Thursday 25 October 2007

Peter and Jordan

I’ve recently written here about the fake Blue Peter phone-in ( ). It’s almost too incredible to believe that such and audacious and subterfuge is going on, but it gets worse, far worse! The notion that Peter Andre and Katie Price, aka Jordan, are not a real couple is rife today, and that’s encouraging because it means people are suspicious of the Conformist Regime’s media and don’t swallow it whole and unquestioned.

Jordan is what has become known as a “glamour model”, a conventionally attractive woman who has mildly erotic pictures and films made of her for the Conformist media, rather like a Japanese gravure idol, but with other celebrity activities on the side. Peter Andre was a 90’s pop star and media-promoted CMI (Conformist Male Ideal) for a very short time before falling into total obscurity. In a recent TV interview Jordan was asked about the conspiracy theories surrounding her and Peter and she replied: “We’ve got our third kid now; how long will it be before these people accept that we’re a real couple?” I myself don’t doubt that they are a real couple today, after all they live together and have two children, plus Harvey, an adopted boy from Jordan’s previous partner Dwight Yorke; what I dispute is how their relationship began in the first place.

They met in a most unusual and sensational manner. They were both contestants on the Reality TV show I’m a Celebrity- Get Me Out of Here! I’ve been interested in Reality TV for a while and I’ve become convinced that it is actually government mind control and Conformist propaganda, but that’s a long story that needs its own post. Peter and Jordan were total strangers when they arrived at the show’s location. Almost immediately they were holding hands and cuddling. The two became the subject of nationwide gossip and Jordan’s current casual beau traveled all the way from Britain to the show’s location in Australia to invade the set and “punch Peter’s lights out.”. In her 2004 autobiography, Being Jordan, Jordan describes how she and Peter were instantly smitten. Here I suspect she is lying. One of the most important things Reality TV needs to be successful and keep the viewers watching is conflict and confrontation among the contestants or some kind of crisis or scandal. Nobody will bother tuning in to see ten people getting along like a house on fire! Viewing figures soar when things “go wrong”. I put these words in quotes because it’s not a case of “going wrong” it’s one of “going right”. The producers very much want these incidents to break out… so much so that I doubt if they’d leave the prospect of one doing so to chance. I think that the coming together of Peter and Jordan was staged.

As I watched the two strolling round the jungle hand-in-hand I recalled a similar incident in the first series involving the actor Darren Day and “it girl” Tara Palmer-Tomkinson. The two had an affair on-set. Darren’s’ girlfriend was interviewed on GMTV about what she thought and I was amazed at how unperturbed she sounded. Then it struck me: the whole thing was a set-up! Darren and Tara were only pretending to be lovers and Darren’s girlfriend was in on it. The same staged incident was arranged for Peter and Jordan and Jordan’s current boyfriend (and I dare say Peter’s partner too, if he had one) was briefed in. There was something very insincere and forced about Peter and Jordan’s on-screen petting. Jordan’s boyfriend’s anger also looked very fake as he stepped off the plane in Australia. Whatever other talents they might have they are definitely not actors. What the show’s producers, and I dare say Jordan’s boyfriend, never counted on was Peter and Jordan falling in love for real after the TV show was finished! They’re a real couple now; it’s beyond doubt. They live together and go everywhere together and have children. Personally I wish them all the best.

The fakery and stagecraft on TV is of a depth and scale that is almost beyond belief. So-called documentaries and real life are as scripted and designed as much as any movie, drama or soap opera. TV producers can make films of people reading scripts and acting out preassigned roles and characters; and then go ahead and present it to the viewing public as a factual record of true life. There is no law that prevents them from doing this. Sometimes their machinations are exposed, as with Blue Peter and Family Confidential, but how much else do they get away with? What proportion of their chicanery slips through the net? The two examples I gave could be the tip of a huge and very sinister iceberg. If TV producers are presenting fictional material as fact and news then how can we trust them to tell us the truth about anything?

Sunday 21 October 2007

The Real Erkdwala

This is incredible!:

In my novel Rockall, which you can read for free on Ben's Bookcase (See the links column) I describe how people land on an unexplored island and find that it has a hitherto unknown native human population, a Stone Age culture called "ErkDwaLa". I began to wonder if this scenario could ever come true in the real world. Well it has! It’s generally assumed that the human exploration of the Earth is complete; that in this day and age we’ve traveled over every square inch of our planet’s land and there are no places that “civilized” man has never set foot. That’s a fallacy. Vast areas of this world have never been walked on by explorers and have only been mapped in recent years by satellite; in Africa, Siberia, North America, New Guinea and particularly the Amazon. Massive areas of this vast forest have remained hidden from the rest of the world. Recently a plane flew over a very remote area and found people living there! The photo shows a traditional Indian village, of the type all Amazonians used to live in before they were “civilized” by Western Conquistadors. The astonished residents are staring up at the aircraft. What is going through their heads is unimaginable! Imagine you’d lived your whole life in a tribal culture in the woods and knew nothing of the world beyond it. What would you think if you saw an aeroplane for the first time? What would you think if you saw people of a different race for the first time? Would you even identify them as human beings like yourself? How I feel about this matter is summed up by what Kayleigh says to Zach in my book:

