Sunday 23 March 2008

The Solway Firth Spaceman

On May 23 1964 Jim Templeton, a fireman and amateur photographer from Carlisle, Cumbria, took his wife and 5 year old daughter out onto Burgh Marsh, a virgin natural wetland near the Solway Firth to take some photographs. They parked their car and walked out over a field with a lovely view. "All the animals on that particular day were away on the other end of the marsh, all huddled together, as though they'd been frightened." Jim said. "The weather was warm and sunny, and everything seemed normal". At a good spot they decided to take a photograph of his daughter in her new dress sitting with a bunch of hand-picked flowers. The snap taken, they moved off and took many more pictures of the walk. A few days later Jim got his photographs back from the chemist. The man behind the counter said that it was a pity that the strange man in a costume had walked past had spoilt the best shot of Elizabeth holding a bunch of flowers. Jim was puzzled. There had been nobody else on the marshes nearby at the time. But sure enough, on the picture in question there was something odd: overlooking her left shoulder, at a canted angle, was what appeared to be a man in a bizarre all-in-one white suit with a tinted visor. I've heard of this case before but never seen this picture in colour. I read about the case in Janet and Colin Bord's Modern Mysteries of Britain, but the picture they reproduced was black and white. I used to assume it was taken with a black and white camera, but not now. It looks far more impressive in colour and harder to write off as a fault on the film or a crushed insect in the photolab. Notice how the entity is definitely behind little Elizabeth's head and doesn't overlap it.

I'm not surprised to find out that Jim Templeton was harassed by Men-in-Black in the weeks following the incident. This was many years before the concept of Men-in-Black became well-known in popular culture. I've recently spoken to other people who've been visited by these frightening people, (if indeed they are people in the sense we understand it). The person dressed in a white suit like the one in this case are common too and I know several people who've encountered them. If you can't see their face then it's not really safe to assume that whatever is inside the costume is an ordinary human. Look at the picture again and see the unnatural position of the being's arm. It looks as a normal arm would look seen from behind, yet the head looks likes it would shot from the front.
The dome-shaped building just visible on the horizon is Sellafield nuclear power station. UFO's and aliens seem to be strangly attracted to nuclear installations for some reason. Cumbria was also the place where Blue Streak rockets were developed and scientists testing them in Australia around the same time saw a very similar entity in the vicinity too.
(NB: I posted this article on HPANWO last year and it has mysteriously disappeared. Keep your eye on this one and see if it does the same.)

Addendum: I was interested to reread this old case with the hindsight of The Solway Firth one: . Just a few weeks earlier a New Mexican policeman called Lonnie Zamora had a close encounter with a pair of beings that he describes in a way that makes them seem very similar to the Solway Firth Spaceman; on this occasion they had a craft with them!

Friday 21 March 2008

David Shayler Interview

The irrepresible film producer and policeman's best friend (!) Darren Pollard has done a fascinsting interview with MI5 whistleblower, 9/11 Truth campaigner and spiritual researcher, David Shayler. It's damn good!

Arthur C Clarke 1917-2008

The world's greatest sci-fi writer died yesterday. His books were incredibily influential on me during my formative years. I read them all over and over again. He's also probably the world's best short story writer, in any genre not just science fiction. The Other Side of the Sky is my favourite anthology.

RIP Arthur

Monday 17 March 2008

Imaginary Friends

Many young children report seeing things that adults can’t; like playing with imaginary friends. We invariably dismiss this as childish messing around, or grudgingly allow them their juvenile fantasy while we worryingly count each birthday to make sure they abandon such whims before they get older. Such parents are usually relieved when their child starts school. Once in school the Conformist Regime gets a proper grip begins to work its way into the child’s soul in earnest. At the end of their education they are defaecated out of school as “good, sane and normal citizens”, ready for their semi-detached house and Volvo. Few children can resist their education, but some do. There are men and women whose gift of seeing “imaginary friends” endures to their adulthood. Sometimes the cinema gets involved in their plight:

Harvey is a movie that many people of all ages have an enduring love for. It was adapted from Mary Chase’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play and directed by Henry Koster. It came out in 1950 and was a hit at the box-office, but is to this day still a best-selling DVD. I saw it a few years ago and immediately spotted its powerful and inspiring anti-Conformist message. It’s a film that could have been made for me! The story centres around Elwood P Dowd, an amiable and eccentric middle-aged man, played by James Stewart. He lives with his upper-class sister, Vita, and her daughter in a big house and is a constant irritant and embarrassment to them because he has the most remarkable friend: an invisible six-foot tall white rabbit! This rabbit is called Harvey and follows him everywhere. Unfortunately because Elwood is the owner of the house Vita and her daughter, Myrtle-May, have to tolerate him. Luckily Elwood spends most of his day away from home. He has no job, but instead wanders around town from pub to pub enjoying a quiet drink with Harvey. Elwood’s acquaintances fall into two groups: they either think he’s nuts and avoid him or accept and like him, and subsequently accept the existence of Harvey although they cannot see him. Elwood himself is totally oblivious to people’s reaction to him and appears not to understand how people can’t see his friend, let alone how not being able to see him, and yet hear Elwood talking to him, repels them from both Harvey and himself. The situation reaches a show-down when Elwood unexpectedly comes home in the middle of one of Vita’s high-society luncheons and introduces all the posh ladies to Harvey. They are all horrified and make a hasty exit. Vita and Myrtle-May are furious at how Elwood has tarred their reputation and take him to a psychiatric hospital, euphemistically called Chumley’s Rest. What follows next is one of the most fascinating and poignant storylines that I’ve ever seen in cinema: The doctor admits and promises to “cure” Elwood by giving him an injection of a serum called “Formula 977” that will permanently prevent him from seeing Harvey ever again. The taxi driver who brings Vita and Harvey to Chumley’s Rest is booked to wait-and-return, but demands that Elwood pays the fare before he has the treatment. When Vita asks him why, the cabbie replies: “I’ve been driving people to this place for years and on the way out we have a swell time. We laugh and joke and stop to watch the sunset and listen to the birds singing. Sometimes we stop to listen to the birds when there ain’t no birds and watch the sunset when it’s raining. And I always get a big tip. But on the way back?... Uh-oh!... They crab, crab, crab! ‘Watch the lights!’ ‘Watch the intersection!’ ‘Hurry up!’ ‘Are we there yet?’ And at the end, no tip. Yet it’s the same passenger with the same driver on the same route! It’s that stuff, what the doctors give ‘em up here. Turns ‘em into ‘perfectly normal human beings’, and I know what stinkers they are!” Vita suddenly realizes that she doesn’t want Elwood made “normal” and loves him for the person that he really is, white rabbit and all, and bursts into the doctor’s room just in time to stop Elwood being given the injection.

