Wednesday 14 April 2010

Turnstiles and Robot Voices on Railways

A few months ago I made this HPANWO TV film about the introduction of turnstiles in British railway stations. See: . They’re appearing everywhere and as a regular rail traveller I’m concerned by this. They effectively split the station into two zones, one which is accessible by all from the public streets and another which is the exclusive domain of railway travellers because the turnstile only opens when you put a valid ticket through the slot; this system has been used on the London Underground since 1929, but this is the first time it has appeared on the national railway network. When I see people passing through these turnstiles it reminds me of a flock of sheep being herded for dipping. I've started calling the turnstiles the "Peace Line" or "Demilitarized Zone" and make jokes when I go through them like holding my arms above my head like in the movie of 1984. It’s a symptom of the increasing aggression and possessiveness of social control that is leading up to the Big Brother New World Order. Already rail travellers are getting used to them. Another thing that bugs me is announcements made by electronic voices. They sound awful! And they’re all the same! Banality and uniformity are becoming more and more common values in this world, as is social interaction with computers instead of real people. A few years ago you could get on a train and go somewhere and would really feel you’d travelled somewhere exotic because of the different accents you heard on the station tannoy. There’s an announcer on Derby station with the most beautiful voice. She could be a singer I’m sure! I did mention this to the staff there and they said they’d pass that on. However I’ve written this letter to the customer service department of Network Rail:

Dear Network Rail,
I’m a regular rail traveller seeing as I live in Oxford and my girlfriend, (Ustane), lives in Nottingham and I take the train to visit her about three times a month. I could take the coach; it is slightly cheaper, but it takes longer and is not as pleasant. Unfortunately there have been changes to the railway system in recent years that make it less pleasant. One of these is the introduction of turnstiles at many stations. I know turnstiles have been used on the London Underground since 1929, but this is the first time I’ve seen them on the national railway network. This represents a worrying cultural shift in the British railway tradition. For me this destroys much of the romance of rail travel. Since turnstiles were introduced on Nottingham Station (Ustane) can no longer come down onto the platform to see me off. I don’t mind saying that we used to find this romantic and miss doing it today; and it has inspired many scenes in the movies and fiction. It also seems to me to be a symptom of the increasing authoritarianism and intrusion that is creeping into society in general, the emergence of a Big Brother state. I know that it’s necessary to check that travellers have a valid ticket, but I thought that’s what the on-board inspectors were for. I’ve never completed a journey without my ticket being stamped at least once.

Another issue for me is the increasing use of electronic announcers. These electronic voices are very obviously fake and lack any character. This is another worry for me because I see more and more social interaction with machines rather than real people; EG: self-service checkouts in supermarkets. It would be a great shame if electronic tannoy voices were introduced in Derby Station because one of the human announcers there has a beautiful voice. She really could be a great singer or orator. I’ve mentioned this to the staff there and hopefully the message will get through to her that she is appreciated.

I’ll continue to use the railways regardless. I’ll pay an extra tenner to get to Nottingham by train because I enjoy it and like to spend as much time with (Ustane) as I can when I’m not at work and don’t want to be travelling the whole time. I hope that Network Rail will maintain the great tradition that Railways are and the important place they have in the history and social makeup of this country.


Ben Emlyn-Jones

I’ll let you know what reply I get.

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Wednesday 7 April 2010

Alternative View 4- Part 5

Open Mike Session
After John Harris didn’t turn up at AV3 in Bristol last year the staff improvised and organized an open mike session. I missed it because I attended a workshop instead, but the session must have gone down well because this time they actually incorporated it into AV4's official agenda. Four people took to the stage and the audience took it in turns to ask questions of them. Three of them were speakers: Peter Taylor, Deek Jackson (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) and Manjir Samanta-Laughton; the fourth was a man called Dave Derby who was a delegate at AV2 last year and was so inspired by what he saw that he went on to found the Sovereign Independent, an Ireland-based newspaper that covers much of the same issues that the UK Column does in Britain, see: . Apparently these days starting your own newspaper is not difficult and is a good way of organizing and disseminating information that is not reliant on the Net. The Elite are trying to get the genie of the Internet back into the bottle, what with censorship in China that is planned to be expanded to the rest of the world. If they were to succeed then websites like HPANWO would no longer function, but good old-fashioned paper and ink newspapers could continue. There is actually planned to be an AV Ireland Conference soon hopefully. Good for Dave for taking the bull by the horns; that kind of creativity and vision is what we need! The course of the discussion ran into some interesting and controversial areas. Firstly, the subject of evil was raised as a philosophical discussion because two of the speakers had very different views on the subject. Brian Gerrish's speech was all about the study of evil, "Ponerology", and he is convinced that it is a very real thing; it exists as a universal value and a spiritual sense. Deek Jackson (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) takes a typically Humanist line: evil is a purely subjective idea. There is no good or bad in the universe, only things we like and things we don't. Like Jean-Paul Sartre's tree, we can take any object and hang a label on it as "good" or "evil" as we choose, the object itself has no values of its own and remains unaltered regardless of ours. He says that Earth might be invaded one day by aliens that suck out the brains of everyone in the world, but those brain-sucking aliens are great as far as he's concerned. They're part of the universe and part of nature. The universe will continue oblivious to anything we like or dislike that happens to us on Earth. Like many Humanists, Deek (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) seems to take pride in having a highly-developed moral code that is not dependent on anything religious or spiritual. Although Deek (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) is correct that the universe, in all its enormity and complexity of billions of galaxies and other dimensions, will not be effected by what happens here on this little speck of a planet, I think that there is such thing as evil. Some researchers, like Amitakh Stanford, even claim that evil is part of the universe's hardwiring. I doubt that, but there is a deviant presence in our universe that does harm in a way that is unnatural. It's true that Deek's (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) brain-sucking aliens are not really "evil" as such, if they've evolved naturally to do what they do, but no human evolved to rape a child in the way a subsequent speaker would tell us about. No predatory creature would keep secret knowledge that could set the world free, save humanity from poverty and disease and heal the wounds of environmental degradation; for no other reason than... they can and they want to. At a higher level, our consciousnesses merge into the Jungian collective unconscious so any harm we do is done to ourselves as well as others. Acts of harm carried out for no evolutionary reason are a Karmic crime; that is the closest I can come at the moment to describing what I mean. I'm still thinking about it. After that we expanded on Peter Taylor’s recent ideas about the solar flares. Some of the panel and delegates had a rather pessimistic mien and there was a long discussion on Survivalism that I myself will be exploring in a future article on the subject. It was the prospect of economic collapse as well as natural disaster that could cause a situation that could make us need to “dig in and stock up”. There was an exchange about Survivalist methods like Mylar sacks for fresh food and ways to protect yourself from extreme weather. I must confess I have little interest in Survivalism; I haven’t a single can of tuna in my attic or so much as a birthday cake candle in the kitchen cupboard. As far as natural disasters go, I believe got we’ve got no more reason to prepare for a natural disaster now than at any other time, see: . As for economic collapse, this is a man-made (or Reptilian-made) disaster and is therefore avoidable if we expose the conspiracy to carry it out. I’d rather expend my energy on stopping the conspiracy than preparing for its outcome, and as a result seeing its outcome as inevitable. In a way, even if the Survivalists are right, preparing for a Survivalist situation too vigorously is a form of surrender; the disaster could then become a kind of self-fulfilling prophesy. Surviving is not as hard or complex as people might think. Civilization has been designed to make us dependent on the system, but in fact the essentials for human life are out there; food water and shelter can be obtained from nature and is not really difficult. There are books and magazines you can buy that tell you how to do it, how to hunt animals and which plants and fungus are edible etc. Such activities are even a kind of sport for some people, so get in touch with them; also anyone you know who has been in the Army or other forces will be trained in these skills. And remember that even if a solar flare does wipe out the electrical grid, it will not wipe out electricians. The knowledge of how to create modern civilized life will not vanish if the infrastructure does; and when things have settled down we can build it again; between us we have all the skills necessary. Another theme that emerged was the need for action as well as analysis, but it reached a level that I found a bit irksome. The phrase “Don’t just sit there and watch Alex Jones!” was repeated enough times to become a cliché. Again I was reminded of my own satire by Butt: . What’s wrong with watching Alex Jones? Would the panel prefer us to sit and watch TavistockEnders or X-factor instead? It’s not our place to judge other people, especially fellow members of the AV community. If we were only interested in sitting there and doing nothing about the Conspiracies then we wouldn’t even be at the conference. I detected a lot of very self-righteous egos in the hall during that session who, just like Butt, wanted to be the biggest kid in the playground by being “a better freedom-fighter that you!” But… that being said however, there are times when I do question somebody’s action though. When there was a mass Swine Flu vaccination campaign among “high-risk” groups the NHS frontline staff were targeted, see: . One of the people who had the H1N1 vaccination was a girl I’d spoken to before who is an Alex Jones fan; for this reason I couldn’t help feeling surprised and dismayed that someone who really should have known better had not refused to have it done. Why didn‘t she put the information Alex had given her into practical action for her own life and that of her colleagues? Another criticism raised is that the alternative community is not organized enough. The suggestion was that we need to form a more developed and structured community, an organization rather than just a tendency. This may be valid in some cases, but generally I think the alternative community is already organized fairly well. The structure of the organization is rather similar to that of the Hippy communities that I mentioned above. Hippy society before Bean Field was organized around a series of free music festivals that emerged in the 60’s. The equivalent for that today is the Conference Circuit: Probe, the Glastonbury Symposium, UFO Data, AV and others. We have become a real community in recent years and it’s quite a cohesive one. It might be a good idea to form some kind of Parliament or council to help organize us, but I wouldn’t go too far. The feeling among many of the delegates is that we need a far more rigid structure based on conventional political models. I’d be extremely wary of that. Political parties and movements are very vulnerable to corruption and infiltration; in fact few alternative movements have escaped it. I’d hate to see that happen to our own community. I actually wonder if conventional politics is purposefully designed by the Illuminati as a trap to lure in opponents of the system and destroy them. Despite the controversy, the open-mike session ended in good spirits and we headed off for dinner. After dinner, there was a bit of a surprise.

