Monday 31 December 2007

Russian Roswell 2- Kapustin Yar

This absorbing documentary is the perfect follow-up to the one I posted in the Russian Roswell article.

Kapustin Yar is a vast and highly secretive military base. It's Russia's equivalent of Area 51. If anything it's even more enigmatic than its American counterpart! From what I've seen the most productive avenue of UFO conspiracy research lies behind the old Iron Curtain.

Billion Dollar Secret

I’ve a feeling this film was made quite a few years ago. The political and military interviewees make no reference to the War on Terror. Also the Frost lawsuit appeared to be unconcluded at the time of filming. The term “UFO” is very broad and covers a huge array of phenomena. Its literal meaning simply refers to any unknown object that is flying. This could be a ball of light, an amorphous glowing blob, a classic saucer or an odd-looking, but obviously man-made aircraft. Nick Cook is obviously an aviation expert and known his stuff when it comes to technology, but he is totally out of his depth in the world of UFOlogy. The same goes for John Pike and any others who are trying to explain UFO’s, in terms of the entire phenomenon, as simply secret high-tech aircraft. Sure, this can account for some of them; if I saw a Stealth fighter and didn’t know what it was I might mistake it for an alien spacecraft. The thing is that I saw objects in the sky that behaved way beyond the capabilities and standard-operating-procedure for any aircraft. Other people have seen objects that appear gaseous or liquid. People have seen the pilots of craft that are blatantly not human. How can these be explained as simply Black Budget military tests? It’s possible that the government have developed antigravity technology etc (probably from alien stuff they’ve captured), but if you explain all UFO’s as man-made then you might as well say the same for birds and flying insects! The bee that circles your flowerbed could be the USAF’s new spyplane keeping an eye on you! I’m surprised that even a UFO skeptic like Cook did not have more background to Area 51. This article would have helped him!:

Stephen Hawking- Alien Fears

The famous disabled physicist Stephen Hawking has given a warning. I can't find a link, but I distinctly remember him saying it on a TV show. He said that we should be careful what we transmit into space. All of the universe can pick it up and not all the intelligent life out there might be friendly. If there's a warlike, acquisitive civilization out there with the technology to travel to our world, we might be waving a flag on a battlefield. It's sad that the abysmal film Independence Day is having such an effect, even on great minds like Hawking's!

I see it very differently. The writer Brian Aldiss proposed something in his book Helliconia Winter that makes sense to me. When a species invents the ability to travel beyond its home planet it also invents the capability to destroy itself, because the technology of astronautics is linked to the technology of weapons of mass destruction by the fundamental laws of physics. The characters in the novel speculate that this is intentional. The universe has evolved this as a mechanism to protect itself. It tests the mettle of any upcoming space-traveling civilization. Because they inevitably possess both technologies they will be able to both fly out into space and wipe themselves out. Therefore if they are a violent and aggressive race they will destroy themselves before they get the chance to spread to other planets. So the universe has a filter to make sure that the only gentle and respectful species spread out into space. Any others will either self-destruct or remain confined to their own world.

Therefore I don't think we need to worry about telling the Universe we're here. Personally I'm much more concerned about the warlike intentions of we humans than those of any alien race.

Digital TV

Digital TV is spreading around the UK, and the world. In a few areas, the networks have already switched off the old analogue signal. This is a concern for me, not just for old folk and others who can't adapt to the new system, but for us all. This is for a resaon that nobody in the mainstream press has so far addressed: It takes control of what you watch out of your hands and into the hands of the network owners.

In the old days TV sets were independent machines which simply picked up radio waves and turned them into pictures and sound. The TV station simply broadcast and the TV receiver simply picked up; it was free and totally unregulated. It was also unmonitored and impossible for the station to know whether or not you were watching them. The controls for each individual TV set were completely in the hands of the independant user. Not any more. Now the TV sets' functioning is part of a network that is centrally controlled. Each channel has to be decoded before you own set can pick it up and the decoding system is controlled by the broadcasting station, not the set's owner! With digital, the station itself decides what, when and whether you watch because your own TV set, that you buy with your own money, is part of this computerized network linked though the digibox on top of your set. There are fundamental implications here for media freedom.

I'll give you an example. In my novel Rockall, the island's population has declared itself an independent nation and has been attacked by the military. They've set up a blockade of naval ships and, as it turns out, an electronic blockade:

An extract from Rockall by Ben Emlyn-Jones

“There’s nothing I can do, Mum.” Kayleigh was holding back tears as she looked at her mother’s face on the laptop screen. Her father was standing behind her and in the background was the kitchen of her house in Glasgow.
“God, I wish you’d never got involved in all this!” came her mother's voice through the speakers.
“Well, I have. I can’t turn the clock back so I’ll just have to make the best of it.” She longed to be with them in her house on the other side of the screen.
“But, Kay… Isn’t there a boat you can jump into and just get the hell out?”
She shook her head. “The island’s being blockaded by the Navy. Nobody goes out or comes in alive.”
Her mother put a tissue to her mouth and sniffed; her father put a hand on her shoulder.
“Mum, I know you don’t believe everything you read in the papers, but…”
“It’s alright, Sweetie; we’re both just worried for you if it comes to fighting.”
“I’ll keep my head down and…” The screen suddenly went blank.
“Mum!... Dad!” She tapped the keyboard, but nothing happened. Then a message appeared on the screen: Error. Cellular modem connection terminated. Contact internet service provider for further advice. “Shit!... Dill!”At the moment she called his name he burst in through the door. “Kayleigh, are you cut off too?”
“They’ve struck us off the Net!”

(Rockall is now available free online here:

Bhutto Interview.

Here is a TV show where David Frost interviews Benazir Bhutto, recorded two months before her death. The most interesting thing is that 6 minutes and ten seconds into the vid she refers to Osama Bin Laden being killed! I'm sure that made the CIA's ear prick up! For some reason, Frost didn't follow up on it. Did someone in the director's gallery have a quick word in his earpiece?

Bin Laden died in 2002; an Egyptian newspaper published his obituary. You’d think this would be big news, but it was ignored by the mainstream press. To understand why is to realize what an important propaganda figure he is. He plays a similar role to Emmanuel Golstein in 1984. He is said to be alive in the same way MiniTrue insists that Goldstein is alive: as a mythological figure of hate to focus the masses on in the War on Terror conspiracy. You may wonder why nobody has found Bin Laden yet seeing as coalition forces have been scouring Afghanistan for seven years now. The CIA has satellites that can read a car number-plate from 200 miles up in space and can detect the infra-red heat shadow left on an airport runway when a plane has been parked, yet they can’t find Bin Laden’s bunker!? The simple reason they can’t find Bin Laden is because he’s not there.

If Bhutto had come to power then she could have been have been a bit of a loose cannon, being willing to announce such a bombshell on a mainstream TV interview. Her card was marked from that moment; if it hadn't been marked before.

Saturday 29 December 2007

Benazir Bhutto Killed

What's interesting about this is that once again we see an important person killed by a "lone nut"; just like JFK, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon and many others. King's relatives were so sure that his supposed assassin, James Earl Ray, was innocent that they attended Ray's funeral when he died.

An important aspect to assassinations that are said to be done by "lone nuts" when they're really govt organized hits is what is known as "Prouty's Law". This states that the active role in the killing is carried out by the removal of the usual security measures that protect the victim. With JFK it was giving him an open-topped car to drive in and with 9/11 it was the shut down and confusion of NORAD caused by excersises. In 1974 a man called Samual Byck tried to assassinate President Nixon by crashing a plane into the White House, 9/11 style. He managed to hijack an airliner at an airport, but was killed before he could get off the ground when the police stormed the aircraft. This was an unsuccessful assassination attempt because Prouty's Law was not in effect.

Interestingly, if we apply Prouty's Law to Thursday's murder of the Pakistani stateswoman Benazir Bhutto, this is what we find: "Perhaps more shockingly, an attendee at the rally where Bhutto was killed says police charged with protecting her "abandoned their posts," leaving just a handful of Bhutto's own bodyguards protecting her." (Source: )

There are as many reasons why someone would want to kill Bhutto as there are people, but predictably it is being blamed on the mythical bogeyman "Al-Qaida" (An organization that actually doesn't exist!). In my opinion it's likely that she was taken out by the CIA. She used to be Pakistan's prime minister and she may well have returned to a powerful role in the forthcoming elections. the current PM, Parvez Musharaf, has been very cooperative with the American-led War on Terror, but Bhutto may well not have been.

Friday 28 December 2007

Earth Field

I've written a story! It's just a short, very simple piece, but it's the first writing I've done for several years. It's a less-than-subtle parable of the world we live in. I was inspired by George Orwell's Animal Farm, but in my story I've named the characters after the real-life people they allegorize, rather than making up names like "Old Major" and "Snowball". Feel free to copy and paste it wherever you like, but I do claim the "author's moral rights"; that I'm identified as the person who wrote the story. Hope you enjoy it!

