Thursday 27 May 2010

"Billions Will Die- We Will Win!"

This rather humorous documentary by Louis Theorux is a good introduction to the Survivalism phenomenon; as you’ll know by now if you’re a HPANWO regular, I share a lot of Bo Gritz’ and Steve Quayle’s views about the New World Order. However if you watch on you’ll see that these unusual people come in all shapes, sizes and shades: . The core of the Survivalist movement is the American conservative and patriot culture, but in the dark underbelly you’ll find right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis with whom I share no common ground. The title of this article is the catchphrase of Soren Renner, a strange blend of environmentalist, intellectual and white supremacist. Here he is delivering a lecture in front of a portrait of Adolf Hitler: . The symbol on his T-shirt is the flag of his proposed Aryan homeland of Europia, which includes all countries where white people live. At the end of the lecture you’ll hear him quote Pentti Linkola about whom I’ve written a HPANWO article: .

Survivalism began during the Cold War when global civilization was under constant threat of nuclear annihilation. I remember as a child that some of the people who lived in our hometown of Lampeter, a remote location in west Wales, used to tell us how they’d come from the big cities because they were major targets in the nuclear war that they were sure would one day break out. Since the end of the mass nuclear standoff of the Cold War Survivalism continued, but its participants’ fears changed. Today they are motivated by a dread of any number of nightmarish proposed scenarioes: a Biblical disaster, like in the Book of Revelations; the rise of a Jewish or Black Nationalist regime that intends to exterminate all white people; a pandemic of natural or terrorist-created disease; a massive natural disaster like a climate catastrophe, volcanic eruption, meteor impact or tsunami; financial meltdown, economic depression, the return to barbarism and cultural atrophy; the emergence of a political tyranny like a fascist or Communist revolution or the New World Order, a Peak Oil apocalypse and 2012-ish prophesies (see: Some Survivalists fear more than one or even all of the events on this list. The only one of the above that I think justifies any serious concern is the New World Order problem, but is Survivalism a good way to cope with it? I’ll address that question later.

The one thing all of these folk have in common is that they believe wholeheartedly that one or more of these developments is definitely going to take place and they want to survive and be safe until the crisis is over and then they can rebuild the world in happier times. Survivalists often come from established backgrounds of conventional lives until they “wake up”, like many of the people Louis meets in the film above. The usual method of becoming a survivalist is to separate oneself from the infrastructure of conventional society; EG: growing your own food instead of buying it, generating electricity at home instead of hooking up to the National Grid. Sometimes Survivalists remain in an existing human habitat, like the characters in the TV comedy show The Good Life, which I’ve written about before, see: . However most of them don’t consider this viable; firstly because large cities and towns might be destroyed by whatever threat they hope to survive, and secondly because of the danger posed by the other people in the community who, panicking, starving to death and free from the forces of Law and Order, may attack and rob the Survivalists of their cherished caches of supplies. So Survivalists tend to move to remote and inaccessible locations, small villages in rural areas etc; and they might even found their own communities, like “Almost Heaven” in the film. Most of them will arm themselves and take other precautions against violent attack, like keeping the locations of their supplies, shelters or underground bunkers a secret. This is not only to keep them safe from the government forces, but also from their fellow non-Survivalist citizens who will be desperate, frightened and starving. A Survivalist must be hard-hearted, and willing to follow Pentti Linkola’s advice and “hack at the hands on the gunwales of the lifeboat”.

Survivalist skills are very wide-ranging and cover several disciplines, and are the subject of much discussion, books, websites and conferences, see: . They include: combat, armed and unarmed, and paramilitary organizing; escape and evasion tactics and tracking; nuclear, biological and chemical warfare defence; organic smallholder farming; hunting and gathering, living off the land, shelter-building etc; home medicine and first aid, herbal pharmacology; water processing and waste disposal; long-distance communication, leaving coded messages to other Survivalists, short-wave radio etc; electricity generation and home mechanics. As Louis discovered, there are specialized shops that sell Survivalist equipment. One member of the David Icke Forum called “Tracker” is particularly keen on this subject and writes long articles and discussion threads about it, EG: . He or she is full of advice on what to do “WTSHTF” (When The Shit Hits The Fan).

