Wednesday 28 October 2009

Probe Autumn 2009- Part 4

(This is the final part of my report on Probe 10/09)

Ross Hemsworth
Interdimensional Realities-It All Connects
I was very pleased to see Ross Hemsworth again after meeting him and his wife, Penny, at their own conference in Glastonbury last year ( Ross is a genial and jolly man who's been keen on show-business all his life; he's played the guitar in bands, managed bands and produced TV shows which he himself has presented. Today he has blended his love of TV and entertainment with his other passion: paranormal investigation. He has spoken at Probe before, see the links to previous conferences, and on the link you'll see I've taken a photo of him with an orb on it by the ceiling above him. His first paranormal TV show was Ghost Detectives which he co-presented with former Doctor Who actor Tom Baker. I used to watch this show myself and the Skeptical argument in it was always presented by a mutual acquaintance of ours: Professor Chris French (MBA Gold). Chris French (MBA Gold) always seems to play that role on contemporary TV; I expect these days that Susan Blackmore (MBA Silver) is too expensive! (She's busy trying to get into Michael Shermer's terylenes by the look of things!: I've met French myself at the Skeptics in The Pub event, see: , and it has recently been my honour to award this extremely courageous, pragmatic, virile and generally superior man with the Gold Materialist Bravery Award, see: ! I tune into Ross' radio show whenever I can. I'm a big radio aficionado, unlike so many in the TV generation, but it shows how times have changed in that I don't actually have a radio! I'm a 100% internet-listener. My dad, who's a big Archers fan (see: shakes his head at me as if this is a heresy! Now That's Weird is not available on FM so many of Ross' listeners are online-ers too. Ross actually could arrange to have his show on an FM channel if he wanted, but admirably he's refused to use the disclaimer that it's for "entertainment purposes only". He considers that his show is not; it's serious and it deals with a serious subject. In fact at one point he did a debate with Chris French (MBA Gold) about Near-Death Experiences and the presenter looked at Ross with renewed respect and said: "Oh, I thought we were supposed to get a nutter!".
Ross has been on many fascinating ghost hunts which are related in his book The Dead Are Talking . The book is now out of print and Ross and Penny sold the last few copies on their conference stall; (My copy is now on Ebay for £200!) however Ross hopes to publish a new book soon. He investigated the case of the Victorian gentleman who was often seen at the Lilley Arms in Hertfordshire and a phantom maid who cleans a chandelier at the Chicksands Priory, an SAS base. He went to New Jersey where he saw and photographed what looked like the Loch Ness Monster in a place called Wannaque in the United States, which lies in the so-called “New Jersey Vortex”. It led him to wonder if Nessie might have been misidentified. Instead of being a cryptid it might be what the cryptozoologist Jonathan Downes calls a “Zooform phenomenon” (See links column) because the creature in Wannaque was floating 20 feet above the ground! In other words, maybe some of these lake monsters are something not made of flesh-and-blood, but an etheric construct. Maybe UFO’s are the same (See Brian Allan’s lectures in the above links) and that UFO flaps are places where the “veil” between dimensional plains gets thinner. Ross headed to Rendlesham Forest (See here for background: one January and spent the night there in the freezing cold and caught a photo of a spectral entity right by him which he showed on the display screen. He then received a channelled message giving him coordinates that aided him in further research. Brian Allan has written about Rendlesham Forest and thinks that the “thinning of the veil” might have been caused by the powerful radio transmissions at the Orford Ness signals research centre which may have worn a hole in Spacetime during the Cold War. Ghosts, UFO’s, and most other paranormal phenomena could be visitors from other dimensions. Perhaps we are visitors to theirs during dreams and altered states of consciousness. (Or when we fire up the LHC! See: . Hope it doesn't result in this Stephen King scenario!: Do they see us as ghosts?
Skeptical science is generating something of an obstacle though, personified in the Herculean Skeptic Knight of James Randi (MBA Bronze). The Skeptic Movement is a actually a socio-political phenomenon, not a scientific one. I’ve written a lot about this subject myself. See: and and . Randi (MBA Bronze) runs a competition where he offers people a $million to prove paranormal phenomena are real, the point being he has never had to pay out so they are not! (See: Ross has taken up that challenge and “had the bar raised”; see the Debating With a Skepster link above. Randi, in my view, is either a knowing disinformer or a “useful idiot” who has been deliberately put on a pedestal by those in the know to diffuse interest in the paranormal. This subject is too extensive to go into detail here and needs its own article, but the biggest secret the Illuminati keep from us is not the Reptilians or the UFO’s, but that Life-After-Death is real and that, for those of us who are not materialists, it is not dependent on our religious beliefs. If we all knew the truth the Illuminati would definitely lose control of us, as they one day will. Like Richard D Hall and David Griffin (see the link to my Beyond Knowledge review) Ross is a leading player in UK exopolitics and the Disclosure Movement. He is currently backing Gary McKinnon’s case (Background: and and Ross has done this despite being warned by a mysterious man in Nevada that he should stay away from Gary for Ross’ own sake. Gary spoke about “non-Terrestrial Officers” (see links above) and the man who warned Ross told him that Project Serpo was real. I have seriously doubted this myself, but as time goes on I’m not so sure. Here’s Project Camelot’s Bill Ryan talking about it: . Ross has also found out that the debunking of the Phoenix Lights was a deliberate psyop. I worked that out for myself when listening to Nick Pope’s lectures, but Ross has since learned that NORAD immediately knew that the lights were not man-made and went to Red Alert! Nick plays down the debunking too much, in my view. I asked him once about the fact that Governor Symington lied and publicly-ridiculed the Lights, and then confessed that he’d done so; Nick shrugged dismissively and said that Symington was just trying to stop people panicking. Ross urges us to support Gary McKinnon in any way we can. He really is on his last chance as he appeals to the EU Court of Human Rights. In one sense his imprisonment is an attack on us all, because he represents anyone who shares his curiosity about UFO‘s. He is being made an example of; it’s a punishment-beating. Here’s a link to the FreeGary site:

Sunday Lunchtime
Something very strange happened during the lunch hour. An alien appeared in the auditorium and walked around attempting to communicate with people and offering to let us photograph him (See the HPANWO TV films of the conference and the photo above.) This was bad-timing because it’s exactly the kind of thing Dex would love to have seen… but for some reason Dex had wandered off and was nowhere to be found!

