Saturday 8 March 2008

UFO Caught on TV News

This is a snip from the Moldovan news channel The reporter is relating a story on the centenery celebrations for a bird sanctury in Moldova (a small country in eastern Europe). If this is real then it's incredible! It looks to me less like an object than a kind of "hole" in the universe, a stargate or "wormhole" otherwise known as an Einstein-Rosen Bridge. If that's what it is then where did it come from and who made it!? It's a shame the cameraman didn't pan upwards to follow the passage of the UFO.

Here is an English transcript of the vid:

The news-woman: Today we celebrate the bird day, this celebration started at year 1906, when the national bird-protection convention was signed. Our country started celebrating this a little later. Since then there is a tradition, to build birdhouses at the begining of April and wait for birds to arrive. Our next video is a coverage about birds, but during this coverage, the sky brought our filming crew an unusual surprise.

Thats when the part about birds begin, later, when the ball of light appears, the operator yells oh damn, what is that, female reporter goes all - "whoah", "damn", "what is that" and operator says "check it out, what is that" and in the end he says "look at it, it disappeared" and all that. This was indeed an unusual thing that our crew caught, looks like sky is not only place for birds. Of course, we couldnt let this go unnoticed, and we contacted a ufologist.

Here with us we have a ufologist, Ernest Politaev.- Good evening, could you explain us, what did our crew see?- Good evening, Im not really sure, I'll have to study the recording, talk to your crew, but it isnt an natural phenomenon, and judging by the lighting, they were lucky to see a ET. All sightings are divided in 3 groups, When a person sees an UFO, When the UFO is landed, and when the person sees an actual ET. Your crew witnessed a sighting of a first kind. Of course, there are skeptics, who dont believe in existence of ET's, but there are more and more contacts.- Well one thing is when the object is caught on tape, and other thing is when a lot of witnesses tell their story. Western ufologist have counted, that since the end of last century till now there have been around 5 million people that have had sighting of a UFO, and some of them were famous people, like Famous astronomer Klyde Tumble (spelling), US president Carter, Russian scientist Kusov, you cant accuse them of hallucinations or lies. It is really a wonder that you had a chance of filming such object, by the way, could you show the recording one more time? Shows the recording again. Really awesome.- Could you please tell us, are these things any danger to us? Because even in movies ET's are usually a bad thing for humans.- I think it depends on what civilization tries to interfere with our lives, you cant be aggressive to them, who knows, they might bring us new technologies and cures to sicknesses that dont have a cure yet.- But should we await this contact in near future?- For the current generation of people it is like finding one special snowflake when there are millions of them around us. Its hard, but its our job.- Thank you for coming to our studio and watching this sensational footage with us.


Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I think it must be symbolic that Einstein's name literally translates as "one beer-glass"! A sober man could never come up with the ingenious stuff he did!

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