Tuesday 27 November 2007

BNP and David Irving at the Oxford Union 2

Here's a film of David Irving's address at the Oxford Union. Sorry it's poor quality, but as you can hear, the protesters I mentioned below are trying to shout him down:


Here are some of the news TV broadcasts:



BNP and David Irving at the Oxford Union

Last night, the British National Party leader, Nick Griffin and the Holocaust revisionist David Irving spoke at the Oxford Union. I was in Oxford city centre anyway, having an evening out with my friend and brother porter Kevin. We’d just been to the cinema to watch Sleuth (an awful remake; pathetic and boring for me, a big fan of the original film).We were walking up towards Carfax to get some food and as we walked up Cornmarket Street we saw a huge gang of a thousand or more protesters outside the Union in neighbouring St Michael’s Street. They were packed tightly in the narrow street and waving banners and placards in the air shouting slogans. Kevin wanted to go to KFC so I said I’d join him in a few minutes; I felt a deep curiosity over what was going on; I wanted to investigate the debate. There were a lot of police around, including horses and a riot van and the scene looked angry. I pretended to push through the throng to get to the other side. As I was doing so I noticed a man behind me who looked familiar. I turned around and saw that it was George Galloway MP: http://www.georgegalloway.com/. I said “Hello, George”. He replied “Hi there” and shook my hand like a true politician. I feigned ignorance and asked him what was going on and he told me that Griffin and Irving were there and said “It’s a good turn-out of protesters tonight”. I went back to eat with Kevin, and afterwards I suggested we go back to the Union, but Kevin felt nervous and went home. I returned to the Union and got to a position where I could peep through the railings by the gate.

The crowd were getting more and more vocal. They chanted, among other things: “OXFORD UNION- SHAME ON YOU!” and “THIS IS NOT FREE SPEECH DEBATE- THIS IS UGLY FASCIST HATE!” Eventually a few people jumped over the railings by the main gate and the security guards tried in vain to arrest and eject them. There were several newspaper and TV news crews around doing interviews. The area was brightly floodlit to help the cameramen. Here are the news stories relating to the event: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/oxfordshire/7113984.stm http://www.thisisoxfordshire.co.uk/display.var.1861263.0.protests_boil_over_at_union.php I was curious to see Irving and Griffin, along with other reasons, in case they might shape-shift! I didn’t see them except from a great distance across the courtyard. In the end the police escorted them out of the Union and the protest broke up.

This event disturbed me. I’m not a BNP supporter, nor do I agree with Irving and the last thing we need is a new Nazi regime in Britain, but seeing and listening to the protesters I began to wonder whether such a tragic turn of events may be preferable to a country ruled by the far left. What if these people ever got into government? In their vision of Britain, anyone who differed too far from their views would be silenced by law or even by violent action.. There would be no trial or hearing, because these things would be banned under their regime, the leaders of the government, i.e.: the people protesting last night, would decide on their own who was or was not a fascist. I recalled the story of the protests in Vancouver, Canada, when David Icke went to speak there in 2000. He was harassed by a rent-a-mob of students trying to stop him speaking, determined that local people would not hear his views. Of course anyone who’s studied David’s work in depth will know that he is the least fascist person who ever lived!

This is the issue: Can’t we make our own minds up? If we’re not allowed to just hear for ourselves what all people have to say then how will we ever be free? We can’t be free when some bureaucratic elite is making these decisions for us. It’s patronizing and insulting that these people think they know best what we should and should not hear. For all we know Irving and Griffin might not be fascists! The protestors say they are, but we have to take their word for it because we don’t get to hear their message for ourselves! I agree with Evan Harris. Let's not turn Griffin and Irving into martyrs. If their beliefs really are all nonsense then let that nonsense be blown apart in the marketplace of ideas. Locking it away from sight will not make it go away. On the contrary, it will just fester in the underbelly of society, preying on the disillusioned and desperate, people fed up of being told what to think! I’m disappointed in George Galloway for putting his flag next to this protest; I thought better of him. I’ve always admired his stance against the War on Terror and the New Labour regime and it’s a shame he’s done this back-flip now.