EARTH FIELD by Ben Emlyn-Jones

Once upon a time there was a farm called UN Farm owned by a man called Farmer Epresentative. In this farm was a field of cattle called Earth Field. The cows were of four colours, white, black, brown and grey. The field was square in shape and divided into four quarters. The white cows lived in White Quarter, the brown cows lived in Brown Quarter, the grey cows lived in Grey Quarter and the black cows lived in Black Quarter. All four quarters were the same except for White Quarter. In White Quarter there grew a huge oak tree. Every autumn the tree shed a lot of small, hard, ugly objects called “acorns” which stuck in the cow’s hoofs and made the field look very untidy, so the cows threw them over the hedge out of the field. The cows had a happy life; they never fought or argued. They had plenty of food because every day, Farmer Epresentative drove up in his lorry and dumped a pile of grass clippings for them to eat, and filled their water trough. Then he used to open the back of his lorry and ask four or five of them nicely: “Would you be so kind as to step aboard; I’m going to drive you to another field”. They did so willingly and he drove off. The cows all thought how lucky they were to have Farmer Epresentative. He told them all the time: “You NEED me! Without me you’d have nobody to deliver your feed and nobody to keep you safe from wolves”. (Nobody had ever seen a wolf, and so you couldn’t prove they exist, but that was probably only because Farmer Epresentative was so good at keeping them away!)

Then one year, hard times struck. There was a very cold winter and it was followed by a hot, dry summer. Farmer Epresentative started bringing less and less grass clippings and less and less water. He used to dump them only in White Quarter because he didn’t have enough for all four quarters. So the cows of all four colours started moving into White Quarter to eat and drink, and also to get out of the sun because it was only in White Quarter that there was the tree. (Two very strange cows called Wilhelm and Reich came up with an idea to grow more trees. They said: “Hey, instead of throwing the acorns out of the field why not plant them in the ground and…” But the other cows wouldn’t let them finish. “SHUT UP! That’s nonsense! I’ve been to the Cow University and so I’m very clever; and I say that it’s nonsense!” Wilhelm and Reich came up with another crazy idea: “Why do we only eat the grass clippings that Farmer Epresentative brings us? Why don’t we eat the grass that grows in the field? Then there’d be plenty for everyone. We could also drink rainwater…” But the intelligent cows would have none of it: “SHUT UP! Farmer Epresentative has told us we can’t do that! Wilhelm and Reich! For God’s sake, grow up and join the real world!) So life dragged on. The cows all crushed in under the tree in White Quarter. It was hot and stuffy with no room to move or even breathe properly and the ground began to crumble from being trampled under too many hoofs. Worst of all, Farmer Epresentative’s supply of grass clippings and water was not enough for all the cows. Pretty soon the white cows began to get annoyed. They said: “Hey you black, brown and grey cows! Why don’t you piss off back to your own quarters of the field!?” The black, brown and grey cows said: “But there’s no food, water or shelter there. If we go back we’ll starve and die of thirst and sunburn.” The white cows said: “But if you stay here we’ll ALL die because there’s not enough resources for us all! The land will be ruined because we’ve eroded it with too many hoofs!” They failed to reach an agreement so there was a big fight and eventually the white cows elected a leader called Blair. Blair’s first move was to set up an army led by his best friend Griffin; they called it the White Quarter Nationalist Party. The role of the WQNP was to eject any non-white cows caught sneaking into White Quarter. They did this very violently and some non-white cows got killed. But the non-white cows were so hungry and thirsty they were willing to risk it and a few got past the WQNP. They set up home secretly in White Quarter, living off slave-labour jobs and handouts from a few of their white cow friends. In the rest of the field, life went from bad to worse. The situation was so desperate that the cows there elected brutal tyrants to lead them. The black cows elected a cow called Mugabe, the brown cows elected a cow called Saddam and the grey cows elected a cow called Pinochet. Mugabe, Saddam and Pinochet ruled by cruelty and murder, but there was no other way because resources were so scarce. (Mugabe, Saddam and Pinochet strangely never went hungry or thirsty themselves. No matter how much poverty there was in their quarters, they always lived comfortably on little patches of lush greenery with loads of grass clippings and huge troughs of water delivered by Farmer Epresentative. None of the other cows in the non-white quarters benefited in this way from this; only the three dictators personally did.) Things were so bad in Earth Field that when Farmer Epresentative showed up with his lorry, there was a mad scramble to be selected to be taken into the back of the lorry.

Then one day, a bright, young heifer called Person came up with an idea: He would approach Farmer Epresentative, explain the situation and ask for his help. He left the field and walked through UN Farm to the farmhouse and knocked on the door. There was no answer so he opened the door a bit. “Hello? Farmer Epresentative? Are you home?” There was no reply. So Person entered the house and looked around for him. He eventually heard human voices behind a closed door. The door had a sign on it saying “The Bilderberg Room”. Person was about to knock when some instinct stopped him. Instead he quietly turned the handle and opened the door a crack. He peeked in and saw that the Bilderberg Room was a kind of office. Farmer Epresentative was sitting behind his desk and two other humans were sitting opposite him talking and laughing with him. They were eating a strange food: sandwiches filled with slices of a hard, black substance. The three humans got up and came to the door. Person ran and hid round the corner listening. Farmer Epresentative and the two other humans walked off down the corridor and soon Person heard the front door open and close as they all left the farmhouse. Alone once more, Person gingerly went into the office, led by some subconscious curious urge. He opened the filing cabinet, started up the PC and spent the next two hours reading. By the time he was finished he was shivering and crying; his life was changed forever. Then he noticed that one of the sandwiches that Farmer Epresentative and the other humans had been eating was left lying half-eaten on the desk. With a trembling hoof, Person reached out, picked it up and examined it. He lifted his head and screamed.

Person ran back to the Earth Field yelling. “Listen to me! Listen to me! All of you!” The other cows looked up at him. “Where have you been?””
“I’ve been to the farmhouse” Person panted breathlessly as he arrived in the field. I’ve found out something terrible! Our whole lives and society are a scam! This farm is not called UN Farm, it’s called NWO Farm!”
The other cows gasped. “You’ve been to the farmhouse!? That’s against the rules! Farmer Epresentative told us…”
“His name is NOT Farmer Epresentative!” yelled Person. “It’s Farmer Luminati!”
The other cows scoffed. “That’s insane, Person! Farmer Epresentative would never lie to us! He looks after us. We NEED him.”
“He IS lying!” shouted Person. “And the names are only the tip of the iceberg! Did you know that there are no wolves living in this area? Farmer Luminati made them up to keep us afraid and to make us think we need him to protect us! He’s also got a huge mountain of grass clippings in his shed that he’s hiding from us! There’s enough there to feed everyone for years! There’s also a huge reservoir of water behind the house and pumps and pipes that he could use to irrigate Earth Field if he wanted to, but he doesn’t! What’s more, he’s got classified documents in his office that prove Wilhelm and Reich right! We CAN eat the grass under our feet! It’s the SAME substance as our grass clipping feed! Also we can grow trees in every part of the field by planting the acorns that we chuck out!”
The other cows laughed. “But Wilhelm and Reich are nutcases! I learned all about them in Cow University.”
“The Cow University was set up secretly by Farmer Luminati to blinker us from the truth!” yelled Person. “The courses are deliberately designed to teach us that anyone who makes us think we don't depend on Farmer Luminati is a nutcase! It’s a lie!”
“Why should we believe you?” The other cows replied. “You’re just a silly little calf who dropped out of Cow School.”
“Cow School is the same as the Cow University! Only it’s for little calves rather than older cows.” said Person. “There’s much worse though. It will upset you to learn this, but it’s the truth so you need to hear it: Blair and Griffin are in on the plot! Farmer Luminati is paying them off with extra feed and water! The same goes for Mugabe, Saddam and Pinochet! But it gets EVEN worse! You know when Farmer Luminati takes a few of us away in his lorry?”
“Yes!” said the other cows. “He drives us to another field. We all want to be selected to go because it’s far better there.”
“But it’s not!” yelled Person. “It’s not even another field! It’s a slaughterhouse! Those cows all get killed and humans eat us!”
There was a long pause. The cows all turned their eyes on their leader. “This can’t be true can it?” they frown.
Blair, Griffin, Mugabe, Saddam and Pinochet all chuckled nervously. “Of course it isn’t! This is just the ramblings of a silly little calf who’s got into conspiracy theories. Person, go and see a vet! Get some sanity pills! I’m worried you might have BSE…”
“How come none of our leaders ever get chosen for the lorry!?” demanded Person. “You’d think with their power and respect, they’d be at the front of the queue, but none of them ever go to ‘the other field’. Why’s that?... I’ll tell you why!? Those five have all signed a deal with Farmer Luminati for their own lives! They’ve agreed to help him rule Earth Field in exchange for never being butchered themselves!”
The five leaders get angry. “Do you have no respect for those cows who’ve gone to the Happy Field? Our friends and relatives we’ve had to say goodbye to? You come up with these groundless allegations without a shred of evidence…”
“No evidence?” said Person raising his eyebrows. “What’s THIS then!?” He hurled the discarded sandwich at the feet of the other cows.
The other cows went up and examined the hard, black substance inside.” What is this?” they ask.
“It’s called ‘beef’.” said Person and he stared to cry.
“What’s ‘beef’?” the other cows asked.
Person sobs “OUR DEAD BODIES!”
There was a terrible pause. The other cows turned to their leaders. “Tell us this isn’t true.” they whispered desperately.
The five leaders trembled. “Erm… Cows! Our… er… lovely Cows! Come on! I can’t believe you’re… er… taking this fake evidence seriously! This ‘beef’ stuff just isn’t real! Person made it up!”
“Why!?” they asked. “And how!?”
The five leaders stuttered, unsure of what to say.
The other cows began walking towards them with a gleam of rage in all their eyes. The leaders began walking away from them shaking with fear. The other cows started running. The five leaders started running. Eventually they leaped over the hedge to escape their angry subjects and disappeared over the hillside. They were never seen again.
“AND STAY OUT! yelled the other cows at their retreating tails.