Many people, children especially, have an ability to see things beyond this world, this 3D/linear time plain that we live in. Yet the Illuminati don’t want us to do that. They want us to believe that this world is all there is. Their power over us depends on us being bored, despondent and demoralized, focused on our toecaps instead of looking up at the flowers and trees. It’s a bit like putting blinkers on as horse. They know they can’t rule people who refuse to put on those blinkers. They are terrified of people like Elwood P Dowd who can see beyond the veil. This is why they descend with such enraged panic on anyone who exhibits signs of being able to do that. They spiritually blind us from the earliest age. Many children who have “imaginary friends” are committed to a psychiatrist and given medicine and indoctrination to brainwash them out of it. They’re told to “grow up” and are warned that other kids will bully and reject them unless they stop “this imaginary friend nonsense”. Many parents innocently collaborate with this programme in the belief that it is the best thing for their child, only because when they were children they probably experienced the same brainwashing by their own parents. Another more recent film on this subject is Drop Dead Fred. It’s about a woman whose imaginary friend from childhood comes back to haunt her. The film is a comedy and Rik Mayall plays the imaginary friend, but the theme of the story is the same as that of Harvey. In this case the woman is given sinister green pills by the doctor, who’s “a world-leading expert on the imaginary friend problem”, that she takes twice a day and her imaginary friend gets weaker and weaker every time while he pleads with her to stop. In the end he persuades her, but not soon enough to prevent him from disappearing out of her life forever. There follows a very moving farewell. But the film ends happily when the woman discovers that her boyfriend’s son is now seeing the same imaginary friend that she did!

Credo Mutwa, the Zulu Shaman I mentioned below, addresses this subject in his long interview with David Icke. He relates how South African children who were given the BCG vaccination were robbed of the ability to see otherworldly beings. I think this is the same thing as Western children being stripped of their imaginary friends. It would be called "beneficial" and a "cure" in Western society, but in Mutwa's world the people understood what was really going on. They went to great lengths to "protect their children's spiritual eyes": Burning the kids' arms with hot maize grain to make a fake BCG mark. Credo also mentions that Zulu children were given a pink sugary sweet called "Bonsela" that they became addicted to; and it had the same effect. Maybe Bonsela contained chemical additives that resemble "Formula 977". In the modern West, food and drink laced with aspartame and other additives is most strongly marketed to children. Why is that eh?

If any HPANWO readers have small children who report seeing “imaginary friends” then I urge you to encourage that! Ask them about their friend; what do they look like, what’s their name? Ask the child to introduce you to them! Their friend may well not be imaginary. It may well be the kind of thing you used to see as a child before the powers of Conformism shut our minds down and made us into “sane, normal, good citizens”. A whole new generation of people will be soon be living whom the Illuminati cannot blinker. When that happens their rule will be over, forever. It will be a memory, like the one you might have of your own childhood imaginary friend. When that day comes, who knows? Maybe you and your old imaginary friend will be reunited! Then you can play together for the rest of your life in a society that welcomes and accepts you both.

Friday 14 March 2008

Roswell's Galore!

The five or six years after World War II saw a global UFO flap that was never seen in all history; in a sense this flap is still going on, although it has decreased slightly since the early 50's. This flap coincided with two very significant developments in human technology: nuclear weapons and space-rockets. Put the two together and it's understandable that any extraterrestrial community would be concerned by this! We're a species taking the first steps beyond our home planet, but we're still exhibiting aggressive and acquisitive behaviour; we're a serious threat to Galactic peace! The post-war flap, as I said, covered the world, but it seems to have been centred in a particular region: the central United States, specifically New Mexico. This was probably because it was the site of both the White Sands space-rocket development centre and Roswell AAB, the home base of “Enola Gay” and the 509th bomber squadron, the only nuclear armed unit in the world at the time (supposedly!). It was in New Mexico that the highlight of the extraterrestrial showcase took place: Roswell. However, anyone who delves beyond shop-window UFOlogy will soon find that Roswell was just one of many instances in which a UFO came to grief on the Earth's surface and was secretly salvaged by the authorities. Maybe it doesn't even deserve to be the most famous.

In 1950 the journalist Frank Scully (Any relation to the X-Files' Dana!?) published the book Behind the Flying Saucers. Now long out of print and virtually forgotten, it was the first in the long genre of UFO conspiracy books. It was a massive best-seller and maybe deserves a more prominent spot in UFO investigations. The books contained the revelations of an intelligence contact Scully called "Dr Gee". Dr Gee's information is that just a few months after Roswell another UFO crashed in New Mexico near the small town of Aztec. He spoke of how the military had moved in on the site and sealed it off. The UFO was a metallic disc 100 feet across made of very thin and light, but very strong material, just like the one at Roswell. The recovery crew managed to gain entry to the craft through a broken window and even dismantle it once they found out how. It seemed to be built in a modular fashion, designed to come apart. The separate modules were loaded onto flatbed lorries and driven through the night to an airbase where they were taken to Wright-Patterson AFB, the most secret base until Area 51 was built in the 50's. They also found 16 alien bodies inside the craft which were examined by military pathologists. They were said to be small, 37-42 inches in height, but humanoid. They also looked like they’d been burnt slightly. The book has been denounced as a hoax in many circles seeing as Scully wouldn't identify Dr Gee or produce any hard evidence to back up the story, but according to Bill Steinman, this is no longer the case. He has it on record that there was a sighting of a 100ft disc on the 25th of March 1948 and it was picked up by three separate radar posts. This gave the military skywatchers a very accurate triangulation and it crashed at Aztec right where Scully said it did. If “Dr Gee” was still alive in 1987 when Steinman made his statement then maybe he is the same source.

