Tuesday 25 August 2009

Alien Abduction Similarities

(Background article: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2007/11/my-trip-to-haunted-house.html)

Alien contact, contrary to popular belief, did not begin in the 1940’s with the rise of multimedia science fiction; the first contactees were not Betty and Barney Hill. Alien contact appears to be something ubiquitous and universal, a phenomenon that has existed side-by-side with human beings probably since prehistoric times, maybe for as long as we have been humans. Before the advent of sci-fi it used to be called being "spirited away by the fairies" or goblins and trolls, but it's the very same thing. Another myth is that all these experiences can be explained away purely as deceit, delusions and hallucinations, the product of a deranged mind or a loser on the make. This is not so, although some Skeptics will attempt to claim otherwise. One thing I am always on the lookout for is experiences by different people who live a long way from each other, and therefore are unlikely to have met, who describe similar aspects to their experiences. I’ve found some examples that are extremely similar; the links between them are hard to explain away as coincidence.

A few years ago I first saw The Reptilian Agenda, a 5 hour interview by David Icke with the Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa (http://credomutwa.com/ You can obtain a copy of The Reptilian Agenda here: http://davidickebooks.co.uk/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=19 ). In this interview Credo describes how in 1959 he was walking in the Inyangane Mountains in eastern Zimbabwe when he was surrounded by a strange mist and the next moment found himself in a metal tunnel shackled to a laboratory table. Another man was there whom Credo met in the street in normal circumstances a few years later, so corroborating the experience for himself. He suffered various unpleasant examinations during his ordeal which are common in alien abduction reports: specimens of blood, sperm and other body substances being extracted etc. However it is the descriptions of the entities he encountered that is the most important thing. First he saw a tall humanoid being in a metallic helmet with visible eyes behind goggles; it wore a tight-fitting grey overall. The second creature he encountered looked very similar to a human woman. It was short in stature and had blonde hair and slanting blue eyes. It was naked and had a voluptuous and sensual body, but curiously its pubic hair and the hair in its armpits was red; not red as in a natural human hair colour like ginger, but red like blood or red paint. This creature climbed on top of the prostrate Credo and raped him. After several other bizarre incidents Credo was released. The Inyangane Mountain range has a reputation for paranormal activity and there have been many disappearances there, especially in the 1980’s, sometimes without the victim being returned.

This report came back to the forefront of my mind with shocking recognition when I read another report in Unexplained magazine. In 1957, two years before Credo’s experience, a Brazilian farmhand called Antonio Villas Boas was driving his tractor late one night when he was snatched by tall grey beings with metallic helmets, that had clear eye covers, wearing tight-fitting grey overalls. But the similarities to Credo’s experience do not end there, in fact they get even more remarkable. Villas Boas was taken aboard a saucer-shaped craft and subjected to a medical examination very like Credo’s, with blood being taken from his chin by a “suction cup” instrument. Then he was left alone in a room with a comfortable couch and another being entered the room and sexually assaulted him. The creature who did it was almost exactly like the one that Credo would encounter two years later. Villas Boas describes it as looking like a short, blonde woman with blue, slanting eyes and pale skin. It had an exquisite feminine body, but its pubic hair and armpit hair were blood red. Unlike Credo, Villas Boas recalls enthusiastically engaging this creature sexually. This I find unlikely. I’m a healthy red-blooded feller, but I can’t imagine being able or willing to respond sexually in such a terrifying situation no matter how much I was fluffed. Villas Boas and Credo both remember being forced to inhale a gas just before meeting this being and my guess is that they were given some kind of “date rape” drug that made them more susceptible to being seduced. Reproduction is a common theme in alien contact with sex gametes being manually extracted and, more rarely, natural sex acts between the humans and extraterrestrials. It seems very unlikely that two such similar encounters could have happened coincidentally. This is reinforced by the fact that Credo and Villas Boas lived thousands of miles apart on separate continents and in very different cultures. The Villas Boas case was not well publicized at first and it’s unlikely that Credo, who was well-educated but lived in a very insular Zulu community, would have heard about it before relating it himself in one of his books in the 1980’s. (Indeed he never had his own website until a few years ago, and was branded as primitive by some of his ignorant critics as a result).

