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Alternative View 4- Part 1

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The prelude to my third adventure at the Alternative View conferences was difficult for me for several reasons. A few months ago I was frustrated to discover that, by a stroke of bad luck, the Alternative View 4 Conference had been booked on the very same weekend as my beloved Probe Conference. I was therefore faced with a dilemma: Would I miss Probe for the first time in 4 years and go to AV4; or miss AV4, which I badly wanted to attend as well and go to Probe as usual? Well, I had to do one or the other! I also had Ustane’s wishes to take into consideration because we’re a research team now and we always stick together. Did I make the right choice? Those HPANWO-readers who went to Probe might agree or disagree; either way, read on! The day before I was packing my bags and checking I had everything I needed when I saw a very disturbing post on the HPANWO Forum that directed me to a link on a Skeptic forum where somebody (I think I know who it is, and regular HPANWO Forum members will guess too!) was pretending to be me; they’d cut-and-pasted one of my articles into their opening post and announced themselves with my name. This is potentially perilous because while using my identity this person could make “me” do something antisocial that will smear my name. I spent the day contacting the forum’s admin and clearing up the problem. This was eventually resolved, but then I had more problems. I’ve recently shot some HPANWO TV vids that I’m very pleased with, but I can’t upload them to YouTube because of technical problems; I suspect a hardware issue at my end. Therefore there will be no HPANWO TV reportage on this AV conference; sorry! I was seething slightly as I headed out on Friday with Ustane.

Ustane and I took a different route to London this time, and instead of wasting money on the extortionate airport coach we caught the normal coach to Hillingdon, the first London stop, and travelled the rest of the way by Tube Train. We had a drink at a lovely pub called The Swallow, just beside the coach stop. Like the pub I where Ian R Crane had his Swine Flu meeting (see links above) this was a traditional, genuine pub. Not a uniformed barman or brass pipe to be seen! It even had a ripped settee with stuffing come out too. I hope the landlady has the sense never to repair it! For its fourth conference, the Alternative View was back at the Heathrow Thistle. There was a huge picket line outside the entrance to the airport because the British Airways cabin crew were on strike. So most of the BA fleet were grounded ( The pilots couldn’t exactly leave the controls to serve dinner to the passengers could they?: “Just stick it on autopilot a sec, I’ll be back when I’ve done the drinks round.” Hardly! Ralph Ellis would be willing, considering his resourceful extra-curricular activities, but he’d be the only one. I’m not a trade union hard-head, but I do think the crew made the right decision to strike in this case; it seems to me that their cause is just. Their job is actually pretty awful, even without the “aerotoxic syndrome” that was discussed in the last Nexus. I gave them a wave from the bus from the airport Tube station to the hotel. This time we made the right decision and stayed in the hotel for the conference. Our room was lovely and the food in the restaurant was straight out of an M&S advert. I’m actually going to miss those lovely meals, although my waistline will probably not! The delegates were a slightly different bunch this year and there were fewer familiar faces than last time. Karen Sawyer ( and: could not make it this time, nor could the couple who run the Orgonite stall. I was hoping to buy another piece off them since I “Orgonized” the Thames; see: ( However this fast turnover of attendees means that a larger audience has attended the AV’s in general, which is probably good in the long run. What’s more plenty of my old friends were still present including Rob and my YouTube-buddy “Essy111” ( Also Marcus Allen was manning the Nexus stall as usual. Another group of people who were notable for their absence were the EMTV crowd, like Franky Ma and Theo Charmers, although the company still had their DVD stall in the market.

The proceedings began at 8pm and Alex Geairns came onto the stage resplendent in his trademark red shirt to warm up the audience. He was followed by the Master-of-Ceremonies. As I said, Franky wasn’t there so her replacement was Andy Thomas, who was previously a speaker; see links at the top. (I got given a copy of his book a few weeks ago, but I’ve not had time to read it yet.) The chief organizer of the event, Ian R Crane, came on stage next and produced a copy of that morning’s Daily Express and Ustane was delighted because that very morning she had spotted the same headline and bought the paper herself. The story was entitled EU GESTAPO TO SPY ON UK CITIZENS, and was about the founding of the controversial new intelligence agency Europol. Ian realized the very same thing that Ustane and I did: that there is a limit to what can be covered up in the media, and when that cap is breached the truth can come out. The controllers cannot use brute force; they can’t invade every single press office and hold a gun to the head of every single journalist. They have to use far more subtle techniques and when those techniques fail then it’s Game Over. Ian has decided to organize an event on the 11th of November next year; the reason is that the date will be 11/11/11. This is in reference to the “11.11 phenomenon“. According to the US Naval Observatory the exact moment of the winter solstice of 2012, the famous “end date” (see: will occur at precisely 11.11 Greenwich Mean Time. After that the lights dimmed dramatically and it was time for the first speaker.