I’m not a Survivalist. I don’t have so much as a tin of sardines or a birthday cake candle stored; I have no weapons, no hut in the forest, no bunker in the mountains. You see, I find the mentality of the Survivalist disturbing, even if they are proved right. Even if something does happen in the future that makes it prudent to become one of them, I still hate the thought of it. As I said, I don’t believe we need to fear any of the above scenarioes, or at least fear them any more now than at any other period in history. Sure meteors could impact the Earth, volcanoes could erupt, but the only real danger we face today is man-made (or Reptilian-made if you prefer). Pandemics, financial meltdown, Peak Oil, civil disorder etc are all engineered by the Illuminati. This means that they are preventable; we can do something to stop them. But we will do nothing to stop them if we just run away from them. So Survivalism is actually a form of surrender. It’s fatalistically admitting that the New World Order is coming and we’re helpless to stop it, so the only way we can save our own lives and those of our family is to dig in and guard the rear. No! It won’t work! The only hope the human race has for any kind of future is for us to turn around and take this conspiracy head on, now, right where we are at this moment. Expose it, fight it and put an end to it! The problem I perceive with Survivalism has been well-illustrated by the tragedy of Ruby Ridge. In 1992 a Survivalist called Randy Weaver and his family were confronted by a Federal hit-squad. Weaver had failed to appear in court on a firearms charge and so the forces of government attacked his hideout in the forests of Idaho. His son and wife were shot dead during the 12-day siege before he surrendered. Here’s a detailed 50-minute documentary of what took place: . I sometimes wonder how different things could have been for Randy Weaver and his family if they had stayed in the city they lived in and challenged the New World Order in their existing lives among their current friends, neighbours and colleagues.

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Sunday 16 May 2010

David Icke Live in Brixton 15/5/10

See here for my report on the previous live David Icke show in 2008: .
Here’s a HPANWO TV reportage of the event I made:

It was time once again for that highlight of my life: the live David Icke show. Or as Matthew Delooze would say: “Eyup, Ben’s off to worship his guru! Asking David to tell him what to think.” Anyway this time I was accompanied to the ashram... sorry, Brixton Academy... by Ustane. I showed Ustane the eye in the Brixton Pyramid, see: . At first she didn’t understand. This symbolism is only visible from the air, on Google Earth or a similar program. The “eye” is an elliptical island that makes up part of a junction in the road about 50 to 60 feet across. It is grass and encircled by a kerb about 3 feet wide. It’s hard to say how long it’s been there, but it doesn’t look brand new and recently laid. It could be anything from 20 to 80-or-so years old. As I explain here: , symbolism like this has been around for a long time and can be found in multiple phases of construction over hundreds of years. Streetplans tend to remain the same for centuries.

Ustane and I eagerly looked around for our friends from the Conferenceosphere and the David Icke Forum. There has been a lot of controversy and bad feeling on the Forum in recent months; some mysterious actions by the admin have remained unresolved and I’m concerned for some of the other members who’d been banned without apparent cause. However I was pleased to see that lot of my Forum-buddies turned up, in fact nearly all of them did. Not only that but lots of people I know from conferences were there, like Tabitha Goode, a UFOlogist whom I first met in Glastonbury; see: A huge contingent from “Hollie’s Army” set up a stall outside and there were people from TPUC too, see links column. One of them was a rather gruff gentleman who reminded me a bit of “Lenny”, see here: . TPUC unfortunately has its fair share of posers, but generally they’re good guys and their movement has inspired me a lot.