Some friends of mine in Birmingham who attended Probe with me, are BNP supporters. I’ve had long debates with them on the BNP and immigration, but they’ve always been good-natured wrangles. If I was one of these protesters I guess I’d just hurl abuse at them and walk out of their house! The BNP are not evil; in my view they are simply misguided. My friends gave me a copy of a BNP newspaper and I read their manifesto. http://www.bnp.org.uk/pdf_files/minimanifesto2007.pdf I have to admit that if you take away their immigration policy and the bulk of their criminal justice reforms, the BNP sound very progressive to me. They oppose the EU, like me; they favour local government and democracy, like me. I would never vote for them if they were the last party on Earth, but I can understand why many decent people are attracted to them.

Immigration is a hot potato in the UK at the moment. We have several million foreign nationals living and working here. There have been calls from many people and several tabloid newspapers to end it. Personally I wonder why these people and newspapers never ask what I think is an obvious question: Why do so many people want to come and live here? What's the attraction of Britain? What is it about the immigrants' own countries that makes them want to leave them behind and travel to this cold, wet, hostile little island? Could it be that life in their own countries is so hard because of war, poverty and disease etc? My shift partner at work is one of several dozen Polish immigrants working there, and he told me that he can earn more money in a week in England than he can in a month in Poland. Another man at work is Rwandan and he says that before he came to live and work in Britain his whole family were living in a shanty. Thanks to his wages from this country they can now afford a proper house with running water and mains electricity (A luxury!) Nearly all the immigrants I know come from Eastern Europe, the Middle East or Africa, places where the people have suffered these terrible problems. When too many people want to go and live in a small part of the world then it can result in problems, but I'm opposed to border controls and regulations; I believe every citizen of this planet has the right to visit or live on any part of it he or she chooses. The solution is to improve life in all parts of the world. If the countries the immigrants come from were free from poverty, war and disease then I'm sure few of them would want to leave! What’s more enforcing a ban on immigration would require things like restrictions on travel, ID cards, biometric databases and surveillance… maybe this is why the media is stirring us up about the issue!;-)

I only know a little bit about David Irving and his views, but I don’t automatically shut my ears, and then get out the wooden stake and Holy Water, every time I see the label “Holocaust denier”. Now I’ve done that I’ve been amazed to find out that many Holocaust revisionists are Jewish! People like Norman Finkelstein and David Cole. Also many “Holocaust deniers” don’t deny the Holocaust! Many say that it did happen, that millions of Jews were murdered by the Nazis, but that certain aspects of the crime were fabricated or covered up to serve a political agenda. The group most commonly accused of being the perpetrators of this hoax is the Zionist movement, the people behind formation the state of Israel. Israel has nothing to do with Jews at all; it is in fact an outpost for the Illuminati to control the flow of oil and impose their will generally across the oil-producing region, like the Falkland Islands; see my post on this: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2007/10/belgrano-last-shot-of-war.html . The Jews have been hoodwinked into being harnessed to the Zionist stagecoach and the trauma of the Holocaust, however much of it is real or unreal, has been a big part in their conditioning. So some Holocaust revisionists are actually sticking up for Jews! Far from being anti-Semitic, you could say they are “pro-Semitic”. Many countries have laws against questioning the official history of the Holocaust and Irving himself has done time for it in Austria. Another is the Canadian Ernst Zundel.

What I said above about the Oxford Union applies here: No censorship! Let them have their platform and see if they can sink or swim in the marketplace of ideas. From what Evan Harris said, Irving and Griffin were pretty much demolished in the debate last night. That is the way to deal with those you disagree with, the adult, wise, logical way. As Voltaire said: “We will never be truly free until we are willing to passionately campaign for the rights to free speech of those we oppose.”

Monday 26 November 2007

The Legacy of Wilhelm Reich 3


We're still waiting for the report from the archive, but while we do there are some amazing people who are putting Reich's discoveries into practice, despite the disapproval of the authorities that no doubt will be sent their way. This programe in drought-striken Africa could save literally millions of lives.

