Monday 31 December 2007

Bhutto Interview.

Here is a TV show where David Frost interviews Benazir Bhutto, recorded two months before her death. The most interesting thing is that 6 minutes and ten seconds into the vid she refers to Osama Bin Laden being killed! I'm sure that made the CIA's ear prick up! For some reason, Frost didn't follow up on it. Did someone in the director's gallery have a quick word in his earpiece?

Bin Laden died in 2002; an Egyptian newspaper published his obituary. You’d think this would be big news, but it was ignored by the mainstream press. To understand why is to realize what an important propaganda figure he is. He plays a similar role to Emmanuel Golstein in 1984. He is said to be alive in the same way MiniTrue insists that Goldstein is alive: as a mythological figure of hate to focus the masses on in the War on Terror conspiracy. You may wonder why nobody has found Bin Laden yet seeing as coalition forces have been scouring Afghanistan for seven years now. The CIA has satellites that can read a car number-plate from 200 miles up in space and can detect the infra-red heat shadow left on an airport runway when a plane has been parked, yet they can’t find Bin Laden’s bunker!? The simple reason they can’t find Bin Laden is because he’s not there.

If Bhutto had come to power then she could have been have been a bit of a loose cannon, being willing to announce such a bombshell on a mainstream TV interview. Her card was marked from that moment; if it hadn't been marked before.

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