Then the moment came that we’d all been waiting for, the doors opened and we went in. This is the fourth time David has spoken at Brixton and the format of this address was different. It was in four parts instead of three and it was about an hour longer. I’ve often thought that David has looked tired and unwell before. He suffers from Arthritis and once collapsed on a plane. However today he virtually bounced onto the stage in a pale green shirt. I’ve never seen him so fired up and charged with stamina! He has changed a lot since his last live appearance. He now sounds more certain than ever that the New World Order is coming down and spoke of the “Old Epoch” and “New Epoch”. Also he said that he is still convinced that this great change the “healing of the schism” is going to take place in just a few years. He said: “I wish I was younger, about 28, so I could experience more of the New Epoch, but never mind, I’ll see some of it before I leave this life.” David used a lot of terminology that he’s never used before, sometimes to describe concepts he’s addressed before. The most controversial aspect of his lecture was his new idea of the “Moon Matrix”. He believes that the moon is not natural and that it’s an artificial object created by an extraterrestrial civilization in the distant past. This is not a new idea, in fact it was first suggested about a hundred years ago by a Russian scientist whose name escapes me, but David’s take on the matter is that the holographic Matrix of this fake reality is broadcast from the moon in the same way that it is from a TV station in the movie They Live, see: . At first hearing this sounds rather incredulous, but I won’t comment further until I’ve read David’s new book to get all the details. David also uses the symbol of the lion to represent this new emerging human spirit. I first came across this concept in one of Neil Hague’s art pamphlets and at first misunderstood it as some kind of childish “Coming-of-the Saviour” or “Messiah”. It is not at all. It reminds me a bit of CS Lewis’ Aslan the great lion who is a cipher for all the wonderful aspects of humanity that were lost in the past, but can be regained in the future. In the last section David came onto stage in a red shirt and really raised the roof! I’ve never seen him so angry, so passionate, yet so hopeful, so full of ideas. He was virtually tripping on hope and inspiration. As always I stumbled out of the Brixton Academy at the end slightly woozy with information and emotional overload. Ustane was smiling with delight. It was wonderful to be in that huge auditorium with 3000 other souls, sharing the experience with David, live and real, right in front of us. It was the kind of higher spiritual excitement that people sometimes describe at great sporting events. Sharing that experience, not just with my lovely Ustane, but with all those other people... there’s nothing else on Earth like it!

In fact I can only think of one criticism, David did not respond to my request... to tell me what to think! Hey, Matt; maybe you could!

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Tuesday 11 May 2010

Dr Brian Deer at Westminster Skeptics

“Ben! Answer the phone, will you!? I can’t find the place!”
I was busy talking to Jack of Kent, Mr Westy-Skeppers himself ( also see links column), when I got the message and had to break off to deal with it. It was my own fault really because I’d left my phone switched off. I wrongly assumed that I wouldn’t get signal in the rather Lovecraftian basement bar of The Old Monk in Westminster. (It was not dissimilar to The Skeptics Arms... sorry The Penderels Oak where I went before. Why do Skeppies love meeting in underground pubs?) My other miscalculation was a prejudice of mine for Londoners. I assumed Ms Marmitelover (see links column) would automatically be able to find the joint because I tend to think that Londoners are supposed to have GPS built into their brains at birth; they can find anywhere within their metropolis by instinct, can’t they? Of course that is not the case, just as we who live outside London are not the bestialitic, polydactylic farmers who marry our sisters, which is what most Londoners seem to think we are. I soon guided MsML to our destination. She looked tired, stressed and a little downhearted when I saw her. She’s writing a book, but she already has a publishing contract which means she’s inevitably working to a deadline. I’ve been reading Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, as I’ve said before, but I can’t meet Rand’s idea that art is just another logical and material action. ML is no Richard Halley and neither am I. Art is essentially intuitive and, like it or not, most humans are partly intuitive creatures. When I’m in the throes of creative obsession how can I break off to consider suitable launch dates and wholesalers’ budgets etc? The artist and the businessman are symbiotic partners, not an interchangeable double act! I’m a writer, but I’ve never had a publisher’s contract; most people might say therefore that I should envy ML, but maybe she should envy me. See how The Obscurati Chronicles is taking its merry time; I bet ML wishes her book could do the same! I'm quite relieved to have finished Atlas Shrugged actually and now I can read something different.

