Wednesday 29 April 2009

Emergency Swine Flu Meeting with Ian Crane

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I’ve been feeling pretty poorly the last couple of days. I threw up on Monday night and had to call into work sick. I went back to bed feverish and dizzy. When I phoned in I got the distinct impression from my colleague that I should see my GP and that it would be wise not to return to work until the symptoms had completely eased “what with everything that’s going on at the moment.” he said. I knew what he meant and, don’t worry my dear HPANWO-readers; I don’t have Swine Flu, but if you see me start snorting and rolling in the mud, call an ambulance! Then I got an email from Ian Crane (See background articles and links column. Also take a look at his blog: ) announcing an emergency meeting in London on the Swine Flu scare and decided to crawl out of my sick-bed and attend. Despite my reassurances, I decided not to talk openly about the fact I was feeling ill because, as you’ve probably seen in the news, the world appears to be gripped with hysteria over this so-called “epidemic”. Take this story as an example: . I was therefore pleasantly surprised that nobody I saw on the busy London streets or Underground trains was wearing these protective facemasks, even though newspapers were replete with headlines like: FIRST BRITISH SWINE FLU CASE CONFIRMED and SWINE FLU- PROBABLY ALREADY IN LONDON. Londoners seem to be pretty fearless actually. Their road-crossing habits would make the Green Cross Man’s hair turn grey and I’ve seen them perched right on the edge of Tube platforms reading newspapers while train sidewalls zoom past an inch from their knuckles. Maybe it’s because of how they endured the Blitz (See this article: )

The meeting was held at the George Tavern, an ancient pub in Shoreditch; and I learned that one of the Jack the Ripper murders had taken place nearby. I wonder: It’s possible the victim had drunk in this pub and may even have met her killer there! It was a lovely pub with a great atmosphere; traditional East End with a piano in the corner and really old furniture. The toilets were covered in graffiti and there was stuffing coming out of the settees! That’s how a real pub should be! I hate these squeaky clean, Corporate theme bars with uniformed staff, polished timber and brass pipes everywhere! Ian turned up soon after I did and we had a quick drink before the event began. We were led through a small door marked “PRIVATE” up a winding wooden staircase to an attic room. I can well imagine the Kray Twins having secret meetings in a place like this! The hosts were the local Women’s Institute and as I tried to enter the room the woman on the door said: “Oh, I don’t think we can have chaps in here.” I explained that I’d been invited by Ian and she let me through. We made a good-natured joke about me putting on a dress and a wig, but she said to me quietly: “I think the WI leadership would frown on us for having men in this meeting tonight.” I told her about how when women first joined the Portering crew at my hospital I stood up for them when some other people didn’t want them there. If the WI leadership wouldn’t be impressed by this then I’m clearly far more anti-Chauvinistic than they are! As I said in my article on the Oxford Snob Walls ( ) you can’t fight injustice by trying to cancel it out with another “opposite” injustice; all you get is twice the injustice! The Women’s Institute have a reputation for being one of the most challenging audiences in the world and one of the most delightful news stories for me was when they booed Tony Blair off the stage when he addressed them a couple of years ago! I knew Ian was up to that challenge, but it in the end they turned out to be very sympathetic and I realized that he really struck a chord with them. This gig had been already booked, but Ian had managed to get it moved forward due to the urgency of the current situation. The following is based on notes I took down during the lecture. Sorry, Ian, if I’ve made any errors:

Ian opened his lecture by holding up a newspaper and showing how two stories are dominating the news at the present time. One is the aforementioned Swine Flu and the other is the trial of the two men accused of the brutal murder of Gabriel Ferez and Laurent Bonomo at their home in London last year ( ) By the end of the talk Ian would reveal a connection between the two events. Contrary to current belief, Swine Flu is not a new disease, in fact it was isolated nearly 90 years ago. In 1976 there was another outbreak and a similar public reaction. Ian showed us an American TV advert from that time which was clearly designed to breed fear and insecurity in the viewer so that they will be willing to accept the medical treatment offered as the solution. The advert can be seen here on YouTube: . The resulting outbreak was nowhere near as serious as the theme of the advert suggests; in fact more people died of side effects from the vaccine than of the disease… but it was covered up. Two men involved in the Pharmaceutical firm that manufactured the vaccine and covered up its subsequent debacle had names that are infamous today: Donald Rumsfeld and Zbigniew Brzezinski. In fact Donald Rumsfeld pops up all the time whenever you research the subjects Ian talks about; he’s the ultimate bad penny! The company making Tamiflu is called Roche and its stock prices rose sharply on Monday with the announcement of a Swine Flu epidemic, but those stocks have been steadily rising over the past five years, repeatedly boosted by SARS and then Avian Flu; no doubt after Swine Flu another convenient plague will follow in a couple of years that will give Roche, Gilead and companies like it even more profits. Disease is big business and many senior politicians have their fingers in the pie so don’t believe them when they express their concern for our well-being during epidemics.

Ian then went on to talk about Codex Alimentarius. Codex Alimentarius laws are a deeply sinister expression of the agenda to conquer the body of every human being, from birth… nay conception, to death. The laws are a two-pronged assault. On the one hand they reduce the quality of food by imposing GMO crops and livestock creating what Ian calls “cardboard food”. This is what is often forgotten about the GMO threat: it’s not so much what they put in it; it’s what they take out. GM food is stripped of many of the essential vitamins, minerals, the subtle and fragile nutrients we need to stay healthy. So we get sick more often and the other prong of the assault is the end to natural medicine so Big Pharma has a monopoly on treating us. The length of a person’s lifespan will probably increase and this will be used falsely as an indicator that people are healthier, but it’s a fallacy. People live longer because we are embalmed alive by medical drugs! In the past people may have died at 60, but those in 60 years we were active and healthy, only deteriorating with age in the last couple of years. Interestingly Paul Bremner, the American governor of Iraq, passed a law just before he left office which demanded that all Iraqi farmers use patented GMO seeds and that they buy these seeds exclusively from Monsanto. This is a company that is playing a crucial role in the Codex Alimentarius agenda; what’s more it bought out Searle, Donald Rumsfeld’s old firm; that name again! Ian hopes, as I do, that the farmers will rebel and break this law. If they don’t then they’ll not only be poisoning their land with GMO but ruining their businesses by being forced to buy new seeds every year or be prosecuted for breaching Monsanto’s patent. One of the most poignant parts of Ian’s address was when he spoke of Mark Plotkin and his book and film The Shaman’s Apprentice. Plotkin is a man who worked as a scout for a pharmaceutical firm, but before, when he was a student, he went into the Amazon jungle to investigate herbal ingredients that could be made into modern medical drugs. He came across an unknown tribe of people, very like the ones I report on here: . They are an indigenous culture that had had no contact with the outside world. The people didn’t wear clothes and lived off the natural world of the forest, eating only what they hunt and gather. They very rarely got sick, but when they did they visited the local medicine man who fixed them up with a natural herbal tonic. When they’d got used to the author’s unusual appearance: white skin, clothing, technology etc, they were perfectly happy to provide him with specimens of their medicinal herbs, an act both parties would bitterly regret. The author sold his research to a Pharmaceutical firm and returned to the tribe a few years later to find that in the meantime they’d had more contact with the outside world, from missionaries. Not only Christian priests, but the missionaries of that other Great God of the Western world: Consumerism. The people who used to walk happily around naked now wore Levi jeans and Hawaiian shirts. For spiritual guidance they never went to the Shamans anymore, but to their missionary’s chapel. If they got ill they only visited the village’s modern medical centre. The author was shown a shelf of conventional drugs based on the same ingredients he’d discovered, but they’d been processed by his employer! The pure, natural medicine had been cut with chemicals, watered down and redosed. The tribe members were even denied the choice of using the original natural form of the drug because the pharmaceutical company had patented it. Any Indians who tried could be sued for Copyright infringement! Even though it was the Indians who had originally discovered the herb and had been using it for thousands of years!

There has been a deliberate, coordinated conspiracy for hundreds or possibly thousands of years to destroy ancient knowledge, especially the Spiritual kind. It takes its form in the burning of the Library of Alexandria in the 2nd Century, the destruction of the Native American sacred texts, including the attempted destruction of the Popol Vuh, in the 16th Century by the Spanish Conquistadors, and recently in the looting of the museums of Baghdad after the 2003 invasion. A recent ruling in the United States has ordered the burning of all school textbooks published before 1985, the reason?... Well they say it’s because the glue in the binding is toxic! Sounds like a convenient use of the Nanny-State to me and Ian agrees. The real reason could be because they contain uncensored information from a time before education was so tightly controlled. I’ve been reading some books by Lyall Watson, a brilliant thinker who published an amazing series of books in the early 70’s on the Supernatural and esoteric science. If you can get hold of copies they’re well worth a read! (He died last year. Here’s an obituary: ). There’s a book available which Ian recommends called Seeds of Destruction by William Engdahl ( ). It outlines the danger of this drive by the Illuminati, or whatever you want to call them, and I quote, to “Control the food and you control the people”. In India at the moment there’s a concerted agenda to wipe out that country’s ancient, indigenous farming culture and replace it with Corporate big-business collective factory farming, all run by Monsanto-produced seeds of course. In fact farmers in India are becoming depressed and their suicide rate has shot up, much like what happened to independent British farmers in the Foot-and-Mouth epidemic of 2000. I’m reminded of the plight of the Dongria Kondhs in India right now. (See: ).