“Are you OK?” asked Zach.
She nodded mournfully.
“It’s great when a baby’s born, isn’t it? I’ve often wondered what it’d be like to have a kid.”
“Yeah.” she sighed. “It’s always been the same for the ErkDwaLa, you know. Everyone’s been born and raised in that cave the same way; even Old Kerroj’s great-granddad’s great-granddad. I bet it hasn’t changed for thousands of years.”
“I suppose not. Why does that make you sad?”
She swung round in her seat and looked at him. “I’m just wondering what things will be like for Keesa’s baby when he’s old enough to become a father himself.”
“What do you mean?”
“Their world is about to meet ours, Zach. We can’t stop it. The next generation of ErkDwaLa will have to contend with that; and I’m afraid for them.”
There was a long pause. “So, what happens now?” asked Zach as he started the engine and put the Jaguar into gear.
“What do you mean nothing? We have to tell people about this.”
“No we don’t; and we’re not going to.”
“But the world has a right to know!”
“The world has no such right! Our modern society is built upon the broken lives of people like the ErkDwaLa! Dill told me!”
“That was centuries ago! And Dill’s a crank! Kayleigh, we can’t keep this a secret! You said it yourself; their world will eventually meet ours.”
“We can keep it a secret and we will! You will because you swore an oath to me that you would!” She rubbed her eyes and took on a calmer tone. “We will let the world know, eventually; but you’ve got to leave that to me. I’m going to let Dill in on it. I’ve got a feeling he suspects anyway; he knows the in-country better than anyone. We’ll contact someone who can help; maybe the United Nations.”
“Kayleigh, those people live in a filthy hole in the ground, even little kids! Nobody should have to endure that in this day and age! Why don’t we just go back there now and lead them all to Rockall Port, to civilization?”
She shook her head. “You don’t get it, do you?... To them we’re like aliens who’ve just landed from another planet. Until a couple of years ago they didn’t even know we existed. For them there is no outside world! This island and the sea as far as the horizon is all they know! They call it ‘Arkdwa’, but that word translates as ‘Rockall’, ‘World’ or ‘Universe’.”
“That’s all the more reason to widen their view of life; show them the rest of the world.”
“Show them what? A skyscraper hundreds of feet tall? An aeroplane? A computer? An ocean liner big enough to carry the entire ErkDwaLa population ten times over? Cities of a million people? Continents of a billion?... The technology, scale and diversity of the planet Earth would overwhelm them! The culture-shock would destroy their minds!... Zach, these people MUST be protected!”

The region where these Indians live is being opened up to the outside world. For the people who live there, I dread to think what will happen. They’re going to experience something very similar to what the whole world experiences in the novel War of the Worlds by HG Wells. Kayleigh is right; to them we are an empire from another galaxy descending on their defenseless little world. Logging companies will eventually try to take over and wipe out the very jungle that has been the core of their environment. The people will be exposed to our technology and it will seem like magic to them. They’ll be shown a world of proportions and diversity beyond their capacity to understand. They’ll experience Western vices of alcohol, drugs, money and modern hi-tech warfare. They’ll pick up diseases that their immune systems have never had to face before. As Kayleigh says, they MUST be protected.

This happened just last year in New Guinea too, my brother told me. An Australian expedition found a tribe of people. The first question the tribesmen asked the expedition, translated by their native guides, was "Why have you painted yourself white?" I'm concerned for these people. Will they survive psychologically being introduced to the wider world with its technology, diversity and strangeness? What must it must be like for them. A bit like an alien invasion of planet Earth! They HAVE to be protected!

For the time being, they should be left well alone. Maybe in the future, when we have a kinder and more peaceful and respectful world, we can go out and make contact with them. Then we can exchange ideas on a one-to-one basis. Interaction between our culture and theirs is not necessarily a bad thing, so long as it is carefully controlled and the needs of the recipients made a top priority. Let this interaction with modern culture be on a one-to-one basis instead of an exercise in aggressive conformism!