I'm glad Credo Mutwa is involved. Credo is a fascinating individual. He's the offical historian and storyteller of the Zulu people. Very famous in South Africa, but virtually unknown elsewhere in the world. Every time I meet a South African, or someone from near South Africa, I ask them if they've heard of Credo. Nearly all of them have, including people from Zimbabwe, Zambia and other southern African countries. Credo has some incredible tales to tell about his experiences. A few years ago he did a long interview with David Icke; here it is and it's well worth getting: http://www.davidickebooks.co.uk/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=19 His alien abduction experience is one that matches others' like Jason and Ann Andrews, almost perfectly. The creature who sexually assaulted him is exactly the same as one encountered in Brazil two years earlier. I'll have to write a bit more about that on another post.

Saturday 24 November 2007

School Fingerprinting Agenda Update 1

This is a drawing done by my 12-year-old daughter of the fingerprint machine they've just introduced into her school library. (Background: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2007/08/biometrics-in-schools.html

http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2007/08/biometrics-in-schools-in-media.html )

I've done everything I can to inform the other parents; it's in their hands now. I pray to God enough of them refuse to cooperate with this scam to screw up the system.

Thursday 22 November 2007

Was The Titanic Scuttled?

(NB: This article has been rewritten in a greatly extended and improved new edition: http://hpanwo.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/was-titanic-scuttled.html)

The sinking of the Titanic was one of the most fateful and poignant events of the 20th Century. Titanic was an enormous state-of-the-art superliner; its manufacturers were so proud of their creation they dubbed her “unsinkable” and said “God Himself could not sink this ship”. Then in one of the most ironic events in all of History, she struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic and sunk on her maiden voyage on the 15th of April 1912. Because the ship was supposed to be “unsinkable” her owners and crew broke every maritime health-and-safety law in the book. They sailed at top speed at night in the North Atlantic in spring when the sea is infested with icebergs (not a problem for modern radar-equipped ships, but the Titanic just had human lookouts) and put to sea without a full fleet of lifeboats. The ship was struck a glancing blow and took nearly an hour to sink, plenty of time to get everyone aboard to safety if there had been room enough in the lifeboats. The sea was calm and a rescue ship was heading for them and it arrived a couple of hours later. This was a disaster of human stupidity, not nature. Worst things certainly do happen at sea.

But there are other sides to the story. Many have remarked how the disaster matches fictional stories about disasters at sea that were written before April 1912, like in the 1888 novel Futility by Morgan Robertson. This story is about a ship called Titan with a captain named Smith which struck an iceberg and sunk in April and it didn’t have enough lifeboats. Coincidence? Seems unlikely (even if there such a thing!). Some people have wondered if the horror and sadness of the disaster sent ripples backwards through time causing subconscious premonitions in artists’ collective unconscious.

Some people have put forward another more down-to-Earth theory: That the Titanic disaster was the product of a huge insurance fraud. This is a theory proposed by the Oxford researcher Robin Gardiner and many others. The supposed plot comes in several different variations, but this is a summary of them: The ship’s owner JP Morgan was part of one of the big banking dynasties and an Illuminati bloodline. He switched the ship’s identity with Titanic’s identical sister-ship Olympic, and then scuttled the ship at sea, making it look like an accident. This seems unlikely to me as it would mean that most of the navigation crew on board would have to be in on it, making a very top-heavy conspiracy. It would also effectively be a suicide mission. Indeed, the captain and most of the crew did die on the ship in their effort to get as many passengers off as possible. They would all have known that there weren’t enough lifeboats. Also ships don’t always sink as conveniently slowly as Titanic did. If the ship had collided with the iceberg at a different angle then the hole could have been bigger and the ship sunk quicker, maybe too fast to deploy the lifeboats.

What’s more JP Morgan had an opportunity to stage the ship’s destruction a few days before the voyage when she was in drydock at Belfast. It would be a simple matter to start an “accidental fire”. Wouldn’t that be an easier way to do it?

Interestingly the wreck of the ship was discovered in 1985 by the famous marine archaeologist Robert Ballard. Since then many people have gone down to visit it in deep-diving research submarines, including one or two of the survivors. There’s a plan to hold a ceremony on the sea bed on April the 15th 2012, the centenary of the disaster. Well anyone into “weird stuff” will tell you what a busy and anticipated year 2012 is going to be!

