Wednesday 30 January 2008

In These Signs- New Edition

Ellis has just published the new edition of his book In These Signs Conquer. It is subtitled "Revealing the secret signs an age has obscured", words which should stimulate anyone's curiosity. I read the first edition and enjoyed it very much. I've written a review here: This new edition, according to its author, has more pages and some additions. It also has more pictures and a beautiful new cover by the spiritual artist Neil Hague (See links column). You can buy it here: But I'm going to pick up my copy from the Inner Bookshop:


David Icke talks about many things, along with Problem-Reaction-Solution he has coined another term: “Opposames” These are things that are conventionally thought of as opposites when they are really identicalities in a different guise. He gives the example of fascism and communism. Both are highly authoritarian and dogmatic, both involve centralized state control and human uniformity. Yet these two are thought of as opposite ends of a spectrum; one is left-wing, one is right-wing. Establishment science and organized religion are another example he discusses. They are seen as opposites. One believes in a God who’s a geezer with a white beard who sits on a cloud and controls everything that happens on Earth and passes judgement on a person’s afterlife. The other says there is no God and that life is just an absurd cosmic accident with no such thing as the afterlife at all; consciousness last for a few seconds or 100 years and then returns to the oblivion it came from. But both say that we have no independent spiritual value to our lives with no power to shape our world. Both will therefore stand shoulder-to-shoulder and unite in condemnation upon anyone who has a personal, gnostic experience of the divine! And they have done many times! Religion will say “they’re possessed by the Devil”, science will say “they’re deluded and mentally ill”; but the net effect for both viewpoints is virtually the same. And to be blunt, both organized religion and establishment science were created and are controled by the Loomies.

These two films feature Louis Theroux interviewing two different communities of people; one are white supremicists, the other are black supremicists. The conventional understanding of politics will place them at opposite ends of a spectrum, but I don’t. I think they are another “opposame”! Watch both and I challenge HPANWO readers to find any difference between the two. Both “sides” display an obsession with genetics and lineage. Both “sides” believe they are God’s chosen people created in His image to rule over the man-beast. Both “sides” see themselves as persecuted minorities who thirst for indiscriminate revenge. Both “sides” are campaigning to be given a homeland in North America made up of part of the region that is currently called the United States. Both “sides” believe they are on the vergre of a violent revolutionary war from which they will emerge as eternal masters and all others as eternal slaves (Although the Nazis don't seem to regard Tom Jones as a "nigger"!): (These outakes are very much worth watching too)

Sunday 27 January 2008

"Papieren Bitte!" (Snaps Fingers)

Have you noticed that in Britain today we are required to prove our identity a lot more than we used to, usually by showing your passport. A few years ago a passport was something you got out and dusted off only when you travelled abroad; I last used mine in 2001 when I visited Ireland. Now you need it for almost everything; applying for this and applying for that. The local swimming pool even asked to see my daughter’s when I was buying her a child season ticket! There’s a sinister conspiracy behind this I think: They’re preparing the ground for the National Identity Cards! They’re creating the ID infrastructure and acclimatizing the population to the culture of constant identity-checks. This is also the main reason why they’re taking kids fingerprints in school. I almost feel like I'm trapped in an old war film! You know the sort: The heroes are undercover behind enemy lines in Nazi Germany. They're on a bus, standing at the back behind the crowds and the police stop the bus and get on board. Then they make their way down the aisle barking at people: "Papiere bitte!" and the heroes do a runner through the fire-door before the police get to them. Maybe this is why the politicians and the media have this obsession with asylum seekers. It could be part of a ploy that David Icke calls “Problem-Reaction-Solution”. If you’re in authority and you want to introduce a policy that you know your minions will not accept you do this: You secretly create a problem and blame someone else for it. Then you portray the problem to the public in a way that makes them think that the only solution to that problem is the very policy they would otherwise reject. It’s simple and devastating and it’s used on us continuously on many different scales; and it always will be until we get wise to it. 9/11 was a PRS, but the best example has to be the Crimial Justice Bill of 1992, a piece of legislation that removed many basic human rights from the British public. It was vehemently opposed by the Parliament and the people when it was first read, but then the Illuminati-controlled media ran a story on “New Age travellers”. From that moment on it was “New Age travellers this” and “New Age travellers that” and before long the people were banging on the government’s door demanding that they do something about New Age travellers. The government said: “Well there is a solution; it’s called the Criminal Justice Bill.” Then the very same public who had previously opposed the Bill replied: “Yes please! We’ll have some of that!” And after the Criminal Justice Bill was made law, the stories about New Age travellers vanished from the pages of the tabloids overnight as if by magic.… You see how it works? So when today’s media are going: “Asylum-seekers this” and “Asylum-seekers that” you want to ask yourself some serious questions about the strategy behind it. Here’s a musical rendition of PRS, starring our Dave:

It has come to my attention that many employed people are receiving letters from their management about “Eligibility to work”. Employers are demanding that staff provide passports or birth certificates to prove their identity. One contact I have says that they have checked with their boss and been told that it’s “to make sure you’re not a foreigner”. A prime PRS! The government want to bring in ID cards, the public don’t want them so they’re creating a problem, or making it look like something is a problem, to change our minds in the way I described above. I’m actually a hospital porter (just in case I’ve not mentioned it before) employed by the National Health Service. When I joined the Hospital Portering Service in 1989 the head porter was a man I knew called Mervyn. He offered me the job in the hospital social club one night and I popped in his office the following day and filled out an application form. The only ID I needed was my National Insurance number. It’s not like that any more.