Ian then discussed the history of this Medical Mafia. He reports how the board members of the Nazi-based IG Farben were tried and convicted at Nuremburg but as soon as they were released they were given seats on the boards of big American Pharmaceutical corporations. What the mainstream calls “Globalization” is an essential part of this. Corporations are becoming what the sci-fi author Kim Stanley Robinson calls “Meta-Nationals”, the true superpowers of the world, with political governments as their chattels. The current nation states are all being absorbed into superstates like the EU which are unelected. The European Parliament is a music-hall farce! MEP’s are like trade union shop-stewards and have none of the legislative powers that national Parliamentary representative have… used to have I should say. In a word the UK no longer exists. National heads of government in European countries have less power than a state governor in the USA. The other superstates like NAFTA and APEC are not far behind. So don’t bother writing to your MP any more! The first official EU President, unelected of course, will be… and everybody in the room guessed this… Tony Blair. This is why he’s converted to Roman Catholicism Plans to bring in the EU can be found in official documents dating back to 1971, but the Elite have used what David Icke calls the “Stepping Stones Approach” so nobody realized it was happening. Interestingly that was the year we had our currency decimalized. I’ve realized this was to make it more similar to continental currencies, in both practical and cultural terms. Civil liberties are in a worse state than some former refugees from the Soviet Union say they were under Stalin

The ultimate goal of this agenda, covering every facet of human society, is the New World Order; the very thing I’ve dedicated my life to stopping. This would eventually take the form of a single, unelected world government, a single economy, a single religion: theirs; whatever that is, but I doubt if it will involve Love Thy Neighbour. A mysterious stone monument, by an anonymous artist, was erected in Georgia USA in 1982 called The Georgia Guidestones. On it was laid out the basic charter for the New world Order in 12 modern languages and 12 classical ones. Population reduction seems to be one of their primary tenets. They want there to be no more than a billion to half a billion people on the planet. How they plan to achieve that is not stated, but one can guess that it cannot be done by merely asking people to have less children. They want to kill people; it’s obvious. A scientist called Dr Eric Pianka was applauded for suggesting this in an unminuted speech he gave at the University of Texas. Pianka thought airborne diseases could be the answer. Prince Philip too has said that he’d like to be reincarnated as a fatal virus so that he could reduce the world’s population. It seems that control of food and medicine would be the main way they hope to do this, hence Codex Alimentarius. In the USA, and probably in most other Western countries, more people die from the side-effects of properly-prescribed medication than anything else; over 100,000 people a year! This is more than road traffic accidents, more than gun crime, more than war. Actually a lot of well-meaning people speak of reducing the world’s population without being tempted to such extreme measures; but I question whether the world is really overpopulated at all. See this article: . Maybe it’s our lifestyle we need to concentrate on, rather than our numbers, if we want to create a sustainable relationship with our home planet.

So why don’t people notice this happening? It’s got a lot to do with education and the media. The Elite sometimes suppress information, but it’s far more effective for them to leave the information in plain view, but distract the populace’s attention with mind-numbing TV shows and irrelevant celebrity gossip. As regular HPANWO-readers will know, this is a pet subject of mine and I’ve written about it a lot. See here: And: ) Education too is moving away from analytical thought to a process where you learn simply to repeat facts. My own daughter’s school report now just reads like an accountant’s audit where they list the various teaching targets she’s been categorized under. The youth seem to be in the focus of everything that this agenda does. Soap operas and Reality TV shows are geared towards a young audience and mind-altering drugs like Ritalin and Junior Prozac are an attempt to shut down their brains before they’ve even developed. Prozac is so commonly-prescribed that it’s even been found in the groundwater that we drink! Ritalin has been linked to teenage suicides and these terrible high-school shootings in the United States, Finland and elsewhere. It saddens me to see so many people drinking Red Bull a noxious concoction of chemicals like Aspartame and high-dose caffeine. Teenagers are still often sold this foul stuff and I’ve seen them drinking it; and people wonder why cases of diabetes are on the increase? The esoteric philosopher Rudolf Steiner predicted in 1918 that a day would come when the powerful people of this world would use substances put into vaccinations to shut down any kind of Spiritual emergence in the masses, for it is this that the Illuminati fear more than anything else, and it’s the secret they most vigourously keep. Credo Mutwa talks about this too. In his long interview with David Icke he relates how South African children who were given the BCG vaccination were robbed of the ability to see otherworldly beings. I think this is the same thing as Western children being stripped of their imaginary friends; see this article: It would be called "beneficial" and a "cure" in Western society, but in Mutwa's world the people understood what was really going on. They went to great lengths to "protect their children's spiritual eyes": Burning the kids' arms with hot maize grain to make a fake BCG mark. Credo also mentions that Zulu children were given a pink sugary sweet called "Bonsela" that they became addicted to; and it had the same effect. Maybe Bonsela contained chemical additives that resemble Aspartame. Ian actually comes out with something that I’d not seriously considered before: Was Jade Goody’s death faked? (See: ) Her affliction by cervical cancer has been used to promote the HPV vaccine to young girls. My daughter has been offered it at school, but you can guess what I said to that!

The good news is that people are leaning towards a more natural lifestyle. Organic food sales are at an all time high and interest in alternative complimentary medicine has never been greater. The media has responded with a backlash, biased reporting and the championing of people like Dr Ben Goldacre (See: And: ) And now we come full circle. Ian shows how Donald Rumsfeld has been involved in the New World Order agenda again and again in several different capacities. As already related, he began with the 1976 Swine Flu scare, the introduction with Searle, against medical advice, of Aspartame in 1982, Searle’s sale to Monsanto, his signature of the PNAC document (See the link to my review of Ian’s War on Terra DVD). He inadvertently lost US$ 2,3 trillion off the Pentagon budget (and they say the government could never fund secret Deep Black Projects! Did he have a hole in his pocket or what!?), he lied about what happened to him on 9/11, he was involved in the attempted cover-up of the Abu Graib torture scandal; and now finally he’s sitting on the board of Gilead, the producers of Tamiflu, just waiting for the panic-stricken people of the world to throw money at him to protect us. Here’s where the Ferez and Bonomo murders come in: The mainstream media mentions that they were both biochemistry students without giving any more details, but what one London reporter has found out is that they were investigating the real causes of Avian Flu and whether the vaccine itself was responsible. And they were viciously slaughtered; coincidence? Yeah, right!

As always, Ian’s basic message is optimistic. We are not helpless; this is not a done deal. We can free ourselves of the New World Order and what’s more we are going to! As I said the audience was generally very sympathetic. Only one person spoke up in the Q&A session seriously doubting Ian’s ideas and many members of the audience were genuinely inspired. One woman told of her own experiences of rejecting mainstream medicine in favour of alternatives and having good results with it. There’s a lot we can do. We can educate ourselves, spread the word to others. We can eat natural organic food and so encourage farmers and retailers that providing it is good business. We can avoid using Big Pharma’s so-called medication and use natural remedies instead. We can use water filters and drink unfluoridated water. Ian says that he might have caused a false-flag terrorist attack on Chicago to be aborted after telling so many people that he suspected it was about to happen. As such if it had happened then it would have been a dead giveaway, even to EastEnders fans!

After the event one of the audience kindly gave Ian and me a lift to the local Tube station and I got home at 1AM. I still feel a bit off colour and I’m off sick again from work. I suppose that’s justifiable in a way because I’m constantly in contact with sick, vulnerable people. On the other hand we must be careful not to let this fear of Swine Flu go to our heads. This was the central message I picked up from Ian’s lecture. These scams and agendas only work because we fall for the psychological manipulation that paves the way for them. When we get wise to that manipulation the agenda will become unworkable. It’s as simple as that.

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Saturday 25 April 2009

Chemtrails vs Sylphs

I've written about Chemtrails several times before; please see here for some essential background:

I took these photoes on Wednesday morning. The first was from a train somewhere between Derby and Nottingham and the second was from Nottingham Station. I'd noticed heavy Chemtrailing as soon as I'd left Birmingham on the train. In the space of an hour an entire crosslay had been dumped across the skies of the English Midlands. I've seen this on several occasions during the last couple of months and, as I did every time before, I watched the sky darken and sicken feeling helpless. But this time something I hadn't expected or seen before happened. Clouds started to move in from the north; not ordinary clouds either. These clouds were curved and latticed into convoluted and beautiful shapes, as if painted onto the sky with an artist's airbrush. They were also drifting in a different direction to the Chemtrails, in other words against the wind. To my amazement they enveloped the Chemtrails and seemed to virtually "ingest" them, leaving behind a comparatively clear sky. Then to my astonishment I saw one of the clouds actually pursue one of the high-flying aircraft that were laying the Chemtrails. This unearthly dogfight quickly passed out of view behind the Nottingham cityscape, but I managed to get a picture of what was happening, although the only camera I had was my mobile phone so it's not very good quality. Apologies!

