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Chris French- MBA Gold

(Professor Jim Tucker is not the same person as "Big" Jim Tucker who researches the Bilderberg Group)

This film is very interesting. In Glasgow, four-year-old Cameron has lived with vivid memories of a previous life as a boy on the remote Hebridean island of Barra. He’s talked about them as soon as he learned to speak. This is a deep and fascinating subject. Stories of past-life memories often contain many inconsistencies, which is the case with Cameron, but they paradoxically contain too many consistencies to support the fantasy or coincidence explanation. My guess is that there is some kind of dimension shift involved. Cameron may well have lived on Barra, but it may have been a Barra from a parallel dimension which is almost the same, but slightly different.

There was a very famous case of Virginia Tighe, an American woman who claimed past life memories of being a woman in Ireland 100 years earlier. The researchers discovered that some of the the details were very accurate and could only have been made so with years of research in the town in Ireland where she claimed to have lived in the life before, poring through birth registers and library archives etc. But the woman's account contained inaccuracies that the same amount of research could have easily prevented. If the woman was faking it, then she must have been deliberately faking the inaccuracies too!

There may be a limit on how controversial the TV networks are willing to be. I wouldn't mind looking at the outtakes of this film!

Chris French was representing the Skeptic’s voice in the issue. The word can be written “Skeptic” or “sceptic”, but I always use the former because for me the two slightly different spellings give the word a very different meaning. I always write it with a capital S too for the same reason. A sceptic is simply someone who disbelieves something whereas a Skeptic is part of a politico-scientific movement whose purpose is to defend the supremacy of the Materialistic Paradigm and reject anything “supernatural” or “paranormal” that challenges it. Some of their explanations are more incredulous than anything a “Woo” could come up with (See my post on the Roswell mystery) Nowadays French is wheeled out on almost every programme like this to act as debunker, playing the same role that Susan Blackmore did a few years ago. But what he says in his interview in this film reveals something very fundamental about the Skeptic Movement: “On the one hand you have science that says: ‘When you die that’s it, you’re dead, nothing else. It’s the end’. And on the other hand you have this belief-system that says: ‘You will survive, you will be reborn, and you will live forever.’ Now which is more appealing?” The whole debate about life-after-death, LAD, has become blighted by machismo. In the world of philosophy and science, to believe that consciousness is a mere product of electrochemical activity in the brain that is extinguished forever at death puts you on the pedestal of a “strong hero” who has the courage to accept the bleak reality of life; unlike the “weak and ignorant jellies” who need the comfort blanket of an immortality myth to keep them going! The non-LAD-believers have become a kind of intellectual elite. They’re the equivalent of the boy at school who won everything at sports day and dated all the prettiest girls in the class. Therefore in this situation you could argue that non-LAD belief is the most appealing position to take for the prestige it gives you. Maybe French doesn’t appreciate this because he’s enjoyed that prestige for so long. Actually I would say that it’s remotely possible that French knows full well that LAD is real but doesn’t want to admit it because he’s scared of being called a wimp! He is under a lot of social and political pressure to maintain his stance. He has a Gold Materialist Bravery Award and he wears it on his sleeve!

I think that LAD is real and I’m not bothered if someone calls me a wimp for that because I hope I'm too grown-up to play games like that. I regularly attend a Spiritualist church and I’ve witnessed some amazing insightful feats of clairvoyance which have no rational explanation I can think of. The process we call death is actually just a transitional one in which the mind moves from its current experience into a new one. This new experience is not necessarily one that has a presence in the physical world that we live in. Cameron doesn’t need to prove that everything he remembers matches what actually happened on Barra during the time he was supposed to live there. The island of Barra doesn’t only exist as a physical form in this world; it’s an event in space-time that covers many potential worlds. Cameron could well have lived in a different 3D/Linear-time plain of that space-time event. I think that's the truth and if get labelled a "dweeb" because of that then so be it. Regular readers will tell you exactly how much I respect the Conformist Regime and how much I model my life on its limitaions!


nessa felagund said...

I believe in life after death. I also think there's something to reincarnation.

I am very interested in hearing about your experiences in your church. I would love to go to church, but protestant churchs are the only types around where I live. I can't seem to find one that fits my ideas--lol.

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There is no sure way to find out but to face it after you die. If there is hell than its no worse than on present life on Earth. Besides I do not recall that hell was mentioned in New Testament or in other early Christian writings. Church made it up to scare people and obey it.

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Reincarnation is good concept but it got likely morale like Christians has, if you are good you reborn as human if you are bad you reborn as frog. And Buddha used this to create his own concept that something must be done to stop this wheel of reincarnation. As for spirits I have not encountered them except for hallucinations, but it may be true that they still live in things that resemble their past life's. Whatever the truth is I don't believe that man after death just rots and get eaten by worms. There must be something more bigger than material and physical life."I know one thing, that I know nothing"

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To me, we are *one thing*. The brain, body, mind, personality, whatever - it's all one thing. Sometimes people ask me; "well, do you think it's all just bio-chemical processes in the brain?" And I say, yes, I do believe it is - but it's not *just* bio-chemical processes, and it's not just in the brain. Often, these people think calling it bio-chemistry is somehow degrading it to simple, almost automatic, processes, and they think it takes all beauty and intelligence out of the idea of human beings. There's this old taboo about the body. Like, we can't just be our bodies, there has to be something higher, something spiritual - we can't just be blood, bones and goo.

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In my opinion there is life after death. I cannot possibly conceive that we just end when we die. Physicists are starting to discover that there may be more than one universe or a multiverse (multiple universes). I heard some physicists say there may be an infinite cycle occurring in our universe, which means that there is a big bang, a big crunch and the cycle repeats.

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I definitely believe in some sort of existence after the death of the body. I am also a pretty firm believer in reincarnation, and I believe that it is possible to reincarnate on planets other than this one - that my past lives have been on other worlds, elsewhere in the universe. I believe that our personality isn't necessarily the same every time (environment, being raised, and biology all play factors), and we certainly don't always look the same, either. It would certainly explain why I have such a hell of a time understanding humans.

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