Johnny Ball
Politicized Science- Brainwashing our Young
Like many of the speakers, Johnny Ball was one I’d seen before at other events, the only difference being that it was a longer time before that I’d seen Johnny’s show; in fact I’d last seen him live, and spoken to him, in I think 1982 or 1983. He did his show at a theatre in Oxford and my school organized an outing for us to go and see it. I was only about 1/3 of my present size in those days and needless to say Johnny didn’t recognize me. (I hope some HPANWO-readers can confirm this if it’s true, but a minor character in one of my favourite films, The Golden Compass,, looks a bit like Johnny, although if it’s him then he wasn’t on the cast list.) Johnny was once a very famous children’s TV presenter. His programmes were all about teaching children about science in a style that they would understand and enjoy, and they succeeded because I loved them when I was a kid. The two I remember were Think of a Number and Think Again. Despite the passing of the years and different age-group of the audience, the style Johnny’s delivery was familiar. He began with a magic trick, and a joke, although the joke was one he’d definitely not be able to repeat on CBBC! Johnny actually began his BBC career by writing jokes for comedy series and only ended up in children’s TV later on. He made science funny for kids by changing the strange names of famous scientists into joke-names, like Copernicus became “Copper-Knickers”. He likes the name of the conference and compared these scientific pioneers to anyone else having an “Alternative View”. Copernicus is a good example because he was asked by the Pope in the early 16th century to make an astronomical calendar which Copernicus found impossible to do because the movements of the planets didn’t make sense; they seemed to duck and weave chaotically around the sky without rhyme or reason, along with the sun, the moon, the stars and all other objects that orbited around the Earth, which was assumed to be the centre of the universe. Then he indulged in an alternative view; he imagined what it would be like if the Earth was one of the planets and the sun was the centre of the solar system. It seems weird to us today, but in those days the Earth was never called “Planet Earth“; it was not thought of as a planet at all. Copernicus was astonished to find that when he put the sun into the centre of the solar system the model worked and the planets movements made sense. But he kept his discovery secret and never published his papers until just before he died because he was afraid of the persecution he would suffer from holding an alternative view. Galileo was braver, or perhaps more naïve, and did voice his views after he came to the same conclusion as his Polish predecessor, but he was immediately lambasted by the Church authorities and placed under house arrest until his death in 1642. It was not until 1990 that the Vatican finally apologized to Galileo when Pope John Paul II issued a posthumous pardon. I don’t know what kind of incarnation, physical state or dimensional plain the consciousness previously called Galileo is in now, if any, but I hope wherever he is he hears about it and tells them to get stuffed! Nowadays these men are regarded as heroes of science, but in their own times they were public enemies. The same goes for Isaac Newton, the father of modern physics whose rejection put Britain 100 years behind the rest of Europe. Also the great engineer James Watt who invented the steam engine suffered too. The ignorance and lack of foresight by the scientific authorities delayed the development of this revolutionary invention by decades. Now if we apply this historical president to our own times we can see where “carbon” fits in. I put “carbon” in quotes to distinguish it from carbon, which is a common black-coloured solid that is produced by combustion; it’s the black material that covers burnt toast or a log on a wood fire. “Carbon” is a corporate brand name for carbon dioxide gas, a totally different substance. Carbon dioxide gas, or CO2,was discovered by a scientist named Priestly who noticed that mice in a Manchester brewery fell unconscious when they got near the beer vats. People thought that the gas produced by the fermenting beer was poisonous, but Priestly saw that if the mice were removed from the area in time they recovered. This led to the invention, by “fizzycists”, as Johnny calls them, of the first soda drinks like Coca Cola etc, which nowadays are laced with many poisons like Aspartame, but the CO2 gas bubbling in them is not one of them. At this point Johnny sang a humorous song that explained the principle behind gas exchange in combustion, plant photosynthesis and respiration, about how hydrocarbons are split and combine with water and oxygen to produce CO2. It’s not rocket science, in fact it’s pre-GCSE basic science; but modern Man-Made Climate Chance (MMCC) theorists have forgotten it. For instance they harp on about how excessive CO2 in the atmosphere can cause the sun's heat to be trapped; this is the dreaded “greenhouse effect”, but in fact greenhouses trap heat in a very different way, by blocking and storing infra-red radiation behind the glass panels in their walls and roofs; no gas is involved. CO2, like all gases, is very bad at trapping heat. If it wasn’t we could make ultra-light blankets and winter jackets by filling them with balloons of CO2; try it, you‘ll freeze your arse off! Most of the sun’s heat retained in our atmosphere is done so by water vapour, as Peter Taylor (see below) later confirmed. This is why when the sun goes down at night it stays warm if the sky is cloudy; a cloudless, star-studded night is invariably a cold one. MMCC theorists talk in hushed tones about Venus, this incredibly hot planet that broils under its thick CO2 atmosphere, but the cause of all that heat is not the gas that the atmosphere consists of but the its density, and the thick cloud that permanently obscures the surface. CO2 is actually essential for life on Earth; Johnny and Peter Taylor use the same term to describe it: “plant food”. Most of the CO2 on Earth is dissolved in the oceans because 80% of all the Earth’s plants live under the sea. Humans have a basic (I hate this term!) “carbon footprint” of 2 kg, more if you exercise. The entire industry of humanity with all its emissions that scare us so much amounts to about 22 billion tons a year, but this is a negligible addition to the CO2 generated by the Earth’s natural processes. Volcanoes give off around 982 billion tons of it, along with other so-called “greenhouse gases” like methane hydrates. Methane hydrates are incidentally released in vast amounts, far more than is stored in the MMCC theorists' “time bomb” trapped under the sea and ice caps, by decomposition and… animal digestion. Want a free sample of methane hydrate? Eat a plate of beans and sit on a jar! But when Johnny spoke his mind about this he was treated just like Galileo. Like David Bellamy (See below and in the link to the AV2 report) he has been demonized by the supporters of the non-alternative view. He’s been booed off the stage at lectures and called named in the press. See this episode of a Skeptic/humanist radio show, the segment entitled “Johnny drops a Ball”: . Johnny also scoffs at fears of the Gulf Stream giving out and creating an Arctic Britain. The Gulf Stream is caused by the Coriolis effect of the Earth’s rotation and the only way to stop it is to stop the Earth spinning. The fears over sea levels are also unfounded and what’s more it’s caused by thermal expansion, not melting ice caps. Like David Bellamy, Johnny spoke of the cover-up of the medieval warm period in which global temperatures rose to above their present levels between the 9th and 16th centuries. I’ve often sited Admiral Jeng Hu, a Chinese explorer who in the 11th century travelled the seas of the Arctic into regions that are today ice-covered and he found them free of ice. The polar bears and Maldive Islands survived that; therefore they will survive today’s warm period, which, as Peter Taylor shows below, has actually come to an end. Also there’s strong evidence that there was another warm period around the turn of the BC-AD ages because the Romans had vineyards in Britain, even as far north as their empire extended, right up to Hadrian’s Wall. This is impossible nowadays and there is no such thing as “Geordie Wine” supplementing Bordeaux and Beaujolais on the shelves of wine bars. He sees the whole current MMCC establishment as a mixture of ignorance and greed. He’s right there, but there’s more to it. I see that there is a political element; the generation of fear and control. Johnny is an optimist and believes that we will become wiser stewards of the Earth before it’s too late; a welcome contrast to Pentti Linkola, see: .

After Johnny finished his lecture we went to the bar and had a drink with our friends while we watched the entertainment. Along with the welcome return of Deek Jackson (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) was a reggae band led by Imani Hekima, see: . A man who’s songs are very much inspired by David Icke; one is called The Robots’ Rebellion after David’s most famous book. I felt highly enlivened by their music and got up and danced, even though I was the only one doing so! As always at the AV conferences, Ustane and I were exhausted and collapsed into bed for a short sleep before Saturday’s events.