Were these mysterious clouds Sylphs? I've heard several reports over the years of people seeing Sylphs. Well, actually the word "seeing" is wrong because the Sylphs themselves are invisible, but their presence can sometimes be revealed by strangely-shaped clouds accumulating around them, in the same way that smoke trails in a wind-tunnel can reveal the presence of the air currents. They are elemental air spirits, creatures whose very bodies are made of air. This might sound like a freaky concept, but is it? We have explored and learned to understand so much about our universe in the last couple of centuries that some scientists are tempted to think that we've sussed pretty much most of it and that we're now only a short step from total, absolute knowledge, the universal equivalent of the physicists' TOE, "Theory of Everything". I think this is a grave error. Not only are we a long way from total, absolute knowledge, but we have literally, as Carl Sagan once said: "waded just ankle-deep into the Ocean of the Cosmos". A few scientists are a bit more open-minded, like the great sci-fi story writer Arthur C Clarke. He once wrote a short story called Out of the Sun which was about a solar observatory which spots an object coming out of a sunspot that is made of superheated plasma yet keeps its shape and appears to be reactive and intelligent. He also wrote another story called The Fires Within which is about beings made of rock who live in the liquid interior of the Earth. Another great thinker, Fred Hoyle, wrote a fictional book about an intelligent black cloud in space. Why should intelligence or "life" be confined to physical animal bodies? Why shouldn't life be, as Mr Spock famously said: "not as we know it, Jim"? Life is merely what we've learned to call organized energy and matter; well it's not just living bodies that contain energy and matter. Solids, liquids, gases, plasmas, and maybe other states of matter we've yet to discover, also do.

The idea that there are intelligent beings made out of air is really not so crazy after all then. If there are such things as Sylphs then one thing is very clear by their actions: they are trying to protect the planet and its inhabitants from the Chemtrails. They therefore have a consciousness and intelligence that is capable of being analytical, caring and ethical. What else can I add except... Thanks, Sylphs!

Sunday 19 April 2009

Memoirs of a Survivor by Doris Lessing

Several memories from my childhood stick in my mind. One of them was watching a film on TV with my mum called Memoirs of a Survivor. ( I recall a few scenes from the film. It opens with a shot of people searching wrecked cars in a scrapyard or dump. One woman finds some cigarettes and says: “Cigarettes! Thank God!” A woman is breaking open eggs and one's shell splits to reveal a dead baby chick inside; the woman recoils in disgust. A young girl enters her house and jumps on a bed. She is followed by a bulldog. “This is Hugo.” she says. I remember the woman, played by Julie Christie, finding a secret room in her house full of old velvet furniture. I asked my mum what was wrong and she replied: “This is about when society has broken down.” I think I went to bed before the film finished.

It was this memory that drew me to read the book on which the film was based. Memoirs of a Survivor is a fairly short novel by Doris Lessing, a British and Zimbabwean author who’s been writing for almost 60 years. In 2007 she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. It’s a dystopian story. “Dystopian” literally means “set in a bad place”, but this book’s is a dystopian setting with a twist! It is written in plain first-person prose, as if it really is someone dictating a memoir or being interviewed. There are no chapters, just marked textual breaks. The narrator is not named, as if the person she’s addressing already knows her name, as in an interview. She’s a middle-aged woman who lives alone in a flat in a large city in England. We later find out that it’s London because it has an underground railway and a “River Fleet” running through it. As I knew from the film, society is breaking down. Services, transport, food supplies, communications, finance, transport, healthcare and all the other amenities that make up the infrastructure of civilized urban life are slowly decaying. It takes a couple of years, the duration of the story’s setting. At first things seem almost normal, with busses, TV broadcasts and shops etc, but by the end of the book the city is almost deserted, buildings are crumbling, wild animals wander the streets and plant life is breaking through the pavements. The interesting thing about this catastrophe is that it has no obvious cause. I get the feeling that the narrator doesn’t know why all this is happening to her world and she just observes it developing in a somewhat confused way. The book was published in 1974. At that time a lot of books and films were coming out under the genre “post-apocalyptic”, but this was almost invariably a setting after a future nuclear holocaust. At the time, in the heart of the Cold War, this is what people feared the most. Since the threat of global nuclear exchange has eased other scenarios have risen to take its place, making Memoirs of a Survivor way ahead of its time. Lessing was deliberately avoiding what she probably saw as a cliché. I finished the book almost as baffled about this apocalypse’s cause as when I started. It couldn’t have been a plague because then the characters would have been reacting to risk of infection. If it had been a super-volcanic eruption or a meteor impact then again this would have been manifest in the character’s behavior and also the world around them. The same goes for any other kind of environmental disaster; besides which it seems to be only humans that are affected. The plants and animal world is not affected; in fact, as I’ve said, nature takes over the city after the humans have left, in the same way it has many real deserted cities like Grozny or Beirut. All we know is that it is striking the whole world at the same time and yet it is spreading like a wave of malaise. We read of how it’s worse in the south and east England and that there are “refugees from the southern and eastern counties” coming to London. The narrator thought of moving to her friend’s farm in North Wales to try to escape it. But what was it? Later on in the book the narrator refers mystically to something she simply describes as “It”. She describes it as something that has been hanging over humankind for always. It is “helpless ignorance or helpless awareness. It is a word for man’s inadequacy.” I interpreted this as best I can. I think that the social atrophy in the story is a kind of “suicide of civilization”. Without an exterior cause the reader is led to see the disaster as inescapable, but yet voluntary. This is like personal suicide. In the past I’ve suffered from serious depression and at one time considered ending it all; thankfully I didn’t! But I remember feeling that although my death would have been by my own hand, it was something I couldn’t escape, any more than I could if I was tied up and someone fired a gun at my head from three inches away. In the book it’s the same thing, only this time it’s human society rather than human life itself which downs the bottle of pills. We simply agree in our collective unconscious to give up on civilization and return to barbarism. As I've said, it happens slowly. The narrator remarks on how some areas remain almost normal and yet in others there is total destruction. Sometimes civilization temporarily returns to the destroyed areas only to be reclaimed by chaos later. And even at the very end of the book there is not total social collapse; the government still works, the law courts, prisons and executions, the occasional plane flies from the airport and a bus or train runs every now and again; although, as one of the characters has to do, you need to bribe your way onboard.

The narrator’s life gets steadily harder and harder. Groups of her neighbours keep forming walking caravans and heading northwest out of the city, and the remaining residents wonder how long it will be before they have to do the same. The streets are slowly being taken over by gangs of roaming children, mostly orphans, who steal and loot to survive. In the end they resort to eating dogs, rats and even cannibalize dead bodies to eat; in the winter they hunt people like wolves for food. The narrator is constantly concerned that she or her lodger, and her lodger’s pet, might end up on the menu. Some of the population however formed stable settled tribal groups who create farms in the empty houses and gardens. They imaginatively adapt abandoned hardware from rubbish tips into useful tools and comforts. An alternative barter-economy emerges in the block of flats where the narrator lives. However they have to arm themselves to avoid their hard work being pillaged by the roaming children. Another group of people seem to be in denial of what has happened and continue to lead a pretense at a normal life. A family in the next flat to our narrator do so; and in the end have to abandon their home, but do it while dressing up and carrying suitcases as if they’re off on holiday!

There’s another aspect to the narrator’s life though. The narrator discovers that a blank area on her lounge wall can magically open up and reveal a hidden world beyond it. This world is different every time she enters it. Sometimes it is bare rooms, sometimes furnished interiors like in the film, sometimes beautiful gardens and landscapes. At times she is shown scenes of her lodger’s life when she was a child. This aspect I find fascinating. At first we wonder if it’s all simply in the narrator’s imagination, but later on it becomes clear that this really is some kind of parallel dimension or reality-shift encroaching on our own universe. You see, such occurrences are actually reported in real life, for instance at Skinwalker Ranch in Utah ( It is also the basis for the horror film The Mist, which I review here: . The narrator tries to keep her paranormal experiences with the wall in perspective, but soon seems to see them as significant and directly related to her life in the “normal” world, especially in her relationship with Emily her lodger, a teenage girl who becomes almost a step-daughter to her. At the end of the book the other characters also see the stargate in the lounge wall and they all escape together from the terrors of the apocalyptic Earth into a happy life in the dimensions beyond. This is done in a slightly intrusive Deus ex Machina way and I’d like to have seen more of a build-up, but it’s still an enthralling touch to the book. It’s as if another world links up with ours to save the people from its terrors. I’ve been reading some old second-hand books by an author called Lyall Watson. They are books on the paranormal written in the early 70’s, just when Doris Lessing was writing Memoirs. On the back on one of Watson's titles she is quoted from her book review of it in The Guardian. I suspect from this, together with her own book, that Lessing has an interest in the esoteric and supernatural. She may well have known Watson (he died in 2008), as she is from Zimbabwe and he is from South Africa. I’ll have to read more of her books and see if I can pick up any more occultist themes.