There’s another incident Credo mentions in The Reptilian Agenda that links to another more famous abduction case in the United States. Whitley Strieber wrote of his own enthralling experiences in his bestselling book Communion in the 1980’s; it was soon made into a film starring Christopher Walken with a score by Eric Clapton. In the film there’s a scene where Whitley is sitting beside a classic Grey being. He touches the creatures face and the lower half of the face is revealed to be a mask; and underneath is a Reptoid being with green scaly skin and a long proboscis-like snout. Another mistake in our popular image of UFO’s is that they only ever happen in Western countries like Europe or the United States. UFO researchers have largely passed over 80% of the world! What they could learn if they didn’t! People are today arguing about whether aliens and a crashed UFO were salvaged at Roswell in 1947 while Credo Mutwa has been attending alien autopsies for years. When a UFO crashes in Africa it is often not spotted by the government and local people attend the site, retrieving the wreckage and the craft‘s occupants. Credo says that the Greys are actually not really grey. Their skin is actually a disguise. It’s a thin but very strong garment that needs to be cut with an axe and beneath it is a being called a “pinkie-pinke”, a pink entity with scaly reptilian skin. Apart from the skin colour, this matches completely Whitley Strieber’s report, despite him living a long way from Credo in a very different culture.

There’s more to alien encounters than we’ve been told. I’m not of the opinion that these are all physical creatures who fly in solid nuts-and-bolts spacecraft from physical planets within our own universe that we could see through a telescope; although some may well be. I think aliens are much more likely to be interdimensional and non-physical, like ghosts; although they can obviously take physical form to be captured at “Roswells“. But what is certain is that they are not the exclusive products of wild imaginations, brain-damaged junkies, attention-seekers and people who’ve been on the wacky-backy at Glastonbury. Whatever they are, they are real.

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Project for the New American Century