Brian Gerrish
Political Ponerology- Confronting Evil (This website is hard to find and often offline… for some reason)
Brian Gerrish is one of AV’s most regular speakers and has addressed all the AV conferences I’ve so far attended. He’s probably the speaker who has changed the most during the time I’ve been following his work. I related in my previous conference reviews how I felt that Brian was locked into the error of thinking that the conspiracy was purely an issue of national home rule and patriotism versus the European Union, but that no longer applies. With each time we meet I find that Brian is becoming more and more aware of the “bigger picture”. He is evolving fast, at a speed greater than he could achieve from pure research, and that makes me sure that he is experiencing “the Shamanic Realms” in one form or another. Like most of the speakers and delegates at AV, Brian has experienced harsh opposition; it seems to go with the territory. He has been accused of being an agent of the Admiralty! He’s also been nominated as being a BNP-member because he spoke at a BNP meeting. What’s more he’s been linked with extremist Islam because he spoke at a Muslim event. The truth is simply that Brian is willing to speak at any event and with any organization that will listen to him. I hope nobody accuses him of being a transsexual because he spoke at the Women’s Institute! The theme of Brian’s lecture was the understanding of evil. If you read on you’ll see that there was a lot of philosophical discussion about the nature of evil at this conference, and even whether it exists at all. Brian is in no doubt that it does and has become a student of “Ponerology“, the scientific study of evil. He gave us a reading list of books to launch a Ponerological study: the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, the Talmud, the Book of Enoch and Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s books, see: . I’ve read one of those, High Strangeness, and it’s very good. I would also include Michael Tsarion’s videos on the origins of evil. Brian defines evil as “anything harmful that does bad”, but sees that there’s a spiritual aspect to it, Satan, the Devil, any of the various names you wish to give the “dark force” that seems to be present in the universe. He also discusses people with psychopathic personalities. There are a lot of misconceptions about psychopaths that leaves their behaviour unchallenged and makes us more vulnerable to falling foul of one of them; and this is something I’ve become aware of myself, see: . One misconception is that we assume they’re all like Hannibal Lecter: overt, discernable and easily-avoided. They’re not. Brian uses the word “narcissism” to describe the main element in a psychopathic personality, but narcissism I think merely refers to a vain and self-aggrandizing person. These people are sometimes annoying, but generally harmless. Also their conceited demeanour is often a persona behind which lies a lot of fear and low self-esteem. When they let the mask slip you’ll find a very frightened and lonely individual that you’ll probably pity. A psychopath is different and I think I’ve identified the traits of a psychopathic personality myself as I discuss in my linked article about “Centaur”: a cold and dispassionate manner that is unruffled by events. An ability to appear very charming and ingratiating when in public, but capable of extreme aggression and highly antisocial behaviour in private. A curious kind of attractiveness and even magnetism. Brian then showed us a short film he’d put together beginning with Eden-like scenes of beauty and natural peace which degenerates into clips from “shoot-’em-up” computer games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. Ian R Crane refers to these games too, see below. Modern computer games have content certificates like films, but as kids often see "18" movies they also play "18" computer games. Games are more dangerous than films because the child does not just watch, but participates in the sadistic nature of the game. I know that computer games like these have been around for a number of years; indeed I remember playing them myself as a child, but modern games are far more realistic, they’re becoming as graphic as real life, whereas the games I played as a child were very crude and primitive by comparison. Brian is concerned by the moral decline that seems to be gripping the world: war and famine on a level that would have been unthinkable a couple of decades ago, the breakdown of family life and rising crime rates. There’s the rise of social Darwinism and the notion that greed and selfishness are good and that compassion and the will to cooperate with others are fatal weaknesses. I’ve written a lot about this myself and think I’ve identified where this Zeitgeist comes from and how it is maintained, see: . Brian is bothered by the undermining of Christianity and increasing disobedience to authority; I don’t think that this is necessarily a bad thing, but I share Brian’s views on the rising atmosphere of ruthlessness from the political classes. We hear of plans to kill “useless eaters” which we return to with other speakers too. As noted above, we can’t always identify psychopaths. Brian shows a photo of man sitting on a patio in a garden sipping tea and talking to a group of his friends in a benign manner, but that man is actually Josef Stalin and soon after that picture was taken he ordered the execution of a whole prison full of political detainees. I was pleased that Brian mentioned Portcullis House in London which is right next door to the Houses of Parliament. I also noticed this building, its physical ugliness and deeply dark atmosphere when I was at the anti-NWO protest in London, see: . It reminds me of a slave-labour factory, or maybe even a concentration camp crematorium. I expected to see dark smoke coming out of the chimney-like superstructures on top of it. Brain mentions the Protocols of Zion, as I do here: . As I demonstrate this document has nothing to do with Jews and is actually an early example of a blueprint for a scheme to allow the Illuminati to build the world they want; it was copied and transcribed to be falsely blamed on Jews later in its history. (And if you’re interested in leaked documents about the NWO conspiracy then see Ian R Crane’s speech below). Marxism, far from being a method of freeing the world, is really just another level to the scam. I know because I was taken in by Marxism once myself, and I’ll be writing about this in future article. But Marxism is not “the enemy” as such, it’s just a weapon that the enemy use. The Frankfurt School is an interesting place because it’s where Marxist intellectuals got together and developed tactics for secretly manipulating the people of the world by lying to them. Psychology is another weapon that the Elite have worked on dedicatedly to provide human control, see: and see this brilliant documentary: . So let’s apply Brian’s Ponerology to the original subject of his investigation, Common Purpose: 1. It uses psychometric testing to recruit only psychologically suitable personnel, and I dread to think what that entails! 2. It is highly elitist and hierarchical with knowledge access strictly rationed and carefully distributed according to one’s position in the organization. 3. It has among its goals the creation of a “New World”, a revolutionary ambition. 4. It conspires and has secret agendas that are not spoken of openly in its relations with the public. 5. It is involved in organized crime, and it perverts the course of justice. It sanctions heinous activities like paedophilia. 6. It persecutes its critics, which could be why Brian’s website is often taken down and is so hard to find. It’s obvious from this study that Common Purpose fulfils the criteria to be described as psychopathic; evil by definition. In Britain today, because of this evil agenda, we’re getting to a situation very like the one they have in Canada that has been nobly exposed by Kevin Annett, see: . (I should add here that at the time of writing Kevin Annett is on a UK tour; please go and see him if you possibly can.) I’ve a feeling that one day soon a similar scandal is going to emerge in this country to the one that has emerged in Canada, and it is going to be a national shadow far worse than even the ones in Germany and Russia. It is going to make us weep with horror and shame; our country’s darkest hour. And when it does come out it will be people like Brian Gerrish we have to thank for it.