Saturday 20 October 2007

Stephen Greer on Radio Out There

Stephen Greer has just been interviewed on by the Australian researcher Barry Eaton on his show Radio Out There. Here’s a link; it’s the top entry on the page:

I’ve got a lot of respect for Greer, but I think he’s wrong on a couple of things. He says that alien abductions are all done by government agents; it’s called “stagecraft”. They use drugs, electromagnetic attacks and genetically-engineered lifeforms to fool people into thinking they’re being taken by “greys” as part of the programme to build up fear of all things ET. I doubt this for two reasons. It may well be true that the government does this sometimes, but you can’t explain the entire abduction phenomenon this way. Greer himself has had some encounters with aliens that are very joyful, loving and enlightening; others experience encounters with aliens who are violent and callous involving torture, fear and sometimes sexual assault. The thing is that not all alien contact falls into these two polarities. They may include elements of both. The second reason I disagree with Greer is because the abduction phenomenon precedes the mass interest in UFO’s and aliens. The latter only began in the 1940’s whereas people were commonly abducted by non-human entities long before that. In fact if you go back in history to try to find a start to the phenomenon, you can’t find one. It actually goes back into prehistoric times and may well have been part of the human experience since we first came down from the trees. In ages past we didn’t call them aliens though, we called them fairies, trolls and pixies etc. Reports of people’s encounters with the “little folk” match modern accounts of alien abduction exactly: sometimes loving, educational and inspiring, other times frightening and painful, involving torture, rape and medical examination.

Friday 19 October 2007

Dr Gibson's Casebook

What an amazing revellation! As a hospital porter, working in the same environment as Dr Gibson, I'll keep a lookout for ghosts myself. As it happens, there's rumours that the Clinical Decisions Unit of the John Radcliffe Hospital is haunted. A few months ago a nurse ran out of there screaming. She told me she saw a spectreal figure in there. I've had a look myself, but so far I've not seen anything. But I'll keep looking.

Wednesday 17 October 2007

Ghosts at Bygone Times

Bygone Times is a museum in Chorley, Lancashire that is housed in a converted 19th Century cotton mill. It has a grim history. Like many factories of the Victorian era, it used child labour. The owners of the mill were very rich and used the children as virtual slaves to make far more money than they should have. I'm afraid it gets even worse: They also had another business on the side; they ran a child brothel and staffed it with their underaged workforce. Many of the kids, both girls and boys, died in agony after being raped or were murdered to silence them if they tried to approach the police. Ghosts often appear in places where painful or violent death has occurred.

Jean and Rachel are a mother and daughter team who investigate the paranormal and film the phenomena if possible. This is a film they made at Bygone Times. It's in 6 parts, so use the links pane when this one finishes:

Saturday 13 October 2007

The Legacy of Wilhelm Reich

Wilhelm Reich was an innovative and revolutionary scientist who’s genius was cut short by the Illuminati-occupied powers-that-be in finance, medicine and energy production. He was born in 1897 on a Ukrainian farm and became one of the first psychoanalysts, studying with the famous pioneer Sigmund Freud. Being a psychoanalyst he was, of course, sex mad! But unlike Freud he believed that sexual energy was a real energy, not just a metaphor for a psycho-biological drive. He named this energy “orgone” and soon set up experiments to isolate it. He invented instruments that could detect it and used to observe volunteer couples having sex in his laboratory, an action that was predictably misinterpreted by the sleazy media and was used by his enemies to smear him in later life. His ideas caused him, like Carl Jung, to leave Freud’s inner circle and venture out on his own. He worked with Albert Einstein for a short while. He found out that organic material like cotton absorbed orgone and metals focused and radiated it. It was a simple matter to build a box to capture orgone by making it of alternate layers of cotton and metal. He treated terminal cancer patients by having them sit inside his box. Unfortunately the box couldn’t cure them, but it increased their well-being. Reich concluded that cancer is not a disease in itself, but a symptom of a deeper problem connected to the body’s orgone deficiency or atrophy.

Reich was living in Austria at the time and was vocally critical of the upcoming Nazi regime. As a result, when Hitler took power he fled the country and moved to the United States. There he built a huge laboratory complex in Maine called Orgonon; today it is owned by the Wilhelm Reich Museum and is open to the public. There he continued his work for a number of years, building motors that ran on orgone and developing successful medical treatments. He also began to become curious on how orgone affected the weather and built a machine called a "cloudbuster" that could make it rain. In 1953 there was a terrible heatwave and drought in the eastern United States and Reich became a household name among farmers as he traveled up and down the country creating rainstorms, apparently out of thin air with his cloudbusters.

Unfotunately this brought Reich to the attention of the authorities; these are people who have a vested interest in humanity being hungry, poor, sick, bored, demoralized and in want. He was attacked by many distinguished scientists and eventually criminally charged. A court ordered that his papers be burned and his machines smashed. Reich himself was imprisoned on a trumped-up state border technicality. His health had suffered as a result of the stress he’d been subjected to and this last insult was too much for him. He died on November the third 1957.

