Wednesday 5 March 2008

No EU Referendum

This was so predicatable! Polticians always work in this way: If they want to implement a policy that the public supports they’ll say they’re doing their duty by bowing to the will of the people. If they want to introduce a policy that the public does not support they will say “Fuck the will of the people!” and implement it behind our backs by skullduggery and manipulation.

The EU is one of the latter. And don’t think voting for Cameron will make any difference; the Tories are public-relations officers for the very same boss as Labour. Isn’t democracy wonderful!? This is what we’ve fought wars for you know! This is what the Chartists, the Suffragettes, Mandela and the ANC, and many others, dedicated their lives to. “What a bloody con!”? No! There are no words to describe it!

1 comment:

Johnathan said...

It won't succeed as a matter of fact, that's what I believe.
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