Here’s the official website of the Project for the New American Century: http://www.newamericancentury.org/
This organization has become infamous in recent years, in fact since people started looking at the 9/11 attacks with a critical eye. I’ve heard researchers quoting from it many-a-time. Phrases like “New Pearl Harbour”, “fight and decisively win…” and “target specific genotypes” have become catchphrases for 9/11 Truth researchers. Two years ago I wrote an article called Screw Screw Loose Change as a rebuttal to a film made by Mark Iradian that was itself a rebuttal to Dylan Avery’s Loose Change. Screw Loose Change. ( http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2007/08/screw-screw-loose-change.html ). Like most 9/11 Truth debunkers, is an attack as much against the people making 9/11 Truth claims as the claims themselves. So if you, like me, question the veracity of the official story of 9/11, you are not merely wrong, you are evil. I’ve satirized this attitude in my 9/11 Truth poem Show Some Respect!: http://hpanwo-bb.blogspot.com/2009/01/show-some-respect.html . It is near the start of the film that Avery refers to the notorious pamphlet Rebuilding America’s Defences. Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century by the Project for the New American Century and Iradian counters the idea that the part relating to a “New Pearl Harbour” has any significance. The full phrase is: “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbour.” The implication being that the authors of the document wanted there to be a massive violent attack on American soil with multiple loss of life in order to inspire the public to support he changes they wanted to make; and that 9/11 was exactly this and so was likely to be a government military operation rather than an Al-Qaida terrorist plot under the logic of Qui Bono. As you can see, Iradian thinks that all this is all nonsense; the “New Pearl Harbour” phrase was meant to apply merely to the introduction of new military technology, not an overall strategic projection. I realized a few weeks ago that I’ve never actually read Rebuilding America’s Defences… for myself, not from start to finish and only looked at a few brief quotes, and that this was an oversight on my part. I understood that I could never prove Iradian wrong unless I did read the entire publication and put all the quotes into context. So I did. You can download the full document here as a PDF file: http://www.newamericancentury.org/RebuildingAmericasDefenses.pdf .
Project for the New American Century was founded in 1997 as a reaction to the "victory" of the United States and her allies in the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union; this left the United States, according to the PNAC, as the world's only superpower. PNAC's goal therefore is to take advantage of this turn of events by consolidating American supremacy and creating a new world leadership by America and based on American capitalism "liberty" and "democracy". None of the PNAC members are suspicious of the strange symbolism found in the motifs of the USA and even on the Dollar Bill itself. See: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2008/05/brixton-pyramid.html and http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2007/08/my-book-review-who-are-illuminati.html . The quest for "American democracy" has also devastated much of the world and killed millions of people, deforesting Vietnam, desertifying Africa and filling South America with brutal tyrants. I strongly recommend hearing the testimony of John Perkins for the truth behind the promotion of "American values": http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=808526880666247652&ei=Oeh_SsjUI4uW-Aal6OHvDg&q=john+perkins+confessions+of+an+economic+hitman . Also see this film by John Pilger: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3739500579629840148&ei=a-h_SsWqE4en-Abc9MnDAg&q=john+pilger . PNAC laments that this opportunity is being squandered and riles against the way America has supposedly retreated from its achievement and sat on its laurels while the outside world festers, creating new and dangerous rivals; enemies regroup and regrow. PNAC fears that America's dereliction of duty will result in another power struggle like the Cold War and a less stable and more dangerous 21st Century. The pamphlet quotes Dick Cheney, a PNAC member: “We can either sustain the [armed] forces we require and remain in a position to help shape things for the better, or we can throw that advantage away. [But] that would only hasten the day when we face greater threats, at higher costs and further risk to American lives.” Again it seems to me that they are in denial; either that or brazenly lying. The countries they refer to as "enemies" like Iraq, North Korea and Iran etc are all ruled by regimes that the United States has supported and even created!
The document Rebuilding America's Defences… is concerned purely with the state of the US military and suggests reforms that can be made. The Project hosted a conference of defence analysts and military strategic experts and they had a conflab until they came up with a policy model that they hope will become accepted by Congress and the Department of Defence. The core of the model is what they call 4 "Core Missions":
ESTABLISH FOUR CORE MISSIONS for U.S. military forces:
1. defend the American homeland;
2. fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theatre wars;
3. perform the “constabulary” duties associated with shaping the security environment in
critical regions;
4. transform U.S. forces to exploit the “revolution in military affairs;”
What is this "revolution"? Along with the model's various detailed reforms and development of conventional forces PNAC are very keen on maintaining the United States nuclear "deterrent". It also talks of creating a new military branch: The US Space Service, to control space, shoot down enemy satellites and incoming ballistic missiles. This is very worrying when one takes into account exopolitics. This effects our relationship with extraterrestrial civilizations as well as nations on Earth, see: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2009/03/day-after-roswell-by-col-philip-j-corso.html . NASA are currently planning to cause an explosion on the moon! ( http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/space/5566137/Nasa-prepares-to-bomb-the-moon.html ) This is apparently for "scientific purposes", but is it? They've tried this before and it triggered a very harsh response from out ET neighbours, see: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4m4gh_full-disclosure-project-0624_politics . The government still stubbornly denies that these neighbours even exist! The Project also has aspirations on dominating other "international commons" like the Internet. This would mean an end to free cyberspace as we know it, and the restriction or removal of sites like HPANWO. They wish to use advanced technology to modernize the US armed forces and increase the Defence budget by $US15-20 billion a year. This is sinister from the word go because according to international law, and my own personal opinion, the only legitimate purpose for the armed forces of any nation is Point 1. However this ideal has never been realized. The US government has always spoken of having a "two war" force that can go "into harms way" and strike "anywhere, anytime". This is what is meant by Point 2. In Point 3 the word "Constabulary" means what it sounds like: the military does the same job as a police force, so called "peace-keeping". However hidden agendas can easily be disguised behind seemingly benign and noble intentions; see my article on Blakes 7, I particularly recommend Episode 11-Bounty for insight into this matter: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2007/10/blakes-7.html . Non-intervention where intervention is genuinely needed, as in Rwanda, shows the true colours of these kinds of constabulary tactics. During the Cold War we were always promised by politicians that if ever this frightening latent conflict ever came to an end then there'd by no more need for nuclear weapons and they'd be abolished. As we've seen this has not happened, in fact PNAC criticizes the Clinton Administration for even suggesting it. They constantly refer again and again to China as a nuclear threat, which is technically true but this misses the point. Nuclear proliferation has been deliberately engineered by the very same people who then preach to us that it is a problem! Rebuilding America’s Defences…’ authors write as if nuclear weapons are a kind of tulpa-manifestation that just materialized spontaneously in these so-called rogue states; they just dropped out of the sky one day! And that they’re a “clear an present danger we just have to deal with.” Anyone who looks behind this fa├žade, even just briefly, will see that it is a total deception. The authors either have their heads up their own arses or they are lying. But it is a lie that will lead to the bolstering of land-based and air-deployed nuclear bombs, the replacement of the submarine-launched Trident system and the creation of space-based weapons like the renewed drive for the “Star Wars” missile shield. This last feature may well have a covert exopolitical motive rather than the one its authors propose, see above.
The document then goes into the details of how they would run the military if they ever got the chance to. The key word is “repositioning”. The location of overseas forces and bases around the world is still in its old Cold War formation with army and air bases in Europe, although greatly reduced in size; most of the American bases around where I live are now closed or taken over by British forces; and the northern Far East like Japan and South Korea. PNAC thinks that this needs to change. They intend to swap the two heavy army divisions in Europe for a “support corps” of a combined light and heavy brigade that is versatile and can be moved quickly and easily to trouble-spots in the western Old World. The US Marine Corps should have their facilities in the Mediterranean and countries expanded too to a view of intervening in Black Sea regions like Georgia and Turkey. In the Persian Gulf the air force bases and Navy aircraft carriers and cruise missile platforms enforcing the no-fly zones over Iraq (a typical example of a wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing constabulary mission!) should be upgraded to a semi-permanent status even if Saddam were to pass from the scene. The building of extra air and ground bases in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia should free up the aircraft carriers and other US Navy assets in the area. These words were written in 2000; did they already know Saddam was about to be ousted? The true purpose of this part of the grand strategy is of course to protect the oil fields for the fully Illuminati-occupied Western states. It is in East Asia that PNAC aspire to the greatest changes. They say that after the reunification of Korea. (How and when; is it already planned!?) they would change Japan and Korean forces in a similar way that they have their European ones, transforming them into a smaller mobile support corps. The meat of America’s East Asian presence would then shift south to Indochina and the South Pacific region, although presumably without the warm, catchy songs about “Dames”. This is the area most neglected by US foreign policy, say PNAC. Although one of the publicly announced purposes for this would be the volatility of the region in need of constabulary missions, they are quite open about the underlying strategy behind this move: “Raising U.S. military strength in East Asia is the key to coping with the rise of China to great-power status.” They want America to be the only big kid on the block and keep any potential rival contained and restricted. The way things are panning out I don’t think anything could prevent China from becoming a world superpower, and I’m scared of what lengths America would be willing to go to try to avert the inevitable. The US would have a massive new naval base constructed in the southern Far East or Pacific area, in an allied nation like Australia, the Philippines or Taiwan. This would be similar in size to Pearl Harbour and could be used to deploy the carrier battle groups and other naval assets freed up by the Gulf strategy above. The new DD21 class destroyer would be sent there to counter the Chinese navy while its Aegis cruisers would be refitted or replaced to increase their land-attack capability.
The “revolution” in military affairs is a vision that takes up much of the pamphlet. The Army should be increased in manpower by 40% and recruit more experts in language and military law for constabulary missions. More hi-tech helicopters will be needed and the proposed Crusader Howitzer system should be binned. The Crusader ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XM2001_Crusader ) looks like a tank but in fact it is a self-contained mobile artillery unit; PNAC’s analysts are more drawn to the value of battlefield missiles. The proposal of the document was realized in 2002 when Donald Rumsfeld, in the wake of 9/11, cancelled the Crusader project. Rumsfeld is a PNAC sympathizer, and I’ll come to that later. Along with the strategy mentioned above, PNAC plans to increase the forces based at home in the continental United States from 23 manoeuvre brigades to 27, including fully-manned, three-brigade heavy divisions; two light divisions; and two airborne divisions. In addition, the stateside Army would also retain four armoured cavalry regiments in its active structure, plus several experimental units devoted to transformation activities. The National Guard, the part-time reservist forces like the British Territorial Army, would be upgraded to mostly full-time professionals. What the document omits is that these forces may well be needed to crush domestic civil rebellion in cooperation with the police, FBI and FEMA. The presence of empty concentration camps popping up everywhere is a warning to this. In the US Air Force, the current fighters and bombers, now aging, would be replaced with aircraft like the F22 ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F-22_Raptor ), increase support aircraft and transporters like the C17 and bring in new electronic warfare aircraft, jammers etc. Existing long-range heavy bombers would be replaced by high-tech stealth bombers like the B2. PNAC are very keen on the idea of unmanned aircraft like the predator drones that can be flown from an office on the other side of the world with none of the danger that an on-board pilot would face. As far as the Navy goes, PNAC would still use big-deck aircraft carriers, the symbol of American sea