I was a small child and had never heard of Wilhelm Reich when I first saw Kate Bush’s video Cloudbusting. It made an enormous impression on me, although I didn’t know why. I saw it at the cinema before the film Superman II and it haunted me for years. It starred Donald Sutherland and was filmed at one of my favorite places in the world: White Horse Hill in Oxfordshire. It tells the story of the injustice and destruction of Reich, as told by his son Peter in his biography of his father Book of Dreams. Here it is: . Reich was also fascinated by UFO’s; another trait that no doubt endeared him to the Elite! He observed, and modern cloudbuster operators have told me too, that when the machine is running UFO’s flock to it like bees to a flower. Here’s a brilliant lecture by Peter Robbins about that:

This is the really interesting bit! Reich was working on a new paper when he died. He sent it to his lawyer with the instructions that it was to be kept sealed in a safe until 50 years after his death “when the world is ready for it”. Nobody knows what was in that paper except its author. The reason I’m bringing this up now is because the date Reich specified to his lawyer is in two weeks time! Is the world ready for it I wonder! One thing’s for sure; I will be looking out for any news on this when it happens, so if you want to know the answer to this mystery, watch this proverbial space!

Thursday 11 October 2007

Darren Pollard clashes with the Police!

Anti-NWO film-maker Darren Pollard has started attracting the attention of the forces of law and order (out of chaos!). It's strange how the police seem to dislike being filmed so much when they cover the country with CCTV cameras. Well we can give as good as we get!

Monday 8 October 2007

UK Probe- Autumn 2007

I’ve just returned from the latest UK Probe conference. This is a twice-yearly event for researchers into the paranormal and conspiracies, held at Lytham St Annes, Lancashire. It was my third time and, as at the two previous ones, I had a magical time. The joys of the event are twofold: firstly the speakers and secondly the social life. It is the chance to meet up with the regular delegates who have become friends and people I love talking to and exchanging ideas with, especially Ellis Taylor, Matt Delooze and Ben Fairhall (Ellis and Ben can be found on the links column; Ben is the author of the Battling the Behemoth site). I spent Saturday evening at the Admiral pub with Ben and some of the others. Ben and I might share the same name, but we disagree on most other things; and I wonder if that might be the main reason we get along so well! It’s quite good fun to spend an evening at the Admiral wrangling the walls down. I’ve also become close to Dennis, who’s known as “the Orb Man” because of his special ability to capture these odd images on film, and his wife Marion. I spent most of my trip with Fred and Val Allsop, an elderly couple whom I stayed with at their Birmingham home, allowing me to split my long journey from Oxford. They also gave me a lift in their car, precluding the need for me to stay on for Sunday night in Lytham which is inconvenient and expensive. Fred especially is very interested in conspiracy theories and has a book collection I frankly envy. Val claims she only attends Probe to keep him company, but I think she did enjoy the event and learned a thing or two. Jean and Rachel are a mother and daughter team who investigate ghosts and I’ve neglected to post some of their films on HPANWO, something I will have to remedy. I did a bit of skywatching both nights. Back in March I saw a UFO on St Annes beach. I saw a bright, fast-moving light, way above the clouds. I thought it was a satellite, but it then changed direction very quickly. It was definitely not an aircraft. Aircraft at night are easy to identity because they have flickering navigation lights and move in a straight line. This object had a steady light and manoeuvered far too sharply and quickly to be an aircraft. It felt as if the conference was over far too soon. I love being there and love the people so much. I think this is the only place I can truly be myself, knowing that everyone around me will accept me that way. As you can see from the below articles I insist on being myself no matter what, but it’s such a relief to be free of the ridicule and incomprehension I usually get from people at home when I do it. It was sad to say goodbye and I felt almost tearful as we all left on Sunday afternoon. But the good thing about Probe is that it takes place twice a year, not just annually like most conferences, so there is only six months to wait until the next one. Those six months will go more quickly than the last because of the Quickening: the speeding up of time as we approach 2012, or whenever the great awakening of consciousness occurs (I’ll be writing more on that later, but I outline it in my Darren Pollard interview below).

The speakers, as usual, were fascinating, in fact I’m still a bit in information-overload at the moment. Here’s an outline of what they were like to see live:

Jane McCarthy: A medium who’s investigated many haunted houses and has captured orbs, including motion pictures. She’s carried out studies of nightclubs and countryside locations. Some of her information was very harrowing, involving the souls of murder victims and abused children.

Ian Crane: Probably the best speaker of the conference. He’s chairman of 9/11Truth and has put together a package of graphics and music. He goes into the links between 9/11, the Illuminati and the legend of the Annunaki. He’s a very passionate and cogent speaker and had the audience captivated. He’s an optimist who believes that the consciousness awakening is happening. He’s got an interesting interpretation of the symbolism in a crop circle of an Illuminati pyramid. Outwardly it’s a representation of the familiar emblem of the Illuminati, as seen on the dollar bill. But he’s spotted some subtle, yet important differences. In the crop circle version the capstone is connected to the main pyramid and is far bigger in relation to it. This means that the secret knowledge held by the elite is no longer secret and isolated and is known by a far greater proportion of the population. I've posted the two pictures at the top of this post for you to compare.