Clint Denyer
Everyday Observations of an Average Alien
(New website coming soon:
(See HPANWO TV links above for my interview with Clint)
Clint Denyer is a regular Probist He’s a Shamanic Healer, philosopher, trance medium and remote viewer; a man of many talents indeed! I’ve seen several of his speeches at the conference (See above). Last time he very bravely spoke his mind about a highly controversial subject within the Probe Family and I wondered what he had in store for us this time! Well, to begin with he didn’t have anything at all because he was struck down by the curse that rarely leaves a Probe speaker alone: his computer packed up during his address. It shows how wise Kathy Rowan-Drewitt was not to trust complex electronics and used a good-old fashioned overhead projector and transparencies; I bet Clint wishes he’d done the same. It doesn’t matter how much you prepare; you can check all the plugs and sockets are correct, make sure power packs and batteries are fully charged, everything! I’ve even seen speakers doing “dress-rehearsals” of their visuals during break times. Once you get up there in front of the delegates doing your shtick there’ll be some sort of error. However eventually Clint got his laptop and display going again and he began: Firstly he explained the intriguing title of his talk. Who is the “Average Alien”? It’s us. You, me, everyone. What makes us alien is that we feel lonely and isolated, out of place, lost in a strange world (I actually know somebody on a forum who has given herself this username!). But we are here. Why did we come to this universe and live lives on this planet? Clint believes, and I agree, that we have some kind of mission here. We’ve come to free the world from whatever is imprisoning it. My own theories on that are familiar to all HPANWO-readers. To complete our mission in this life we have to learn several lessons: the most important one is to stand up to Fear. Fear is the most destructive emotion we feel; I’d add that it is Fear along with its two derivatives, Hate and Guilt. We have to break away from Fear, open doorways and take the plunge, a bit like Neo had to do in The Matrix. When we do that we’ll feel liberated and also experience a sense of natural flowing within our lives because deep down inside us all we know very well that something’s wrong: We’re fed up with being lied to by the powers-that-be, even when we try to rationalize it and make excuses for them. As Kathy said above and Helen Sewell said at AVII, times are coming when our tolerance for that kind of treatment will wear our. We need to learn to control our emotions. It’s important to take time out to be at peace and quiet by visiting one of the few islands of tranquillity that still remain in our world. Explore your own heritage by visiting sacred sites like Avebury and Stonehenge; there you’ll be able to hear the voice of your ancestors. Clint describes the physical means of control that are only too familiar to HPANWO-readers: ID Cards, the way you need passports for everything, even buying alcohol in some supermarkets. There’s the mainstream media and its propaganda, Swine Flu terror and vaccinations. We have Ipods and Xboxes to take away our sense of self. Clint lamented that his 18-year-old son plays on his Xbox his entire free time. He also mentions how the powers-that-be abuse Earth's position in relation to other planets out there. The LCROSS mission to explode a crashing a probe on the moon is a perfect example that I’ve covered as well: see: and Why is NASA bombing it? There’s a war up there. One side of the moon is artificial and made by the aliens. The truth about human and extraterrestrial activities in space would make anyone’s jaw drop! The first man to go to the moon was a Frenchman in the 19th Century; Jules Verne’s sci-fi novel was based on truth! We’ve been to Mars too and there are even military bases there and it‘s possible to teleport to them. This is backed up by other researchers I’ve heard of, for instance the authors of The Mars Records: . There are trees on Mars and Cydonia is not the biggest artefact there; there’s a ruined city under Hale Crater. Back here on Earth, history and archaeology has been distorted. There are pyramids in China and Bosnia and elsewhere. It seems like the pyramid is a form of language symbol that is an attempt at communication from a lost prehistoric civilization (See Graham Hancock’s site in the links column for essential further information). There are also images in Egyptians tombs of high technological devices like plasma generators and aircraft. All this suppression and deceit is so that we don’t fulfil our potential, gain our inheritance and become what we can be. This would mean the end of the road for the Illuminati. But we are reaching for our destiny; why else would we have this urge to visit crop circles? Crop circles are becoming more and more complicated. Gary McKinnon, whom Ross mentioned, is an example of this universal human desire to explore these issues; no wonder he’s being punished so badly! Clint showed us some of his own films of UFOs flying over Cyprus and some other orb photos he‘d taken. Everybody is doing this in one way or another; or at least thinking of it. Even the First Lady of Japan is a UFO contactee! She was taken to Venus where she saw that it is not really a hot and hostile place; it’s beautiful there. If we lived on another planet the Illuminati would make sure our space programme sent craft to the Sahara or Antarctica and bring back news that the Earth was hostile and lifeless! We all deep down want to do something to stop the horrors going on in the world. The fact we’re at the Probe conference is our way of expressing that. We have to fight back against this injustice and we have to do it now! Says Clint. We don’t need churches because we are our own churches. Like myself, Clint remains optimistic and truly believes that we can be free and live on a happy planet.

Delores Cannon
Awakening to a New World

The Autumn 2009 Probe closed with the second of the two-part lecture by Delores Cannon; see above for the first. I’m afraid I can’t make head or tail of the notes I took during this final stage of the conference. I think I was starting to tire and I was also becoming confused, as you’ll see when you watch my HPANWO TV reportage of the conference. Delores spoke about how the Source, ie “God”, was playing a closer and closer role in our lives here on Earth. The planet was about to enter a dimensional shift. This sounded a bit like Nathan Sarea’s speech in the last conference. Like Nathan, Delores thinks that human beings on this world might be split along the same fault lines that the Earth’s dimensional body is and that we’ll all follow the off-shoot that best suits our own level of spiritual evolution. At first glance this might sound a bit like one of those awful Christian fundamentalist movies that keep coming out in America where God’s people vanish up to Heaven and everyone else is “Left Behind”, but it’s not that simple, or that brainless.