The next day Farmer Luminati turned up at the field and dumped the grass clippings into the manger and filled the water trough in White Quarter. Then he opened the back of the lorry. There was a pause. “Well come on.” He said. “Who’s up for Happy Field today?”
The cows didn’t reply. They just eyed him silently. None of them ate or drank.
Farmer Luminati looked at the untouched grass clippings in the manger. “What’s up? Aren’t you hungry today? Have you all got worms or something?”
“We’ve already eaten.” said Person shortly.
“Already eaten? What are you talking about?”
“We’ve started eating the grass under our feet. And we know who you really are… Farmer Luminati!”
Farmer Luminati turned white and started shaking with shock and rage. “GET IN THAT LORRY!” he yelled. “DO IT!... NOW!”
“No thanks.” said Person. “We’re quite happy here.”
There was a pause; then Farmer Luminati ran up to the nearest cow and tried to drag her into the lorry by force. He heaved with all his might and managed to make her budge one inch before the other cows ran to her aid. Farmer Luminati fled. He jumped into his lorry and drove off at full speed. The cows jeered triumphantly at his retreating exhaust pipe.

The cattle of Earth Field tore down the lane to NWO farmhouse. Farmer Luminati ran for his life. He disappeared over the same hillside as the five former cow leaders and was never seen again. The cows broke open the secret shed and distributed all the hoarded grass clippings; they also went to the reservoir and drank till their hearts’ content. They set up the water pump and pipes to bring the water directly to Earth Field so they’d never be thirsty again. They then all went up to Wilhelm and Reich and apologized. They did the same to Person and thanked him. They planted the acorns all over the field and pretty soon a forest of saplings sprouted up. It would only take a few years until every corner of the field had its own trees to shelter under. The reservoir and irrigation system meant that before long the cows wouldn’t even need Farmer Luminati’s secret glass clipping mountain; they’d have all the grass they needed right under their feet, no matter how hot and dry the weather got. This had a very beneficial effect on the cow’s lives. They were much happier and more relaxed. They could work shorter hours and spend more time at leisure, sports and games, and artistic creation. They also no longer had any need to bicker and scramble because they now understood that there was plenty for everyone. The WQNP was disbanded, as were the puppet regimes’ state apparatus in the other four quarters. The cows eventually even abolished the four-quarters system altogether and divided the field up into much smaller areas. They elected less-powerful and more approachable representatives to manage these smaller areas that were subject to immediate recall if they ever betrayed their mandate.

This new system made the cows all very prosperous. They began to explore the world outside Earth Field with renewed interest. Ideas and plans for expeditions that they never previously had the time and security to think about now popped into their heads. They found other fields and houses with other animals: Sheep, pigs, humans, dogs. They exchanged thoughts and feelings with these other creatures and enriched their own culture as a result. They soon began to have magnificent flights of intellect that caused the biggest bombshell of all: They were not really cattle at all. They were infinite consciousness having a “cow experience”. All matter was just energy; they were all one Big “I”. There was no such thing as death, life was just a dream and they were the imagination of themselves. This gave them the knowledge to speak to all other parts of that consciousness. Even all the cows that had been killed at the slaughterhouse over the years! They were full of hope and excitement because they knew that this would eventually lead to a future more glorious than anyone can imagine.
And, if you’ll excuse the cliche, They All Lived Happily Ever After.

Wednesday 26 December 2007

Harvey Stickers

I heard about this a few days ago and it upset me, but didn't surprise me:

What happened was that Heat magazine published an article teasing Jordan's 5-year-old son Harvey. It said he was overweight and even gave out stickers showing the boy's face and the words "Harvey wants to eat me!" Harvey has actually got a congenital disease that makes him overweight; it also stunts his growth and has left him blind. Heat has apologized, but Jordan originally wanted to take the matter further and sue them. I don't blame her!

It's amazing how we see celebrities and treat them in ways we'd never treat "ordinary people". It's as if they're not even human. These magazines showing shameful beach-shots of stars showing their flab or with sand in their knickers make me sick. They had an editor from one of these mags on TV and she said: "Before you feel sorry for them, remember they're being paid up to £4 million a time for a photoshoot." So does that mean if you're rich then you're automatically deprived of all the rules of human respect and dignity? This sounds like envy to me! We're so focused on The One Goal of Life! money, status and fame are the only things which matter. Therefore thlose who have achived them are effectively living in Heaven! In fact this is not the case at all. rates of depression and suicide among the very rich are far higher than the average; if being rich and famous was paradise then those rates would be lower.

What have we become!? It says a lot about society in general that mass media can descend to these levels. Even to degrading a little boy who's seriously disabled! If Harvey was anyone else's child it would be unthinkable, but because he's Jordan's son it's good popular fun! We're so twisted and engorged with envy and bitterness! Hatred, there's no other word for it, of the rich and famous comes from our obsessive focus on the material and conventional. It's made us truly pathological.

Tuesday 25 December 2007

Nadolig Llawen

Nadolig Llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda.

Rhywbeth i ddarllenwr Gymreig.

Merry Christmas!

...Or as the PC-nuts would say "Non-partisan, Culturally-neutral Winter Festival".

Merry Christmas to you all, especially regular readers and supporters of HPANWO. Here's a present for you; hope you find it uplifting. It makes a change from the usual newspaper editorials, which are mostly crap! I think that the New York Sun in 1897 was very different to Rupert Murdoch's British tabloid of the same name. If you read between the lines you'll find it's about far more than just Christmas and Santa Claus. It's about life and the world in general:

Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus

by Francis P. Church, first published in the New York Sun in December 1897.

We take pleasure in answering thus prominently the communication below, expressing at the same time our great gratification that its faithful author is numbered among the friends of The Sun:

"Dear Editor—I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus. Papa says, 'If you see it in The Sun, it’s so.' Please tell me the truth, is there a Santa Claus?" Virginia O’Hanlon

Virginia, your little friends are wrong. They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age. They do not believe except what they can see. They think that nothing can be which is not comprehensible by their little minds. All minds, Virginia, whether they be men’s or children’s, are little. In this great universe of ours, man is a mere insect, an ant, in his intellect as compared with the boundless world about him, as measured by the intelligence capable of grasping the whole of truth and knowledge.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! How dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus! It would be as dreary as if there were no Virginias. There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and sight. The external light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished.

Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in fairies. You might get your Father to hire men to watch in all the chimneys on Christmas Eve to catch Santa Claus, but even if you did not see Santa Claus coming down, what would that prove? Nobody sees Santa Claus, but that is no sign that there is no Santa Claus. The most real things in the world are those that neither children nor men can see. Did you ever see fairies dancing on the lawn? Of course not, but that’s no proof that they are not there. Nobody can conceive or imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unseeable in the world.

You tear apart the baby’s rattle and see what makes the noise inside, but there is a veil covering the unseen world which not the strongest man, nor even the united strength of all the strongest men that ever lived could tear apart. Only faith, poetry, love, romance, can push aside that curtain and view and picture the supernal beauty and glory beyond. Is it all real? Ah, Virginia, in all this world there is nothing else more real and abiding.

No Santa Claus? Thank God he lives and lives forever! A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay 10 times 10,000 years from now, he will continue to make glad the heart of childhood.

British UFO Files Declassified

The UK Ministry of Defence has released hundreds of formerly "Secret-UK Eyes Only" files relating to UFO sightings in Britain. This is good news, but we mustn't think that this is going to be full Disclosure. We may get full Disclosure one day, and that this is a step towards it, but on its own it will be merely interesting, not Earth-shattering. The MoD has declassified UFO reports before under the Freedom-of-Information Act, but it contained a few sightings reports and close encounters by RAF aircraft, nothing more. The govt can keep something classified for as long as they like if it is in the "interests of national security".

You can download all the files declassified to date from here as PDF docs: (source: )

They include the files from both waves of release. As you can see there are hundreds of reports. Barely a week has gone by in the last decade without someone reporting a UFO. They're a bit consice; just the date, town, county and a one-sentence description, but it's still worth a browse. See how many you can find from your home town or district! This is just the tip of the iceberg I'm sure, because how many people see them and don't report them? Me for one. As regular HPANWO-readers will know, I've had two sightings myself and I've told none of the authorities at all, only amateur UFOlogists.