Saturday 17 November 2007

Reality TV

The Truman Show is a most remarkable film. It stars Jim Carrey as a man who believes he lives in a small, isolated town on an island; he believes he’s married and has family and friends. In fact he is not; he is the lone subject of “The Truman Show”, a 24-hour-a-day live Reality TV show. His hometown and island is really inside a massive studio and his wife, family, friends and strangers are all actors. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120382/ The Truman Show is by Peter Weir, the director who brought us Dead Poets Society, a film about the brainwashing of the youth. The Truman Show is a blatant satire on Reality TV (It has many other intertesting themes too, but that's a story for another time). After my article on Peter and Jordan I think I should return to this subject in a little more depth.

Reality TV programmes rank as some of the most watched of all time; millions tune in to witness evictions, bush tucker challenges and walks-of-shame. But the genre is quite new. It began in Japan in the 80’s with a show called Endurance in which ordinary people would compete against each other in games that involved genuinely painful and embarrassing situations and see how long they could endure them, hence the title. Some of the situations were truly sadistic: in one episode the contestants were sent to the Sahara Desert and placed in small greenhouses to see how long they could stand it until the heat and thirst became too much for them. The next task had them standing on their heads half-naked in the blazing sun while somebody burned their nipples with a magnifying glass! The audience found this enormously entertaining and it topped the viewing figure charts in Japan for years. Modern Reality TV is far more widespread and equally sadistic, only it is far more subtle today. Appropriately titled after the leader of Oceania in George Orwell’s 1984, Big Brother places people in an enclosed house where they are constantly watched by the audience through closed-circuit TV, even in the bathrooms and toilets. The appeal is when arguments break out, rivalries, power-struggles and courtship battles. There is a ghoulish part of everyone who finds such things very interesting. Who can admit to not stopping and looking when we see these incidents occur on the street?

In my article on Peter and Jordan ( http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2007/10/ive-recently-written-here-about-fake.html ) I said that Reality TV was Conformist propaganda and many people agree with me, but unlike most, I believe the principle level of the indoctrination is deeper than we realize. Firstly, as I pointed out in "Peter and Jordon", not everything on Reality TV is real. Stagecraft and scripting are employed regularly and perfectly legally, to an unknown extent. Secondly, the contestants are not chosen at random. You can bet that each one has been given a thorough psychological examination, as much as any member of a long-duration space mission. The difference between space missions and Reality TV is that the members of a space mission will be favoured if they are likely to get along well with their fellow crew-members; with the contestants on Reality TV it’s the exact opposite: They are deliberately selected in combinations that will generate friction and conflict. It’s no accident that Shilpa Shetty and Jade Goody were put in the Big Brother house together. The cultured, sophisticated Bollywood actress and the simple, working-class Jade were always destined to come to blows. Shilpa’s superior and snooty attitude was always bound to irritate Jade’s rough-and-ready mind and Jade’s own common manner was sure to offend Shilpa’s delicate sensibilities. As it happened the conflict got out of hand and resulted in the bullying scandal that supposedly threatened the show’s future. I have to confess I got some satisfaction from that. The show’s producers were getting their comeuppance, but unfortunately BB’s future was never under threat. There’s no way such a sleazepot like BB will be allowed to be brought down in that way. I suspect that the BB contestants, as in all Reality TV shows were given a Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. This is where you get given a list of about a hundred multiple-choice questions and by the answers you give a shrink will claim to know everything there is to know about you. (I was given an MMPI as a ten-year-old at school when I was enrolled in a class euphemistically called “Education for Living”. The shrink running it had the unlikely name of Miss Blow and she used to give us all sorts of mind games to play. I was “diagnosed” with a whole array of personality disorders: depression, low self-esteem, neuroses of various kinds; I was even declared mildly autistic! All based on my MMPI!) There is an agenda in politics all over the world towards greater authoritarianism and intrusion. In the UK hardly a paving stone in any city is not constantly viewed by CCTV cameras, run by not only the police and government, but private organizations too. The contestants in BB and most other Reality TV series are established in the media as figures of admiration and glitz, so the message coming from the programme is that living under the gaze of CCTV is glamourous and prestigious.