Robert Green
The Hollie Greig Affair
An extra speaker had been added to the agenda who wasn’t originally booked: Robert Green, a very welcome addition to the proceedings indeed I think. If you’ve been reading any Conspiracy websites recently then you’re bound to have come across this story and the people involved. Hollie Greig’s story is one of the most harrowing and revealing to emerge in recent years and if we can get the word out about it, it has the power to bring down the government; what’s more it could start a domino falling that could expose so, so much more. It’s sad to realize that Hollie’s case is probably just the tip of an obscene and shameful iceberg. Hollie is a young woman from Aberdeen, Scotland who suffers from Down’s Syndrome. She lived with her mother, Anne Greig and violent father, Dennis Charles Mackie, until 2000 when she and her mother escaped him. After they had achieved this Hollie told her mother that her father had been sexually abusing her and had been doing so for 14 years; Hollie was 20 at the time which means she had been just 6 when her ordeal began. As soon as Anne heard this she went to the police, shocked beyond belief. Unfortunately Mackie had done what all bullies do: fled from danger, to Portugal where he is resident today. The police were firstly sympathetic, but then Hollie related more details of her story. Her father was not the only person who abused her. Hollie started naming names: her social worker, two nurses who had been looking after her, a fire officer, several policemen; some of the perpetrators were powerful people: a Sherriff (a Scottish judge), lawyers, accountants, the headmaster of her school. Sometimes other children were involved, including her own brother Greg. Anne was struck dumb with horror by the extent of this secret life that Hollie had been leading and she went back to the police to press charges. A social worker interviewed Hollie alone and afterwards Hollie appeared disorientated and drugged. She has trouble speaking and articulating what she wants to say, but when they got home she told her mum that the social worker “stuck a needle in me”. Anne went back to the police station to complain wondering what the hell was going on in her life. A few days later she found out; there was a knock at the door and 10 people from the psychiatric flying squad burst in. They dragged Anne to the floor, ripped down her trousers and injected her in the bottom with a sedative. Hollie was bundled into a van screaming. Anne was admitted to the local psychiatric hospital, but kept her head and managed to get herself discharged. Robert Green was the solicitor who acted for her. He found that there were no orders written to get Anne committed to the hospital and that when he tried to investigate he was stalled at every angle. Elish Angiolini, the Lord Chief Advocate of Scotland, the equivalent of the English Attorney General, refuses to hear Hollie’s case and has forbidden any investigation into it. Even Alex Salmond, the First Minister of Scotland, has not responded on the issue. There can be no more blatant attempt at a cover up, and it all comes from the status of the people Hollie named. What we’re looking at is an organized paedophile ring involving some of the most powerful people in Scotland. Robert describes how even though Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom, Scottish law is very different to that of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The whole system is controlled by a cartel of private law firms and one in particular, Levy and McCrae, seems to be closely involved in the cover up. It was strange that Anne was offered a backhander of £13,000 to keep her quiet, even though the authorities refuse again and again to admit that any crime has taken place. Whoever decided to make that offer probably doesn’t have children! Anne and Hollie moved to a house in rural Shropshire, but the harassment continued, even up to the point that the house was shot at and the police acted strangely blasé about it, and only even called round when Robert threatened to sue them! Robert, Anne and Hollie refused to give up though. Robert approached the BBC and at first they were very keen to help; they started their own investigation and planned to produce a programme about Hollie that they intended to broadcast prime-time on both the radio and TV. Then the shows were pulled, just like that. The producers were threatened with the sack, even though one of them was a previously award-winning journalist; some people, it seems, value their jobs more than protection for abused children! More and more revelations emerged. Anne’s brother Roy had died in 1998; he had apparently committed suicide by climbing into a burning car. But Anne and Robert suspicions grew when Hollie told them that “Uncle Roy” had caught Hollie and her father together. Was he murdered to silence him and his body burned to cover up the evidence? Robert asked to see Roy’s path reports and was astonished to find that Roy had suffered multiple fractures, lacerations and bruising. Also whiskey had been poured down his throat despite the fact that Roy, unusually for a Scotsman, disliked whiskey. This shows that Roy had been badly beaten, and maybe even dropped from a high place like an upstairs window. His body was placed in the car after he was dead and the car set alight. Amazingly the coroner had still recorded a verdict of suicide and the cause of death was smoke-inhalation. Robert was at an impasse; what would he do next? He decided to run for Parliament as an independent MP, but he was once again targeted by the authorities instituting the cover-up. Remember how the police were strangely nonchalant about the Shropshire shooting? Well for some reason they snapped out of their lethargy when Robert was merely walking along the street in Aberdeen minding his own business. Robert was charged with a breach-of-the-peace! This is a far more serious offence in Scotland than in England and he was remanded in custody…coincidentally just long enough to scupper his election chances. However since then the story has exploded onto the web and has galvanized people up and down the country. It has been on the front pages of and there are people everywhere spreading the word. “Essy111” came to the conference with a whole bagful of flyers that she designed and has passed a lot of them on to me to distribute. I suspect that this appalling case is merely the tip of the iceberg. Hollie is one of the lucky ones, in that her plight has become known about. How many other children are there whose names are not known and their ordeal goes on unknown to anyone except the evil people who commit these crimes? I suspect that the real figure is far higher than we imagine. David Icke and other researchers come across these cases everywhere on a huge scale. David calls this “the cement” because wherever you get Illuminati-occupied governments and their conspiracies you’ll find organized paedophilia. As I said at the start of this report, it will all come out one day and when it does it will shake us to our core, as individuals, as a nation and as a world. Robert Green is a man with the bravery and sense of mission to fight against this monstrosity. I’ve seen many of his videos and listened to his radio interviews before and I get an overwhelming feeling from him of kindness and tenderness. He is clearly deeply moved by Hollie’s predicament, but he is moved in a very level-headed way. He’s a professional lawyer and expressing his compassion through his work. This is one of the most significant cases to emerge in recent years and it is vital that we all do everything we can to let people know about it.