Howard Middleton-Jones: This archaologist was a bit hard to follow, but once I got into his speech it was intriguing. It’s a story, illustrated with pictures, about his trip to Egypt. It is actually rather like an archaeological version of a penetration of Area 51! He travels to parts of the country most people never see and manages to sneak past cordons that are usually off limits. Here he finds lots of amazing things that show that the official story of Ancient Egyptian history is a lie.

Jo Ann Richards: This lady is married to a man who is in jail. She reports that he used to be part of an elite, secret space force that fought wars against alien invaders who are trying to take over Earth. This might sound outrageous, but it’s very similar to so many other highly credible reports I’ve heard elsewhere. I think that there is much truth to it. She was very emotional as she spoke. Her husband Mark Richards has been in jail since 1982 and she met him in 1997. She’s never spent a moment with him as a free man. I spoke to her at the hotel too and she told me a lot about herself. It makes for a poignant tale. Her wedding was only 15 minutes long. She wore a dress, but Mark was not allowed to dress up and was in his prison uniform. There was no champagne or wine permitted. There was a cake, but the warders didn’t have to check it to see if there was a file inside because it was made of cup cakes from the prison’s own vending machine! I didn’t like to ask, but I suspect that their marriage has never been consummated. Some prisons allow a couple an hour or two alone together in a bedroom, but it’s very rare. Jo Ann remains hopeful that Mark will be released one day and is campaigning for an appeal. She says he was put in prison to silence him from telling the truth about the aliens. I’d like to think she’s got good cause to be optimistic. As I’ve said before, times are a-changing and the good guys who are doing time today will soon be replaced with the real crooks, the elite who are oppressing us. I hope Bush gets Mark’s old cell!

Tony Gosling: This man used to be a BBC reporter; today he’s trying to expose the secret society network that controls modern politics. He talks about the Bilderberg Group and the Masons. He’s a Christian, but is opposed to the Vatican and other religious establishments.

Clint Denyer: This man gave a courageous speech on a very controversial subject within the Probe community; the death of Dean Warwick which I’ve already written about below. Probe members are split over whether it was murder or not. Clint is convinced, as I am, that it was.

Mark Foster: This speech was good-natured and contained audience participation. It was all about the law of attraction, as described in the movie The Secret. Mark showed how our thoughts and feelings shape our experiences. This is something I’ve noticed in my own life. If I’m in a bad mood, other bad-tempered people seem to be drawn to me, but when I’m feeling contented, other happy people do. By being hopeful and optimistic, we can actually change our lives and the world around us for the better. The Secret was not bad as a movie, but it was a little bit over-glossy. What the Bleep Do We Know!? was far better and contain much more information (see the links).

I met many other interesting people and, as usual, came home with many books to read. I met Ann Andrews who’s become well know for the book she wrote about her son: Jason- My Indigo Child. Another author there I’ve come to know is Brian Allen who’s investigating the famous Rosslyn chapel. I saw a TV programme about him a few months ago which was lousy and only took the piss out of him! I also had a long talk with a lady called Jenny who’s a new author on the scene. She’s written a book about her encounters with Reptilians. I spoke to James Casbolt at the hotel. He’s a man who’s written articles and done radio shows on secret underground bases and government alien –hybridization and mind-control projects. I’m still not sure what to make of his information, but as with Jo Ann’s, it resembles closely other stories of secret operations in the USA, like Dulce or Montauk.

There were some odd-looking characters in dark suits hanging around the conference. I asked a few people who they were, but nobody seemed to know. I sat next to one of them on Saturday and he was strangely quiet. He never even looked at me the whole day. I know it’s a bit of a cliché to suspect people of being government agents, and it may just be my imagination, but after what happened a year ago, it’s understandable that we’re on our guard.

Thursday 4 October 2007

Chemtrails and Tomorrow's World

I’ve just watched Cliff Carnicom’s film on chemtrails, and it makes for disturbing, poignant viewing. I’ve seen a live lecture by Cliff Carnicom on the internet before, but his own production is different; it really hits home.

