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Alternative View 4- Part 5

Open Mike Session
After John Harris didn’t turn up at AV3 in Bristol last year the staff improvised and organized an open mike session. I missed it because I attended a workshop instead, but the session must have gone down well because this time they actually incorporated it into AV4's official agenda. Four people took to the stage and the audience took it in turns to ask questions of them. Three of them were speakers: Peter Taylor, Deek Jackson (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) and Manjir Samanta-Laughton; the fourth was a man called Dave Derby who was a delegate at AV2 last year and was so inspired by what he saw that he went on to found the Sovereign Independent, an Ireland-based newspaper that covers much of the same issues that the UK Column does in Britain, see: . Apparently these days starting your own newspaper is not difficult and is a good way of organizing and disseminating information that is not reliant on the Net. The Elite are trying to get the genie of the Internet back into the bottle, what with censorship in China that is planned to be expanded to the rest of the world. If they were to succeed then websites like HPANWO would no longer function, but good old-fashioned paper and ink newspapers could continue. There is actually planned to be an AV Ireland Conference soon hopefully. Good for Dave for taking the bull by the horns; that kind of creativity and vision is what we need! The course of the discussion ran into some interesting and controversial areas. Firstly, the subject of evil was raised as a philosophical discussion because two of the speakers had very different views on the subject. Brian Gerrish's speech was all about the study of evil, "Ponerology", and he is convinced that it is a very real thing; it exists as a universal value and a spiritual sense. Deek Jackson (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) takes a typically Humanist line: evil is a purely subjective idea. There is no good or bad in the universe, only things we like and things we don't. Like Jean-Paul Sartre's tree, we can take any object and hang a label on it as "good" or "evil" as we choose, the object itself has no values of its own and remains unaltered regardless of ours. He says that Earth might be invaded one day by aliens that suck out the brains of everyone in the world, but those brain-sucking aliens are great as far as he's concerned. They're part of the universe and part of nature. The universe will continue oblivious to anything we like or dislike that happens to us on Earth. Like many Humanists, Deek (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) seems to take pride in having a highly-developed moral code that is not dependent on anything religious or spiritual. Although Deek (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) is correct that the universe, in all its enormity and complexity of billions of galaxies and other dimensions, will not be effected by what happens here on this little speck of a planet, I think that there is such thing as evil. Some researchers, like Amitakh Stanford, even claim that evil is part of the universe's hardwiring. I doubt that, but there is a deviant presence in our universe that does harm in a way that is unnatural. It's true that Deek's (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) brain-sucking aliens are not really "evil" as such, if they've evolved naturally to do what they do, but no human evolved to rape a child in the way a subsequent speaker would tell us about. No predatory creature would keep secret knowledge that could set the world free, save humanity from poverty and disease and heal the wounds of environmental degradation; for no other reason than... they can and they want to. At a higher level, our consciousnesses merge into the Jungian collective unconscious so any harm we do is done to ourselves as well as others. Acts of harm carried out for no evolutionary reason are a Karmic crime; that is the closest I can come at the moment to describing what I mean. I'm still thinking about it. After that we expanded on Peter Taylor’s recent ideas about the solar flares. Some of the panel and delegates had a rather pessimistic mien and there was a long discussion on Survivalism that I myself will be exploring in a future article on the subject. It was the prospect of economic collapse as well as natural disaster that could cause a situation that could make us need to “dig in and stock up”. There was an exchange about Survivalist methods like Mylar sacks for fresh food and ways to protect yourself from extreme weather. I must confess I have little interest in Survivalism; I haven’t a single can of tuna in my attic or so much as a birthday cake candle in the kitchen cupboard. As far as natural disasters go, I believe got we’ve got no more reason to prepare for a natural disaster now than at any other time, see: . As for economic collapse, this is a man-made (or Reptilian-made) disaster and is therefore avoidable if we expose the conspiracy to carry it out. I’d rather expend my energy on stopping the conspiracy than preparing for its outcome, and as a result seeing its outcome as inevitable. In a way, even if the Survivalists are right, preparing for a Survivalist situation too vigorously is a form of surrender; the disaster could then become a kind of self-fulfilling prophesy. Surviving is not as hard or complex as people might think. Civilization has been designed to make us dependent on the system, but in fact the essentials for human life are out there; food water and shelter can be obtained from nature and is not