Ian R Crane
History Cannot be Permanently Falsified (Or “’El Gordo’ Rides Again!”)
Also see the other AV reports and other reviews of Ian’s work linked above.
“El Gordo” apparently means “far bastard” in Spanish and it was a nickname Ian said was given to him by his Hispanic-Texan colleagues in the oil business many years ago. However Ian has lost a lot of weight and is looking very healthy; he doesn’t drink and eats organic food. The AV4 Conference was almost at an end and the only thing left was the traditional grand finale by IRC himself. We all wondered what new material he had in store for us this time. The quote that is the title of his talk comes from a man called Jacob Ruchti who was the first one to blow the myth that the cause of the Great War was the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand; although probably most people have already come to that conclusion eventually. As Robert Newman says: “I mean, nobody is that popular!” (See: Ian begins by referring to the book The Grand Chessboard by Zbigniew Brzezinski; it’s amazing how uninhibited about their opinions geopoliticans like Brzezinski become when they write books. Perhaps they assume that the masses are all glued to I’m a Celebrity- Get Me Out of Here! and so never read books; therefore the politicians can save the flannel for their televised speeches. Brzezinski says frankly that the challenge for the governments of the future is to keep their populations locked into consumerism and oblivious to anything serious going on around them. It is really denial to claim that this is not a real policy that is actually being instituted, but some people still do! Ian put up a series of visuals showing quotes from a document that he did not identify until the end that I thought was The Protocols of Zion, but is was in fact this one: . Is it real or a fake? If it is a fake then it’s a very good one, Ian said. In fact, as G Edward Griffin says about Report From Iron Mountain, if you put it next to today’s newspaper the latter follows on perfectly from the former. Either these documents are genuine or they must have been faked by clairvoyants! Brzezinski was lecturer at Columbia University and one of his star pupils was a young man named… Barrack Obama. So let’s have some change, shall we? Brzezinski is not a member of Project for the New American Century, but he might as well be. His words dovetail completely with PNAC’s agenda and I’m surprised they’ve not offered him membership. I’ve reviewed the infamous PNAC document Strategies Forces and Resources… here: . As I say in the review, the document is mostly a list of practical strategies for the reform of the US Armed Forces, interesting only to a military anorak; and the interesting phrase “New Pearl Harbour” is buried deep within it, very like the way Brzezinski’s books are buried deep within the nonsensical mainstream media. The fact is that the US government goaded Japan into attacking Pearl Harbour in 1941 to provide an excuse for America to enter World War II. Also the Japanese focused their attack on the big battleships like USS Arizona. These ships symbolized American sea power in the eyes of the public and therefore made for a perfect psycholgical shock-occurence, but military strategists knew that by the 1940’s battleships were an obsolete weapons platform and they were proved right because the decisive weapons systems in the Pacific War turned out to be the submarines and aircraft carriers. Oddly enough the Japs didn’t drop a single bomb on the submarine base and the aircraft carriers were conveniently out at sea on exercise, allowing America to retain the might for a protracted war in that theatre. In the 1990’s President Clinton was forced to apologize to Admiral Husband Kimmell who was the commandant of Pearl Harbour at the time and was responsible for defending the base from the attack. He had been slammed in the media as an incompetent; an alcoholic and regular orgy attendee. The truth is that Kimmell was the “patsy” that made the USA’s victimhood at Pearl Harbour more credible. The scam of Pearl Harbour was repeated on 9/11, but unlike Pearl Harbour 9/11 was not a “LIHOP” (Let It Happen On Purpose) but a “MIHOP” (Made It Happen On Purpose). According to Brzezinski, the United States, having won the cold war and beaten its only serious rival the Soviet Union, now has an opportunity to take control of the entire world. Seizing all the world’s oil is essential to that. Ian doesn’t believe in Peak Oil, but whether Peak Oil is real or not controlling it is vital, hence all the wars for oil in the Middle East, triggered by 9/11 in the same way America’s WWII involvement was triggered by Pearl Harbour. The instigators will keep on carrying out this scam in the future too, until the scam stops working. So it is understood by both ourselves and the elite that the onus is on us to react (excuse the Skepticliche!). If we fall for these ruses or fail to act if we can see through them then we give a mandate to the Powers-That-Be to go ahead. Anyone who looks properly at the evidence for the official story of 9/11 will see that it is a farce. The aircraft were only half full and the passenger lists are incomplete. The “phonecalls from the passengers”, seen as the strongest evidence that 9/11 was done by Bin Laden, are dubious too; there are background voices that congratulate one of the callers with the words: “You did good”. Despite this David Dimbleby used the phonecalls to discredit the 9/11 Truth campaigner David Boyle when he got onto Question Time, see: . The second explosion in the WTC South Tower looks as if it was done for the camera. Hence the first attack on the North Tower and then just enough time for the media cameras to be ready to capture the massive ball of fire from the second hit; very convenient! Also the evidence for Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon is getting thinner every day. The aircraft would have to have carried out some impossible manoeuvres to have carried out the attack that it did. I’ve tried to repeat the attack on Microsoft Flight Simulator and I can’t; I always either crash short of the target or break up the plane in flight from the G-forces. The airliner apparently throttled up to full speed, 525 mph, and sped along the ground at an altitude lower than the average airport bus: 4 ½ feet! This cannot be done because of the “ground effect”. This is the means that allows a hovercraft to work, but for a plane it would have driven the aircraft back up into the sky. There is almost no wreckage at all from the airliner at the Pentagon. An expert form Jane’s came on TV once to explain how the aircraft “folded in on itself” like a paper dart and was “sucked” into the ten-foot hole! That’s absurd! After the recent earthquake in Haiti survivors were still being pulled out of the rubble after being trapped for 3 weeks, but Rumsfeld ordered the demolition of the rest of the damaged section of the Pentagon at 4.30 in the afternoon of 9/11, just a few hours later. It seems that the Missile Theory makes more sense and the eyewitnesses who saw Flight 77 probably saw another ordinary plane that was passing at the time; in fact the attack might have been timed deliberately to create this illusion. As Deek Jackson (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) says in his satirical song about 9/11, the attack is no longer a current affair and is today just another part of history, see: . Today the post-9/11 world is the established and consolidated world of today. Few will now question the government if they suggest a war, military service is glorified in the media and is now a virtual religion; soldiers have been elevated to the status of Gods, see: . As Brian Gerrish also said, we have computer games that are training our young people to be killers and there’s little difference now between playing one of them and flying a Predator drone over Pakistan blowing the hell out of wedding receptions (Interestingly the widespread use of these aircraft was promoted in the PNAC document). There’s the economic crash that is still going on despite the claims of a “recovery”, in fact it will probably get much worse before long; Ian predicts by the end of the summer at the latest. As always Ian is aware of the spiritual aspect to all these events and has studied spiritual researchers from the last couple of centuries who have some very insightful things to say, like Gurdjieff, Ouspensky and Steiner. Steiner, whom Terry Boardman has spoken of at the conference too, said that we must not grieve the passing of the old for the new. We must not get emotionally attached to either what has passed or what we aspire to in the future. We must not be provoked into anger; the Elite want us to riot and in fact are right now trying to foment a civil war in Britain, see: . We must not become afraid for our safety. In fact the more you speak out and refuse to bow to fear the safer you will be. Ian is safe after all, and he does a lot of speaking out. He knows, and our enemies know, that if he ever met with an “accident” then his DVD’s would sell like Elvis records. The universe is speaking to us all the time if we only learn how to listen. The 11.11 phenomenon is just aspect of this. It’s saying, among other things, that it’s time to wake up and dream of the future!

Sunday Night-Monday Morning
Ustane and I left the conference to go back into the world and see how the inspiration of the event would effect our lives and give us opportunities to make a difference. We wished all our AV-buddies a warm farewell; they’re becoming like my Probe-buddies now. I know we’ll see them again at future AV events and other conferences too. I’ve booked some more already. Along with the next Probe in October, which I can’t possibly miss after missing this one just past, I’m also going to Karen Sawyer’s ARC Convention in August . That should be good. It’ll be nice to see Ellis Taylor again and Michael Cremo is an interesting guy. I’ve read his book and it’s 1000+ pages! Even Atlas Shrugged is dwarfed beside it. I’m also going to the Glastonbury Symposium, one of the oldest conferences on the circuit, and one I’ve been meaning to attend for some time. Also there’s the UFO-based Weird Conference in Warminster, see: . There are many more conferences I want to go to, but don’t have the time or money. One year; hopefully next year, I’d like to go to the CFZ Weird Weekend, see: , although from what I’ve heard I’m not a hard enough drinker to keep up with them! I never travel abroad and these conferences are for me what for most people are holidays in Ibiza and Disney World. I shouldn’t forget to mention that I want to go to future Alternative Views as well; they are very important events for anyone with any kind of actual alternative view on anything. So I hope to see you there, my dear HPANWO-readers! Or at the other conferences I’ll be at. To end with, here’s a bit of syncho: Ustane and I travelled into central London on the Tube and ended up waiting in the queue Victoria Coach Station. The queue was slow-moving and we were finding it tedious when we came across the sign in the photo I took above. As you can see somebody has written on it under the “PLEASE WAIT HERE“: “And have positive thoughts- peace.” We did. Alternative View 4 was a great conference and I’d like to thank Ian, “Dr Hemp”, all the speakers and everyone else whose hard work made it possible. I’d also like to thank the staff at the Thistle Hotel Heathrow for hosting us, and especially for the lovely food. Ustane enjoyed the conference just as much as I did and she has written her own report. Here it is

Ustane’s report on Alternative View 4:

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Tuesday 6 April 2010

Alternative View 4- Part 4

Sunday Morning
The clocks went forward overnight and so we had to wake up an hour early to the brutal British Summer Time whiplash in the morning. Another reason I was glad that I came to the conference was that if I’d been working I’d have been on the early shift, which means a 4.30 rise for a 6am start; early enough at the best of times. For this reason we went to bed after one drink at the bar and never saw the entertainments. The singer Gareth Icke was there again and it’s a shame we missed him, but we didn’t want to be falling asleep in the auditorium the next day. When we woke up it was noticeably darker outside than the morning before. I turned on the TV and saw an interesting news report; It was the 50th anniversary of Doctor Martens shoes ( At the end of the item the reporter announced that the original Doc Martens factory in Wollaston, Northants had closed and the entire operation had moved “to the Far East”. I knew what this phrase means; it is a euphemism for stating that rather than make the shoes in a traditional cobblers’ outfit by adult, professional British workers being paid a decent living wage, they’re being made in sweat shops by 12-year-old Vietnamese kids who get paid 5p a day and live in tin shacks. What a world we live in! And it was good to be reminded of how much we really do need an alternative view.