However, as I said above, there’s a deeper and more sinister agenda at play. It’s all to do with changing human relationships and social ethics. Reality TV is brainwashing us to be ruthless and selfish; it’s teaching us to see other people as rivals and enemies. Life, according to this new ethic, is a constant competition and the way to play it is to be hypercompetitive. In such an ethic a gentle, compassionate and caring attitude is a fatal weakness. The worst example of all is The Weakest Link. In this game, the objective is to gang up on the “weakling” (although in fact ganging up itself is the ultimate in weakness and cowardice!). The contestants are humiliated by Anne Robinson and each other. Any “buddy group” that is formed is a false alliance, only existing for as long as it is useful, rather than through genuine affection or honour and loyalty. The person voted off then has to do the “walk of shame” where they are pilloried as “losers” in front of the viewer. It’s utterly sick in my view and I’d bet my last penny that it’s been designed with the help of the Tavistock Institute or similar psy-op organization. It’s an agenda that is in line with current political theories like Game Theory (whose inventor, John Nash, suffered from paranoid delusions). Here is an outstanding three-part film by Adam Curtis all about it:

Part 1: http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=8372545413887273321&q=the+trap&total=9824&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=2

Part 2: http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=-7849982478877371384&q=the+trap&total=9824&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=1

Part 3: http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=2308982976092763099&q=the+trap+episode+3&total=207&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=4

For the Illuminati, a population in this state of mass psychosis is easy to control. There are signs that Reality TV is having an effect, especially in Britain. Despite claims about falling crime rates for serious offences, petty street crime has increased enormously: incidents like people hurling abuse at you from passing cars or from big gangs of youths walking past you, pushing shoving and being knocked off your feet. A recent article I read in a newspaper lamented that rudeness and aggression are the normal way to do business in Britain today. It is; and we’ve learned to do it that way from experts in mass social manipulation!

Recent developments in the Reality TV genre are a number of programmes starring the businessman Sir Alan Sugar. The Apprentice is similar to The Weakest Link, including staged arguments and romances. The contestants are young business students who want to join Sugar’s empire. The appeal for the audience is the obvious humiliation the contestants suffer as the prostrate themselves in front of Sugar with their caps in hand, begging for the prize. The Dragon’s Den is a series in the “Pop Idol” format where the contestants are people with inventions and entrepreneurial ideas; the purpose of the game is for them to be degraded by Sugar and his vicious cohorts for technicalities like making a minor mistake in the sums on their business plan. The Dragon’s Den gives out a frightful message: That creativity, vision and the spirit of enterprise are a folly. We are being told that daring to imagine that we are more than the robots the Illuminati want us to be is a crime that deserves to be punished with being brutalized by people like Sugar.

Reality TV has even infected programmes that were created before the genre emerged. Have you noticed how the contestants on the long-running series Blind Date don’t get on as well as they used to? The object of this programme was originally about how well a dating couple got on, but now the viewer is encouraged to enjoy hearing about their arguments and disputes. I’ve no doubt that the couples are being tested with the MMPI and other methods to make sure they are incompatible.

However I feel optimistic. This kind of mind-control is merely a last, desperate effort by the Illuminati to keep control of the people. As I said in my interview with Darren Pollard, the fact that propaganda today is so sophisticated indicates that it’s getting more and more difficult to fool people. The mind-controllers are running out of ideas; and it’s only a matter of time before their supply is totally exhausted.

Friday 16 November 2007

Chocolate Euroes

Britain has already joined the single European currency! Well it has in the world of Christmas confectionary. All my life I've loved the little chocolate coins, the ones you get in silver or gold foil covering that come in a little string bag. They're a Christmas tradition, for me, every bit as much as Santa, mince pies and carols. Up till now these coins were always pounds and pence, but I was shocked today to see that they are now Euroes! My kid brought some home from school with her. I tried one and you know what... they don't taste half as good any more!

Maybe this is being done to indoctrinate children, the main consumer group for this product. As Lenin said "He who has the youth has the future." Or in other words, if the powers-that-be can market the single European currency to the children of today as fun and sweet then all they have to do is wait for the adults of today to die off! This is why they're also targeting children for indoctrination into fingerprinting and the identity check culture.

