Sunday 18 October 2009

Probe Autumn 2009- Part 2

Richard D Hall
Not in This House!
Richard D Hall is a tall, slightly gothic-looking Geordie with a background in electronic engineering. Unlike most UFOlogists he has no interest at all in any other paranormal phenomenon. In fact he denies that the UFO phenomenon is paranormal at all. This would make him more of an exopolitician than a UFOlogist; in other words, somebody who has moved on from just studying UFO’s and gathering evidence etc, to accepting their presence as real and working out how to communicate with them and the effect they’re going to have on our world. However, if you take a look at his extensive website (It is indeed a rich planet! Be prepared to be there a long time!) you’ll see that he has made some pretty explosive UFO discoveries; these include a major UFO/alien CE3 to 4 incident at Gateshead, Tyne-and-Wear, in 1940. He opens his lecture with a short film showing a medley of UFO footage accompanied to the haunting strains of Pink Floyd’s Shine On You Crazy Diamond. One of the clips is this one: . This I suspect is fake, although it’s a far better one than the rather vapid and preposterous “Alien Autopsy”. Its producers have learned from the mistakes of Santilli and Shoefield, making it a dark scene and not showing too much detail. However I might be wrong! It might be real! (Here‘s a full-length documentary about this film: .) Richard has a good understanding of the political situation regarding UFO Disclosure; he is less naïve than many of his peers. I think Richard knows very well that it’s a mistake to form alliances with the Rockefellers and Clintons. He riles against the Skeptics who say: “if UFO’s were real they’d be on the 10 O’clock News“. You see the media is a tool of politicians, who are in turn the tool of bankers, Quangoes like the Council on Foreign Relations and Chatham House, intelligence services like the CIA, MI5 etc and the Military Industrial Complex. They override the democratic mandate with the magic words: “National Security”; it can justify anything! At the highest level are secret occult groups like the Skull-and-Bones and Religious organizations like the Vatican. This structure is the locks on the closet in which the truth about UFO’s is contained. As I’ve written and spoken about many times myself, the truth is kept secret to preserve the power of this Elite which at its highest level I think lies the Illuminati. The secret is not kept completely by people in the know; they slyly recruit “useful idiots”: outspoken folk like prominent members of the Skeptic Movement (See: ), official spokesmen, media personalities and pundits; “pop UFOlogists”. These people don’t know the truth; they are merely manipulated ignorants. They are far more effective than knowing disinformers because they can talk complete crap and be 100% sincere; they also can’t develop a conscience and swap benches!
Richard then showed us his interview with my favourite UFOlogist, Timothy Good ( ); you can see it yourself here: . Along with the “useful idiots” those who do have to be told any of the truth are carefully monitored and have their lives threatened, as well as those of their families to prevent deathbed confessions, to keep the subject under wraps. Timothy Good describes something called “Need to Know” and this is the title of his latest book. What it means is that a person’s rank and status cannot necessarily be used to indicate the likelihood of them being initiated into the truth about UFO’s. A military General, senior Civil Service officer, or even a President or Prime Minister, may well be left in the dark while some of his juniors, secretaries and lieutenants could be briefed into the secret because the super-class who dictate the cover-up consider that the person has “Need to Know”; in other words, sharing a certain amount of covert information with him cannot be avoided if he is to do his job. Also a person’s rank and status is not taken into account when it comes to violently silencing them. Timothy wonders if John F Kennedy was shot because of his interest in UFO’s. He was interested; there’s no doubt. There’s an article in the current Nexus about this (see links column). JFK poked his nose into areas he wasn’t supposed to and was taken out as a result. I personally doubt that this was the sole reason for him being assassinated, but it could well have been a contributing factor. His list of misdemeanours stacked against him and his UFO interest might have been the last straw.