Here's a page that gives more information on the matter:

Monday 24 December 2007

Mars Meteor Strike- 30th of January

What worries me about this is that it might damage Cydonia, Tithonia or one of the other artifical sites on Mars. The meteor has a 1/75 chance of hitting the planet; you can guess the tiny odds of it hitting one of the sites-of-special-interest. So if this happens we'll have to ask ourselves if it really is an accident. It could be aimed deliberately at those places, or a site that hasn't been discovered yet because the powers-that-be don't want us to see it. This is very interesting timing because next year Richard Branson hopes to launch the world's first spacecraft specifically-designed to carry tourists. The actor Brian Blessed and the famous scientist Stephen Hawking have already bought tickets (It's good to know that the craft is wheelchair-friendly). The advent of easily-accessible space tourism must be a worrying development for those who want to keep secrets about what really lies up there!

If Cydonia or a similar location were to be destroyed it would be a terrible tragedy and a desecration of a universal heritage site. I don't know what we can do to stop it happening except pray and hope that the aliens break Prime Directive and intervene.

More Horizon Doomsday-Mongering

Just in case anyone still doubts that the Horizon series is a platform for Futureshock! This film can only be described as an Armageddon orgy! Is there any point waking up tomorrow morning? We might as well pop a bottle of pills tonight!

Of course the events described in this film could happen in theory; apart from the particle accelerator accident they already have! Giant waves do happen; in fact they've happened very recently: the Asian Tsunami. Meteors have struck the Earth and killed people; they've even wiped out entire species. This is probably how the dinosaurs became extinct. Supervolcanoes are real and they do erupt. Yellowstone has blown up before because the traces of previous eruptions have been found. Epidemics do happen too. The Black Death was the most serious, killing a third of the population of Europe during the Middle Ages. That's the way our planet works; and we are a part of that process. Either deal with it or go crazy!

My problem here is not that the programme is literally lying to us in that these things never take place. What I object to is the way it's promoting them in a sensational, disturbing way to manipulate our feelings. The animated shots of falling rocks and giant waves are interspersed with ordinary everyday things like TV news shows and street scenes, to give us the impression that these horror stories can easily invade our everyday life. They don't mention that mega-Tsumanies only happen a couple of times every million years. The same goes for supervolcanoes. As for pandemics... well don't get me started on that! The government is generating and exploiting the fear of bioweapons and bird flu in the way I describe in my previous article. In a modern country with easy-access to healthcare, good sanitation and clean water, disease outbreaks, if they happen at all, are likely to be minor and well-contained.

The particle accelerator is the exception; we are dealing with the unknown here. The "TBM" in the film is actually a fictionalization of a real thing: The Large Hadron Collider that opened in November in the United States. The thing is that the universe and matter are tougher than that. They would have to be to have lasted as long as they have and grown to such complexity. The universe is subjected to high-energy cosmic rays, gamma-ray bursts, black holes, supernovae and God knows what else we haven't discovered yet. If those things can't destablize it then I fail to see what damage, no offence to its builders, a glorified hula-hoop could do!

Sunday 23 December 2007

A Convenient Lie

I used to be a big fan of Horizon; and to be fair, they have made some good programmes, like this one about parallel universes (The Portuguese subtitles were not on the original): It is described as the BBC’s “flagship” science series. Unfortunately it’s also a flagship for establishment scaremongering. Last year they made a 2-hour special on bird flu that was sponsored by a “research” institute, which later turned out to be the Mayo Clinic, the principle developer of the avian flu vaccine! The words “conflict of interest” spring to mind! The programme even showed the docudrama’s characters taking Tamiflu with a close up of the box and its trademark; talk about product placement!

This Horizon show is a classic piece of disinformation: It’s so full of logical errors that it’s hard to know where to start. David Travis’ study was based on a single three-day period. There’s no doubt that aircraft exhaust has an effect on the cleanliness of the sky (Maybe deliberately- see my article on chemtrails: ), but couldn’t other factors be involved? The temperature range, like all aspects of weather, has numerous causes. I’ve noticed them this week at my home; caused by cloud cover and fog which change its effect within a day-long period. Also, the programme contradicts itself. In one scene they describe Global Dimming as “truly global” and say that even uninhabited regions like Antarctica suffer a 9% dimming factor. Then in a scene a few minutes later, the air from the Antarctic is used as a control in an experiment to measure the phenomenon’s scale! Professor Ramanathan even uses the word “pristine” to describe it. You can’t attach Global Dimming to Ramanathan’s experiment because the experiment shows that the Maldives’ particular kind of dimming is a localized phenomenon; worse in areas close to pollution sources and far less in areas away from them. I think we’re dealing with two separate phenomena with probably two separate causes. It’s also curious that the programme doesn’t reveal, decisively and unambiguously, whether the recent implementation of scrubbers and catalytic converters have reduced Global Dimming on the truly global scale that its name suggests. For example: has the pan evaporation rate across the whole world gone up since the 1980’s? It says that there has been a “reduction” in dimming, but this could be from experiments like Ramanathan’s that deal only with local variations; they suspiciously avoid detailed explanation. The programme uses frightening images of people starving, floods and forest fires, cities inundated and countryside morphed to desert, accompanied by chilling music and sound effects. TV documentaries are designed with the help of psychologists like Edward L Bernays and Marshall McLuhan who speak quite openly about manipulating the mass psychology to the political advantage of the Elite.

I’m against the burning of fossil fuels because of all the poisonous chemicals they release into the environment (as I said in my interview in Darren Pollard’s film: ), but carbon dioxide is the one thing they release which is harmless. A rising level of atmospheric carbon dioxide is an effect, not a cause, of Global Warming. Of all the sources of carbon dioxide, man-made fossil-fuel burning is one of the smallest. The average volcano releases as much as a billion cars and there are 300 active ones in the world. Forest fires, oceanic life and underground seepage all dumps many times the CO2 power stations do. The Horizon programme talks in subdued tones about the dangers of methane hydrate release. What they don’t mention is that methane hydrates are constantly being released in huge quantities anyway, by decomposition and animals’ digestion. Do you know what methane hydrate is? Well, eat a plate of baked beans and hold a jar over your arse and you’ll soon get a free sample! Yes, and the government is even thinking of introducing a variation of the Carbon Tax on livestock farmers for the methane hydrate their animals produce; it’s been dubbed the “fart tax”! Another greenhouse gas that is far worse than CO2 is water vapour; and releasing it is unavoidable. Water vapour also acts as the “reflector” the scientists mention in the programme and my guess is that this may be the true cause of Global Dimming. If it is really decreasing across the world then this could be a sign that global warming is decreasing too. I was amazed to find that there is actually evidence that we have turned the corner:
Global Warming has become a religion-of-science and those who don’t agree with it are called “Global Warming-deniers” so that they’re automatically demonized along with Holocaust-deniers. The journalist Jeremy Clarkson was attacked by an angry mob who defaced him with custard pies and called him a “climate criminal” simply because he’s a motoring enthusiast. The nuclear power industry is harnessing this myth and persuading even environmental campaigners to support the expansion of nuclear power! That’s a bit like a turkey voting for Christmas! The uranium fuel of nuclear power stations will run out long before fossil fuels and in the meantime it will cause terrible acute and chronic damage to the environment and human health, like Chernobyl and Windscale. As I’ve said both in my interviews and on this blog: Alternatives to fossil fuels exist. They have been discovered and could have been developed well over a century ago. For political and economic reasons they have been banned.

Why would the BBC produce this kind of propaganda? Well, Global Warming or Climate Change, as it’s now called (It’s no exaggeration to use the word “rebranded”!) is important politically for several reasons. Politicians use it to justify increased state intervention and control, not to mention financial gain in the form of “carbon tax”. But like so much in life, there’s a deeper reason: fear. Governments need us to be afraid; afraid of threats, real or perceived, from which they can promote themselves as our saviours. We’ve seen this with 9/11 and the “terrorist threat”; climate change is just another strategy of power. It’s very suspicious that the man selected as spokesman for it is Al Gore. This, an oil baron who was Bill Clinton’s vice-president and he ran for US president himself in 2000, and showed little sorrow when he “lost” to George W Bush. His film An Inconvenient Truth is being shown in schools to children. I remember from my own childhood that children are very vulnerable to this kind of thing. It’s also strange how during the Cold War these alternative doomsday predictions were discussed a lot less. We never heard about the dangers from asteroids, volcanic eruptions, mass epidemics etc. Could this be because the threat of global nuclear holocaust was enough of a fear to keep us down? Now the Cold War is over and that threat diminished, we need something new to make us shit our pants! The Elite use something called “Future Shock”. This is the constant and aggressive promotion of multiple apocalyptic future scenarioes that become so overwhelming that people start perceiving the whole future only with pessimism and dread. It’s designed to demoralize us and breed despondency; an example is: “Well what does it matter if we invade this country seeing as they’ll all be dead soon from the melting icecaps” or “There’s no point in campaigning for a payrise because a comet is bound to strike this city and kill us all.” People who are demoralized and have their spirit battered are easier to control.