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Thursday 18 March 2010

2012- Rumours of our Deaths have been Greatly Exaggerated

Who remembers the Millennium? Robbie Williams crooning along to a James Bond theme’s violin trills, getting your computer upgraded double-quick, and of course all the endless prophesies of doom. I can think of many people I knew who didn’t believe we’d live past the year 2000. Now it’s 2010 and we’re still here, but the Doomsday-heads haven’t gone away, they’ve simply got a new handhold on another year: 2012. I dislike this obsessive eschatological culture that has grown up (or been cultivated? But I’m getting ahead of myself) in the Illuminati heartland of the West. It is something fairly unusual in the spectrum of human creeds, and unique in the modern world to the Judeo-Christian worldview; the Book of Revelations, fire-and-brimstone, 666, the Second Coming etc etc ad nauseam. As I’ll explain, it serves a purpose in the agenda for the New World Order. There’s no reason to think that the world is about to end; far from it, it will probably live on for far longer than any of us can imagine. Our planet’s lifespan is determined, like every other planet in the solar system, by the lifespan of the sun. This is currently estimated at 5 to 6 billion years, at least as long to come as it has been here already; time enough to save up for a good wake at your funeral surely! However there are still many people convinced that the End is Nigh and 2012 is the year it will happen. The form this disaster will take is not agreed upon to say the least, in fact there are almost as many theories as there are theorists: Tsunami, volcanoes, crustal displacement, extreme weather, catastrophic sunspot events, dimensional quantum shifting, you name it. The Conspiratorial community is alive with rumour and wincing with dread.

So where does all this come from and why do so many people believe it? The significance of the year 2012 has always been understood by Mayan experts, but the idea wasn’t popularized until 1987 when Jose Aguelles published his book The Mayan Factor (See: In those pre-Millennium days the book only had a moderate impact, but following the anticlimax of Y2K 2012 quickly filled the vacuum. Literally hundreds of books, fact and fiction, have been written on this subject in the last decade. The best one I can recommend is Geoff Stray’s Beyond 2012- Catastrophe or Ecstasy? (See: It’s a huge doorstep of a book, a virtual encyclopaedia on the 2012 culture. The significance of this year, as with the second Gregorian Millennium, has nothing to do with any physical, geological or material aspects; it is all down to a calendar, the Mayan Calendar. The Mayans were a highly sophisticated civilization that emerged in Central America in about 200AD. It had a fully-fledged legal and political system, science, astronomy, mathematics, a written language and a deep and subtle spiritual tradition based on a long line of very developed cultures stretching back to about 1500BC. The Mayans built stone monuments that rival the Pyramids of Egypt and founded an empire that stretched for hundreds of miles. This empire collapsed very suddenly in the 9th Century. Because of their meticulous chronology we know the exact dates their various cities were abandoned. The cause is not known, but ecological problems are suspected. However the Mayans didn’t write about their reasons for abandoning their cities and they did so almost overnight, as if they all just woke up one morning and walked out. The people returned to tribal life in the jungle and stayed that way until the founding of new civilizations a few centuries later, the Post-Classic Mayan, Inca and Aztec Empires. The cities became derelict and were discovered by the Conquistadors after the 16th Century. Because, as I’ve written about before, the Conquistadors were an Illuminati front created to spread the New World Order to the Americas (See: they attempted to destroy the native Shamanic cultures there. Unfortunately they did a fairly effective job and today very little remains of the native Mesoamerican libraries; or at least very little that hasn’t been hidden away from public view in the deep vaults of the Vatican Library. So it’s very difficult to know exactly why the Mayans and other pre-Illuminati civilizations designed the calendars and set the prominent dates where they did. What was their inspiration? How much did they know?

The Mayan Calendar is very complex compared to our own. To begin with, it’s not one calendar but three; three separate systems that run together in interlocking cycles of time that synchronize on specific years or dates. One of these systems is called the Tsolkin. It is based on a period of 260 days subdivided into two separate streams of subdivisions, one of 13 days signified with numbers and one of 20 days signified by “day-signs” that resemble Western astrology’s Zodiac with names and images associated with them. The second calendar is called the Haab and will seem more familiar to the modern Westerner because, like our own calendar, it is based on the solar year of 365 days. It was subdivided into 18 periods of 20 days each and a nineteenth period of 5 days. These periods served the same purpose as months in the Gregorian Calendar and like the Tsolkin day-signs they had names and symbols. There were no leap-years and the Mayans got round the leap-year problem by adjusting the calendar to the orbit of Venus, an important planet in Mayan astrology. The Haab was probably a utilitarian calendar for day-to-day practical functions like knowing when to plant seeds or what kind of weather to prepare for, whereas the other calendars were more designed for esoteric rites. The third system is the most interesting and infamous from our point of view: The Long Count. This is a much simpler system based on what is known as a “Tun”, a period of 360 days made up of 18 “Uinals" of 20 days each. 20 Tuns make 1 Katun and 20 Katuns make 1 Baktun. And it’s the 13 Baktun conglomeration that is significant because the current one is called “The Fifth Sun” and it is this time period that began on the 11th of August 3114BC and ends on the 21st of December 2012AD. A massive length of time, 5126 years, within which all history as we know it, let alone the Mayans’ own history, has taken place. So each date in the Mayan Calendar has three different entries. For instance the day I’m writing these words is the Wednesday the 17th of March 2010AD in the Gregorian Calendar; in the Mayan Calendar it is 8 Oc in the Tsolkin, 8 Kunku in the Haab and in the long count. In just 1010 days it will be 4 Ahau, 3 Kamkin,; the end of the current Long Count age. Should this concern us?