Here’s Doris Lessing’s website:

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Wednesday 15 April 2009

Snob Walls

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the demolition of the infamous “Snob Walls” of Oxford: and

Most people have heard of the Berlin Wall or the West Bank Barrier in Israel, but few have heard of this smaller but essentially very similar barrier. The Snob Walls were really just a physical manifestation of the concept of social division. I’m encouraged that even as long ago as 1959, people were conscientious enough not to tolerate it. Although the intangible social divisions of our society are hard to define it’s clear that we do not like them because we attack them as soon as they become embodied into bricks and mortar. The photo above of schoolchildren crossing over the broken gap in the wall moves me very deeply. The comments on the first article try to justify Snob Walls, or similar things like “gated streets”, by claiming that people have a right to protect their communities from criminal elements, but I don’t think that this siege mentality will achieve that; in fact social disorder has its roots in these very pathologies. What’s more even if it did achieve security for people inside them, it would do far more harm than good because it will play our manipulators Divide-and-Rule game. As long as we’re slogging it out with each other we’re controllable because the powers-that-be will be sitting above the fray, pulling the strings of both sides and knowing that while attention is focused on our internal conflict we will be oblivious to our rulers. Along with Problem-Reaction-Solution and Stepping-Stones, Divide-and-Rule is the most popular political manipulation tool in the world. It has kept us in chains since the rise of the Illuminati at the beginning of history. It was for a Divide-and-Rule assault that King Charles II, and his forbears and successors, organized the Plantation of Ulster in which, over a period of a century, 40,000 Scottish and English Protestants were moved into the land that would later become Northern Ireland and split the indigenous nation of Ireland in two. This has resulted in hatred and carnage that has endured to the present day. The English Kings did not move the Protestants into Ulster and give them privileges over the native Catholic majority because they were “their kind of people”; they did it because they knew that the Catholics would resent it and begin attacking the Protestants. The Protestants would fight back and warfare would ensue. And all this time the English rulers would be able to dominate both sides. The result was that British rule in Ireland persisted for the next 300 years. These Divide-and-Rule ploys will continue to be used on us until they stop working. Divide-and-Rule is very versatile and can be cultivated over almost any varying feature of humanity: race, religion, language, culture, fashion code (As with the Mods and Rockers conflict of 1964). And when existing divides are no longer fertile ground you can invent new ones! It’s only a matter of time before we see riots in the streets between women who wear socks with high-heels and those who wear tights.

For me the most idiotic and pernicious Divide-and-Rule ploy has been that of social class; and this danger was exemplified in the case of the Snob Walls. People can be black, brown or white; English, Welsh or French; Muslim Christian or atheist, and yet still be reshuffled into various social categories. These categories are governed mostly by monetary and material wealth and have three main groups: working class, middle class and upper class. But even that’s not enough! We hear of the “lower middle class” and “skilled” as opposed to “unskilled” working class people. Yet if you stripped these people naked and paraded them in front of an audience it would be impossible to tell who was in which class. Some claim that class divisions are a natural part of our species’ make-up, but they’re not otherwise we would be different physically, like classes with bees and ants are (HG Well’s sci-fi story The Time Machine is about a future scenario where class differences have evolved into physical speciation). “Snobbery” is the special name given to the artificial emotion generated by this particular D&R. Its backlash, hostility towards someone of a higher class than oneself, is called “inverted snobbery”, but I don’t like to use the word “inverted” because it suggests that there’s a difference! In the book, together with its many film adaptations, The Railway Children the family of middle-class protagonists are frequently the victim of “inverted” snobbery. Like all prejudices I can see no difference in the two mutual discriminations. Male chauvinism is no different from radical feminism; racism against black people is the same as racism against white. English hate the Scots and call them “Jocks”; Scots hate the English call them “Sassenachs”. Both sides in a D&R will provide reams of historical, sociological or pseudoscientific evidence to justify their positions like “White people are naturally civilized”, “Men are stronger and cleverer than women” etc, but as far as I can see they are all what David Icke calls “opposames” and I challenge anyone to show me different. As long as we go on giving in to our D&R impulses we’ll be putty in the hands of the Illuminati Elite. The challenge to give up these prejudice addictions is a tough one, I’m sure it’s not easy when you’ve lived in a South African slum and your sister was raped by her White master. But we have to do it if we’re going to be free. If we can't manage it then we stay in the New World Order; it's that simple! The failure of the Labour Movement is partly because of D&R. I remember very well when I was a teenaged left-wing activist and was training as a shop-steward, being instructed by a senior officer of the union COHSE (Confederation Of Health Service Employees) to abuse private patients. All these people who think they’re fighting for freedom are merely digging themselves, and the rest of us, a deeper and deeper dungeon. Some even relish their lowly position and boast about their wild childhood on their rough estate! They’re doing an “I’ve Been There!” pose in my view! See: . Yes, a deprived background has become a form of aristocracy in the Labour Movement and they would hate to see the genuine equality they pretend to want because it would deprive them of their “I’ve Been There!” status!

I hate it when somebody refers to me as a “class”. I’m usually thought of as working class because of my job, a hospital porter. But this very term is an asinine rejection of our common humanity, and that is the very basis of D&R! So I’m glad Vernon Brooke and the other people of 50 years ago fought the Snob Walls. I’d do the same if I’d lived there. But I’d fight the Walls without letting resentment for the more materially privileged people on the other side come into my struggle. In fact I’d ask them to join us in our campaign. So keep an eye out for any physical manifestations of D&R, but beware that in opposing them you don’t reinforce the social manipulation behind them. These things are being done to us deliberately; it is organized. There is a conspiracy going on. It’s about time it was stopped.

And remember that the source of most prejudice is fear, and so because of this: we should expect D&R to increase as the government wave scapegoats front of our eyes. PRS and Stepping Stones will become more commonplace too. Don’t fall for it!

Thursday 2 April 2009

Probe Conference- March 2009

(Here’s my report of the previous Probe Conference: )

I returned from the latest Probe Conference last night, more tired than I have felt in ages. I didn’t book the day after my return as leave so had to go to work; big mistake! It was the early shift what’s more. A side-effect of the Probe Conference is the massive come-down I get after it ends. I call this “post-Probe blues” and I’m not the only one who suffers from it. For two days we live very intensely and joyously, with incredible information pouring into us, as well as a lot of love and comradeship from the fellow delegates. When it all suddenly draws to a close on the Sunday afternoon it is disconcerting to find myself once again floundering in the torrent of everyday life. The Probe experience throws all that I normally find bearable into unbearable relief.

This conference was different in two important ways. Firstly I traveled by a different route instead of going straight to the conference venue from Oxford. I first headed to Nottingham on the Thursday to meet up with Ustane and travel to Lytham St Annes with her. Secondly I had my movie camera with me and managed to conduct four interviews for HPANWO TV. Here they are: . Even before I set off something happened that reminded me that there’s far more to the world than the Conformist Regime would have us believe; as well as reminding me of Brian Halliwell’s speech from the previous conference. A short distance from Ustane’s home is what I thought was a semi-derelict warehouse. I’ve walked past it many times and never paid it much attention, but on Thursday evening I was curious to see that the door was open and lights were on inside. Something urged me to go over and take a look. I stopped at the door to the building and saw that it was full of books, boxes and crate-loads of them all stacked on metal shelves. Not displayed as they would be in a shop, but just put there, all wrapped up in paper and cellophane, for distribution to shops. The warehouse is actually a book wholesaler. The urge continued and I stepped inside. Nobody was around but I heard voices from parts of the room that were out of sight. As I said, this was a wholesaler not a bookshop, so it was amazing to see that the staff had set up a makeshift vending area by the door. Just a table with a money box and a sign saying “Please Pay Here”. It seemed that this wholesaler did invite passers-by to drop in and buy single books. Now a few weeks ago I was reminded by somebody of a book I read as a teenager called The Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin. ( )
The story is an ingenious sci-fi political satire, but at the time I read it I couldn’t grasp its theme, so I remember thinking for the first time in decades: “I really must read that book again!” As I wandered along the rows of shelves I saw a single copy of The Dispossessed lying completely on its own among other titles. I took it to the “till” and saw that the book only cost 50P! Why? It was in perfect condition, brand new, shrink-wrapped in plastic. Also, although this title is still in print, it is not well-known nowadays and will not unusually be found stocked in general bookshops. What’s more why did this wholesaler only have a single copy when all the other books were mass-orders in big boxes and crates? I told Brian about this when I saw him and he agreed that it was an interesting case of synchronicity.