Sunday Evening
By the time Sunday was wrapped the Probe experience would normally be coming to a close and we’d be saying our goodbyes and heading our separate ways, but I’m glad to say that this time it was different. There were more highs and lows to come! Ustane and I went off with some of the delegates to have a meal at a carvery, not the Salters Wharf this time, another one. One member of our group was a man I knew from an internet forum whom I’d met briefly at a conference last year; I‘ll call him “Lenny“. Unfortunately he put a bit of a dampener on the evening. Lenny was new to Probe and had not been there before. As it turned out he had some related ideas of his own that he wanted to express. I’ve written before about how, although I love most of my Probe-buddies dearly and get on very well with them and miss them a lot between conferences, there are one or two problem characters who can cause rocky moments. Some people feel that when they express a viewpoint it is a sacrosanct verity and that any dissent is a personal insult, and it then deserves a personal attack in retaliation. As soon as we got to the pub Lenny began drinking heavily and talking constantly and loudly. His own view differed from the rest of us and indeed most of the Probe attendees. He thinks that there are no such things as aliens and that all abduction experiences, every single one, are MILAB’s, MILitary ABductions. They’re made to look like alien experiences using stagecraft and hypnosis etc so that witnesses will not point the finger at the government. This is basically what Stephen Greer says regarding any unpleasant interaction we have with aliens (Here’s a very old HPANWO article about Greer: Although I agree that MILAB’s do indeed take place there are any number of reasons why Lenny’s theory cannot possibly account for the entire contact phenomenon; it doesn‘t even come close! But when I began to politely and calmly explain this to him he became rather aggressive and demeaning. He leapt out of his chair and paced up and down the bar swearing loudly. He told us that were all narrow-minded dupes for believing such “bullshit“. We all got pretty upset with him. We hoped he’d pick up on that and clear off, but he hung around all evening. In the end Ustane and I headed back to the hotel. My meal was lovely but I was feeling a touch of indigestion.
Lenny’s behaviour was unfortunately only the early rumblings of far more serious Probe-based relationship issues. Another of my erstwhile Probe-buddies has become a thorn in my side too. Unlike Lenny this is a very old friend of mine who has been attending the conference as regularly as I do; I‘ll call him “Carl“. I’ve always admired Carl and I like his research. I used to often go to his website and comment on his articles. He’d often contact me to make suggestions and give me advice about my own work. I valued our friendship a lot. I’ve another friend who doesn’t attend Probe, but whom I know well from elsewhere. As far as we’re concerned here he’s “Gus” and he’s another researcher that I have a lot of respect for. He’s also a good mate who, like Carl, I can turn to for advice and support. He works tirelessly to expose conspiracies and helps to organize major international conferences that do a lot of good and bring a lot of light into the darkness. The relationship problem I have here is that recently Carl has become very hostile towards Gus. I can’t go into details, but something terrible happened a while ago that shocked all three of us, but for some reason Carl seems to think that Gus is at fault. He has been absolutely unequivocal in his beliefs and has not hesitated to say so on his website. He has made additional statements that challenge Gus' general good name in no uncertain terms. On top of that the nature of his accusations has been mercilessly spiteful, condemning and outraged. Since then Carl has become irritated and unaccommodating to many other individuals, and indeed makes very scathing judgements about whole groups of people and entire sectors of the conspiracy theory community. Few have escaped his scorn in the last few months! And I should not have assumed that I myself would be exempt. I try to be honest in everything I say and do; I hope I succeed. I’ve looked at both sides in this conflict between my two friends and I can only conclude that Carl’s reprochement of Gus is extremely unfair, in fact it’s totally baseless! What’s more the way Carl has conducted himself towards Gus is deeply improper. Unfortunately such angry contretemps inevitably causes polarization and although I never said as much on HPANWO nor any other widespread medium, I did express my views on Carl's own website, being as generous to him as I possibly could be. But it seems that as far as Carl is concerned I’m either with him or against him; there is no in between. I’ve refused join him on his crusade against Gus so therefore I’m struck out of his good books! So now, where I used to get on with him really well and have many easy-going discussions, he has now started posting very snide and misrepresentative replies to my comments on his website articles. He’s publicly stated to all members that he thinks Gus is my “Guru” and that I’d follow either him or David Icke anywhere. This is nonsense! I’m an independent researcher! I have a lot of admiration for both Gus and David, but I’d never follow them blindly like Guru-worshippers do! I really don’t think I chose to comment on his articles so I could be spoken to like that! I’m not a punch bag that Carl or anyone else can just hit whenever they feel like it. I’ve left some powerful Dignity Statements on the pages concerned, to empower myself and protect myself from humiliation and not gone back to Carl’s site. Unless things improve I doubt if I’ll ever go back. So it looks like one of my precious Probe-friendships is coming to an end. But what else can I do? However much I might value a relationship I’m not going to stoop to such nastiness to preserve it! This is what I learned when I was at school. When I was about 10 years old I remember joining in bullying games with a bigger kid because I wanted to be his mate. To gain his respect I did some horrible things I hated myself for, but I thought it was a sacrifice I had to make, payment for his companionship. In a way I think this is what my parents were doing with Centaur, here: . I hope I’m never tempted to do the same!

Monday Morning
The rueful atmosphere of the previous evening cleared away the following morning as Ustane and I checked out of the hotel. What we did next was totally different to anything I’ve done before at Probe. Not having a car I’ve always stayed overnight on the Sunday, apart from that one time I travelled in Fred and Val’s car and stayed with them in Birmingham, but every other Monday I’ve been out of St Annes and on my way home by 10 o’clock. Not today. Ustane and I spent most of the day wandering around the town, hand-in-hand like a pair of real romantics. We sat on the beach and the sun came out; the sky was like a painting and the sand glowed! I got a little bit emotionally high, as you can see if you watch my HPANWO TV movies Beach and Sea! We popped into the vets to see how the injured pigeon that we found on Friday was and were sad to learn that they had had no choice but to euthanize. We went to Number 15 and had a few drinks to drown our sorrows. Ustane had bought a pack of angel cards and we had a very uplifting time using them; Ustane was overjoyed with the answers she got. We headed back to Oxford at 5pm in high spirits. When I arrived home I shot the HPANWO TV vid entitled Home in which I express my confusion over the enormous amount of information that I’d had to take in. I think I was generally in a bittersweet mood because of the previous 24 hours and the trouble with Carl I knew was brewing. However this is certainly not a criticism of Jean and Sam or their running of the conference; and it definitely does not put me off wanting to attend in future. Jean and Sam did the right thing by giving all these people a platform, because information has to be freely available for all. If the UFO, conspiracy and paranormal world is confusing then we just have to face up to it!