We’re not encouraged to look up into the sky in today’s world; one of the great pleasures and transcendental experiences of indigenous peoples has been reduced to a wacky, anorak pastime by the conformist regime. It’s far more “normal” and “sane” to stare at billboards, adverts and shop signs; and other types of mind-control like your TV and your Playstation; that’s what it takes to be a “good citizen”. But among those who do still love and worship the sky, a pair of worrying phenomena have been observed: One is that the sky seems to be increasingly hazy and vapourous, with much less of the deep blue that we think of as natural. The living blueness has been more and more concentrated at the zenith, with the horizons staying white and overcast, even on the clearest days, The second is an abundance of aircraft that release very thick, trails of smoke or cloud behind them. This trail does not disperse as contrail vapour should, but spreads out and soaks into the sky over a number of hours. It is sometimes accompanied by strange precipitation: cotton-like microfibres and an unnatural smell. Analysis of these fibres has revealed that they contain poisons and environmental hazardous material like aluminium, hydrocarbons, radioactive metals and biological organisms like moulds and bacteria. This has sometimes been linked to an increase in childhood asthma and, childhood and adult, colds, flu and respiratory problems. Researchers have named this phenomenon “chemtrails”. Chemtrails occur all over the world and there are few people who will not be able to see them if the look. A programme of seeding the atmosphere with some strange substances is in operation, internationally. It has been kept secret from the people and implemented without their consent.

It could be that the aeroplane pilots involved in this are doing so in all innocence. They may believe that they are involved in a secret project, yes, but a secret project connected to the public hysteria about global warming. (Global warming is a complete con and it’s being used to justify enormous increases state and corporate control. I’ll be saying a lot more about that later!) They may believe that the emissions they’re told to release will contain some anti-greenhouse effect agent. In my novel Evan’s Land one of the characters says: “The best way to conceal a big conspiracy is to hide it behind a smaller one.” The evidence for this comes from something I watched on TV as a small child that I’ve never forgotten: In those days I was a big fan of the BBC’s technology show Tomorrow’s World. In one episode, some time in the 1980's, they did up the studio floor as a picture of the Earth covered by a polythene dome and with a car running its engine inside to demonstrate global warming. They said that a solution to the problem was to change the Earth’s atmosphere by adding chemicals to it. This would reduce global warming. However it would have the serious side-effects of turning the sky white instead of blue and would increase acid rain a lot.

What were they talking about on Tomorrow’s World? This is chemtrails! This is that very proposal in operation, only it’s being done in secret to stop people kicking up about it!

This is Cliff Carnicom’s website:

Tuesday 2 October 2007

Blakes 7

Blakes 7 was a science fiction series by the BBC which ran from 1978 to 1981. It was one I loved when it was first broadcast, even though I was just a small child at the time and too young to really understand it; however the entire series is available on DVD and I’ve watched it again as an adult. It’s been called “Britain’s Star Trek”, but this is a bad description. It is very different to Star Trek. Both series are set in space in the future, but Star Trek paints a very optimistic view of the future. Earth is a political paradise and the only violence and war comes from hostile aliens like the Klingons. Blakes 7 is deeply distopian, where the Universe is ruled by the Federation, an Orwellian superstate, like the NWO, but far worse because it’s spread to other planets! The crew of the Enterprise are very cosmopolitan; they feature men and women in almost equal numbers, and of many races: not only an alien from the planet Vulcan, but a Russian, a Japanese, a Scotsman and a Swahili-speaking woman. The Enterprise compliment wear egalitarian uniforms, all the same with very small badges of rank. They enjoy an easy-going, even loving camaraderie, whereas the Liberator crew are somewhat dysfunctional (which makes them far more interesting!) and Avon is a cad worthy of the Federation itself!

Blakes 7 was very low budget and became famous for its homespun production design and special effects. The bulkheads of the spacecraft wobbled when touched because they were obviously made of cardboard! But Blakes 7 had an important message for science fiction: If you have a good storyline, with good characters and a good script then you don’t need fancy special effects. Conversely if you have a crap storyline with shallow characters and a lame script then big-budget SFX won’t save it; Independence Day comes to mind!

I’ve found that Blakes 7 actually has some very interesting themes and storylines which only a “conspiracy theorist” like me can appreciate. I’ve made an episode-by-episode analysis of the entire series:


Episode 1 "The way back": Public surveillance cameras (very first shot!), mind-control drugs administered to drinking water, manipulation of the media and justice system.

Episode 2 "Space Fall": torture and abuse of detainees, alien civilizations.

Episode 3 "Cygnus Alpha": (I love this one!) Designer religions to create mental slavery, manipulation by psychosomatic illnesses (like AIDS etc)

Episode 4 "Time Squad": Chemtrails, ESP, cryogenic technology, electronic mind-control implants (verichip etc).

Episode 5 "The Web": Genetic engineering, extreme general and social hyperDarwinism, external control of the human body, thought projection.

Episode 6 "Seek-Locate and Destroy": Methods of military mind-control.

Episode 7 "Mission to Destiny" (This one is like an Agatha Christie detective story.) Free Energy.

Episode 8 "Duel": Extradimensional beings controlling this 3D/linear time plain, alteration of the human body into a living robot. There is a creature called a "Mutoid", a former human who's been adapted into a mindless zombie, dependant on blood serum.)

Episode 9 "Project Avalon": Slavery of indigenous peoples, biological warfare, staged military action and fake victories (see 9/11)

Episode 10 "Breakdown": Corruption in the medical profession (see books by Ghislaine Lanctot).