really difficult. There are books and magazines you can buy that tell you how to do it, how to hunt animals and which plants and fungus are edible etc. Such activities are even a kind of sport for some people, so get in touch with them; also anyone you know who has been in the Army or other forces will be trained in these skills. And remember that even if a solar flare does wipe out the electrical grid, it will not wipe out electricians. The knowledge of how to create modern civilized life will not vanish if the infrastructure does; and when things have settled down we can build it again; between us we have all the skills necessary. Another theme that emerged was the need for action as well as analysis, but it reached a level that I found a bit irksome. The phrase “Don’t just sit there and watch Alex Jones!” was repeated enough times to become a cliché. Again I was reminded of my own satire by Butt: . What’s wrong with watching Alex Jones? Would the panel prefer us to sit and watch TavistockEnders or X-factor instead? It’s not our place to judge other people, especially fellow members of the AV community. If we were only interested in sitting there and doing nothing about the Conspiracies then we wouldn’t even be at the conference. I detected a lot of very self-righteous egos in the hall during that session who, just like Butt, wanted to be the biggest kid in the playground by being “a better freedom-fighter that you!” But… that being said however, there are times when I do question somebody’s action though. When there was a mass Swine Flu vaccination campaign among “high-risk” groups the NHS frontline staff were targeted, see: . One of the people who had the H1N1 vaccination was a girl I’d spoken to before who is an Alex Jones fan; for this reason I couldn’t help feeling surprised and dismayed that someone who really should have known better had not refused to have it done. Why didn‘t she put the information Alex had given her into practical action for her own life and that of her colleagues? Another criticism raised is that the alternative community is not organized enough. The suggestion was that we need to form a more developed and structured community, an organization rather than just a tendency. This may be valid in some cases, but generally I think the alternative community is already organized fairly well. The structure of the organization is rather similar to that of the Hippy communities that I mentioned above. Hippy society before Bean Field was organized around a series of free music festivals that emerged in the 60’s. The equivalent for that today is the Conference Circuit: Probe, the Glastonbury Symposium, UFO Data, AV and others. We have become a real community in recent years and it’s quite a cohesive one. It might be a good idea to form some kind of Parliament or council to help organize us, but I wouldn’t go too far. The feeling among many of the delegates is that we need a far more rigid structure based on conventional political models. I’d be extremely wary of that. Political parties and movements are very vulnerable to corruption and infiltration; in fact few alternative movements have escaped it. I’d hate to see that happen to our own community. I actually wonder if conventional politics is purposefully designed by the Illuminati as a trap to lure in opponents of the system and destroy them. Despite the controversy, the open-mike session ended in good spirits and we headed off for dinner. After dinner, there was a bit of a surprise.

Robert Green
The Hollie Greig Affair
An extra speaker had been added to the agenda who wasn’t originally booked: Robert Green, a very welcome addition to the proceedings indeed I think. If you’ve been reading any Conspiracy websites recently then you’re bound to have come across this story and the people involved. Hollie Greig’s story is one of the most harrowing and revealing to emerge in recent years and if we can get the word out about it, it has the power to bring down the government; what’s more it could start a domino falling that could expose so, so much more. It’s sad to realize that Hollie’s case is probably just the tip of an obscene and shameful iceberg. Hollie is a young woman from Aberdeen, Scotland who suffers from Down’s Syndrome. She lived with her mother, Anne Greig and violent father, Dennis Charles Mackie, until 2000 when she and her mother escaped him. After they had achieved this Hollie told her mother that her father had been sexually abusing her and had been doing so for 14 years; Hollie was 20 at the time which means she had been just 6 when her ordeal began. As soon as Anne heard this she went to the police, shocked beyond belief. Unfortunately Mackie had done what all bullies do: fled from danger, to Portugal where he is resident today. The police were firstly sympathetic, but then Hollie related more details of her story. Her father was not the only person who abused her. Hollie started naming names: her social worker, two nurses who had been looking after her, a fire officer, several policemen; some of the perpetrators were powerful people: a Sherriff (a Scottish judge), lawyers, accountants, the headmaster of her school. Sometimes other children were involved, including her own brother Greg. Anne was struck dumb with horror by the extent of this secret life that Hollie had been leading and she went back to the police to press charges. A social worker interviewed Hollie alone and afterwards Hollie appeared disorientated and drugged. She has trouble speaking and articulating what she wants to say, but when they got home she told her mum that the social worker “stuck a needle in me”. Anne went back to the police station to