power, but would introduce new technology like better anti-ship and strike missiles that could be fired from smaller, cheaper vessels like the Aegis and DD21‘s mentioned above. The new land bases could take up much of the work currently done by the carriers. New aircraft carriers would be adapted to deploy unmanned aircraft. Ships would have to become more stealthy as detection technology increases, with satellites, better sound ranging and spy planes come into the hands of more and more people. There would be additional submarines with a similar missile-launching land-attack capability to the ships, although eventually the other forces might take over much of that role and the Navy can “return to the sea“. The Navy would be adapted to a dual role of open-ocean warfare and that in “littoral” waters, shallow seas close to land. One idea is for submarines to lay “missile mines”; semi-submerged floating pods containing a land-attack missile that could be launched remotely without any risk to platforms or personnel. The US Marine Corps would also get a technological upgrade, introducing new vertical takeoff transporter aircraft like the V22 Osprey ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V22_Osprey ). It would also be given larger more capable bases in Europe and Asia. The key to the revolution would be technology. Space, cyberspace and unmanned aircraft have already been mentioned, but PNAC wouldn’t stop there. They would employ bio warfare that could target specific genotypes, a much-related quote. Yes, it is there; and it contradicts something that is stated earlier in the document. “…other kinds of weapons of mass destruction, such as chemical and biological, with the U.S. having foresworn those weapons’ development and use.” PNAC admit that they will reverse that policy. They theorize a time when along with high technology in terms of weapons, armourment and sensors, soldiers on a battlefield will have skin-patches similar to what people giving up smoking have; but these will contain pharmaceutical products that enhance concentration, increase stamina, reduce fear etc. This is takes military mind control to a new level! Supposing they decide to use such brainwashing drugs on all of us, not just squaddies?
So, what about the infamous “New Pearl Harbour” phrase? It can be found on page 51. According to Mark Iradian it refers simply to the introduction of new technology, not as part of a grand strategy. Well, one wonders why a massive terrorist attack would be necessary for that. Also the technological programme is all part of the PNAC’s “revolution”. The phrase actually doesn’t even appear in a location or context devoted merely to technology. It can be found in Chapter 5, entitled Changing Tomorrow’s Dominant Force. It’s refers to technology, yes, but only as part of a much wider project.
The Project for the New American Century is part of a much larger movement called the Neoconservatives. They began in the 60’s and their ideological founder was a political philosopher called Leo Strauss. He believed that social liberation led to the destruction of civilization through uncontrolled decadence, materialism and greed because of what he believed was our natural selfish nature. He thought that the people needed some kind of universal ideal that would unite and motivate them, undercutting their drive for purely personal gain. For America this was the myth of American principles, “goddess of democracy and liberty” etc. He admitted that the myth need not be true so long as people believed in it. This is a very significant aspect of his philosophy. For him there should be an enlightened elite that was privy to information and power denied the masses; in other words, an Illuminati. Many Neoconservatives are members of PNAC and one of the Rebuilding America’s Defences… document signatories is Paul Wolfowitz, Leo Strauss’ star pupil. The Neoconservatives are often labelled as extremist outsiders; extremist they may be, but they are far from outsiders. Since the 80’s their membership have been closely involved in the US government. Take the PNAC members as an example; their members and supporters contain many names infamous in the post-9/11 world: Dick Cheney, Bush’s Vice-President. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, assistant to George Bush Sr when he was Vice-President to Ronald Reagan. Libby was sacked and prosecuted for corruption. Jeb Bush, Florida Governor and the President’s brother. Former Presidential candidate Dan Quayle. Donald Rumsfeld, Defence Secretary under Bush and former member of “Team B” which made up lies about the Soviet Union during the Cold War (see the New American Century movie: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3776750618788792499&ei=LO6BSuO7MY7T-Aaa_YWNCw&q=new+american+century&hl=en ); Richard Perle, Dov Zakheim, the list goes on. All the above have been very influential in American politics during the Bush years. Put together all of them were in the right places and with the right abilities to stage 9/11.
Why would they do it? Would they really conspire to kill 3000 people and demolish skyscrapers? Don’t they have feelings? Wouldn’t they be held back by conscience? Surely they’re not evil! Well some of them might be, but it’s just as likely that a lot of them have somehow managed to justify what they did; to quote Machiavelli: for the ends. To understand why they did it, it is necessary to actually get inside the heads of these people; not pleasant I know! The Neocons truly believe in the doctrine of Leo Strauss, that the American Way is the absolute epitome and objective of human civilization. America is the nation that will create a paradise on Earth. This idea is passionately, but very falsely, presented in the book The End of History by Francis Fukuyama, a Neocon, PNAC affiliate and disciple of Strauss. The books states that the universal acceptance of capitalism, liberty and democracy across the world would result in a stable equilibrium of humanity and therefore all the historical forces of the past would be negated, creating a non-historical continuum, hence the title. This is the PNAC’s vision. After victory in the Cold War the remaining task to accomplishing this goal was a mere mopping-up operation. All the planet's fossil fuel energy was ripe for America’s exclusive picking and all nations were ready to accept the American liberal democratic ideal. However America didn’t take that opportunity, they ground to a halt inches from the finish line and plodded back. Imagine the frustration of people who followed Fukuyama’s teachings! Were they frustrated enough to engineer the crashing of four airliners into public buildings; I think so.
Of course at a higher level there’s a very different story to tell. The people up there know that in reality there is no United States, there is no China, there is no political world as we know it at all; there is just the Illuminati, with shop-window nation states as their servants. Everything else is merely “Prolefeed”, propaganda for public consumption. There is no need for oil because free energy has been discovered. The desire for American global domination, whether you like the idea or abhor it, is an illusion. America is merely a pawn, the current disguise that the agenda is wearing, the agenda to bring about the “Great Work of Ages”, aka the New World Order. To quote George Orwell: Don’t let it happen.