Episode 11 "Bounty": (This is one of the best episodes, and the most relevant to today) Political manipulation strategies, problem-reaction-solution, the use of native puppet leaders.

Episode 12 "Deliverance": Origins of the human race, lost civilizations.

Episode 13 "Orac": Artificial intelligence, artificial body parts, secret science.

Episode 14 "Redemption": Chaos Theory vs prediction.

Episode 15 "Shadow": (This is one of the most significant!) Illegal drugs being used to enslave the populus, the Illuminati operating through organized crime as well as the police; both sides of the law being run by the same people. Extradimensional entities and energy.

Episode 16 "Weapon": Secret military technology, Artificial life, armed forces used as "cannon fodder".

Episode 17 "Horizon": Indigenous people being used as slaves as in "Project Avalon", the Illuminati using puppet leaders who are native to their charges and unaware of the higher powers they are serving.

Episode 18 "Pressure Point": Diversionary tactics and drawing fire away from the true source of power, as in the NWO making it look like America is the centre of global control when it's not.

Episode 19 "Trial": An entire world as a single ecosystem, the Gaia Principle. Rigged official trials and hearings.

Episode 20 "Killer": Biological warfare.

Episode 21 "Hostage": No relevant themes

Episode 22 "Countdown": Mutually assured destructive Doomsday weapons used to quell rebellion.

Episode 23 "Voice From The Past": Mind control long range transmission, the govt infiltration of supposedly impartial institutions that are supposed to make the govt accountable to the people like the legal and political system.

Episode 24 "Gambit": Hiding high-level information in unlikely places (see "The DaVinci Code" and "Holy Blood and the Holy Grail")

Episode 25 "The Keeper": (Same themes as Episode 24)

Episode 26 "Star One": The destruction of knowledge leading to Illuminati secrets.


Episode 27 "Aftermath": The question of whether peace can, or should, be maintained by the deterrence of ultra-destructive weapons.

Episode 28 "Powerplay": The right to live as you choose versus the idea that what the elite consider best for you should be enforced. Human slaughterhouses where organs are harvested for donor surgery (see "Coma" by Robin Cook).

Episode 29 "Volcano": Does passivism work?

Episode 30 "Dawn of the Gods": Mythology and even children's stories contain hidden meaning.

Episode 31 "The Harvest of Kairos": (No apparent theme, but it does use a model of an Apollo spacecraft like "Capricorn One")

Episode 32 "City at The edge of The World": Ideas about the suppression of goddess figures and femininity in favour of a totally male pantheon.

Episode 33 "Children of Auron": Biological warfare, test-tube birth, telepathy.

Episode 34 "Rumours of Death": Double agents and infiltration by the Illuminati.

Episode 35 "Sarcophagus" (No apparent theme, but this is probably my favorite episode)

Episode 36 "Ultraworld": Psychic vampires

Episode 37 "Moloch": The name speaks for itself! A parasitic creature ruling in secret and demanding sacrifice.

Episode 38 "Death Watch": virtual reality, political manipulation, problem-reaction-solution etc.

Episode 39 "Terminal": Artificial life.


Episode 40 "Rescue": Psychic vampires and hyperD energy shortcuts.

Episode 41 "Power": Sexual discrimination and segregation used as a method of genocide and population control.

Episode 42 "Traitor": This is a good one! Mind-control drugs added to air and drinking water created by a scientist working against his will because he has been "patched" (See David Icke's report of his meeting with a CIA scientist who'd had his body manipulated to need a drug.)

Episode 43 "Stardrive": Secret Government technology, the low price of human life

Episode 44 "Animals": Genetic engineering, secret science, suggestive hypnotism, MKUltra etc.

Episode 45 "Headhunter": Secret development of cyborgs.

Episode 46 "Assassin": Transhumanism

Episode 47 "Games": See "Horizon" and "Project Avalon".

Episode 48 "Sand": HyperDarwinism and sexual conformism.

Episode 49 "Gold": The use of money as a tool of conmtrol. (It guest stars one of the funniest men who ever lived: Roy Kinnear.)

Episode 50 "Orbit": Secret science

Episode 51 "Warlord": Biological warfare + mind control drugs in drinking water and air.

Episode 52 "Blake": Illuminati infiltration of outwardly innocent organization.

Belgrano- The Last Shot of the War

The sinking of Argentina’s flagship, the Battlecruiser General Belgrano was the most controversial action in the Falklands War, whose 25th anniversary took place this year. (This post is based on an article I wrote at the time.)