We left Nottingham early on Friday and had a delightful journey through the beautiful Pennines on a dirty cattle-truck of a train. We were accompanied for the last leg of the journey from Preston by Nick. For some reason I always meet a Probe-buddy on Preston station; usually it’s Tony, but he wasn’t there this time. We met a young couple on the train who are into Probe-related subjects and overheard us talking; they were not attending the conference and were just heading for Blackpool two stations beyond St Annes. I sometimes think that there’s a “silent majority” out there of people who watch David Icke and Alex Jones etc on the Net, but don’t mention it until they meet somebody else who does. We encouraged them to attend the next conference and hopefully we’ll see them again there! I was at a different hotel this time and Ustane and I moved into our comfortable but overheated room before heading out to say hello to St Annes. We had a delicious meal at a carvery and were delighted to see Jean and Sam there. We met up with more of our Probe-buddies later at the Carlton and enjoyed the ecstatic reunion that always follows. Then we went off for an adventure, to Blackpool and to the wonderful Mad Scot’s bar. It is run by a man called Hamish who has stood up for civil liberties by defying the government’s pub-smoking ban. I ended up singing karaoke there and crooned the night away while my Probe buddies sat and talked. The next morning we had breakfast, but it was not as good as the one I got at my previous hotel and I managed to persuade Ustane that we should go back there next time. The Probe Conference began with a short obituary to Tony Dodd, the maverick UFO researcher who died recently. He had a close encounter when he was a policeman in the 70’s and has since helped abductees and contactees whom everybody else were laughing out of town. Rest in peace, Tony. The speakers then began. I’ve reproduced my interpretation of what they said to the best of my understanding, based on notes I took during their speeches. If any of them are reading this, or anybody else better-informed, and I’ve made some mistakes then I apologize:

Matthew Delooze
( )
Matt spoke at last spring’s conference and you can read my review of his lecture by clicking the links in the linked article above. Here’s a review of another lecture Matt did: . I also got the chance to interview him for HPANWO TV and you can watch the interview on the link above. Matt began this lecture with a music video then said that all people are given three choices: 1. You believe in God, and that you are bad and so go to Hell. 2. You don’t believe in God and think that death means “goodnight” an end to your existence. 3. You believe in God and that you are a good person so your ticket to Heaven is booked! So, asks Matt, in any of those three scenarios, what are we doing here? The answer came to him in a most unexpected and painful way. In 1999 Matt had a tortured mental breakdown. It emerged from a dispute at work and ended in the revelation that the whole world is a monumental deception. Between 1999 and 2002 he never got off the sofa. He regained lost childhood memories of being visited by a strange being that looked like a woman in a blue dress with a green light around her. He learned that the Illuminati, human agents of a malevolent extra-dimensional consciousness, which he calls The Serpent Cult, have tricked us into performing rituals, without our knowledge or consent, that give energy to this parasitic consciousness. These rituals are passed from one generation to the next by education, peer-pressure and parental indoctrination. Religion is the most obvious example; mainstream faiths of all forms repeat the same covert adherence to Sun-God worship. The star we call the sun is far more than just the source of the Earth’s physical energy; it’s the source of its psychic energy too. According to Matt, services in your local village church are not really Christian, but hidden homage to the occult. For example, every Christian prayer ends with the word “Amen”; We’re told at school that this means “So be it”, but it doesn’t. “Amen” is actually Amen-Ra, an Ancient Egyptian sun-god. Baptism, weddings, funerals and other religious procedures are secretly an Egyptian solar-deity ritual! He showed us an ancient stone relief of Amen-Ra and also some depictions of Reptilian Humanoid figures that date back long before the modern rituals of Christianity. Matt’s testimony matches the experience of other researchers who speak of “energy extraction” by intelligences beyond our universe who have the power to invade other worlds and leech psychic power from the minds therein. What goes for Christianity goes for other religions too. But the manipulated rituals are not confined to religion; they can be found in the speeches and actions of politicians, as well as celebrities. All these things are designed to persuade us to give our emotional psychic energy up to this 4th Dimensional parasitic intelligence. Matt then showed us a film of the famous medium Derek Acora channeling on the TV show Most Haunted. An aspect of religion and Spiritualism that Matt takes issue with is to do with death. As Matt kept reiterating in his lecture, and also his HPANWO TV interview, we do not die. The idea that we do is a lie designed to distort our focus on the universe. However official religion and many alternatives like Spiritualism see it as some kind of epiphany. We’re supposed to leave our physical bodies and pass over to a world of pure wisdom and love. This is not true. Despite my interest in the powerful positive messages in the Near-Death Experience, and I’ve no doubt that there are universes out there far more enlightened than this one, I think I agree that for most of us death is simply a transition to another similar state of consciousness in a very similar dimensional plain to the one we live in now. These dimensions may well be just as much under the jurisdiction of the parasitic Serpent consciousness as our own. Their world is like a net, entrapping and encircling as many others as possible. So most sprits are no more enlightened than the rest of us, going round and round in circles of life, death, suffering and paying taxes, then more of the same. To me this matches the oriental concept of Samsara, the recurring eternal illusion that the Buddha taught the people to escape. We can wake up! From love we came and to love we can return. This world can be a prison or a paradise; it’s up to us to make it whatever we want it to be. Matt warns us to “watch our backs like a paranoid schizophrenic!” Be wary of everything you do and everything that happens to you. When he comes back next time, Matt wants to come back to a happier world full of people who want to manifest happy things. I’d like that to, although I want to be here when it all changes because that will be one hell of a ride and I’d hate to miss all the fun! Matt then said that if there’s no change soon then it’s a case of “Abandon Ship”. I’m not quite sure what he means there and I forgot ask him, but many people talk about 2012 and the Great Transition that is about to begin. I’m convinced that this Great Transition is definitely happening, although I’m not sure it will happen punctually on the 2012 date. What will happen for sure is anyone’s guess, but listening to Matthew Delooze will definitely aid you in coming to your own conclusion. 2012? Bring it on! One of Matt’s current projects is an Ayahuasca workshop in Brazil, which he has attended four times. Ayahuasca is a powerful psychoactive or “entheogenic” drug made from two Amazonian plants, Psychotria Viridis and Banisteropsis Caapi. On their own they have no effect at all, but put together they almost miraculously switch the mind to a new frequency and allow the user to see beyond the veil of this 3D/linear-time plain. David Icke has also used Ayahuasca, but unlike David I think Matt is being honest about the experience it gives him because it is similar in form to what Graham Hancock, Terrence McKenna and other Ayahuasca-trippers say. David Icke is holding something back.

Robert Hulse
Robert Hulse has been researching UFO’s, crop circles, animal mutilations and other paranormal phenomena for over 30 years, but laments that in recent times the subject has become a bit like train-spotting. Robert has worked with every big UFO name in the business. The late lamented Tony Dodd, David Cayton (Who spoke about Animal Mutilations in a previous Probe Conference, see link above), Linda Moulton-Howe and Paul Villette. Robert saw the same craft as Villette in England. Also he’s shared experiences with another famous UFO contactee, George Adamski and he calls Adamski his hero! He claims to have met the same humanoid ET’s Adamski did. Adamski said that the ET’s in fact were “human” and disliked mysticism towards them. Remarkably Robert believes that Adamski’s influence continued after his death! In 1965 a man called Arthur Bryant encountered a craft at the village of Scoriton in Devon. One of the humanoid beings on the craft said his name was “Yamski” and this was the day after Adamski died. Also Adamski reported that the aliens he encountered had a red rose symbol on their sleeves and Bryant saw the same emblem on the seat of the Scoriton craft. Had Adamski’s soul somehow become incarnated as an alien after he died? Was Adamski actually an alien anyway? These questions lead me to wonder about the entire Extraterrestrial Hypothesis itself, at least in its conventional form. UFO’s might not really be nuts-and-bolts solid objects flown by flesh-and-blood creatures from Mars or other planets within our own universe that could be seen with a good enough telescope, but could in fact be far more closely linked to ghosts and non-physical things like that. They might not be so much from “out there” as from “the other down here”! Robert’s interest in high strangeness was born out of his own experiences He’d already said he had contact with humanoid aliens, but in fact his whole family had “contact syndrome”; marks on the body, missing time etc. His sister Stella could bend spoons. Contrary to popular belief, this ability did not originate, nor is it confined, to stage conjurors like Yuri Geller. Robert’s mother was also taken, in fact this kind of thing tends to run in families. Robert says that at times his own face changes to that of an alien! Although I assure you that didn’t happen during his session on stage! “Do I have the soul of an alien” he asked. Like myself, Robert understands that there are many different types of alien with a whole array of different agendas. Some of them are good and some bad. Some of them created the human species! Darwin was correct about other animals, but not man; we are genetically modified. Unlike David Cayton, Robert puts forward an idea of why animals are being mutilated and shows a picture of a mutilated sheep body that was recently found in the Welsh borders. It is indeed aliens that are doing it, but they’re doing it for analysis, keeping an eye on our environment. I’m not sure about that; there are many holes in that idea that I can’t go into here. I’m also wondering about the environmental damage being done by passing aliens killing animals! Robert shows pictures of crop circles and says that they are put on ley lines and the different shapes and patterns are designed to channel different energies. We are NOT alone! Robert then goes on to explore some of histories mysteries and look at where extraterrestrial contact fits into it. There’s an ancient site in Turkey called Gobeki Tepe which Robert believes is the location of the Garden of Eden. It’s one of the places where agriculture began at the dawn of the Neolithic Age around 10,000 BC. Modern crops descended from their strains so modern Hovis bread and Weetabix come from crops originally bred at Gobeki Tepe. Was farming given to us by aliens? Ancient pictures contain shapes that look like modern technology, like the famous Abydos helicopters and lightbulb. But I ask why the ancient artist produced pictures of modern flying craft and not the extraterrestrials’ ones. Gobeki Tepe is the place where Abraham may have fled after the destruction of Ur of the Chaldees and there are interesting quotes in the Bible that may relate to contact with aliens such as the object seen by the prophet Ezekiel. The ancient descriptions of aliens, if that’s what they were, seem to indicate that the aliens always intend to overtly return again in large numbers. This eventuality has been covered in many sci-fi stories, some less than entertaining or intelligent, but what if it did happen? Could this be the secret of 2012? Robert left us with another enigma. On November the 13th 1957 a lady in Birmingham called Cynthia Appleton saw a humanoid alien appear in her house and tell her that she would have a “space baby”. This baby boy was born in 1959. Where is he today? I looked around the conference hall at all the men who looked about 50!