I have lost both my passport and birth certificate and my passport has expired anyway so I don’t know what I’ll do if my employers ask me to prove who I am. I can’t! In this new regime I am obviously an “unperson”; I do not exist! Strange, I’m sure I did exist when I last checked; maybe HPANWO readers can correct me if I’m wrong! The shop steward has reassured me that a passport is not essential and other documents will do (For how much longer!) like a driving licence or even a selection of bills. If he’s wrong then it’s official that the governement are saying that you can’t even get a job unless you are a full passport holder, and passports are now connected to the embryonic ID card system! I don’t think I could apply for a passport now and even if I did I don’t think I’d want to. I’m a Welshman, so I don’t feel comfortable carrying a UK passport, let alone an EU one! Also if I apply for a passport now then I’ll probably have to provide biometric data and agree to my name being placed on the provisional NID database, which is unthinkable. If my employers don’t accept my alternative ID then they will have to discharge someone who has served loyally for 18 years and whom everybody knows… because he can’t prove his identity!

In the long run the plan is to do away with even the cards and replace them with an electronic implant placed inside your body. This is what Aaron Russo talks about in his famous interview:

Friday 25 January 2008

Proof of an Alien on Mars?

This amazing picture has been released across the media. The Spirit rover spacecraft has captured a photograph of this strange object on the surface of Mars. It is vaguely humanoid and it is sitting or standing in a leant-back posture with its arm stretched out. On the other hand it could be just a strange-shaped shadow or rock. There's a simple way to find out and it surprises me that nobody in the media has suggested it: Look at another picture of the same area and see if the object has moved or gone. If it has not then it's probably just a rock. If it has then it may well be alive!
Could this be a mistake by NASA? I've already spoken of how NASA and other space agendies supress information of what lies out in space, including doctoring photographs. Maybe this was one that was never meant to be published, but the NASA censor accidentally put it in the out-tray instead of the shredder. The compositor might have missed a bit with his airbrush! That would explain why they haven't taken up my suggestion and released a second photograph.
Life on Mars, the magic phrase of science fiction! Since the Mariner and Viking probes revealled Mars to be an freezing, airless dustbowl (If NASA are being truthful!) hopes of finding life on the Red Planet faded. But then came the famous Mars meteorite, with its fossilized amoebae. Microscopic bugs were exciting enough, but if this were true it would surpass it by a factor of 100! A complicated, multicellular animal creature on Mars! how is that possible when there is no liquid water and little oxygen? It could be that this being is not carbon-based and the chemical reactions of its biology are totally different to those of Earth.
Someone suggested to me that this is a figurine created by the artist of some extinct Martian civiliation. If this is so then why did they leave it lying in the middle of nowhere? Wouldn't they put it in a safer and more prominent place? I'd expect to find it in Cydonia or Tithonia, not Gustav crater! If it is just a rock then why hasn't the arm-like spur eroded over the billions of years since it fell there?
I'll be watching this story and I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday 23 January 2008

Who is Hagbard Celine?

I’m very often asked this question because Hagbard Celine is the forum username I usually give myself. Who is Hagbard Celine? He’s a most fascinating character from that most ingenious of novels: The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea. He is similar to Jules Verne’s character Captain Nemo in that he’s an outcast from society with an axe to grind and that he’s taken refuge at sea, driving a superlative, futuristic submarine, in Celine’s case the Leif Eriksson.

We discover very little about Celine’s background, and what little we know is distorted through his enigmatic fables. Celine tells many fabricated and contradictory stories, but he doesn’t seem to be maliciously lying; rather he tells these stories merely for the fun of it. He’s an arch-prankster and joker with a very developed and sophisticated sense of humour. A good example is the name he gives his submarine’s computer: the First Universal Cybernetic Kinetic Ultramicroelectronic-Processor. The name is definitely chosen so it can be shortened to the acronym FUCKUP! He’s also written a pamphlet on his philosophy which he has given the unlikely title of Never Whistle While You’re Pissing! He is leader of the Dischordian Movement, the insider-group who is fighting the Illuminati. I got the impression that they were a branch of the Illuminati who have broken away from the “Great Work of Ages” and gone renegade. They’ve been initiated into the same knowledge as the Illuminati, but wish to use it to free the world rather than enslave it. They are called Dischordians because they encourage chaos, in contrast to the Illuminati’s order. Their deity is the Greek goddess, Eris, who threw the golden apple of chaos into a dinner party of the Gods. The book itself is written in a very Dischordian way, which is why I find it so difficult to be certain of all the plot elements. The storyline narrative constantly shifts from one scene to another and from one viewpoint to another, sometimes in the middle of a paragraph or even a sentence! It breaks all the rules you’d learn at a creative writing class, but somehow it works! And it works beautifully. It’s definitely the best novel I’ve ever read.

During the story I got the feeling that Celine actually knows far more than he is revealling. He has a knack of turning up in trouble-spots all over the world, from Chicago riots to a rock concert in Bavaria. Leif Eriksson can sail much faster than any conventional submarine, and probably has an esoteric propulsion and power source. In one scene they pick up the character George Dorn from the coast of Texas and then a few hours later arrive in the middle of the Atlantic to stop the Illuminati raiding the lost city of Atlantis for its treasure. This means the boat would have to be travelling at similar speeds to a jet aircraft! (I wish I could play this boat on my favorite computer game, Dangerous Waters!)

Yet the story does give us a tiny bit of important information on Hagbard Celine’s past. And the reader gets to see that behind his carefree exterior lies a deep, complex and driven man. There is one very poignant flashback where Hagbard Celine is a young lawyer representing a Mohawk Indian tribe whose homeland is about to be permanently flooded by the building of a dam. This is a situation that has actually happened several times all over North America, like in 1931 when the Hoover dam was built on the River Colorado between Arizona and Nevada. He makes friends with the Indian elders and he becomes very passionate about their cause. In the courtroom, when it becomes obvious that the dam-builders have rigged the process and the Indians are going to lose, he makes an enraged outburst and is dragged out of court by security. Celine exhibits a very sardonic wisdom during the narrative. In one scene, a member of the Leif Eriksson’s crew becomes disgruntled and bitterly critical of Celine’s captaincy of the boat. On any other vessel the miscreant would no doubt be clapped in irons and dumped in the brig, but instead, Celine takes off his captain’s hat and hands it to the sailor saying: “Very well; I appoint you captain of the Leif Eriksson. What are your orders, Sir?” meaning “If you think I’m not doing a good enough job then you have a go and see if you can do any better!” The sailor is dumbstruck and then just sheepishly returns the hat to Celine.

