Wednesday 17 October 2007

Ghosts at Bygone Times

Bygone Times is a museum in Chorley, Lancashire that is housed in a converted 19th Century cotton mill. It has a grim history. Like many factories of the Victorian era, it used child labour. The owners of the mill were very rich and used the children as virtual slaves to make far more money than they should have. I'm afraid it gets even worse: They also had another business on the side; they ran a child brothel and staffed it with their underaged workforce. Many of the kids, both girls and boys, died in agony after being raped or were murdered to silence them if they tried to approach the police. Ghosts often appear in places where painful or violent death has occurred.

Jean and Rachel are a mother and daughter team who investigate the paranormal and film the phenomena if possible. This is a film they made at Bygone Times. It's in 6 parts, so use the links pane when this one finishes:

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