On the 2nd of May 1982 the Royal Navy submarine HMS Conqueror (what an apt name!) received orders to sink the General Belgrano. The Argentine fleet was heading for the British taskforce with the obvious intent to attack it. Their aircraft carrier Vincento de Mayo was looking for a windy spot to launch its strike aircraft. The decision was made to sink the ship before the fleet passed over a shallow bit of sea where the submarines couldn’t follow. Conqueror was Britain’s second-oldest nuclear submarine and the weapon it used to sink the ship was the old WWII Mark 8 torpedo; the ones you see John Mills firing in those old war movies, which could only be fired in a straight line. She had other more modern torpedoes with homing and directional capabilities, but they had a smaller warhead. Captain Wreford-Brown, unaware that he was serving the Illuminati agenda for global control, fired the torpedoes and sunk the ship killing 400 Argentine sailors. The following morning, the headline in the Sun newspaper read: “GOTCHA!... OUR LADS SINK GUNBOAT AND HOLE CRUISER!”

It’s a not well known fact, but another British submarine, HMS Splendid, had Vincento de Mayo in her sights too and would have sunk her literally minutes before the entire Argentine fleet turned around and headed back to port. The Argentine Navy never deployed again for the rest of the campaign (Tom Clancy- “Submarine” Harper-Collins 1993). Without a naval force their occupation of the Falkland Islands could never have lasted (Which is, incidentally, also why the official motive for the Hiroshima bomb was a lie). The remaining war was a set-piece battle between the two air and land forces, but really it was a foregone conclusion despite propaganda like this:,,678047,00.html#article_continue . How could we have lost? It’s a joke when you see things like this!: Interestingly Thatcher also threatened to retaliate with nuclear weapons in the 1990 Gulf War if the Iraqis used WMD, so I wouldn’t put it past her. At the end of the day, she did her duty for Queen and Country… sorry, Illuminati and Reptilians. We’ve got the oldest, brightest, best bloody navy in the world and WMD that could turn all of Argentina into a radioactive gravel pit! And “It was a near thing"!? Bollocks! The invasion was also highly illegal and totally contrary to the wishes of the islands’ population, who unanimously wanted to live under British rule.

There’s been a lot of controversy over the sinking of the General Belgrano. This was because the Illuminati public-relations officer (UK branch), Margaret Thatcher, had told Argentine ships that they could not sail within 200 miles of the Falkland Islands without being attacked. Belgrano was further away. Personally I don’t see what all the fuss was about. There was nothing immoral about sinking the Belgrano compared to any other action in that war, or any war. Once you’ve made the decision that it's fine to kill people for money and power then it’s hypocritical to shilly-shally about it. Either go in and slaughter every one of the subhuman motherfuckers you can target, or reject war and violence as an option altogether!

To this day, few question the official story of the war: that is was an act of redemption and justice. We see it in simple terms: Argentina stole the islands illegally and we went in to take them back, and to free the Falklander people who wanted to remain British. This would all sound very noble if it wasn’t for the fact that the govt has never done anything else motivated by the needs and aspirations of the common folk. No, they only do anything when they’re on the make! Let’s look at some interesting things that we don’t see in the media very often: . That’s right; almost inevitably, the Falkland Islands has a nearby oil and gas field. I guessed that and I’m not psychic!

Also if you look at the islands on an atlas you’ll see that they sit at an important strategic location: what navel tacticians call a “choke point”. All ships entering or leaving the Pacific Ocean, not using the Panama Canal, have to pass around Cape Horn or through the Straits of Magallan, just a short distance from the Falklands! An easy place to base a permanent naval force to control the area. (Incidentally who controls the Panama Canal? The Panamanians? Hardly!) Another choke point is the Straits of Gibralter, which Britain also controls, through our colony there. See a pattern emerging?

If it wasn’t for these factors I doubt if the UK govt would have made to much effort to reclaim the islands... And would Argentina have even bothered to invade them in the first place?

Monday 1 October 2007

Fake Blue Peter Phone-in

Blue Peter have fooled their young viewers before. In 1963, just after the series began they introduced the first of a long tradition of pets, Petra the puppy. A few days after the broadcast Petra died; and the producers, rather than having to break the heartbreaking news to the kids, went out to a pet shop and simply bought another puppy that looked just like Petra and pretened that it was Petra. The truth only came out in 2002, almost 40 years after the incident.

Maybe they were justified in replacing Petra, it certainly saved millions of children a lot of tears, but there's no excuse for this new piece of duplicity! I wonder how many other things on TV are fake, which don't get found out. I know for a fact that some documentaries are staged because of the Family Confidential scandal. Family Confidential was a fly-on-the-wall documentary on the life and times of an ordinary family. This was advertized and shown in the format of a documentary; not a docu-drama with a cast list at the end like "Ghostwatch" or "War of the Worlds", the viewers were told it was a documentary. I strongly disagree with most of what Mary Whitehouse says, but I'm full of admiration for her this time because she exposed it as a fake. All the people in it were actors, the characters were made-up and it was scripted.

This could well be the tip of a very big iceberg. What else on TV is fake that is never uncovered!