I actually don’t mind An Inconvenient Truth being shown to my daughter at her school so long as she is also shown the other side of the story. This film is the best counter-arguement:

Saturday 22 December 2007

Russian Roswell

I’m not surprised to see Roger Moore presenting this. He’s best known as one of the actors who played James Bond, but one of the things he’s less famous for is being very open-minded when it comes to paranormal and conspiratological matters. He even grew up in a haunted house!

This is definitely the most interesting of the various “Roswells” that have happened around the world. This one has been subjected to far more rigourous scrutiny than the famous Santilli-Shoefield film, and it has passed far more of the authenticity tests. Santilli and Shoefield have admitted that their film was a fabrication and the story of their antics has been skillfully dramatized in the very entertaining feature film Alien Autopsy, starring Ant and Dec. Santilli and Shoefield never released the original cinefilm for forensic tests; unlike this film. Experts in pathology and photography never gave their approval to it, unlike this film. Here is the Santilli Shoefield film so you can compare it:

This is more likely to be a genuine UFO crash film than any other I’ve heard of; in fact I’m surprised I’ve never encountered this case before! It deserves to be more famous than it is! When I see the saucer lying there I’m struck by the lack of disturbance to the surrounding area. The snow-covered ground and bushes are intact and the soil has settled around the object. This is not necessarily evidence of a hoax, but it indicates to me that the object crashed some time, maybe several years, before it was discovered and filmed. If the crash had only just happened then there would be marks on the ground, snow tracks, broken undergrowth and even the odd damaged tree. The soil would also be scarred and displaced from the impact. The creature in the autopsy footage was also badly decomposed, suggesting some time had passed between its death and its examination (Who knows how quickly, or even whether, aliens decompose!?).

If this was, as the film suggests, only a training film then two questions immediately leap to mind: Why was it classified Top Secret? And why was the 1960’s Red Army carrying out training drills for the recovery of artifacts and corpses from an extraterrestrial civilization?

I also wonder if Anastasia, made famous by the Ringing Cedars books, has heard of this. She had a lot to say in the first book about UFO's. (I'll try to recall, but I can't check becuse I've given the book away to a Polish woman; the series has been translated into Polish along with nearly every eastern European language, but she badly wanted to read the English translation by John Wordsworth and Leonid Sharashkin) Anastasia said that UFO's "solidify" air. They take in air and turn it into solid lumps of material that propels the craft. Anastasia says that you can even easily and safely hold these "lumps of air" in your hand! So she must know quite a bit about the UFO phenomenon over Russia. So she should. UFO's appear everywhere, but Russia is likely to have the most being the biggest country in the world; the old Soviet Union was even bigger; it covered more than 1/6 of the Earth's landmass. The famous Tunguskaya Incident happened in Siberia in 1908. A massive explosion, measuring about 58 megatons, bigger than any modern nuclear bomb, devastated the forest heartland of Siberia; the cause was unknown. This mystery was not investigated until the 1920's, because of the years of political upheaval during the Bolshevik Revolution. Then Leonid Kulik of the new Soviet Academy of Sciences traveled to the site of the incident, one of the remotest locations on Earth. There he found the signs of a massive exposion; millions of acres of felled tree corpses with new trees growing in between them, but no impact crater. Whatever it was, it exploded above the ground without even leaving fragments! What was it? Well, I've only read up to Book 5 of the series; maybe Anastasia will reveal all in the next ones! I read a short but interesting book called The Fire Came By written some years ago which presents strong evidence that the explosion was in fact caused by a UFO.

I should include a link the main English language Ringing Cedars of Russia site if you've never encountered it before (It's Canada-based, but there are different national Anglophonic sites in the USA, Britain, Australia and New Zealand that can deliver the books to you cheaper if you order them locally. They're well worth reading):

Thursday 20 December 2007

Roswell- No Aliens, just Sound Waves!?

When you start watching this you'll wonder probably where he's leading, but bear with him; all will be revealed:

Project Mogul is a very neat and detailed explanation for the Roswell mystery... yes, yet another explanation! There was a public opening of Project Mogul and study of boxes of apparently 1947-dated material, including realistic documents and packaged debris, including pieces of the biggest unmanned balloon that ever flew. The History Channel made a 1-hour special bravely called Roswell- Final Declassification. So many people think that wraps up the story, but in actual fact Project Mogul is the Doug and Dave of the Roswell incident.

Firstly, it strikes me as strange that such a project would remain classified until 1995. It's not just that the Cold War was over, but that even if it hadn't been, so many years had past. The secrets of the early Cold War were old hat and all the others had been declassified decades earlier: The missile development project at White Sands, the Polaris submarine missile system, early spy satellites, human intelligence rings. I think that Project Mogul never existed; or at least not in the way it has been portrayed in the Roswell Report. Also if the report is true then Jesse Marcel must have either been in a stupor the day he saw the debris from Brazell's ranch or else he lied to Stanton Friedman. Sure the Mogul balloons might not have looked like weather balloons, but they would still have been blatantly man-made and an air force intelligence officer would be the last person to mistake them for anything not so.

There's more to this piece of disinformation that strains credibility even further. By an amazing coincidence on the same day another military operation loses some equipment: parachute dummies. And these dummies were used to explain the alien bodies. I think if I was working for the government and I wanted to make up a cover story, this is the yarn I would concoct. Professor Muller's quip at the end is quite ironic. I'm sure he's not lying, but what he says is still untrue. He just bought the crap along with so many others. Project Mogul was not the "final declassification", it was a deeper and more subtle tactic in the Roswell cover-up.

It's always the initial news reports that are the most interesting; just like with 9/11. In the History Channel show I mentioned above, they actually claim that the first "Flying Disk" story was disnifo in itself! The CIA apparently sewed the seeds of UFO stories as a regular tactic to launder their own operations. I think this is just a double-bluff. It's the opposite: they use imaginary operations like Mogul to launder their UFO research programme. The explanations the Skeptics come up with are more bizarre and convoluted than anything we could!

Here's a much better documentary on the Roswell Incident which shows that there's much more to tell (follow the links to the succeding parts):

Friday 14 December 2007

"Don't tell 'em We're Porters!"

A few months ago I spent an evening down town with some of my brother porters. We drifted from pub to pub as lively fellers do, sampling the beverages and talking to people. All at once a group of attractive-looking women came up to us and we began a conversation. One of my friends, Steve (not his real name) immediately took me to one side and whispered fiercely in my ear: “For God’s sake don’t tell ‘em we’re porters!” He then turned back to the group without giving me a chance to reply. One of the girls then asked: “So what do you guys do for a living?”
Steve replied: “We work up at the John Radcliffe Hospital.”
“Oh really.” She said. “Doing what? Nursing?”
Steve shrugged. “No, we… just help out.”
“We’re porters.” I interjected in a loud voice. There was a tense silence. Steve glared at me. The conversation continued for a few minutes then the girls said goodbye and left the pub. Steve was furious with me: “Why did you do that, Ben!? What the hell were you thinking of, telling those girls we were porters!? Do you think I want to women like them to know I’m only a hospital porter!?”

There are pimps and drug-dealers who are not ashamed to publicly declare what they do for a living; why is it that so many people who provide essential services to society feel that they cannot? Not only hospital porters like myself, but cleaners, dustmen, road-sweepers and those who maintain public toilets. We talk about getting a “good job” and “I want a better job”. This usually means a job that earns more money, but not always. A policeman, fireman or member of the armed forces enjoys a high-profile job without a large salary. It seems to me that we live in a world where jobs have been categorized into a hierarchy of status. Different levels of status have been arbitrarily attached to jobs within the hierarchy that usually do not relate to that job’s importance or contribution to the human world. A stock-broker and airline pilot enjoy high status, yet society could easily function without them (some might claim it would even be better off!), however the man who removes and processes our rubbish is vital to human well-being; without him every city would have long ago been buried under a mountain of its own waste. But if you were to meet a stock-broker and a dustman at the same time, who would you consider the most important? The caste system of India is not confined to India; it’s a foundational cornerstone of Western society.

Any system of groundless values is part of what I call the Conformist Regime. The Conformist Regime is a fundamental part of the New World Order agenda. It is a deliberate strategy, not just an accidental pathology, yet I believe I am the first conspiracy researcher to understand and define it in any detail. The Conformist Regime is promoted, on a person-to-person level, with the same amount of coercion, insidiousness and violence as any other part of the NWO. There’s an interesting scene in the film Babe that gives a perceptive summary of the Conformist Regime: The scene begins with the little piglet, Babe, trying to follow his adopted mother, Fly the sheepdog, into the farmhouse. Fly turns to Babe and says: “I’m afraid pigs aren’t allowed in the house.” Babe asks “Why’s that, Mum?” and Fly replies: “That’s just the way things are.” That’s just the way things are. It just is. So many questions are answered with that non-explanation, and we simply accept it. I imagine that when Fly was a puppy she asked her own mother the same question and got the same response, and again when Fly’s mother was a puppy etc. The purpose of HPANWO and one of the great missions of my life is to end that acceptance. We should not accept It just is and That’s just the way things are as answers and justifications. We should demand to be told the reason why pigs are not allowed in the house. If there is no better explanation than That’s just the way things are, then we should break that rule; bring the pigs indoors!