One of the authors, Robert Anton Wilson, known as RAW, is almost as facinating and enigmatic as Hagbard Celine; in fact I sometimes think that the character is the author’s own personification in the story (as some people think Dill Gibson is for me in Rockall) He has written a whole series of books on conspiracies and mysteries: He used to be the editor of Playboy and this is apparent in his raunchy attitude to life and the over-the-top sex scenes in Illuminatus!. He has also lectured extensively and his talks are well-worth seeing. Many are available online. Here’s just a selection of the best ones:
There are many researcher with his level of scope, but none who match his style. His shows are so much more than just relating and reporting discoveries and sharing knowledge; he infuses the world around him with joy. You can feel the audience beaming back at him!

Sadly it is no longer possible to see his shows live (at least not in the physical world). RAW died a year ago. He kept his optimistic and sarcastic chin up to the very last. A couple of days before his death he said this: “I look forward without dogmatic optimism but without dread. I love you all and I deeply implore you to keep the lasagna flying. Please pardon my levity, I don't see how I can take death seriously. It seems so absurd." Wherever he is now I hope he’s well. Thanks for everything, Bob. Eris be with you

America's Most Hated

Shirley Phelps-Roper has been dubbed “the most hated woman in America”. She is the chief spokesperson for the so-called Westboro Baptist Church, the name she’s given her group. In fact it is not a church at all; it has just 71 members consiting almost entirely of just her extended family and a couple of stray hangers-on. She sings songs like “God hates America because America loves Fags (homosexuals)!” She preaches that the Virginia Tech massacre was God’s punishment for our sins. Most controversially of all, she pickets the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan holding placards like “THANK GOD FOR DEAD SOLDIERS”, in reference to her belief that 9/11 and deaths in the War on Terror are God’s judgement on “Fag-enablers”, societies which tolerate homosexuality, and that those in the military are fighting for the Devil. She is openly oblivious to the feelings of the deceased’s relatives and considers the hurt her actions cause them irrelevant. She even shouts out at the cortege that the dead person is burning in Hell! The word “cult” could have been coined for this woman!

Here she gets the Jeremy Kyle treatment!: I’m not a fan of Jeremy Kyle usually, but here I take my hat off to him. No doubt if Phelps-Roper met me she would tell me that I’m going to Hell too! I would reply that maybe Hell’s not such a bad place after all. It is certainly preferable to her version of Heaven!

Sunday 20 January 2008

Chris French- MBA Gold

(Professor Jim Tucker is not the same person as "Big" Jim Tucker who researches the Bilderberg Group)

This film is very interesting. In Glasgow, four-year-old Cameron has lived with vivid memories of a previous life as a boy on the remote Hebridean island of Barra. He’s talked about them as soon as he learned to speak. This is a deep and fascinating subject. Stories of past-life memories often contain many inconsistencies, which is the case with Cameron, but they paradoxically contain too many consistencies to support the fantasy or coincidence explanation. My guess is that there is some kind of dimension shift involved. Cameron may well have lived on Barra, but it may have been a Barra from a parallel dimension which is almost the same, but slightly different.

There was a very famous case of Virginia Tighe, an American woman who claimed past life memories of being a woman in Ireland 100 years earlier. The researchers discovered that some of the the details were very accurate and could only have been made so with years of research in the town in Ireland where she claimed to have lived in the life before, poring through birth registers and library archives etc. But the woman's account contained inaccuracies that the same amount of research could have easily prevented. If the woman was faking it, then she must have been deliberately faking the inaccuracies too!

There may be a limit on how controversial the TV networks are willing to be. I wouldn't mind looking at the outtakes of this film!

Chris French was representing the Skeptic’s voice in the issue. The word can be written “Skeptic” or “sceptic”, but I always use the former because for me the two slightly different spellings give the word a very different meaning. I always write it with a capital S too for the same reason. A sceptic is simply someone who disbelieves something whereas a Skeptic is part of a politico-scientific movement whose purpose is to defend the supremacy of the Materialistic Paradigm and reject anything “supernatural” or “paranormal” that challenges it. Some of their explanations are more incredulous than anything a “Woo” could come up with (See my post on the Roswell mystery) Nowadays French is wheeled out on almost every programme like this to act as debunker, playing the same role that Susan Blackmore did a few years ago. But what he says in his interview in this film reveals something very fundamental about the Skeptic Movement: “On the one hand you have science that says: ‘When you die that’s it, you’re dead, nothing else. It’s the end’. And on the other hand you have this belief-system that says: ‘You will survive, you will be reborn, and you will live forever.’ Now which is more appealing?” The whole debate about life-after-death, LAD, has become blighted by machismo. In the world of philosophy and science, to believe that consciousness is a mere product of electrochemical activity in the brain that is extinguished forever at death puts you on the pedestal of a “strong hero” who has the courage to accept the bleak reality of life; unlike the “weak and ignorant jellies” who need the comfort blanket of an immortality myth to keep them going! The non-LAD-believers have become a kind of intellectual elite. They’re the equivalent of the boy at school who won everything at sports day and dated all the prettiest girls in the class. Therefore in this situation you could argue that non-LAD belief is the most appealing position to take for the prestige it gives you. Maybe French doesn’t appreciate this because he’s enjoyed that prestige for so long. Actually I would say that it’s remotely possible that French knows full well that LAD is real but doesn’t want to admit it because he’s scared of being called a wimp! He is under a lot of social and political pressure to maintain his stance. He has a Gold Materialist Bravery Award and he wears it on his sleeve!

I think that LAD is real and I’m not bothered if someone calls me a wimp for that because I hope I'm too grown-up to play games like that. I regularly attend a Spiritualist church and I’ve witnessed some amazing insightful feats of clairvoyance which have no rational explanation I can think of. The process we call death is actually just a transitional one in which the mind moves from its current experience into a new one. This new experience is not necessarily one that has a presence in the physical world that we live in. Cameron doesn’t need to prove that everything he remembers matches what actually happened on Barra during the time he was supposed to live there. The island of Barra doesn’t only exist as a physical form in this world; it’s an event in space-time that covers many potential worlds. Cameron could well have lived in a different 3D/Linear-time plain of that space-time event. I think that's the truth and if get labelled a "dweeb" because of that then so be it. Regular readers will tell you exactly how much I respect the Conformist Regime and how much I model my life on its limitaions!