Peter Taylor
Climate Change in the Age of Deception
I couldn’t help thinking to myself as we sat down to listen to Peter Taylor: “Another climate change speaker?” Surely it wasn’t necessary to have a third speaker on this subject. But I needn’t have worried; Peter’s talk was partly on climate change, but it was a subject seen from his own unique perspective. It was only when I saw him that I recognized him from when I reviewed Karen Sawyer’s The Dangerous Man, see: . Peter is very concerned about other environmental issues, contrary to the idea that “if you don’t care about Carbon™ then you just don’t care!” He used to be in Greenpeace and worries about oceanic pollution. He sympathizes with Scott Tips’ position after spending so many times in international meeting rooms that resemble the Codex Alimentarius Headquarters. He compares himself to the doctor who spoke out against the practice of X-raying pregnant women. Believe it or not they used to do that! Today every radiology clinic has warning signs on the walls: “If you think you may be pregnant PLEASE tell us!” If the patient suspects they’re pregnant they are not X-rayed because the effect that even the small radioactive dose of an X-ray graph might have on the developing foetus, especially in early pregnancy. When this was finally understood the practice was discontinued within 15 years, but the doctor who rocked the boat by first suggesting it was demonized, just like the MMCC-sceptics are today (My different spelling of “sceptic”, as opposed to “Skeptic” is deliberate; I think that the two words have different meanings, qv). MMCC is a big-business establishment as much as any other, with high-level geopoliticians involved in it like Al Gore who is a complete crook. Peter’s own contribution to the debate has been the book Chill ( which major scientific journals refused to review, not so much as a “Taylor’s book is a pile of shit! Have a nice day.” As experienced writers know, there’s no such thing as a “bad” review; anything that mentions your name is publicity! Peter attracted slightly less controversy with his previous title, Shiva’s Rainbow, an autobiography ( Peter is more than a climate scientist, he’s also a spiritual researcher; maybe this is why many of his critics call him a devotee of astrology and homeopathy, as if taking those things seriously makes one some kind of idiot. Sadly for the Western Rationalocentric Paradigm it does. Then Peter began to talk about the philosophy of science and this is when I really pricked up my ears because it’s a pet subject of mine (See for instance: It’s not often considered that science and Skepticism should be object of analysis; rather it is regarded by Western people generally, never mind the scientists and Skepmeisters themselves, that it is rather the pinnacle of human cognition and the ultimate authority and foundation, by which all else can be analysed. In fact the suggestion of analyzing science is the one thing that can break down their debate-composure and get a Skepolata ruffled! If you’re in a sadistic, excrement-stirring mood and want to indulge yourself then show them this:
The conventional Western viewpoint is that science and religion stand as opposites, on polar ends of a scale, while Peter has discovered that if you shift your viewpoint you’ll be surprised how much religion and science have in common. They both have rather similar organizational structures and authorities. They also both have dogmas and fads, the only difference being how these dogmas and fads are reached; in religion it is Holy Scriptures and with science it is the empirical experimental method. Once these dogmas and fads are installed however maintaining them is surprisingly similar in both science and religion. Another interesting similarity is that both religions and science emerged out of ancient occult mystery schools, although science followed Christianity over a thousand years later. Peter goes into the background of the Royal Society. If you go back to the time the Royal Society was founded you’ll find that science as we know it today was just one of several forms and the others were often known as Alchemy, an Arabic word that means “from Egypt” (It‘s worth reading my review of AV2 at this point and see Adrian Gilbert‘s section on the Invisible College). A pivotal figure in the creation of the Royal Society was Elias Ashmole, after whom the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford is named. The Royal Society of London for the Improvement of Natural Knowledge was created in 1661 and since then to be a Fellow, an FRS, is one of the ultimate achievements in science, a kind of… “sainthood”? However Ashmole was actually no Richard Dawkins; he was very interested in ancient mysticism and was deeply involved in Freemasonry and Alchemy. He also practiced what was known as “the Sacred Marriage”, but is usually called the Tantra, the use of sexual energy for spiritual creation. Unfortunately Tantra cannot work in a society where one of the genders is oppressed, as women were in 17th Century England. Women were expected to cook the dinner, bear babies and keep their mouths shut in those days. In fact Ashmole never practiced the Tantra with his wife because he was afraid for her reputation and safety if he liberated her in such a way. I personally believe that the oppression of women in Western history was deliberately carried out for this reason; Peter puts it beautifully: “We’ve been walking round for centuries with half our brain amputated.” Peter believes that science is in fact a reaction to this, an Alchemical trick! This is a remarkable insight! The fundamental principle of science is empiricism, rationalocentralism as I call it. The use of pure, immaculate logic at the expense, and indeed exclusion, of all other cognitive suites and the creation of knowledge and matter through singular left-brain activity; the rational, the observable, the repeatable. Science is actually a deformed type of Tantra! When Dan Brown’s books speak of the war against the “Divine Feminine” they’re just hinting at what’s really going on. There are encouraging exceptions among scientists though, people who have the scope and capacity to heal the deformities in science that are generated by its own limitations, like Rupert Sheldrake and Peter Fenwick, the two men in the vid I posted a link to above which I said would piss off a Skepper. Peter then moves onto his views on climate change; he thinks that the world is actually getting colder not hotter; after the series of severe winters we’ve had in Britain I can well believe it. In fact the only significant global warming that’s happened in the last few millennia is the immediate postglacial warming that ended the last Ice Age in about 10,000BC when it got warm very quickly. In fact in the Neolithic Age people hunted Pelicans in Dorset. Since then it’s been gradually cooling back and the mediaeval warm period and the warming in the late 20th century were merely blips in a much longer process. Unlike Johnny Ball and David Bellamy, Peter thinks that climate change runs in regular cycles. The heat in the atmosphere today means that the oceans will be cooler and clouds are the biggest controller of heat. Ocean sea level rises are actually not cased by melting ice caps, but by the thermal expansion of gases dissolved in the water. The heating has tailed off since about the turn of the Millennium and the oceans are rapidly cooling. The ice caps are growing not shrinking. There is an environmental danger waiting in the wings though, says Peter, a massive solar flare. At the moment the Earth is going through a magnetic pole reversal, see: . The Earth's magnetic shield is weak and if a large solar flare struck it could cause bad damage to the Earth’s electrical and computer systems; this led to a discussion on survivalism in the Q&A session that spilled over into the open-mike event, see below. Peter believes we need to be prepared for a world without electricity for a few years until the grid can be repaired. I think that might not be as bad as people think; in fact after going to the Mast Sanity workshop I wonder if it might not be a cloud with a silvery lining. Peter is more than just a climate change scientist and he did more than just repeat what other speakers had said. He spoke on other subjects like strange social obsessions, such as hypernihilism and the glorification of beating other people in war. This synchronistically is an issue I raise in my Blenheim Palace vid; see below.

Sunday Lunchtime
After Peter Taylor’s lecture Ustane and I had another choice to make; there was a workshop on called The Template, or we could go to the second speech of Daniel Estulin’s two-parter. We decided to go to The Template. The lady hosting the event was an Australian called Jennifer who had originally been a student of the Western Occult and was a Kaballah-trainer, psychotherapist and teacher. In 1993 she had a “crash”, a nervous breakdown and spent four years completely debilitated. Then went through a ritual at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury and was healed. This was when she first learned about the Template, see: . It is a form of spiritual evolution and transcendence involving ritual and the use of jewellery in the form of sacred geometry. Jennifer demonstrated one of these rituals on us. When it was my turn she made me put three fingers on the back of my head and hold my arm out; she then performed some kind of kinesiology on me, a bit like the one I had at the Findhorn Community a few years ago. The sacred geometry is in the form of Platonic solids (Interestingly when Plato discovered a new solid, the dodecahedron, it was suppressed by a government conspiracy!). These are sometimes combined with crystals and come in all shapes and sizes. The smallest is a tiny cube which you can attach to a mobile phone carrying strap and this apparently gives some protection from its harmful rays. I don’t dismiss this as I use Orgonite buttons for this purpose. Ustane was determined to buy a piece of the jewellery at the Template stall in the market room; I think she got more out of it than I did, but I was interested nonetheless. The session overran badly and so we ended up missing William Engdahl’s second address. Never mind, we can get the DVD’s.