Thursday 6 August 2009

The Economy's Fawkt- It's YOUR Fault!

I saw a TV news story a few days ago that was about how the government and employers are worried about the damage that's going to be done to the economy by the Swine Flu epidemic; it was similar to this one: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8020610.stm . This concern is because so many employees will be off sick, up to 1/8th of the workforce in the worst case scenario. They didn't say it in as many words, but reading between the lines the story was meant to make us feel guilty. If we're not working and consuming because we've got Swine Flu; if we're not slaving at their mills, or we've lost our appetite so we're not eating their GMO chemical junk food, it will apprently cause more economic problems. But when you consider the bail-out, the wars costing billions, derivative stock trading, the national debt etc, to say: "It's your fault that the economy is in the turmoil that it is because you've caught Swine Flu" is an insulting joke. I feel so strongly about this because I've just recovered from a bout of Swine Flu myself. See my HPANWO TV Swine Flu Diary: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.com/2009/07/swine-flu-diary.html
What about the 5 trillion that went missing from the Federal Reserve's books? 5 trillion; not million, trillion. A trillion makes a million look like peanuts. Imagine a million pounds were just 1 penny. Now even on that scale a trillion pounds would still be £10,000. It's unimaginable! Complete Cuckooland! It makes a farce out of every economic theory and news story of the last 200 years! (Incidentally this answers the question about how the govt funds things like secret alien bases like Area 51; that and illegal drugs). Is anyone doing anthing about it? Have the police dropped round?
I guess we're not very good slaves then. We've stopped towing our handcart filled with radioactive ore out of the mine and are sitting back and letting the other slaves do it. How selfish of us! The greatest of society's evils are those who have no job at all. We have Orwellian dysphemisitc terminology for them like "lazy" and "scrounger". I often hear people at work saying that the long-term unemployed should be forced to go to work at gunpoint! Sometimes I think that we really don't need to Illuminati to create the New World Order! We might beat them to it ourselves!