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Thursday 22 October 2009

Probe Autumn 2009- Part 3

Delores Cannon The Seeding and Beginning of Life on Earth I was already familiar with some of the speakers before seeing them live at Probe and Delores Cannon was one of them. A few years ago I read her book The Convoluted Universe- Part 1 and enjoyed it a lot. When I first got into Spiritualism I met my friend Vicky (who went to Beyond Knowledge with me. See: at the Oxford church who was also a fan of Delores and lent her the book. Delores is a hypnotherapist who has been operating as a healer since 1969 and has been channelling messages from other realms since 1986 after her clients began reporting them spontaneously during healing sessions. Her methods are unusual and extremely interesting. This is because she is not psychic herself. Instead she puts people into a hypnotic trance and they then become the psychic and begin relaying mediumistic information. What’s so remarkable about this is that it indicates that we all have latent psychic abilities and can recall otherworldly lives if we can alter our state of consciousness in the right way. I’ve only heard of one other researcher who uses this method: Michael Newton ( From what I can tell almost anybody whom Delores can get under the swinging pendant will relate stories of not just meeting aliens, but being aliens! And also robots, genetically-engineered life forms and even gaseous beings and planetary atmospheres! The Saturday lecture was the first of her two-parter. She clambered unsteadily up onto the stage and sat in a chair. She’s an elderly lady now, in her 80’s, but she still works hard, travelling around the world doing lectures, prolifically writing; she publishes a doorstep-sized book about once a year and still researching for new material. In fact straight after Probe she headed off to Russia to do a lecture there. Her daughter Julia manages her business and was selling her books at their stall. Delores was a cogent speaker and has a razor-sharp mind. She is from Arkansas and both she and Julia have a charismatic Hillbilly accent. Her first attempt at channelling came from a woman who’d seen a UFO and it took off from there. The problem is that channelled information is so dubious because it can be distorted by the client's own mental state, and drugs and alcohol etc. However Delores says that she has developed a method to get round that problem and expose the pure and unfettered genuine information behind the “emotional filter”. This is a very brave claim to make and I wondered how effective her filter really is. Her research covers many areas, but she is currently concentrating on the origins of the Earth and humanity. What happens in her model is that there’s a “Council” in the universe that gives a planet a “life charter” when it has formed conditions suitable for life and then planetary engineers move in and make any other changes necessary to guide natural evolution in the right direction for intelligent life to emerge. Delores had a client once who described watching the oceans form on a planet in our galaxy. If life had been left alone and not organized in this way it would never have become so advanced and complex as it is today; Delores reject Darwin‘s idea that such things could occur without intervention. Once the ball has been set rolling the Council leave, but they pop back every so often to check on how things are going; like gardeners or zoo-keepers. They actually introduce animals and plants from other planets sometimes to see if they’ll survive (Has this happened to the Earth? If so I wonder which species are alien.) Humans were designed from simians. Apparently white people were adapted from orang-utans, black people from gorillas and oriental people from a yellow ape that lives in China! Being Welsh I expect my ancestors were those little grey monkeys with red bottoms in zoos that always seem to want to steal your sandwiches! After the biological engineers have done their work the cultural engineers replace them; this is where the ancient legends of sky-gods, Wanjinas and the Viracocha etc come from. Unfortunately with the Earth something went wrong. A meteoric impact introduced some form of disease. The Council convened an emergency meeting to decide what to do and concluded: “Let it be”. The Earth was left alone to see how it could cope with the disease. Alien abductions, or “visitations” as Delores terms it, and animal mutilation is all about monitoring how life on Earth is coping with this unexpected hindrance. As I've said before, I doubt that. The benevolent Council aliens, the “Custodians” (the title of one of Delores’ many books) travel interdimensionally in craft that are powered by the mind. They dislike coming to Earth because of its dense energy and so build artificial life forms to do jobs for them; this is what the Greys are: biological robots that the council operate by remote control. (Credo Mutwa said this too. See: The injuries suffered by those receiving visitation are caused by the stepping up process of getting the physical matter of the body to dimensionally shift so that it can get aboard their craft, and then the reverse stepping down process that allows the subject to be returned to their bed. The Custodians don’t eat because they feed off spirit energy by getting into a special sarcophagus and having a “light bath”. They also don’t reproduce because they’re immortal and don’t have two genders like we do (I wonder if they ever get bored!) They were apparently very concerned when we invented the A-bomb. This is apparently a symptom of the original disease. This has been backed up by other researchers and there’s no doubt that since the 1940’s when the bomb's started exploding UFO sightings have risen dramatically. The visitations are also about retrieving Earth’s DNA so that the planet can be recreated elsewhere if we destroy this one! The ET’s are currently bringing volunteer “pure souls” to the Earth; these are beings that have never experienced Karma and so therefore have nothing to pay back in those terms. Delores has met some of these individuals in sessions. They say things like “why did I put my hand up?” and “Why can’t I go home?” Pure souls dislike the Earth and have a strong desire to leave it for a better place that they instinctively know exists. Some of Delores pure soul clients have attempted suicide in order to try to “go home” and Delores’ therapy helps them realize their reason for being on the Earth and stops them wanting to leave. They are what David Icke calls “the front of the snowplough”, light workers who are here to guide the rest of humanity through the Great Changeover in 2012. I suppose Delores’ books might have given me a bit of a false impression of what her live show would be like. Although she’s still an interesting and wise lady, her speech was not as good as her written material. Some of it was hard to follow. She spoke for a while about 2012 and the notes I took at the time make no sense to me now and I‘ve had to omit that part of her lecture from my report. I’ve gone off channelled communication in the last few years because it is so unreliable and contradictory; although I‘m not so sceptical that I dismiss it altogether. Delores is very confident that she’s found a way to filter out all the garbage and noise and get to the real message from other worlds, but has she? Saturday Evening Ustane and I emerged from the first day of the conference tired but happy. While we’d been inside the wind had got up. In fact it had got up quite a bit! It was the strongest wind that I’ve ever seen at St Annes and we struggled down the road to the Seafarers Restaurant for dinner, wiping sand out of our eyes. After that we went to the Carlton and met up with the others. One very good change that has taken place since the last conference is that I didn’t see any bouncers outside the pubs, although I still avoided the Admiral. Remember me lamenting about them in the last report? (See links at the top of Part 1). So Saturday ended on an optimistic note. Sunday Morning The gale died down overnight and Ustane and I awoke to a lovely morning, the air cleaned by the wind. The view from our hotel room window was wonderful so I got my camera out and did a HPANWO TV broadcast, see links at the top or Part 1. The landlady told me that it reminded her of the rooftop scene in Mary Poppins. The view when we turned on the TV was not so fine. It was announced on the news that the Irish people had voted “Yes” to their referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. After months of bullying and Future-Shock tactics by the government, they caved in. See here for more details: . For a change Probe had not been held at the weekend when the clocks change so we didn’t have an hour less time to get up and breakfast. We joined our French companions and once again got a taxi to the venue. The second day of Probe once again began with music, led by the irrepressible Rosie, but this time I played the drum and didn't dance!
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Sunday 18 October 2009