Deek Jackson (MBA Bronze- Once Restored)
The Rising of the Landless Peasants
Deek Jackson (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) is an AV regular, but usually he’s to be found in the evening during the cabaret giving us his hilarious satirical show the FKN NEWZ, see previous reports. It has also been my pleasure and honour to restore his Materialist Bravery Award after he made this video: (However I think he’s really not doing enough and needs to put his words into action! See: It was strange to see Deek (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) being serious for a change, but like many comedians, even when he’s being serious he can inject subtle humour into whatever he’s doing. Deek (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) comes from Dunfermline in Scotland and did an apprenticeship as an engineer at the Ministry of Defence; I wonder if he knows Nick Pope (See: In his spare time he was a musician and played guitar in a band. He then went on to being an IT consultant and then became, as he puts it, “self-unemployed”. It was at this time of his life that he founded the FKN NEWZ (pronounced “Fuckin’ News”) on YouTube; no doubt his IT skills came in handy for the sophisticated special effects that he employs in the vids. The latest project in his dynamic life is political. Last year he founded the Landless Peasant Party and he plans to stand against the Prime Minister Gordon Brown in the upcoming General Election; that should be worth seeing! The purpose of the LPP is to take action on what we now know very well is a problem. The problem has been defined many times now and it’s time to find a solution (so long as we don’t get into a situation where we behave like my own comedy character Butt U. Doonuthin and end up turning on each other, see: The LPP believes that the basis of domination and oppression by the Elite over the masses is land. 80% of land in this country is owned by just a handful of mega-rich people. Therefore the answer for the people of Britain, and indeed the whole world, is to pool our resources and buy back our planet from our rulers. The planet can then become a common resource; we belong to the planet, the planet does not belong to us. It’s not money that keeps us alive, but the natural resources of the Earth. Without air we’d be dead in 3 minutes, without water in three days and without food in three weeks. These words remind me of the wisdom of Chief Seattle, see: . If all the world’s land was shared out equally there’d be 5.2 acres per person; take away about 3 acres for uninhabitable land like deserts or polar regions and you’re left with 2.2 acres per person. That’s a lot actually, about 3 football pitches each. However almost all this land is owned by the people I call The Illuminati and whom Deek (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) calls “the Arseholes who fuck our arses”. In Britain the Queen owns most of it while the rest is shared out between the Church and grand universities like Oxford. The Queen is actually the biggest landowner on Earth; she owns most of Colorado, which she bought up under a false name, including the site of the notorious Denver Airport, of which a lot more could be said than can be inside the scope of this article! Two minutes in the history books will tell us where the problem started: the Domesday Book (appropriately it’s pronounced “Doomsday”) which Deek (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) calls a “swag book”. It was compiled by William the Conqueror after the Norman Conquest in 1066. Although there was some land-hoarding before the Normans it was nothing compared to the Domesday Book. This was a compilation of every village, every district, every farm in England and a means to share it out amongst the Norman aristocracy. The Magna Carta was not the blow for freedom that it has been portrayed as; it was simply a product of aristocratic in-fighting. The Highland Clearances and the Enclosure Act put the cherry on the cake and the people of this island officially became landless peasants; paying rent not only for their houses, but also for the ground the house stood on. In the 19th century rural slavery was replaced by urban slavery with the industrial revolution. Deek (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) really shocked me when he told me that the last British workhouse was still operational as recently as 1948! In the 1990’s John Prescott insulted our intelligence by telling us: “You’re all Middle-Class now.” We’re not; in fact even some of the people we think of as Middle-Class are not. We’re actually akin to pet rodents in a cage; we’ve stopped caring about our rights because we’ve been pacified with luxuries. Central heating, MFI settees and electronic gadgets of all varieties, most of which put us into debt and we don’t really need them; and they‘re made from metals mined by slaves in the Third World. But those luxuries are for the benefit of the Elite, not us; they will take them away if it suits them, just as they give them when it suits them. We get a job and might join one of the trade unions which are very good at getting us longer tea breaks and paid sickness, but they never fundamentally change anything these days. The LPP has a manifesto like any other party. Along with the acquisition of land by the people of the country there will also be a single, fixed-rate land tax, and so this should result in a massive “land market” in which all people will be able to afford all the land and big landowners will be better off selling off as much as they can to avoid the heavy taxes of having so much of it. People who grow their own food and recycle their own waste will be given tax rebates because they won’t be using the services that normally do that; this will mean self-reliance will make economic good sense. I remember as a child watching a comedy show called The Good Life ( which is all about a young couple, played by Richard Briers and Felicity Kendal, who decide to opt out of the system and become self-sufficient, feeding themselves from a farm they set up in their back garden. I might watch this series again, and review it on HPANWO, for the ideas presented about off-grid life, but unfortunately, although I remember laughing like a drain when I saw it as a little child, I don’t find it very funny now. Under an LPP government the defence budget will be cut because the Army, Navy and other forces will only be needed for defending the borders, citizens and assets of the country as it is, a perfectly legitimate role for which the armed forces were originally intended; not fighting oil wars in God-knows-where. The money saved will be spent on solar panels for houses, although Deek (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) admitted that he’s interested in secret Free Energy technology too, like me, that would make solar and wind power etc unnecessary; see: . The system of constituencies would be abolished in favour of a single pool vote based on proportional representation. Everything that he was saying about the LPP reminded me of Leonid Sharashkin, who spoke at AV3, and the Ringing Cedars books where the concept of the revolution planned is the creation of the “Kin’s Domain” of a hectare of land. It costs money to be a politician though and Deek (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) asked for donations to the party, and hopefully membership. Or, he suggests, we could start our own political party and stand for office under that aegis. I like the concept of what Deek (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) is talking about and he’s being very positive and creative. I'm glad to say that, unlike most new politicians, he understands that this is about promoting ideas, not actually winning seats in Parliament. To try to do this is a futile gesture because the system is constructed for the very purpose of preventing ideas like Deek’s (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) from becoming a reality. In the same way David Icke stood for election once, it can be a great way of generating publicity, but we must never let ourselves forget to keep the system at arms length and ourselves well out of it. Many well-meaning people go into politics, buying into the Democracy Con or thinking they can use the system to change the system; but in the end the system changes them. It drives them to despair and corrupts them. A lot of people and organizations in the past have shared many of the objectives of the LPP, like the Diggers in the pre-industrial world, and the great economist EF Schumacher, and also the Hippies in the 60’s. And this brings us onto another issue: that the Powers-That-Be will try to stop us by force if they have to and we have to be prepared for that. The Battle of the Bean Field is a good example. In 1974 the Heath government sent the police in to break up an illegal Hippy festival at Stonehenge and what followed was an act of… there’s no other word for it… genocide. The police beat up the entire gathering, clubbing everybody, even mothers with children. The whole Hippy lifestyle all over the country was systematically smashed. Why? For no other reason than they were living a life very like that envisioned by the LPP: independent economies with their own currencies and barter system, self-reliance on food, home education etc. These ideas are a terrible threat to the Elite and when they get that scared they soon show their true colours like they did with the Hippies. Hopefully it won’t be necessary to fight for our survival, but it could one day be necessary and the alternative would be suicide. I like the sound of Deek’s (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) party and I wish him luck in the forthcoming election. I remember making the mistake of thinking David Icke was wrong to stand at the Haltemprice and Howden by-election, but he was right to. Deek (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) is too.