complain wondering what the hell was going on in her life. A few days later she found out; there was a knock at the door and 10 people from the psychiatric flying squad burst in. They dragged Anne to the floor, ripped down her trousers and injected her in the bottom with a sedative. Hollie was bundled into a van screaming. Anne was admitted to the local psychiatric hospital, but kept her head and managed to get herself discharged. Robert Green was the solicitor who acted for her. He found that there were no orders written to get Anne committed to the hospital and that when he tried to investigate he was stalled at every angle. Elish Angiolini, the Lord Chief Advocate of Scotland, the equivalent of the English Attorney General, refuses to hear Hollie’s case and has forbidden any investigation into it. Even Alex Salmond, the First Minister of Scotland, has not responded on the issue. There can be no more blatant attempt at a cover up, and it all comes from the status of the people Hollie named. What we’re looking at is an organized paedophile ring involving some of the most powerful people in Scotland. Robert describes how even though Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom, Scottish law is very different to that of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The whole system is controlled by a cartel of private law firms and one in particular, Levy and McCrae, seems to be closely involved in the cover up. It was strange that Anne was offered a backhander of £13,000 to keep her quiet, even though the authorities refuse again and again to admit that any crime has taken place. Whoever decided to make that offer probably doesn’t have children! Anne and Hollie moved to a house in rural Shropshire, but the harassment continued, even up to the point that the house was shot at and the police acted strangely blasé about it, and only even called round when Robert threatened to sue them! Robert, Anne and Hollie refused to give up though. Robert approached the BBC and at first they were very keen to help; they started their own investigation and planned to produce a programme about Hollie that they intended to broadcast prime-time on both the radio and TV. Then the shows were pulled, just like that. The producers were threatened with the sack, even though one of them was a previously award-winning journalist; some people, it seems, value their jobs more than protection for abused children! More and more revelations emerged. Anne’s brother Roy had died in 1998; he had apparently committed suicide by climbing into a burning car. But Anne and Robert suspicions grew when Hollie told them that “Uncle Roy” had caught Hollie and her father together. Was he murdered to silence him and his body burned to cover up the evidence? Robert asked to see Roy’s path reports and was astonished to find that Roy had suffered multiple fractures, lacerations and bruising. Also whiskey had been poured down his throat despite the fact that Roy, unusually for a Scotsman, disliked whiskey. This shows that Roy had been badly beaten, and maybe even dropped from a high place like an upstairs window. His body was placed in the car after he was dead and the car set alight. Amazingly the coroner had still recorded a verdict of suicide and the cause of death was smoke-inhalation. Robert was at an impasse; what would he do next? He decided to run for Parliament as an independent MP, but he was once again targeted by the authorities instituting the cover-up. Remember how the police were strangely nonchalant about the Shropshire shooting? Well for some reason they snapped out of their lethargy when Robert was merely walking along the street in Aberdeen minding his own business. Robert was charged with a breach-of-the-peace! This is a far more serious offence in Scotland than in England and he was remanded in custody…coincidentally just long enough to scupper his election chances. However since then the story has exploded onto the web and has galvanized people up and down the country. It has been on the front pages of and there are people everywhere spreading the word. “Essy111” came to the conference with a whole bagful of flyers that she designed and has passed a lot of them on to me to distribute. I suspect that this appalling case is merely the tip of the iceberg. Hollie is one of the lucky ones, in that her plight has become known about. How many other children are there whose names are not known and their ordeal goes on unknown to anyone except the evil people who commit these crimes? I suspect that the real figure is far higher than we imagine. David Icke and other researchers come across these cases everywhere on a huge scale. David calls this “the cement” because wherever you get Illuminati-occupied governments and their conspiracies you’ll find organized paedophilia. As I said at the start of this report, it will all come out one day and when it does it will shake us to our core, as individuals, as a nation and as a world. Robert Green is a man with the bravery and sense of mission to fight against this monstrosity. I’ve seen many of his videos and listened to his radio interviews before and I get an overwhelming feeling from him of kindness and tenderness. He is clearly deeply moved by Hollie’s predicament, but he is moved in a very level-headed way. He’s a professional lawyer and expressing his compassion through his work. This is one of the most significant cases to emerge in recent years and it is vital that we all do everything we can to let people know about it.

Ian R Crane
History Cannot be Permanently Falsified (Or “’El Gordo’ Rides Again!”)
Also see the other AV reports and other reviews of Ian’s work linked above.