Mark Olly
Mark Olly is a flamboyant and outgoing TV presenter who has starred in a series of History Channel documentaries about the history and archaeology of the UK. He came onto stage in a costume that looked like a cross between a pirate and the Prince Regent. He urged us, as he does his TV audience, to get out there are discover things for themselves, to contribute to the latest historical studies. He took us on a journey back though time starting with the Manchester Ship Canal. There’s a village on the canal with a “penny ferry” which has taken people over the canal since it was dug, although inflation has bitten and it now costs 11p to make the crossing! In 1756 a place called Belfields Farm was built that looks like a sailing ship from above (It’s the first thing I’ll look for on Google Earth!) This is because it was the home of Admiral Daniel Hoare who built it from a share of captured Spanish gold. The interior of the house is constructed like a ship too with cannon and secret holds. Going back to the English Civil War, a church is famous for being a place where three snipers kept guard and the body of them was found in its graveyard. Nearby were bronze armour-piercing flintlock bullets. These ancient guns were supposed to be very inefficient and hard to aim, but recently one was reconstructed and is found to be a lot more powerful and accurate than was previously thought. Mark has also discovered another church that was prominent in the Hundred Years War. There is a living tree there with pieces missing because they were used to make longbows for the Battle of Agincourt. Mark mentions the 13th Century Manly Gold Ring. The ring was discovered by accident and it’s made of the purest gold. There’s a monastery on the River Mersey which has Knights Templar artifacts in including stretched skulls. Evidence has been discovered there which indicates that the Knight’s Templar fought back the invading Scottish army, after their victory at Bannockburn, at that very point. Mark asks whether King Harold really did get killed by an arrow in his eye, or even at all, at the Battle of Hastings. The body that was supposedly Harold’s was never properly identified and may well be just any old body that King William said was Harold to parade it in a show of bravado. What’s more a man claiming to be King Harold turned up a few years later in Chester, the last Saxon town to fall to the Normans. Then Mark takes us back to the Dark Ages and shows that some log boats found in a peat bog and thought to be Stone Age were actually Mediaeval and were used by Danish secret agents. There’s also a massive war cemetery in Chester full of the bodies of Saxon and Welsh soldiers with obvious signs of trauma on them. My ears pricked up when he mentioned Martin Mere. Marin Mere is a patch of lakes and wetlands in Lancashire, but in the Middle Ages it was a huge inland sea over 5 miles long. I recently read the book Monster of the Mere by Jonathan Downes of the Centre for Fortean Zoology (see links column) where he and his friends investigate a huge fish said to live in the lakes. Downes reckons that the monster is a Wels catfish introduced in Victorian times, but I asked Mark what he thought and he said that it could be descended from a race of fish that lived in the lake centuries earlier. There are strange former lakebed areas near the mere where it is said Sir Lancelot is buried and the name of Lancashire maybe comes from his name. It could be that Guinevere was a Pictish Queen and that was why all the blokes in the Arthurian Legends were after her. After the Roman Empire fell in the 5th Century and the Picts moved south over Hadrian’s Wall it was important to be seen to be friendly with them, and marrying into their royal house was the best way to do so. Mark said that he has found the spot where the Romans were halted in their advance north through Britain. Contrary to popular belief they did not have a clear run all the way to the border of the Picts’ kingdom and may well have been holed up on the North Cheshire Ridge at Stockton Heath for 20 years or so. They found the Northerners indomitable… as indeed they still appear to be today! Going back even further in time Mark talked of a stone Neolithic axe dug up at a long barrow with complex symbols carved on it which may relate to some kind of prayer or spiritual belief. I realized that Mark is far more than an official historian when he mentioned the Hoxteen Tools. These are a set of stone tools unearthed in strata dating to 480,000 BC! So long ago that modern man had yet to evolve and only Homo Erectus walked the planet. I read about these tools in the book Forbidden Archaeology and they totally rewrite British history; indeed the history of the whole world! At the end of Mark’s lecture he finally stops at the very oldest item on his list, a new species of crocodilian dinosaur, and the person who discovered it was none other than a member of the Lost Treasures crew! I learned more of Mark’s off-beat interests when I bought a copy of his DVD Europe’s Roswell about an alleged UFO crash at Llanilar near Aberystwyth in Wales in 1983. I come from that area, although I left 4 years before that. Nevertheless I was intrigued and bought a copy which Mark signed.

Philip Coppens
I was looking forward to seeing this speaker more than any other because I’m a big fan of his articles, of which he’s had half a dozen or so published by Nexus magazine (See links column). He is a calm and softly-spoken man who is full of knowledge. The title of his talk was Servants of the Grail and I saw a few eyes roll at that. I was myself apprehensive because we’re knee-deep in Grail legends at the moment thanks to Dan Brown, but at the same time I doubted that Philip would present such a subject unless he had something original to say, and he didn't let me down. What is the Holy Grail? According to interpretations of the Arthurian stories by Chretien de Troyes it is the wine cup Jesus used at the Last Supper, and it was also used by Joseph of Arimathea to collect his blood at the Crucifixion. There are several relics in possession of both churches and private owners that are pronounced to be the Holy Grail. One is the Genoese Grail which, as its name suggests, can be found in Genoa. It was supposed to be made of Emerald, but Napoleon III dropped it by accident and broke it revealing that it is made out of green glass. Unfortunately many of the other supposed Grails lying around are probably also fakes. Chretien never says what the Grail actually is in his books, leaving the reader guessing; it is only later Christian theologians who say that the Grail is a cup. This resulted in a ton of speculation and in the 20th Century a new idea emerged. The Grail was not a cup, or any actual object at all, it was a symbol for the bloodline of Jesus Christ. Jesus fathered a child with Mary Magdalene and this holy family continued to the present day. The theory was refreshed in the early 21st Century by the aforementioned Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. Wolfram von Eschenbach, a German contemporary of Chretien, was the first to refute the cup theory. He says it was a “stone from Heaven” Philip thinks that this refers to the constellation of Crater, "the cup". This is because of the ancient Greek legend associated with Crater. It was meant to be the domain of Apollo. The story goes that Apollo had no water in Crater and so he sent his pet raven down to Earth with a cup to fetch some water. The raven went down to Earth, but while there got distracted from his mission by some luscious figs. When he’d eaten his fill and returned to Crater Apollo was pissed off at having been kept waiting. The story is said to have come to the Greeks through the Alexandrian conquest of Egypt in 320 BC. Philip then begins describing the Hermetic Grail theory. The association with the holiness of water and the ritual of baptism is not confined to Christianity nor did it start there. Earlier cultures believed in it as purification or enlightening ritual to do with water. It was common in societies that believed in reincarnation. The soul would quaff from a cup of special water before incarnating in order to wipe its mind clean of all past-life memories and so live as a completely blank slate. Many of the Hermetic traditions of the ancient world also involved ceremonies of bathing and drinking from a sacred vessel in order to regain all that lost knowledge. In this way the sacred cup became a means of both forgetting and remembering and the task of understanding the process was that of the mystery schools. It is rather like the Ayahuasca that Matthew Delooze has been involved with. And with this Hermetic tradition we have a link back to the Arthurian tales by Chretien de Troyes and Wolfram von Eschenbach because the image of the wandering knight, lost and amnesiac, unsure of what his future mission must be, could represent the soul’s memory wiped clean by the purification of the holy water from the sacred vessel. The Arthurian stories might have been inspired by real people. For instance Anfortus “the Fisher King” could be an allegory of King Anforto I of Arragon whose own life was almost identical to the fictional Fisher King. There is a castle in northern Spain where a sacred spring flows and its name (I’m sorry to say I can’t find it now!) was a corruption of the name of the knight Parzival. Also one of the local legends of the castle speaks of someone finding a Grail cup there in a hidden niche. There is another interesting Egyptian myth about the Book of Thoth which resembles the one about Arthur’s knights. The story is about a prince who sets out on a quest to find the Book of the god of wisdom, Thoth; a book made of gold which contains all the knowledge in the Universe! Unfortunately the quest is difficult and dangerous. Thoth is determined to give the prince a run for his money and so encases the book in a metal box and then in another wooden box and then he dumps the box on the bed of the river Nile. Firstly, before he is even allowed to dive into the Nile to find the box, Thoth insists that the prince beats him in a game of chess. After that the prince finds the book and starts to read only to wake up and find that he’s just been dreaming. This is exactly what happened to Parzival in Chretien’s story. There are other less well known theories: that the Grail is a weapon used by Angels that didn’t take sides in the war between God and Lucifer, Lawrence Gardener’s idea that it is white powder gold, or a stone that can show us how to connect to God. Some of the Christian legends may have been written in Christian allegory. “We don’t know.” Admits Philip at the end. Philip feels it may still turn out to be a physical object, but doesn’t say what he thinks it is! In fact during the Q and A session someone in the audience demanded indignantly: “Look, just tell us what it is, will you!?” However I think I understand what Philip is getting at. My own definition of the Holy Grail could be a cipher for something that is both unknown and unknowable. Could it be that it’s a statement about the limitations of Western culture; that we need an absolute literal answer to the question: “What is the Grail?” Maybe it is a means and not an end. We should just get on with our lives. Philip plays himself out to the uplifting tones of the Monty Python song Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.

