Saturday 12 January 2008

The Moon

What is the moon? It’s such an obvious question that few have even asked or pondered it. As the film says; it’s our constant companion in the night’s sky that we’ve learned to take for granted. In a word, the moon is the celestial body that orbits the Earth; it is 3,474 kilometers in diameter. Most of the planets have moons; they are nothing unusual. What makes the Earth’s moon unusual is its size in proportion to its “primary” or the planet it orbits around. The moon is enormous in comparison to Earth, in terms that a moon usually is to its planet. The moons of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are on average about the same size as the Earth’s moon, but the planets themselves are far, far bigger than the Earth. Jupiter is over 100 times the size! The only other planet with a matching primary-satellite size ratio is Pluto and its moon Charon (Then again in the same way that people have debated whether Swindon is a town or city, people are debating whether Pluto is a planet or not!). One other small planet has moons besides Earth and Pluto: Mars; however Mars’ two moons, Deimos and Phobos, are tiny lumps of rock just a few miles across. As far as the origins of the moon go; the two original theories may have been proved to be untrue, but the Giant Impact Theory (GIT) doesn’t sound right either. I think the real answer is elusive and maybe even not something we can comprehend right now. Some astronomers have claimed that parts of the moon are volcanically active or even artificial! This train of thought might lead us down some corridors humanity is not yet ready to go. If the moon and Earth are receding away from each other then what force is making them do so? Einstein’s Cosmological Constant? I’ve often wondered about the solar eclipse “coincidence”. How the apparent discs of both the moon and the sun are the same from the surface of the Earth. Science of course puts that down to coincidence. Well I’m afraid I don’t believe in coincidence. I believe in many things, ghosts, UFO’s fairies, Reptilian humanoids, but coincidence seems to me the most ridiculous notion ever conceived! In this “coincidental” period, human civilization has arisen, the world has changed in an enormous revolution of consciousness and it “just happened” to occur at the same time that this spectacular astronomical effect is produced? Nah!

I’m glad that scientists are willing to give our own moon a second look after the wonders and glories of the outer solar system. But is it really a “second” look? What if the first look never happened; or if it did happen, but not in the way we’ve been told it did? The history of lunar exploration (or that which has been revealed to the public) is very recent indeed: The Soviet series of probes called Luna went to the moon between 1959 and 1966. The Soviets also landed probes on the moon in the 60’s which returned rock samples to Earth. The Americans began with a less successful unmanned programme which was surpassed by the famous Apollo programme which flew men to the moon between 1968 and 1972...supposedly. Yes, a shadow of doubt hangs over the claims made by these missions and the veracity of the data they obtained, especially the Apollo manned missions, Much convoluted logic has been presented that supposedly proves that the moon landings had to have taken place, but the truth is, the flow of information from space missions is controlled, from source to press conference, by the space agencies. What happens up there stays up there. When NASA shows us pictures of astronauts bouncing around on a grey landscape and tell us that they were taken on the moon then we pretty much have to take their word for it. God forbid that they’d lie to us! Well they have! The way that the pictures and TV films have been composed doesn’t match the claim that they were taken on the moon. In fact all the photos from the moon landings, and many of the Apollo craft in space, appear to have been taken in a studio. For instance none of the subjects are in silhouette even though many were taken with the sun behind them. The bottom photo in the set is a good example. It is probably the most famous of all the moon photos. It shows, supposedly, Buzz Aldrin on the Apollo 11 mission. But you couldn’t achieve this effect on the moon; you would need lights all around the subject or reflector screens to illuminate the entire scene. According to the Skeptics, the solution to this conundrum is that the sunlight illuminated the figures by reflecting off the ground. However you certainly don’t get this effect in the third photo of a man being photographed in a snowy landscape, even though snow and ice are far better reflectors than the surface of the moon. The shape, direction and size of the shadows also don’t look like they were taken in natural sunlight. They look like they were taken in the light cast by a studio lamp; this is especially apparent in the second photo. This has been explained by the Skeptics as natural perspective, but it’s not natural; it’s decidedly artificial. For instance in the top photo the shadows converge in directions that approach a right-angle! So if the photos were not taken on the moon, where were they taken. It’s impossible to say, but I’d guess that they were done in a sealed military compound like Area 51. Area 51 has a huge no-fly zone over it, and one of the reasons you wouldn’t want people flying over it would be if you have a big moon set down there!