Well firstly we should ask whether there is any reason to think that this day will be significant; whether it’s good or bad we can come to later. If the Second Gregorian Millennium was such a let-down then won’t the End of the Fifth Sun be also? I say no. There are several reasons why I think the change in the Mayan Calendar will mean more than the change in the Gregorian. In the first place the Gregorian Calendar is a meaningless and arbitrary creation. It is a base-10 system whose zero date was the estimated birthday of Jesus Christ. In fact nobody can ever tell when Jesus was born and the whole story of his birth and death is laced with ancient solar-cult mythological symbolism. So the only significant thing you can say about the turning points if the centuries and millennia in the Gregorian Calendar is that they happen when they do because of when some theologian or historian from hundreds of years ago decided Jesus had been born. The idea of having a calendar based on Jesus’ birth wasn’t proposed until hundreds of years after the time of Christ, in fact the idea comes from the Venerable Bede in early Medieval England. Until the Roman Empire fell we measured the passing of years by the name of the current Caesar and how long he’d been on the throne, EG: “the 14th year of Claudius' reign”. The Gregorian Calendar is not only founded on an unstable and doubtful historical event, but it’s a system that is divorced from the natural rhythms of the Earth and Universe, and it was purposefully intended to be that way by whoever introduced it. For instance we set New Year on January the 1st, a totally random date right in the middle of winter. A natural calendar would set the New Year at a significant part of the natural cycle of the planet, for instance at one of the solstices or equinoxes, or on a date that had a powerful spiritual import based on long veneration throughout human history, like Beltane (Mayday) or Imbolc (Groundhog Day). All the red letter days in the Gregorian system are random and meaningless and the natural cycle dates do not structure it in any way. Now, I know that the Mayan Calendar doesn’t mark these dates either; but it does base its calendar on a sacred system of its own. For instance, the Tsolkin’s 260 day period is based on human gestation and was used, and still is used by the surviving Shamans, to make predictions and analyses in the same way modern Western astrologers do. As I’ve said, the Haab was a profane and utilitarian calendar, but the Long Count is sacred because, as Arguelles has pointed out, the Tsolkin diagram can be used as a template for the Long Count too, where each square represents a particular Tun, Katun or Baktun. This means that the two systems can be interpreted as a harmonic. The Tsolkin represents the gestation of a single human whereas the Long Count could signify the gestation of a whole human society. Another reason I think that the Mayan Calendar is more likely to signify real changes than the Gregorian is that it has a track record for past events that is not often acknowledged. For instance the Aztecs, who survived into the time of the Conquistadors and therefore history, used a similar calendrical system to the Mayans called the Short Count. The Short Count was similar to the long count except that its base unit was a 13 Katun period, about 257 years. It was said by the Aztecs that the changeover between each period was unlucky. The first changeover after the landing of the Conquistadors in 1518 was due to take place in 1697. On that very day the Spanish attacked and destroyed the island fortress of Flores, or Tayasal, on Lake Peten Itza in what is today Guatemala. Tayasal was the last independent Mayan kingdom to fall so on that day you could say that the mission of the Conquistadors was accomplished. But it didn’t end there; exactly 13 Katuns, 257 years after Tayasal fell the modern state of Guatemala suffered a similar disaster. It was 1954 and a military coup instituted by the CIA deposed their elected president and replaced it with a brutal dictatorship in which thousands of helpless people were imprisoned, tortured and executed. So this calendar is more than just a way of measuring time; it may well have an inbuilt system of prophesy. We don’t know because as I said above the records of what the calendar’s designers were thinking has been lost. So if we apply this principle to the Long Count, does it relate to major events in the same way? Yes it does. As Arguelles discovered, the Long Count and the Tsolkin are linked and this could signify a symbolic gestation of human civilization, and it may well do. There’s no doubt, even in official history, that at the time the current age began, 3114BC, the human species was undergoing a great social revolution. The development of culture and technology during the Neolithic and Bronze Ages resulted in the first officially-recognized urban civilizations. Nobody knows the exact time, but it was around 3114BC that the first kings of Sumer took the throne and the first Pharaohs rose to power in Egypt. History, as we know it, began around the time that the current Long Count age did. So what does this mean when that Long Count age ends in 2012? Will our gestation be over? Will be experience the pangs of our “birth”, or is it all just a phantom pregnancy? Or is it not our birth at all that we’re coming up to, but our death?

It is this question that has led to the seething morass of speculation, claim, counter-claim and hypothesis that currently occupies the whole Alternative Paradigm. The Skeptic Movement have naturally pounced upon it with their usual fury and here is a Skepper website dedicated to the subject: . A lot of what is written here is perfectly correct and many of the articles are ones I totally agree with, but as is so often the case the site is using the various 2012 myths and scams to prop up the general Skepperist view of the world. It makes sure to tar belief in a 2012 Apocalypse with the same brush as belief in ghosts, UFO’s, Conspiracy Theories, Bigfoot etc; basic “pseudoscientific” and “irrational” thinking. The time has come for a proper analysis of 2012 from the other side of the divide, our own “Woo-woo” side. To fail to meet this challenge will mean that the Skepmeisters will have a clear field and will use 2012 to discourage newcomers to these issues from looking at any other aspects of alternative thought. So far the non-Skeptic community has done very little and even respected alternative journalists like Jeff Rense and scientists like Gregg Braden have merely parroted all sorts of dubious notions about the return of the Planet Nibiru and Pole Shifts etc. But now I’m glad to say that this is changing, and the pioneer is none other than my lovely Ustane.

Here is an article Ustane has been working at non-stop for over 2 months. She’s been focused on this work in a way I’ve never seen her before. I won’t intrude on her privacy by giving details, but I will point out to you that Ustane’s study of this subject has been a traumatic and disturbing experience for her; but it has been very evolving and beneficial in the long run and she is justly proud of her work: We don’t agree on every single aspect, but the general theme is very progressive and… downright reassuring! See:

“Every few years predictions about the world ending happen, they have happened throughout human history. Prophecies don't fulfil, and the purveyors of doom say “Never mind” as they look for new doomsday dates in some ancient text, full of ego as they exploit your search for the meaning of life or the wish for a better world” This quote is very interesting because it highlights a strange phenomenon in our psychology, a kind of need for a Doomsday scenario, and this may well be manipulated by the Illuminati-controlled media. During the Cold War we lived under the shadow of the Bomb; when the Cold War ended it was only then that prospects of other disaster-scenarios emerged like plagues, Tsunamis, comet impact etc. This is deliberate programming by the Illuminati I think, see this article: . I remember as a child being horrified at these kind of notions. I was petrified to tears when I went to the London Planetarium and learned for the first time that the sun will one day destroy the Earth. I know that’s not for billions of years, as I said above, but that means nothing to a small child. I also was debilitated by my fears about nuclear war, as were most people at the time. I was convinced that I probably would never live into adulthood because the Russians would wipe us all out in a nuclear fireball. Fear is a word whose definition changes as one grows up. Too few adults remember what it was like to be a child. When I was a child, fear and worry had different meanings. Nothing I’ve ever been scared of or worried about has come close to the intensity of what it was like to feel these emotions as a child: lying awake in tears, unable to think of anything else, sometimes for weeks on end. Make no mistake, as Ustane rightly points out at the start of her article: this is not harmless nonsense; it can screw up a child’s mind! There are children, and sometimes adults, considering suicide because of what some people are saying about 2012. Sometimes they tragically do more than just consider it. Ustane mentions the 16 year old girl in India who poisoned herself and the young mother who was contemplating having an abortion so her child would not have to experience 2012. Nancy Lieder, a character I will talk a lot about later, said on a radio show that people should drown their dogs before 2012. Some people will take her at her words and they won‘t stop with their dogs; they could then move on to their children, and maybe then themselves. Telling the truth about 2012 is going to save lives.