Probe Autumn 2009- Part 2

Richard D Hall
Not in This House!
Richard D Hall is a tall, slightly gothic-looking Geordie with a background in electronic engineering. Unlike most UFOlogists he has no interest at all in any other paranormal phenomenon. In fact he denies that the UFO phenomenon is paranormal at all. This would make him more of an exopolitician than a UFOlogist; in other words, somebody who has moved on from just studying UFO’s and gathering evidence etc, to accepting their presence as real and working out how to communicate with them and the effect they’re going to have on our world. However, if you take a look at his extensive website (It is indeed a rich planet! Be prepared to be there a long time!) you’ll see that he has made some pretty explosive UFO discoveries; these include a major UFO/alien CE3 to 4 incident at Gateshead, Tyne-and-Wear, in 1940. He opens his lecture with a short film showing a medley of UFO footage accompanied to the haunting strains of Pink Floyd’s Shine On You Crazy Diamond. One of the clips is this one: . This I suspect is fake, although it’s a far better one than the rather vapid and preposterous “Alien Autopsy”. Its producers have learned from the mistakes of Santilli and Shoefield, making it a dark scene and not showing too much detail. However I might be wrong! It might be real! (Here‘s a full-length documentary about this film: .) Richard has a good understanding of the political situation regarding UFO Disclosure; he is less na├»ve than many of his peers. I think Richard knows very well that it’s a mistake to form alliances with the Rockefellers and Clintons. He riles against the Skeptics who say: “if UFO’s were real they’d be on the 10 O’clock News“. You see the media is a tool of politicians, who are in turn the tool of bankers, Quangoes like the Council on Foreign Relations and Chatham House, intelligence services like the CIA, MI5 etc and the Military Industrial Complex. They override the democratic mandate with the magic words: “National Security”; it can justify anything! At the highest level are secret occult groups like the Skull-and-Bones and Religious organizations like the Vatican. This structure is the locks on the closet in which the truth about UFO’s is contained. As I’ve written and spoken about many times myself, the truth is kept secret to preserve the power of this Elite which at its highest level I think lies the Illuminati. The secret is not kept completely by people in the know; they slyly recruit “useful idiots”: outspoken folk like prominent members of the Skeptic Movement (See: ), official spokesmen, media personalities and pundits; “pop UFOlogists”. These people don’t know the truth; they are merely manipulated ignorants. They are far more effective than knowing disinformers because they can talk complete crap and be 100% sincere; they also can’t develop a conscience and swap benches!
Richard then showed us his interview with my favourite UFOlogist, Timothy Good ( ); you can see it yourself here: . Along with the “useful idiots” those who do have to be told any of the truth are carefully monitored and have their lives threatened, as well as those of their families to prevent deathbed confessions, to keep the subject under wraps. Timothy Good describes something called “Need to Know” and this is the title of his latest book. What it means is that a person’s rank and status cannot necessarily be used to indicate the likelihood of them being initiated into the truth about UFO’s. A military General, senior Civil Service officer, or even a President or Prime Minister, may well be left in the dark while some of his juniors, secretaries and lieutenants could be briefed into the secret because the super-class who dictate the cover-up consider that the person has “Need to Know”; in other words, sharing a certain amount of covert information with him cannot be avoided if he is to do his job. Also a person’s rank and status is not taken into account when it comes to violently silencing them. Timothy wonders if John F Kennedy was shot because of his interest in UFO’s. He was interested; there’s no doubt. There’s an article in the current Nexus about this (see links column). JFK poked his nose into areas he wasn’t supposed to and was taken out as a result. I personally doubt that this was the sole reason for him being assassinated, but it could well have been a contributing factor. His list of misdemeanours stacked against him and his UFO interest might have been the last straw.
So the big question is: Why? Why do the Illuminati and their underlings keep such important information from us? Why are they so desperate to convince us that we live alone on our planet; Earth: an oasis of life in a dead, cold, inanimate desert of a universe? There is probably more than one reason, but in Richard’s view there is one main one: energy. What would happen if we came to the knowledge that the governments knew that UFO’s existed? Well, it would be the first in a long line of dominoes that would all inevitably fall; and the last one is the fact that UFO’s have crashed on Earth and that the governments have secretly salvaged them and back-engineered their power sources and propulsion systems. This means Free Energy. Fossil fuels have been obsolete for many decades, maybe longer. The authorities will not only have to deal with the liberating effect Free Energy will have on society, possibly catastrophically liberating from their point of view; but they’ll also have to admit that they could have declassified it 100 or more years ago, but didn’t for their own selfish reasons. This means that they’ll be faced with a very angry population! Maybe that’s an understatement! Every penny we’ve ever paid on gas and electricity bills, all the environmental destruction, all the poverty, all the people who’ve died of hunger in poor countries, all the wars for oil, … it’s all been for nothing! It was all preventable! We’d never trust them again and the Illuminati would have to kiss the New World Order goodbye, something that they’d never do. I agree with Richard on this, but I also believe there’s a second main reason for the cover-up (as well as several lesser ones): The effect that the acceptance of intelligent extraterrestrial life would have on us culturally and sociologically. The Illuminati-occupied governments use top psychologists to suss out our collective mindset and devise ways of keeping their control over it. (See these articles: and .) In 1960, at the start of the official space programme, one of these psychological think-tanks in America, the Brookings Institute, said that if NASA found traces of an extraterrestrial civilization, even if it was no longer alive, then it would cause social upheavals that could destroy social, religious and political structures. Therefore if such a discovery were made then it would perhaps be wise not to shout it from the rooftops. See this interview with Richard Hoagland about it: . Here’s an interview with myself where I explain in more detail the nature of the Free Energy cover-up: (from 6.20) and here is my own production, a HPANWO TV programme about the Free Energy issue: .
Richard has been trying to get in touch with politicians and get them on side. He wrote to the Prime Minister Gordon Brown, quoting the revelations of Ed Mitchell a former NASA astronaut and dedicated disclosure campaigner who was (not) the 6th man to walk on the moon. Unfortunately Brown’s office fobbed him off to the MoD which gave him the curt but sadly anticipated response: “We are not currently investigating Dr Mitchell’s claims” (Full letter here: . Richard’s real coup came when he got to attend one of David Cameron’s press conferences and ask a question about it. Here it is: . Just listen to the sniggering in the background even before Richard finishes speaking, and Princess Dave tries to be funny too! Cameron says that if… If!?… he becomes the Prime Minster (He will! See: .) he will not cooperate with UFO secrecy and promote disclosure. This, in my view, is just a typical appeasing and meaningless politicians’ response. Cameron is currently corresponding with Richard, but when he gets invested as Prime Minster next year I wonder if he will be so obliging.
I was very impressed by Richard and interested in his work; in fact he may be my favourite speaker of the conference. Although I differ from him in that I’m interested in all paranormal phenomena and that I see them as all connected, especially in terms of politics, but that’s a long story. Richard is probably the most convincing figure in the Disclosure Movement. Ustane brought his book and showed me a few important passages from it; I’m going to borrow it from her once she’s finished with it. Unlike many of the others I think Richard has realized the reality of the situation that I describe in the HPANWO TV film above: that Disclosure cannot just happen and then we can all go back to normal life, but with the knowledge of ET reality. It will mean a revolution like no other that human society has ever seen before, and it will make absolutely everything change forever! I think, despite some obstacles I foresee, for the better.

