Saturday 20 October 2007

Stephen Greer on Radio Out There

Stephen Greer has just been interviewed on by the Australian researcher Barry Eaton on his show Radio Out There. Here’s a link; it’s the top entry on the page:

I’ve got a lot of respect for Greer, but I think he’s wrong on a couple of things. He says that alien abductions are all done by government agents; it’s called “stagecraft”. They use drugs, electromagnetic attacks and genetically-engineered lifeforms to fool people into thinking they’re being taken by “greys” as part of the programme to build up fear of all things ET. I doubt this for two reasons. It may well be true that the government does this sometimes, but you can’t explain the entire abduction phenomenon this way. Greer himself has had some encounters with aliens that are very joyful, loving and enlightening; others experience encounters with aliens who are violent and callous involving torture, fear and sometimes sexual assault. The thing is that not all alien contact falls into these two polarities. They may include elements of both. The second reason I disagree with Greer is because the abduction phenomenon precedes the mass interest in UFO’s and aliens. The latter only began in the 1940’s whereas people were commonly abducted by non-human entities long before that. In fact if you go back in history to try to find a start to the phenomenon, you can’t find one. It actually goes back into prehistoric times and may well have been part of the human experience since we first came down from the trees. In ages past we didn’t call them aliens though, we called them fairies, trolls and pixies etc. Reports of people’s encounters with the “little folk” match modern accounts of alien abduction exactly: sometimes loving, educational and inspiring, other times frightening and painful, involving torture, rape and medical examination.


Dan said...

Astute observation there Ben.

As an interested follower of some of the 'crazier' sides of life it is amazing just how far back into time these abductions were taking place.

Faeries and their 'changelings' spring to mind.

What ever it is, any thing carried out under the cover of darkness and secrecy can never be good for those unfortunate enough to be a victim.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Yes. I don't doubt that the loving, caring aliens Grer contacts are real too, but unfortunately some of them are very different. Aliens are like anyone else; some are good and some are bad.

Dan said...


The bug eyed grey ones, 4 feet tall and all shiny are the ones to 'run away and don't stop running' from.

Shifty little critters.