Let’s start at a very obvious place: If the world is going to end when the Mayan Calendar ends then the creators of the Calendar, the Maya, should mention it at some point. There are two avenues of enquiry: The records left by the Classical Maya and the survivors of the Conquest, the modern Native Americans. As I’ve already said, the records of the Mayan civilization have been looted and possibly destroyed so it’s very hard to know exactly what they meant. There is a stone monument called “Monument 6” at Tortoguero which is carved with a piece of text that mentions the Long Count date, and this has been taken to mean 2012; well it does in a way, but it also could refer to 3114BC or 7148AD or any other changing of the Long Count cycle. The changeover happens regularly every 5126 years and could refer to any of them. It would be an infinite number too because the Mayans didn’t believe that the world would ever end. Their creation mythology, the Popol Vuh, is one of the few texts that has survived the Illuminati-sponsored genocide and it is very different to the Western Judeo-Christian vision of the Universe. For Westerners the world is something created by God for a purpose, it is finite and leading up to an appointed end. For the Maya the Universe is eternal and infinite. It will never end; it merely goes through cycles and dialectics of transformation after which it carries on in perfect health, ageless, non-temporal and divine. What has happened is that the fact that the calendar changes over, along with little scraps of the Mayan myths, has been crowbarred into the Western concept of the Apocalypse with very few people checking and seeing that it is not a very good fit. The Long Count Calendar and the whole concept of “ the end-of-the-world” come from two completely alien cultures that never had any contact. The Mayan Calendar is an eternal one, like our own. The Long Count doesn’t “end” at all; it just begins a new cycle in the same way that our own calendar doesn’t end on New Year’s Eve, it just carries on into a new solar year. This date in the Long Count does not match any significant date in the Tsolkin or Haab calendars; 4 Ahau, 3 Kankin are just random dates. If the Mayans planned to ever end their calendrical system then they’d probably design the Long Count so that it came to a close on the same date as a new Tsolkin or Haab year. The Mayans Monument 6 is in poor condition and much of the inscription has been obliterated by time; it refers to the arrival of “9 support gods”, but it’s impossible to place that comment into context because of the lack of more information. If the Maya believed that the changeover of the current Long Count would be accompanied by some kind of global Armageddon then they’d surely have been clearer about what they thought. There would be more monuments and stone carvings dotted all over the ruins of their citystates heralding that the End was Nigh. The modern Native Americans have worked very hard over 500 years to preserve as much as they could of their culture, languages and religions. Today there are still Shamans alive and practicing in the Americas, much to the frustration of the Illuminati no doubt. They are actually laughing and shaking their heads at the modern 2012 hysteria and do what they can to calm the waters with their own expert opinion on the subject. There is no legend in the Americas that states the world will end in 2012.

Now we have to mention Nibiru; oh I love this one! See, I’ve made a HPANWO TV film about it: . There’s very little I can add to this absurdity that I don’t say in the vid. The attachment of Nibiru to the 2012 myth comes from Zecharia Sitchin. As Ustane points out, he’s a rather shady character. His translations of the Sumerian Tablets are controversial, to put it mildly. Sitchin is also named by a survivor of government mind control, Arizona Wilder, of being a Reptilian and he attends Satanic rituals at Balmoral and Stonehenge. His array of books have been pasted onto the 2012 myth in a similar way that the Judeo-Christian Apocalypse scenario has. Despite all the strange online photos and YouTube vids claiming to show Nibiru; it simply ain’t there. The biggest promoter of the Nibiru theory is Nancy Lieder and Ustane tells you all about her doubtful credentials. Here’s one of her contemptible “Zeta-talk” videos: . She’s the one who spoke about having a “puppy lake” in every town so that people can drown their pets before Nibiru strikes the Earth. She really is a bullshit artist extraordinaire, and I don‘t say things like that often. She may well be part of a organized disinformation campaign whose possibility I’ll discuss later. She’s associated with the Godlike Productions Forum which has been nominated as a CIA front (See: . Interestingly I can’t access the site myself. It says my IP is banned!)

The 2012 doomsday-mongers named an asteroid or comet impact as a possible 2012 scenario. They describe how out in space there are a countless number of asteroids and comets orbiting in regions of the solar system where they could collide with the Earth. Pieces of rock, flying pebbles, constantly hit the Earth every second and burn up in the atmosphere; few are big enough to survive to land on the ground. However there are a few minor planets out there that are big enough to cause considerable environmental damage if they were to collide with the Earth. There’s 4179-Toutatis for example, a lump of rock about 3 miles across could strike the Earth one day. It is thought that the dinosaurs were wiped out this way. This is a genuine danger, in fact Arthur C Clarke compared living in the solar system to running around on a rifle range, but astronomers keep a very close eye on all large asteroids and comets out there and don’t think one is likely to hit the Earth very soon. Of course they may have missed one, but if they have then there’s no reason to think that such an asteroid would hit the Earth in 2012 any more than it’s likely to hit the Earth in any other year. There is no specific link between this scenario and the year itself.

Another thing that many Doom-and-gloom-artists claim will happen in 2012 is a magnetic pole reversal. This is where the Earth’s magnetic field suddenly flips and north becomes south on the compass and vice versa; this will apparently cause Tsunamis, volcanoes earthquakes and all the other usual suspects. Well I know that’s not true because we’re not experiencing those thing even though a pole shift is going on right now! We’re in the middle of one! What these people don’t realize is that when geologists use the word “suddenly” it doesn’t mean the same as when we usually use the word. Geological timescales are so vast that the 5000 years that a magnetic pole reversal can take is “sudden” in their terminology. Pole shifts are one of the natural cycles of our planet’s existence and they‘re fairly harmless. The Earth’s magnetic field is very strong for one of the inner planets, and this is why life has been able to evolve to such a sophisticated level, and for as long as it has. Mars was once like the Earth, but its lack of a magnetic field caused it to lose its atmosphere, and this may be the thing which destroyed whatever species and culture built the Face of Mars and the Cydonia complex (See: Pole-shifts don’t follow a regular, predictable rhythm, but they take place about 3 times every million years on average, so there have been over a hundred of them since the environmental catastrophe which caused the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, with no comparatively ill effects. What happens during a pole-shift is that the Earth’s magnetic field begins to weaken and become chaotic; the magnetic poles and flux lines wander all over the place; sometimes second or third poles can split off from the main one. After about 2500 years the field withers to virtually nothing and for a few centuries the Earth is bombarded heavily by solar radiation. This is bound to cause some problems, but it is not as bad as the Doomsday-heads think because the planet’s surface still has the atmosphere to protect it which is the same as being 30 feet underwater. One bonus is that the entire Earth will be regularly treated to the aurora or “Northern Lights“, today only visible in the polar regions. After a few hundred years the magnetic field will return and slowly strengthen and after 2000 more years or so will be back to full strength, although the north and south pole will be reversed. This is an entirely natural process that occurs frequently and has not seriously hindered the evolution of life on Earth at all. If it did we wouldn’t be here; we’d still just be slime-mould and shellfish. What’s more the Earth's poles of rotation do not change during a magnetic reversal, only the magnetic ones do. It’s possible that physical displacement of the Earth’s crust can happen, but if it does the phenomenon is not related to magnetic pole shifts otherwise the geological record would show it. Ustane mentions the issue of crustal displacement, and along with her sources Rand Flem-Ath has written a lot on the subject. It could happen, yes, but as with the asteroids, is there any causative link between it and the year 2012? No, there’s none. It could happen in 2012, but then it’s just as likely to happen in 2011 or 2013 or any other year. There used to be a brilliant documentary on Google Video called Magnetic Flip which has unfortunately been taken down. It proves that we are currently in the middle of a magnetic pole reversal right now. The researchers for the programme went into the British Admiralty Library and pored through millions of compass readings taken from ships all over the world for the last 400 years. It shows that the magnetic poles are getting harder to find and are moving and splitting; we’re close to the heart of the reversal and in a few centuries we’ll have to contend with the eye of the storm when there is no field at all, but I’m sure we’ll manage it somehow; we’ve done it before.