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Sunday 4 April 2010

Alternative View 4- Part 3

Scott Tips
The Most Recent Assault on Health Freedom America
It was good to see the return of Scott Tips to the AVosphere after his rousing speech in London last year; see the link to my report on AV2 above and read it too for background to Codex Alimentarius. He had some news for us in his continuing battle against Codex Alimentarius and his work dovetails with what William Engdahl described in the previous session; as I said, all these things are linked. It’s not manifest at the moment, but the situation has changed since last year because the first Codex Alimentarius-inspired policies have become law since New Year's Day. This doesn’t mean we can’t get organic food and nutritional supplements now, but the process is in motion that will make these products unavailable in 10 years or so. I’ve written to my own organic food box supplier, Abel and Cole ( about Codex and included a link to the NHF website and Ian R Crane’s Codex lecture, see , and their reply was very dismissive and carefree, see: . The manufacturer of my favourite organic dairy produce, Yeo Valley ( wrote back asking me for more information and when I sent it they didn’t even reply. The industries that will be effected by the new Codex laws seems very unconcerned and this bothers me. I agree with Scott and the others; this looks like trouble. Scott Tips is a supporter and contributor to the National Health Federation, a 56 year old organization the defends people’s right of access to alternative health and organic foodstuffs; however the NHF is unique in that it is the only natural health advocate that has a seat on the committee of Codex Alimentarius. They are a true black sheep at the dinner table. They are also supported by one of the few decent men ever to run for US President (and his decency contributed to his failure no doubt!) Ron Paul. The NHF have achieved this by acting smartly and getting a foot in the door before Codex shut it in the 1990’s. You can bet that Codex regret not shutting it sooner. It’s not a commonly accepted fact but your doctor is the most likely person who will kill you. Over 900,000 Americans a year die from medical blunders and side effects of properly prescribed drugs; more than road traffic accidents, gun crime or war. Incidentally the one cause of death we are currently obsessed with, terrorism, kills fewer people than beestings and lightening strikes. But at very bottom of the graph comes natural health. In fact it averages one fatality for every 53 billion doses; you could give everyone in the world 9 doses without taking a single life. In fact the only cause of death less likely is if you step outside your front door and get hit by a meteorite. Alternative therapies are suppressed. If you go to a doctor and are diagnosed with cancer the only treatment he will offer you is what I call the “CIOAPTS” method; Cut-It-Off-And-Poison-The-Stump. It is the only method permitted by law in many countries. Chemotherapy is deadly and it only appears to work because the statistics are massaged; any success it seems to have is merely because of early detection, not actual treatment effectiveness. But alternatives exist that Scott pointed out: GCMAF, and this has been used since the 90’s; however it’s currently only available from one place: Dr Yamamoto’s Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico ( But if you’re suffering from cancer it may well be worth the journey because it has so far had no failures; a fat, round 0%. It’s relatively cheap and simple to take, just weekly injections, and has no harmful side effects. So why can’t we get it from every oncology clinic in the world? Because disease is big business and the more disease we get the more profit’s Big Pharma make. In order for us to be stricken with lots of disease the establishment has to degrade our general level of health and that’s where Codex comes in. It’s two sides to the same coin; Codex reduces our general health so we get sick more often and Big Pharma has a monopoly on treating us. The other conspiracies that Daniel Estulin spoke of above play a role through their control of the media. Scott showed us the cover of the latest Readers Digest which featured an article entitled The Vitamin Scam. On the back cover it had an advert for a Big Pharma drug; a very shrewd piece of targeted advertizing I must say! The media put spokesmen on pedestals and turn them into celebrities; some may be aware of their role and others are just ego-massaged into dancing to the right tune. The Goldster is probably one of the latter, see: . As with a Punch and Judy show, a single puppeteer controls all the characters who appear separate from the superficial perspective. The NHF has fought the mainstream Codex committee to support what it considers the most vital piece of legislation ever passed: the DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) and it has opposed the many Codex proposals to repeal it. They also lobby the media to warn the public about what’s going on. Scott showed us a photo from “behind enemy lines”, the Codex boardroom. It’s a large strange-looking place with a stalls and raised gallery seating area and creepy sci-fi, star-like murals on the wall. I was surprised to find that members of the public can attend Codex meetings. However you have to be signed in by an active committee member and approved by the board and you can only observe, not speak. The Press is hardly ever allowed to observe Codex meetings. It’s creakingly slow and based on junk-science. Codex currently want to reduce the dosages of vitamin supplements to a level where they will be next to useless and the NHF is the only consumer union opposing them. Codex are also trying to eliminate the laws that force food manufacturers to put an ingredients list on its packaging. Another Codex delegate told Scott privately: “The public are too ignorant to understand food labelling so there’s no point having it.”, so they justify their work in their own minds; they can also get away with it by using the Orwellian term “Harmonization”. As with all government activities, the real deal often goes on in social events and private, informal meetings on the periphery of the official proceedings. Codex’ EU delegate, yes they don’t have delegates for individual countries any more, currently wants to reduce the RDA, Recommended Daily Allowance, of Vitamin C from 100 grams to 60. 60g is about the amount of Vitamin C you’d get in a single can of Red Bull! Scott and the NHF have recently achieved a major victory by blocking a proposal like this. Scott explained the complex convoluted wrangling he had to go through at the meetings, petitioning for support from the Iraqi and Indian delegation to win this block. I couldn’t record his description completely in my notes, but what came across was that Scott sounded like a sportsman who’s just narrowly won a race or game. The NHF is now tabling a motion to block Codex’ policies supporting the use of Aspartame, aluminium and melamine in food. Melamine was the toxin involved in the recent Chinese pet food scandal which resulted in the deaths of dogs and cats in the USA. Scott’s mission looks to me like a constant uphill struggle, and I’m sure it is, but Scott remains optimistic and determined. He says that public pressure works and sites the capitulation by Senator John McCain when he withdrew a pro-Codex bill after a public outcry. It is vital that we take action to protect ourselves and our fellows from Codex Alimentarius; we must be very persistent in our dealings with politicians and not let them fob us off. (And I really must write to Yeo Valley again because they didn’t answer me before.) Scott didn't mention this, but I'm sure he'd agree: There’s actions we can do in our own lives every day, by actually using supplements ourselves and eating as much organic food as possible; we should insist on high-quality organic and non-GMO foodstuffs from wherever we buy our food. This will not only benefit our own health, it will give out the message to retailers that stocking such food is good business; and it gives farms the message that growing such produce is good business too. Ideally we could grow our own food. There’s an interesting parable here: I often hear people worrying about how, for instance, a branch of Tescos is opening in a rural area and the residents fear that it might put independent local shops out of business. Well… what if the customers refuse to shop at the new Tescos and carry on using their local shops? Then it is the Tescos that will go out of business. Nobody is putting a gun to our heads and forcing us to use these big corporations! We, the customer, can decide who succeeds and who doesn’t, and if we exercise this power then we can bring down the biggest most brutal megastore chain. David Icke talks about the carwash in the local garage in his hometown on the Isle of Wight. The nearby corporate supermarket opened a new, slightly cheaper carwash but the local people didn’t use it; they carried on using the small local business because they liked the man who ran it and were willing to pay a few extra pence for that; in the end the supermarket closed its carwash down. I’m encouraged to see the popularity of the organic milieu actually. There are so much organic foods and other products on the shelves these days. I even saw a news story a few months ago that said organic food suppliers couldn’t keep up with the current demand! So well done, Scott. Keep up the good work!

Saturday Afternoon
After Scott Tips’ lecture I went to the market hall to look at the merchandise. Ustane and I both brought DVD’s of the conference shows which were being burned out almost as soon as the speakers had come off stage. I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy any more books, basically because I’ve already got about a dozen on my shelf I have yet to read and I want to read them first before being tempted by new ones. I’m currently on the novel Atlas Shrugged by the philosopher Ayn Rand and it’s an absolute doorstep of a book! I’m less than halfway through. In the end though I succumbed when I went to the Nexus stall and saw the crop circle book The Bones of God by Michael Glickman, see: . Glickman is probably my favourite croppie and I’ve been meaning to get one of his books; sadly his wonderful Crop Circle Lectures are no longer available. When I’ve read it, which will probably be sometimes in 2013, I’ll review it on HPANWO. Ustane was very keen on buying an ozone-based water purifier and when she’s tried it out I’ll let you know what effects it has. I was pleased to see that some of my friends from the David Icke Forum were attending. I knew "Dr Hemp" would be there because he’s part of the AV conference staff, but "Lookfar" also arrived so we had a mini-Forum meet-up. Ustane and I didn’t eat lunch while we were at AV; partly to save money for other things, but mainly because breakfast and dinner were so sumptuous that they did us for the day. After the lunch period we were faced with a usual AV dilemma. As you’ll see in my previous AV reports, the conference has events that run in parallel, so we had to make decisions of what to go and see and what to miss which were sometimes difficult. In this case we could have gone to the lecture of Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton whom I’ve seen online before, see: or there was a workshop called Mast Sanity. In the end, after a lot of careful deliberation, we opted to go to the latter. Mast Sanity was a discussion on the dangers of electromagnetic pollution that many HPANWO-Readers will be familiar with. I read an excellent book written in the 80’s The Body Electric by Robert O. Becker ( which described the effects of this problem as being worse than nuclear fall-out. Since that book was written the air has become full of digital and wi-fi signals as well as HAARP and Tetra. HAARP is the most awful thing. What a mobile phone does when you hold it to your head is basically what HAARP does to the entire Earth! We talked about “The Hum” and the ELF submarine communication antennas. It was an interesting workshop and the man taking it spoke very scientifically, but he was also interested in spiritual matters. I wish the Orgonite couple had been there though because they would have disagreed and been able to explain why. The man taking the workshop downplayed the benefits of Orgonite in protecting people from harmful rays, but from what I’ve seen Orgonite has the ability to do just that. Ustane and I came away from the workshop feeling a bit downhearted, but David Bellamy soon made us feel more cheerful.