So the big question is: Why? Why do the Illuminati and their underlings keep such important information from us? Why are they so desperate to convince us that we live alone on our planet; Earth: an oasis of life in a dead, cold, inanimate desert of a universe? There is probably more than one reason, but in Richard’s view there is one main one: energy. What would happen if we came to the knowledge that the governments knew that UFO’s existed? Well, it would be the first in a long line of dominoes that would all inevitably fall; and the last one is the fact that UFO’s have crashed on Earth and that the governments have secretly salvaged them and back-engineered their power sources and propulsion systems. This means Free Energy. Fossil fuels have been obsolete for many decades, maybe longer. The authorities will not only have to deal with the liberating effect Free Energy will have on society, possibly catastrophically liberating from their point of view; but they’ll also have to admit that they could have declassified it 100 or more years ago, but didn’t for their own selfish reasons. This means that they’ll be faced with a very angry population! Maybe that’s an understatement! Every penny we’ve ever paid on gas and electricity bills, all the environmental destruction, all the poverty, all the people who’ve died of hunger in poor countries, all the wars for oil, … it’s all been for nothing! It was all preventable! We’d never trust them again and the Illuminati would have to kiss the New World Order goodbye, something that they’d never do. I agree with Richard on this, but I also believe there’s a second main reason for the cover-up (as well as several lesser ones): The effect that the acceptance of intelligent extraterrestrial life would have on us culturally and sociologically. The Illuminati-occupied governments use top psychologists to suss out our collective mindset and devise ways of keeping their control over it. (See these articles: and .) In 1960, at the start of the official space programme, one of these psychological think-tanks in America, the Brookings Institute, said that if NASA found traces of an extraterrestrial civilization, even if it was no longer alive, then it would cause social upheavals that could destroy social, religious and political structures. Therefore if such a discovery were made then it would perhaps be wise not to shout it from the rooftops. See this interview with Richard Hoagland about it: . Here’s an interview with myself where I explain in more detail the nature of the Free Energy cover-up: (from 6.20) and here is my own production, a HPANWO TV programme about the Free Energy issue: .
Richard has been trying to get in touch with politicians and get them on side. He wrote to the Prime Minister Gordon Brown, quoting the revelations of Ed Mitchell a former NASA astronaut and dedicated disclosure campaigner who was (not) the 6th man to walk on the moon. Unfortunately Brown’s office fobbed him off to the MoD which gave him the curt but sadly anticipated response: “We are not currently investigating Dr Mitchell’s claims” (Full letter here: . Richard’s real coup came when he got to attend one of David Cameron’s press conferences and ask a question about it. Here it is: . Just listen to the sniggering in the background even before Richard finishes speaking, and Princess Dave tries to be funny too! Cameron says that if… If!?… he becomes the Prime Minster (He will! See: .) he will not cooperate with UFO secrecy and promote disclosure. This, in my view, is just a typical appeasing and meaningless politicians’ response. Cameron is currently corresponding with Richard, but when he gets invested as Prime Minster next year I wonder if he will be so obliging.
I was very impressed by Richard and interested in his work; in fact he may be my favourite speaker of the conference. Although I differ from him in that I’m interested in all paranormal phenomena and that I see them as all connected, especially in terms of politics, but that’s a long story. Richard is probably the most convincing figure in the Disclosure Movement. Ustane brought his book and showed me a few important passages from it; I’m going to borrow it from her once she’s finished with it. Unlike many of the others I think Richard has realized the reality of the situation that I describe in the HPANWO TV film above: that Disclosure cannot just happen and then we can all go back to normal life, but with the knowledge of ET reality. It will mean a revolution like no other that human society has ever seen before, and it will make absolutely everything change forever! I think, despite some obstacles I foresee, for the better.