Mark Bennett
Prayer, Energy and Extraterrestrial Life
This was the second Aetherius Society speaker I’ve seen at Probe. The first was Richard Lawrence whose lecture I reviewed here: . Mark is a well-spoken and smartly-dressed young man who has been active in the Aetherius Society since he was a teenager. He has written several articles and co-authored books on spiritual matters. Last year he was interviewed on Kerrang Radio (which is fast becoming the British Coast-to-Coast!); unfortunately it has not been put online, but here is an interview with one of his colleagues: . The Aetherius Society was founded in 1955 by Dr George King, a practitioner of Yoga who was sitting in his London flat one day when he heard a booming voice saying: “You are to become a voice of Interplanetary Parliament!” and he went on to set up this strange hybrid of UFO group and oriental spirituality mission. This contact with these divine ET’s are “the Solution of Solutions” says Mark. The foundation of all the world’s physical problems is spiritual; solve the spiritual problem and the others will follow suit. And the way to address this spiritual problem is, in Mark’s view, to pray. What is prayer? Well it’s not kneeling and muttering in unknown languages; it is real energy invoked. It’s a force that is perceptible, tangible. To prove his point Mark engaged us in an audience participation prayer. We held our hands out by our hips with the palms down and Mark and some of his fellow Aetherians chanted in plain English, communing with the guardians out in space. I must admit that I did feel something in my body, similar to the meditation sessions I used to do when I was into that sort of thing a few years ago. It is Karmic, says Mark. Any energy you give out you will receive back. Karma is not about negative punishment; it’s about learning. The goal is to eventually ascend to reincarnated lives on other planets. Mark related a channelled message from an enlightened alien called Mars Sector 6: “Life that leaves Terra (Earth) will not return there but will ascend. The reason we don’t see life on Mars is because the living beings exist there in another matter frequency. The Masters are looking for a sign from us that we accept their existence. They can’t share their higher technology with us until we show the appropriate level of awareness, compassion and charity.” Mark then got us to join him again in a supplication of Global Healing, especially to the victims of the Indonesian earthquake. The Society operates what Mark calls a “Spiritual Energy Radiator” that sends out constant visualization healing to the world; and there’s a “Spiritual Energy Battery” too. This stores any surplus energy to be radiated in the event of a particular crisis or disaster. Mark thinks that the Battery might have reduced a recent hurricane from a category 4 to a 2 event. The Society is also carrying out a devotion called Project Sunbeam that sends a steady stream of energy to Mother Earth. Mars Sector 6 is currently orbiting the Earth as captain of a Martian spacecraft. And while he is, even non-Aetherius believers, like Catholic Priests etc, will send energy to him while they pray for peace. Mark continues: Occasionally these various masters have landed on Earth. Jesus was one of them, so were the Buddha and Lao Tzu. Dr George King used to channel all of them. Another Aetherian called Diane came onto the stage and together she and Mark recited one of these prayers from Jesus. This prayer is one that has a very different meaning to every individual who hears it. We have to learn how to apply it to our own lives.
Sorry, Mark, and anyone else who disagrees, but as I said in my review of Richard Lawrence’s speech last year, I find UFO religions extremely phoney. The superior technology or spiritual evolvement of ET’s are not a reason to elevate them to the level of deities (Or should I rephrase: reduce us humans to the level of non-deities while leaving aliens up there!?). To me this is a modern form of the cargo cults of the South Seas. Every so often somebody lands on a Pacific island with a human population that has been forever isolated and they sometimes turn our modern technology into a religion because it seems, to quote Arthur C Clarke, “indistinguishable from magic”. The same therefore goes for some modern Westerners when confronted with a similar, but stepped-up situation, encounters with advanced ET‘s. Then again I’m not being totally anti here. There is some truth in the Aetherians’ ideas of spiritual energy and invocation. The Society has its routes in very genuine ancient spiritual wisdom from India and the Far East. The Earth-healing project is something that resonates with me because I’ve done something very similar. I gave love and healing to the Earth by caressing a plastic globe. And Mark is correct when he says that the basis of our problems is spiritual, but for me this is not solved by ignoring grass-roots situations and avoiding practical action to help them in favour of prayer and energy healing. On the contrary, Gurdjieff’s “Fourth Way”: doing something positive and active in our everyday lives, is the ultimate in applied spirituality. The biggest problem in getting involved in the Aetherius Society is that it may leave a person ungrounded and passive, divorced from current affairs and day-to-day life.