I think Nibiru is probably the daftest of all the 2012 theories, but a close second must be Patrick Geryl’s bizarre and grotesque hypothesis of mega-solar flares. Here’s his site: . He presents himself as our saviour, the man who can deliver you from the evil that is to come in 2012. If you join his survival group he will show you where to build your shelter and store your food etc; and it’s a mere snip at £5000 which Geryl will take off your hands and invest for you into his survival bunker at a secret location in North Africa… apparently. Survivalism is a subject I want to write more about in a separate article, but for now I’ll concentrate on Geryl. Geryl was interviewed on Project Camelot; here’s the 94-minute interview here: . Project Camelot have really gone downhill lately. They used to be excellent investigators who made interesting programmes about genuine individuals like Gary McKinnon, Jane Burgermeister and Joseph P Farrell, but look at them now! They’ll give a platform to any hairy-handed drop-out who can spin a half-decent yarn! They’ve become rather obsequious too and don’t ask the tough questions that investigators should. This programme about Patrick Geryl is probably their worst to date. Geryl believes… or says he believes… that in 2012 the sun is going to release a series of extreme particle events which will hit the Earth and because the Earth’s magnetic field is arranged north-to-south like the flares are there’ll be a magnetic homopole reaction which will repel the Earth’s field and push the planet out of orbit and flip it over 180 degrees so that south faces upwards. This is sheer fantasy! The magnetic homopole effect can be very strong, as you’ll find if you take two magnets and try to push the two north poles or the two south poles together, in fact this is the basis for maglev railways, see: . But the idea that you can do the same to the Earth as you can with magnets is ludicrous and Ustane explains why very well in the article. Coronal mass ejections, or solar flares are dangerous in terms of the radiation they produce. This can be a hazard to astronauts and delicate electronics, and I’ve written about this before, see: . But there’s no way any radiation flare the sun produces could do what Geryl claims. In fact the only thing that could would be a collision between the Earth and a similar sized planet; and as Ustane points out, the Earth would be smashed apart, not flipped over.

Another hobby-horse these people have is to do with the position of the stars, Milky Way and planets, both in the astrological and astrophysical realms. I’ve written before about the astrological aspects of 2012 in my reviews of the lectures by Helen Sewell and Cathy Rowan-Drewitt see: and: . Neither of these ladies seemed particularly alarmed or delivered any portents of doom. But there’s a fear circulating about some kind of astrophysical disaster in 2012 because of the gravitation harmonics or resonance of the planets’ positions at that time. This happened a few years ago, as Ustane explains in her section on planetary alignment. The truth is not only that there is no significant alignment during that year, and even if there was it would have no more effect than the “Grand Tour” formation did in the 70’s and 80’s. This alignment was actually very useful for NASA because without it the famous Voyager missions would not have been possible. Ustane provides a link which shows photos of several crop circles that have appeared showing the positions of the planets in 2012 and to me it looks like all the other inner planets are in a group on the far side of the sun to the Earth. How often do these alignments and conjunctions occur? Well… every few decades; and so if the past ones have not caused any disaster then why should the future ones do? There’s some very shrill and frightened-sounding people in cyberspace who are claiming that on the 21st of December 2012 the Earth and sun are going to fall into the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way. This is a gross misunderstanding of something that sounds similar but is entirely different. What happens is that when the sun rises in midwinter it comes above the horizon at the same spot on the celestial sphere that the centre of the Milky Way is also located. This happens every year because the centre of the Milky Way is not a single point, but a large blob of billions of stars and dark nebulae a good few degrees across. But this effect has nothing to do with the distances between the sun and the Galactic core; it’s simply that they line up in a trick of perspective unique to an observer in our part of the cosmos, as during an eclipse. The solar system is actually about 40,000 light years from the Galactic core and will remain here for as long as the Milky Way exists which will probably be hundreds of billions of years. The sun will not fall into the Galactic core on the Winter Solstice of 2012 any more than the moon crashes into the sun during a solar eclipse. The sun actually rises in the general location of the centre of the Milky Way every year, but in 2012 it rises at a unique position within that central area: it eclipses the heart of the so-called “Dark Rift” which is actually a huge, black cloud of dust. The Mayans called this the “Crocodile’s Mouth” and this may be why they set the start and finish of the Long Count at the times they did. Of course “Astrogeek”, the Skepolata who runs the 2012 Hoax site sees no significance in this at all, because it’s a purely astrological event and as a Skeptic he doesn’t believe in astrology. Here’s where I differ from him. This Galactic alignment may well be prominent and may well have some effect on the Earth; we don’t know what, but there’s no reason to think the effect will be a bad one. As I said, the Mayans didn’t believe in the Apocalypse; they were basically very optimistic people.