Professor David Bellamy OBE
Tales from a Fallen Icon… or Was I Pushed?
It was nice to see David Bellamy’s return to the Alternative View and he leaped sprightly onto the stage dressed in a T-shirt with a climate change graph on the front and a photo of Marilyn Monroe on the back. He was one of the stars of the show at AV2, see my review above, and has since not been reprieved of the disgrace he’s suffered at the hands of the MMCC-Theorist (Man-Made Climate Change) establishment. His experience matches Johnny Ball’s and like Johnny he was a pop scientist and educator who appeared on many TV shows, including those aimed at children. His fame and popularity comes from his humorous, charismatic and passionate manner. He’s a highly respected expert on the natural world, especially botany and has also become a dedicated environmental campaigner. So far he is the most prominent scientist to reject the conventional idea that the Earth is warming up and that human carbon dioxide emissions are to blame. David has been sacked as president of conservation group Plantlife and many of his former admirers, like the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts have denounced him. In one case they didn’t even have the guts to tell him face-to-face; they just said so in the Press! He’s been smeared in scientific newspaper columns; and, most hurtful of all, when he went to Australia to celebrate the anniversary of the successful campaign to stop the building of a hydroelectric dam of which he’d taken part and been arrested, his former friends refused to speak to him. David mentioned the names of three further individuals at the BBC who’ve been persecuted for the dismissal of the MMCC Theory, two journalists and a weatherman. One of the journalists, Julian Pettifer, is one whose TV shows I also watched as a child. It really is akin to being a Holocaust Denier! David is opposed to many of the environmental “protection” programmes that emerged out of the rise of the MMCC Theorist dictatorship like wind farms. He recommends a book called The Wind Farm Scam by John Hetherington ( . Wind farms are an eyesore and do a lot of harm to wildlife; they kill birds and bats… and even knock dents in the occasional passing UFO! Green campaigners will contra all these drawbacks with the words: “Yes, but we have to reduce our Carbon™ emissions!” A real breakthrough happened last year that lit up the whole situation like a bolt of lightening: Climategate. Ian and the other AV staff had put up a big notice board on the stage with printouts of the most revealing of the Climategate emails; after David‘s speech we could walk up and read them. What happened was that a hacker managed to access the email accounts of scientists from the International Panel on Climate Change that were stored in the computers in the University of East Anglia. The emails were of private discussions between various scientists in which they blatantly and state how they know very well the MMCC Theory is incorrect, but they decide to conspire to cover that up for political and economic reasons. The control of the media by the government was sadly tight enough to prevent this story becoming the scandal it deserved to be; however it swept around the alternative media and internet like wildfire; it ends the debate of this subject as far as I’m concerned. David has spoken before about the Hockey-Stick Hoax see: . This was an attempt to make the real “inconvenient truth” of the Medieval Warm Period simply… go away. These MMCC-ers destroy data so that it cannot be peer-reviewed, a debasement of one of the principle tenets of science, and spread hysterical propaganda like this monstrosity of a BBC documentary: . I review this act of mental rape here: . They also distribute the famous photo of a polar bear trapped on a melting ice floe, which I reproduce at the top of this article. “Poor bear! He’s going to drown!” This kind of thing is especially upsetting to children. What they don’t tell you is that polar bears are excellent swimmers, in fact they’re virtually amphibious, that bear was therefore in no more danger than a seal or penguin; but the image is used regardless of the facts in what is virtually emotional terrorism! David then explained the significance of the images on his T-shirt. On the front was a graph showing the effect volcanoes have on climate and on the back was the photo of Marilyn Monroe with her skirt blowing up round her ears. David says that even at 77 years of age that photo makes his temperature rise! And only after that has happened does he start breathing more heavily and producing more Carbon™. It’s the same with Al Gore’s Oscar-winning film A Convenient Lie. CO2 levels in the atmosphere are indeed linked to temperature rises like Gore says, but Gore omits to tell you that the cause and effect are back to front: CO2 levels rise after temperatures do which indicates that they are an effect of temperature rises and not the cause. David makes a lot of the same points that Johnny Ball did and I hope both speakers got to meet each other. As you can see from the AV conferences, people who challenge the MMCC Hypothesis are not loonies and ignorants, but learned men who’ve built careers out of educating and inspiring young people into the wonders of science, and who have only been ruined because they refused to keep their mouths shut when the authorities told them to, because for them honesty came first. They are here, they are organized and they have shown again and again that they will continue to speak honestly despite all attempts to silence and demonize them. Bless you, David, and thanks!

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Friday 2 April 2010

Alternative View 4- Part 2

Daniel Estulin
The Bilderbergers (or “The House of Orange versus the Man in Orange!”)
“I’m not a conspiracy theorist! OK? There’s no one-world government! That’s all crap! Don’t tell me about eyes in pyramids on the dollar bill because it’s crap!” So Daniel Estulin announced himself to the AV4 delegation. I’d first encountered Estulin when I was walking though the hotel lobby. A swarthy, sour-faced man strode purposefully towards me dressed in a bright orange shirt. I looked around nervously to see if he were alone, but luckily he was and the hotel was not being invaded by Dutch football hooligans. Daniel Estulin is a former Canadian intelligence officer who is now a journalist (“Former?” I hear you say!). He investigates the Bilderberg Group. Like Area 51, this has become an underground household name, but still has no officially acknowledged existence. You will never find an official Bilderberg Group website and its only references on the Net are independent ones produced by investigators like Daniel. Their information comes only from leaks and informants; no in-house literature is ever published and no members of the Press are invited to attend their events. In fact the Press must be actively forbidden to report on the Bilderberg Group when you consider the names of the people who attend and the obtrusiveness of the meetings in the areas they choose to congregate. For example the security for the 1998 Bilderberg meeting in Ayrshire, Scotland was the biggest police operation in Scottish history, but it received not a single word in the mainstream media. There are occasional feature or novelty articles on the Bilderberg Group in papers like The Guardian, but basically the organization is hidden behind a total media blackout. It’s odd because the people who attend these meetings are individuals whose movements and activities the Press is usually obsessed with: Tony Blair, Hilary Clinton, Condoleeza Rice, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Peter Mandelson, Bertie Ahearn and basically any senior politicians and government leaders from all the nations of Europe and North America. Along with them are less well-known, but I think even more powerful people: bankers, media moguls, advisers and political strategists. This site has a full attendance list: . Sites like these are compiled by dedicated researchers, like Daniel, standing outside on the streets at the edge of the security cordon and taking photographs of the delegates’ limousines as they enter the meeting. Daniel showed us some of the photos he’d taken with a telephoto lens of very famous people hiding their faces like suspects entering court or sitting on hotel verandahs in casual clothes as if they were just average holiday-makers. Only one ex-delegate, and one of the most dedicated attendees, Lord Healey, has ever spoken publicly about his involvement with the Bilderberg Group and his statement sounded like a typical politician's whitewash: “There’s no secrecy, just privacy… we just like to get together and relax and have informal chats… These conspiracy nuts are all talking bunkum!…etc.” (Interview with Danny Wallace ) It’s ironic that public events like the G8 Summits in Prague and Gleneagles and other places attract all the attention while Bilderberg gets none. The latest of the G8 events in London last year was met with thousands of protestors, but just a week later the Bilderberg Group met in Athens and only a handful of independent investigators turned up. However the latter was delegated by far more powerful people and seems far more influential. The Bilderberg Group has held a conference every year since 1954 and it always meets in a 5-star hotel in a random location. The first meeting was held in the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Netherlands. One of its organizers was Prince Bernhard, a former Nazi and consort to Queen Juliana of the Netherlands. The current Queen, Beatrix, is actively involved with the Group to this day. It’s interesting that Blenheim Palace, home of the Duke of Marlborough is situated very close to the headquarters of the Ditchley Foundation in Charlbury, Oxfordshire. The Ditchley Foundation is a similar organization to the Bilderberg Group, although unlike Bilderberg it does have a public face; see its website: . However we should still be on our guard, as it may well have a Bilderberg-style under-the-counter aspect to it as well; see that its membership does overlap with Bilderberg. What’s interesting is that the first Duke of Marlborough was given his title by King William III in 1705 after winning the supposed “Battle” of the Boyne (This was in fact not a battle at all; it was a ritual, but that’s a story for another time). I’ve made a HPANWO TV film at Blenheim Palace which is now available, see: . William III represents the House of Orange’s incursion onto the British Throne, but the House of Orange is still incumbent on the Dutch Throne and Queen Beatrix is the latest monarch of that dynasty. However Daniel very vocally dismisses this line of enquiry. For him the origins of the Group go back relatively recently to the Black Nobility of Venice in the 19th Century, the people who he believes set up the modern banking system. To know who is involved you just have to follow the money. Bilderberg itself is a fairly new organization, but it is modeled on predecessors that can be traced back to the Black Nobility. Based on the leaked information he has studied Daniel has worked out how the Group is formatted. It has a steering committee to direct it and select individuals to be invited. About 130 delegates attend each year. Once the meeting is underway there are all-member sessions in a large central conference and also workshops of about 20 people each on various specialized subjects. The membership list is a mixture of regulars and one-off visitors. If you get on that list then it seems to be remarkably good for your career; many Presidents and Prime Ministers, like Margaret Thatcher, Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, achieved their positions just a couple of years after receiving invitations to the Bilderberg Group, as first-time guests when they were lowly back-bench MP’s or obscure congressmen and senators. The goal of the Bilderberg Group, Daniel says, is to consolidate power for the Elite Globalist clique and destroy national and individual sovereignty. This involves attacking minority languages and cultures and restraining the advancement of science. I think differently to Daniel in that I don’t think the Bilderbergers would object to the advancement of science so long as it is hoarded by them and they are the sole beneficiaries. They formulate plans in the meetings that are then carried out by politicians in the various countries. For instance Daniel believes that the Bilderbergers want to destroy Canada by supporting the independence movement in Quebec (Does this include the terrorist group the FLQ? Why not? It wouldn’t be the first time the Elite have sponsored terrorism!) and they were behind the independence referendum a few years ago that narrowly failed. If Quebec becomes independent then the rest of the country would be renamed “British Canada” and merged with the United States. Is this why the Canadian Dollar has been devalued? The creation of a North American superstate also originates at the 1973 Bilderberg Group meeting, long before the creation of NAFTA. The Bilderbergers have their wicked way with us through their control of the media. The infamous Danish Muslim cartoons were a deliberate ploy to enrage Muslims; I worked that out for myself and was saddened at how Muslims all over the world took the bait. Daniel thinks that a lot of these protests were themselves set up and aided by the same Elitist agencies. This is possible because it’s definitely happened in Britain, see: . In one TV report, the protestors were carrying thousands of Danish flags which they all burnt, but where did they get so many Danish flags from in Yemen and Indonesia? The media also, to quote Silent Weapons for a Quiet War, “distracts us with matters of no real importance” and Daniel believes that the Bilderbergers are behind this too. I’ve noticed that over the past two or three months there have been a succession of news stories about the private lives of sports stars. Four or five different sports stars have been caught out cheating on their partners and there have been long articles and centrefold features on them; is this a coincidence? No way! Daniel’s view of the Bilderberg Group is that it is not so much a capstone as a circle within circles, this is so that the clique will survive if a few of them get assassinated. It’s impossible to carry out a “decapitation” hit on any of them because like the Hydra they have so many heads and they are organized this way deliberately. Daniel has worked really hard on this subject, I can see clearly, and his research is really interesting, but unfortunately his attitude could make his information less accessible. His opening sentence was only the first line in a long and angry tirade which he inserted between his factual revelations at regular and numerous times. He constantly used the word “crap” in reference to “that Dan Brown stuff”, “crystal skull, eye-in-the-pyramid”. “What does all this crap mean!?” “Shut up about it!” “That crap is putting people off!” He strutted arrogantly up and down the stage “hanging ten” and pelvic thrusting as he ranted at us. There’s no doubt he genuinely wanted to share his real information with us, but his aggressive and judgemental manner is going to alienate many of the people who need to hear it. He came to do a lecture, but he also clearly took the opportunity to lance a boil. I’ve seen this same thing in the UK 9/11 Truth organizations. They are desperate not to be associated with the popular image of “Conspiracy nuts” and do everything they can to project the image of being a political organization and not into UFO‘s or the fake moon landings, black helicopters etc. I think this is why I always felt unwelcome when I was involved with the campaign a few years ago. The Bilderberg Group, like 9/11, does fit into these other conspiracies and I think it’s a mistake to consider it otherwise. Many people disagree, and it’s OK to disagree, and to say you disagree; but disagree respectfully or you will drive a wedge between yourself and much of your audience. Daniel indulged his anger during his speech and I, and many other delegates, felt we were under attack. He can educate us or he can wash his head at us, but he can’t do both at the same time. The Skepper Dr Ben Goldacre has this same shortcoming, see: . Daniel is an interesting researcher and his contribution to the alternative media is very valuable, but he needs to learn a bit of self-control.