The term “Roswell” has become a noun that means any kind of Roswell-style UFO incident, one where an extraterrestrial craft crashes and the government secretly salvages it and then covers it up; and it’s only a matter of time before the word is added to the Oxford English Dictionary under that definition. Nearly everyone has heard of the Roswell incident, but how many have heard of Aztec? This is what is not yet understood by the public: In the same way that Nessie is not the only lake monster, Roswell was not a one-off either. It was the most famous and well-publicized of many similar events that have happened and continue to happen all the time. I learned about the Aztec Incident from a seminal UFO book, Above Top Secret by Timothy Good. It was written in the mid-eighties and is still one of the best introductions to the subject in town. Timothy Good is probably my favourite UFOlogist and I’ve read several more of his titles. In the book he describes another crash in 1947, at Paradise Valley, Arizona. In 1948 there was a crash at Laredo on the border of Mexico and Texas and the incident was dealt with from Carswell AFB, Texas. There was another crash in Arizona in 1953 and at Kecksburg, Pennsylvania in 1965. Not that the United States is any kind of “A34 accident black-spot” for our ET buddies; UFO’s crash all over the world and when they do the response from the governments in those countries is exactly the same… almost as if there is some global policy in place to deal with the matter! David Icke’s South African friend, Credo Mutwa (More about him later), talks of at least two separate events in his own country in his famous interview with Icke. Rumours persist of events in Brazil, Russia, other parts of the former USSR, Ireland and Canada. Britain is no exception. There are several events that deserve the title “Britain’s Roswell”; one at Charlton in Wiltshire in 1963 where the potato field in which it happened was sealed off when a TV crew turned up! There was a “Welsh Roswell” in 1974, the Berwyn Mountains Incident, that is reported in the book Cosmic Crashes by Nick Redfern (I was living in Lampeter, Wales at the time so I might have heard rumours of the event; but I was only two or three years old so I imagine it went a bit over my head!)

I wonder what the Project Blue Book director, J Allen Hynek, would have called this phenomenon. He is the UFOlogist who coined the phrase “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and was a consultant to Stephen Spielberg’s film of that title. “Fourth” and “Fifth” have already been taken by the exopolitics movement to refer to contact initiated by the aliens and contact initiated by humans. I suppose “Close Encounters of the Sixth Kind” will have to do! There may be “Seventh” and “Eighth” too; the list is not exhaustive. The moral of this story is that we need to keep watching the skies, but also give the ground a quick glance now and again, because we never know when and where the next Roswell will happen. It could be where you live!

UNISON Article

I've been asked to write an article for the newspaper of my trade union, UNISON. It's about civil liberties and I relate the incident I report in HPANWO last year when my daughter's school tried to fingerprint her (Background: ) This one is just a brief spot of 243 words, but the branch chair wants me to do a longer one for a future edition. In writing the article I compromised, something I'm not proud of, but if I was too brutally honest and started going into some of the background to the erosion of civil liberties that I've written on HPANWO then the editor would pull it. I hope I've done the right thing. Here it is:

If the government want to implement a policy that the public supports they’ll say they’re doing their duty by bowing to the will of the people. If they want to introduce a policy that the public does not support they will pour contempt on the will of the people and implement it behind our backs by skullduggery and manipulation. A few months ago I had to give my daughter's school an angry phone-call because they were trying to take her fingerprints for the new electronic library database, and they weren't even going to ask the parents' permission! They’re so transparent: Get the next generation used to a culture of constant surveillance and no civil liberties. Is it just me or is the world becoming like the setting of George Orwell's book 1984? All healthcare staff have to wear an ID badge with a barcode on it, as if we're products not people, and now we’re being fast-tracked into the National ID card scheme (Airport staff are also named) As always they're using the excuse of "security" and getting their media cronies like Rupert Murdoch to publish such fear-mongering material that I'm surprised that I can step outside my front door because my neighbour is probably a paedophile, Avian flu-infected, ASBO-toting terrorist asylum-seeker! I will never enroll in the NID card scheme and I urge all NHS staff to do the same. The Poll Tax was brought down through mass-non-cooperation; let’s make history repeat itself!

"It's a Tough Game, Son!"

Ever since I first read The Biggest Secret, I’ve had an ambition to read every book ever written by David Icke. I immediately ordered …and The Truth Shall Set you Free and read it; then I went on to The Robots’ Rebellion and I am Me, I am Free. Then I picked up his four early works: Truth Vibrations, Heal The World and two other less well-known titles: Love Changes Everything and Days of Decision. Then I came across a copy of his 1993 autobiography In The Light of Experience, which is very rare. I then found out that he’d written another book on environmental issues before he “went spiritual”: It Doesn’t Have to be Like This. In the meantime I perused all his new books that we all know so well: Alice, Matrix, Time Loop, Infinite Love and Guide. I’ve got them arranged on my bookshelf in a long, proud display, in order of age (or at least I will when the people I’ve lent them to return them!) 15 titles in all. A pretty good oevre for any author.

But guess what! There’s a 16th book which David wrote in 1983 and was published by Piccolo, long before he “went spiritual” or even Green. It’s called "It’s a Tough Game, Son" and it came out in a single edition, long since out of print. It’s all about football and so not really relevant to his present work, but nevertheless it is a David Icke book so I decided I’d read it if ever I could; although I never really thought I’d find one, seeing as it’s so rare. But then last March at the UK Probe conference in Lancashire there was a man with a book stall. I was amazed to see a copy of the 16th David Icke book there for sale; I felt like an astronomer who’s found a new planet! It didn’t have a marked price so asked the seller how much he wanted for it. He said he didn’t know and told me to name a price. I picked it up and saw that it had originally sold for £1.50. I was about to point this out when I got a pang of guilt. This book is really a collector’s item and I felt like I would be robbing him. I told the man so and he said “OK, 20 quid”. I decided that that was too expensive and walked off wishing I’d kept my mouth shut. A few hours later I’d changed my mind, handed over £20 and got a faded 128-page book which was so old it doesn’t even have a barcode on it. But who cares? It completes my collection. My shelf is now full of every single David Icke book!