I was born in late 1971 and so never lived with the old pounds, shillings and pence, but a friend of mine who is older told me that these same chocolate coins were brought out the Christmas before decimalization in the new decimal currency! "He who has the youth has the future indeed!" At that time all future counties... sorry nations of the EU... sorry European Common Market, used a decimal two-tier currency system: French francs and centimes, German Deutchmarks and pfennigs, Dutch guilders and cents etc. Britain was the odd one out, so it had to be brought into line.

I've often said that the EU was planned long before politicians openly admited that they want it. The introduction of the common market and decimalization was the beginning of an aclimatization process. This is what the Illuminati do; if they know a policy is going to be unpopular they introduce it slowly and stealthily in little stages that are portrayed as unconnected, so that people don't notice it happening and therefore don't rebel. As James Madison, one of the early US presidents, said: "I believe there are more abridgements of human freedom by slow and silent encroachments than by sudden and violent usurpations by those in power."

We're looking back now at how the EU came into being and scratching our heads saying: "How the hell did we end up here?"

Monday 12 November 2007

My Trip to a Haunted House

Perhaps “haunted house” is the wrong term. In paranormal research “haunted” refers to a phenomenon associated with a particular place; in the case of this house, the phenomenon is related to the people living there. If they’d gone to live somewhere else then the phenomenon would have followed them there.

My hosts, Ann and Paul Andrews, are well-known within the paranormal research community. Their family has been the focus of almost every kind of paranormal manifestation you can think of: ghosts, weird sounds, poltergeist activity, men-in-black and especially UFO’s and aliens. Ann and all her children have been abducted, one of the boys repeatedly so. Despite all this they come across as a very down-to-earth and easy-going couple. They run a motoring business and breed dogs and cats. They eat pizza, listen to Radio 1 and complain when a bill arrives in the post. Their son Jason is an eccentric, but otherwise unremarkable young man with a fertile sense of humour and a passion for fast cars. There’s nothing obvious about him that would make you think that he’s spent his whole life being visited by beings from another world.

The Andrews’ live in a farmhouse on the flat expanse the Lincolnshire fens where tabletop farmland meets the sea of the Wash. They are very blasé about the continuous appearance of things that contradict known science. Ellis and I make more of a note of such things. Ellis has stayed with the Andrews’ before and when he did he had some almost unbelievable experiences. He’s written about them here: http://www.ellisctaylor.com/doggeddays.html I read this article in the days before we left so I’m sure you’ll forgive me if I was a bit apprehensive as we drove up the lane towards the house. Almost immediately we were unequivocally reminded that that this was no ordinary house. As we stepped out of Ellis’ car we looked over at a beautiful twilight sky speckled with stars. Straight away we realized that two of the stars were no stars. Nor were they aircraft, satellites or birds! Two of them were flying in little circles. Then one of them shot away to the east at very high speed and vanished. The other one vanished at the same time.

Ann and Paul treated us in a very friendly and caring way and made us very comfortable, but the strange events continued. I saw a fuzzy ball of light in my bedroom. It only lasted about a second, but it was definitely there. I’ve been seeing little flashes of light for the last two weeks, but this one was different. When we went downstairs we were sitting in the lounge when an odd noise broke out from the hallway next door. It sounded like someone rhythmically snapping their fingers very loudly. We rushed out into the hallway and the noise stopped. I at first suspected that it was Billy the parrot in the kitchen next door, but Ann told us that he never makes that noise. On Sunday morning I became even surer it was not Billy, because I was in the lounge when the kitchen door was shut and heard that noise. Ellis also heard a voice say “Very good”. I heard it too and thought it was the parrot again, but Ellis denies this. It was not the parrot’s voice and besides all I heard Billy say the whole weekend was “hello”.

We went out to a pub for a meal with Jason and his wife Jacqui and on the way back we had a strange escort. Some kind of misty shape was on the road ahead of us, dancing in the beams of Ellis’ headlights, keeping up with the car. It was as if sand or dust was being kicked up into the air from the white lines in the road.

