knows of at least two other Antarctic soldiers still alive and there are probably many more he’s not aware of. I’ve read Admiral Byrd’s log since 2006 and wanted to know how much of it was true. Jack chuckled and said that it was both true and not true! Byrd had indeed visited a city, but it was not a city of the “Inner Earth”. He doesn’t know for sure, but he suspects that Byrd landed at one of the Nazi bases he saw and met the personnel there, possibly even Hitler himself. He thought that Byrd’s log was probably adapted from a real document, but the transcriber had sexed it up with some of his own flair! But then he shrugged and added: “Anything is possible though. I can’t say for sure that there is no Inner Earth and Crystal City. The Yanks went down there on the make; they weren’t just after Hitler, they were after some kind of valuable materials… and it wasn’t coal!” Unfortunately Jack has never encountered flying saucers, man made or otherwise, but he’s heard rumours from other men; however he seemed reluctant to discuss that bit. I put it to him that maybe Byrd had passed through a stargate or had a telepathic trance. Jack to my surprise took that notion seriously. He was in high spirits; he soon changed the subject to more casual matters and we even had a game of dominoes! He bade me a warm farewell when his ladyfriend returned to take him home.

It was good to see Jack again. I hope I’ve helped him come to terms with the experiences from the early years of his long life. He’s taken an interest in all conspiratorial matters throughout his life, but has no desire to be a public whistle-blower. I’m still not sure what to make of his information; it is quite incredible and sounds so much more disturbing when I hear it from him directly rather than from just some web page. I’m now looking for further information to corroborate his story and I’ll let you know if I come across any. To begin with, this interview of Richard Hoagland on C2C is very interesting, if a little dated: . He mentions Lake Vostok, the huge body of fresh liquid water under the East Antarctic ice cap. It has probably been sealed for 30 or 40 million years so it’s anyone’s guess what we’ll find down there. It’s 3000 feet deep and has an area the size of Northern Ireland so there’s plenty of room for the cities Richard talks about! I’d heard before listening to this that the new Jet Propulsion Laboratory exploration he mentions has been cancelled. Why? And if the medivac patients are all ill with the same condition, is it from one of the biowarfare weapons tested there during the 60’s? This is more likely than Richard’s scenario in my view. Nevertheless the possibility of that being a cover-story endures.