The book was written during David’s time as a sports journalist and is primarily aimed at teenage boys who are good at football and have a desire to play professionally. It is a guidebook, giving advice and warnings to any aspiring player. David is brutally honest from the first page; he begins with relating the lament of his own career and how it was destroyed by injury. He says: “Few professions can provide such elation and despair, sometimes within seconds of each other… It can be a cruel, cruel business. Don’t forget it.”. The sad truth is that there are probably millions of young boys, and some girls, who dream of being big football stars, like the ones we see all the time on TV: some of the most famous names in the country. But of those millions, including very talented schoolboy players, only a 1000 or less are signed up as apprentices by top league clubs every year, and of those 1000, only a fraction ever pass on to be professionals. There are young teenagers who shine as youth or under-21 stars, even winning major international tournaments, who then flop because the competition is so fierce in the senior league and their very names are forgotten. Even if the apprentice is taken on by the club as an adult professional, he will need to fight and claw his way up a greasy pole to make it onto the pitch with the first team in a league or cup match. Three quarters of professionals are dropped in their first year without so much as being on the subs’ bench. The figure is reduced even more when you consider that of that lucky quarter; only a few do well enough to be invited back in front of the fans again. And as David himself found out only too well, the spectre of injury holds its dagger poised over every player’s head constantly, no matter how successful you are.

The most interesting thing about reading this book is when David wrote it, he had no idea of what the future would hold for him. How could he have guessed that 8 years later he’d be standing on a mound in Peru possessed by spirit energy? As a reader who knows what happened to him after he wrote this book, I searched avidly for any clues in the writing that might indicate where David’s destiny lay. I also looked to see any similarities in his style with the familiar one he has today. Sure enough there are a few: “If you remember nothing else from this book, for your own sake please remember these next few lines.” Does this sound like a familiar phrase? It’s what David often says today when he introduces Problem-Reaction-Solution. In this book he introduces the subject of so-called “blue forms” with the same words. Blue forms are (or were at the time of writing) contracts given out by the biggest clubs to schoolboy players. David believes that they are a complete con. He says that they force the young player to only play for that one club and refuse all offers by others. It also provides no guarantee of being signed up as a professional player when you leave school, or even an apprenticeship. David recommends to the reader that they refuse to sign it and instead asks to be offered an apprentice’s contract after they’ve left school. If the club is really interested, they’ll wait, and if they’re not then they’ll drop you anyway.

All in all David makes the world of being a new footballer sound a bit like Pop Idol complete with its Simon Cowells who shatter a young man’s dreams in an instant with a brief interview in the coach’s office, or even a simple letter saying “We no longer require you to play for us”. But here’s another clue to David’s future: He ends on a very positive note, just like he does in all his future books. He says that he would never dissuade anyone from trying, because you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose! For all the heartache and devastating disappointment, for the few who make it to stardom, it’s a wonderfully rewarding life. Even if you don’t then you can often find a very happy life playing in part-time leagues; he sites a friend of his who used to play alongside him at Coventry City. He goes on to describe a few players whom he deeply admires, especially his fellow goalie and inspiration, Peter Shilton. When David was playing at Coventry, he used to travel all the way to Nottingham every Saturday when he wasn’t selected to play, even after a tough morning’s training, to watch the magic of Shilton’s goalkeeping. He describes in great detail an incident during a 1978 match between Leicester and Nottingham Forest where one of Leicester’s top strikers is almost on the goal line, in the air, waiting for a perfectly-weighted cross while Shilton was on the other side of the goalmouth. In any other situation that shot is as good as scored, like a gun at point-blank range, but somehow Shilton saves it! He twists his body back reaches out with an arm that seems to be infinitely long, and nudges the ball over the bar! The striker and the other Leicester players can’t believe it! Shilton was the eternal perfectionist, according to David, never accepting second best, ever critical of his own performance; fanatically dedicated. He used to train for hours in the gym, missing lunch and dinner, perfecting new ways to punch and jab the ball. David describes Shilton as quite simply “the greatest goalkeeper the world has ever seen” (And three years after this book was published Diego Maradona was forced to cheat in order to get a goal past Shilton to get Argentina through their match with England in the Mexico World Cup tie). He also sites Bryan Robson, Steve Perryman and John Hollins as players who’ve faced the terrible challenges of the football system and triumphed. They are the success stories of the meat grinder he describes that the young players have to come through.

David wrote this book long before he had any inkling of the revolution that was to take his life into the world we’ve come to know him in, but even still the structure of the content is familiar. Just like The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy- and How to End It which David was to write more than 20 years later; “It’s a Tough Game, Son” is a book that is frank, shocking, illusion-shattering and disturbing, but it ends with an inspiring and optimistic note. It was written by our Dave alright, and he hasn’t changed that much!

Wednesday 12 March 2008

Greeks Bear Gifts- Not NORAD

Does anyone remember in September 2005 when an airliner in Greece depressurized and was lost by air traffic control? I have recreated that flight using Microsoft Flight Simulator, in the same way I did Payne Stewart’s, and I’ve discovered something astounding! I took off from Larnaca airport on Cyprus bound for Athens at the same time of day: 9AM, on the same plane: a Boeing 737. Again I guessed that the incident must have occurred at 25,000 feet+ for it to have had the effect that it did on the passengers and crew; this was around 18 minutes after takeoff. According to reports the airliner was intercepted by Greek F16’s over the Aegean Sea. I reached this position 55 to 1 hr 10 minutes into the flight. By this time I’d entered a new time zone and the time was still around 9 AM (when I took off Cyprus time). This means that the Greek air force responded quicker than NORAD did on 9/11! (And more than twice as fast as they (apparently) did During the Payne Stewart incident. They claim it took them 1 hr 22 minutes to locate Payne’s Learjet.) I doubt if Greece has any defense system remotely as effective as NORAD, yet they beat NORAD to their target! Makes you wonder if NORAD’s 16 billion-odd budget is worth it!... …Unless of course NORAD was especially sluggish on September 11th 2001 for some reason.