“El Gordo” apparently means “far bastard” in Spanish and it was a nickname Ian said was given to him by his Hispanic-Texan colleagues in the oil business many years ago. However Ian has lost a lot of weight and is looking very healthy; he doesn’t drink and eats organic food. The AV4 Conference was almost at an end and the only thing left was the traditional grand finale by IRC himself. We all wondered what new material he had in store for us this time. The quote that is the title of his talk comes from a man called Jacob Ruchti who was the first one to blow the myth that the cause of the Great War was the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand; although probably most people have already come to that conclusion eventually. As Robert Newman says: “I mean, nobody is that popular!” (See: Ian begins by referring to the book The Grand Chessboard by Zbigniew Brzezinski; it’s amazing how uninhibited about their opinions geopoliticans like Brzezinski become when they write books. Perhaps they assume that the masses are all glued to I’m a Celebrity- Get Me Out of Here! and so never read books; therefore the politicians can save the flannel for their televised speeches. Brzezinski says frankly that the challenge for the governments of the future is to keep their populations locked into consumerism and oblivious to anything serious going on around them. It is really denial to claim that this is not a real policy that is actually being instituted, but some people still do! Ian put up a series of visuals showing quotes from a document that he did not identify until the end that I thought was The Protocols of Zion, but is was in fact this one: . Is it real or a fake? If it is a fake then it’s a very good one, Ian said. In fact, as G Edward Griffin says about Report From Iron Mountain, if you put it next to today’s newspaper the latter follows on perfectly from the former. Either these documents are genuine or they must have been faked by clairvoyants! Brzezinski was lecturer at Columbia University and one of his star pupils was a young man named… Barrack Obama. So let’s have some change, shall we? Brzezinski is not a member of Project for the New American Century, but he might as well be. His words dovetail completely with PNAC’s agenda and I’m surprised they’ve not offered him membership. I’ve reviewed the infamous PNAC document Strategies Forces and Resources… here: . As I say in the review, the document is mostly a list of practical strategies for the reform of the US Armed Forces, interesting only to a military anorak; and the interesting phrase “New Pearl Harbour” is buried deep within it, very like the way Brzezinski’s books are buried deep within the nonsensical mainstream media. The fact is that the US government goaded Japan into attacking Pearl Harbour in 1941 to provide an excuse for America to enter World War II. Also the Japanese focused their attack on the big battleships like USS Arizona. These ships symbolized American sea power in the eyes of the public and therefore made for a perfect psycholgical shock-occurence, but military strategists knew that by the 1940’s battleships were an obsolete weapons platform and they were proved right because the decisive weapons systems in the Pacific War turned out to be the submarines and aircraft carriers. Oddly enough the Japs didn’t drop a single bomb on the submarine base and the aircraft carriers were conveniently out at sea on exercise, allowing America to retain the might for a protracted war in that theatre. In the 1990’s President Clinton was forced to apologize to Admiral Husband Kimmell who was the commandant of Pearl Harbour at the time and was responsible for defending the base from the attack. He had been slammed in the media as an incompetent; an alcoholic and regular orgy attendee. The truth is that Kimmell was the “patsy” that made the USA’s victimhood at Pearl Harbour more credible. The scam of Pearl Harbour was repeated on 9/11, but unlike Pearl Harbour 9/11 was not a “LIHOP” (Let It Happen On Purpose) but a “MIHOP” (Made It Happen On Purpose). According to Brzezinski, the United States, having won the cold war and beaten its only serious rival the Soviet Union, now has an opportunity to take control of the entire world. Seizing all the world’s oil is essential to that. Ian doesn’t believe in Peak Oil, but whether Peak Oil is real or not controlling it is vital, hence all the wars for oil in the Middle East, triggered by 9/11 in the same way America’s WWII involvement was triggered by Pearl Harbour. The instigators will keep on carrying out this scam in the future too, until the scam stops working. So it is understood by both ourselves and the elite that the onus is on us to react (excuse the Skepticliche!). If we fall for these ruses or fail to act if we can see through them then we give a mandate to the Powers-That-Be to go ahead. Anyone who looks properly at the evidence for the official story of 9/11 will see that it is a farce. The aircraft were only half full and the passenger lists are incomplete. The “phonecalls from the passengers”, seen as the strongest evidence that 9/11 was done by Bin Laden, are dubious too; there are background voices that congratulate one of the callers with the words: “You did good”. Despite this David Dimbleby used the phonecalls to discredit the 9/11 Truth campaigner David Boyle when he got onto Question Time, see: . The second explosion in the WTC South Tower looks as if it was done for the camera. Hence the first attack on the North Tower and then just enough time for the media cameras to be ready to capture the massive ball of fire from the second hit; very convenient! Also the evidence for Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon is getting thinner every day. The aircraft would have to