Mark Bennett
Prayer, Energy and Extraterrestrial Life
This was the second Aetherius Society speaker I’ve seen at Probe. The first was Richard Lawrence whose lecture I reviewed here: . Mark is a well-spoken and smartly-dressed young man who has been active in the Aetherius Society since he was a teenager. He has written several articles and co-authored books on spiritual matters. Last year he was interviewed on Kerrang Radio (which is fast becoming the British Coast-to-Coast!); unfortunately it has not been put online, but here is an interview with one of his colleagues: . The Aetherius Society was founded in 1955 by Dr George King, a practitioner of Yoga who was sitting in his London flat one day when he heard a booming voice saying: “You are to become a voice of Interplanetary Parliament!” and he went on to set up this strange hybrid of UFO group and oriental spirituality mission. This contact with these divine ET’s are “the Solution of Solutions” says Mark. The foundation of all the world’s physical problems is spiritual; solve the spiritual problem and the others will follow suit. And the way to address this spiritual problem is, in Mark’s view, to pray. What is prayer? Well it’s not kneeling and muttering in unknown languages; it is real energy invoked. It’s a force that is perceptible, tangible. To prove his point Mark engaged us in an audience participation prayer. We held our hands out by our hips with the palms down and Mark and some of his fellow Aetherians chanted in plain English, communing with the guardians out in space. I must admit that I did feel something in my body, similar to the meditation sessions I used to do when I was into that sort of thing a few years ago. It is Karmic, says Mark. Any energy you give out you will receive back. Karma is not about negative punishment; it’s about learning. The goal is to eventually ascend to reincarnated lives on other planets. Mark related a channelled message from an enlightened alien called Mars Sector 6: “Life that leaves Terra (Earth) will not return there but will ascend. The reason we don’t see life on Mars is because the living beings exist there in another matter frequency. The Masters are looking for a sign from us that we accept their existence. They can’t share their higher technology with us until we show the appropriate level of awareness, compassion and charity.” Mark then got us to join him again in a supplication of Global Healing, especially to the victims of the Indonesian earthquake. The Society operates what Mark calls a “Spiritual Energy Radiator” that sends out constant visualization healing to the world; and there’s a “Spiritual Energy Battery” too. This stores any surplus energy to be radiated in the event of a particular crisis or disaster. Mark thinks that the Battery might have reduced a recent hurricane from a category 4 to a 2 event. The Society is also carrying out a devotion called Project Sunbeam that sends a steady stream of energy to Mother Earth. Mars Sector 6 is currently orbiting the Earth as captain of a Martian spacecraft. And while he is, even non-Aetherius believers, like Catholic Priests etc, will send energy to him while they pray for peace. Mark continues: Occasionally these various masters have landed on Earth. Jesus was one of them, so were the Buddha and Lao Tzu. Dr George King used to channel all of them. Another Aetherian called Diane came onto the stage and together she and Mark recited one of these prayers from Jesus. This prayer is one that has a very different meaning to every individual who hears it. We have to learn how to apply it to our own lives.
Sorry, Mark, and anyone else who disagrees, but as I said in my review of Richard Lawrence’s speech last year, I find UFO religions extremely phoney. The superior technology or spiritual evolvement of ET’s are not a reason to elevate them to the level of deities (Or should I rephrase: reduce us humans to the level of non-deities while leaving aliens up there!?). To me this is a modern form of the cargo cults of the South Seas. Every so often somebody lands on a Pacific island with a human population that has been forever isolated and they sometimes turn our modern technology into a religion because it seems, to quote Arthur C Clarke, “indistinguishable from magic”. The same therefore goes for some modern Westerners when confronted with a similar, but stepped-up situation, encounters with advanced ET‘s. Then again I’m not being totally anti here. There is some truth in the Aetherians’ ideas of spiritual energy and invocation. The Society has its routes in very genuine ancient spiritual wisdom from India and the Far East. The Earth-healing project is something that resonates with me because I’ve done something very similar. I gave love and healing to the Earth by caressing a plastic globe. And Mark is correct when he says that the basis of our problems is spiritual, but for me this is not solved by ignoring grass-roots situations and avoiding practical action to help them in favour of prayer and energy healing. On the contrary, Gurdjieff’s “Fourth Way”: doing something positive and active in our everyday lives, is the ultimate in applied spirituality. The biggest problem in getting involved in the Aetherius Society is that it may leave a person ungrounded and passive, divorced from current affairs and day-to-day life.

Coffee Break
During the short coffee break that followed Mark’s lecture Jean and Sam played this remarkable film of a USO- Unidentified Submersible Object: . I don’t know if it’s real or not, but it had all of us on the edge of our seats. The problem is: with modern Photoshop technology it’s possible to make almost undetectable fakes. To verify this one could take months and cost thousands of pounds. I wish people would stop faking UFO videos! It muddies the waters and gives us all a bad name!

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Alex Robinson said...

Hi Ben
Interesting write up - I met a lady from that society here once & went to their little 'chapel' out of interest. It wasn't for me either, I got a sense of something past somehow, George King seemed to be the basis, but he died quite a long time ago now.

That's a great write up you've done as always - I did enjoy your straight talk - just not enough of that these days!

Best to you & Louisa :)

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