Monday 10 March 2008

Payne Stewart

Payne Stewart was a pro-golfer who in 1999 was killed when his private plane, a Bombardier Learjet, crashed. The aircraft was on a flight from Orlando, Florida to Dallas, Texas when it suffered a depressurization while flying at high altitude. The air authorities immidiately became aware and reacted quickly to the incident; when Air Traffic Control lost contact with the aircraft they called NORAD, the North American Air Defence service, which immediately ordered the deployment of fighter aircraft from Tyndall Air force Base in Northern Florida. With the help of NORAD’s powerful radar network they soon found the plane, within 22 minutes, according to ABC News. They flew up close and could see no movement inside. There was nothing that could be done except to follow the plane until it ran out of fuel and make sure it didn’t crash in a built-up area. The plane eventually ran out of fuel over North Dakota and crashed to the ground. This incident has raised an important question: If NORAD could find Payne Stewart’s small private jet in just 22 minutes, why did it take them up to two hours to find four huge airliners on September the 11th 2001?

(If you have an atlas, it will help you understand the rest of this article if you open it onto a page showing the eastern USA.) I read in the famous Popular Mechanics article debunking 9/11 conspiracy theories and it said that there is no mystery. In fact it took NORAD 1 hour and 22 minutes to locate Payne Stewart's Learjet and that the 22 minute figure cames from a simple confusion over the aircraft moving between the US Eastern and Central Standard time zones. That sounded like a reasonable explanation, but something still niggled me. I decided to test this with my Microsoft Flight Simulator 2005. I recreated Payne Stewart's last flight using the same aircraft at the same time of day and year over the same route. I took off from Orlando and headed for Dallas using proper skylanes. To cause the crew to become debilitated so quickly, the decompression must have taken place at least half the Learjet's 51,000 foot service ceiling (I asked a doctor at work about that); this occurred 23 minutes after taking off from Orlando when the plane was over northern Florida. Then I just left the autopilot on and followed my nose at cruising speed, which is what happened during the real incident. According to the ABC News report of the incident, fighters were scrambled from Elgin and Tyndall AFB in Florida to intercept the Learjet after air traffic control had alerted NORAD. These were then relieved on station by the Air National Guard out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. They followed the aircraft until it ran out of fuel and crashed in North Dakota.

What's wrong with this report? Well, lots. I found in my experiment that 1 hour 22 minutes after the earliest time for the decompression, my aircraft was flying over Arkensas, not far from Tulsa itself, where the USAF fighters were relieved on station. This is the problem: the language of the report suggests that the fighters from Florida had already been in contact with the Learjet for some considerable time when the Tulsa aircraft took over. If we add this to the PM debunkers, it suggests that by the time the Tulsa aircraft were deployed the Florida fighters had only just found the Learjet. And I'm not taking into account the time it took air traffic control to realize what had happened, react and contact NORAD, and then for NORAD to tell the USAF to scramble. By the article's own words not all NORAD alerts progress to a scramble. The plane would have probably been traveling at standard climbing speed: 220 knots, because no adjustments to the autopilot could have been made once the crew were unconscious or dead. But even if it had been traveling at its stalling speed of 75 knots, it would have reached a point closer to Tulsa that Elgin or Tyndall. It seems likely that someone in the media is twisting the facts to make it seem reasonable that NORAD would not be able to find those four airliners on 9/11 before they had time to strike. Too much about the events of that day do not tally

What’s more, according to the official story, the planes flew quite to quite a long “stand-off range” from their targets before beginning their attack run, up to 40 minutes! They struck over a long time period too. If these mythical 19 hijackers had done their homework about NORAD then why didn’t they coordinate their attacks better, catching planes that all took off simultaneously very close to their targets? Some researchers have discovered that a big exercise was in progress on that very day. The exercise scenario was one in which airliners were hijacked by Islamic terrorists to be used in Kamikaze-style attacks on prominent American places. So much for the theory that NORAD didn’t see the 9/11 planes because it was designed to look outwards to spot incoming missiles and bombers rather than inland threats! But what this research shows is the presence of a familiar repeating pattern: Exercises or drills on the very same time involving the very same scenario as the real event. We see this in London on 7/7 (What a great brand name! It rolls off the tongue so sweetly!) at the time of the bombings. A security company called Visor Consultants was carrying out a drill in which bombs explode at Tube stations, the very same Tube stations, at the very same times as the real bombs! What are the odds of that happening by chance? The effect of this is to confuse the security services. For instance someone in NORAD might have heard the reports of hijacked airliners and seen how similar this was to the exercise and gone “Is this real or part of the exercise?”

Where are these anomalies reported? In newspapers or on TV? No, in small circulation conspiracy theory media like HPANWO! This is why it’s so important to look behind the headlines when an event like this occurs. I’m glad to see that more and more people are doing that.

Saturday 8 March 2008

UFO Caught on TV News

This is a snip from the Moldovan news channel The reporter is relating a story on the centenery celebrations for a bird sanctury in Moldova (a small country in eastern Europe). If this is real then it's incredible! It looks to me less like an object than a kind of "hole" in the universe, a stargate or "wormhole" otherwise known as an Einstein-Rosen Bridge. If that's what it is then where did it come from and who made it!? It's a shame the cameraman didn't pan upwards to follow the passage of the UFO.

Here is an English transcript of the vid:

The news-woman: Today we celebrate the bird day, this celebration started at year 1906, when the national bird-protection convention was signed. Our country started celebrating this a little later. Since then there is a tradition, to build birdhouses at the begining of April and wait for birds to arrive. Our next video is a coverage about birds, but during this coverage, the sky brought our filming crew an unusual surprise.