Philip was the last of the Saturday speakers and so after he'd finished Ustane and I headed back to our hotel exhausted. The evening that was to follow was very distressing for me in a way I had not expected. We had a lovely meal of fish and chips at the Seafarers restaurant then headed across the square for our traditional rendezvous at The Admiral pub. I was brimming over with anticipation. I’ve enjoyed many joyous evenings in there over the years. Alarms bells rang as I entered the car park. The pub looked different; it was a subconscious perception at that point but as I got closer I saw that the windows, curtains, wallpaper, decorations and everything else had changed. The Admiral as I knew it no longer existed. In a daze I approached the door and was confronted with a bouncer. A bouncer in St Annes!? I was speechless. “Sorry, mate, I can’t let you in dressed like that.” he informed me. The Admiral has been bought up by a new brewery that has moved it “up market”. They have a dress code, trendy metal tables and stupid brass pipes and bottles of coloured water everywhere! This was a poignant piece of synchronicity because just the previous evening in Hamish’s bar we’d been discussing how pubs are being hit by new rules and regulations to make them more and more exclusive, uneconomic and inaccessible. The powers-that-be want to stop working-class people from having a meeting place to discuss things. Matt and his friends Sid and Di showed up and Sid kindly offered to lend me a pair of his jeans, but the damage had been done. We turned our back on The Admiral and went to the Number 15. I tried hard to snap out of it, but a dampener had set in a bit. When we got back to the Carlton a couple of people noticed that I wasn’t quite my chirrupy self. There are bouncers outside all pubs now; it’s a Fylde Council directive. All pubs on the Fylde Peninsula have to have them by law, even small village pubs! You might need bouncers in Blackpool perhaps, but St Annes is one of the sweetest, most tranquil seaside places you can imagine. It’s changed forever in my eyes now because I’ve had a sharp reminder that even its sweetness and tranquility does not make it immune from the Conformist Regime or the obsessive security state. However this experience aided an important revelation for me, a theme for the whole conference even, which I will tell you all about at the end of this article. The next morning we were in for a treat. Before the speakers began, Rosie, another Probe-regular, put some music on and had everyone on their feet clapping. Some of us went up to the front and began dancing, including myself. I felt my spirits lift and before long was breathless and full of vitality, my optimism returned.

Tony Topping
I first met Tony Topping at the Probe Conference 2 years ago in March 2007. He took me skywatching on the beach and I saw my first UFO. We went down onto St Annes beach and I saw a bright, fast-moving light way above the clouds. I thought it was a satellite, but it then changed direction very quickly. It was definitely not an aircraft because it manoeuvered far too sharply. Tony also starred in a TV show called Who Really Runs the World which I wrote about here: . For over 30 years Tony has been harassed by UFO’s, black helicopters, foreign helicopters and the intelligence services. He also claims to have had “very nasty” mind-altering technology used on him. He has recently joined forces with a New Zealander called Alec Newald who has had contact with blond ET’s. Alec was recently on a radio show opposite Nick Pope (whom I’ve written about before: ) and Nick called him a “Walter Mitty”; Tony and Alec then received dozens of abusive phone-calls, letters and emails. Tony has had many encounters with all kinds of objects in the sky and has filmed some of them. Although none of them could be classed as close encounters they still look interesting, especially in light of my own experience with him. One of his most impressive films was of a hovering UFO shooting light at a TV aerial and illuminating it. He also relates stories that happened to him when he didn’t have his camera with him. At one point he was near an RAF base by the River Ouse and a low speed Tornado or Harrier jet flew past. This was followed by an uncanny silence; even the birds stopped singing. Then there was a flash of light in a nearby field, the plane lit its afterburners and increased speed just in time to give chase to a very fast orb UFO as it shot into the sky. According to Tony there is more than one race visiting us and some of them are humans from the future; this is similar to what Colonel Philip Corso said (See: ). Corso treated the aliens as a foreign power, but it’s a lot more complex than that. Tony gained the ability to project anger at objects and make them suffer destructive actions. This is similar to Richard Burton’s character in the film The Medusa Touch. He has been singled out for this treatment by the aliens and the government because of his bloodline. This is why he sees so many UFO’s and was so confident that he and I would see one the night we went onto the beach in 2007. He says that there’s an alien force that wants to prey on this planet and move on. We met up with Tony that night in the Salter’s Wharf pub and he took us skywatching again with my Probe-buddies Rosie, Fred and Val. Unfortunately we didn’t see anything this time. There were many things Tony mentioned that he was unwilling or unable to elaborate on. He recommends Alec Newald’s book Co-evolution.

Nathan Sarea
Nathan Sarea (or is it Sorea?) addressed the Probe Conference last year, see: where he got the audience participating and he built upon his previous speech this time. He talked about how he’d gone from ascension to “in-cension”, and then to “arse-cension” because, and he doesn’t mince his words, the world has its head up its arse! Mike Ruppert puts it like this: “The world doesn’t want to be saved”. Nathan added: “We’ve got to get our shit together!" He urged us to shout out, and derided us for not answering instantly and passionately “Yes!” when he asked “Do you want to save the world!?” This is unfair I think; all the people I’ve spoken to at Probe want to save the world very much and shouldn’t have their sincerity judged by how well they act out for the pantomime performer on stage! He put up a big picture of a blue pill and red pill and said: “Which one do you want to take!?” “RED!” yelled everyone. We’d attuned to his style by then! Nathan told us how he’d gone to America and seen David Wilcock speak. It bothered him that he’d been fingerprinted and had his iris scanned when he entered the United States, just like everyone has to now, and it set the scene for his other experiences. He was incredibly impressed by Wilcock and feels very strongly for the victims of the Montauk Project. He also had a life-changing revelation when he visited San Francisco and saw the stone monument outside the UN Building there with the International Charter of Human Rights. It moved him to tears, especially when he looked around himself and saw hundreds of homeless people begging on the streets outside the UN Building. He was shocked at how many more homeless there are now since his last visit to the States. Also most of the homeless are disabled; many of them are stuck in wheelchairs. Most are war veterans who’ve suffered their injuries by supposedly serving their country. There are 30 articles in the UN Charter and Nathan recites the best of them. All humans are born free and entitled to full lives of dignity, liberty and safety from torture, violence, slavery and humiliation. He demands that we shout our “Yes!” when he asks us if we will fight to defend those rights for ourselves and others. By now the audience has caught up with him and we yell “YES!” at the tops of our voices. Then he addresses the aliens. Are they helping us or hindering us? Well, Nathan points out that they are only sharing their technology with “arseholes” in government, not the rest of us. I think this is not quite correct, at least not for all the aliens. Some are sharing their technology against their will. Throughout all these conferences I’ve heard people talk about the aliens as either good or bad. Well, I think they’re neither… and both. Aliens are like people, all different. As I’ve said in my review of Colonel Corso’s book, there are many different species with many different agendas. Some want to abuse, exploit and destroy us and the Earth, but others want to protect us, and sometimes want to help us spiritually evolve too as a priority. As far as the homeless veterans go Nathan echoes something I’ve thought of myself: Whether you say yes or no to them, whatever you do don’t ignore them. Once you ignore them, look past them or pretend they’re not there you’re rejecting their very humanity. I don’t often buy the Big Issue magazine, and on the majority of occasions when I don’t though, I always say “No thanks” to the vendor. Even if you just make eye contact that’s enough. What's more what goes for homeless people also goes for the rest of society's "low-lifes": waiters, hotel staff, shop cashiers; be kind and repectful to them as well. I was encouraged to see that Nathan is very much against the British National Party. I’d seen BNP newsletters available to take from a conference stall and they were being eagerly snapped up. A lot of people in the movement to stop the New World Order are deluded into thinking that the BNP offer a solution through their nationalism and isolationism. But in truth the BNP are a complete joke; and every day I suspect more and more that they’re a psy-op, controlled opposition, the most typical and classic divide-and-rule ploy I’ve ever encountered. Here’s an article I wrote about them: . It’s interesting, as David Wilcock and Nathan both say that remote viewers and clairvoyants seem to be coming up against a blind spot in their predictions. This blind spot covers about 18 months around the time of late 2012, that year again! They can see future events before and after the 2012 blind spot but not during it. Why? It could be that the world is going to go through a lateral dimensional split. It’s going to go off into a number of different universes or existences. Nathan warns us that however hard we struggle to free the world we must do it in the right way. He reminds us of these words of Friederich Nietzsche: "If you fight monsters you become monsters". We must not take sides, become entrenched into polarities. Oppose the BNP, but also oppose their so-called enemy, Unite Against Fascism, because they are just as bad. Remember the phrase “same shit- different bucket” and we’ll be OK. He urges us to play “The Game of Now” and be “In the Now”. I like Nathan a lot and enjoyed his speech. He clears up a lot of the fallacies and delusions that can threaten the integrity of the most genuine freedom-fighter. I can see them in some other people, but I’m on my guard because I know I’m not immune myself! Nathan ended his speech with a line that will surely become a classic. “If there are any government agents in this room. Beware! We will find you… and we will love you!”