The Search for Happiness- a Waste of Time?

Many thanks to Ben Fairhall of the Battling the Behemoth site (See links) for pointing this out to me.

"Depressive realism"!? "Smacking your head on a rainbow"!?: Words straight out of the the mouth of the gloom-and-doomist RD Lang or the psychological manipulator Edward L Bernays. Is it worth getting up tomorrow morning? I might as well down a bottle of pills tonight and be done with it! And how do they know sea squirts don't feel happiness or boredom?... OK, it may be foolish to anthropomorphize animal emotions too much, but it's even more foolish to de-anthropomorphize human emotions; and this is what these Freudian extremists are doing!

I guess there's no point in trying to stop the NWO is there?... Hang on! Maybe that's why they want us to think this way! We need to be on our guard for this kind of thing. Propaganda isn't just about imposing a view on political events and assassinations etc, it's far more subtle than that. It's about imposing a paradigm of human existance at every level that demoralizes us and therefore breeds despair and despondancy. It's a diluted version of the torturer's goal of destroying a person's spirit and self-esteem. If we think life is pointless and meaningless with injustice and hardship woven into its very fabric then we are less likely to envision anything better. The Illuminati want this! They want us not to care if the New World Order comes! They want us to throw up our hands and say "What's the use!? Life is a bitch anyway, so we might as well just put up with it." Don't let them grind you down that way! It's a scam! Don't fall for it! Life is a bowl of cherries if we're willing to reach out and taste the fruit!

Thursday 17 January 2008

Who Really Runs The World?

I was interviewed for this programme myself, but obviously I’ve been dropped onto the cutting-room floor! I got to know Tony Topping quite well when I met him at the Probe conference last March and this was when we both saw a UFO on the beach at Lytham St Annes which I describe in detail in my earlier article on October’s Probe conference. The Channel 4 film crew did a long shoot of Tony doing his address at the conference, but again most of this has not made it to the broadcast cut.

It was quite a good film to start with. They resist the temptation to which so many other mainstream TV producers on conspiracy theories have succumbed: Demonizing the conspiracy theorists because they think questioning 9/11 etc shows a heartless attitude to the survivors and their families, as if covering up for their mass murder shows them respect! The problem comes when they get to the segment on the 7/7 bombings. The theory Rachel North encountered is a new one on me! I’ve heard people talk about 7/7 as a black-budget government military operation, but never as a power surge cover-up! It’s absolutely incredulous that London Transport would attempt it and how they could get away with it. As for Mark Honingsbaum’s report: How can he criticize people for merely interpreting what he wrote about what he saw on the day, as an immediate, unpolluted impression? Once the official version of events is in place he wishes he hadn’t written it? That sounds a bit like someone trying to alter a conclusion because it retrospectively challenges the conventional view. It’s bad journalism to use such a fallacy.

Chris French is a familiar face to anyone involved in paranormal or conspiratological research. He’s an arch-Skeptic, Britain’s James Randi. It looks as though the experiment was conducted fairly (although the people should have been interviewed on their own to eliminate peer-pressure) and I’m glad he and his colleague Patrick Leman are not trying to make a statement about whether conspiracy theories are true or false (at least not openly; I’m sure that’s what they’re insinuating!) But they still seem to portray belief in conspiracy theory as something pathological. The low-scoring group was the “sensible and well-adjusted” ones. I notice that for that group they were just asked for a show of hands, not the theatrics of holding their mobile phones up! I could just as easily say that the skeptical group’s tendencies were pathological: The child-like trust, the groundless belief, the faith in the benevolence of authorities. The way these two groups can be viewed is not absolute. It is dependant on how establishment your viewpoint is.

The film includes some humourous touches. The masks and faces on sticks were a bit tongue-in-cheek, but others were very stylish. I rather enjoyed the bit where Chris French visited David Icke. It was filmed to look like a Wild West showdown! And I think David was much faster on the draw! He really shows Chris French up for what he is: a peddler of butresses for the Conformist paradigm. (I'll have more to say on Chris French's TV shows later).

It’s encouraging that in some cases the conspiracy theories of significant events are more popular than the official ones. The programme doesn’t mention that the amount of people who think President John F Kennedy was assassinated by a government plot outnumber those who think it was the sole work of Lee Harvey Oswald, the proverbial "lone nut"; and this statistic endures to this day. I’m very glad that conspiratorial thinking is at an all-time high. The government and corporate authorities have enjoyed their monopoly on the prevailing paradigm for too long; it’s about bloody time the tide turned the other way.

Monday 14 January 2008


In 1984, when I was aged 12 going on 13, the English teacher at my school forced my whole class to watch this:
Threads was a movie produced specially for TV broadcast by the BBC. It is a “docudrama” written by Barry Hines about the effects of a nuclear attack on Britain. It centres around two families living in the city of Sheffield. It follows them from the world of normality, to the attack and carnage of nuclear bombardment to the aftermath and the attempts to rebuild the country out of the chaos of destruction. It was made before Gorbachev and the fall of the Soviet block. The “Shadow of the Bomb” may have eased since, but this doesn’t diminish the film’s horror. It gave me many nightmares and I came home from school and lay in bed crying over it. I remember being full of dread of nuclear war for much of my childhood; for the 50 years of the Cold War, older generations had to endure it their whole lives. My parents used to be involved in anti-nuclear protests and I remember attending rallies with them in Oxford and London for CND.