The following morning I walked into the kitchen and felt heat on my face. As first I thought it was a light, but I also felt it when my back was turned to the light. It was as if there was a “hotspot” in the area of the kitchen door. Both Ellis and Ann felt it too and Ellis told me that a ley line runs through the house. Ellis can easily sense them because they make his feet warm. There were other incidents such as a light being left on at night in the conservatory. I came down early on Sunday and saw it. I tried to get in and switch it off, but couldn’t get the door open, not through some paranormal force, but because I didn’t know how it worked! Later on Paul came down and did it for me and he took the incident very much in his stride. “That kind of thing happens all the time round here” he said with a shrug. He took the same attitude when my camera broke down and wouldn’t work again even when I changed the batteries. The family has leaned to live with unreliable electrical equipment. Their internet connection is almost continuously out of order. So much so that Ann uses dial-up! This is another common feature of abductee households. (Strangely enough it can work the other way round. They have an old clock that never worked and the kids used to break it open and mess around with the innards, but one day it was magically repaired).

Ann gave me a signed copy of her book and refused to take any payment for it. I read half of it while I was there and it’s an amazing story. Ellis describes it as “a kind of supernatural Darling Buds of May” and that’s a fair description. Here it is: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Abducted-Story-Alien-Abduction-England/dp/0747221219/ref=sr_1_4/203-2367739-7216750?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1194897113&sr=1-4 She’s written an new book too which was originally published as Jason- My Indigo Child, but now has a new title and more up-to-date material: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Walking-Between-Worlds-Belonging-None/dp/0979175038/ref=sr_1_1/203-2367739-7216750?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1194897225&sr=1-1

Unlike Ellis’ visit last year, I was not disturbed by any wayward spirits at night. In fact, after the brief encounter with the orb, I never once saw anything unusual in the upstairs of the house, much to my relief and the relief of another mate, Ben Fairhall (author of the Battling the Behemoth site) who spent the Saturday night in the same bedroom as me.

I’ve had a great weekend and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. I was curious and interested more than scared and we certainly had some experiences to satisfy that! The Andrews family are lovely people and I hope I meet them again soon.

Wednesday 7 November 2007

Chief Seattle's Letter

Chief Seattle was a famous 19th Century Red Indian chief in Washington State, USA. The state’s biggest cityport is named after him. In 1855 the President of the United States, Franklin Pierce, wrote to Seattle with an offer from the government to buy his people’s land… How did he reply? How would you reply? Well, according to the Conformist Regime, the sensible thing to do would be to sell and be grateful for the opportunity to make some dosh. The US government was offering Seattle a considerable sum. As a “winner” and “success story" in the Conformist world, he would be able to buy his own mansion with servants, a swimming pool, luxury stagecoach and Jacuzzi. He’d be the envy of the town, hosting cocktail parties and polo matches. This is everything we’re supposed to want… isn’t it? Achieving money, property, power and status is The One Goal of life… isn’t it? If Seattle was really wily he could have feigned hesitation to the offer, forcing up the price, waiting for the moment when the government was about to withdraw, then pretending to change his mind. It would have made Seattle hot property on Wall Street!... But this is what Seattle wrote in reply:

The Great White Chief in Washington sends word that he wishes to buy our land. He also sends words of friendship and goodwill. This is kind of him since we know he has little need of our friendship in return. But we will consider your offer. What I say the Great White Chief can count on as truly as our white brothers can count on the turning of the seasons. My words are like stars: they do not set.

How can you buy or sell the sky; the warmth of the land? The idea is strange to us. We do not own the freshness of the air or the sparkle of the water, so how can you buy them from us? We will decide in our time, but every part of the Earth is sacred to my people. Every shining pine needle, every sandy shore, every mist in the dark woods, every glade and humming insect is holy in the memory and experience of my people.

We know that the white man doesn’t understand our ways. One portion of the land is the same to him as the next, for he is a stranger who comes in the night and takes from the Earth whatever he wants. The Earth is not his brother but his enemy; and when he conquers it he moves on. He leaves his fathers’ graves behind and doesn’t care. He kidnaps the Earth from his children. His father’s graves and children’s birthrights are forgotten. His appetite will devour the Earth and leave behind a wasteland. The sight of your cities pains the eye of the red man. But perhaps this is because the red man is a “savage” and doesn’t understand.