I’ve already mentioned an example of a very frustrating and upsetting aspect of my job. Another is when someone approaches me and says: “Ben, have you ever thought about going up the ladder? Surely you don’t want to be a porter all your life. Why don’t you train as a nurse, or a paramedic?” This happens less than it used to because word has got round the hospital about what my answer will be. I used to respond to this is several ways. Sometimes i just said: "No". I also used to ask the questioner if they’d ever gone up to a nurse or paramedic and asked them if they’d ever considered becoming a porter! When they said: “No” I said: “Why not?” and they’d just pause and stutter for a while and say: “OK, Ben, if you’re happy doing what you do that’s fine.” And quickly walk off. It didn’t take long though until I discovered a much more sinister side to these questions, from the ODP’s- Operating Department Practitioners. An ODP is a person who trains for three years and gains a diploma or degree that allows them to do the same job as a theatre nurse without a nursing qualification. I met many of them when I during my six-year theatre tour... and nearly all of them are former porters. They more than anyone else have “popped the question”. The difference is the reaction when I gave my reply. They were reluctant to take no for an answer. They usually pursued the subject, becoming more intense and heated. Sometimes they’d say: “Come on, man! Porters are shit! You’ve got to get away from them!” or use platitudes like: “Ben, you’ve got brains. You’re too good for portering.” And one or two of them didn’t stop there. One man, Derek (not his real name), was very friendly towards me for the first few days after I met him, but after he’d popped the question his attitude towards me changed. He hardly spoke to me and when he did it was in a very abrasive and argumentative manner. He’d challenge everything I said for the sake of it. When we were working together in theatre he used to bark orders at me and criticize my work in front of other staff. Why? It amazes me that Derek could become so hostile towards me for simply being different to him. It’s as if being a porter and then training to become an ODP himself was not enough for him; Derek needed everyone else to follow in his footsteps! He once said to me: “I can’t imagine anyone wanting to stay as a porter”. What, anyone? That’s an awful lot of people! Everyone in the world in fact. How can he speak for so many people? But that’s what the Conformist Regime is about. It’s an ingenious system because it’s a mental and sociological prison, but unlike other prisons, you don’t need warders. The prisoners themselves are their own warders! David Icke puts it very well: “When one of the prisoners tries to escape, all the others stop him ‘Don’t you dare get out! You’re staying in here with us!’ One of them starts to dig a tunnel and the other fill it in! ‘Our prison wall’s coming down! Get the bricks and mortar!’” During my service as a theatre porter I found out just how far the prisoners will go to stop a fellow inmate escaping when I met John (not his real name).

John was an ODP who’d entered the profession in the usual way, through portering. He began a scheme in the department to fast-track porters onto the Operating Department Practice course. He said “I really want all the porters to have the opportunity to progress”. By then I knew that when he said “opportunity” he really meant “mandate”; and by “progress” he really meant “what I and the Conformist Regime considers progression”. It took him no time at all to pop the question to me and his reaction to my response was more extreme than I’ve ever experienced, and it made me realize the extent of the Ickiean prison and the lengths the inmate/warders will go to protect it. He said all the things that Derek did, but unlike Derek, he was usually friendly to me and I often saw him outside work in the hospital social club and local pubs. Then one day, he was talking to a brother porter of mine in a pub near the hospital, trying to recruit him to his scheme. I told them that all my brother and sister porters are free to do whatever they like, but I would not be joining the scheme. I was proud to be a porter, considered portering an essential part of a life-saving team and didn’t see anything more conventionally successful as “progression”. John turned to me and seized my collar. He became red in the face and screamed abuse at me. In the end the landlord had to intervene.

Really I feel sorry for John and Derek because they only do what they do; and say what they say, because porters, like all people of low status, have been put under such enormous social humiliation and violence. The media, peer-pressure, family values and education have all promoted the Conformist Regime. The One Goal of human life is to gain as much money, power, property and status as possible. Anyone who doesn’t achieve this is considered a failure, regardless of anything else he or she achieves. For in Conformist society nothing else is worth achieving except The One Goal. But by “going up the ladder” and “progressing” you are not escaping the Conformist Regime. You can’t go up to the Conformist Regime with your cap in your hand and say “please respect me”; the Conformist Regime doesn’t do respect. The pressure will still be there because there are still people above you who’ll look down on you. Even the 13 Illuminati Primi have superiors in other worlds. The solution is to see the Conformist Regime for what it is and reject it. But that can’t happen by courting favour from the system. That can only happen if your self-respect comes from within and is not dependant on the system, and on how others see you. It means being proud to be a porter, or a cleaner or a toilet attendant or a road sweeper even if every other person in the world demeans you. It actually means that Steve should be willing, even eager, to tell those attractive girls we met that he is a hospital porter. If they then lose interest in him because of that then as the old saying goes “If I ain’t good enough for you… then you ain’t good enough for me!”

Since I made the decision to do that a few years ago I actually feel happier because, even though I may have fewer friends, and have had fewer girlfriends, I know that the few friends and lovers I have had are true friends and lovers who accept me for who I am. I also enjoy the notion of doing a job that is important and essential regardless of its status. I find I enjoy my work more these days; I find it more interesting, exciting and rewarding. My experience with Steve hurt me more than anything any civilian has said to me. I’m not really bothered when I hear: “Porters? They’re shit!” I get bothered when I hear: “Porter? We’re shit!” It doesn’t matter what civilians think of us; what matters is what we think of ourselves. Unfortunately some of my brother and sister porters have a passionate belief in their own worthlessness and will staunchly defend it from all borders. As you can guess, these porters don’t get on very well with me! But I feel that the tables are turning. More and more porters are standing tall and calling out from their hearts: “Hospital Porters Pride and Dignity!” They are discovering the immense liberation and inspiration that it brings. Such feelings sound the death-knell for the Conformist Regime. With the end of the Conformist Regime we will be one major step closer to the end of the New World Order.

I’d like to finish this article with the lyrics to the Hospital Porters anthem that I wrote:

Oh, I’m a Porter and you’re a Porter
We’re Porters through and through
With Dignity and Pride too
Don’t give up on being you
We’re Porters through and through
In every county’s every town
Don’t let con-vention put you down
We’re Porters and we’re Proud!

Wednesday 12 December 2007

True World Order T-shirts

The arm behind me is my daughter. As you can see she's giving the NWO the finger too! This T-shirt makes me feel very rebellious and inspired. Thanks to Ellis Taylor for posting a link to this product. I like this T-shirt so much that I used the most handsome model I could think of! You can order it here:

Sunday 9 December 2007

Leave Our Kids Alone- Extended Trailer

Regular visitors will be familiar with Darren Pollard as he's HPANWO's answer to Stephen Spielberg! He's has brought out an extended trailer of his forthcoming feature Leave Our Kids Alone. It's all about the illegal and conteptuous creation of a fingerprint database for British schoolchildren. Click to read the background and my own experiences with this:

Darren battles against the forces of Law and Order (the New World one) and wakes people up in the West Midlands. Well done, Darren! I look forward to the full movie:

Sunday 2 December 2007

Peter and Jordan 2007

As one writer put it: "Who needs a new plot if the ones we've got keep 'em happy?"

The story sounds fake and contrived, with all the devices and nuances as the others I've already mentioned: (background: . I can't see how Cerys can really be worried about hurting Sarah's feelings, seeing as Sarah is bound to be briefed in, just like Darren Day's girlfriend was. All Sarah has to worry about now is Marc and Cerys falling in love for real like Peter and Jodan did!

Charlie Chaplin Breaks his Silence

And he does it in style!

The Great Dictator was made in 1940, but if it had been made ten years later Chaplin would have been McCarthy'ed for sure. Chaplin said that the film was a much needed-satire on Adolf Hitler who at the time had invaded much of Europe virtually unchallenged, but really this speech at the end is about much more than that. It is aimed at all people and all regimes. It's a very universal appeal to the good side in all of us.

I find it very inspiring and stirring. It makes this pale immitation seem all the more nauseaus:

Tuesday 27 November 2007

BNP and David Irving at the Oxford Union 2

Here's a film of David Irving's address at the Oxford Union. Sorry it's poor quality, but as you can hear, the protesters I mentioned below are trying to shout him down:

Here are some of the news TV broadcasts:

BNP and David Irving at the Oxford Union

Last night, the British National Party leader, Nick Griffin and the Holocaust revisionist David Irving spoke at the Oxford Union. I was in Oxford city centre anyway, having an evening out with my friend and brother porter Kevin. We’d just been to the cinema to watch Sleuth (an awful remake; pathetic and boring for me, a big fan of the original film).We were walking up towards Carfax to get some food and as we walked up Cornmarket Street we saw a huge gang of a thousand or more protesters outside the Union in neighbouring St Michael’s Street. They were packed tightly in the narrow street and waving banners and placards in the air shouting slogans. Kevin wanted to go to KFC so I said I’d join him in a few minutes; I felt a deep curiosity over what was going on; I wanted to investigate the debate. There were a lot of police around, including horses and a riot van and the scene looked angry. I pretended to push through the throng to get to the other side. As I was doing so I noticed a man behind me who looked familiar. I turned around and saw that it was George Galloway MP: I said “Hello, George”. He replied “Hi there” and shook my hand like a true politician. I feigned ignorance and asked him what was going on and he told me that Griffin and Irving were there and said “It’s a good turn-out of protesters tonight”. I went back to eat with Kevin, and afterwards I suggested we go back to the Union, but Kevin felt nervous and went home. I returned to the Union and got to a position where I could peep through the railings by the gate.