F William Engdahl
Genetics- The New Name for Eugenics
I first met William Engdahl outside the restaurant on Friday evening, but in doing so it revealed something about myself that feels uncomfortable. You see, Engdahl can’t walk. He is a wheelchair-user. I knew what he looked like and I knew his voice from his various radio interviews and his books are definitely on my study-list, but when I met him I just saw a dude in a wheelchair waiting for the disabled-lift to take him upstairs to dinner; I failed to recognize him at all. It was a big wake-up call for me because for so long I’ve been snootily preening myself for being a man without prejudices! But my mind still has a cognitive lock on it that needs to be picked and when I finally realized who the man I met was I awakened to that. Nobody has mentioned before that Engdahl can’t walk, and why should they? It’s not relevant to his work at all. He came into the conference room and began his talk in a calm and professional voice, a great contrast to Daniel Estulin whom he succeeded on stage. He has written numerous books on various aspects of the political agenda for the mass control of humanity by the Globalist Elite. One of those aspects is to do with food, particularly GMO food which we’ve discussed before at the AV conferences. What William described was a nightmare; a terrifying revelation that the Elite class plan a conquest beyond the ambitions of any empire that has ever risen on Earth before: the conquest of the very biosphere of the planet, to make all Life on Earth a chattel to what I call The Illuminati. This vanguard of this invasion is what William calls “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”, the bioscience companies Monsanto, Dupont, Dow and the British and Irish company Syngenta. This evil plot emerged in the 50’s and 60’s under the presence in government of Richard Nixon, particularly through his lackey Henry Kissinger (or was Nixon the lackey?). Kissinger coined the infamous phrase “useless eaters” and a document was published outlining this plan. So you can’t call this a “Conspiracy Theory”, it’s a Conspiracy Fact, backed up by official literature. The document was originally classified Top Secret and was innocuously entitled NSSM-200. The theme of the document was that increasing population growth in a number of foreign countries constituted a “clear and present danger” to US national security; in other words the security of the NWO agenda. This document soon became official government policy and set the US on a course to reduce the population of 10 countries by any means necessary; among the countries mentioned was Brazil, Indonesia and India, the 5th, 3rd and 2nd most populous countries in the world respectively, containing within them over 35% of all humanity. The NSSM-200 document was the inspiration behind the Eugenics studies at Cambridge University. Whenever you hear the words “Eugenics” beware! It’s a euphemism for something very sinister indeed. Eugenics is historically linked with Nazi Germany, but in fact it was begun in the United States by the Rockefeller Foundation before the rise of Hitler, and when Hitler came to power it was the Rockefeller Foundation who went to Hitler and sold him the idea of Eugenics, as opposed to the conventional view: that Hitler came up with the notion himself independently and was opposed the US government. Modern Molecular Biology and Genetics today is a front for this continuing project. No, it did not end with the defeat of the Nazis; let’s clear that up right now! It’s a programme that continued after World War II and does so to this day. Molecular Biology is the essence of Eugenics in that it states that life is merely the sum of the parts of a chemical cocktail; it’s a scientific error, and read below for what Peter Taylor has to say about that too. Genes are for life what atoms are for matter, not something that you can make life from. Genetics is an artificial pseudoscience that has become a controlled branch of the genuine science of biology. The central achievement of this pseudoscience has been Genetically Modified Organisms. The first GM crop created was “Golden Rice” so called because it had a yellowish tinge that came from it having a daffodil gene in it. It’s creator was a small chemical company based in St Louis, Missouri, USA called Monsanto. It’s only claim to fame thus far had been its manufacture of Agent Orange, the chemical weapon deployed during the Vietnam War. Monsanto patented the “genetic cannon” which made GMO-creation easier and it then went on to produce GM soya that is pest-resistant, but only if it is used alongside another Monsanto product, Round-Up pesticide, which is highly toxic. Round-Up’s side effects include reduced sperm count in men and ovulation in women, a prerequisite to population reduction through reduced birth rates? Certainly, but they don’t stop there! Arpad Pusztai is a close friend of William’s and you should read my review of his lecture at AV2 to know more about what happened to him; see above for the link. Arpad Pusztai was witch-hunted out of government service from the highest level and William thinks that Tony Blair personally ordered his discharge from the MAFF. The whole concept of farming has changed until even the word itself has been substituted with a term straight out of the Newspeak Dictionary: “Agribusiness.” Farms would become factories with food grown from GM seeds in chemically-treated soil and harvested by robot tractors controlled through a satellite by the corporation that owned the farms. The traditional, privately-owned “Mom and Pop” farms would be totally eliminated. All seeds would be licensed and be unable to reproduce, ending a practice that began with the first farms 10,000 years ago. The client farms would have to buy new seeds every year. Livestock on the farms would be treated as objects, not living animals with feelings, kept locked up in barns and chained down and fed with hormones to make them as fat as possible before slaughter. The other prong of this attack is in the medical field with vaccines. This TED Talk by Bill Gates is interesting: . In it he hints that vaccines can be used for population reduction; but this means not just preventing births, but… actually killing living people. Bill Gates is also behind that “doomsday seed vault” on Spitsbergen Island, north of Norway. According to a friend of William's and fellow anti-GMO campaigner, Rima Laibow, this seed bank is just one of many (Tir na Saor Radio). Are these vaults being built for a time after the New World Order revolution when the population has been culled and GMO’s are no longer needed? There’s no doubt that more and more companies are buckling under and giving in to the pressure for the GM giants. Bill Gates’ food plan for Africa sounds like a back-door scheme to spread GM crops onto the continent. Zimbabwe’s demonization by the Western media may have more to do with its refusal to accept GM crops than any faux pas by its rogue leader Robert Mugabe. Iraq is another recent annexation by this imperialistic plan. The new government of Iraq has become a major customer of Monsanto since the removal of Saddam Hussein and one of Bill Gates‘ seed vaults has mysteriously vanished from where it was located in Abu Graib, Iraq. The conquest of the Vegetable Kingdom is only the first step, the Animal Kingdom would follow. Dolly the sheep is just the first of many other GM animals planned. In fact the biosciences department at Cambridge are working on a GM chick. Once mass-produced by one of William’s “Four Horsemen” it could mean that all chicken could be GM within a decade, thus enveloping the staple diet of southeast Asia. William has done excellent work in uncovering much of the GMO agenda and his work compliments that of many other AV speakers like Len Horowitz and Susan Bardosz. William warns us to think twice before we buy imported cereals and bread from supermarkets, as it is probably from the US and contains GM corn and wheat. Dutring the Q&A session that followed a woman stood up and told of how her son has been born with anophthalmia, no eyes, after she was exposed to a Dupont fungicide while pregnant with him. There is a lot we can do to stop the agenda that William talks about and I’ll go into these plans-of-action in detail after I review Scott Tips’ lecture next.

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