We managed to get a pair of seats near the front which was good because ML is not very tall and the place was packed out. The speaker was Dr Brian Deer ( The subject of his lecture was the recent disgrace of Dr Andrew Wakefield. Here’s a news story about it: ; and here’s a bit of background into the affair that you’re better off reading here than me just repeating: . I was a bit handicapped in this event because I’ve only studied the issue very briefly. According to Brian Deer, Andrew Wakefield was the man behind the extinction of the dinosaurs, the Fall of the Roman Empire, the Black Plague, the Irish Famine, the Cold War... and on top of all that he once faked a scientific study as well. I’m only just being sarcastic! Deer is a very different person to his fellow medical-Skeptic Ben Goldacre whose book I review here: . Deer came across as a very angry man, devoid of all the media-savvy of Goldy, and all tact and graces many others might have. “I’ve spent years working on this one case!” he proclaimed bitterly. Challenging Wakefield has clearly been a virtual full-time activity for him, and he looked weary and battleworn as a result. He presented documents that showed letters between Wakefield and various lawyers and major pharmaceutical companies to propose that Wakefield had a vested financial interest in his denunciation of the MMR vaccine. He was basically a greedy gambler who planned to introduce his own vaccine to replace MMR. He distorted the study’s data to suit his conclusion and misrepresented the families of the children involved... according to Deer. But as always there are two sides to the story. One of them comes from Wakefield himself. Here’s an interview with him: . Another side to the story came from ML and Twitter. I’m a member of Twitter but I hardly ever use it. ML however is a regular and she brought along her phone which allows her to access Twitter from it (It makes my own old Nokia 5300 look rather Stone Age!). In his lecture Deer referred to the families he knows of the children involved in Wakefield’s research, however he never counted on ML also being aquatinted with one of them too. ML actually managed to arrange a live ”Tweet” from one of them that called Deer’s assessment of Wakefield’s character into doubt. This mother of one of the autistic children in the study “Tweeted” into the lecture to state that Wakefield was “sincere... but a bit sloppy”. So he was still in error, but this was a far call from the money-hungry blackguard that Deer had been portraying him as before. There was a pause, Deer looked uneasy. Then he said: “So this woman thinks Wakefield was sincere? Does anyone here disagree with that?” There was silence, including silence from Deer himself. The whole room seemed to conveniently forget that a minute ago they’d been listening to Deer eagerly pronounce Wakefield as the Antichrist and cheering his every word. I heard echoes of Orwell: “Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. Eurasia is our ally”. The event continued, although Deer was clearly annoyed at being thrown off his groove and made a few passing references to “loonies” and “cranks” for the remainder of his address while looking in our direction. I’ve always kept my journalistic hat on during these SiTP’s, but I was very tempted to ask a question openly at one point. I had a copy of David Icke’s new book in my bag and was reading his take on the matter (See: He quotes Bertrand Russell in the book explaining, in the early 20th century, how vaccinations could be used by governments to mass-medicate populations without their knowledge or consent. (I’m not totally anti-Russell by the way; Bertrand Russell spoke many words of wisdom too). Other more recent authors like Zbigniew Brzezinski and even Bill Gates have said similar things. It’s amazing how candid about their opinions geopoliticans like Brzezinski become when they write books. Perhaps they assume that the masses are all glued to I’m a Celebrity- Get Me Out of Here! and so never read books; therefore the politicians can save their flannel for their televised speeches. They state openly about how vaccination programmes are useful for secretly introducing clinical agents into the human herd which alter our brain function, our stamina, our reproductivity, our lifespan and many other things. They think of us as just one more species of farm animal! Therefore I think Deer was unfair when he ridiculed Wakefield’s statements about being attacked by “dark forces”. Dark Forces exist, so if they’re behind this agenda then why wouldn’t they target Andrew Wakefield? They may or they may not be doing so; I don’t know, but I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility with a few “black helicopter” paranoia jokes like Deer did. This conflict Deer has with Wakefield has manifestly reached a personal level. He ended his speech with a statement about Wakefield being struck off by the General Medical Council. This means that Wakefield can no longer legally practice medicine, possibly for the rest of his life: “Wakefield has been erased!” Deer hissed. “’Struck off’ is too benign a term; I prefer ‘erased’!”

As I said above, I don’t know enough about this specific case to make a proper judgement, but I’m in no way willing to accept the opinion described by Deer at this juncture. I’m sure that there is another side to this issue. If Wakefield is a fraud then he must have known the consequences of his fraud. Would he really risk his entire medical career for that?