The crowd were getting more and more vocal. They chanted, among other things: “OXFORD UNION- SHAME ON YOU!” and “THIS IS NOT FREE SPEECH DEBATE- THIS IS UGLY FASCIST HATE!” Eventually a few people jumped over the railings by the main gate and the security guards tried in vain to arrest and eject them. There were several newspaper and TV news crews around doing interviews. The area was brightly floodlit to help the cameramen. Here are the news stories relating to the event: I was curious to see Irving and Griffin, along with other reasons, in case they might shape-shift! I didn’t see them except from a great distance across the courtyard. In the end the police escorted them out of the Union and the protest broke up.

This event disturbed me. I’m not a BNP supporter, nor do I agree with Irving and the last thing we need is a new Nazi regime in Britain, but seeing and listening to the protesters I began to wonder whether such a tragic turn of events may be preferable to a country ruled by the far left. What if these people ever got into government? In their vision of Britain, anyone who differed too far from their views would be silenced by law or even by violent action.. There would be no trial or hearing, because these things would be banned under their regime, the leaders of the government, i.e.: the people protesting last night, would decide on their own who was or was not a fascist. I recalled the story of the protests in Vancouver, Canada, when David Icke went to speak there in 2000. He was harassed by a rent-a-mob of students trying to stop him speaking, determined that local people would not hear his views. Of course anyone who’s studied David’s work in depth will know that he is the least fascist person who ever lived!

This is the issue: Can’t we make our own minds up? If we’re not allowed to just hear for ourselves what all people have to say then how will we ever be free? We can’t be free when some bureaucratic elite is making these decisions for us. It’s patronizing and insulting that these people think they know best what we should and should not hear. For all we know Irving and Griffin might not be fascists! The protestors say they are, but we have to take their word for it because we don’t get to hear their message for ourselves! I agree with Evan Harris. Let's not turn Griffin and Irving into martyrs. If their beliefs really are all nonsense then let that nonsense be blown apart in the marketplace of ideas. Locking it away from sight will not make it go away. On the contrary, it will just fester in the underbelly of society, preying on the disillusioned and desperate, people fed up of being told what to think! I’m disappointed in George Galloway for putting his flag next to this protest; I thought better of him. I’ve always admired his stance against the War on Terror and the New Labour regime and it’s a shame he’s done this back-flip now.

Some friends of mine in Birmingham who attended Probe with me, are BNP supporters. I’ve had long debates with them on the BNP and immigration, but they’ve always been good-natured wrangles. If I was one of these protesters I guess I’d just hurl abuse at them and walk out of their house! The BNP are not evil; in my view they are simply misguided. My friends gave me a copy of a BNP newspaper and I read their manifesto. I have to admit that if you take away their immigration policy and the bulk of their criminal justice reforms, the BNP sound very progressive to me. They oppose the EU, like me; they favour local government and democracy, like me. I would never vote for them if they were the last party on Earth, but I can understand why many decent people are attracted to them.

Immigration is a hot potato in the UK at the moment. We have several million foreign nationals living and working here. There have been calls from many people and several tabloid newspapers to end it. Personally I wonder why these people and newspapers never ask what I think is an obvious question: Why do so many people want to come and live here? What's the attraction of Britain? What is it about the immigrants' own countries that makes them want to leave them behind and travel to this cold, wet, hostile little island? Could it be that life in their own countries is so hard because of war, poverty and disease etc? My shift partner at work is one of several dozen Polish immigrants working there, and he told me that he can earn more money in a week in England than he can in a month in Poland. Another man at work is Rwandan and he says that before he came to live and work in Britain his whole family were living in a shanty. Thanks to his wages from this country they can now afford a proper house with running water and mains electricity (A luxury!) Nearly all the immigrants I know come from Eastern Europe, the Middle East or Africa, places where the people have suffered these terrible problems. When too many people want to go and live in a small part of the world then it can result in problems, but I'm opposed to border controls and regulations; I believe every citizen of this planet has the right to visit or live on any part of it he or she chooses. The solution is to improve life in all parts of the world. If the countries the immigrants come from were free from poverty, war and disease then I'm sure few of them would want to leave! What’s more enforcing a ban on immigration would require things like restrictions on travel, ID cards, biometric databases and surveillance… maybe this is why the media is stirring us up about the issue!;-)

I only know a little bit about David Irving and his views, but I don’t automatically shut my ears, and then get out the wooden stake and Holy Water, every time I see the label “Holocaust denier”. Now I’ve done that I’ve been amazed to find out that many Holocaust revisionists are Jewish! People like Norman Finkelstein and David Cole. Also many “Holocaust deniers” don’t deny the Holocaust! Many say that it did happen, that millions of Jews were murdered by the Nazis, but that certain aspects of the crime were fabricated or covered up to serve a political agenda. The group most commonly accused of being the perpetrators of this hoax is the Zionist movement, the people behind formation the state of Israel. Israel has nothing to do with Jews at all; it is in fact an outpost for the Illuminati to control the flow of oil and impose their will generally across the oil-producing region, like the Falkland Islands; see my post on this: . The Jews have been hoodwinked into being harnessed to the Zionist stagecoach and the trauma of the Holocaust, however much of it is real or unreal, has been a big part in their conditioning. So some Holocaust revisionists are actually sticking up for Jews! Far from being anti-Semitic, you could say they are “pro-Semitic”. Many countries have laws against questioning the official history of the Holocaust and Irving himself has done time for it in Austria. Another is the Canadian Ernst Zundel.

What I said above about the Oxford Union applies here: No censorship! Let them have their platform and see if they can sink or swim in the marketplace of ideas. From what Evan Harris said, Irving and Griffin were pretty much demolished in the debate last night. That is the way to deal with those you disagree with, the adult, wise, logical way. As Voltaire said: “We will never be truly free until we are willing to passionately campaign for the rights to free speech of those we oppose.”

Monday 26 November 2007

The Legacy of Wilhelm Reich 3

We're still waiting for the report from the archive, but while we do there are some amazing people who are putting Reich's discoveries into practice, despite the disapproval of the authorities that no doubt will be sent their way. This programe in drought-striken Africa could save literally millions of lives.

I'm glad Credo Mutwa is involved. Credo is a fascinating individual. He's the offical historian and storyteller of the Zulu people. Very famous in South Africa, but virtually unknown elsewhere in the world. Every time I meet a South African, or someone from near South Africa, I ask them if they've heard of Credo. Nearly all of them have, including people from Zimbabwe, Zambia and other southern African countries. Credo has some incredible tales to tell about his experiences. A few years ago he did a long interview with David Icke; here it is and it's well worth getting: His alien abduction experience is one that matches others' like Jason and Ann Andrews, almost perfectly. The creature who sexually assaulted him is exactly the same as one encountered in Brazil two years earlier. I'll have to write a bit more about that on another post.

Saturday 24 November 2007

School Fingerprinting Agenda Update 1

This is a drawing done by my 12-year-old daughter of the fingerprint machine they've just introduced into her school library. (Background: )

I've done everything I can to inform the other parents; it's in their hands now. I pray to God enough of them refuse to cooperate with this scam to screw up the system.

Thursday 22 November 2007

Was The Titanic Scuttled?

(NB: This article has been rewritten in a greatly extended and improved new edition:

The sinking of the Titanic was one of the most fateful and poignant events of the 20th Century. Titanic was an enormous state-of-the-art superliner; its manufacturers were so proud of their creation they dubbed her “unsinkable” and said “God Himself could not sink this ship”. Then in one of the most ironic events in all of History, she struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic and sunk on her maiden voyage on the 15th of April 1912. Because the ship was supposed to be “unsinkable” her owners and crew broke every maritime health-and-safety law in the book. They sailed at top speed at night in the North Atlantic in spring when the sea is infested with icebergs (not a problem for modern radar-equipped ships, but the Titanic just had human lookouts) and put to sea without a full fleet of lifeboats. The ship was struck a glancing blow and took nearly an hour to sink, plenty of time to get everyone aboard to safety if there had been room enough in the lifeboats. The sea was calm and a rescue ship was heading for them and it arrived a couple of hours later. This was a disaster of human stupidity, not nature. Worst things certainly do happen at sea.

