Monday 31 December 2007

Billion Dollar Secret

I’ve a feeling this film was made quite a few years ago. The political and military interviewees make no reference to the War on Terror. Also the Frost lawsuit appeared to be unconcluded at the time of filming. The term “UFO” is very broad and covers a huge array of phenomena. Its literal meaning simply refers to any unknown object that is flying. This could be a ball of light, an amorphous glowing blob, a classic saucer or an odd-looking, but obviously man-made aircraft. Nick Cook is obviously an aviation expert and known his stuff when it comes to technology, but he is totally out of his depth in the world of UFOlogy. The same goes for John Pike and any others who are trying to explain UFO’s, in terms of the entire phenomenon, as simply secret high-tech aircraft. Sure, this can account for some of them; if I saw a Stealth fighter and didn’t know what it was I might mistake it for an alien spacecraft. The thing is that I saw objects in the sky that behaved way beyond the capabilities and standard-operating-procedure for any aircraft. Other people have seen objects that appear gaseous or liquid. People have seen the pilots of craft that are blatantly not human. How can these be explained as simply Black Budget military tests? It’s possible that the government have developed antigravity technology etc (probably from alien stuff they’ve captured), but if you explain all UFO’s as man-made then you might as well say the same for birds and flying insects! The bee that circles your flowerbed could be the USAF’s new spyplane keeping an eye on you! I’m surprised that even a UFO skeptic like Cook did not have more background to Area 51. This article would have helped him!:

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