Coffee Break
During the short coffee break that followed Mark’s lecture Jean and Sam played this remarkable film of a USO- Unidentified Submersible Object: . I don’t know if it’s real or not, but it had all of us on the edge of our seats. The problem is: with modern Photoshop technology it’s possible to make almost undetectable fakes. To verify this one could take months and cost thousands of pounds. I wish people would stop faking UFO videos! It muddies the waters and gives us all a bad name!

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Wednesday 14 October 2009

Probe Autumn 2009- Part 1

(This is a postcard from Lytham St Annes sent in 1909, 100 years before this conference.)

Background articles:

HPANWO TV movies of the conference:

Do you ever feel that fate is striving to give you a hard time for some reason? On our journey to the autumn 2009 UK Probe Conference Ustane and I definitely felt that it was. It was the most difficult trip to Lytham St Annes, Lancashire that we’ve ever had. Ustane came to meet me in Oxford and we travelled together. For some reason the train was far busier than usual and we ended up in separate seats. Ustane was sat next to a smartly-dressed middle-aged man, a travelling businessman or managerial type. Ustane took out some papers and began writing. She was working on a Spanish translation of one of David Icke’s free documents; then her fellow traveller looked down at what she was writing and announced: “David Icke!? He’s a nutter!” I overheard him, leaned over and said in a fake cockney accent: “That’s right. And it must be true ‘cos I read it in The Sun.” I found my own mild sarcasm quite cathartic and the man ceased to bother me. Ustane however was deeply urinated off. As we reached Birmingham New Street to change trains we both breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank God we’ve got rid of him.” I said. “He was an ignorant fuckin’ prick!” hissed Ustane furiously. We got onto our train for Preston 20 minutes before it departed and had our pick of the seats. As we settled in a suitcase plopped onto the table in front of us and a cheery voice said: “Surprise surprise! Hello again!” The man from the first train sprawled into the seat opposite. Ustane gaped in dismay and glanced at me. Is he following us? our looks between us asked. But no, he’d actually prebooked that seat! “I’ve got a good book to read.” he chortled. “Bernard Cornwell; a better writer than David Icke!” Ustane stared down at her translation and never said a word for the entire 90 minute leg. As we got off at Preston we almost ran across the bridge to the platform for the Lytham St Annes train. We stopped and looked back as our previous train pulled away from the station. I could just see into the window of the place we were sitting in. “It’s OK.” I said. “He’s still on the train.” It seemed that our negative serendipity had backed off a bit… for now. Not a good start.
Things picked up though. We settled into our lovely hotel room. We were at the Ad Astra this time. I told Ustane that I’d eat my hat if she preferred the Strathmore and luckily my hat remains untouched on my plate. This was my seventh Probe and the third one which we’d attended together. Our spirits began to lift and we looked forward to the weekend ahead.
On our way to dinner at the Salters’ Wharf pub we saw a pigeon sitting in the middle of the pavement. To our surprise it didn’t fly away as we approached. When we got closer we saw that it was badly hurt. One of its eyes had gone and swollen crusty flesh replaced it. “Maybe a cat’s gone for it.” I wondered. “Might have been hit by a car.” said Ustane. Ustane, bless her, immediately took enormous pity on the poor thing and we wondered what we were going to do with it. I knocked on the nearest door, that of the District Club, but they weren’t very helpful. “No I don’t know the number of the RSPCA… and we don’t have a phone book either.” (Slam door) I cursed myself for not writing down the RSPCA’s number when I phoned them a few months ago about a family of hedgehog in my back garden. Luckily a nearby vets was still open otherwise we’d probably have missed our dinner meeting with Jean and Sam. Strangely enough it was only a few weeks ago that Ustane found another injured bird in the street where she lives. We promised ourselves that we’d check on the pigeon’s progress on Monday before we left. We even gave it a provisional name: Walter.
We had a lovely meal in the pub carvery than went over to the Carlton to meet up with our old Probe-buddies. It was an evening of mixed feelings because although many of them were there, like Fred, Val, Ann and others; there were many notable by their absence. This was the first time ever that Dennis “the Orb Man” and Marion weren’t there. Two others, a mother and daughter investigation team, had also missed Probe for the first time in years. Brian Allan had already told me that he couldn’t make it. Ellis Taylor is in Australia; he went over there for a couple of months, but I think that was over a year ago. Matt Delooze and Ben Fairhall were also not there (See links column for Brian’s, Ellis‘, Matt‘s and Ben‘s websites). Still, it was great to be back as always. We went to bed quite early and slept very well.

We had our organic Fairtrade breakfast that the Ad Astra is famous for, including what the landlady calls “happy meat” and then we shared a taxi to the venue. The two people in the taxi were both French ladies who’d travelled to Probe specially to see just one of the speakers, Delores Cannon. After more joyful reunions the conference began. I’ve reproduced my interpretation of what they said to the best of my understanding, based on notes I took during their speeches. If any of them are reading this, or anybody else better-informed, and I’ve made some mistakes then I apologize:

Kathy Rowan-Drewitt
2012, Astrology, Angels and Demons
Kathy Rowan-Druitt is a polished, slim, blonde woman. Her neat, red suit gave her the appearance of an air stewardess (If Ralph Ellis had been there he‘d probably have tried to seduce her!). She’s a professional astrologer with a slot on Radio Lancashire and her own Sky TV programme. Along with astrology, she’s trained in the Western mystery schools and is a Witch. She discussed the same subject as Helen Sewell did at the AVII conference (see: but Kathy uses simpler language than Helen and is therefore easier for the layman to follow. She mistrusted modern technology for her speech (wisely, as events would prove later in the proceedings!) and used an old-fashioned overhead projector to present her illustrations. But despite all this she says she got interested in the 2012 phenomenon through Facebook! She got fed up of joining groups like “It’s my birthday today” and “My favourite movie is…” and started meeting people asking “What’s all this stuff about 2012?” She says that there are 22 major concerns about 2012 and many minor ones; I was surprised that there aren’t more! There’s a film coming out in a couple of months called 2012 and I’ve heard this mentioned before when I saw Neil Kramer live in Liverpool. The film is by that King of Propaganda, Roland Emmerich whom I’ve mentioned before. He’s responsible for bringing us such Shakespearean delights as Independence Day and Stargate. I won’t be wasting money on a cinema ticket to see this one! Kathy takes the same position as Neil: films like this are designed to frighten us and build up negative connotations to the phenomenon. The Mayan Calendar, the source of this whole field of study, is a complex subject and warrants some background research; here‘s a good place to start: . The Mayans were a contradictory people, says Kathy. They had achieved fantastic feats of astronomy and mathematics, but were stilled bogged down by strange superstitions like that every 52 years pregnant women would go mad and that children would turn into mice! However much of this stupidity might not be true and could be a fabrication by the Conquistadors; this wouldn’t surprise me one bit! However there’s no doubt that the Mayans carried out human sacrifice. Whenever the Pleiades reached a certain point in the sky they’d sacrifice a child. This might sound barbaric, and I suppose it was, but for we modern Westerners to complain about it would be the height of hypocrisy. The Mayans only did what they did because they believed they had to or the sun would cease to rise. How many children do we sacrifice to our gods? The gods of war, Realpolitik and economic growth? Like the Mayans, we believe we have to commit atrocities in order to preserve our world too, our western privileges! We may never know the true thought and motivations of the Mayans because a Christian priest called Landa destroyed most of the literature and documents of the Mayans; what’s more I’m sure he wasn’t a “lone nutter” either!
Kathy then went on to talk about the Nostradamus quatrain which is supposed to refer to 2012 and analyses it, wondering if it means tsunamies, disease or the end of organized religion. The problem with Nostradamus is that he used to write in such an abstract style that it’s possible to apply his word to almost any retrospective incident. He speaks of “Kings of terror” and “plagues of the Mongols”, but what was going through his head at the time that he wrote this? It’s impossible to know. Kathy then showed a similar chart to the one Helen Sewell did. It was the chart for Blackpool at 11.12 AM (Why a minute later?) on the 21st of December 2012 (see link above). However she interprets it slightly differently from Helen, as all astrologers do. The one I met that I mentioned in the linked article challenged me when I said that astrology was “not an exact science”. She curtly replied: “It’s not a science at all. It’s an art!” Again it’s the changes in Pluto and Uranus that are the most significant. Pluto in Sagittarius gives the ability of mass media to operate below the collective human perception threshold but its transition to Capricorn will cause scandals of politics and celebrities to erupt from the lower mantle of covert culture. Also child abuse scandals in the Catholic Church and similar exposures. This is exciting! It creates more distrust in authorities, like politicians and church leaders. It makes human beings more independent and more concerned for the environment. Spiritually it means “turning away from the buildings” and getting in touch with the Gaia in a tactile and emotional way rather than through organizations like churches and mosques. Uranus is moving into Aries next year and that means… Big Shock! Bolt from the Blue! Uranus is the rebel of the solar system with its eccentric axis tilt. The warrior-spirit of Aries will make it an especially rude awakening. Kathy believes it will make people suddenly aware of all the Pluto stuff above and this knowledge will be put into action through an end to apathy and despondency. We will no longer gloss over in justice and oppression like we sometimes do today. Can’t wait! In September 2012 Neptune moves into Pisces. Neptune and Pisces are best mates and the last time they were together, in the 19th century, there was a spiritual revolution. Characters like Helena Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner became famous and influential. People got into Spiritualism and psychical research took off. What will happen this time is anyone’s guess, but the upheaval caused by Neptune is more gentle than the Uranus-in-Aries one. It’s more like floating away; conventions changing instead of aggressive revolution. But in excess it can lead to “drink n’ drugs” culture and people becoming ungrounded. In October 2012 Saturn enters Scorpio; this will be very similar to Pluto in Capricorn. Saturnine energy could mean a rough increase in authority, ration books, conscription, harsher laws and state power etc. This is the very thing about the New World Order that I’ve been writing about for years! Kathy thinks this will all collide head-on with Uranus. Well, it will certainly collide head-on with mine! There’s going to be a dual, a showdown and I’ve already taken my place! These two planets are also associated with the slave trade and played a role 200 years ago when slavery was abolished. Are we about to see it return? Maybe it has already in the form of financial slavery, debts and low-paid jobs etc. However Jupiter is also powerful in this combination which speaks of a higher purpose to whatever passes and a “darkest before the dawn” scenario. This means that we should maintain hope that our tribulations will eventually yield to something better.
Kathy then went on to explain the 2012 elements in the Cabbalistic Tree of Life that I’m afraid left me behind. I’m still not knowledgeable enough in that area to comment.
I’ve a lot of respect for astrology and I’m sure it has a lot to tell us, but I’ve never investigated it closely, as I say in my review of Helen Sewell’s lecture. Two of the 8 major planets in the solar system have only been known for the last 200 years. In the last few years a myriad of other new planets have been discovered, thanks to the Hubble Space Telescope. Bodies the size of what we thought was the most distant planet, Pluto, much further away, with exotic names like Eris (“Hail Eris!” as the late great Robert Anton Wilson would say), Makemake and Ixion. In fact the aforementioned planet which astrology currently recognizes, Pluto, has been downgraded to a minor planet amongst a whole array of objects called the Kuiper Belt. This to me sounds like the trivial fuss over whether Swindon is a town or city, but it still illustrates the growing complexity of the current situation. How do these newly reunited members of our cosmic family fit into astrology. Indeed there are even more distant objects in a group called the “scattered disk”. The solar system is at least 3 times the size we originally thought it was! There’s a lot more to learn and analyse; many factors we have not yet contemplated or understood. It’s far too soon to imagine that the fate of 2012 is written in the skies.

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Friday 9 October 2009

Two New HPANWO TV films!

I've put up two new HPANWO TV films in the last few days!

And the other is HPANWO TV's attempt to capture the LCROSS impact today:

I'll be putting up a written report of Probe in a few days.