But there are other sides to the story. Many have remarked how the disaster matches fictional stories about disasters at sea that were written before April 1912, like in the 1888 novel Futility by Morgan Robertson. This story is about a ship called Titan with a captain named Smith which struck an iceberg and sunk in April and it didn’t have enough lifeboats. Coincidence? Seems unlikely (even if there such a thing!). Some people have wondered if the horror and sadness of the disaster sent ripples backwards through time causing subconscious premonitions in artists’ collective unconscious.

Some people have put forward another more down-to-Earth theory: That the Titanic disaster was the product of a huge insurance fraud. This is a theory proposed by the Oxford researcher Robin Gardiner and many others. The supposed plot comes in several different variations, but this is a summary of them: The ship’s owner JP Morgan was part of one of the big banking dynasties and an Illuminati bloodline. He switched the ship’s identity with Titanic’s identical sister-ship Olympic, and then scuttled the ship at sea, making it look like an accident. This seems unlikely to me as it would mean that most of the navigation crew on board would have to be in on it, making a very top-heavy conspiracy. It would also effectively be a suicide mission. Indeed, the captain and most of the crew did die on the ship in their effort to get as many passengers off as possible. They would all have known that there weren’t enough lifeboats. Also ships don’t always sink as conveniently slowly as Titanic did. If the ship had collided with the iceberg at a different angle then the hole could have been bigger and the ship sunk quicker, maybe too fast to deploy the lifeboats.

What’s more JP Morgan had an opportunity to stage the ship’s destruction a few days before the voyage when she was in drydock at Belfast. It would be a simple matter to start an “accidental fire”. Wouldn’t that be an easier way to do it?

Interestingly the wreck of the ship was discovered in 1985 by the famous marine archaeologist Robert Ballard. Since then many people have gone down to visit it in deep-diving research submarines, including one or two of the survivors. There’s a plan to hold a ceremony on the sea bed on April the 15th 2012, the centenary of the disaster. Well anyone into “weird stuff” will tell you what a busy and anticipated year 2012 is going to be!

Saturday 17 November 2007

Reality TV

The Truman Show is a most remarkable film. It stars Jim Carrey as a man who believes he lives in a small, isolated town on an island; he believes he’s married and has family and friends. In fact he is not; he is the lone subject of “The Truman Show”, a 24-hour-a-day live Reality TV show. His hometown and island is really inside a massive studio and his wife, family, friends and strangers are all actors. The Truman Show is by Peter Weir, the director who brought us Dead Poets Society, a film about the brainwashing of the youth. The Truman Show is a blatant satire on Reality TV (It has many other intertesting themes too, but that's a story for another time). After my article on Peter and Jordan I think I should return to this subject in a little more depth.

Reality TV programmes rank as some of the most watched of all time; millions tune in to witness evictions, bush tucker challenges and walks-of-shame. But the genre is quite new. It began in Japan in the 80’s with a show called Endurance in which ordinary people would compete against each other in games that involved genuinely painful and embarrassing situations and see how long they could endure them, hence the title. Some of the situations were truly sadistic: in one episode the contestants were sent to the Sahara Desert and placed in small greenhouses to see how long they could stand it until the heat and thirst became too much for them. The next task had them standing on their heads half-naked in the blazing sun while somebody burned their nipples with a magnifying glass! The audience found this enormously entertaining and it topped the viewing figure charts in Japan for years. Modern Reality TV is far more widespread and equally sadistic, only it is far more subtle today. Appropriately titled after the leader of Oceania in George Orwell’s 1984, Big Brother places people in an enclosed house where they are constantly watched by the audience through closed-circuit TV, even in the bathrooms and toilets. The appeal is when arguments break out, rivalries, power-struggles and courtship battles. There is a ghoulish part of everyone who finds such things very interesting. Who can admit to not stopping and looking when we see these incidents occur on the street?

In my article on Peter and Jordan ( ) I said that Reality TV was Conformist propaganda and many people agree with me, but unlike most, I believe the principle level of the indoctrination is deeper than we realize. Firstly, as I pointed out in "Peter and Jordon", not everything on Reality TV is real. Stagecraft and scripting are employed regularly and perfectly legally, to an unknown extent. Secondly, the contestants are not chosen at random. You can bet that each one has been given a thorough psychological examination, as much as any member of a long-duration space mission. The difference between space missions and Reality TV is that the members of a space mission will be favoured if they are likely to get along well with their fellow crew-members; with the contestants on Reality TV it’s the exact opposite: They are deliberately selected in combinations that will generate friction and conflict. It’s no accident that Shilpa Shetty and Jade Goody were put in the Big Brother house together. The cultured, sophisticated Bollywood actress and the simple, working-class Jade were always destined to come to blows. Shilpa’s superior and snooty attitude was always bound to irritate Jade’s rough-and-ready mind and Jade’s own common manner was sure to offend Shilpa’s delicate sensibilities. As it happened the conflict got out of hand and resulted in the bullying scandal that supposedly threatened the show’s future. I have to confess I got some satisfaction from that. The show’s producers were getting their comeuppance, but unfortunately BB’s future was never under threat. There’s no way such a sleazepot like BB will be allowed to be brought down in that way. I suspect that the BB contestants, as in all Reality TV shows were given a Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. This is where you get given a list of about a hundred multiple-choice questions and by the answers you give a shrink will claim to know everything there is to know about you. (I was given an MMPI as a ten-year-old at school when I was enrolled in a class euphemistically called “Education for Living”. The shrink running it had the unlikely name of Miss Blow and she used to give us all sorts of mind games to play. I was “diagnosed” with a whole array of personality disorders: depression, low self-esteem, neuroses of various kinds; I was even declared mildly autistic! All based on my MMPI!) There is an agenda in politics all over the world towards greater authoritarianism and intrusion. In the UK hardly a paving stone in any city is not constantly viewed by CCTV cameras, run by not only the police and government, but private organizations too. The contestants in BB and most other Reality TV series are established in the media as figures of admiration and glitz, so the message coming from the programme is that living under the gaze of CCTV is glamourous and prestigious.

However, as I said above, there’s a deeper and more sinister agenda at play. It’s all to do with changing human relationships and social ethics. Reality TV is brainwashing us to be ruthless and selfish; it’s teaching us to see other people as rivals and enemies. Life, according to this new ethic, is a constant competition and the way to play it is to be hypercompetitive. In such an ethic a gentle, compassionate and caring attitude is a fatal weakness. The worst example of all is The Weakest Link. In this game, the objective is to gang up on the “weakling” (although in fact ganging up itself is the ultimate in weakness and cowardice!). The contestants are humiliated by Anne Robinson and each other. Any “buddy group” that is formed is a false alliance, only existing for as long as it is useful, rather than through genuine affection or honour and loyalty. The person voted off then has to do the “walk of shame” where they are pilloried as “losers” in front of the viewer. It’s utterly sick in my view and I’d bet my last penny that it’s been designed with the help of the Tavistock Institute or similar psy-op organization. It’s an agenda that is in line with current political theories like Game Theory (whose inventor, John Nash, suffered from paranoid delusions). Here is an outstanding three-part film by Adam Curtis all about it:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

For the Illuminati, a population in this state of mass psychosis is easy to control. There are signs that Reality TV is having an effect, especially in Britain. Despite claims about falling crime rates for serious offences, petty street crime has increased enormously: incidents like people hurling abuse at you from passing cars or from big gangs of youths walking past you, pushing shoving and being knocked off your feet. A recent article I read in a newspaper lamented that rudeness and aggression are the normal way to do business in Britain today. It is; and we’ve learned to do it that way from experts in mass social manipulation!

Recent developments in the Reality TV genre are a number of programmes starring the businessman Sir Alan Sugar. The Apprentice is similar to The Weakest Link, including staged arguments and romances. The contestants are young business students who want to join Sugar’s empire. The appeal for the audience is the obvious humiliation the contestants suffer as the prostrate themselves in front of Sugar with their caps in hand, begging for the prize. The Dragon’s Den is a series in the “Pop Idol” format where the contestants are people with inventions and entrepreneurial ideas; the purpose of the game is for them to be degraded by Sugar and his vicious cohorts for technicalities like making a minor mistake in the sums on their business plan. The Dragon’s Den gives out a frightful message: That creativity, vision and the spirit of enterprise are a folly. We are being told that daring to imagine that we are more than the robots the Illuminati want us to be is a crime that deserves to be punished with being brutalized by people like Sugar.

Reality TV has even infected programmes that were created before the genre emerged. Have you noticed how the contestants on the long-running series Blind Date don’t get on as well as they used to? The object of this programme was originally about how well a dating couple got on, but now the viewer is encouraged to enjoy hearing about their arguments and disputes. I’ve no doubt that the couples are being tested with the MMPI and other methods to make sure they are incompatible.

However I feel optimistic. This kind of mind-control is merely a last, desperate effort by the Illuminati to keep control of the people. As I said in my interview with Darren Pollard, the fact that propaganda today is so sophisticated indicates that it’s getting more and more difficult to fool people. The mind-controllers are running out of ideas; and it’s only a matter of time before their supply is totally exhausted.