The film uses artistic devices to create its disturbing feel that I very often see used to this day, especially by the BBC: The mixture of the everyday and apocalyptic. The shots focus on shop signs, close-ups of billboards, cans and shopping bags with brand names on them; together with burning buildings, mushroom clouds and bodies. It’s a very emotionally-violent film. No doubt my English teacher though it was for our own good. We needed to see the full effects of nuclear war so that we would then act to stop it. But this is not the theme of Threads! The characters are all portrayed as ineffectual and helpless, innocent victims pushed and pulled by events beyond their control. It is the unseen politicians that decide whether the attack happens or not. It’s also they who introduce the draconian laws of the aftermath, the distribution of food and water, justice and jobs in the new Third World Britain. As one of the characters says in the second pub scene: “So what! There’s nowt we can do about it. When the bomb does drop I just want to right underneath it and pissed out of me brains!” The film is, from start to finish, nothing but melancholy and despair. Why is there no mention of the role of other countries? Surely not all of them were devastated as much as Britain? Don’t they send us any foreign aid? Don’t we get any food, grain and warm clothing from abroad? But no; we’re portrayed as a nation not only as devastated, but isolated.

The engendering of fear and powerlessness in the population has been deliberately used by politicians because when the masses feel afraid and powerless we plead to them to protect us from those nightmares. Since the end of the Cold War we can see that ploy more easily because since the fear of global nuclear war has gone other nightmares have risen to replace it: A broad selection of them can be found in my article More Horizon Scaremongering below. The danger of meteor impact from space was hardly discussed when we were occupied with the Shadow of the Bomb, even though it is potentially even more devastating than a nuclear holocaust; unlike nuclear weapons it's also beyond human control. Meteor impacts in the past have wiped out most of life on Earth. But the fear of the bomb meant that such a scenario wasn’t needed!

Today schoolchildren are being shown the film An Inconvenient Truth about global warming. But most of it is wrong, as I explain in my article A Convenient Lie. I won’t allow my daughter to be shown it unless she gets to hear the other side of the story, the debunker The Great Global Warming Swindle. If you choose to watch Threads, then be warned; it is not light entertainment by anyone’s definition! It must be one of the most upsetting and disturbing movies ever made, but bear in mind that it is purely a product of an atmosphere of dread created deliberately by those who want to control us.

Just take a look at this! It’s an archive of “Protect and Survive” literature from the 1950’s to the end of the Cold War. In Threads we hear one of its public information films playing on the TV in the background. I was shown one at school: I think at some point in my childhood, our house actually was sent one of these leaflets. In the early days of the Cold War in America it was even worse. There were the “duck-and-cover” drills:
This US government information film from the 1940’s was made soon after the Russians detonated their first A-bomb. The people who write things like Threads grew up with this stuff! That figures!

Saturday 12 January 2008

Solway Firth Spaceman 2

An interview with Jim Templeton, broadcast on Cumbria News yesterday. This is the first time I've heard Blue Streak mentioned in the mainstream media. I wonder, did the reporter try to take a photo with the same camera in the same spot. If he did, what came out!? Will they show us?

The Moon

What is the moon? It’s such an obvious question that few have even asked or pondered it. As the film says; it’s our constant companion in the night’s sky that we’ve learned to take for granted. In a word, the moon is the celestial body that orbits the Earth; it is 3,474 kilometers in diameter. Most of the planets have moons; they are nothing unusual. What makes the Earth’s moon unusual is its size in proportion to its “primary” or the planet it orbits around. The moon is enormous in comparison to Earth, in terms that a moon usually is to its planet. The moons of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are on average about the same size as the Earth’s moon, but the planets themselves are far, far bigger than the Earth. Jupiter is over 100 times the size! The only other planet with a matching primary-satellite size ratio is Pluto and its moon Charon (Then again in the same way that people have debated whether Swindon is a town or city, people are debating whether Pluto is a planet or not!). One other small planet has moons besides Earth and Pluto: Mars; however Mars’ two moons, Deimos and Phobos, are tiny lumps of rock just a few miles across. As far as the origins of the moon go; the two original theories may have been proved to be untrue, but the Giant Impact Theory (GIT) doesn’t sound right either. I think the real answer is elusive and maybe even not something we can comprehend right now. Some astronomers have claimed that parts of the moon are volcanically active or even artificial! This train of thought might lead us down some corridors humanity is not yet ready to go. If the moon and Earth are receding away from each other then what force is making them do so? Einstein’s Cosmological Constant? I’ve often wondered about the solar eclipse “coincidence”. How the apparent discs of both the moon and the sun are the same from the surface of the Earth. Science of course puts that down to coincidence. Well I’m afraid I don’t believe in coincidence. I believe in many things, ghosts, UFO’s fairies, Reptilian humanoids, but coincidence seems to me the most ridiculous notion ever conceived! In this “coincidental” period, human civilization has arisen, the world has changed in an enormous revolution of consciousness and it “just happened” to occur at the same time that this spectacular astronomical effect is produced? Nah!

I’m glad that scientists are willing to give our own moon a second look after the wonders and glories of the outer solar system. But is it really a “second” look? What if the first look never happened; or if it did happen, but not in the way we’ve been told it did? The history of lunar exploration (or that which has been revealed to the public) is very recent indeed: The Soviet series of probes called Luna went to the moon between 1959 and 1966. The Soviets also landed probes on the moon in the 60’s which returned rock samples to Earth. The Americans began with a less successful unmanned programme which was surpassed by the famous Apollo programme which flew men to the moon between 1968 and 1972...supposedly. Yes, a shadow of doubt hangs over the claims made by these missions and the veracity of the data they obtained, especially the Apollo manned missions, Much convoluted logic has been presented that supposedly proves that the moon landings had to have taken place, but the truth is, the flow of information from space missions is controlled, from source to press conference, by the space agencies. What happens up there stays up there. When NASA shows us pictures of astronauts bouncing around on a grey landscape and tell us that they were taken on the moon then we pretty much have to take their word for it. God forbid that they’d lie to us! Well they have! The way that the pictures and TV films have been composed doesn’t match the claim that they were taken on the moon. In fact all the photos from the moon landings, and many of the Apollo craft in space, appear to have been taken in a studio. For instance none of the subjects are in silhouette even though many were taken with the sun behind them. The bottom photo in the set is a good example. It is probably the most famous of all the moon photos. It shows, supposedly, Buzz Aldrin on the Apollo 11 mission. But you couldn’t achieve this effect on the moon; you would need lights all around the subject or reflector screens to illuminate the entire scene. According to the Skeptics, the solution to this conundrum is that the sunlight illuminated the figures by reflecting off the ground. However you certainly don’t get this effect in the third photo of a man being photographed in a snowy landscape, even though snow and ice are far better reflectors than the surface of the moon. The shape, direction and size of the shadows also don’t look like they were taken in natural sunlight. They look like they were taken in the light cast by a studio lamp; this is especially apparent in the second photo. This has been explained by the Skeptics as natural perspective, but it’s not natural; it’s decidedly artificial. For instance in the top photo the shadows converge in directions that approach a right-angle! So if the photos were not taken on the moon, where were they taken. It’s impossible to say, but I’d guess that they were done in a sealed military compound like Area 51. Area 51 has a huge no-fly zone over it, and one of the reasons you wouldn’t want people flying over it would be if you have a big moon set down there!