Another theory… God, there are do many of them!… is that the Earth will be destroyed when a nearby star becomes a supernova. This less-than-totally-memorable B-movie explores the hypothesis: Supernovae are the biggest explosions in the universe and if the sun became one the Earth and all the other planets would be vapourized; but, as I’ve said above, the sun is barely middle-aged in stellar terms and will last a lot longer yet. Also it’s the wrong type of star. Only a special kind of star, one off the “main sequence” of stellar evolution, can form a supernova and the sun is not one of them. It will end its life as a red giant and then a nova and black dwarf. The question then is raised, what if another star becomes a supernova? Would that harm the Earth? This is a theory raised by two students to try and explain the extinction of the dinosaurs. Well even an event as destructive as a supernova has its limitations. There have been many supernovae in our Galaxy and although they make astronomers very excited for a while and can sometimes even be visible in daylight, they don’t do any damage. The nearest star is 4 light-years away and the others much further. A star would have to be very close to the sun to have any effect. Are there any supernova-producing stars close enough? Ustane says they’d need to be a maximum of 25 light years away. Well if there are some there then, yes, there might be a danger; but again, what has that got to do with the particular year 2012? There are many more theories that Ustane covers: Attempts to fit 2012 into the abstract writings of Nostradamus, Mother Shipton’s predictions, the ramblings of the Oracle of Delphi, the I-Ching and “Timewave Zero” etc etc etc. The list is too long for either Ustane or myself to describe in detail and even Geoff Stray misses a few quirks. What’s it all about!?

Since the failed Millennium an entire culture has grown up around 2012, most of it based on fallacies and errors, and is very fearful and pessimistic. Where does it all come from? Is it just people being hysterical? Or is there more to it? For a long time I thought that it was just people getting the wrong end of the stick, like those who thought the world would end at the Millennium, then the movie 2012 came along and it changed my mind. See here for the trailer: . This film was released in November last year, on Friday the 13th. Like all Roland Emmerich’s films it was hyped and advertised to an extent no other ever is. I remember going to the flicks shortly before the film came out and the cinema staff were all dressed in 2012 T-shirts. There was also a viral marketing campaign carried out by this very slick and upmarket website: . Nobody said anything before the film’s release, but this website is actually fake; it’s run by the movie’s producers, Sony Pictures, which is why at the end of the trailer the voice tells us to search “2012”. In my opinion this film, like all of Emmerich’s oeuvre, is utterly dire. Its fancy special effects do nothing to compensate for the fact that it is badly-written, badly acted and badly directed. The plot is very crude, the characters and script is cliché and the acting so awful that it virtually realizes the paradox of “imitation-kitsch”! But ever since I watched Independence Day, and somehow sat through it to the end, I’ve understood that Emmerich is more than just a bad film-maker, he’s a major propaganda artist. His films, especially ID4 and 2012, are loaded with Conformist and FutureShock themes. I’ve written about this elsewhere, see: . Where ID4 was indoctrinating the audience to fear anything extraterrestrial 2012's indoctrination seems to geared to making us feel negative emotions towards anything connected to that year. Whenever you hear “2012” mentioned from now on the image most people will get in their heads is of mega-tsunamis and buildings falling over like skittles, as Neil Kramer very observantly points out (See: the aim is to keep us as low as possible in the “hierarchy of human needs”. Josef Gobbels said that propaganda should always be made as simple and blatant as possible; this was because it does its work in the basest and most fundamental levels of the psyche, and this definitely applies to Roland Emmerich’s films. The main incident in what passes for a plot of 2012 is a sequence of about 40 minutes, a quarter of the entire film, which just shows scene after scene of monstrous, over-the-top destruction, as you can see in the trailer. Oddly enough the film managed to wangle a “12A” certificate which means children much younger than my own daughter could go and see it, and this ties into what Ustane and I both said about how kids are effected by this kind of thing. The film classifiers have no idea about what really damages kids. The made Basic Instinct an “18” for its sex and nudity scenes while kids as young as 12 can go and watch the Earth being annihilated. The classifiers consider this harmless family fun, whereas a brief flash of pussy could scar them for life!?

So why would the Powers-That-Be spend however many millions of dollars to create a piece of propaganda about 2012? This is important, the most crucial question, because the Skeppers are telling us that 2012 is meaningless, but it can’t be or they wouldn’t have made that film. As you’ve gathered by now, I completely dismiss the 2012 catastrophe theory, but I would never go as far as to say that therefore 2012 is nothing, just another year. I think 2012 does mean something; it is going to be a special year, but not in the way most people think. The Mayans had access to knowledge that, as I explain above and in my Boudica article, has been systematically secreted and destroyed by the Illuminati. I think they knew a hell of a lot we don’t; even modern day Shamans are barely scratching the surface as they bravely attempt piece together the scattered remains of our lost heritage. I believe that the astrology and spirituality surrounding 2012 signifies a great transformation in human development, and maybe the entire universe, but this transformation will not change the physical world around us, or at least not in obvious ways. We might find that the laws of physics change slightly, like electrons and protons could swap places or something, but this is good not bad; we could run our electrical appliances of light! ("You twat!" says Prof Brian Cox!) But the main reason I think that the 2012 transformation will be good not bad is basically because the Illuminati are promoting the idea that it will be bad so rigorously! They’re afraid! The 2012 changes that are to come will mean that their New World Order will be unattainable. A lot can be read from their behaviour; it feels like they’re in a headlong rush to bring in the New World Order as soon as possible; they’re in a virtual frenzy. They think that if they can drag our minds down the “hierarchy of human needs” into pure survival mode we will miss the opportunity to ride on the 2012 spiritual energy. Well I’m glad to say that it looks like this trick will not work. Ustane puts it very well at the end of her article: “Your state of being can find the way home by knowing that we are already home and always were. Fear knocked on the door. Love answered, and there was no-one there.”

There is no doubt that the Illuminati are preparing for something. They’re building underground bases and seed vaults. There’s the famous testimony of the “Norwegian politician”. This is referred to by the Doomsday-heads as proof that the Elite are building a bolt-hole to hide in during the disaster, but keeping it a secret otherwise everybody will be struggling to get into it. They don’t care if the rest of us fry, just so long as they’re safe; this is the storyline of the Emmerich film. They believe in the “lifeboat” analogy of Pentti Linkola, see: . However I take a different view. I don’t deny that the Illuminati seem to be “digging in” for some future event, but I don’t believe that they’re preparing for any of the 2012 disaster scenarios listed above. Remember that underground bases are nothing new. For instance, the facility at Area 51 was first begun in the 1950s and the Nazis also had underground bases. In fact an enormous underground excavation was carried out just before the end of World War II. The purpose of this excavation is unknown but it was called Project Riese (‘Riese’ means ‘giant’ in German). It consists of a tunnel a hundred or more feet across and many miles long. Today this tunnel is closed off to the public, allegedly because it is in constant danger of flooding. There may be underground bases that are even older. There is no reason to suspect that the Illuminati’s current base building programme is related to any forthcoming natural disaster. If the earth was about to be hit by tsunamis, asteroids and a supernova etc, why would they be bothering to register us on computer databases, inject us with viruses, or fill the atmosphere with Chemtrails?. It is far more likely that the crisis they are preparing for is one of their own making, the endgame of the New World Order. And this is good news because it means we can do something to stop it! See you at the party!

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