Friday 19 October 2007

Dr Gibson's Casebook

What an amazing revellation! As a hospital porter, working in the same environment as Dr Gibson, I'll keep a lookout for ghosts myself. As it happens, there's rumours that the Clinical Decisions Unit of the John Radcliffe Hospital is haunted. A few months ago a nurse ran out of there screaming. She told me she saw a spectreal figure in there. I've had a look myself, but so far I've not seen anything. But I'll keep looking.

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Dan said...

Plenty of spooks about in hospitals.

My take on it is they are 'lost souls', those whos lack of faith / knowledge / trust / love of the / in the after life are trapped in a limbo so to speak.

Some however just appear to be energy imprints, like a cd but with energy as the medium.

Oh yeah, by the way I joined ytour forum and left a few things for you to think over.