How could they get away with this? Surely they would be exposed and the consequences for fraud on such an enormous scale would be politically and socially devastating. Unfortunately bigger lies than this have been easily covered up! They are shielded not by secrecy as such, but more by denial. Most people accept that the government is dishonest, but the scale of their dishonesty is so much bigger than most people realize that when faced with it they refuse to accept it. J Edgar Hoover, founder of the FBI said: “The individual is compromised by being faced with a conspiracy so monstrous that he cannot believe it exists.” Josef Goebels, the propaganda minister in Nazi Germany put it even simpler: “The bigger the lie, the more likely it will be believed.” The government only needs to worry about the public finding out about small secrets like the Profumo scandal or Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Probably the most difficult part of this hoax would not be keeping it from the public, but keeping it from the Russians. The Soviet Union was America’s rival in the Space Race… so we’re told. They had enjoyed a decisive lead over the USA up to that point so would be eager to blow the whistle if any shadow of doubt were cast over the authenticity of the Apollo Programme… wouldn’t they? They were the only other country in the world at that time the means to visit the moon and investigate for themselves; they could see if the Lunar Module descent stage and footprints etc were there or not. They also had their secret agents up every dark alley of the American establishment. So why didn’t they shop them? Well there could be several reasons. Firstly the Space Race was becoming too one-sided; the Russians were so far ahead that it was becoming boring. The people might have started losing interest, a bit like the Hare and the Tortoise story. The budget for the moon missions was over US$40 billion while people were living on the bread line in the inner city slums of New York and Los Angeles, making the space programme’s expenses hard to justify. It benefited both countries for the United States to be seen to catch up. After all if you watch a horse race it’s not the race in which the winner is ten lengths ahead that makes people cheer and jump up and down with excitement; it’s the race where two horses are rushing to the line neck-and-neck! Also, and this is a big subject that’s too complex to go into in detail here, but the Soviet Union itself was far less the “Big Bad Red Menace” than the Elite would have us believe. Western leaders vilified them in public speeches, like Ronald Reagan calling them an “evil empire”, but in private they continually colluded and did deals with them. Amazingly it turns out that the very creation of the Soviet Union is linked to Western political leaders and bankers. The Bolshevik revolution was funded by Western sources exactly like Hitler was a few years later! This is often the way in the world: We’ll be told that there’s an enemy out there to be feared and hated when in reality that enemy has been put there by the very same people who are telling you to hate and fear them! This is provable in the case with Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden today. Taking all this into account when the SMART 1 moon mission went up in 2003 I wasn’t holding my breath for some Earth-shattering revelation. If the USSR was in NASA’s pocket then you can bet the European Space Agency is!

So does this mean nobody has ever been to the moon? Many researchers think so, but I don’t. Just because the official space programme was fake doesn’t mean that there was no space programme at all. In fact there are reports of secret space programmes that are far more successful than the official ones. Several of the Disclosure Project witnesses and many other people have testified that NASA has faked far more than just the moon pictures. They regularly airbrush out UFO’s and have doctored the data from Mars and other planets to make them appear different to how they really are. Prominent people within the authorities have spoken out to say that there are military bases on the moon, Mars and other planets (It’s even possible that the fake Apollo footage was taken on one of them!) Governments have secretly developed antigravity and esoteric propulsion systems from the work initially done by Nazi scientists, many of which were given jobs in the United States after the fall of Hitler. The primitive chemical combustion rockets that the official space programme uses are not the last word in scientific advancement by any means; in fact they’re the equivalent of a Medieval handcart beside the craft used secretly by the Elite today. They’ve managed to model vehicles on some of the machines captured during the Roswell Incident and other less famous UFO crashes.

So why would they fake the moon landings? Basically because the point had been reached in the Great Game where the elite needed us to believe that we had been to the moon, because of the Cold War or whatever other reason I’ve yet to discover. At the same time they couldn’t reveal to the people their secret technology so they had to construct a ruse in which people went to the moon using publicly-released 1960’s technology, rockets etc. There are direct parallels with Christopher Columbus and his faked discovery of America here. Despite historical records, the existence of the New World was known about centuries before Columbus’s voyage in 1492. The secret societies and mystery schools knew that America was there and traveled there regularly. Egyptian, Roman, Celtic and Norse artifacts have been found in the Americas and the news suppressed by Academia. For whatever reason, it simply became necessary in the Great Game for the existence of the New World to be publicly declassified. It makes you wonder how much else is being suppressed that we’ve yet to find out about!

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