There is no quiet place in the white man’s cities. No place to hear the leaves of spring or the rustle of insects’ wings. The clatter insults the ears. But perhaps I am only a “savage” and don’t understand. And what is there to life if a man cannot hear the lovely cry of the whippoorwill or the argument of the frogs around a pond at night? The Indian prefers the soft sound of the wind darting over the face of the pond, and the wind itself cleansed by the midday rain or scented with pinion. The air is precious to the red man for all things share the same breath: the beasts, the trees, the man. The white man doesn’t seem to notice the air he breathes. Like a man dying for days, he is numb to his own stench.

If I accept, I will make one condition: the white man must treat the beasts of this land as his brothers. I am just a “savage” and don’t understand any other way. I have seen a thousand rotting buffaloes on the prairie, left by the white man who shot them from a passing train. I am a “savage” and do not understand how the smoking iron horse can be more important than the buffalo whom we kill only to live. What is man without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone then men would die from a terrible loneliness of the spirit. For whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of the Earth.

Our children have seen our fathers humbled in defeat. Our warriors have felt shame. After defeat they turn their days in idleness and contaminate their bodies with sweet food and strong drink. It matters little where we pass the rest of our days; they are not many. A few more hours, a few more winters, and none of the children of the great tribes that once lived on the Earth, or that roamed in small bands in the woods, will be left to mourn the graves of a people once as powerful and hopeful as yours. One thing we know that the white man may one day discover: our God and your God are the same. You may think now that you own Him as you wish to own our land, but you cannot. He is the God of man and his compassion is equal for the red man and the white. The Earth is precious to him, and to harm the Earth is to pour contempt on its creator. The whites too shall pass, perhaps sooner than other tribes. Continue to contaminate your own bed and you will one night suffocate in your own waste.

When the buffalo are all slaughtered, the wild horses all tamed. The secret corners of the forest heavy with the scent of many men, and the view of the ripe hills blotted by telegraph wires. Where is the thicket? Gone. Where is the eagle? Gone. And what is it to say goodbye to the swift and the hunt, the end of living and the beginning of survival.

We might understand if we knew what it was that the white man dreams, what hopes he describes to his children on long winter nights, what visions he burns into their minds so that they will wish for tomorrow. But we are “savages”. The white man’s dreams are hidden from us. And because they are hidden we will go our own way. If we agree, it will be to secure the reservation you’ve promised. There, perhaps we may live out our brief days as we wish. When the last red man has vanished from the Earth, and our memory is just the shadow of a cloud passing across the prairie, these shores and forests will still hold the spirits of my people, for they love the Earth the way a newborn loves its mother’s heartbeat.

If we sell you our land, love it as we’ve loved it. Care for it as we’ve cared for it. Hold in your mind the memory of the land, as it is when you take it. And with all your strength and all your might and with all your heart preserve it for your children, and love it as God loves us all. One thing we know: our God is the same as yours. The Earth is precious to him. Even the white man cannot be exempt from common destiny.

I find this letter incredibly moving. It's on display in a museum for everyone to see and so it should be!

In the Western world we’re all familiar with the concept of “civilizing the savage”. This was what motivated Trevor and the others on Rockall when they discovered the Erkdwala. But forcibly converting indigenous people to the Western lifestyle will deprive us of their wisdom. Chief Seattle’s letter was written over 160 years ago, but in it we can see that he was aware of the dangers of abusing the environment that we have only found our for ourselves much more recently. We will never progress as a civilization when we strut arrogantly over the world in the belief that our way is the only way. When we think like that, we will be able to justify any atrocity to achieve the end of forcing the rest of the world to conform. If we understand that our way is just one way of many, then we can learn from other ways, like Seattle’s, and absorb their wisdom. Then those indigenous cultures in turn can examine our own and take from Western culture only what they choose and leave the rest, without any pressure. Imagine how much better the world will be then! As I read Chief Seattle’s letter, and then look at the world around me, I think that his is an idea whose time is come!

HPANWO TV film on the subject: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.com/2009/02/chief-seatles-letter.html

Saturday 3 November 2007

The Legacy of Wilhelm Reich 2

Today's the big day! But we've got to wait till Monday:

As we celebrate the life and legacy of Wilhelm Reich M.D. on the 50th
anniversary of his death… And as we look ahead to the opening of the Archives of
the Orgone Institute to researchers and scholars on Monday, November 5, 2007…


Well solicitors don't open on a Saturday I suppose.