How could they get away with this? Surely they would be exposed and the consequences for fraud on such an enormous scale would be politically and socially devastating. Unfortunately bigger lies than this have been easily covered up! They are shielded not by secrecy as such, but more by denial. Most people accept that the government is dishonest, but the scale of their dishonesty is so much bigger than most people realize that when faced with it they refuse to accept it. J Edgar Hoover, founder of the FBI said: “The individual is compromised by being faced with a conspiracy so monstrous that he cannot believe it exists.” Josef Goebels, the propaganda minister in Nazi Germany put it even simpler: “The bigger the lie, the more likely it will be believed.” The government only needs to worry about the public finding out about small secrets like the Profumo scandal or Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Probably the most difficult part of this hoax would not be keeping it from the public, but keeping it from the Russians. The Soviet Union was America’s rival in the Space Race… so we’re told. They had enjoyed a decisive lead over the USA up to that point so would be eager to blow the whistle if any shadow of doubt were cast over the authenticity of the Apollo Programme… wouldn’t they? They were the only other country in the world at that time the means to visit the moon and investigate for themselves; they could see if the Lunar Module descent stage and footprints etc were there or not. They also had their secret agents up every dark alley of the American establishment. So why didn’t they shop them? Well there could be several reasons. Firstly the Space Race was becoming too one-sided; the Russians were so far ahead that it was becoming boring. The people might have started losing interest, a bit like the Hare and the Tortoise story. The budget for the moon missions was over US$40 billion while people were living on the bread line in the inner city slums of New York and Los Angeles, making the space programme’s expenses hard to justify. It benefited both countries for the United States to be seen to catch up. After all if you watch a horse race it’s not the race in which the winner is ten lengths ahead that makes people cheer and jump up and down with excitement; it’s the race where two horses are rushing to the line neck-and-neck! Also, and this is a big subject that’s too complex to go into in detail here, but the Soviet Union itself was far less the “Big Bad Red Menace” than the Elite would have us believe. Western leaders vilified them in public speeches, like Ronald Reagan calling them an “evil empire”, but in private they continually colluded and did deals with them. Amazingly it turns out that the very creation of the Soviet Union is linked to Western political leaders and bankers. The Bolshevik revolution was funded by Western sources exactly like Hitler was a few years later! This is often the way in the world: We’ll be told that there’s an enemy out there to be feared and hated when in reality that enemy has been put there by the very same people who are telling you to hate and fear them! This is provable in the case with Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden today. Taking all this into account when the SMART 1 moon mission went up in 2003 I wasn’t holding my breath for some Earth-shattering revelation. If the USSR was in NASA’s pocket then you can bet the European Space Agency is!

So does this mean nobody has ever been to the moon? Many researchers think so, but I don’t. Just because the official space programme was fake doesn’t mean that there was no space programme at all. In fact there are reports of secret space programmes that are far more successful than the official ones. Several of the Disclosure Project witnesses and many other people have testified that NASA has faked far more than just the moon pictures. They regularly airbrush out UFO’s and have doctored the data from Mars and other planets to make them appear different to how they really are. Prominent people within the authorities have spoken out to say that there are military bases on the moon, Mars and other planets (It’s even possible that the fake Apollo footage was taken on one of them!) Governments have secretly developed antigravity and esoteric propulsion systems from the work initially done by Nazi scientists, many of which were given jobs in the United States after the fall of Hitler. The primitive chemical combustion rockets that the official space programme uses are not the last word in scientific advancement by any means; in fact they’re the equivalent of a Medieval handcart beside the craft used secretly by the Elite today. They’ve managed to model vehicles on some of the machines captured during the Roswell Incident and other less famous UFO crashes.

So why would they fake the moon landings? Basically because the point had been reached in the Great Game where the elite needed us to believe that we had been to the moon, because of the Cold War or whatever other reason I’ve yet to discover. At the same time they couldn’t reveal to the people their secret technology so they had to construct a ruse in which people went to the moon using publicly-released 1960’s technology, rockets etc. There are direct parallels with Christopher Columbus and his faked discovery of America here. Despite historical records, the existence of the New World was known about centuries before Columbus’s voyage in 1492. The secret societies and mystery schools knew that America was there and traveled there regularly. Egyptian, Roman, Celtic and Norse artifacts have been found in the Americas and the news suppressed by Academia. For whatever reason, it simply became necessary in the Great Game for the existence of the New World to be publicly declassified. It makes you wonder how much else is being suppressed that we’ve yet to find out about!

Thursday 10 January 2008

The Golden Compass

(Warning: This post contain spoilers for the film The Golden Compass)

I saw The Golden Compass last night at the cinema: What the TavistockEnders omnibus have I been doing, sitting around for the last month, waiting and procrastinating over “finding time” to see this film!? This is one of the most outstanding movies I’ve seen since The Matrix! It’s as blatantly allegorical as my own story Earth Field, except in this movie the themes are presented in a much more poetic and stylish way. It is set in a parallel universe, similar to our own, but different in some prominent ways.