Phil Medley
Phil Medley is a musician as well as a researcher and came onto stage dressed in a Druid-like robe banging a drum. His love of music probably inspired him to pursue his research into the power of sound and vibration. He has done Earth healing at sacred sites and opened inter-dimensional doorways to allow the flow of hyper-D energy through the universe. He has helped release bad energy from old battlefields. He’s also helped create something called “Cities of Light”, although I didn’t quite catch what he meant by that. He’s also had some very powerful positive contact with ET’s. He went to Easter Island, a place I’m fascinated by and intend to visit first on my “Free World” tour. There he buried a sacred object. It’s a magical place with an electric atmosphere, a land that has born witness to so much wisdom and so much suffering. Like Churchward and others he thinks it could be the remains of Lemuria. He has become fixated on the notion that so many ancient sacred sites have names like “Gateway to the Gods”. Why? He noticed in Peru at places like Cuzco and Machu Pichu that the building seems to have taken place in several phases with a long time interval between them. The newer Inca ruins appear to be built on ancient megalithic construction that he doesn’t think the Incas did. He thinks they date back to prehistoric times. What’s more this method, of building the new on top of the old occurs all over the world, from Peru to Egypt to Rome and Greece. These foundations and walls tend to be made out of large, heavy pieces of very hard igneous rock, like granite, but are nonetheless cut to form perfect masonry and fit together like a jigsaw; a remarkable feat for such ancient cultures. For instance when Egypt built its greatest monuments it was still in the Bronze Age and had yet to smelt iron or invent the lever, pulley or wheel. He remarks that it’s odd how these antediluvian stone walls tend to be constructed out of irregular blocks, like a vertical crazy-paving. Why not do it the easy way and just use square or oblong blocks like modern builders do? I always thought that they just didn’t think like modern Western people do and simply preferred the irregular non-logical look. They were willing to sacrifice the utilitarian for the sake of aesthetics; something that modern Conformist Illuminati-occupied culture hardly ever does, and is impoverished as a result I think. But as far as Phil is concerned there’s more to it than that. Was the shape of the building blocks designed to create a kind of energy resonance, similar to sound resonance? A lot of these ancient walls have strange protruding lumps on them. It could be that they were intended as control surfaces when moving the objects, but why then were they not chiseled off once the blocks were in place if the architects were so insistent on a particular shape for their creation. Some on the older blocks have been worn down to stubs by the elements while on newer blocks they are still well-formed. Phil has a past-life memory of being a novice priest in Ancient Egypt and experimenting with musical notes in the chambers of the Great Pyramids. There are strange niches in the walls of many ancient structures with no apparent purpose. But in his Egyptian life he saw an alien being come through the niche. This makes me recall the work of my friend Brian Allan who has done experiments with sound in Rosslyn Chapel. You see Phil thinks, as Brian does, that certain sounds create a psychic analogy resonance that can open up inter-dimensional doorways, what are often today called “Stargates”. The ancient people of this Earth may well have known about doors to other worlds and even built them! Adrian Gilbert spoke of something similar in his lecture at the Now That’s Weird Conference last year: . This is why so many ancient and prehistoric sites across the world are called “Gateway to the Gods”. If this is what they were then it seems that the lost knowledge of how these Stargates could be opened may have been rediscovered by people like Phil. What will happen if these Stargates are opened again? I wonder!

Paula Paradaema
Paula Paradaema is a local lady, a medium and “observer of mankind” for 60 years. She came onto stage clad in a flowing green dress and strutted haughtily up and down in front of the audience. She used gestures and tones of voice that I’ve come to think of as typical of Spiritualist mediums. She began by saying: “You may not like what I’m going to say, but please wait until I’ve finished.” She said that there are 5 types of animal that are like no other; this is because they can be domesticated. And she clarifies the distinction between “domesticated” and “tamed”. A tamed animal is just one that has been indoctrinated to obey human instructions, but domesticated animals have actually become part of human society, family member, man’s best friend. In this situation, Paula says, they can “apply for” human souls; and she calls this original soul “Basic-first-time-in-body”. The 5 species are cat, dog, horse, monkey and elephant. I found her explanation hard to follow, but I believe what she then went on to suggest was that these Basic-first-time-in-body animal souls can then reincarnate as humans with the personality traits of the animals species they were in their previous lives. She does mimes of the kinds of people she thinks these souls inhabit. Cat people go: “ah, love you” and then scratch! “Yeow!” The species she occupies most of her attention on are dogs and she describes how football hooligans and violent criminals of various kinds are former dogs. This is because they hunt in packs and act as a group, each one following the leader blindly. But if they were well-cared for in their dog life they’ll be loyal family men because that’s what domesticated dogs from happy homes are like. Also dogs tend to be attracted to professions that involve discipline and wearing a uniform like the armed forces or police; this is because they can act like a pack, one unit, with each member obeying orders from their leader. They also get to carry out licensed violence, another negative dog trait. She notices that many serial killers have animal names like the “Black Panther”; why? Because that’s what they did in their animal bodies and so think it’s normal when they incarnate into a human body. The serial killers who kill their own children, like Fred and Rosemary West, are very certainly cats because it is lions and other felines who kill their own cubs if a rival cat has fathered them. As she was talking I was reminded of the brilliant books of the His Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman, and the film adaptation of the first book: The Golden Compass. It is set in a parallel universe in which people’s souls can be seen next to the person’s physical body in animal forms. Paula urges us to treat animals kindly and not allow them to indulge in destructive behavior because of we don’t we could be creating future generations of hoodlums and psychopathic murderers! Barbara Woodhouse, we owe you our lives! I’m afraid to say that I was very unimpressed by Paula. She, like too many Spiritualists, lacks scope and is entrenched in the culture of the medium. She sounded rather arrogant at times, especially when she was addressing people during the Q and A session; she also had to ask somebody who the Illuminati were. She also proudly stated that she never reads books because "they're all about the past not the future". That's untrue and frankly an ignorant attitude. She’s the kind of medium I’ve heard of who will bring forward a spirit to criticize a sitter's dress-sense or blame them for the bad things that happen in their lives because they’re “too soft!” There’s some basic truth behind her theory though. There are people who genuinely have past-life memories of being animals. But these studies are far more complex and interesting than anything Paula came out with. To begin with, these memories are not confined to those five species she mentioned, or even the animal kingdom itself! The brilliant psychologist Stanislav Grof has past life memories of being a tree! (See: ) Past-life recall as a fish are extremely common among many people, and I even have what might be piscine flashbacks myself!

After the conference Ustane and I maintained contact with the speakers and went for another meal at the Salter's Wharf where we had our skywatching session with Tony. In the morning we headed back to Nottingham, but stopped off in Manchester for a couple of hours. For a long time now Ustane has badly wanted to pay a visit to her aunt’s house in East Didsbury. It was quite easy to find and we had a long walk around the streets until we got to it. Ustane was overjoyed to find the old house, even though she hasn’t been there for nearly 40 years. The place had changed a bit, but was still recognizable. We went to a local launderette and were amazed to find that the washing machines were really old; Ustane assures me they are the very ones that she saw there as a small child. The signboards on the wall still had prices in pre-decimal currency! It gave us both a very sentimental feeling, a love for all things anachronistic; charming and comforting oldness in a new and changing world. Ustane came down with a bit of good old Welsh hiraeth as well. We went to a bar and had a very expensive drink then headed on home. Very soon after our arrival at Ustane’s house our post-Probe blues kicked in. They’d been delayed by our Mancunian adventure earlier in the day, but as I said goodbye to Ustane and my train pulled out of the station the dam burst. I’ve often said that the painful things in life teach me more than the pleasant things, and this is another example. I used to think that the reason for my post-Probe blues was that I missed my Probe-buddies so much, and the excitement and information-upload of the conference. This is partly true, but it’s not so much that I miss the Probe spirit in the outside world; it’s that straight after the conference I feel its deficiency in the outside world far more acutely. I was talking to someone on the David Icke Forum about the Ringing Cedars of Russia books ( ). The other member expressed a wish to go and live with Anastasia in her forest. Yes, that’s a very attractive proposition! But with the way the world’s going that’s like climbing the mast on a sinking ship. We can’t escape the New World Order by retreating to the quiet corners of the planet where it’s yet to reach, because one day they’ll reach it; see what I wrote here: . I never thought I’d see logging corporations venture into the deepest Amazon jungle where undiscovered people live… but then again I never thought I’d see bouncers in St Annes’ pubs! And actually in Book 3 of the Ringing Cedars series some Conformist scientists invade Anastasia’s forest and try to kidnap her. So we have to stand our ground here. Our mission should not be to spend our lives at Probe, but to bring Probe to our lives. Not to go and live in Anastasia’s wood, but to make the spirit of her wood enrich and free the world beyond it.