Thats when the part about birds begin, later, when the ball of light appears, the operator yells oh damn, what is that, female reporter goes all - "whoah", "damn", "what is that" and operator says "check it out, what is that" and in the end he says "look at it, it disappeared" and all that. This was indeed an unusual thing that our crew caught, looks like sky is not only place for birds. Of course, we couldnt let this go unnoticed, and we contacted a ufologist.

Here with us we have a ufologist, Ernest Politaev.- Good evening, could you explain us, what did our crew see?- Good evening, Im not really sure, I'll have to study the recording, talk to your crew, but it isnt an natural phenomenon, and judging by the lighting, they were lucky to see a ET. All sightings are divided in 3 groups, When a person sees an UFO, When the UFO is landed, and when the person sees an actual ET. Your crew witnessed a sighting of a first kind. Of course, there are skeptics, who dont believe in existence of ET's, but there are more and more contacts.- Well one thing is when the object is caught on tape, and other thing is when a lot of witnesses tell their story. Western ufologist have counted, that since the end of last century till now there have been around 5 million people that have had sighting of a UFO, and some of them were famous people, like Famous astronomer Klyde Tumble (spelling), US president Carter, Russian scientist Kusov, you cant accuse them of hallucinations or lies. It is really a wonder that you had a chance of filming such object, by the way, could you show the recording one more time? Shows the recording again. Really awesome.- Could you please tell us, are these things any danger to us? Because even in movies ET's are usually a bad thing for humans.- I think it depends on what civilization tries to interfere with our lives, you cant be aggressive to them, who knows, they might bring us new technologies and cures to sicknesses that dont have a cure yet.- But should we await this contact in near future?- For the current generation of people it is like finding one special snowflake when there are millions of them around us. Its hard, but its our job.- Thank you for coming to our studio and watching this sensational footage with us.

Thursday 6 March 2008

Large Hadron Collider

We are a species obsessed with our own extinction and spend so much time and energy devising more and more elaborate and outrageous scenarioes of our own demise... but what if one day we're right!? That Atlas part of the LHC in the picture does look a bit like a "James Bond villain's lair"! And in those films the villain is usually working on some insane scheme to destroy the world! Is life about to imitate art?
The Large Hadron Collider is the biggest scientific instrument ever built. It is buried deep below the open countryside of Switzerland, not far from Geneva at the CERN laboratory. It consists of a circular tunnel with a circumference of over 16 miles. The tunnel houses a tube surrounded by powerful magnets. Inside the tube are two streams of subatomic particles that are accelerated to huge speeds in opposite directions. Then, when they are traveling at almost the speed of light, the two streams are collided together inside a detector. The collision releases vast amounts of energy, matter and esoteric subatomic particles, exposed in ways they otherwise could never be; it's like a cosmological post-mortem. The LHC is supposed to be the last word in this kind of particle detection. At the energy levels generated by the collision, it will recrerate the very moments succeeding the Big Bang and the most fundamental elements of matter will be reveled, including an elusive particle called the Higgs Boson. This is the working component of the Higgs Field, a hypothetical metaforce predicted to exist by the Standard Model of particle physics. It is, as Dr Brian Cox observes in the vid below, “the glue that holds matter together”. No wonder it’s sometimes referred to as “the God Particle”. Other particle accelerators have searched in vain for this shy and retiring feature of the universe, but have failed. However the LHC may succeed where others haven’t because it has enough power to overcome the blockage of the particle’s own mass and internal forces. If it’s out there then the LHC will find it. This vid will give you some background to the LHC:
Some voices have been raised concerning the safety of the proposed experiments though. The collider has the power to release other things, not just the Higgs Boson. Predicted products will include objects called “strangelets” or “quark stars”; these are atoms that contain a different number of “strange quarks” to most others. Quarks are thought to be the fundamental building blocks of the hadrons, the component particles of an atomic nucleus, and there are six kinds or “flavours” of quark: Up, Down, Top, Bottom, Charm and Strange. The worry comes from some physicists who say that when strangelets come into contact with normal atoms they convert them into fellow strangelets, starting a chain reaction with no definite end. What could happen then is not known, but a suggested worst case scenario is that the entire Earth ends up being transformed into a ball of strange matter! Another potentially hazardous object that could be produced is a mini-black hole. As Cox says in the vid, these mini-black holes are theorized as being short-lived objects that collapse quickly and die to something called “Hawking’s Radiation” after the famous wheelchair-bound scientist who suggested it. But it is only a suggestion; there is no proof that Hawking’s Radiation exists. The scenarios the MBH-warning physicists envisage are even more apocalyptic than the strangelet-watchers: The Earth being engulfed by a congregation of mini-black holes in the core of the planet. Here’s a site dedicated to the LHC’s risk evaluation: They’ve even written a song! Among other more bizarre scenarios are ideas that the LHC might make time travel possible by opening a time portal. They claim radio messages and even pictures from the future could be transmitted into it allowing us to communicate with our descendants. Others claim that the LHC might expose all quantum uncertainties to observation making them all certainties, causing all quantum waves to collapse into particles and therefore annihilating the universe! The risks might be small, but the consequences of anything going wrong are so terrible that I wonder if it's worth it, just satisfy our curiosity. If these scientists want to see a Higgs Boson then why don't they just drop some acid? Then one will appear before them illuminated, surrounded by light and introduce itself!

Right now, I'm not losing any sleep over the supposed dangers of the LHC. People said the same thing when the RHIC (Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider) opened in America and so far we're still here. The universe and matter must be tougher than that. They’d have to be for the universe to have lasted as long as it has and grown to such complexity. The equilibrium of mass and energy must be very stable. The universe is subjected to high-energy cosmic rays, gamma-ray bursts, black holes, supernovae etc all the time; and that's just the things we can measure! If these things can't destabilize it then I fail to see what, no offence to its builders, a glorified hula-hoop could do! Then again, I could be wrong. If I am then all we can do is pray for a miracle. I'm intensely repelled from the idea that we've got to wait to be saved by divine intervention, the Messiah, or god-like aliens coming down from the sky etc. I've always believed that we humans are masters of our own destiny and therefore our own saviours. On the other hand, if we're heading for destruction and we can't stop it and some friendly passing hyperdimensional being offers to lend a hand then I'll happily swallow my pride and accept! The Disclosure Project witnesses have confirmed that there are numerous times when UFO's have interfered with nuclear weapons tests and missile launches; let’s hope they're on standby to provide their services again!