The film follows the adventures of a young girl called Lyra who lives in the parallel universe equivalent of my own home town, Oxford. In their world, people’s souls manifest as zooform spirits called Daemons that accompany them everywhere. Which animal the spirit appears as is fixed in adults, but in young children it is fluid and the Daemon continually shape-shifts from one animal to another; Lyra’s own Daemon, Pan, takes the form of a mouse, a ferret, a cat, a seagull and several other creatures. This is similar to the concept of totem animals in Shamanic societies and the characters’ Daemons always have aspects related to each person’s personality. When that person is killed their Daemon disintegrates in a flash of light; an interesting feature which made the film’s battle scenes very amusing. Lyra is an orphan who lives at one of the parallel Oxford’s colleges. She’s being brought up by her scientist uncle, Lord Asril, played by Daniel Craig. Lord Asril is head of a research project into something called “Dust”, and he makes it clear he is not talking about household dust. In the film Dust is an energy that resembles the Hyperdimensional Energy people like Richard Hoagland talk about. It’s energy that flows into the 3D/linear time plain from outside it. If you think this is all just fantasy then bear in mind that even serious scientists are contemplating the notion of parallel universes. It’s worth watching this Horizon episode that I posted earlier for a better understanding of the subject: (There were no Portuguese subtitles on the original) Lord Asril has found evidence for the existence of Dust in the far north of their planet, but there are people who don’t like what he’s investigating. There is a powerful organization called the Magesterium which could symbolize the Vatican, or an overtly-operating Illuminati (if the two are not synonymous!) The Magesterium try to assassinate Lord Asril and Lyra saves his life. Just like the religious authorities in our world, the Magesterium want to keep control and power and so suppress knowledge of science and real spirituality; this is why they kill “heretics” like the Vatican burned Giordano Bruno at the stake. This suppression also involves finding and destroying a magical machine called the Alethiometer which has esoteric divining powers and speaks in a right-brain, symbolic way rather than a literal way, a bit like Crop Circles. Of course the powers-that-be don’t want us finding out the truth that this world is not all there is, do they? Their power would crumble if the “common man” understood that Dust and magic are real! The film also hints that the Magesterium want to use the Dust to spread their power to other universes! This is very sinister and I'll come back to that subject. As it turns out Lord Asril secretly owns the Alethiometer and gives it to Lyra! Unfortunately Lyra has been passed into the care of a sinister woman called Mrs Coulter, played by Nicole Kidman, who turns out to be a Magesterium secret agent. She is also part of a horrific secret project called General Oblation Board, known as the “Gobblers”. There mission is to kidnap children and separate them from their Daemons. This is very symbolic of the education system or “Cow School” as I called it in my story and Satanic ritual abuse, like what goes on at Bohemian Grove. It’s also what happens when kids eat and drink additives like Aspartame. Credo Mutwa, the Zulu Shaman has told how when he was a child in South Africa, the black children were sold something called “Bonsela”, a pink, sugary substance that the kids all ate as sweets. After they’d eaten it they lost a lot of the natural psychic abilities that all children have. Such natural psychic ability is a threat to the control of the Illuminati, or Magesterium in this case.

I wanted to watch this film because Phillip Pullman, the author of the book Northern Lights on which the movie is based, is a friend of someone I work with. My friend is one of the Oxford “boat people”, the community that lives on the Oxford canal in boats. Pullman apparently based the group of characters called the “Gyptians” on the boat people and I wanted to see if any of them resembled my friend. I really must get the book! It is only the first part of a trilogy. I’ll also get the other two, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass. These books are aimed at younger readers and are contemporary with the Harry Potter series. They’ve sold reasonably well, but are not nearly as successful as JK Rowling’s blockbuster stories about the young wizard and his school. Of course personal taste is always a factor and what I’m about to say is merely my take on the subject, but in my view The Golden Compass runs circles around Harry Potter and deserves to swap places with it in the bestseller lists! It’s a shame that the mediocre and infantile ramblings of Harry Potter are read by more kids than a book that could really get them really thinking and feeling about the greater world that is hidden from their eyes. Could this world’s version of the Magesterium be working to keep The Golden Compass from becoming too successful?

Here is the official trailer for The Golden Compass:

Wednesday 9 January 2008

KLF Videoes Online

KLF are without a doubt my favorite band. They crystalized my mind in the early 90's when I was going through a very formative period in my life. Their music is utterly original and maverick. If you've read The Illuminatus! Trilogy then you'll immediately see how they've been influenced by Robert Anton Wilson. They're vibrant, rebellious and nonconformist beyond words. This is what true freedom is! At its heart it's not about forming new political movements and handing out flyers; it's about having a truly free spirit. The former will come to grief without the latter. What can be said for their music is also true for their visual work. In fact Bill Drumond and Jimmy Cauty became modern artists after they quit the music business.

The KLF's glorious apogee was their three hit singles known as the Stadium House Trilogy. The vids of all three have been put together into a short film, now available online:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

All their other vids are available on YouTube too if you have a quick browse. I particularly recomend It's Grim Up North and Justified and Ancient, a duet they did with American Country star, Tammy Wynette.

Monday 7 January 2008

David Icke on Radio 2

A rare mainstream interview with David Icke, uploaded and illustrated by Greenleaf of David's forum. David is a regular star of the radio and TV podcasts within the Conspiratorial community, but the popular networks hardly ever give him any airtime unless it's to rip the piss out of him like they did on Wogan, twice now! This programme was broadcast on Saturday and since then several tabloid so-called "newspapers" have covered it. I've not caught any of the stories myself, but many sources I trust have. The articles have portrayed the show in a predictably negative way. They've ridiculed David and critcised Brand for even giving him an interview!

