Tuesday 4 March 2008

The Rick Rescorla Story

The official story of 9/11 states that the reason the World Trade Centre towers collapsed like they did was because the damage caused by the aircraft impact and the fires resulting combined to cause the structure to weaken and fail. In a word: I think that's bullshit! The following is an example of the truth squirting through the floodgates of the lie, if you're willing to analyse it:

I tuned in to watch a TV show a few weeks ago called The Man Who Predicted 9/11. I was expecting it to be about some kind of psychic, but it wasn't. I was disappointed, but I kept watching; and I'm glad I did! The programme told the story of Rick Rescorla, a security guard for Morgan and Stanley, in the South Tower of the WTC. He was a very diligent who was always planning for emergency evacuation and guessed correctly that a kamikaze-style attack on the building by aircraft was a possibility. He was also a very brave. He kept going back into his offices at the burning WTC to evacuate all the staff and refused to leave because there were still some people trapped on the upper floors. Eventually he perished when the tower collapsed with him still inside it. The interesting part in this heroic tale was when they described Rescorla's last words. He was on the 71st floor trying to rescue the chairman, who was trapped in his executive suite, and he telephoned his wife to say he would be getting out of the building as soon as he'd accomplished this final task. But the tower fell a few minutes after he'd hung up. Wait a sec! Rescorla was on the 71st floor. The plane hit around the 78th floor. Therefore Rescorla must have been just a few floors below the burning section. This means that the 71st floor was still viable just minutes before the building collapsed due to fire damage. Impossible, if the official story was true! If the fire damage was so extensive that it caused the tower to collapse then there's no way Rescora, even if he'd been equipped with a fireman's protective clothing, would have been able to enter the 71st floor without being incinerated on the spot.


Alex Robinson said...

Well noted.
I wonder if there'll ever be enough evidence for those who choose not to see.

I have a dvd to watch this week all about the famous picture of the falling man, and how it has disappeared from site.
I've been putting off watching it because it is such a disturbing photo, but perhaps it is just such a picture that should be seen.
Terrorists flying planes into buildings are the stuff of movies - in fact the weekend before Twin Towers, the movie Executive Decision was on TV (terrorists take over a plane in order cause devastation in the US).

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I hated the way the news reports kept repeating that footage of the falling people! It was definitely a psy-op. It almost took on a voyeuristic quality in the days after the disaster. They kept going back to the pictures and showing them from new angles.

I've not seen that film, but I'm familiar with the Lone Gunman epsiode where a 9/11 style attack is thwarted. Let me know what that vid's like.

babage said...

It would have been perfectly possible for this man to have been a few floors below the impact zone.

Could you possibly explain why you think the buildings could not have collapsed due to impact damage and fire?

Have you read the NIST report? The problem i find with ,most people who claim the official version if bullshit is they dont actually know what it is.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

No it would not have been possible for Rescorla to be where he was if the inferno was as severe as we've been led to believe. There would be an enormous amount of heat, smoke and kerosene.

Yes I have read the NIST report; I say again: it's bullshit.

Buildings can collapse from fire damage, yes, but not in the way the WTC did.

babage said...

Ive just noticed as i only skimmed through you post that i didnt notice before. I knew of Rescorla from a while back and missed that you were claiming 78th floor. Rescorla was not spotted above the 72 floor. Even so there are places smack bang in the middle of where the planes impacted and people survived and got out or stayed alive untill the buildings collapsed. I know of a good fire department video not linked to 911 but it shows how this can happen, ill try and find it.

You cant just say the NIST report is bullshit and expect people to belive you. You have to provide evidence that its bullshit. Are you sure you have read the report or are you just pulling my leg. Time to speak up would be now as i feel we might be going into it in depth. The nist report is a 100,000 page scientific paper written by some of the worlds top experts in the required fields. It has been peer reviewed by tens of thousands of experts who dont cry bullshit. Now either you know more about there fields than they do or they are in on some conspiracy for your bullshit claim to be correct. So lets hear some evidence of bullshit one point at a time.

You say buildings cannot collapse from fire the way the WTC buildings did but once again you dont back it up with anything.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I'll answer you on the forum.

babage said...

Wise woman there is no evidence for this conspiracy theorie only lies and lack of understanding.

Now if you would like to share some of this evidence you claim to have with an ignorant person like myself im all ears.

One of the sickest acts Ive know by the troofers is when they took an eye witness stament of how the jumpers impacts sounded like bombs and they edited it to try and back up this there was bombs in the buildings claim. That is sick.

Ozdawn said...

@babage: Have you read the NIST report? The problem I find with most people who claim the official version if true is they don't actually know what it is.

It has been peer reviewed by tens of thousands of experts - Really? I don't think "tens of thousands" of experts qualified to review a 100,000 page scientific paper even exist in this world - please provide your evidence of this great peer-review that took place on a report that was already outlined and drafted by Director Zelikow BEFORE the Commission had their first meeting!

From the tone of your overly-opinionated confrontational comments,you appear to be one of the army of shills paid to go around the internet and debunk all they can about 911.