Sunday 27 January 2008

"Papieren Bitte!" (Snaps Fingers)

Have you noticed that in Britain today we are required to prove our identity a lot more than we used to, usually by showing your passport. A few years ago a passport was something you got out and dusted off only when you travelled abroad; I last used mine in 2001 when I visited Ireland. Now you need it for almost everything; applying for this and applying for that. The local swimming pool even asked to see my daughter’s when I was buying her a child season ticket! There’s a sinister conspiracy behind this I think: They’re preparing the ground for the National Identity Cards! They’re creating the ID infrastructure and acclimatizing the population to the culture of constant identity-checks. This is also the main reason why they’re taking kids fingerprints in school. I almost feel like I'm trapped in an old war film! You know the sort: The heroes are undercover behind enemy lines in Nazi Germany. They're on a bus, standing at the back behind the crowds and the police stop the bus and get on board. Then they make their way down the aisle barking at people: "Papiere bitte!" and the heroes do a runner through the fire-door before the police get to them. Maybe this is why the politicians and the media have this obsession with asylum seekers. It could be part of a ploy that David Icke calls “Problem-Reaction-Solution”. If you’re in authority and you want to introduce a policy that you know your minions will not accept you do this: You secretly create a problem and blame someone else for it. Then you portray the problem to the public in a way that makes them think that the only solution to that problem is the very policy they would otherwise reject. It’s simple and devastating and it’s used on us continuously on many different scales; and it always will be until we get wise to it. 9/11 was a PRS, but the best example has to be the Crimial Justice Bill of 1992, a piece of legislation that removed many basic human rights from the British public. It was vehemently opposed by the Parliament and the people when it was first read, but then the Illuminati-controlled media ran a story on “New Age travellers”. From that moment on it was “New Age travellers this” and “New Age travellers that” and before long the people were banging on the government’s door demanding that they do something about New Age travellers. The government said: “Well there is a solution; it’s called the Criminal Justice Bill.” Then the very same public who had previously opposed the Bill replied: “Yes please! We’ll have some of that!” And after the Criminal Justice Bill was made law, the stories about New Age travellers vanished from the pages of the tabloids overnight as if by magic.… You see how it works? So when today’s media are going: “Asylum-seekers this” and “Asylum-seekers that” you want to ask yourself some serious questions about the strategy behind it. Here’s a musical rendition of PRS, starring our Dave:

It has come to my attention that many employed people are receiving letters from their management about “Eligibility to work”. Employers are demanding that staff provide passports or birth certificates to prove their identity. One contact I have says that they have checked with their boss and been told that it’s “to make sure you’re not a foreigner”. A prime PRS! The government want to bring in ID cards, the public don’t want them so they’re creating a problem, or making it look like something is a problem, to change our minds in the way I described above. I’m actually a hospital porter (just in case I’ve not mentioned it before) employed by the National Health Service. When I joined the Hospital Portering Service in 1989 the head porter was a man I knew called Mervyn. He offered me the job in the hospital social club one night and I popped in his office the following day and filled out an application form. The only ID I needed was my National Insurance number. It’s not like that any more.

I have lost both my passport and birth certificate and my passport has expired anyway so I don’t know what I’ll do if my employers ask me to prove who I am. I can’t! In this new regime I am obviously an “unperson”; I do not exist! Strange, I’m sure I did exist when I last checked; maybe HPANWO readers can correct me if I’m wrong! The shop steward has reassured me that a passport is not essential and other documents will do (For how much longer!) like a driving licence or even a selection of bills. If he’s wrong then it’s official that the governement are saying that you can’t even get a job unless you are a full passport holder, and passports are now connected to the embryonic ID card system! I don’t think I could apply for a passport now and even if I did I don’t think I’d want to. I’m a Welshman, so I don’t feel comfortable carrying a UK passport, let alone an EU one! Also if I apply for a passport now then I’ll probably have to provide biometric data and agree to my name being placed on the provisional NID database, which is unthinkable. If my employers don’t accept my alternative ID then they will have to discharge someone who has served loyally for 18 years and whom everybody knows… because he can’t prove his identity!

In the long run the plan is to do away with even the cards and replace them with an electronic implant placed inside your body. This is what Aaron Russo talks about in his famous interview:

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