UFO's in Iraq

This is a very well-documented sighting, taken by American soldiers in Iraq. My first thought was that they could be flares, or rockets launching, but they stand still in the sky for the whole two minutes of the film. They also make no audible sound at all whereas rockets are one of the noisiest things on Earth. The film was taken through a night-vision camera and I wonder how bright the objects would be without it. However, they're obviously bright enough for the witnesses to make note of them; they sound very surprised. One of them denies immediately that the objects are stars or planets distorted by the cloud.

Saturday 5 January 2008

Bhutan- The Happiest Country in the World!

Bhutan is one of the most unusual countries in the world. It is a small, landlocked nation nestling in the Himalayas tucked into the gap between India and Chinese-occupied Tibet. It is the St Kilda of the world (see Chapter One of my novel Rockall for the details of St Kilda:, isolated, cherished and virtually unknown to the outside world until very recent times. It didn’t have an airport until very late in the 20th century and doesn’t even have roads crossing its borders either. To this day, Bhutan is one of the most difficult places in the world to get to. The British actress Joanna Lumley made the first TV programme ever filmed in the country in the 1990’s when she traveled through Bhutan by donkey. The isolation of the country is partly a gift from its geography; it is surrounded by high, inaccessible mountains, and partly through a deliberate isolationist policy of its government. Bhutan has a unique culture and is very picturesque with beautiful, alpine-like scenery filled with ancient traditional Himalayan architecture. It would become a must-see tourist destination if it ever got on the beaten track. The government is concerned, justifiably I think, about the encroachment of modern Western culture which has ripped through most of the world, especially Bhutan’s neighbouring countries, like a plague of locusts (maybe they’d heard the sad tale of the death of St Kilda). Bhutan banned tourism and was the last country on Earth to set up an airline and TV service. Until a few years ago it was also the only nation on Earth not wired up to the Internet. This has now changed; here is Bhutan’s official government portal:

I think that the most interesting aspect of Bhutan, and one that should raise serious questions across the world, is that it is reported to be one of the happiest countries on Earth. The Gross National Happiness Index was invented in 1972 by a Bhutanese king Jimne Singye Wanchuck. In the Western world we judge a nation's well-being by very logical and measurable quantitative factors: its gross national product, its per-capita income, literacy rates, infant mortality rates etc. These are things that can be easily calculated through a study at a government records office and made into a graph or sliding scale that the rational mind can comprehend. The GNH Index if far harder to gauge. It consists of a list of questions that address qualitative and spiritual as well as material aspects of a nation, on a personal and collective level. Along with the usual questions on how much money and amenities they have access to, people are asked things like: “Do you feel you are a valuable person?” “Does your life have meaning and purpose?” “How often do you laugh?” "Do you feel you have fulfilling interests in your spare time?" "Do you often get bored?" “How often do you feel very joyous?” Once the index was complete it showed some extraordinary results. Most statisticians had expected the GNH index to be proportional to the conventional indexes used to judge national well-being, but this didn’t happen. Although there is some correlation, for example there is a swathe of low-scoring countries in regions of the world hit by multiple wars and crippling poverty, like sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union; the comparison indicates that material security and luxury are not directly related to GNH. Nations with high conventional-scores sometimes have low GNH scores, like the United States, Finland and Australia. My own nation, the United Kingdom, scored 40.29, putting it below median average. Conversely, some nations with low conventional assessments scored high on the GNH index, like many parts of Latin America, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Bhutan, which came 13th in the world with a GNH score of a whopping 61.08. Bhutan is not only culturally isolated and technologically backward, but it has a low per-capita income and is not a liberal democracy; in fact it is one of the few absolute monarchies left in the world. In political terms it’s the equivalent of England in the 11th Century. What it does have in abundance is spiritual tradition. The nation is mostly Buddhist and spiritual development and practice is a big part of everyday life there. Life is simple and straightforward; poeple eat their own farm produce and make song and dance for entertainment. In a way Bhutan is what a lot of people in much richer countries feel they are lacking in their lives and culture.

This is intriguing. We are told that the only goals in life are the acquisition of money, property, status and power. So then why isn’t the GNH index on a par with the GNP index or the other conventional standards of living index? This should tell us that as the Biblical saying goes, “Man does not live on bread alone”. Not only that but too much Biblical bread at the expense of everything else can generate more problems than it solves. The richest people on Earth are far more likly to suffer from depression and die by their own hand than the average person in their country. Why is that? This not only proves true the cliche "money can't buy you happiness", but it also shows that it can take happiness away! This runs contrary to one of the cornerstones of Western Culture: that the one goal... The One Goal... of life is to aquire as much money, status and property as possible. He who dies with the most of that wins. It's that simple. Being rich is the nearest thing the West has to paradise; it's the secular Heaven. So you'd have thought that rates of depression and suicide would be much lower among the very rich, instead of the opposite. I've never been rich so I don't know for sure. However, if you put this together with these anomalies in the Gross National Happiness Index and I can make a conclusion: Material comfort and riches are not the only things that make human beings satisfied. I don’t dispute that the material is important; we all need to eat, breathe and drink, but humans are not just eating, breathing and drinking machines. We have a spiritual dimension to our selves, a soul if you wish, and a requirement in that dimension. This requirement has been neglected by Western society. It has been relegated to the realms of the irrelevant and epiphenomenal. Many Western thinkers even claim it is a delusion, a non-existent fantasy. I think that the GNH study indicates otherwise. Both political leaders and society as a whole must understand that looking after a people’s material need alone is simply not enough to create or maintain a peaceful and contented world. We need to nurture and nourish the spiritual.

Thursday 3 January 2008

David Adair- Area 51 Scientist

David Adair was a child prodigy in the realm of engineering. At 17 years of age he became what is probably the youngest ever "rocket scientist". Since the end of the Cold War he has joined Stephen Greer's Disclosure Project and has come forward with a startling revelation: He was involved with Black Budget projects relating to Area 51 and UFO's in the 60's and 70's. He has had contact with a device that covers the realms of both machine and living alien! This is very rare indeed.

I find his testimony very compelling. It's hard to see what he could gain from making this up. Unlike Bob Lazar, he has no need of sensationalist "fame claim". His work in rocketry and jet engines was prestigious enough.

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