There’s more: The LHC might have some other comparatively harmless, but still very significant effects. I disliked the movie Stargate very much, but the concept behind the story is an interesting one. Could the LHC be someone's secret attempt to build a stargate? Or could it become one accidentally? If so then it will be interesting to travel to other dimensions, although I doubt if I'll be able to buy a ticket! There's a worrying side though: When it comes to cutting holes in spacetime it may be useful because we can get out... but what out there can get in!? In the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman some scientists in another universe invent something called a "subtle knife" that can cut holes in spacetime and allow you to walk from one dimension to another, but in doing this they unwittingly let in these etheric beasts called "Spectres" which attack them and drain their energy killing them. Within 300 years all their cities are deserted and most people are dead. I hope life won't imitate art in this case!
Interestingly a friend of mine, the researcher Brian Allen, says that one of these rips in spacetime has already been opened at Roslyn Chapel. He's had first-hand experience of the strange properties of this enigmatic building. See here:

The current increase in UFO activity is built upon the existing increase that began in the 1940's, which is when the concept of UFO's first entered the mass public consciousness. This coincided with the detonation of the world's first three nuclear weapons in 1945, at Trinity, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It could be that nuclear explosions rip holes in spacetime too. (Alien contactees often report that aliens are very concerned by our use of nuclear weapons and say that nuclear explosions damage the fabric of space and time. Contrary to the testimony of Skeptics, UFO's are not a product of the post sci-fi movie 1940’s and deluded X-Files fans. People have been reporting UFO’s for as long as they could do so without being burned at the stake for witchcraft. Alien abductions are equally perennial. People have been experiencing them throughout human history; and they are the sources of myths about trolls and goblins kidnapping people.) Could the LHC do something similar, or even worse? As Prof. Lisa Randall says in the vid, we are leaping into the dark somewhat. We might well open the doors to other dimensions. For a background to parallel worlds see this vid; it features an interview with Lisa Randall and the ingenius Michio Kaku, whose book Hyperspace is one of my favorites:
The most sinister aspect to the LHC though has to be a worry that first came to my attention when I listened to a Coast-to-Coast show with Jeff Rense, the details of which I can’t quite recall. Jeff said words to the effect of: “If the Illuminati know that they’ve lost, that their domination is over and the New World Order can’t be achieved, then they’re the kind of people who would destroy the Earth before letting free people have it”. I can see where Jeff is coming from; in fact I've named this mindset "Gotterdammerung". I’ve observed this kind of dog-in-the-manger attitude at all levels of human conflict. They would certainly do it! Even if it meant their own destruction! Ideally they’d like the world to live on under their jackboot, but if they couldn’t have that then they would destroy the Earth out of spite. They would rather we all went down together than allow the world to live on in freedom. The Illuminati is notoriously self-glorifying and arrogant and failure is something they've never before had to consider; they see the NWO as their birthright and inevitable destiny. But the way the world is going today, some elements of the Loomies must be beginning to understand that their game is reaching its end. Human consciousness is getting wise to them and starting to fight back. Could the LHC have been developed out of a part of their reaction to this? (One part? Are there other parts?) A part that they have created secretly, allowing the innocent scientists like Cox and Randall to build unknowingly, unaware that they have really been coopted into creating a Doomsday Device? If they have then I can only once again pray for a miracle, and appeal for aid from the many friendly intelligences out there that have the power to stop this. If any of them are reading this, then please help us out!
Here's a Coast-to-Coast radio interview with Walter L. Wagner, the leader of the anti-LHC movement:

Wednesday 5 March 2008

No EU Referendum

This was so predicatable! Polticians always work in this way: If they want to implement a policy that the public supports they’ll say they’re doing their duty by bowing to the will of the people. If they want to introduce a policy that the public does not support they will say “Fuck the will of the people!” and implement it behind our backs by skullduggery and manipulation.

The EU is one of the latter. And don’t think voting for Cameron will make any difference; the Tories are public-relations officers for the very same boss as Labour. Isn’t democracy wonderful!? This is what we’ve fought wars for you know! This is what the Chartists, the Suffragettes, Mandela and the ANC, and many others, dedicated their lives to. “What a bloody con!”? No! There are no words to describe it!

Tuesday 4 March 2008

The Rick Rescorla Story

The official story of 9/11 states that the reason the World Trade Centre towers collapsed like they did was because the damage caused by the aircraft impact and the fires resulting combined to cause the structure to weaken and fail. In a word: I think that's bullshit! The following is an example of the truth squirting through the floodgates of the lie, if you're willing to analyse it:

I tuned in to watch a TV show a few weeks ago called The Man Who Predicted 9/11. I was expecting it to be about some kind of psychic, but it wasn't. I was disappointed, but I kept watching; and I'm glad I did! The programme told the story of Rick Rescorla, a security guard for Morgan and Stanley, in the South Tower of the WTC. He was a very diligent who was always planning for emergency evacuation and guessed correctly that a kamikaze-style attack on the building by aircraft was a possibility. He was also a very brave. He kept going back into his offices at the burning WTC to evacuate all the staff and refused to leave because there were still some people trapped on the upper floors. Eventually he perished when the tower collapsed with him still inside it. The interesting part in this heroic tale was when they described Rescorla's last words. He was on the 71st floor trying to rescue the chairman, who was trapped in his executive suite, and he telephoned his wife to say he would be getting out of the building as soon as he'd accomplished this final task. But the tower fell a few minutes after he'd hung up. Wait a sec! Rescorla was on the 71st floor. The plane hit around the 78th floor. Therefore Rescorla must have been just a few floors below the burning section. This means that the 71st floor was still viable just minutes before the building collapsed due to fire damage. Impossible, if the official story was true! If the fire damage was so extensive that it caused the tower to collapse then there's no way Rescora, even if he'd been equipped with a fireman's protective clothing, would have been able to enter the 71st floor without being incinerated on the spot.