have carried out some impossible manoeuvres to have carried out the attack that it did. I’ve tried to repeat the attack on Microsoft Flight Simulator and I can’t; I always either crash short of the target or break up the plane in flight from the G-forces. The airliner apparently throttled up to full speed, 525 mph, and sped along the ground at an altitude lower than the average airport bus: 4 ½ feet! This cannot be done because of the “ground effect”. This is the means that allows a hovercraft to work, but for a plane it would have driven the aircraft back up into the sky. There is almost no wreckage at all from the airliner at the Pentagon. An expert form Jane’s came on TV once to explain how the aircraft “folded in on itself” like a paper dart and was “sucked” into the ten-foot hole! That’s absurd! After the recent earthquake in Haiti survivors were still being pulled out of the rubble after being trapped for 3 weeks, but Rumsfeld ordered the demolition of the rest of the damaged section of the Pentagon at 4.30 in the afternoon of 9/11, just a few hours later. It seems that the Missile Theory makes more sense and the eyewitnesses who saw Flight 77 probably saw another ordinary plane that was passing at the time; in fact the attack might have been timed deliberately to create this illusion. As Deek Jackson (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) says in his satirical song about 9/11, the attack is no longer a current affair and is today just another part of history, see: . Today the post-9/11 world is the established and consolidated world of today. Few will now question the government if they suggest a war, military service is glorified in the media and is now a virtual religion; soldiers have been elevated to the status of Gods, see: . As Brian Gerrish also said, we have computer games that are training our young people to be killers and there’s little difference now between playing one of them and flying a Predator drone over Pakistan blowing the hell out of wedding receptions (Interestingly the widespread use of these aircraft was promoted in the PNAC document). There’s the economic crash that is still going on despite the claims of a “recovery”, in fact it will probably get much worse before long; Ian predicts by the end of the summer at the latest. As always Ian is aware of the spiritual aspect to all these events and has studied spiritual researchers from the last couple of centuries who have some very insightful things to say, like Gurdjieff, Ouspensky and Steiner. Steiner, whom Terry Boardman has spoken of at the conference too, said that we must not grieve the passing of the old for the new. We must not get emotionally attached to either what has passed or what we aspire to in the future. We must not be provoked into anger; the Elite want us to riot and in fact are right now trying to foment a civil war in Britain, see: . We must not become afraid for our safety. In fact the more you speak out and refuse to bow to fear the safer you will be. Ian is safe after all, and he does a lot of speaking out. He knows, and our enemies know, that if he ever met with an “accident” then his DVD’s would sell like Elvis records. The universe is speaking to us all the time if we only learn how to listen. The 11.11 phenomenon is just aspect of this. It’s saying, among other things, that it’s time to wake up and dream of the future!

Sunday Night-Monday Morning
Ustane and I left the conference to go back into the world and see how the inspiration of the event would effect our lives and give us opportunities to make a difference. We wished all our AV-buddies a warm farewell; they’re becoming like my Probe-buddies now. I know we’ll see them again at future AV events and other conferences too. I’ve booked some more already. Along with the next Probe in October, which I can’t possibly miss after missing this one just past, I’m also going to Karen Sawyer’s ARC Convention in August . That should be good. It’ll be nice to see Ellis Taylor again and Michael Cremo is an interesting guy. I’ve read his book and it’s 1000+ pages! Even Atlas Shrugged is dwarfed beside it. I’m also going to the Glastonbury Symposium, one of the oldest conferences on the circuit, and one I’ve been meaning to attend for some time. Also there’s the UFO-based Weird Conference in Warminster, see: . There are many more conferences I want to go to, but don’t have the time or money. One year; hopefully next year, I’d like to go to the CFZ Weird Weekend, see: , although from what I’ve heard I’m not a hard enough drinker to keep up with them! I never travel abroad and these conferences are for me what for most people are holidays in Ibiza and Disney World. I shouldn’t forget to mention that I want to go to future Alternative Views as well; they are very important events for anyone with any kind of actual alternative view on anything. So I hope to see you there, my dear HPANWO-readers! Or at the other conferences I’ll be at. To end with, here’s a bit of syncho: Ustane and I travelled into central London on the Tube and ended up waiting in the queue Victoria Coach Station. The queue was slow-moving and we were finding it tedious when we came across the sign in the photo I took above. As you can see somebody has written on it under the “PLEASE WAIT HERE“: “And have positive thoughts- peace.” We did. Alternative View 4 was a great conference and I’d like to thank Ian, “Dr Hemp”, all the speakers and everyone else whose hard work made it possible. I’d also like to thank the staff at the Thistle Hotel Heathrow for hosting us, and especially for the lovely food. Ustane enjoyed the conference just as much as I did and she has written her own report. Here it is

Ustane’s report on Alternative View 4:

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