Prince Harry in Afghanistan

The Currant Bun has been obsessed with Prince Harry's service with the army in Afghanistan in the last few days. Every front page has had pictures of him, either on active manoeuvres or just frollicking around at base camp. Predictably the paper has also been exploiting the story as a sexual conformist propaganda coup by having Harry met at the RAF base he came home to by topless "Page 3 girls"!

The thing that hit me while I was looking at the pictures was that the some of the landscape in the background looked familiar to me! But I've never been to Afghanistan! Were these pictures of Prince Harry really taken in Afghanistan? Or were they just shot on a day trip to Prestatyn Sands? Has anyone heard any recent reports of any British beaches or dunes closed to the public by mysterious roadblocks?

If Prince Harry never really went to Afghanistan then I'd be relieved for him! He'd have been in mortal danger every moment over there... but not from the Taliban! In 1983, around the time Harry was conceived, Diana was having an affair with a man called Captain James Hewitt, her riding instructor (in more ways than one!). Many people have commented that Harry's physiognomy doesn't resemble his father's at all. William looks very much like Charles, but Harry looks more like Hewitt! Decide for yourself: If Harry really is Hewitt's son then the govt will probably be looking for a way to arrange an "accident" for him, like they did his mum. The Royal family has a long and sordid history of how it treats its "bend sinister" element; they either kill them or lock them up in dungeons!

Saturday 1 March 2008

The Vrillon Broadcast

On Saturday November the 26th 1977, at 5.10pm, viewers watching the news on Southern TV in England got a bit of a surprise; the soundtrack suddenly cut out and was replaced by a slow, masculine voice claiming to be someone called “Vrilion”, an alien who represented the "Ashtar Galactic Command". The voice spoke perfect English, but sounded not quite human, or was perhaps electronically distorted. In the background a slow, bass, rhythmic, pulsing tone could be heard. Vrillion announced that he had come to warn humans of the impending catastrophe their civilization was causing and how to avoid it. 5 of Southern’s transmitters were effected over the whole of Berkshire, Hampshire and viewers as far away as Surrey parts of south London picked it up. The TV network received thousands of panicked calls and the police were mobilized. After about 6 minutes the broadcast returned to normal. The source of this interruption has never been traced. If it was a "student hoax" (Why do students always get blamed for these things?) then the perpetrators have never been caught and never confessed. If it was a hoax then it would have been very difficult to carry out. Breaking into a UHF TV signal is no mean feat, especially over such a wide area, even in the pre-digital age. It would have needed a lot of expensive technical equipment and the collaboration of many people over a wide area.

Could it have been a real alien? It's possible; after all UFO's are undeniably real. If even a small proportion of them are alien spacecraft then it means that beings from extraterrestrial civilizations are visiting this planet every day! Why shouldn't one of them try to contact us? It's been thirty years now since the incident; wouldn't one of the human hoaxers have confessed? By confessing they'd no doubt win fame and fortune; controversy would follow them as "conspiracy nuts" like me accuse them of being paid by the government to cover it up. But then again, seeing as the incident has been virtually forgotten, why bother covering it up? In fact any further publicity of any kind would be counterproductive.

I’m in the middle of reading the excellent book Does it Rain in Other Dimensions by Mike Oram where the author refers to this incident. He includes news reports of TV officials stating that their signals are fitted with sophisticated security devices that would make jamming, although not impossible, very difficult. At one point the author himself is accused by the authorities of being the perpetrator! Here is a recording of the TV’s audio that night and some subsequent follow-up news bites: The newsreader Ifor Mills, the same one who was speaking when Vrillon interrupted, sounds a bit a scared to me! Vrillon’s speech sounds slightly corny to me and reminiscent of cheap sci-fi, but it does contain pearls of wisdom. Could it be real? I’ve not made my mind up yet.

Here is a full transcript of Vrillion's message:
This is the voice of Vrillon, a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, speaking to you. For many years you have seen us as lights in the skies. We speak to you now in peace and wisdom as we have done to your brothers and sisters all over this, your planet Earth. We come to warn you of the destiny of your race and your world so that you may communicate to your fellow beings the course you must take to avoid the disaster which threatens your world, and the beings on our worlds around you. This is in order that you may share in the great awakening, as the planet passes into the New Age of Aquarius. The New Age can be a time of great peace and evolution for your race, but only if your rulers are made aware of the evil forces that can overshadow their judgments. Be still now and listen, for your chance may not come again. All your weapons of evil must be removed. The time for conflict is now past and the race of which you are a part may proceed to the higher stages of its evolution if you show yourselves worthy to do this. You have but a short time to learn to live together in peace and goodwill. Small groups all over the planet are learning this, and exist to pass on the light of the dawning New Age to you all. You are free to accept or reject their teachings, but only those who learn to live in peace will pass to the higher realms of spiritual evolution. Hear now the voice of Vrillon, a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, speaking to you. Be aware also that there are many false prophets and guides operating in your world. They will suck your energy from you - the energy you call money and will put it to evil ends and give you worthless dross in return. Your inner divine self will protect you from this. You must learn to be sensitive to the voice within that can tell you what is truth, and what is confusion, chaos and untruth. Learn to listen to the voice of truth which is within you and you will lead yourselves onto the path of evolution. This is our message to our dear friends. We have watched you growing for many years as you too have watched our lights in your skies. You know now that we are here, and that there are more beings on and around your Earth than your scientists admit. We are deeply concerned about you and your path towards the light and will do all we can to help you. Have no fear, seek only to know yourselves, and live in harmony with the ways of your planet Earth. We of the Ashtar Galactic Command thank you for your attention. We are now leaving the plane of your existence. May you be blessed by the supreme love and truth of the cosmos.

(BTW: Happy St David's Day to all HPANWO readers!)